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Reviewed: 02/18/00 | Updated: 01/11/04

Simple graphics, but an original and extremely fast-paced unicycle game

Unirally is an exceptionally fast game on the SNES, and also one of the most enjoyable. In the game, you play as a unicycle. And although it may seem weird that the main character is a unicycle, it certainly makes for an original game! But is it any good? Well, This game really is fun to play, but it also gets a bit repetitive on some of the tracks. The reason is, is that there is a LOT to do before you can proudly say you have completed this game. There are NINE worlds to complete in total, each with five tracks (which can consists of a race, a stunt course, and laps around a track). That makes 45 tracks! Once you complete a world once, you then have the option of completing it again and going for silver, and then completing it once again to go for gold.

That means that you have to complete 135 tracks before you have totally finished the game. But don't think you've finished yet, even when you've completed those 135 tracks, you have then only completed the game with one character. In all, there are 16 characters with which to play! Meaning that in order to totally complete the game (all characters, all tracks, all medals)... you have to play 2160 tracks! But the fact remains, unless you have an extraordinarily amount of patience, you might only want to complete the game once or twice at the most. There are only two major problems that I have found with this game. 1: The game gets too repetitive. Really, the only things that change in the levels are the backgrounds and the shape of the tracks. 2: The game gets VERY difficult and extremely annoying in some places. But apart from the downfalls, the game remains very playable and fun in most places.

The graphics have very little detail. Really, the only things that move in the game are: the background, the unicycles and the track itself. But the reason for such little detail is most probably not because of lazy artists, but because that the game is so fast that you wouldn't have much time to see anything non-moving! Another reason that the graphics are of a lower standard than most games made around that time, is because that less detail equals a much faster game. The graphics aren't that bad in this game, but it could have been made better by more detailed backgrounds. The sound in this game consists of drum and guitar music, and suits the game well. There's also nice sound effects for when you do tricks; the bigger the trick, the better the sound. A few speech effects would have been nice, but as I said before, the music and sound effects suit the game well enough as it is.

Once you complete the game in one-player mode, it's likely you won't feel like going back to it again because you've basically seen it all. Although you might always find yourself going back to two-player mode because it's very fun to play. Overall, this game is great! It's really good to have a game that is both challenging but fun at the same time. Unfortunately, this game does get a bit repetitive. And although graphics aren't that important, the backgrounds could have done with more detail and movement. The replay isn't that high either. But apart from the downfalls, this game, although not a classic, is definitely an interesting, original and highly playable game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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