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FAQ by XYou

Updated: 01/24/97

From: XunYou@aol.com
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 21:13:27 -0400 (EDT)

This is an FAQ for Uncharted Waters:New Horizons for Super NES. It was
written by Xun You.

Getting Started
Joao Franco, Portuguese Adventurer
Joao(Navigation:1 Battle:1) is an adventurer from Portugal. He is the son of
Duke Leon Franco(the main character on the original Uncharted Waters) and is
appointed by his father to find the "secret of Atlantis". He starts with 1000
gold pieces and an aquamarine tiara given to him by his mother. Sell the
tiara at the item shop and pick up the rapier(C value Fencing sword). Go to
the Round Earth Society and enlist Enrico. After getting him, return to the
Round Earth Society and Felippe offers Joao 2,000 gold. Donate the money to
the Round Earth Society(this increases Joao's luck to the max.)

Now, head for Athens and buy as much art as you can. Take it to Istanbul,
sell it, buy carpet, return to Athens, and sell the carpet. Continue this
until you have at least 20 gold ingots. You may get more if you want to.
Then, look for a sloop and buy it. Sell the "Hermes 2" and outfit the Sloop
for adventuring. Also, if you have the money, buy a Venetian Galeass and moor
it in Lisbon. Then, go to Diego Ribeiro in Barcelona to learn cartography and
sign a contract. Then, sail down the Nile River to find discoveries and
report them to Professor Mordes in Bordeaux.

Now, King Manuel of Portugal should be looking for you. He will have a
mission(normally, in the game's early stages, he will ask for discoveriess.
Later he will ask for you to find items.) If you complete the mission, you
will become a page. Continue to build your fame of adventure until, at the
cafe in a port, Rocco says that the Prince of Portugal is missing. You find
out that Domingo is actually the prince and you must return to Lisbon because
your father is on trial.

>From here on, basically do what you are "supposed" to do.

Hints: If you invest in the port of Bristol or Dublin until the Power is
1000, they can build Frigates, which are good ships for the final battle.

The moored Venetian Galeass is for when Catalina begins to pursue you. After
the first encounter with Catalina, get the Venetian Galeass. Use it after
this point unless you get a frigate.

Catalina Erantzo, Pirate
Catalina(navigation:8 battle:10) becomes a pirate when Commander Ezequiel
refuses to give her ships and soldiers to fight Duke Franco, whom she accuses
of killing her brother and fiance. However, do not immediately attack
merchant fleets. Instead, sell the gold and remodel the Rebellion so that it
can hold 45 crew and no guns. Then, buy (100) lots of olive oil. Sail to
Madeira(SE of Iberia) and sell the olive oil. Do NOT fill the hull with
goods! Instead, buy 100 barrels of food and load 100 barrels of water. Then,
fill the rest of the hull with sugar and sail to Oslo. (It is north of the
port of Copenhagen, in an inlet.) Fill the hull with Cheese and sail back to
Madeira to sell it. Continue this until you have 20 gold ingots. Then, you
can begin plundering merchant fleets! As soon as you have plundered one
merchant fleet, you will find out in the next port you stop in that Commander
Ezequiel is out to get you. Whatever you do, don't challenge the enemy
commodore to a duel UNLESS you have bought an A-powered weapon and armor
prior to the battle. After you defeat the second fleet, the fleet will be set
on fire and it will retreat. You will get a new mate, Andreas Paella, after
the battle.

HINT: Venetian Galeasses are VERY good for battles, so get one(or more) as
soon as possible.

Otto Baynes, English Privateer
Otto(navigation:10 battle:12) is hired by King Henry VIII of England to
destroy the Spanish fleet. He is a page so he can enter the castle freely. Do
as Matthew says and go to Seville. Hire 30 men once you get the Galleon
"Fools." Then sail to a port and assign the crew to 25% navigation, 0%
lookout, and 75% combat. When you leave, you will be attacked by the Spanish.
Sell all the ships you get. Then, remodel the ship so that it can have 45 men
and no guns. Look for Glass Beads in the port you are in, but if you can't
find them, search around and load your ship with Glass Beads. Then, sail to
the port of Madeira(SE of Iberia), sell the Glass Beads and buy sugar. Sail
to Oslo to sell the sugar and buy Cheese. Return to Madeira, sell the cheese,
and buy Sugar. Continue this two-point trade route until you have 20 gold

