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Reviewed: 05/10/10

Wild Snake is a nice derivitive on the falling block concept.

If there’s one genre the SNES lacks a strong library in it’s the puzzle genre. Sure you have Tetris Attack and Tetris 2 and a handful of others but there’s only that select few of solid puzzlers unlike most other consoles that are heaped with excellent puzzle games. What the SNES does have is plenty of mediocre rip-offs or gimmicky attempts at puzzle games like Wordtris or Wildsnake the game I’m writing about right now

After creating the brilliant Tetris in 1985, Alexey Pazhitnov went on to create a few more less successful falling block style puzzle games. Wildsnake is one of them; and while not terrible nor very original or amazing, it’s still a solid game that should entertain for a fair amount of time if you give it the chance.

I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t very impressed with this game the first few times I played it and it took quite some time for me to warm up to it but when I went back to it again just recently, I was surprised at how fun I had this time. The concept of the game is actually quite simple; there are different colored snakes that fall and slither in different directions. When they hit the bottom they slither into the tightest position possible and start to stack up; when two snakes of the same color touch on the bottom they disappear and the rest of the snakes slither down into their place possibly clearing more snakes to form combos. As the game progresses more colors are introduced as well as longer snakes. Occasionally a flashing Wildsnake will appear and will destroy every snake of that is the same color it touches. There is also a rare uncontrollable gray snake that falls and destroys everything it touches.

Thankfully the game has a decent set of options, something many puzzlers of this style are very limited with. It has several different background themes to choose and several different layouts for the wells. I really like the ones with blocks in the middle. Where Wildsnake really shines is in the 2 player mode. I actually had a blast playing it with my wife, who actually hates snakes by the way, we both played several rounds and were never bored. You can add obstructions to the other player’s board by doing combos and the game gets pretty hectic at times. It’s a rather nice change of concept from the standard fair of this type of game.

The graphics and music department have room for improvement but for what this game is, they work. The snakes look pretty nice and have some nice animation but the backgrounds are in need of some polish and more detail and variety. None of them really stand out from the other. The music is fitting with its Arabian-esque themes and the sound effects are also fitting but average. I would love to hear some snakes hissing or something to that effect but Manley and Associates went with a simple basic approach that could’ve been better.

Wildsnake is well worth picking up if it’s cheap just for the unique game play it offers and it’s simple enough that even casual players are going to enjoy it too. I recommend this over Tetris 2 and Kirby’s Avalanche as well so go pick one up when it’s available, you’ll be happy you did as the solid two player mode is reason enough alone.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: WildSnake (US, 09/30/94)

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