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by Black Rabite

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Black Rabite

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/03/10

                                      _______  _______  _
                       |\     /|     (       )(  ____ \( (    /|
                       ( \   / )     | () () || (    \/|  \  ( |
                        \ (_) /_____ | || || || (__    |   \ | |
                         ) _ ((_____)| |(_)| ||  __)   | (\ \) |
                        / ( ) \      | |   | || (      | | \   |
                       ( /   \ )     | )   ( || (____/\| )  \  |
                       |/     \|     |/     \|(_______/|/    )_)

                  _______          _________ _______  _       _________
                 (       )|\     /|\__   __/(  ___  )( (    /|\__   __/
                 | () () || )   ( |   ) (   | (   ) ||  \  ( |   ) (
                 | || || || |   | |   | |   | (___) ||   \ | |   | |
                 | |(_)| || |   | |   | |   |  ___  || (\ \) |   | |
                 | |   | || |   | |   | |   | (   ) || | \   |   | |
                 | )   ( || (___) |   | |   | )   ( || )  \  |   | |
                 |/     \|(_______)   )_(   |/     \||/    )_)   )_(

 _______  _______  _______  _______  _______  _              _______  _______  _______
(  ___  )(  ____ )(  ___  )(  ____ \(  ___  )( \   |\     /|(  ____ )(  ____ \(  ____ \
| (   ) || (    )|| (   ) || (    \/| (   ) || (   ( \   / )| (    )|| (    \/| (    \/
| (___) || (____)|| |   | || |      | (___) || |    \ (_) / | (____)|| (_____ | (__
|  ___  ||  _____)| |   | || |      |  ___  || |     \   /  |  _____)(_____  )|  __)
| (   ) || (      | |   | || |      | (   ) || |      ) (   | (            ) || (
| )   ( || )      | (___) || (____/\| )   ( || (____/\| |   | )      /\____) || (____/\
|/     \||/       (_______)(_______/|/     \|(_______/\_/   |/       \_______)(_______/


X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse (SNES) Walkthrough - Version 1.4
Written by - Camden (Iscalio@Gmail.com)
Copyright 2011, Ryan Blackmore

FAQ History

Last Updated - May 12th, 2011

Version 1.4 - Tried out some pictures for the X icons, not sure if they'll help find them though.

Version 1.3 - Added markup to guide, fixed some typos, other potentially pointless things.

Version 1.2 - Added the X icons.

Version 1.1 - Fixed up some typos and the attack names. The only major thing I'm missing at this point is the X icons. May or may not be added in the future.

Version 1.0 - Wrote a strategy for Magneto.

Version 0.9 - Walkthrough is done except for a Magneto strategy. Should be done any day now.

Version 0.3 - Wrote out the controls and the move lists for each character, as well as a short bio on them.

Version 0.1 - Composed the structure of the guide and did basic things like writing the introduction, partial credits and copyright.


Mutants--humans possessing incredible powers as a result of genetic mutation. Persecuted by their fellow man for being ...different. In order to teach mutants to use their powers for the benefit of all, even those who hunted and feared them, Professor Charles Xavier created the X-Men. His ultimate goal: to create a world where humans and mutants can live together in peace.

Genosha--a little known island where mutants are imprisoned, forced into labor by a brutal army and robot Sentinels.

There is one being whose evil mind has other, far more sinister plans in mind for those captured mutants of Genosha... the monstrous entity knows as Apocalypse.

X-Men, you must depart for Genosha and free our fellow mutants! Good luck.

This is how everything begins. Released in 1994 by Capcom, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse is your basic brawler featuring five of your favorite X-Men. You walk from the left side of the stage to the right side of the stage, using your basic combo attack and a few special moves to beat down the groups of weak enemies thrown in your way. Each of the five mutants have their own unique stage that you must play through, but after that you're allowed to use any of your surviving mutants on the later stages of the game.

Basic Controls

You don't even need half of the buttons for this game. You've got one on for attacking, one for jumping and the D-pad to move. That's pretty much it. Because the shoulder buttons do nothing in this game, I'll be using R to denote when something wants you to face backwards.

U           = Nothing
D           = Crouch
F           = Forwards
R           = Backwards
L(Shoulder) = Nothing
R(Shoulder) = Nothing
Start       = Pause
Select      = Nothing
A           = Nothing
B           = Jump
X           = A secondary attack command, though only in Training.
Y           = The basic attack command. Connecting with this multiple times executes the U+Y attack for each character.

Characters and Move lists

While there may be hundreds, if not thousands of characters in the Marvel Universe, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse gives you control of only five of them. Below you can find out a little bit about each character as well as the attacks available to them.


Real Name: Dr. Henry P. McCoy

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 355lbs

First Appeared: X-Men #1 (September 1963)

Quote: You should see me play Pictionary.

Upon first glance, one would assume that Beast is just a savage, one with blue fur, but that's far from the truth. While Beast does possess strength far beyond that of a human, he possesses intellect far beyond that of a human as well. An instructor at the Xavier Institute, Beast not only uses his powers to help, but to teach as well.

Y     = Punch
D+Y   = Crouching Punch
U+Y   = Somersault Kick
F,F,Y = Beast Charge
U+B   = Ceiling Walk
B,D+Y = Beast Bounce


Real Name: Scott Summers

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 195lbs

First Appeared: X-Men #1 (September 1963)

Quote: Can someone please tell me what just happened?