Ernst Von Bohr, Dutch Adventurer
Ernst(navigation:11 battle:1) is hired by his friend Mercator to make a map
of the world. To make a map of the world he'll need more money, so
immediately change the Mercator(the ship) to 10 crew and no guns. Buy Glass
Beads and go to Madeira. Sell the Glass Beads and buy Sugar. Then, go to
Oslo, sell the Sugar and buy Cheese. Return to Madeira, sell the Cheese, and
buy Sugar, then return to Oslo, sell Sugar, buy Cheese. Continue the
Madeira-Oslo trade route until you have 20 gold ingots. Then, sail to
Alexandria and go down the Nile, finding discoveries. Report discoveries to
Professor Mordes in Bordeaux, and report to Mercator. You will mee Paula at
the harbor in Amsterdam, and you will have to find her homeland.(You won't
find her home until the end of the game.)

Pietro Conti, Italian Adventurer
Pietro(navigation:4 battle:1) is in debt to EVERYONE in Genoa. Fortunately,
he meets his friend Camillo in the cafe, who has signed him a contract with
the Duchess Franco in Lisbon. He must sail to Lisbon and meet the Duchess.
Then, he should sail to Madeira to buy Sugar. Take it to Oslo, sell it, and
buy Cheese. Return to Madeira, sell the Cheese, and buy Sugar. Keep doing
this until you have 20 gold ingots. Then, learn cartography from Diego
Ribeiro in Barcelona, and sign a contract with him. Sail down the Nile and
report any discoveries to the Duchess. Then, report to Diego. Sail to the New
World, and you should eventually meet a man who will give you the map to the
Gold Medallion. Unless you immediately know where it is, sail to Barcelona.
Save the game right outside Diego Ribeiro's house, go in, have Diego locate
the map, then restart the game so you don't have to pay the fee. Once you
find the medallion, you should be well off on your quest.

Ali Vezas, Turkish merchant
Ali(navigation:1 battle:1) is an orphan in Istanbul. He and his friend Salim
get a ship and can get 2,000 gold from the bank, 1,000 each from the cafe and
the harbor. You must pay the shipyard worker, banker, waitress, and harbor
helper 10,000 gold each. Also, the innkeeper gives you money for free. If you
accept you get 500 gold. If you refuse you get a cat, which keeps rats off
your ship. Then, buy carpet, sail to Athens, sell it, and buy Art. Return to
Istanbul, sell the Art, buy Carpet. Keep doing this until you have 5 gold
ingots. Repay the banker, waitress, and shipyard worker. The sultan will give
you a mission. Complete the mission and you get a rank. Then, once you have
10 gold ingots, repay the Harbor Helper. Pietro Conti will appear and ask for
a gold ingot. Give it to him.(You'll get it back tenfold later.) Then, the
Sultan will be looking for you annd he will give you 50 gold ingots. Now, you
should be well onto your quest.

HINT: When the Sultan asks you to ally ports, the easiest ports to ally are
those in the New World and Africa, because these ports sell better goods and
it requires less gold to ally.

Rune Blade(Straight, Pernambuco)
Magic Muramasa(Curved, Sakai)
Siva's Magic Sword(Curved, Calicut)
Crusader's Sword(Fencing, Timbuktu)
Blue Crescent(Heavy, Zeiton)
Basterd Sword(Straight, Stockholm)
Japanese Sword(Curved, Nagasaki)
Flamberge(Fencing, Lubeck)
Golden Dragon(Heavy, Hanoi)
Claymore(Heavy, Dublin)
Long Sword(Straight)
Scimitar(Curved, Alexandria)
Estock(Fencing, Marseille)
Rapier(Fencing, Lisbon)
Short Sword(Straight)
Short Saber(Curved)
Crusader's Armor(Naples)
Errol's Plate(Copenhagen)
Plate Mail Armor
Half Plate
Chain Mail Armor
Leather Armor
NOTE:I only recommend using A- or Star-value weapons and armor. But don't
think you'll ever be invincible in duels. Even if you are equipped with the
Rune Blade and Crusader's Armor you can still lose. The Plate Mail Armor and
an A-value sword should be sufficient unless you have 40 or 50 ingots to
burn. However, the Blue Crescent only costs 24,000 gold.

Other useful items
Lime Juice(for long voyages)

Star-value discoveries
Saber-toothed tiger(Extreme NW corner of Greenland, which is NW of Iberia)
Dodo(Island off the east coast of Madagascar)
Giant Ground Sloth(Up river by supply port Montevideo)
Moa(New Zealand)
Moai(Island east of supply port Valparaiso)

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