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FAQ by kobun20

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/16/2009

BS Chrono Trigger Character Library English Translation FAQ
Version 1.1

by #20


I. INTRODUCTION - What is this game?


    A. About the Translation

    B. Title Screen

    C. Characters

    D. Monsters

    E. Explanation


I.	INTRODUCTION - What is this game?

BS Chrono Trigger Character Library is a downloadable "game" 
for the Satellaview, a satellite modem add-on for Super Famicom 
(SNES) that only came out in Japan. The BS stands for "Broadcast 
Satellite," but isn't strictly part of the title of the game. 
Satellaview ended its broadcasts in 2000, so for now this game 
is only playable as a ROM dump. 

Four Chrono Trigger related titles came out for Satellaview in 
the mid 90s, others including the Chrono Trigger Jetbike Special, 
the Chrono Trigger Music Library, and an original text-based sequel 
game called Radical Dreamers. 

As the title implies, this game is actually a Chrono Trigger 
character database, featuring brief and often amusing creature 
descriptions and a sprite viewer option. Not all characters and 
sprites from the game are featured, but they did include a few 
rather obscure enemies. It's a rare repository of trivia and back-
ground information for the Chorno Trigger world, and the purpose 
of this FAQ is to allow English speakers to navigate the game and 
to relate the info found inside. 


A. About the Translation

This FAQ has translated the Japanese information from the game 
into English, using the character names found in the Chrono 
Trigger DS version that was released in 2008. This version 
featured a reworked English script that is generally agreed by 
fans to be more accurate to the the original Japanese. Where 
the character descriptions contain references to the unique 
Japanese name of an enemy, that name is included in brackets []. 
Occasionally descriptions include quotes from the game, these 
have also been taken from the Chrono Trigger DS version. 

B. Title Screen

There are four options on the title screen one may select using 
the up and down directionals and the A button. From top to bottom, 
these are:

> Characters - Descriptions of the main playable characters from 
Chrono Trigger, mostly spoiler-free.

> Monsters - Descriptions of the enemy characters.

> Explanation - The instructions on how to use the Character 
Library. You may want to read this first, to understand how the 
sprite viewer works.

> EXIT - Exits the game.

C. Characters

A spirited youth living in the Present. The hero of this story, 
he shows great kindness and strong determination.

The tomboyish princess of the Guardia royal family. She possesses 
a pure heart.

A genius inventor. A confident and playful character. She is Crono's 
childhood friend.

A robot found neglected at a dome in the Future. He was restored by 
Lucca, and named by Crono.

A swordsman from the Middle Ages. His body is human but his appearance 
is that of a frog. A mysterious figure whose true form is really...

A female chieftain from Prehistory. She favors strong and funny people. 
She has an extremely straightforward personality.

The dreaded Fiendlord who has ensnared the Middle Ages in terror. 
Some say he created Lavos...

D. Monsters

A singing robot made by Lucca, its belly packs a punch. 
"If you can beat me up, You'll earn 15 points~"

Present/Guardia Forest
An insect. When it spreads its wings, it looks rather disgusting.

Present/Guardia Forest
A moving mushroom. A wimpy enemy that's easy to beat even at Level 1.

Gilded Bellbird
Present/Guardia Forest
Rings its dangling bell to call to other monsters.

Blue Imp
Middle Ages/Truce Canyon
A diminutive Fiend. Not to be confused with King Nikochan [from Akira 
Toriyama's Dr. Slump manga series].

Green Imp
Middle Ages/Guardia Forest, etc.
A forest-dwelling Imp. This one's body color is green.

Middle Ages/Guardia Forest, etc.
A round animal. When it rolls into a little ball, it's adorable!

Blue Eaglet
Middle Ages/Guardia Forest
A bird. Its "Dive" attack looks totally sweet.

Roundillo Rider
Middle Ages/Guardia Forest, etc.
A ball-balancing Imp. Wouldn't they make a great pair of plushies?

