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Jen Tai Guide by Leviathan

Version: 2 | Updated: 09/06/1999

    ######## ########  ##     ##           ########     ##     ####
       ##    ##        ###    ##              ##       ####     ##
       ##    ##        ####   ##              ##      ##  ##    ##
       **    *****     ** **  **   <<<<<      **     **    **   **
   **  **    *****     **  ** **   >>>>>      **     ********   **
    `````    ``        ``   ````              ``     ````````   ``
     ```     ``        ``    ```              ``     ``    ``   ``
      ^      ^^^^^^^^  ^^     ^^              ^^     ^^    ^^  ^^^^

For Weaponlord SNES/Genesis

Revision 2 September 6, 1999

Brought to you by Leviathan - lev|athan@hempseed.com

Who is Jen Tai?

Jen Tai is your basic 7 foot tall amazon; someone that you might expect out
of a Conan or Beastmaster movie.  Her weapon is the long sword.  She is
my favorite character because she can rip all the others to shreds when
played properly! 

Jen Tai Color Scheme (on SNES)
A - Red
B - Brown (default)
X - Blue
Y - Grey (my favorite)


F1 - Forestrike 1
F2 - Forestrike 2
F3 - Forestrike 3
B1 - Backstrike 1
B2 - Backstrike 2
B3 - Backstrike 3

Basic Attacks

Backstrike1 - A quick swing of the blade.  Has short range and execution
              time.  Can be used as a combo starter.

Backstrike2 - Much like F2.  Useful when jumping. This does not combo up as
              easily as F2 though.  When crouching, F2 usually works better.

Backstrike3 - Takes a long time to pull off.  Use it when your opponent has
              made a mistake, or you do a cross over.

Forestrike1 - This is a great move to push your opponents back and combo
              them at the same time.  If someone gets too close, just duck
              and hit Forestrike1 rapidly.  Once they're out of range, throw
              some F2's and B2's into the mix for some additional hits.

Forestrike2 - This move is probably Jen Tai's best.  Both the standing 
              and crouching F2's can be used to keep your opponents at 
              bay.  Personally, I prefer the crouching F2.  Duck, and 
              hit F2 quickly and you can often get in an easy 3 hit combo, 
              and push your opponent back a good distance.  When jumping, F1
              usually works better.

Forestrike3 - Does a lot of damage, but takes a long time to pull off.  Use
              when your opponent makes a mistake.

Special Moves (with Explanations)

Down Strike - Hold B2/B3, then Up, Up, Down, and release.
            - Jen Tai jumps into the air and comes down upon her
            - Also serves as Ground Decapitate
Aura Strike - Back, Down, Down-Back, Back and B2/B3
            - Jen Tai swings her blade and shouts "Aura Strike"
Backhand Blast - Hold B2/B3, then Back, Up-Back, Forward, and release.
               - A short ranged attack
               - Also serves as Explode Head

Shield Toss (Power Deflect) - Hold B2/B3, then Down, Down-Forward,
                              Forward, and release                            

Death Blade Frenzy - Hold F2/F3, then Down-Forward, Down, Forward, and
                   - Jen Tai swings her blade about rapidly
                   - Can be used to combo in close range
                   - Also serves as Frenzy Death

Shield Spike - Back, Forward and F2/F3
             - Jen Tai lunges at her opponent with her shield sticking
             - Also serves as Disembowel

Reverse Kick (Guard Drop) - Back, Forward and B2/B3
                          - Unfortunatly for Jen Tai, her guard drop move has
                            almost no range whatsoever.  It's largely useless

Leg Breaker - Down, Down-Forward, Forward and F2/F3
            - Jen Tai does a quick leg sweep.
            - Useful for opponents who keep blocking high.  Can be used to
              catch them off guard.
            - Also serves as Pulp Death

Ram Toss - Hold F2/F3 then Forward, Up-Forward, Up, Back, and release
         - This is Jen Tai's throw.  It has fairly decent range.

Back Blade Strike - Hold F2/F3 then Back, Down-Back, Down, Down Forward,
                    Forward, and release
                  - Jen Tai twirls her blade while moving forward a few
                    steps.  This is one of her more useful special moves.
                  - Also serves as Decapitate


Jen Tai has the greatest range of all the characters in Weaponlord.  Use this
to your advantage.  Keep your opponents a few footsteps away fromyou and hack
at them from this distance.

Avoid close range encounters at all costs.  Jen Tai usually takes a lot
longer to swing her weapon than most other characters, so they can easily get
in multiple hits on you.  Use a chain of F1 and F2 attacks to push your
opponents away.  Also, her F2/B2 are most effective when your opponent is a
few footsteps away.

Jen Tai is 6'10".  Yikes!  This makes her an easy target, especially up close
Luckily, her long sword can be used to keep opponents at bay.

When Jen Tai attacks, she does not "follow" her weapon.  Her body remains
quite far away from the tip of her blade.  Some characters, like Divada,
follow up very closely with their attacks; which makes them easy to nail.


Lack of Projectile (fireball).  This makes it difficult to hit opponents
across the screen.  Keep your encounters to midrange.

Lackluster special moves.  This isn't that much of a disadvantage though,
since her normal attacks more than make up for it.

Not effective at close range.  Use crouching F1's and F2's to push your
opponent away to a more comfortable range.  Then hack away.  If they keep
coming in close, use the death blade frenzy to catch them off guard.


Crouching F2, Crouching F2, Crouching F2

Jump in with a B2, Standing B2, Crouching F2

Jump in with a B2, Standing B2, Crouching B2

Jump in with a F3, Standing F3


Decapitate - Back Blade Strike
Pulp - Leg Breaker on Fallen Enemy
Ground Decapitate - Down Strike on Fallen Enemy (use for a easy kill)
Disembowel - Shield Spike
Explode Head - Backhand Blast
Frenzy Death - Death Blade Frenzy

This FAQ is copyright 1999 by Shantanu Thakur aka Leviathan

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