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FAQ by Akuma22

Updated: 10/12/02

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				=   A Wolfenstein FAQ/guide for SNES =
				=	Submitted by Akuma22  	     =

 Name of game: Wolfenstein 3D
 Platform: SNES (NOT for Windows/MS-DOS, although I have played them)
 Wolfenstein 3D is a similar version to Windows/MS-DOS, with some changes within the game
 1A) Introduction
  B) The enemies of Wolfenstein 3D
  C) Weapons/Items
  D) Status screen
  E) Bosses
  F) Level Difficulty
  G) Mission Briefings

 FAQ Guide:
 2A) How do I complete a mission?
  B) How do I find other weapons and items?
  C) What will the items do to my status?
  D) Where can I find secret rooms and stuff?
  E) How can I avoid the officers/guards/mutants?
  F) Where do I find the key/s to get out of the level?
  G) Can you jump/skip to other levels? (besides using the passwords)
  H) What are the cheats for Wolfenstein 3D for the SNES system?
  I) Where can I obtain a copy of Wolfenstein 3D from?
  J) Are there any sequels to Wolfenstein 3D?

3A) Differences in the game (it can also help you which foes you're going to have trouble with)
 B) Credits

  A) Introduction:
  First of all, greetings to those who are reading this FAQ!
  My name is Akuma22, and you are reading an FAQ/guide that could prove to be very useful
  to you if you are having trouble in Wolfenstein 3D.
  This is one of my favourite first-person shoot-em-up that I ever played, besides Doom II, South
  Park, Duke Nukem 64, and Duke Nukem Zero Hour.
  I normally like beat-em-up games and fighting ones as well, such as the Street Fighter series
  (I am a mad fan of them!), Tekken (2, 3, TAG and Advance), Final Fight 1 + 2 (hate no.3),
  Brtual-Paws Of Fury (cute fighting game with animals) and Super Smash Bros just to name a few.
  I also like playing RPG types, I guess, such as Golden Sun on GBA, because they are worthwhile
  playing when you feel you need a challenge and I was right.
  Playing Golden Sun proved to be very challenging in some stages and lots of times I found that
  I was facing a dead end in some point of the game...frustrating!
  Anyway, enough of discussion! Let's get down to business!
  This is my first FAQ I've written up, for those who are reading this FAQ. No walkthroughs.
  I'm not going to write one up either, because it'll take me AGES just to remember everything I
  I ever went through in the game, and all the items and stuff I collected, so don't get your
  hopes up. I'm not gonna trouble myself over that.
  I have added in some sections on the weapons/items info, bosses, and of course the FAQ,(see the
  reference sections above)so enjoy!
  Just a note: if you are having game problems and need help, e-mail me at tian_hzukhoo@hotmail.com
  I'll be happy to point out where you have to go, but don't e-mail me if you have problems about
  getting your PC to work Wolfenstein 3D on MS-DOS or anything like that, because I won't reply.
  Period. This FAQ is ONLY for the SNES version. So I hope you understand.

  Copyright: Akuma22, 2002
  Wolfenstein 3D is copyright by Imagineer 1992, under license by ID Software.
  NB*: Before I start the guide, I'll assume that you of course know the beginning!
  B) There are a small variety of enemies in Wolfenstein 3D, and it won't be easy defeating all
     all of them! Throughout your quest to put a stop to Hitler and his notorious henchmen,
     you'll be running into all sorts of dangerous enemies/monsters who happen to get in your
     way 100% of the time, so here's how it works:

     "E" denotes an easy enemy to terminate
     "M" denotes a normal enemy to terminate
     "H" denotes a hard enemy to terminate (or even worthy if you want)

    Mutant Rats (E)
    These mutated rats can be found in certain levels during the game, but they are very easy to
    kill with only 2 or bullets through their body.
    Originally, they should've been killer dogs, but why they are rats is questionable.
    Who knows? Maybe rats are more favoured than dogs? Who cares?
    Anyway, you can find these mutant rats usually in rooms alone or in small groups.
    Their bite isn't so serious, but they are quite fast at running when they spot you suddenly.
    When they die, they let out some sort of sound like a frog cry, like RIBBIT! Weird.
    All it takes to bring them down is a few shots from your gun and they'll be as quiet as the
    grave. If you open a door and find one coming straight at you, just back off from a small
    distance and fire.
    If they are in groups, retreat a little and fire carefully at as you might waste a bit more
    ammo than you think. It shouldn't be that hard at all.
    The only advantage of these rats is that they can't open doors. Yes!
    The only disadvantage is that they are quite quick and run from side to side. D'oh!

    Nazi guard (E)
    These guards are also simple to kill. They are found in almost every level in the game, but
    are slow to attack as they have only a pistol to shoot you, and are slow to react to your
    They can be found in hallways, and rooms in groups or alone, or even around a door or wall.
    They are very easy to take out and can be easily dealt with in a fraction of a second.
    Another thing is that upon seeing you, these guys yell out "Halt!" or "Stop!".

    Elite Guard (M)
    Ooooo...now these guys are TOUGH. They wear blue uniforms and hats, accompanied with a rifle
    to take you out. Even though if they are shot several times, the fact is, they can STILL
    manage to stay on their feet and shoot relentlessly!
    This is due to the fact that they wear bulletproof vests under their uniforms, and can be
    found around corners, behind doors, and even in secret passages, not to mention the elevator!
    Use either the rifle or the chaingun to take these guys out.
    Don't even bother using the knife, because all you're doing is wasting time and health trying
    to stab them through their thick body armour.
    I suggest that if you enter a room that's got about 3 or 4 of them, move back a little way
    off, and then start firing. These guys can take a lot of bullets and still fire back, making
    them twice as angry as before.
    They are a little quick on opening fire on you, but you can easily outwit that!
    They also shout a warning if they see you such as "Halt!" or "Stop!" in deep voices.