Middle Ages/Cathedral
A kind of snake woman. Just what is this "Naga Bromide" thing, anyway?

Middle Ages/Cathedral
The monster who kidnapped Queen Leene. His special move is the 
Needle Spin. "Grraaagh!"

Underling (Blue)
Middle Ages/Catheral, etc.
A Fiend soldier stationed at the Cathedral along with Yakra. 
"Sneaking past me, huh?"

Mad Bat
Middle Ages/Cathedral
A bat. It swoops down onto its victims' heads to drain their blood.

Middle Ages/Cathedral
A Fiend soldier stationed at the Cathedral along with Yakra. 
It has numerous attack patterns.

Middle Ages/Cathedral
A snake. Upon reaching adulthood it becomes a Naga, so that 
probably means it's female?

Middle Ages/Truce Canyon
A Roundillo that has been put to hard labor and mistreated by 
Imps. It's become a lot stronger.

Royal Guard
Present/Prison Towers
A prison guard. Apparently it's not actually human.

Present/Prison Towers
A prison guard. It hardly takes any damage while its shield 
is in place.

Present/Prison Towers, etc.
This guy is no brains and all brawn.

Present/Prison Towers, etc.
Even though it's nothing but bones, this popular monster has 
a wealth of expressions and was used in many events. 

Floral Horror
Future/Site 16
A strange plant. It can heal other monsters.

Future/Site 16
A rock creature that crawls about the ruins.

Ruin Stalker
Future/Site 16
Its name means "creature that stalks the ruins."

Future/Site 16
The ghosts of the former inhabitants. Attacks from weapons 
like swords and guns have no effect.

Future/Site 16, etc.
Some think it's revolting, others think it's cute. What 
do you think?

Future/Arris Dome
Since it was originally a mouser machine, it will target 
the rats first.

Version 2.0
Future/Arris Dome, etc.
A guard robot inside the domes. It's equipped with many 

Future/Arris Dome, etc.
A rat that's become a monster. "Stole a potion!"

Future/Arris Dome, etc.
An insect model guard robot. Its equipped with a sleep-
inducing "Sonic Wave" and mini Missiles.

Future/Derelict Factory
An improved model Exterminator.

Future/Derelict Factory
A mysterious substance that originated in a laboratory. 
Forms a Chemical Reaction with Alkali.

Future/Derelict Factory
A mysterious substance that originated in a laboratory. 
Forms a Chemical Reaction with Acid.

Version 3.0
Future/Derelict Factory
A guard robot. It has an even greater power output than 
Version 2.0.

Present/Heckran Cave
A boss that uses Water techniques. 
"Go ahead, try and attack! See what it gets you!" "Water II!"

Cave Stalker
Present/Heckran Cave
An octopus. It can squirt ink or flames. It's weak against 

Djinn Bottle
Present/Heckran Cave
An octopus pot. It spits out Cave Stalkers. It's also weak 
against magic.

Cave Bat
Present/Heckran Cave
A bat. It's utterly weak against magic.

Rhino Weevil
Present/Heckran Cave
Its name [in Japanese, "Kabutoshrimp"] may sound shrimpy, 
but it actually resembles a rhinoceros beetle. Naturally, 
it too is weak against magic.

Present/Heckran Cave
The R [in its Japanese name, "Marumajiro R"] stands for 

Imp Hawk
Middle Ages/Truce Canyon
Being carried by a bird in flight, don't say it's a cliche.

Middle Ages/Zenan Bridge
A cadaver that's being manipulated by Ozzie's magic.

Ogan (Hammer)
Middle Ages/Denadoro Mountains
A Fiend that inhabits the Denadoro Mountains. The secret 
to its strength lies in its wooden hammer.

Use a Fire tech to burn the hammer, and they become weaklings.

Middle Ages/Denadoro Mountains
A ninja. Known as the type to hold a grudge, it always meets 
an attack with a counter-attack.

