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FAQ/Walkthrough by Solid Mitch

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/11/03

	The Firemen (SNES) FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
	Written by Mitchell Holmes [bigmanmitch@hotmail.com]
	Copyright 2003 Mitchell Holmes	
       Last Revised July 11, 2003
       Sites Permitted:
       Only with my consent can others use this Walkthru

			Table of Contents

	1. Introduction & Version History

	2. Controls

	3. Story

	4. Characters

	   (a) D-Sector firefighters

		i. Pete
		ii. Danny
		iii. Max
		iv. Walter
		v. Winona

		i. Frank Weller

	5. Walkthrough

	   (a) Stage 1
	   (b) Stage 2
	   (c) Stage 3
	   (d) Stage 4

		1. Introduction & Version History

This is a guide in which the shortest path is taken to finish the game.
It's not an extensive overview of every room and area in the game.
It does take detours into rooms with the injured, but does not detour
for the person to complete every stage fire rate at 100%.

	Version History

v1.1 - 6/7/03 - Finished writing walkthrough, controls, characters

v1.0 - 5/7/03 - Finished Story

				2. Controls

	Left/Right/Up/Down - Moves you in those directions

	Other Buttons

	Y - Upward Spray - Sprays a water stream in a straight path.

	B - Downward Spray - Sprays water downwards.

	X - Extinguishing Bomb - If item is held, a bomb is dropped and
	    destroys flames in the surrounding area.

A - Crawl - Crawls under flying objects, through vents, under 
back drafts, in explosions to take no damage.

	L/R - Set Direction of the spray - hold and use D-Pad to strafe.

	Start - Pause

	Select - Speeds the messages received.

				3. Story


"The year is 2010. Civilization has progressed little in the last 20
years. It's winter in New York. The annual Christmas party at the
Metrotech Chemical Company building is underway. The time is 6:00 pm.
A small fire began in 	the kitchen which had been left unattended.
The flames, fueled by the abundant chemicals, spread rapily throughout
the building. The D-Sector fire brigade has received an alarm and has
dispatched units to the scene. Pete and Daniel are two of the top
high-rise firefighters and have twice received commendations for their
bravery. Pete is captain of his 5 person unit. Daniel, his partner, is
second in command. Max, Walter, and Winona are the other members of
the unit. As Pete's unit was first on-the-scene, they first talked
with Metrotech's engineers about any potential hazards. Apparently,
there is a large supply of chemical MDL in the basement of the
building. If the chemical should be exposed to excessive heat there
could be a tremendous explosion. The unit splits up and will attempt
to collect the MDL and bring it to the roof where the explosion will
blow up the water tank and hopefully put out the fire. Pete and Daniel
will enter the building through the east entrance..."

		4. Characters


		i. Pete

Pete is the only player-controlled character in the game. He is the
large man with the blue moustache. Pete is the leader of the D-Sector
firefighters, which is the first in line to take on the Metrotech bui-
lding fires on Christmas day.
He wields a portable hose with a pack on his back. Pete can spray water
on the ground to clear paths, or spray anything thats in front of him.

		ii. Danny

Danny is second in command. He's a young man with blonde hair that
is the aid for Pete.
He runs around stamping out ground fires, and waves his axe around to
put out the bigger ones. Danny also rescues all the civillians that you
come across, and opens the door. Other than that, he's pretty good 

		iii. Max

Max is only seen when they message you, even though he is in the same
building with Walter. He has a blonde mohawk.

		iv. Walter

Walter is the nerd of the pack who wears glasses. He's with Max 
fighting fires in different parts of the building and you never get to 
see him.

		v. Winona

She doesn't fight fires, but stays at the HQ and talks to Danny and
Pete about the mission. She can be very helpful.
Winona has short red hair.


		i. Frank Weller

Weller is the architect of the Metrotech building who also talks to
Danny and Pete about the mission. He tells you what to do and where to
go. Weller is a black guy.

			5. Walkthrough

This walkthough is spaced out so every time you leave a room, a new
line starts so you don't lose your place.
It takes the shortest route to the finish, and doesn't take into 
consideration that you may be trying to complete the fire rate at 100%

	(a) Stage 1

You have been briefed to go find the MDL which could be very dangerous
if it catches on fire. There's 10 minutes left on the clock, and it's
Floor 1...go ahead and let Danny open the door.
The door north to the north is jammed, so go through the Western door
to the green garden.

Follow the path until it leads to a dead end. Dan says its collapsed
and you will have to cross. Run east along the waterline, and Danny
will run into the water showing you the way. Theres a black mark on
the edge to show u where to go. Follow the river East and North until
theres another opening in the side of river. Get back on the path until
Danny says he's got a life reading. Go West and through the door.

