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    Import Guide by Exdeath

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    Super Famicom to SNES FAQ
    Super Famicom
    Version 1.0
    Made by Exdeath
    E-Mail: exdeath@earthlink.net
    Page: http://gannex.simplenet.com
                    Exdeath’s Super Famicom to SNES FAQ
    This is the guide that explains how to play Super Famicom games on 
    a domestic Super Nintendo system. This copyright belongs to me and 
    may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This is 
    freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use 
    this Strategy Guide or parts of it, but give me full credit where it 
    is due. 
    If you would like to help me with this Strategy Guide, E-Mail me 
    at <exdeath@earthlink.net> I would really appreciate your help if
    you could give it to me. If you see any mistakes that you wish 
    for me to clear up, mail me.
    Version Info:
    -Version 1.0    
         *Ascii pictures of inside system
         *Step by step instructions written
    How to play on an SNES:
    A lot of people have been asking about this, so I think I'll 
    put it in this FAQ. It's really not that hard to play the 
    actual game in a SNES, rather then a Super Famicom. First 
    of all, if you don't want to be risky, and don't know what 
    you're doing, buy a SNES Converter. You can buy these at 
    imports stores for about $15. I've seen these sold at 
    www.gamecave.com. If you don't want to buy the converter, 
    and want to void any customer service option you may have, 
    then read on. :)
    1) Take your controllers and wires from the back off of 
       SNES. Look inside the slot where the game goes in on 
       the top. You should see something like this:
    |      |1|                                 |2|       |
    |         _______________________________            |                               |
    |         |______________________________|           |
    |_______                                     ________|
    2) You'll have to find a way of cutting tabs "A" and 
      "B" out (these tabs block a Japanese game from going 
       into the SNES). I recommend using a Knife, Screwdriver, 
       and wirecutter combo. :) If you knife away at the 
       slabs, they'll eventually be cut, making it easy to 
       pry them out. They are very tough, though, and it 
       might take awhile to do it, but it's worth the hard 
       work. :) 
    3) I have no idea if the small tabs "1" and "2" have 
       anything to do with it. I have cut mine off, however, 
       and they're easier than tabs "A" and "B" to cut off. 
    4) Once you have everything cut off, try a putting a 
       Japanese game in the system. If it fits into the pins, 
       it worked. Otherwise, you'll have to keep cutting 
       away at the tabs until it fits.
    5) Enjoy a Super Famicom game. :)  

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