Ennemies location / drop location ?

  1. hi ,i'm playing the "rebalanced mod" on my snes actually

    (google for jeff ludwig wizardry snes mod)

    and i'm searching for these items (out of stock in shop) to equip all my characters with "regen" items :

    ARMOR :

    Armor of lords
    B-Plates of Boons
    Gown of Divinemail
    Robe of Enchant

    MISC :

    Ring of Healing
    Werdna Amulet ( i think it's the reward for beating the last boss)

    WEAPON :
    Crosier of Sages.

    anyone know what sort of ennemies drop them, and in which level ? thanks !

    User Info: maldoror68

    maldoror68 - 3 years ago


  1. Wizardry I-II-III: Story of Llylgamyn has three games in it.
    Wizardry 1 has Werdna as last boss and he drops Werdna amulate
    Wizardry 1 Armor of Lords, Ring of Healing both dropped by Frost Giants or Poison Giants.
    B-Plates of Boons is cursed almost any enemy floor 10 of Wizardry 1

    Gown of Divinemail Robe of Enchant Crosier of Sages all in wizardry 3 all dropped on final level.

    All drops are random so you may have to fight a hundred frost giants for the ring.

    User Info: LoveSheep

    LoveSheep - 9 months ago 0   0

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