Go North and look at the door, oh no its blocked. Go south and a little 
west, and there are 2 sets of escalators. Run up and find the man with 
a dud leg. He says there might be people in the meeting room. Dan calls 
Max and Walter and tells them about it. As Dan takes the man to safety, 
go down escalator and through the south door. Don't worry, Danny will 
catch up.

"Danny, be careful the control robot is running wild!!" shoot him. Be 
careful of the others. Go south past the edge of the garden, and wrap 
around to the east and go to the bottom right corner to get another 
extinguisher bomb. Re-track to the middle of the room, and walk into 
the computer to the left. Danny pushes it out of the way, proceed 
around the corner and through the door.

The architect of the building is coming in 15 minutes, maybe he knows 
some stuff. Proceed following the path and open the door at the end.

Go down the stairs. Don't worry about the weird noise, its just 
indicating that the map has changed because you're on a different level 
- B1. Now enter the doorway.

Go south and east. Pete wants to try going under the pipe, and Danny 
climbs under and shows you the way through. Hold A to duck/crawl, and 
make sure to get past the flame before you stand up. Go to the top 
right corner, crawl under the pipe, and follow its route until you're 
in front of the '1' and '2' blocks, and u will find a bomb. Crawl south 
and exit.

Go east until Danny says he's going ahead. Don't hurry after him, he 
doesn't get hurt or needs back-up. Follow the path and crawl under the 
shooting flames, and you will see Dan again. He will prompt you about a 
fire wall - it's the first boss.

Stage 1 Boss:
Phase 1 - firstly, it follows you at a slow pace, so shoot at him, but 
stay diagonally to him, because he launches fire directly north south 
east and west.

Phase 2 - He's far smaller, and much faster. It will slow down while 
it's being struck by the hose.

Now it will repeat these phases until it's destroyed. A large red blast 
indicates that it's destroyed. Your life is replenished.

Stage 1 completed

(b) Stage 2

You collect the MDL and there's an explosion, and boiler room catches 
on fire.

Follow the path and go thru the door.

Go right, and take care of the fans that pull you. Exit thru the door 
on the bottom right corner.

Apparently it's too dangerous, but go ahead south down the stairs. Duck 
under or avoid the pipe flame. In between the tanks further south is 
another bomb, take it and proceed left. It feels like it's gonna blow, 
but take it easy. Go north up the stairs and get the man that blacked 
out and your life is replenished. Go down stairs and thru door to the 

Follow the path left, but look out for the flying flames. You can duck 
them without getting hurt, or shoot them. Wrap around to the north and 
go thru the door.

Walter asks about the shaking, and its because the boiler room is gonna 
blow. Continue north and avoid or duck the pipe flames, and exit.

Look out for the robot, destroy it, and head left and go thru north 

Automatically you run up the stairs while they are exploding, so go 
thru the door.

Those stairs are inaccessible now, but Winona says there's another set 
in the next room. Destroy the 2 robots and go thru the east door.

Continue heading east, but very slowly, as the pipes fall down and hit 
you. Once across, clear the flames and continue south. The door is 
broken, so go west, and turn right at the pipes and wrap around them. 
Go up the stairs and follow them thru to the area heading east.

Be careful in this area. Duck the flying flames, and also duck when the 
flying containers strike the platform - this way you take no damage. 
Follow the path around to the top left area, where you will face the 
next boss

Stage 2 Boss:

Phase 1 - It's a blob of flame that follows you around slowly. Look out 
for flying flames and containers. Use the downward spray (B) on it to 
do damage, but shoot in stints of 2 seconds or less or else it becomes 
larger and faster for a little while, which is very hard to avoid. 
Watch Danny try to stamp it out.

Stage 2 complete

(c) Stage 3

Winona tells you that Frank Weller, the architect of the building has 
arrived. He suggests that u go to floor 3 to control the water tank 
that's on top of the roof, to turn on the sprinkler system. Winona says 
get there by using outside ladder on the south side of building.

Proceed left and go thru the door.

Go around the north route and into the left door which leads to the 
data room.

Go up the stairs and to the left side of room. Now move south until you 
see flowers on a table, go in that area and shoot the flame to reveal 
an extinguisher bomb. Continue down the path south and go out the door.

From there go left and down the stairs to find another victim. She says 
her son 'Matthew Shorter' is on the 4th floor. Climb back up the stairs 
and this time go to the eastern door. Make sure to be upstairs because 
there's another eastern door downstairs. 

Follow the route as Walter indicates rain, and exit.

Look out for the floor that caves in, but don't worry u wont actually 
fall down, Danny will help you up. Continue to the eastern door.

From there go south and follow east to the escalators. Go up, and the 
weird noise indicates floor 3. Exit.