    Officers (M)
    Uh oh! If you thought the elite guards were tough, well...let's just say you're wrong.
    The officers are dead high on power with their guns and are very quick on their feet, plus
    they can dodge from side to side when you fire your gun on them, making you waste precious
    ammunition that you collected so hard for.
    These killer guards wear clean white uniforms with a matching hat, while carrying a pistol
    that can be brutal at close point if shot.
    They are usually found around corners and walls, just like the elite guards, but they
    can also be in groups of up to 4+ and that's even WORSE!
    If you are about to face a heap of them, make sure you're prepared with a lot of ammo and
    speed because not only are they deadly, they're merciless and won't stop to bring Blazkowicz
    (your character, you should be ashamed if you didn't know who!)to his demise.
    Be careful when facing them! Always make sure you back off first before opening fire on these
    heartless and deadly henchmen of Staatmeister's!

    Zombie Mutants (M)
    These monsters are real killers. Except that they're quieter and make no sound when they see
    you. They are the creation of Dr. Schabbs and they are more than brutal if they are in groups.
    They look like skeletal soldiers(without the skin) with red eyes, dressed in green combat
    clothes, and wield 2 knives (or cleavers, whichever) at you plus a pistol on their chest.
    They are usually slow, but can strike fast hard and before you know it, a huge chunk of your
    health will be missing, so precaution needs to be taken when facing these deadly evil foes.
    Although they don't shout out anything at all, they make quite a loud groaning sound when
    they fall to the ground, and rush towards you rather awkwardly.
    To kill them, enter a room where it has a few zombie mutants, then retreat way out.
    This will cause the zombie mutants to come chasing after you, and thus it makes it easier for
    you to terminate them quickly before they can land a strike on you first.
    These horrible mutants usually await you in niches, alcoves, behind doors, in hallways, in
    large rooms, around the corner, behind walls, and even in some secret passages!
    Be VERY careful when facing them, and always make sure that you don't stay in front of them
    for more than a fraction of a second. Always back away from them first before shooting them.
    C) There are a range of weapons in the game that only a few can prove to be real powerful:

    The knife
    This is by far the weakest weapon throughout the whole game.
    It is only useful when up against mutant rats and the Nazi guards, but otherwise it is a very
    useless weapon and doesn't perform so much as a scratch on the enemies met up later on in the
    game, as you advance deeper and deeper.

    The pistol
    A little more powerful than the knife, but still weak and can be very slow to use, especially
    when you fire upon another enemy, if there were 2 or 3 for example.
    It is worthless against powerful enemies, so try to find a more faster and powerful weapon
    that can act fast when facing more than 3 or 4 enemies at a time.

    The rifle
    This is more like it! Once you get this weapon, you can easily take out about 4 enemies at
    a time, and it's quite convenient when you have about 5 or 6 of them after you.
    It fires quite fast, and is good against a moderate amount of foes, up to 6 at a time or so.
    However, it is strongly advised that you do not use this against the bosses as they are much
    much more powerful and can easily overcome the firing of your small weapon.
    You can get this weapon in a hidden room at the beginning of the level 1, or simply kill an
    elite guard, because they also carry the same weapon.

    The chaingun
    Ho, yes! Now, THIS is definitely better than the rifle because you can take out more enemies
    with this great weapon! If you enter a room and find that its simply pouring with guards,
    officers, mutants and rats, give yourself a big grin and start blasting.
    Because you can practically clean the area, in no time at all you'll find yourself standing
    still alive with bullet-ridden corpses all over the place. Congratulations!
    Because of its immense firepower you can also deal up to 10+ enemies at once!
    Be sure to ALWAYS use this weapon against ALL bosses, because without it, you're a goner.
    This great weapon can be found in hidden rooms moderately, so if you don't have one already,
    keep searching and you'll eventually get one sooner or later.

    The ? gun
    To be honest, I'm not even sure if this a gun or not, but it seems like it.
    When you select this weapon, all it shows up on the screen is this  small metallic-looking
    barrel, not much bigger than a human thumb, but upon firing rapidly at enemies, you can see
    a bit more of it but I'm still not absoultely certain of what it is.
    It shoots out fireballs (I think), but can be a little slow when using it and seems a bit
    weak, but an OK weapon to use, I guess. Ammo for this is rather scarce so conserve it.
    If anyone knows what this weapon is, please e-mail me!

    The missile launcher
    A missile launcher!? That's right! This is definitely a great weapon in the game
    to use against large hordes of nasty baddies who relentlessly chase after you!
    However, you should use this weapon to your advantage, ONLY if you are low on ammo with your
    chaingun and have no other alternative.
    This is because that this rare weapon can only be found in very few levels, and ammunition
    for it is extremely hard to come by. So save up if you can.
    Upon using this weapon, you can easily take out a boss within 8 - 9 shots, causing more than
    severe damage to him and his armour, thus making it easier to kill him quite easily, but
    you'd better (it's best as well) stick with the chaingun because there is no way you can find
    more than up to 2 or 3 crates of missile launchers in a particular level.
    Again, save it for when you REALLY need it.
    There are also some items in the game that can improve B.J's status bar on the screen:

    First Aid Kit
    This is the only thing that'll help keep you going whilst you make your way through each
    level. First aid kits can be found on each level and in secret rooms of course!
    They heal up to approximately 25% of your health (or more, I'm not too sure), so if you're
    shot up pretty badly, try and find an empty room where it has these little kits.
    You're sure to find some, and they can also be found in large masses on boss levels in secret
    rooms nearby. Make sure you use ALL of it!

