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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

This game is all about fun, and not much else.

Uniracers: Doesn't make much sense, does it? A side-scrolling racing game? With unicycles? Actually, quite a few people find this appealing.

This is a game that's not trying to sell itself with great graphics or sound, only on gameplay. And what gameplay it has! You never thought unicycles would be so much fun! My thumbs are actually hurting from using the control pad, which is something I can't say regarding any other game.

The premise of the game is this: You play as a unicycle, which comes as no suprise if you looked at the box. You race it along different very colorful tracks, ranging from straight dragraces, to normal lap races like other racing games, to not racing at all, but preforming stunts to earn points.

The controls take very little time to learn, even if you didn't have instructions, as was the case with my used copy. Some of the more advanced stunts are hard to pull off, but not because of the controls. You can get your "uni" as it's called in the game, to hop with the B button, and while it's in the air you can spin it like a top on it's Y-axis with the A button, make it do flips on it's z-axis with the L and R buttons, and, the trickiest one, rotate it on it's x-axis with the X button. Using these will get your uni to go faster on the races, so you can use them to pass your opponent, (or friend, if you happen to be using 2-player mode) and using a combination of moves will earn you big points or much faster speed in the game.

The tracks are all very well designed, some of them going so fast you'll almost have a hard time keeping track of yourself. Just remember that different areas are color coded, and that will help you a lot.

The graphics are nothing spectacular, despite the fact the the unicycles are pictures of computer-generated images, similar to Donkey Kong Country, but not nearly as nice looking. There's not much eye-candy at all, really, but you wont care when your screaming down a track at what seems like 90 mph.

The sounds are mediocre. While the music is a lot of electric guitar that actually sounds pretty good for being MIDI and it goes quite well with the fast paced atmosphere, the effects are nothing more than little chimes and whistles when you pull off a stunt, but you'll come to love those noises eventually.

There are a few gripes about the game, of course. Sometimes it seems like your going too fast, and memorization is the only way to win on some tracks. And at times, your unicycle will go so high off a jump that it will disappear out of view, sometimes for a very long time.

The good quirks that make up for these bad ones are the fact the the games has battery-backed memory, and you can save about 20 different uniracers, each with different names and colors that you can select.

This game is so much fun that you'll lose quite a few hours of sleep, not in the same sense as a good RPG, but the difficulty level is quite high and you'll want to play all the varied tracks, around 30-40 total.

So if you want something new and unusual for a change, shell out a couple of bucks for this very original and insanely fun game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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