Go west and unlock the door. It's jammed so Winona calls and says to 
get off at the opposite side of the floor (which is accessible from the 
same room). Go south and east; destroy the robot arms while following 
the path to exit at the bottom left.

A platform is there which transports you across. Look out for the 
flying flames - duck or shoot them. When it's stopped, shoot a window 
from the platform, and quickly duck and hold until the explosion 
finishes. Walk into the window that you broke.

Continue to the door left (to the right is where the roof caved in so 
you couldn't get thru earlier).

Weller tells you this is the 3rd floor control room, so head south and 
look out for the robot arms. Follow it around to the left and get the 
victim. Some life is replenished, and go ahead for the next boss

Stage 3 Boss:

Phase 1 - It sends a beam of light (which doesn't do any damage) at 
you, which indicates the direction it will charge. Quickly dodge, and 
look out for the flame that it drops as it charges.

Phase 1 - After some time there is an explosion, but it's not over. One 
of the pods on its side was knocked off, making it faster. Keep 
shooting it to destroy the other pod.

Phase 3 - It is now just the core of the robot, which is considerably 
faster than the last stages. It still charges and drops flames, but at 
a faster rate.

Phase 4 - After some more time, its head is blown off, and what is left 
is the lower region, which chases you around leaving ground fire. You 
have to shoot the water downwards to destroy the fire and have more 
space to run around. If you can spare it, 1 or 2 extinguish bombs will 
blow it up.

Stage 3 completed

(d) Stage 4

Weller tells you to get to the control panel at the back of the room, 
but it was damaged in the last explosion from the boss. You now have to 
break open the water tank manually with the MDL.

Winona tells you to go thru the gym at the north-east side of building 
to access the roof, to where the water tank is. Follow the path west, 
south, west, and north again thru the door.

In this room there are 2 doors heading north, and the one that you open 
first always explodes. So open the closest one and duck to take no 
damage. Continue right and go thru the door north. The door heading 
east is a dead end.

This is where the fire started - in the kitchen. Look out for the 
flying flames and the chasing fires. Danny pushes boxes out of the way, 
so go thru the top right door.

Max says he's gonna check out the conditions on the roof, and he'll 
meet you there (he doesn't really). Go south and a little east into the 
middle of the room, where there's an opening to the north, go up and 
get the extinguisher bomb. Head thru the door on the eastern side of 
the wall.

The door at the top right is broken, so head south and go to the bottom 
right door.

Ok here's the annoying part - this room is always pitch black. I've 
never seen a Firemen game that hasn't done this. So be careful and 
shoot a bomb if you like, and run to the right hand side for a door.

Head right and shoot the windows if u want, and duck because there's a 
huge explosion. Continue north-east and then go north. Take care of the 
robot arms and swing around west and south. Go thru the gap in the wall 
on the left, and get the bomb that is just to the south of the stair 
case. Go thru the door left.

Follow the path left and find a kid called "Tommy Knapp". Go back thru 
the same door.

Go up the stairs and follow it around to the bottom right door.

Follow the route around until you see the descending steps...walk down 
them and precede going to the right side of the room. Look out for the 
falling objects and the running flames. Go north to a set of escalators 
for the next boss.

Stage 4 Boss:

One escalator goes one way, and the other goes the other way. Look out 
for the heat wave, duck it.

Phase 1 - it spins around and launches the flying flames. Stand a 
distance and shoot him, this also extinguishes the flying ones.

Phase 2 - stops spinning and starts spreading. This is easy because he 
doesn't really attack you, so just shoot the flames until he starts 
phase 1 again. After a while he's destroyed.

Stage 4 complete

(e) Stage 5

The shock from the explosion made Danny drop the MDL and blow up the 
way to the roof. Weller says the only hope now is to reverse the air 
supply to the top floor at the control panel on the 5th floor. Then the 
external vents would be opened to let air rush back into the room. It 
will cause a back draft and the explosion should break the tank open. 
Winona says to use the north-west lobby for access to the 5th floor. 
Don't forget that the life detector is malfunctioning.

From this room, go south and go into the east door.

Follow the route around the bend, looking out for the suicidal robots, 
flying flames, and collapsing ground. Go thru the door on the bottom 

In this computer room look out for toy helicopters, and hot drafts. 
Walk around the computers until Danny knocks a path open. Crawl north 
under computer desk. Go right a bit and crawl under another desk, and 
enter the door to the north.

Go left and Danny opens a path, head north and look out for the 
helicopters again. For another bomb go to the top left corner. Now look 
out for the door in the middle of the left wall, it explodes. Continue 
to the door at the bottom left.

Not much to do in here except move into the left door.

Clear a path and take the door to the bottom right.

