Yoshi's Cookie for SNES Puzzle Mode World 4 Stage 6?

  1. I know it's in the FAQs, but all is says is "Move the flower cookies from the vertical row into the horizontal one so that the bottom row is filled up with flower cookies." I've done that, and I've tried different ways, and it doesn't work. Could you be more specfic? Thank you. Sorry to be a hassle, I've been on this one forever with a friend. It's driving us nuts, hahaha.

    It would be greatly apperciated if you got back to me at discopolice_onduty@hotmail.com

    Thanks again!

    User Info: discopolice

    discopolice - 12 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Sorry it's been a few months ^^;; but I stumbled upon this and figured it out. If you get doubles alot in VS mode then you should know what he's telling you. Just move the flowers so that they're all in the bottom row, and you have to do this efficiently and only move the right column and the bottom row so as not to disturb the cookies not in those rows.

    To be very specific, put the cursor on the bottom right cookie. Slide the bottom row to the right once. Then you can slide up one (don't move the cursor). Then slide right twice. Then slide up twice.

    User Info: demonicloud

    demonicloud - 12 years ago 3   0

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