    Bits Of Large Rock Fragments Or Something
    You'll come across these quite a few times during the game, but the drawing of these look
    more like broken rocks from a wall, or SOMETHING....I don't know what it is!
    They add up to only 3 - 4% of your health, so it's really not much use.
    They can be found usually against walls and maybe 1 or 2 in a hidden room.
    Use them only if your health level goes down beyond 95%!

    Small Puddles Of Blue Water
    I don't know if these can heal your health, I haven't tried it out myself yet.
    They are just small puddles of water drawn thinly on the surface of a floor.
    They replenish to 3% of your health or so...I'll have to check it out sometime...d'oh!

    Ordinary Food
    There's plenty of these lying around in rooms and in niches (if you're lucky) and usually
    around corners. They consist of a chicken leg and some salad on a dish.
    They replenish your health back up to 10%, and are fairly useful if your status bar has only
    about 70 - 80% health left.

    Extra Life
    These little wonders are more than rare, and can be found on ONLY on a few levels!!!
    They add a life stock to your character, but also replenish your health back to 100%, your
    ammunition to 99, and increase your score on the status screen.
    However, if you are at totally full health and ammo, this will still add a stock to your life
    but you can only have a total of 9. No more.

    Tall Gold Staff
    A treasure item which can be found in various rooms.
    They look like gold staffs with a blue gem sitting atop on them.
    They add about 100 points to your score, and count as an item on your stats.

    Small Treasure Boxes
    Another item which can also be found in other various rooms and corners.
    They are basically small royal red boxes with jewels and coins heaped on top.
    They add about 500 points to your score or so, and count as an item on your stats.

    A rare-looking item which can be found now and then in rooms, corridors and hallways, and
    also in secret rooms.
    They are just a picture of a big red crown with gold trimmings and jewels in it.
    They add about 1000 (or more, like 5000 I'm unsure) points to your score and count as an item
    on your status screen.

    Blue Ammo Box
    Small boxes of ammo left dropped by an enemy everytime you kill him, and can be found in a
    few small rooms now and then.
    They only add up to 4-5 shots in your weapon, so be careful that you don't waste so much!

    Large Ammo Box
    These goodies can be found mostly in hidden rooms, around corners or in the middle of the
    At any boss level, you should find a whole heap of these plus some medikits in a secret push
    wall, so don't face the boss until you get them!
    Keep an eye out for these if you're low on ammo, for they restore up to 20+ (40+?)when taken.

    Petrol Tank
    Used to refuel that ? gun (refer to the Weapons Section) that you get later in the game but
    is quite rare and all.
    It's shaped exactly like a tank of petrol, so I guess it's some kind of flame gun.
    Except one thing...what did Staatmeister want to stock up on THEM for?

    Missile Boxes
    Used to replenish the missile launcher that comes even later in the game, but is so rare that
    in fact, you'll have to search real high and low for it!!!
    It can only be found in a 1 or 2 secret rooms, so start searching!

    Gold Key/Silver Key
    Nearly all the levels in Wolfenstein 3D require keys to unlock doors to further advance into
    your quest. Some doors may only require 1 key, others require 2 keys.
    To find the keys, they are normally lying around on the floor somewhere about in the level
    your character has to find.
    Against big bad boss guys, you'll need to kill them to get the key off them, but in normal
    levels, you'll have to hunt for them.
    Usually they are guarded by elite soldiers and officers, but they can also be hidden behind
    secret push walls, and in niches.
    Once you get the key/s required, you can unlock the door on that floor and proceed further

    These items are very useful, for they give you the opportunity to collect more ammo, past the
    '99 bullet' stage, similar to Doom II.
    Once you get a backpack, you can get more ammunition for your chaingun, up to 299 bullets
    fuelled up!
    Because the maximum number of bullets for the chaingun is 299, you need 2 backpacks
    to obtain the maximum quantity. Each backpack allows you to carry up to 100 bullets.
    Getting this item is also kinda rare, so be sure to look for it no matter what level you're
    on! Try looking for it by pushing secret walls, or exploring small rooms.
    However, this does NOT apply to the missile launcher or the ? gun, because the maximum value
    for the ? gun is 99, and I could only get 80 shots for the missile launcher.
    D) This is your thick blue bar at the bottom of your screen with headings, such as HEALTH,
    SCORE, SHOT (In the normal version, it should be AMMO), FLOOR, ITEM, and a portrait of B.J
    with his face on it.

    The FLOOR heading simply states what level you are on at that stage.
    For example: If I'm on floor 5 and it's the first level, it's written as FLOOR 5-1.
    If it's on level 2, then it's written as FLOOR 5-2. Easy.
    At the end of a particular floor, there will be a big bad boss lurking around. BEWARE!

    This is basically a numerical representation of B.J's health in percentage form.
    As he takes damage, his portrait will start to become ugly and bloody, and his health will
    drop down dramatically unless you find first aid kits/food.
    Consuming numerous food and health kits can also replenish his health back to 100%.

    A numerical representation of how many items you are carrying with you.
    When you reach a certain number, you gain a surprise!

    Displays how much ammo is in your weapon. The maximum for the chaingun is 299, ? gun is 99,
    and the missile launcher is the same.

