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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

If you're buying a SNES first person shooter, get Doom

Wolfenstein 3D came before Doom, before all other first personshooters. It was a pioneer of sorts. First released for the PC,Wolfenstein 3D set the gaming world on fire because you actuallywere the guy you were playing. That guy you were playing was B.J.Blazkowicz, a soldier stuck in a Nazi prison in World War 2. Youhad to battle through ranks upon ranks of Nazi soldiers and generals,attack dogs, huge deformed bosses and finally Hitler himself.The game was a success at the time. Then it was ported to Nintendo,and the problem was Nintendo had a problem with violence, religiousovertones and cruelty to dogs, so changes were made: in the SNESversion of Wolfenstein 3D, there is no blood, the swastika wasreplaced by a normal "+", Hitler was robbed of his trademarkmoustache and the dogs were replaced by giant rats. Needless to saythese changes didn't go over well with much of the gaming community,especially those that had played the game on the PC. But, on to thereview: the game consists of several missions, each containingseveral levels. Your weapons include a pistol, maching gun anda gatling gun. This is a one player game only.

Graphics: 6/10

Welcome to life before Doom. No stairs, just all flat land, andno variety on top of that. Some of the bosses looked OK, but everythingpixelated real bad when viewed up close.

Sound: 5/10

Mediocre music and sound effects. The gun firing is a terriblyunrealistic sound. Guards shouting in German is a nice touch, though.

Gameplay: 7/10

Control was decent, and simple. You moved and shot, that was it.The game tends to get boring, because most of the levels were thesame, with more enemies in some and in different locations. The gamegot pretty difficult in the higher levels. The assortment of guns islimited at best. You'll be disappointed in this game if you play it forthe first time after playing Doom.

Replay: 4/10

Not fun anymore. Why play when you can play any number of better firstperson shooters? At least in the PC version, you got to waste Hitler.You don't even get to do that here.

Overall: 6/10

The game gets credit for being the first first-person shooter in gaming. Doomand all others owe its roots to this game for treading this previouslyuntrodden path. However, the bottom line is, since it was the first, ithad lots of mistakes. I would recommend renting it for a look at thefirst shooter of this type, but not a purchase. There are many otherbetter first person shooters for that.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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