Middle Ages/Denadoro Mountains
It's constantly keeping watch. Its dangling bell can inflict 

Middle Ages/Denadoro Mountains
Can unite with his little brother Mune to become "Masa & Mune."

Middle Ages/Denadoro Mountains
Can unite with his big brother Masa to become "Masa & Mune."

Masa & Mune
He looks like a misshapen musclebound toy, but he's really 
the incarnation of the blade Masamune. "Vacuum Wave!" "Yah!"

Edible Frog
Middle Ages/Cursed Woods
A frog that Fangtooths like to eat.

Middle Ages/Cursed Woods
A snake that eats Edible Frogs.

Crested Sprinter
A little dinosaur. Though small in size, its power is 
anything but light.

Reptite (Green)
A people who have evolved from reptiles. Thunder gives 
them a shock.

A small primate. It's a little shy.

Ion Cloud
Prehistory/Hunting Range
A monster that's great for earning Prehistory items from.

Prehistoric Frog
Prehistory/Hunting Range
Another favorite hunt for collecting Prehistory items.

Golden Eaglet
Prehistory/Forest Maze
Sloppy attacks really tick this monster off.

Bao Bao
Prehistory/Forest Maze, etc.
This monstrously powerful ape can lift even Robo's heavy 
frame with ease.

Prehistory/Reptite Lair
A flower cultivated by the Reptites.

Aecyto Weevil
Prehistory/Reptite Lair
A rhinoceros beetle. Its favorite food is Rafflesia nectar.

Prehistory/Reptite Lair
A dinosaur whose name means "gigantic." Thunder magic gives 
it a shock.

Prehistory/Reptite Lair
A mushroom that sucks up MP.

Boss of the Reptites, she possesses a vast intellect and the 
power of Psychokinesis. With her abilities, she created wonders 
like the Tyranno Lair and the Black Tyranno.

Boss of the Reptite Lair. He acts as a scout for Azala, and can 
perform an Electric Discharge attack from shocks he's received. 
His hobby is tending the Rafflesia.

Middle Ages/Magic Cave
A rat. It tends to gather in groups. 

Vampire Bat
Middle Ages/Magus's Keep, etc.
A bat that sucks up MP.

Underling (Purple)
Middle Ages/Magus's Keep
Has more HP than its counterparts at the Cathedral.

Middle Ages/Magus's Keep
A magician who likes to impersonate its opponent's loved ones. 
Its special technique is the "Annihilation Zone" spell.

Blue Gargoyle
Middle Ages/Magus's Keep
A Diablo that's powered up and become stronger... 
but not by much.

Roundillo Bomber
Middle Ages/Magus's Keep
A highly explosive Roundillo kept at Magus's Keep, its feed 
was mixed with gunpowder.

Middle Ages/Magus's Keep
A professional ninja, hired to protect Magus's Keep from 
intruders like Chrono and his friends.

Middle Ages/Magus's Keep
A formidable enemy that alternates between using a physical 
barrier and a magical barrier. Fire magic is its speciality.

Servant (Sword)
Middle Ages/Magus's Keep
An Ogan from the Denadoro Mountains, recruited to become a 
soldier at the last minute to protect Magus's Keep from 
invasion by Crono and his friends. 

Servant (Crossbow)
Middle Ages/Magus's Keep
Recruited in a rush, this Ogan was given bow and arrow to 
fight with, but wasn't trained how to use it.

Master Swordsman Slash
An outside method fighter... He was instructed in the power 
to manipulate cadavers from Ozzie. His special technique is 
called "Frenzy."

Flea the Magician
Also called the Transvestite Fiend. Employs status curse 
magic like Confuse and Poison. His special technique is 
known as "The Look <3."

Can create a barrier that defends against any attack. 
"Ozzie's in a pickle!"

Avian Rex
Prehistory/Dactyl Nest, etc.
A flying dinosaur.