    When you collect treasure items or kill an enemy, you will get points depending on how many
    items you have collected so far, and how many bad guys you have killed.
    If you kill about 10 bad guys for instance, consisting of mutants, elite guards, Nazi guards,
    and officers in a room, your score will skyrocket!
    Another way to increase your score is by ensuring that you kill every single enemy on a floor
    or by collecting all the treasures, and also by finding all the secret rooms/passages.
    When you finish the level, there will be 3 headings:
    If you get 100% for each of these, well done! As a result, your 100% stats will add to your
    If you got less than 100%, your percentage stats will not add to your score, and your current
    score will remain the same.
    Only by gaining 100% in any of the 3 headings will add 10,000 points to your score.
    E) Oooooooo......you'd better be prepared for shocks here and there, because this won't be
    easy at all! Only by following the techniques I laid out can ensure your victory over the
    dominating and tough henchmen of Staatmeister!
    Defeating each boss on a particular floor level is a challenge to those who are new to this
    game. You need to devise a tactic as to HOW to get pass these huge abominations, and WHEN to
    use it. Of course, you may find yourself panicking if you're about to face a huge bad guy,
    but so what? If you follow these steps CAREFULLY, then you can't go wrong and you'll have me
    to thank! Note: It's easy to spot a boss, because of the way they are drawn and how they
    react when they know of your presence in a room.
    Each boss is HUGE and fills the room from top to toe! SO BE CAREFUL!!!

    For this to work, I'm going to use the same style of notes just as in the Enemies section.
    (If you can't remember, refer back to the section)
    Except this time, there is no guards/mutant rats to take care of. Just the nasty huge guys.

    First Boss: HANS GROSSE. (E)
    Hans Grosse is the very first boss you're going to meet, and he wields 2 chainguns while
    wearing a dark blue combat suit.
    He's basically an enforcer of Staatmeister's and is a very easy boss to take care of.
    To kill him, you'll need to have a chaingun. Forget the machine gun. That won't help at all.
    On his level, go around and explore the doors and walls (except HIS own door).
    You should eventually find a room where it has a good stock of ammo boxes and first aid kits.
    Reload your chaingun if necessary and head off towards the room where Hans is.
    As soon as you open the door, START FIRING IMMEDIATELY and move back at a safe distance
    while you still rain bullets from your chaingun at Hans.
    If you're hit about 3-4 times, retreat to the room and grab a couple of first aids.
    Hans will fall back onto the ground in a matter of seconds, enabling you to get the key from
    his body. GREAT! But that's only a taste of what you've got so far!
    However, if you find you're still stuck, lead Hans back to the room where it has all the
    first aid kits if you must. Other than that, he's just a pushover!

    Second Boss: TRANS GROSSE. (M)
    Han's older, bigger, meaner, and tougher brother.
    This bad dude also wields 2 large chainguns, but to top it all off, he wears a dark brown
    combat suit studded with sharp spikes to pierce your skin. Except he doesn't use it.
    Trans is only slightly a bit more faster than Hans, and is more harder to kill.
    He can even shoot at a distance and still hit you fair and square!
    To defeat him, you'll need to have enough sufficient room to move about in, or else you might
    as well just get shot on the spot and die a horrible death.
    Before you meet the elite guardian, make sure your chaingun has over 200+ bullets.
    If not, go back and try to find some more.
    Next, open the door to the boss room and step in quickly.
    Trans will come out and immediately start firing at you, so FIRE BACK AT HIM. Don't just sit
    there waiting for an invitation!
    Now here's the hard bit.
    Retreat out into the hallway and wait for Trans to follow you.
    Then lead him into another room with a lot of space, and fire while he comes after you.
    When he is at a good distance off, RUN PAST HIM!
    He will shoot out at you but you should be quick and avoid his bullets.
    Don't worry if you're hit only a couple of times, just grab the first aid kit from outside.
    Once you run past him and out into the hallway, go into the room where Trans was before and
    HIDE. If you just stand there in the middle, he'll see you and just start blasting and before
    you know it, B.J will be dead.
    One of the doors will open and Trans will again come out and start raining bullets at you.
    From where you are, start blasting back and eventually Trans will die. Repeat this technique.
    It took me about 3 tries to get past this tough guy, so once he's dead, collect the key, find
    some first aid kits and head off to the elevator.

    Third Boss: DR. SCHABBS (M)
    Do you hate doctors? Have they ever caused you pain whenever you visit them that makes you so
    mad, you want to kill them? Well, then you've got the opportunity to get back at one.
    Dr. Schabbs is no ordinary doctor. He's an insane type who loves experimenting around with
    chemicals and as such.
    However, this doc ain't alone. He's got company. BAD company.
    Upon reaching this level, expect to be attacked by mutant zombies, elite guards, and officers
    that have come to protect the Dr. Schabbs, who's using reanimation serum on dead soldiers
    to make them rise and fight again.
    The mutants are harder to be dealt with as well as the rest of the bad guys, so now what?
    Just before you reach the insane doctor, ENSURE that you have a vast quantity of ammo (250+)
    to take out all the bad guys who are with the doctor.
    First, open the door, then RUN BACK. There are 2 doors that you can escape. Any one will do!
    Go through and stand at a safe distance, and wait for the bad guys to come chasing after you.
    As soon as they start coming, unleash your torrent of bullets from your chaingun at them.
    Try and kill the ones who are just about to come in the doorway so the door won't shut and
    you can just grab the ammo and retreat.
    Once all the bad guys are defeated, BE AWARE OF THE DOCTOR!
    Go inside the room, and you'll see him start to come at you.
    Then, he'll start to throw the dreaded needles at you!
    Dodge them and blast the doctor, and if he keeps coming, run back the way you went to both
    doors. Stand there and keep firing and strafe if you need to.
    Next, run right down the hall and turn back to face the evil doctor who's continually
    throwing his syringes at you in a desperate attempt to make you into one of his dreaded
    mutants, and this time, just stand and keep firing. Don't run anymore.
    The doctor will keep coming at you, but will fall dead in a matter of seconds.
    If you succeed, CONGRATULATIONS! You have killed the horrible Dr. Schabbs and part of his
    minions, but the battle isn't over yet as we know.
    The Master State does not rest, so neither can you. Keep going, B.J!