Here's Matt, the son of the lady you saved earlier. Your life is 
replenished again. Now go back to the other room.

Go up to the top and exit north

They talk about the uncontrollable fire. If you like, shoot the windows 
for a big explosion. Remember to duck. Exit.

Follow the maze around the wall, and go to the bottom left for an 
injured man. He'll say people went to the roof. Now go to the bottom 
right. From there go up a bit and you will find another bomb. Go south 
and up the corridor to the left of where the bomb was. Follow this 
around to the bottom right into the door.

The door at the right is set to explode, so head north and go thru the 
eastern door.

This is another pure dark room. Be careful and run across whole 
shooting and/or throwing bombs.

Follow the path, and keep in mind that the fans pull u. follow the path 
around to the bottom where u face the next boss.

Stage 5 Boss:

Phase 1 - charges in a straight line at you, and leaves a trail of 
ground fire. Just dodge the charge and shoot for a split second, then 
clear a path out of the way or else you will find yourself trapped 
amongst the fire.

Phase 2 - It goes to the center and launches fire that bounces around 
the room. This is the best time to shoot him. Just stand and blast for 
as long as possible until u have to avoid the fire
Phase 3 - It spins around the room in circles. At the start, go to the 
edge, then when he spreads out, run in the center and try to shoot him 
from there. Then when he makes the circle smaller, just run out. He 
then restarts the phases.

Stage 5 completed

(d) Stage 6

Weller tells you to open the control panel and enter the security code. 
But the power is cut, and the external vents still need to be opened to 
create the back draft. Now you have to get to the roof.

Continue left over moving pathway and move south and west into the 

Follow the path around the corner to the next room. But be careful of 
the exploding windows.

You're in a room with a heap of fire. Look out for the suicidal robots 
and the falling trees. Walter says that he's out but he can't find Max. 
It's up to u to find him (not really he was just busy). The downstairs 
door is jammed, so continue up the staircase and go straight ahead for 
another bomb. Follow the path to go up to Floor 6.

Nothing exciting to do but go north door, look out for the exploding 
door on the right.

Follow the room to the north and break the windows. One has a bomb. 
Look out for the exploding door on the left. Take the right exit.

This room has several copters. Crawl under the clear mats, and back 
drafts, while moving towards the south east door.

In here ignore the staircase and follow the path to the right of it to 
find another victim. Go up the stairs, this is Floor 7. Go thru the 

Outside again, go around the corner and up the stairs. She tells you to 
go to the western room, go in door..

Dead end...no, crawl into the hole in the wall vent and follow it 
around until you're in the open. From now on you will see exploding 
flames they r very powerful. Shoot it and evade if needed. Go to the 
left of the stairs and go down. It will appear to be a dead end, but 
crawl into the wall on the left (at the end of the path) and you will 
go into another vent. Follow it for another injured man. Watch where 
Danny goes - down the steps, so go there, and behind the vent is 
another bomb. Go back through the vent back to where the exploding 
flame was. Follow the steps and look out for more exploding ones. Crawl 
under the pipe flames and turn left just before the broken steps. Look 
out for the exploding windows and go to the western exit.

Max calls and says he was giving floor 7 a thorough clean. Go north to 
the helipad and go on the other path heading south. Crawl under the 
pipe flames and go up the stairs and into the vent. Follow its path 
down the steps, then go right then up for a bomb. Go through the south 

Follow around until Danny indicates a boss.

Stage 6 Boss:

Phase 1 - 4 fires spread across the ground leaving ground fires. Shoot 
the hose down to destroy them easily, and if there's enough time, shoot 
the big flame directly north of you.

Phase 2 - 4 exploding fires chase you. shoot the front 2 first, then 
run to one of the sides and shoot the others at the same time.

Phase 3 - lots of fires are shot in a straight line at you, these are 
pretty easy to avoid, but there's lots, and they don't destroy when 
shot. So be careful. This is a good time to shoot the boss. Just drill 

Phase 4 - the 4 non-destroyable flames go to the corners and shoot 
several waves of more non-destroyable flames. Don't worry, just stay on 
the bottom wall. Move up straight after this and shoot the boss. He 
starts phase 1 again and repeats the process. This does take a while.

After the boss is defeated, you will need to break some heavy-duty 
glass to blow up the water tank. Look out for explosions and flying 
flames. Just stand in front of one window only and shoot it, and duck 
when needed. After a while a cut-scene is shown. Winona is calling to 
see if you and Danny are ok. Danny is ok, but can't find you. Pete 
calls out to him to help him because he's stuck under a beam. Winona 
says that you did a great job and that the fire is under control. You 
and Danny are up for yet another commendation. It starts to snow and 
everyone starts laughing.

The end.


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