Cave Ape
Prehistory/Dactyl Nest, etc.
It'll throw anything at anyone.

Prehistory/Dactyl Nest
Opens a crater on its back to perform the Pyroclast attack.

Reptite (Purple)
Prehistory/Tyranno Lair
Has more HP than the Reptites outside the Lair. It uses the 
Punch Volcanite move to invoke Pyroclast.

Prehistory/Tyranno Lair
It has a lot of HP. Unless it's shocked by Thunder, it can 
be very difficult to defeat.

Prehistory/Tyranno Lair
It uses Pyroclast when struck. Often confuses its allies with 
its enemies.

Nizbel II
Prehistory/Tyranno Lair
He has trained very hard to improve his Electric Discharge and 
defensive stats. 

The most mysterious creature in the entire game.

An automaton Dalton uses for battle. It can imitate abilities 
and mimic attacks. 

Egg Ooze
Future/Abandoned Sewers
Some kind of unhatched egg that's changed into a monster.

Future/Abandoned Sewers
Formerly someone's pet fish that got flushed and mutated 
into a monster.

Sir Krawlie
Future/Abandoned Sewers
Boss of the Abandoned Sewers. "I'll mash you to goo!"

Antiquity/Mudbeast Den
A beast that lives underground. Every time it's attacked, 
its strength increases.

Blue Mudbeast
Antiquity/Mudbeast Den
A Mudbeast with the power of water.

Red Mudbeast
Antiquity/Mudbeast Den
A Mudbeast with the power of fire.

Mud Imp
Antiquity/Mudbeast Den
A Stone Imp that trains the Mudbeasts to attack.

Stone Imp
Antiquity/Mountain of Woe
The ancient ancestor of the Imps, they already seem capable 
of taming other monsters.

Bomber Bird
Antiquity/Mountain of Woe
A bird that carries a Stone Imp.

Antiquity/Mountain of Woe
Tries to make a quick escape. The EXP and TP earned by 
defeating it is enormous.

Antiquity/Mountain of Woe
Its special technique the "Combo Attack" reduces its 
opponent's HP to 1.

Death Lily
Its special attack "Miasma" causes Confuse. It only 
grows on the Mountain of Woe.

Antiquity/Ocean Palace
A magical creature that bustles about the Ocean Palace. 
It's weak to Light elemental attacks.

Red Scouter
Antiquity/Ocean Palace
A magical creature that bustles about the Ocean Palace. 
It's weak to Fire elemental attacks.

Blue Scouter
Antiquity/Ocean Palace
A magical creature that bustles about the Ocean Palace. 
It's weak to Water elemental attacks.

Antiquity/Ocean Palace
Ghul's little brother.

Antiquity/Ocean Palace
Djinn's big brother. Protects Djinn because of their 
brotherly bond.

Zealot Mage
Antiquity/Ocean Palace
It can cast "Lock" over an enemy party to disable use 
of techniques.

Antiquity/Ocean Palace
A soldier of Antiquity, attacks using its walking staff. 
Uniting with its fellow Monks, they can use the "Twister" 
combo attack.

Antiquity/Ocean Palace
A soldier of Antiquity, attacks using a knife. Uniting 
with its fellow Warriors, they can use the "X-Strike" 
combo attack.

Dalton's personal bodyguards make up the crew of the 
Blackbird. They don't seem to be especially motivated.

A variation on Dalton's Golem. These patrol the interior 
of the Blackbird.

It shuffles about the wings of the Blackbird, searching 
for enemies. One can earn a lot of EXP and TP from these.

Golem Overlord
Dalton's latest and greatest Golem model. "I hate heights!"

A mage from Antiquity. "Golem" and "Aero-Dalton Imperial" 
demonstrate his poor taste for naming things. His special 
technique is to "Burrrp!"

Blood Yolk
Future/Death Peak
A creature that dwells on Death Peak. Its sticky tongue 
slurps up its prey to perform a Chomp attack.