    If you've come this far, BE PREPARED! Make sure you are at full health and ammunition!
    You've killed Dr. Schabbs, but unfortunately for you, it's too late.
    His hideous masterpiece of a creation, the Ubermutant has been set loose to guard the plans
    in the Master State, and you've been sent to kill it AND get the plans. Can you?
    Once you meet up with this huge lumbering monster, be prepared to run. Why?
    Because the Ubermutant is armed with 4 cleavers (meaning he has 4 ARMS) along with a chaingun
    mounted on its chest.
    If you thought killing the first 3 bosses was hard, then you'll find this formidable foe at
    least twice as hard.
    This nasty piece of work will stop at nothing to cut B.J up into small pieces with its 4
    nasty-looking cleavers and to see his bullet-ridden corpse lying on the ground using it's
    Now, listen up! This is important if you want to succeed!
    Before you meet the Ubermutant, there should be 2 rooms filled with ammo boxes and guarded by
    1 or 2 zombie mutants, and you should've gotten a missile launcher earlier on in the game.
    Now, because the Ubermutant is in the MAIN MIDDLE room, there are a few ways it can find you.
    First, if you appear out of the first ammo room, it'll sense you and make a noise, alerting
    you that it has seen you and death is on your way to seal you off (The first ammo room is
    joined up with the second by a separate wall and a door).
    Secondly, there's another way for it to catch you.
    If you take an alternative route, you'll find a guard in a small room with 2 or 3 doors.
    Once you kill him, the Ubermutant will open the door and start coming after you.
    Let out a wave of bullets at the hideous creature and run back down the long hallway where it
    turns right, and turn to face it for another wave for bullets at it, then retreat to the
    rooms with the 2 doors with ammo boxes where the Ubermutant was before in the passageway.
    There should be a long rentangular block that is just in the middle of the room with 3 doors,
    2 in the back with ammo, and 1 in the front.
    Wait for the Ubermutant to catch up to you and then start a game of "cat and mouse" around
    the rectangular stone block. This is a little tricky and can be quite startling, but if you
    follow this method, you'll eventually kill the Ubermutant:
    Whenever the Ubermutant appears at the end of the long block, let out a wave of bullets from
    your chaingun for about 2 - 3 seconds, and then retreat to a corner in the room, so long as
    you have the Ubermutant in your range, but BEWARE: THE UBERMUTANT CAN CATCH YOU OFF GUARD.
    Don't allow this huge abomination to trap you!
    When it fires its chaingun at you, its accuracy will be rather poor, so you should take
    this at your advantage as well as the Ubermutant's normal speed.
    Keep repeating this technique by standing in a corner and shooting the monster whenever it
    appears, and by running around the block to another corner.
    Once Dr Schabb's "Frankenstein" monster is demolished, he'll topple over backwards and drop
    the gold key. Grab the key, go to both the ammo rooms (if you already hadn't done so)
    kill the mutants in there and snatch up all the ammunition in there as possible.
    Then head off to the elevator for your next mission.

    Fifth Boss: THE DEATH KNIGHT (H)
    Be prepared to start running with all the energy you've got left in your legs, because this
    is one of the hardest and toughest boss B.J has to face yet!
    If you thought the Ubermutant's weapons weren't good enough for you, try this:
    The Death Knight is fully armoured from top to toe in a black combat suit, wields 2 heavy
    powerful chainguns, AND 2 SHOULDER CANNONS!!!
    Because this boss's ultimate weapons exceed your chaingun with WAY more power, you're going
    to have a tough time trying to bring this fully armoured henchman down on the ground.
    This hulking maniac will not hesitate to bring B.J to his most painful and cruel demise with
    his powerful weapons, but if you've got the guts to do it, then so be it.
    On this level, you'll find plenty of metal walls and doors, so be careful that you don't end
    up in a dead end with the Death Knight after your tail...or it's lights out for B.J.
    As well as the Death Knight himself, you'll encounter Nazi guards, elite soldiers, and some
    mutants, (Don't they ever die!?) so make sure you're hungry for some action...as well as
    running for safety when you spot the Death Knight.
    First, before you deal with the Death Knight, terminate all the guards/officers/mutants in
    nearby doors or passageways that you want to use (If you're planning to, anyway).
    Once that's done, head off to the room where the Death Knight is, and prepare for some action
    because this is going to be a little hard:
    Once you open the door, quickly rush in and then GET OUT there!
    The officers/guards/mutants/Death Knight will have seen you already and be hot on your trail,
    so don't hang around too long!
    Retreat to a safe distance and because the room is pouring with Staatmeister's henchmen, make
    sure you clear every single enemy before you go up against the Death Knight.
    The enemies will come chasing after you of course, so just hold down the fire button and
    blast them ALL with your chaingun, until there aren't any more.
    When they're all dead, go back inside and TRY to be careful of the Death Knight, because he
    will definitely be lurking around somewhere within the rooms.
    The Death Knight will learn of your presence and start to come after you.
    If you spot him first, let out some bullets at him and RETREAT. Don't stay in the same place
    too long or you'll be toast.
    Lead the Death Knight out into the long hallway and shoot him from a good distance, but he
    won't come tramping after you when you're outside the hallway, so that's an advantage.
    He will either stay lurking around in the wide hallway at a far distance, or wander off into
    the other 1 or 2 rooms.
    Simply lead him into the long wide hallway, shoot for about 6 seconds, retreat, and repeat.
    The Death Knight will die sooner or later, and that's a promise, I assure you!
    Get the key from him, find all the ammo you can get as well as health and head off for the
    elevator to get your next and last assigned dreaded mission.

