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Reviewed: 04/23/02 | Updated: 04/23/02

This is an action packed, awesome first person shooter, and a good member of the Wolfenstein game family... but yet, I feel lightheaded...


Wolfenstein 3D is just one of the many great Wolfenstein games in the series. This one is pretty much the same as the one for PC, though it varies in level layouts and bosses. The Super Nintendo version has more weapons, but the PC version has much more complex level layouts, and more bad guys.

Gameplay 10/10

One of the most fun games I have ever come across, and it holds a very constant level of excitement. You never know when a guard may be around a corner, an enormous man eating rat behind a door, or even worse... one of the blue coated, sinister, SS (Schutzstaffe) Officers. It keeps you on your toes, and if you play it late at night, you keep your eyes open. The controls are easy to master, as there are no difficult button combo's you have to perform. The select button changes weapons, the pause button brings up the map screen, the A button opens doors, and the B button shoots. The only other thing you need to know is that the control pad moves your character around. The best aspect is you can choose how hard or easy the game is. There are three settings, ranging from: 'easy' to 'normal' and finally to 'hard'.If you choose the 'easy' difficulty level, the game is a breeze, and of no real challenge at all. If you choose the 'normal' difficulty level, it will be harder for you to kill guards and bosses, and you will be more easily spotted and/or heard. If you chose the 'hard' setting, it is more difficult than ever to take down the guards, officers, SS, and rats. You will find that the bosses are near to impossible on the 'hard' setting, and you should acquire a lot of skill before you attempt it - or it will be complete suicide.

Story 10/10

Of all the story lines I've seen that go with a video game, this one is one of the best. It goes something like this.

You are B.J. Blazkowicz, and you have been captured on your mission to uncover secret plans for your anti-Nazi comrades. You spend several weeks in confinement, as you wait to make your move. One night, as a guard comes into your cell, you pull a knife you have been hiding since you arrived. You quickly overpower him, and take his key. With the door unlocked, and armed with a pistol, you are ready to complete your mission.

From there you pick up, facing the cell door, armed with the fallen guards pistol. As you fight on through the levels, and beat a mission, you get a debrief on what good came about because you accomplished your mission. As you beat one mission, you will automatically be given a password, and moved on to the briefing of the next. It makes an action packed thriller that just keeps on moving, and never stops!

Graphics/Sound 5/10

This is where Wolfenstein 3D is severely lacking... The sound is off key, and the voices are very shaky and unclear. If you really listen, the background music is what comes in the best, and it is really good. Although in contrast, the weapon fire sounds are very low key, and sound very wimpy. It sounds like the Pistol has more power than the Chain gun. The worst part of this is the graphics. It seems as if the 3D capabilities of this game were severely sloppy, or were just not well formed enough at the time it came out. Once you get to moving around a lot, the game will slow down, and almost freeze. The graphics in and of themselves are very choppy, and the people and colors are not very clear. The weapons are very clearly made, cut the ammunition that expels from them is very poorly animated. The problem with the graphics is that it gives you either a headache or motion sickness because of the 3D effect mixed in with choppy animation.

Replayability Yes

Even though the graphics will give you a major headache, the game will suck you in, and you won't mind the poor feeling you have afterwards. The game is a rush, and with all the secret push-walls and weapons you can get, it just adds to wanting to complete the game more and more precisely.

To Buy Yes

This game has a high replay value, a good storyline, and easy to use controls. As long as you aren't easily made motion-sick, or don't mind taking a break after every 30-60 minutes of playtime, it is a good buy. At a used game store, you can pick up a copy from around $10-$15, in fairly good condition.

Conclusion Good

The only drawback to this game is the poor graphics, but other than that, it excels in every category. If you want a jam-packed action thriller/first person shooter, then Wolfenstein 3D is a good game for you.

Don't delay, play today!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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