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  1. I bought an FC3 Plus, which plays NES, Genesis, and SNES games, but mine won't play the SNES games. The light comes on, and the screen turns slightly reddish. I know it's not the games, any suggestions on what might be wrong?

    User Info: PrincessWesker

    PrincessWesker - 9 years ago

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  1. The FCtwin and FC3 are both junk,sorry to say. Lots of people have been having problems with them. They just sort of stop working. My FCtwin's 16bit mode inexplicable died, and the only thing that could've caused it was lack of use for 3 months.

    While I have no idea what might be wrong, I would recommend trying to get a Retro Duo. Unfortunately they don't play Genesis games, but they play both NES and SNES perfectly. I got mine over a year ago and it hasn't let me down since.

    User Info: Zetamancer

    Zetamancer - 8 years ago 2   0

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