Possessing natural leadership abilities, Cyclops usually leads the X-Men when they're out and about. Cyclops has the ability to shoot lasers made from light out of his eyes but lacks the ability to naturally control it, so he wears custom-built protective eyewear made of ruby quartz.

Y       = Punch
D+Y     = Crouching Kick
U+Y     = Crescent Kick
F,F,Y   = Slide Kick
D,F,Y   = Standing Optic Blast
B,D,F,Y = Jumping Optic Blast
F,D,Y   = Crouching Optic Blast


Real Name: Remy LeBeau

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 195lbs

First Appeared: Uncanny X-Men #266 (August 1990)

Quote: It's not fair. When I was dying you pulled me back from heaven.

A former thief, Gambit fills objects with kinetic energy, causing them to explode. A common item Gambit utilizes this power with is playing cards, which he tosses at the enemy after charging up. Gambit also wields a staff in battle and is a master of a variety of martial arts.

Y     = Staff Attack
D+Y   = Low Staff Attack
U+Y   = Double Kick
F,F,Y = Single Card Toss
D,F,Y = Triple Card Toss
U,U,Y = High Card Toss


Real Name: Elisabeth "Betsy" Braddock

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 155lbs

First Appeared: Captain Britain #8 (December 1976)

Quote: And incidentally...you look ravishing *entombed* in darkness, luv..

Psylocke, like many other mutants, has strong telepathic abilities and is able to send and receive thoughts and create mental images and illusions. Unlike the other telepaths, Psylocke is also able to direct her telepathic power and use it to attack her foes physically as well as mentally.

Y       = Elbow
D+Y     = Spin Kick
F+Y     = Flip Kick
F,F,Y   = Quick Slide
D,F,Y   = Psychic Knife
F,D,F,Y = Flying Knee
B,D,Y   = Neck Cranker


Real Name: James "Logan" Howlett

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 195lbs

First Appeared: Incredible Hulk #180-181 (October 1974)

Quote: I'm the best there is at what I do. Thing is, what I do isn't very nice.

Possibly the most popular of the X-Men, Wolverine displays animalistic abilities such as a sixth sense and lightning quick reflexes, however he also has two other very notable abilities. Wolverine's body can heal itself almost instantaneously, and coupled with his adamantium-reinforced skeletal structure he is almost impossible to kill. Loaning itself to his animal side, Wolverine also has the ability to sprout adamantium claws from his hands, which can tear through any substance known to man.

Y       = Slash
D+Y     = Stab
U+Y     = Uppercut
F,F,Y   = Running Claw
F,D,F,Y = Berserker
B,D+Y   = Flying Berserker


The first five stages of the game, each played with a different mutant, can be done in any order, and to my knowledge have no bearing on anything later in the game. Below is the order I played them in, though you're welcome to go in any order you like.

Hear me, my X-men! Your mission is to invade the island of Genosha, and discern the location of the captured mutants. You'll be able to obtain information regarding the Genoshan prison from their computer network, but beware--the way to the central computer is guarded heavily by both Genoshan guards and mutant-hunting sentinels. By splitting up, we can more efficiently disperse these enemy forces.

Wolverine shall gain access into the Sentinel factory, insuring that all Sentinels being manufactured are destroyed.

Cyclops will intercept and destroy the Genoshan army train transport, thereby cutting off their supply lines.

Psylocke shall strike at the main base, drawing the Genoshans fire away from the others.

While Psylocke distracts the Genoshans, Gambit will attack the soldier's harbor base.

Finally, Beast shall gain entry to the central computer and extract all information on the whereabouts of the captured mutants.

The success of this mission rests with each of you, and your incredible mutant powers.

Beast Stage 1

The stage begins with Beast jumping a hoverbike-riding soldier and landing on the ceiling. Go right and jump over the entrance to the sewers. You can head down if you want, it leads to the same exact place anyhow and they join up really soon. Defeat the two brown soldiers and three green soldiers up here. Drop down into the sewers and head right. There are six soldiers on this screen in total, two brown and four green. Nothing to write home about. Continue heading right to find a mini-boss. This robot just charges forward and backwards on the screen, but watch out for the mines dropping from the ceiling. It's safe to punch them to detonate them.

In the next wide open area defeat the brown muscled soldier on the ground. Watch out for the two mines floating around down there. They can also be destroyed by punching them. At the far right there's a capsule with some life in it for you. From here, use your ceiling climbing abilities and head up, destroying the mines as you go. Eventually you'll come to another container of life. When you find a path allowing you to go right, head back and jump towards the little conveyer belt path. Going all the way left on this will lead you to another container of life. When you get that, go back to the right path. Break the barricade down and prepare for the boss.

As you enter the chamber you'll find yourself face to crotch with a sentinel. This is the first of three in which you'll fight, all of them exactly the same except that they get a little faster as you go. Using the Beast Bounce attack is the simplest way to defeat them, as it keeps you in the air and out of the reach of their attacks. They should never lay a hand on you.

