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    SNES to PC changes by PuppyChiFlower

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    New Horizons (For PC)
    Changes FAQ/ v0.5 August 23 2000
    Copyright © by. Chi Hao Sam
    By. Chi Hao Alexander Sam (PuppyChiFlower)
    E-Mail: puppychi@hotmai.com
    In New Horizons or the PC there are some changes to the SNES version: 
    Uncharted Waters: New Horizons and I think that it is about time that people 
    know the difference in both games! That's why I am writing this Changes FAQ 
    on New Horizons for PC.
    In the PC version, there are some changes to the SNES version. Like graphics, 
    sound and effects.
    The PC version of New Horizons uses the mouse and the keyboard for controls 
    and moving and typing.
    The graphics on New Horizons (PC) is not very good when it comes to city and 
    towns… But! When it comes to faces and ships, they are outstanding! They have 
    a lot of details!
    In the PC version of New Horizons, the bar lets you play Blackjack and Dice! 
    and the odds of winning don't seem to be very good, except for when you are 
    in Dublin (East of London).
    Battling/Dueling is very detailed in the PC version, there is the face, the 
    body, the armor and the people! The commands are: Slash, Thrust and Strike. 
    Pretty simple. The odds of winning these are almost impossible! (Well for me 
    Also the towns that you may see are in a different order when you are playing 
    the SNES version, the PC version? The coloring is really bad for the towns 
    and people… :(
    Well? It's so obvious that you would need a SNES controller for this Game. 
    The menu screen is not on the left corner, you see it by pressing START. 
    Also, typing would not be used by a Keyboard, it would be on a screen and you 
    use the D-Pad to move the letters.
    Wow! The graphics are sort of better in a lot of things!! The people in 
    battle look a lot cuter than in the PC because they are all little people 
    like dwarfs!! CUTE! And when the slash the swords? It so cool!
    Umm… also the villages and towns have better color and the ships don't look 
    very detailed.
    In the SNES version, the bar is not just one screen. You can move inside the 
    bar. Also when gambling, ther is no Dice game, just the old Blackjack. Also 
    when you win the Blackjack, you can choose to ride on it (double or nothing) 
    until you win, but if you win too much? The other person will not want to 
    play with you anymore. You can win up to 16000 or more GP!!
    In the SNES version, the commands are different but the same! I mean they 
    have different names! Like: Instead of Slash, it is Lash that is all!!
    Also there are some text differences, like when Otto gets his ship, in the PC 
    it is named Idiot or Fool, but in the SNES version it is named Simpleton… it 
    is like calling someone an idoit but nicer. And also some people say things 
    diffrently too!
    In the End! The games are not much different but are named diffrently… hmmm… 
    well the SNES and PC are sort of the same. But I think that the SNES version 
    is easier than the PC. With the gambling and easy controls. Well that's what 
    I think! If you have found out anything different about the games? Please E-
    Mail me puppychi@hotmail.com! And I will put it in my FAQ! Thanx!
    Not many people helped me with this… hmmm… um… I got IT!
    Raymond Suen: For suggesting the idea of writing this FAQ.
    KOEI: for making suck a good game!!

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