    Sixth Boss: Staatmeister (himself!)
    You've come a long way, killing Nazi guards, elite guards, officers, horrible zombie mutants,
    and mutant rats. You've killed Hans, Trans, Schabbs, the Ubermutant, and the Death Knight...
    but can you bring yourself up to the challenge to terminate Staatmeister once and for all?
    The answer lies in your hands! (Or rather, the finger used for the fire button)
    This is the last* level on the 6th floor, but you haven't seen the last of those elite guards
    officers, or zombie mutants! (There aren't any Nazi guards or mutant rats on this last floor)
    Staatmeister is quite a worthy opponent to kill, but can be very sneaky and will not hesitate
    at all to stop B.J from taking over his plans to harm the world with his foul deeds!
    Your final mission is to dispose of him, and that's exactly what you're gonna do. Just that.
    Terminate Staatmeister. Period. How? Do this:
    First, dispense all the enemies in the first and second room from where you start the last
    Collect up the first batch of ammo and chaingun and prepare to kill some more lumbering mutants,
    officers, and elite guards.
    Collect all the ammo from them and be careful of 2 officers who are just around the corner
    ahead. Kill them, get their ammo, and head directly to the painting of Staatmeister and press
    the A button on the control pad.
    The wall will slide back revealing another hidden door. Open the door and go through, and you
    will discover a secret room full of first aid kits and boxes of ammo!
    Collect them if you're low on ammo/health and head off to the next room where you will find
    some elite guards lurking around. Kill them and you will find 3 doors before you, 1 in front
    of you, 1 to the left at the far end of the passage and 1 to the right at the far end of the
    passage. Go to the right, rush in quickly, retreat and start firing with your chaingun when
    the door opens and starts pouring with a few zombie mutants, officers, and elite guards.
    Collect all their stuff, get the 2 first aids in the room, and go towards one of the pictures
    of the eagle* (*I think....try the other room because each one holds a secret push wall)
    and push it. The wall will slide back revealing a small passage with a backpack inside.
    Collect this if you DON'T have one or if you died earlier in the game.
    There should be another secret push wall somewhere in the room or in the next one, so try and
    find all the secret push walls you can first. There are 2 backpacks in this level.
    Once you clear the first couple of rooms, you're gonna have to steel yourself for the next
    challenge, because it's going to take all the skill that you've got as well as your wits.
    Open one of the doors that lead to a wide hallway and kill the 2 elite guards, but DON'T GO
    INSIDE! The room contains approxmimately 5 or 6 zombie mutants, 1 at the grey doorway, and 4
    or 5 at the end of the hall.
    Kill the top mutant near the metal doorway first, and then turn back and blast the other
    mutants who will by now start to gain on you.
    Once they're all dead, get the key at the end of the hallway. You should have 2 keys.
    Now comes the difficult bit....PREPARE!
    Go up to the grey metal door, and open it, and venture inside only a step or 2.
    You'll hear Staatmeister say something like "Comin' for ya!" or something like that. It kinda
    sounded almost amusing to me.
    Anyway...as soon as you HEAR him say that, RUN AWAY! Shoot a couple of bullets at him if you
    want, but if you do, you're in for a great shock, because Staatmeister is in a huge armoured
    mechanical suit, armed to the hilt with 4 DUAL POWERFUL CHAINGUNS!!!
    If you thought the Death Knight's weapons were bad, well...Staatmeister's is 4 times as worse
    and that means 4 times as evil, and 4 times as fun as killing B.J!
    Whenever Mechameister walks about, the sound of clanging feet on the floor will be heard, and
    that's enough to make you want to hide yourself, right?
    Well, you can, but what's the use of that? Mechameister will eventually find out where you are
    so you might as well overcome your fear, get in front of him and start blasting the hell out
    of him.
    Don't venture any further into the room, because you'll run into a couple of officers who
    are around that area, and also in a room where there is a couple of first aid kits and
    ammo boxes. So, STAY BACK and run back down to the hallway where you killed the mutants.
    Mechameister will not hesitate to follow you and shoot you now and then, so blast away with
    everything you've got with your fully charged chaingun or with your missile launcher if you
    want. I'll give you permission to use it against Mechameister, but if you run out of missiles
    completely and find yourself trapped, don't come blaming me. That's your own fault if it
    happens. Period.
    Well, since this is so long, (as it should be) I'll tell you next what to do.
    Lead Mechameister out of the hallway into the wide open area where you killed the elite guards
    before, and (if you can) go back to the secret room for more ammunition/health kits.
    Go back and return to the metal doorway and avoid Mechameister if you can.
    Stand there and wait for him to come clanging towards you, and then unleash another torrent
    of bullets from your chaingun/missiles from your launcher.
    If you've damaged him enough times, Mechameister's armour will come slipping off, and you'll
    be facing Staatmeister himself!
    When he comes toward you, you'll notice he has now only 2 chainguns, so as soon as his phoney
    armour comes off, retreat WAY down until you reach the end of the wall.
    Wait for the door to open and immediately fire at Staatmeister again.
    This position provides a cover, so you can strafe if you need to, but most likely, Staatmeister
    will just walk towards you halfway before opening the door to his right and going inside.
    If you stay there, you're a goner, because where Staatmeister went through is simply nothing
    but a shortcut to where you're standing.
    As soon as he enters the door to his right, run past him towards the mechanical door, open it,
    then rush on down towards the end of the wide hallway.
    Wait for the door to open again, and this time, just hold down the fire button.
    Don't run anywhere, not even to the next room.
    Just stand there, and when the door opens, don't stop firing at Staatmeister until he's well
    and truly dead in a matter of seconds.
    You can also use the missile launcher to finish him off quicker if you want to.
    Either way is fine.
    Once you defeat Staatmeister, he will drop both his chainguns and topple over backwards.
    The screen will then show 7 wonderful letters in yellow: VICTORY!
    CONGRATULATIONS! You've killed Staatmeister and stopped him from harming the world using his
    diabolical weapons! WELL DONE! As a reward, raid your little brother/sister's lolly jar and
    pig out on all of em'....just kidding.
    Instead, just rush out screaming "I KILLED STAATMEISTER!", and everyone will come and start
    praising you like there's no tomorrow. Or better yet, they might even buy a present for you...not.
    Anyway...after terminating Staatmeister, you will be shown a screen of the final level, where
    you meet the cast of the game, and in the background, you can just make out the weapon, and
    the ammunition boxes. Interesting a bit, I guess, but not really.
    After the cast screening, there will be the credits, and you'll be taken back to the options
    menu at the start of the game.