Cyclops Stage 1

The stage begins with Cyclops shooting an optic blast from outside the screen, taking out a brown soldier and a green soldier, as well as a pillar. Ahead you'll fight the green soldiers and a brown soldier, followed by two gun wielding soldiers. Break the rock for a life container, but watch out for the soldier tossing grenades. The next rock contains some more life. Continuing, the following platform houses another grenade soldier, and right after that yet another gun soldier is waiting for you. Up next is the mini-boss.

The clearing here has a platform for you to stand on, and in the background you can see some of the soldiers on hoverbikes. Depending on where they are in the background you can tell which part of the screen they'll soon be coming after you on. Stay low and wait for them to appear in the background low, and then send a Standing Optic Blast at them when they appear on screen. Repeat until you've defeated all four soldiers.

Up ahead there are two brown soldiers, two green soldiers, a gun soldier and a knife soldier, and a life container in the middle of it all. The knife soldier has better reach than the normal soldiers, as well as a dashing attack, and he tends to be the one that hits me if I'm not paying attention, so deal with him as soon as you can. Try to save the life until after you've defeated all of the enemies as you'll most likely get hit once or twice. Ahead is a bridge, and another soldier on a hoverbike will come flying past you. Get ready and hit him on the way back.

In the shallow water area, you'll fight scuba soldiers. There are six in total, coming in groups of one, two, one and two. After walking for a little bit you'll come to three more green soldiers and a gun soldier, and a little bit after that two more green soldiers and two more gun soldiers. The next thing you see will be a train and the boss fight.

The boss of this stage is the train itself, and while it's a very easy boss fight you'll take a few hits unless you spend all of your time dodging. The train has an engine that you need to hit a few times from each side to destroy. While this is happening a soldier on a hoverbike will fly around above, shooting his machinegun and dropping mines to float back in your face and hit you. The best way to finish this stage is to just face the engine and button mash until it's destroyed, then jump to the other side and do the same.

Gambit Stage 1

The stage begins with one of Gambit's charged cards floating down towards two soldiers, exploding in their faces. Defeat the single brown soldier up ahead and jump on the crates to take out the grenade soldier. The ground level holds one more brown soldier and green soldier, as does the level of crates above. Then there's a grenade soldier waiting for you on the platform, and once again a brown soldier and a green soldier. Continue climbing up and take out the next two grenade soldiers before you finally get off the crate area.

Up ahead there's another green soldier, with a grenade soldier attacking you from above. Watch out, though, because there are two little robotic enemies that go up and down on the wall that shoot lasers at you. They're easily killed with a single hit, but they can be misleading. Take out the usual duo of a green soldier and a brown soldier and jump on one of the moving platforms as they come by.

The platforms here will all move to the left, so you have to constantly jump from platform to platform. This is simple enough, and the three floating mines they put in your path, all of which are taken out with a single jumping attack, are no worry either. Continue heading right until you get to the elevator.

On the elevator there's a barrel you can break that will explode, taking out any nearby troops. Use it whenever you see fit, as enemies will come in waves as the elevator descends. The first wave is two brown soldiers and a green soldier from the center. The second wave, which is slightly trickier but still easy to handle without getting hit is three green soldiers, one from the center and one from each side. The third wave is easier than the last, with a gun soldier from the center, a brown soldier from the left and a green soldier from the right. The fourth and final wave is a green soldier from the center and a gun soldier from the left and right. There's really no need to use the barrel at any point, but the second wave would be your best shot.

After the elevator you'll come across a knife soldier and one of the brown muscled soldiers. Nothing to worry about here, though the muscled soldier takes a few hits to dispose of. Jump on the platform sitting in the water to start the boss fight.

A plane with four lasers attached to it will fly above you while on the little waterboard. They'll shoot down at you but they only shoot here and there and you can see them coming from a mile away. Just use the High Card Toss to get rid of them quickly. After all four lasers have been destroyed you need to jump in the plane and take out the green soldiers in there and the gun soldier piloting it to end the stage. Another easy boss battle.

Psylocke Stage 1

The stage begins with you riding a hoverbike, and a sentinel comes up from behind and shoots you down. Two brown soldiers lie immediately ahead. Up ahead there's a door some soldiers will come out of, as well as from your left. Four brown and two green soldiers in total. Continue to the hanging platform that will fall a little bit after you land on it, so once you hit it jump again. On the other side there's two gun soldiers waiting for you. A little bit ahead there's actually a tough spot to get out of without taking a hit, with six of the generic soldiers and two gun soldiers, coming from the left, right and center door. Lucky you there's a life container up ahead guarded by two more gun soldiers, easily defeated, so you should have full life once again.

Now you've arrived at the mini-boss of the stage, which is similar to the one found on Beast's stage but slightly easier due to there not being any mines. This guy will either be on the ground or in the air, either way your normal attack can hit him. His only method of attacking is charging straight at you, which you can see him doing in advance and just duck to avoid, and throwing his morningstar towards you. Right when the battle starts just sit back and wait to see what he does. Whenever he throws his morningstar, follow it back to his body for a quick attack and retreat. Whenever he charges duck and then follow him, and when he reappears hit him with a Flip Kick before retreating to the other side of the screen. Just rinse and repeat and he'll be dead before you know it.