Future/Death Peak
A grim reaper. It torments its enemies while draining 
away at their life.

Middle Ages/Sunken Desert
A merr-man who swims through the sand.

Middle Ages/Sunken Desert
A centipede monster. Its tough sandy hyde can be 
weakened by applying water. 

Laser Guard
Future/Geno Dome
Laser turrets were placed periodically throughout 
the dome. They are prone to Self-destruct.

Deverminator EX
Future/Geno Dome
A Deverminator designed for combat. 

Version 4.0
Future/Geno Dome
The first of the Version Series to be equipped with 
a Cure Beam.

Atropos XR
Future/Geno Dome
Created to be Robo's partner unit. Her Ribbon parts 
increase speed attributes.

Ghost Knight
Middle Ages/Northern Ruins
A ghost in the form of a soldier. Weapons like swords 
and guns have no effect.

Middle Ages/Northern Ruins
A pile of bones. It falls to pieces when attacked.

Middle Ages/Northern Ruins
A vicious ghost that can possess a fallen Fallen.

Flesh Reaper
Middle Ages/Northern Ruins
Fire magic reduces its HP to 1.

Middle Ages/Northern Ruins
A lingering spirit that haunts the Northern Ruins.

Middle Ages/Giant's Claw
A type of dinosaur that's survived since Prehistory. 
It has developed Nizbel's Electric Discharge ability.

Middle Ages/Giant's Claw
A type of dinosaur that's survived since Prehistory.

Fossil Ape
Middle Ages/Giant's Claw
An ape that's become partially fossilized somehow.

Middle Ages/Giant's Claw
A type of dinosaur that's survived since Prehistory.

Yakra XIII
The 13th generation descendant of the Yakra Crono and 
his friends fought.

Black Omen
Part of a gang of strong monsters that was amassed at the 
"Black Omen" but spend most of their time fighting amongst 
each other over who is number one. They have a myriad of 
special techniques.

Black Omen
After counting down "3, 2, 1..." it fires its MP Buster 
which reduces MP to 0.

Black Omen
A laser turret. Relinquishes a decent amount of EXP and TP.

Black Omen
Possess a gold shield. Its [Japanese name, "Shield of Au"] 
is named after the chemical symbol for gold.

Black Omen
Casts "Omnilock" to disable all use of techs and items.

Black Omen
It usually tries to run away. One can receive a lot of 
EXP and TP from defeating it.

Black Omen
A demon that does nothing but steal MP.

Metal Mutant
Black Omen
Uses the "Shining Sphere" Light technique.

Black Omen
Its "Iron Sphere" attack halves its opponent's HP, 
while its song "La La La" inflicts Confuse.

Blubber Hulk
Black Omen
It has great attack power, but if you don't attack it, 
it won't attack you.

Black Omen
A cannibalistic snake.

Black Omen
Counters magic with the MP Buster, reducing an 
opponent's MP to 0.

Black Omen
It counters non-magic attacks with Death magic.

Black Omen
A Queen from Antiquity. Her "Halation" attack drops an 
enemy party's HP to 1.

Lavos (Part)
A part of Lavos.

Lavos (Part)
A part of Lavos.

Center Pod
"Temporal Shift" changes the setting of the battle and 
the attack patterns used by the "Pods."

Lavos Core
You wouldn't know from looking at it, but this is 
Lavos' true form.

Golden Frog
A monster that was discarded. It was used in an event.

A monster that was discarded. It appears only in a certain 

E. Explanation

Character Library Viewer
First, please select either "Characters" or "Monsters." 
Then use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the names.

Press Left on the Control Pad to line up the cursor with the 
character image, and you can press Up and Down to change its 

Press the B Button to cancel.


Chrono Trigger and all characters are property of Square-Enix. 
This FAQ was written and translated by me, #20 <kobun20@gmail.com>
Visit my blog at kobun20.blogspot.com

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