    F) The level difficulties are 'easy', 'normal' and 'hard'.
    Choose which difficulty suits you and start the game. The difficulty you choose will depend
    on how many enemies there are on each level, and how difficult the bosses are to take down.
    I finished the game on 'hard' of course, and there were MANY enemies to overcome, so be

    G) Each time you you defeat the boss and complete that level, you will be told of what your
    next mission will be, and who you have to kill.
   2A) To complete a mission, you need to kill the boss of that level you're on and get the key
   from his body. Once you reach the elevator, you can safely exit without having to deal with
   anymore enemies on that level, although if your enemy score doesn't add up to 100%, it means
   that you haven't killed ALL the enemies on that level. Go back and check it out before you
   exit the level to get a full score extent.

   B) To get different weapons and items, you need to kill enemies and search for secret push
   walls, niches, corners, and behind doors to get items and treasures.
   If you're suspicious of a wall or banner that you might think hold a secret room, give a try
   and find out whether it is one or not! You might be surprised.

   C) The items that you collect will have a constant effect on your status bar.
   For example, your score will just increase higher and higher as you move along the level,
   shooting enemies, or collecting treasures.
   Your health bar will also change from time to time as you pick up dinners, or first aid kits.

   D) To find a secret room isn't as easy as you think!
   Staatmeister has carefully hidden them along passages, corridors, and even in wide open area
   rooms where you might miss them.
   Secret rooms contain lots of treasures and weapons that can aid B.J and his status bar.
   You can also find an ultra rare weapon such as the missile launcher if you're lucky!
   So, if you find a secret room with lots of goodies in it, make a note of where it's location
   is at, in case you forget or die on the level and have to restart it.

   E) You can't! At every turn, corner, door, or even in secret rooms or passages, you're sure
   to run into an unpleasant enemy!
   There is a 0% chance that you can even catch the enemy standing behind with their back to you,
   but you can catch them off guard if you're quick enough before they can land a strike on you.
   For example, if you're about to enter a small room and there are 2 mutants just around the
   corner, you're sure to be hit by their knives, so you've got to be quick and skillful enough
   to dodge their hands and their pistol on their chest, before you're hurt.
   At some points in the game, you can be taken by surprise from time to time as you advance
   further into the game, because if you round a corner and find a Nazi guard standing there,
   unexpectedly, you'll be startled and shot at first before you can react.

   F) The key/s on a particular level are hidden, so you've got to look for it if you want to
   succeed in your mission against Staatmeister!
   You can get the gold key from a boss once you kill him, but if a door requires 2 keys, then
   you need to start searching everywhere in rooms and in passages.
   At a point or 2, you might even have searched the entire floor and STILL not found the key!
   At any rate, look behind walls or doors that you might've overlooked, or try going back to a
   room that you have not gone into yet.
   You'll just get frustrated and snappy if you don't find the key, so be patient and keep
   looking. It will be rewarded once you find it, be assured!

   G) No, you can't actually jump to other levels, unless you find that there's 2 exits on that
   level; one being the original, and the other being a hidden one that can transport you to
   another level, a much higher one.
   I might as well tell you that there IS a secret level in this game.
   It's on Floor 6-5, and you should of course, find 2 exits.
   The hidden exit is behind a wall of course, and it is near the original exit that will take
   you to the next level if you push the button.
   Once you've activated the hidden exit, it'll take you to Floor 6-7, but be warned:
   Although it may be a huge secret treasure level loaded with goodies, there are DEFINITELY
   enemies and mutants on this level, so look sharp, and stay sharp at all times!

   H) As far as I know, I don't know how to activate any cheats for the SNES system, only for PC,
   and for GBA. D'oh! I should've done this ON a PC version or GBA!

   I) Wolfenstein 3D is a very old game of course (made in 1992) so you're going to spend a lot
   of time looking for it.
   Try looking for it in special computer shops, such as Electronics Boutique.
   As it's so old, you MIGHT find a copy there, but chances are, it may not even happen.
   I remember seeing 1 once in a Tandy shop just inside on a rack that was only $7.99 for PC!
   There are many versions of Wolfenstein 3D that have been made, so you can either get one for
   SNES, PC, GBA, or other systems.
   I've just recently bought my own copy of Wolfenstein for GBA, and it's GREAT!
   You don't have to go through all the trouble of finding a game that old!
   You can simply download it and use it on MS-DOS for PC!
   It's simple and quick, so try it!
   Hint: The PC version is, of course, the best system to play the game on, seeing as there are
   no more SNES Wolfenstein 3D games made for the SNES.

   J) Yes! There are 2 more sequels to Wolfenstein 3D: Spear Of Destiny, and Return To Castle
   Wolfenstein on PC, but not for SNES.
   It's such an old game that I'd doubt that there'd be any sequels left for the system to play,
   although you're welcome to try if you have the courage.
   All I can say is that you're wasting your time trying to find a 1992 game, so you'd be better
   off either renting it from someone you know who HAS the game or downloading it.
   Return To Castle Wolfenstein has been released earlier on this year, about 8 or 9 months
   ago, and it's already been a great favourite among eager first-person fans who loved the first
   epic series and were hungry for more.