Now here is where things get tricky. The ground you were fighting on starts falling out from beneath you. Move to your right and don't stop. There are five generic soldiers on the way, and the easiest way to get past them is to just jump over them and hope they don't get a lucky hit; otherwise it's the end of you. It takes too long to attack them, and hitting them while you're jumping can accidentally cause you to use your Neck Cranker, which will flip you right off the back side of the screen.

At the next area you can find a life container, but don't pick it up unless you really need it. Knife soldiers will come from the left and right side of the screen. You might get hit by them, so try to save the life until you've dispatched of them first. It hasn't been long since the mini-boss, but you're already at the boss.

This isn't a sentinel, this is Sentinel, a giant version of the ones you're used to. He has two attacks, those being shooting lasers from his eyes and tossing grenades at you that throw up a moving trail of green flame. Stay back and wait until he decided to do one of his attacks, and then move in for a quick hit. After every attack, sit back and wait to dodge the next. You can't just go toe to toe with Sentinel as he does more damage per hit than you do. If you jump one of his grenades you might be able to just spam Flip Kicks until he's dead, but it's risky.

Wolverine Stage 1

The stage begins with Wolverine breaking through a plate of glass and falling to the ground below, all while sirens are going off. There are two pillars before you that you can blow up for two sources of life, which is awfully pointless at this stage of the game.

The first leg of the stage has about fifteen brown and green soldiers spread through out it, as well as one grenade soldier and one knife soldier. There's never more than three or so at a time so you'll never be overwhelmed.

After you're finished with that, there's a corridor you have to climb up, utilizing Wolverine's climbing abilities. There are six of the laser machines on your way up, but they can only shoot straight over so they're no problem, but there are also two grenade soldiers. If you don't watch out you can easily get a grenade to the face on the way up. Once you're done climbing, get ready for the sub-boss of the stage.

This is another one of the mechs, however if you don't mind getting hit once he is incredibly easy. He'll sit at the left side of the screen, allowing you to hit him, and eventually charge through you. I don't even worry about avoiding this and just soak up the damage, but it is a quarter of your life so if you're already hurting go up top and dodge it. When he comes back from the other side just spam attacks and he'll most likely fall before he gets to do anything.

Destroy the barrier on the other side of the mini-boss and start climbing the spine of some large, mechanical creature. Move fast as the spine starts falling apart as you're climbing. Once you land, go left and defeat the brown muscled soldier and start climbing again, and you'll notice a giant, mechanical hand. The game is kind of hinting at what you'll soon be facing.

The boss of this stage is another Sentinel, except this one is just the head as the rest of the body is apparently immobile. It will shoot lasers out of its eyes and generic soldiers will come from both sides of the screen to hassle you. The Flying Berserker works wonders in this fight. As the move starts you'll hit Sentinel for some damage and take out any soldiers on that side of the screen. Because he takes so long to move his head to get ready for his lasers, just continue doing this move back and forth and you should never take any damage at all.

At this point you'll be given a password. Mine was...


Also, from here on out you can use any of the X-Men you want for the stages. The stages are the same no matter who you use, so just choose whichever character you feel more comfortable with.

Mission completed, my X-Men! According to the computer records we've obtained, mutants are being forced into labor, in a mine neighboring a large forest. Unfortunately, the data is insufficient to locate precisely the location of this prison. I suggest you all take different routes through the Genoshan forest: the moment you locate the prison, contact me immediately.

Genoshan Forest Stage

For this stage I decided to use Gambit. Up ahead there's a sleeping brown soldier and two bug-like enemies. Nothing notable. You'll be prompted to break the tanker, and beyond that fight a handful of bugs, one at a time. You'll be prompted to break yet another tanker, this time with two bugs around and an additional one once the tanker blows. Inside this one is a container of life. Up ahead is another handful of bugs, these ones slightly more annoying than the previous but just as easy, and another container of health. They're giving you more health than you could ask for on this stage.

The first cavern has a total of sixteen bugs in it, most of them hanging from the ceiling, waiting to drop down onto you the second you walk directly under them. Just hit them on the way down. In the next area there's four more bugs, one of them being one of those annoying flying ones.

Two more bugs will come after you when you drop down. Just back up under the ledge after dropping and take a swing at them when they fall down. Continuing, there are a dozen eggs waiting to be broken in the next area. They're not enemies but you can still break them to rub it in the other bugs faces. Four more bugs will be in the next room including one of the flying ones, but there's another container of life as well and you're likely to need it this time around, especially since the boss is coming up.

It's time to fight Q.Brood. Brood isn't so tough itself, but it has an unlimited supply of those damned flying bugs that's going to make this battle a lot more difficult than it has any right to be. If you're using a character with a distance attack you've got a natural advantage over any of the others. Try to get as many hits in as you can and as quick as you can, as the flying bugs never let up. When you see one try to take it out as soon as you can.

Q.Brood itself has two parts, a head and a spiky, tendril like arm. The arm can shoot out and hit you, but it tends to go down pretty quickly. There's really nothing to Q.Brood if you can handle the bugs.

After beating this stage with Gambit, my password is...


Thanks to you, X-Men, we now know the location of the Genoshan's mutant prison, as well as the enemy forces we face. The camp is guarded by Tusk and his Tuskettes, so remain on your guard!


I've decided to play as Wolverine for this stage.

As you head right you'll come across a new type of enemy, a little red goblin like critter. They jump around, sometimes landing on your back and bugging you until you toss them off, and toss around grenades. As long as one doesn't latch onto your back while others are around, they should never pose a threat at all. If they do, expect to get hit by one of their bombs. There's a dozen or so of these things, in packs of two mainly, scattered throughout the opening corridor. Just hit them the second they hit the ground and you'll be fine. After you deal with them you're already at the end of the stage.

First off, you have to deal with the Tuskettes, those little red goblins throughout the battle alongside Tusk, but they're more of a distraction than anything else. Tusk has two attacks he can hit you with. First is just a normal punch that he'll smack you with if you get too close, or if you try to finish your combo off on him, and second is a charge across the screen. Both attacks hurt, but the hazards are what will make or break this battle. You and Tusk can both be knocked off of the platform into the lava, which will hurt if you're not already blinking from getting hit. There's also an elevator in the middle of the room that gives you access to the second story, but it'll more than likely just come crashing down on you while you're trying to walk around the bottom area.

To beat Tusk, stick to one side of the screen and just use whatever attack you're most comfortable with. You'll end up getting hit a few times and there's not really anything you can do about it, but the elevator in the middle of the screen is frustrating and you don't want to have to constantly worry about it.

As usual, I received a password for finishing the stage.


Warning! Unidentified mutants have breached the perimeter! Unidentified mutants have breached the perimeter! Unidentified mutants? Ahh, this must be the vaunted X-Men, come to rescue their fellow mutants. Surely they must realize the futility of trying to overcome the mighty Apocalypse! Perhaps I may spare their wretched lives, and offer them the chance to become my new Horsemen. Come to me, X-Men, come to your doom.


I didn't exactly enjoy Wolverine, so I'll double back to my favorite, Gambit.

Immediately run right and don't look back. Lava is going to start pouring after you and it means death. On the way there's a whole bunch of barricades blocking your path that you'll have to beat down, and if you're not quick the lava WILL catch you. There are ten in total, and even if you get through them quickly the lava will be right on your tail.

Eventually you'll make it to an open area and some platforms heading up. On the way there's a worthless life container, as the only thing so far on the stage that could damage you would kill you in one hit. Take out the gun soldier on the platform above you, as well as the gun soldier and the brown muscled soldier on the platform above that.

Head right and kill the green soldier and the brown muscled soldier, as well as the gun soldier directly following them. On the next stationary screen you'll come across a green soldier and one knife soldier from each side. When you've got a knife soldier coming from both sides of you expect to get hit once. They have a pretty nice range for their ground dash attack, and usually you won't respond quick enough to jump it. Prepare for another lava section, this time going up instead of over.

Just ignore all of the enemies in the entire shaft. There are four grenade soldiers and two green soldiers, but you should be able to just jump from platform to platform without taking any damage, and you don't want to risk getting hit by the lava. However, this is the easy part of the stage. You've just made it to Apocalypse, and boy is he a tough customer.

Apocalypse has three different attacks. The first is where he sends his hand out and it turns into a drill. This pretty much hits anything not on the opposite side of the screen as him. The second is shooting spikes out from his body, which hits anything right next to him on either side. The third is where he sets his hand on fire and shoots it at you, which goes the entire screen but is easier to avoid than the spike attack is. Every time you hit him he'll disappear and reappear somewhere else, sometimes immediately disappearing again to try and trick you into committing to an attack.

If you've got a distance attack, spam it. Even if he gets close you'll hopefully still connect before he gets to pull a move off. Every one of his attacks hurt, the flaming hand the least, and because of the spike attack it's hard to get in close to just combo him. If he hits you, attack him as quick as you can. Getting hit twice in a row will pretty much end this fight for you.

As usual, the password...


Job well done, X-Men. All of the mutant prisoners have been freed successfully--now, the Genoshan government has agreed to open a dialogue regarding their treatment of mutants. We must continue our tireless mission of making the world safe for both human and mutant kind, a world where both races can live together in peace. Congratulations, X-Men!

You're far too easily duped, Xavier! Humans can never be trusted! I, Magneto, master of magnetism shall deal a crushing blow to the Genoshan government within 24 hours. Tell your X-Men to evacuate Genosha immediately, and take the other mutants with them--I have no intention of harming fellow mutants. Obey Magneto, the savior of mutant kind.

This cannot be! Magneto shall plunge the entire world into chaos, disaster! Return to headquarters at once, my X-Men. You must prepare for the coming battle with Magneto in the Danger Room, while I pinpoint his current location.

Test your skills against Omega Red, X-Men!

Omega Red

This stage is just you, one on one, with Omega Red. Choosing either Gambit or Cyclops will probably make this stage a whole lot easier as Omega Red has no long range threats I saw, but I personally went with Psylocke.

Omega Red has four attacks. The first is where he shoots out at you a short distance, and the second is the same but from the air. Neither of these you really have to worry about. The third is where he hits the ground and it shoots out at you from underneath, but this one isn't too hard to see coming. The worst attack, and the reason I suggest using someone with a distance attack, is when he starts flailing around really close up. It can't hit you if you're not standing right in front of him, but if you are you'll lose about half of your life. You need to avoid this attack at all costs.