   3A) I have so far have spotted all these differences in the SNES version of Wolfenstein 3D:

   * There is no blood when you kill an enemy. (Apparently, the carnage was too horrible or what)
   * The guards yell "STOP!" or "HALT!" instead of "ACHTUNG!" or "SPION!"
   * About 95% of the levels have been completely re-designed.
   * The guard's body that is usually lying on the floor when you start the game, is missing.
   * The swastikas (Nazi symbol) are replaced by a '+' sign on walls and in passages in the game.
   * The gold Nazi symbols with the wreath surrounding it don't exist anywhere on the walls.
   * Han's level is completely different. There aren't any secret push walls to get the weapons.
   * The killer dogs in the original version have been switched to mutant rats on the SNES.
   * Staatmeister's portrait does not contain his famous moustache or his swastika on the armband.
   * Staatmeister's name should've been Adolf Hitler, as in the normal version on PC/GBA.
   * B.J's portrait on the screen doesn't become unhealthy until you're below 40% (in health).
   * The enemies scream "Ohhh!" instead of their German sayings when they die.
   * The game doesn't feature these bosses: Gretel Grosse, Otto Giftmacher, and the General.
   * Trans Grosse is featured in the second level, instead of the maniacal Dr. Schabbs (in the original).
   * The word AMMO has been replaced by SHOT in the far right hand corner of the screen.
   * The maximum number of ammo you can carry is 299. In the original, it's not possible, because you can only have a max of 99.
   * When you use a weapon, the weapon's picture is not featured at all on the status bar.
   * There are a few more weapons that you cannot get hold of in the original, such as the ? gun, and the missile launcher.
   * There aren't any skeletons hanging from the walls, blood with bones on the floor, or just skeletons lying down in empty cells.
   * The Nazi guards just stand where they are, and none patrol around.
   * The game doesn't feature the fake Hitlers (Staatmeister) dressed in dark robes, throwing fireballs.
   * There aren't any cutscenes, especially when you finish Han's level off, and you open the exit door and see B.J running towards outside.
   * You encounter mutants from level 2 throughout the entire game. In the original version, there was nothing like this.
   * The original version has 6 episodes, but in the game there aren't any episodes to complete.
   * The machine gun and chaingun look vastly different when displayed on the screen, and sound completely different as well.
   * There's music featured in the background, but there's none in the PC (?) or GBA version.
   * The game features a backpack for extra ammo, while in the original, this isn't possible to obtain at all.
   * The Ubermutant isn't featured in the normal version at all, and isn't mentioned either. He should've been in SOD, I guess.
   * The exit doors and the back are completely different when looked upon.
   * There aren't any cages suspended from the walls at all, or with skeletons hanging out.
   * There are basin stands in the original version, but they don't exist in the SNES version.
   * There aren't any pictures of Hitler (Staatmeister) with his mouth open against a red background on the walls.
   * The word ITEM is featured with the number of items collected, but isn't included in the original.
   * The drawing of the eagle is very vague when you're close up to it, while in the PC it's quite clear.
   * You can't drink the water in the game as a health pick up, or any blood/bones.
   * In the original, there is normally a wall with saucepans/pots hanging down. This doesn't exist in the SNES version.
   * When you start off the level, there is a small ammo box in the corner. In the original, there's none there.
   * There are large boxes of ammo that can be found in various secret rooms. You will not find these at all in the original.
   * B.J's eyes shift from left to right, and right to left, but they don't look straight ahead as in the PC/GBA version.
   * There aren't any small cages with skeletal hands clinging on the bars from the walls, but they are featured in the PC/GBA version.
   * A couple of the storylines are mucked up with Spear Of Destiny (SOD), because it features the Ubermutant and Trans Grosse.
   * Before getting the chaingun/machine gun, the picture of both are quite different (You'll see what I mean when you compare how they are drawn as).
   * As soon as you defeat Staatmeister, the game is over. In the original, you still have 3 more episodes to play on.
   * If B.J is very unhealthy or near death, note that his portrait looks VERY different if you're playing on PC/GBA.
   * When shot at, B.J's face will shift in the direction of where he was shot at. This isn't featured at all on PC/GBA.
   * There are no blood on the walls or on the ground (with guts), as the PC features this type of gore.
   * The sound effects (such as picking up items or collecting a key) are completely different.
   * Hans Grosse is featured twice in the game: on the boss level, and on the secret level.

    Well, that's as many differences in the game that I have spotted. *Phew!*
    If you think you may have spotted a couple more, let me know (e-mail me) and I'll add it on
    the list. I haven't bothered to count them all, but my estimation of all the points I listed
    may be approximately/roughly 45+ or so. Count them and e-mail me if you wish.

B) I would like to thank these following people, no order in particular:
   * My best friend, Rainer El Shataly (for lending me his own shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D on PC).
   * ID Software for making an enjoyable game from time to time, and for creating Doom 2 as well.
   * Vegetaman's FAQ page (this helped me create my own first FAQ with ideas).
   * Jason Fusco for giving me some information based on the game, even though I haven't seen him for 4 years since year 6.
   * The guys at GameFAQS for inspiring me to create my very first own FAQ. Thanks guys!

Legal Stuff: If you want to post some of this information in your own website or something, let
me know first. E-mail me (address is given at the top of thr FAQ), and I will allow you to take
some of the information that I have produced throughout the FAQ.
If you DON'T, and just copy it anyhow without my consent, all I can say is...your pain shall be
legendary. Or, to put it in a more simple term: you're dead.
All of this information took a hell of a long time for me to complete and I expect my next FAQ
will be too, so if you're going to take some information from here, at least give me some credit.
Other than that, if you have any questions or comments, e-mail me and I will reply back if I can
but only if I have the time or not swamped up in schoolwork plus assignments.

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