Whenever you knock Omega Red down, he'll swing up off the screen and come down somewhere else, simultaneously changing the background of the danger room. You can either move towards him for the quick hit or run away and play it safe every time he comes down, but if you do go up close don't try to combo him. Before the end of the combo he'll pull out his flailing attack and you'll have just traded half of your life for a fifth of his at most.


Job well done! One final test, X-Men. Test your skills against Juggernaut!


Like the battle before, this is just a boss battle; however this one is substantially easier. Beast is probably a good choice for this battle, as you could just constantly Beast Bounce on Juggernaut, but Wolverine is whom I picked, and I was able to kill Juggernaut without getting hit. With Wolverine, just use the Running Claw attack whenever Juggernaut comes after you. At the end of the attack you're on the other side of him, and you just repeat the process until he's dead.

Juggernaut only has two attacks, but he is also able to put up a defense that nothing can break through. Being aggressive doesn't pay off because he'll just camp in that defense for a while until he decides to use the first of his attack. He grabs you and mauls you for a short while. Mainly meant to get you away from him so he can hit you with his other attack, one you've seen plenty of times by now, a charge from one side of the screen to the other. You can use the two platforms to hop over him and try to defeat him that way, but using Wolverine, or possible even Beast, makes Juggernaut a joke.


Using Cerebro, I have scanned the minds of Magneto's Acolytes--he is currently aboard his orbiting space station, Avalon. We must waste no time in stopping Magneto's plans of destruction. Use our teleporters to transport yourselves inside Avalon, and remember: the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

So, Exodus, Xavier's children are no doubt coming to Avalon. They must be taught who their true master is.

With pleasure, master. They shall bow down before your presence, and renounce Xavier's ways!

Only then will Xavier understand that Magneto is the most powerful mutant in the world!!

(Advance Note #1: You only have to beat Exodus twice. Each time he loses 50% of his life he'll take off. After you've beat him twice he'll be gone for the other three mutants.)

(Advance Note #2: At the end of each stage you'll have to fight Magneto. He's the same regardless, and if you die you can use that mutant again and start right at Magneto. You don't have to beat all five stages, if you defeat Magneto with any of the X-Men you win)

Final Stage: Beast

Up first is a teleporting mutant. If you don't pay attention to him he may get a lucky hit in. Continue on, paying attention to the sparks above you. Destroy the stationary laser on the ground before it can take you out. Up ahead you'll meet another teleporting mutant and stationary laser. Continue paying attention to those sparks as you're much closer to them now. The final part of Beasts combo could flip you right into one.

The ground now has sparks running along it as well, so utilize the ceiling if you wish. It's not too hard to jump the occasional spark either way. Once you get across prepare for a pretty annoying mini-boss, Exodus.

Exodus has three attacks. The first is a laser he can shoot straight down or diagonally either direction. This one isn't too hard to avoid by just staying at an acute angle from him. The second is when he comes flying towards the ground to kick you. I never actually got hit by this as it seemed like he would never use it unless I was moving away from him. The third is a grab, where he'll fly to the top of the screen and toss you to the ground. Exodus runs away when he loses 50% of his life.

Up ahead is a laser. Defeat it and then jump onto the platform for some much needed health. As you pick it up you'll have to deal with another teleporting mutant. If you head down you'll pick up another health, but you'll probably take just as much damage on the way there from the sparks and teleporting mutants. Stay to the top and cling to the tube like platforms. Deal with the three or so teleporting mutants along the way if you wish, as they'll hassle you the entire way if you don't. If you've got any health left, prepare for the boss, who is mercifully easier than Exodus and probably the teleporting mutants in the previous room.

A gigantic laser machine is at the top of the screen, shooting sizable bolts down towards you. Sparks are also traversing the top left half of the screen and a permanent electric field runs across the bottom. Sitting on the top left platform and just beating on the laser when it gets close will do damage quick enough that you'll likely only get hit once, maybe twice, so if you've got half of your life left when you get to this point the boss is a cakewalk.

Final Stage: Cyclops

Go right and deal with the first teleporting mutant. When you get on the moving platform you'll have to deal with another, as well as a third when you get back off. Watch out for the laser, it has a nasty habit of hitting you before it's even on the screen.

The next room houses another moving platform and another trio of teleporting mutants. The bottom path holds an extra life, and the top another laser to defeat. Another moving platform is up ahead with a second directly after it, however before going on them fake jump to the first one and land back where you started. This should bring out two teleporting mutants. Deal with them on solid ground. Up next you have to deal with Exodus, the mini-boss, and a permanent teleporting mutant.

Exodus has three attacks. The first is a laser he can shoot straight down or diagonally either direction. This one isn't too hard to avoid by just staying at an acute angle from him. The second is when he comes flying towards the ground to kick you. I never actually got hit by this as it seemed like he would never use it unless I was moving away from him. The third is a grab, where he'll fly to the top of the screen and toss you to the ground. Exodus runs away when he loses 50% of his life.

Walk forward and get the very welcome life, and a very unwelcome boss.

The boss for Cyclops is a robot on the side of the screen that shoots lasers at you, but only occasionally. It's got three plates spinning around it that sometimes block its shots. Get on the moving platform and just use your Standing Optic Blast over and over, dodging the few lasers that get loose. Once it gets down to a single plate it's a little trickier, as many more lasers will get through at this point, but exercise patience and timing and the boss should fall in no time.

Final Stage: Gambit

Gambit's Double Kick works well against teleporting mutants, so use it on the first one. Then use the High Card Toss to take the laser above you out. Kill the miniature laser on the platform and the one on the next as well. There's another laser you can easily take out from below with your Air Card Toss. Take out the teleporting mutant that comes after you and the miniature laser, then head back and take the two lasers out from below. So far this stage is simple. One more miniature laser and teleporting mutant to go before you reach Exodus.

Exodus has three attacks. The first is a laser he can shoot straight down or diagonally either direction. This one isn't too hard to avoid by just staying at an acute angle from him. The second is when he comes flying towards the ground to kick you. I never actually got hit by this as it seemed like he would never use it unless I was moving away from him. The third is a grab, where he'll fly to the top of the screen and toss you to the ground. Exodus runs away when he loses 50% of his life.

Yet another teleporting mutant up ahead, as well as a new type of stationary laser. It can shoot in any of the three down directions, but a single Air Card Toss will take it out. There are a total of four in the area. At the top are an extra life and a container of health.

Gambit's boss is a Doppelganger machine. You'll have to fight Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine and Psylocke in a random order, each one having a larger portion of the life as it goes. Hope that you don't start with Cyclops or you'll almost assuredly get hit with an optic blast before you can do anything about it.

Final Stage: Psylocke

This is the hardest of the final missions for the mutants for one room alone. Right at the start you'll notice some crosshairs targeting you. When they lock on they'll shoot at you, but if you're on the move the shot will miss anyhow. Keep it in mind as a single shot from it, while not damaging, could mean the end anyhow.

This is because there's a room above where, three at a time, you have to fight about five of those teleporting mutants. Don't try to hit them once and move on, dodging all of their attacks, as I really don't see it happening. If you get to one on the ground give it everything you have. There's some much needed life in the room as well. Don't give up if you make it out of the room with a scratch of health, as there's another life container right around the bend. Of course, the next platform has another teleporting mutant as well, though one at a time they're not so bad. After yet another one of them, you'll have made it to Exodus.

Exodus has three attacks. The first is a laser he can shoot straight down or diagonally either direction. This one isn't too hard to avoid by just staying at an acute angle from him. The second is when he comes flying towards the ground to kick you. I never actually got hit by this as it seemed like he would never use it unless I was moving away from him. The third is a grab, where he'll fly to the top of the screen and toss you to the ground. Exodus runs away when he loses 50% of his life.

Now it's time for the boss, and if this stage wasn't annoying enough it's about to get worse. It's a giant missile. Yes, a missile. It can't hurt you at all, but there's still a good chance you'll die. As the stage starts, it'll launch and start going up. Use the first three hits of your combo, but don't use the Flip Kick or you'll probably flip right off of the stage. Once it starts getting up there, jump directly at it with a Neck Cranker, landing on the platform above the one you were originally standing on. Continue doing this, just jumping to the platform if it's in reach, and you'll hopefully take the missile out. I have a bad tendency to die by falling on this stage, myself.

Final Stage: Wolverine

Take out the lone teleporting mutant and prepare to dodge some energy beams while climbing. There are two beams of light here; occasionally a bolt of energy will soar up them. The energy is timed so you'll know when one's coming, not to mention the sound you hear.

After you've climbed the first two platforms another teleporting mutant will appear. Getting to one of the side ledges is advised because if you sit on one and face the wall he has a tendency to appear right in front of you, ready to die. Once he's gone, climb up the third platform, but try to jump over to the right immediately. There's a laser directly above the platform, and unless you time it good it'll shoot you while you're sitting between the two pillars of light. Those pillars are gone for now

Destroy the laser on the bottom of the next platform, as well as the lone teleporting mutant. Climb up the platform, not the wall, as if you try climbing the wall the next stationary laser will probably get you. You'll find Exodus in the next room.

Exodus has three attacks. The first is a laser he can shoot straight down or diagonally either direction. This one isn't too hard to avoid by just staying at an acute angle from him. The second is when he comes flying towards the ground to kick you. I never actually got hit by this as it seemed like he would never use it unless I was moving away from him. The third is a grab, where he'll fly to the top of the screen and toss you to the ground. Exodus runs away when he loses 50% of his life.

In the next area, I prefer to just fall straight down. There are two or three teleporting mutants on the way down, but since this stage has been pretty easy so far and you more than likely have full or close to full life, just ignore them. The very next room is the boss anyhow so they won't follow and harass you.

A rather unique boss, he'd be difficult if he was the boss of some other stage. There's really no way you can lose to this guy if you come into the fight with any reasonable amount of health, which is very doable on this stage. Four platforms will start spinning around this mechanical eye, and you need to jump on one. Occasionally the eye will shoot at you a few times, but the platforms are moving so fast that they'll almost always miss without you having to dodge at all. Whenever the platform is on the right or left, face the eye and take a swing or two. It just continues the pattern and will fall easily.


Depending on what mutants you bring to the dance, Magneto is either going to be a pain in the ass or get his ass kicked. Psylocke and Wolverine are both great to use against Magneto, whereas Gambit, Beast and Cyclops tend to fair a little worse. Magneto only has two attacks, three if you count his basic state. He'll have an energy field around him that you can't harm him through, and he'll fly around either once or twice. Sticking to any of the four corners of the screen keeps you safe. Once he stops, he'll do one of two things. If you're on the ground, he'll suck four pieces of metal towards him and then toss them at you. If you're not he still may do that attack, but he may also throw a purple ball or energy at you. This does minimal damage, but it paralyses you for a second or two. He isn't smart enough to take advantage of the paralysis, so it's mainly just a move to knock you off of the wall.

When Magneto throws the metal plates at you, he temporarily loses his shield. This is when you need to strike. What's hard is that the metal plates don't just shoot outward, he throws them right at you, so you need someone who can deal with the plates and still manage to get a hit in. This is where Wolverine and Psylocke are key.

Wolverine is the second easiest to defeat Magneto with, and probably the one you'll use as Psylocke's stage is a hard one to get through. The basic strategy is to climb a wall and dodge any of the purple balls he tosses at you. When he does decide to throw the plates, wait until right before he throws them and jump off the wall at him. Use the Flying Berserker attack, and Wolverine should go right through all of the plates and hit Magneto on the way down as well. You'll miss occasionally, and rarely a lucky hit will get through, but Wolverine is a solid character to beat Magneto with.

I was able to defeat Magneto with Psylocke without sustaining any damage. Using her, kneel in a corner and wait around while Magneto flies around the room. When he stops in the center, move to where you're almost under him but not directly. As he throws the plates, use the Flying Knee attack. If you do it right it'll be just like Wolverine, where you'll take the plates out and hit Magneto at the same time, only it's a lot harder to miss with this attack as it doesn't angle like Wolverine's does. The only hard thing about this is sometimes the attack doesn't like to go off, so make sure you've got the move down.

''E N D I N G''

No!! I cannot be defeated! I am the true leader of all mutant kind! I swear to you X-Men, that you've not seen the last of Magneto... soon, the world shall tremble before my might, and not even YOU will be able to save it!

You had no chance of defeating a team so skilled as ours, Magneto.

Job well done, X-Men. The threat of Magneto has been ended... for now. But no one can predict from where the next enemy may appear. We must ever be on our guard, ever vigilant--the dream of a world where mutants and humans co-exist in harmony must be realized. Return to headquarters, X-Men!

X Icons

Appearing in the first five stages of the game, you can locate three X Icons scattered throughout the individual character's stages. Each superhero will gain one extra life if you accomplish this.

Beast Icons

X Icon 1 - Once you beat the sub-boss, climb to the north east of the same room. The first X Icon is up there.

Beast Icon One.

X Icon 2 - Shortly after the sub-boss there's an X Icon hidden in the waterfall. You can hang from the lever to see it but you can just jump into the water to collect it.

Beast Icon Two.

X Icon 3 - In the same area as the second X Icon, there's a series of moving platforms. Hanging upside down from them, climb north west to reach another X Icon.

Beast Icon Three.

Cyclops Icons

X Icon 1 - It's in plain sight after the first few destructable rocks. Jump off the nearby platform to reach it.

Cyclops Icon One.

X Icon 2 - A little bit after you fight the group of soldiers on hoverbikes, you'll fight a lone one on a log bridge. Once you defeat this soldier the bridge will collapse. You can collect the second X Icon by being on the far left when falling.

Cyclops Icon Two.

X Icon 3 - Once you get to the final part of the stage, jump off of the far left of the train to pick up the third X Icon.

Cyclops Icon Three.

Gambit Icons

X Icon 1 - Early on, right after dealing with the second grenade throwing soldier, jump left off of the crate he was kneeling on for the first X Icon.

Gambit Icon One.

X Icon 2 - Right after defeating the first two machines that shoot lasers at you, head up the platform to the left and jump to the left for the second X Icon.

Gambit Icon Two.

X Icon 3 - At the end of the moving platforms and right before the elevator, you can find the final X Icon. To reach it, you need to time your jumps well, jumping on a descending platform and immediately jumping back off of it to reach the X Icon.

Gambit Icon Three.

Psylocke Icons

X Icon 1 - At the first door you'll face a wave of generic enemies. To get the first X Icon, you have to hit the Neck Cranker move(B,D,Y) to launch yourself up into it.

Psylocke Icon One.

X Icon 2 - On the very next section, you need to jump off of the right side of the area where you just killed the two gunmen.

Psylocke Icon Two.

X Icon 3 - After the sub-boss, the ground you're standing on will start collapsing. It's directly in your path as you're going across the area.

Psylocke Icon Three.

Wolverine Icons

X Icon 1 - Early on you'll come across a soldier tossing grenades from a platform. Jump off the platform and use a Flying Berserker(B,D+Y) to reach the X Icon.

Wolverine Icon One.

X Icon 2 - Right after defeating the sub-boss, climb down the wall instead of moving towards the sentinels spine. The X Icon is right down there.

Wolverine Icon Two.

X Icon 3 - Speaking of the spine, climb it all the way to the top so the pieces fall off. Once done, fall off and move a little bit to the right to collect the X Icon. Use a Flying Berserker to get back to the left wall so retrieving the icon isn't totally useless.

Wolverine Icon Three.