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Text Dump by Super Nova

Updated: 05/04/03

          U N C H A R T E D  W A T E R S  :  N E W  H O R I Z O N S
                              T E X T  D U M P

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
Text Dump
Dumped by Super Nova


 The text in this document was taken from a ROM. The fact that I used one does
not mean that I support the idea of emulation, since this damages the videogame
industry. I made use of the ROM to help gamers, not to hinder game companies.
 The text was dumped and put into a readable format by Duncan Hardy (aka Super
Nova). This document is therefore Copyright (c)2003 Duncan Hardy.
 The game script is Copyright (c)1993 Koei. I am in no way affiliated with the
 This document may only be found at GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>. No
other web site has permission to use it.


 Before I begin I'd better explain what a text dump is. You can find them for
big games such as Zelda: OoT. A text dump contains all the game script, ripped
straight from the ROM. It is useful in several ways - if you want to know the
plot for a game or a certain piece of dialogue it will assist you. In a random
game such as Uncharted Waters, with several characters and hundreds of hidden
events, a text dump can reveal to you something you didn't yet know or remind
you of what someone said when you've forgotten.
 Sorting out the text from a ROM into readable format is time consuming, but I
enjoyed making this. Hopefully it will help you. If you know a key word from a
quote you are looking for, type it in the Find box (Ctrl + F).

Text Dump

NOTE: At times you will see symbolS where a word ought to be. These represent
anything that is variable (money held, a name, a country's name, a ship etc.).

After a %s day voyage I finally found  my enemy, Joao.  But unfortunately
Commander Ezequiel  interfered, and  stole my chance to take revenge.  In
retrospect, however,  I'm glad that I didn't defeat Joao then.

Hey! Looks like there's a big fight over there! Those two people are being
attacked by that huge mob of pirates! Andreas! Emilio! Let's save them!

Hmph, you're pretty tough. Hey, you guys, it's time for you to take care of the

Not if I have anything to say about it! I am Joao Franco. As a token of my
thanks, I'll play a song on my lute for you. ...

What irony... I saved the life of a Franco. I was drawn further into the Franco
family's affairs  when I was tricked into joining a nobleman's plot.  We
kidnapped a girl named Lucia for him,  but that turned out to be a  serious

Old lady, my foot. Just get lost, children! You're not welcome here!

Do you know a young noble who visits here from time to time?

Yes, he comes here incognito. He is always kind and sincere, and he's very
handsome. That man said he wants to meet with you, but he can't come here right
now. He's asked me to bring you to visit him.

All of the signs had led me to believe that the Francos were guilty.  But Otto,
Pietro, and Joao told me the truth,  and I was so confused! I no longer knew
who my real enemy was.

Then you are kidnappers. Where is Lucia? If you return her now, we'll save your

What are you talking about? If you insist on making false charges, I'll dump
you in the ocean as sharkbait.

Watch your mouth, pal!

So the Francos didn't have a fleet until I built one. Then who destroyed my
brother and Hernan? I learned who really set fire to my brother's fleet  from
Pietro and an old man named Raul.  I went to South America, where I knew my
enemy would be waiting.  There, I joined Joao and helped him  rescue Lucia.

I'm sorry, Commodore. Lucia was taken as a hostage.

Joao, I'll take care of these hoodlums, so grab Lucia and get out of here!

Thanks, %s, I owe you one!

Michael, Hernan...  I finally avenged your defeat.  The fire of revenge no
longer consumes me.  Finally I can rest. My heart is now at peace.

%s %s, congratulations on your accomplishment.  You've defeated the Spanish

Thank you, your majesty. It seems I was very lucky.

Excuse me, your majesty, but I have something to tell you.

What is it, Gilbert?

This man is no hero. He allowed the enemy commander to escape.

Is that true, %s?

Yes, sir.

Why did you do that?

Your majesty, my mission was to completely destroy the Spanish Fleet. I judged
that I completed my mission. Furthermore, the enemy commander accepted our
request for a personal duel without a moment's hesitation. How could I destroy
such a gentleman, such a man of his word?

How dare you give such excuses...

Hold it right there, Gilbert. I was right in my judgement. You are an honorable
man, a true knight. I appoint you to be Admiral of the Royal Navy.

It's a great honor. Thank you very much, your majesty.

%s %s fulfilled King Henry VIII's order to destroy the Spanish Fleet. But he
was going to face yet another challenge.

As King Henry requested, I began attacking fleets in the name of Britain,  but
jealous Lord Gilbert tried to hinder our success   by keeping us poorly
supplied.  However, Matthew's sly trick  brought me a state of the art Spanish
galleon.  The acquisition of that mighty ship marked a turning point on our
path to victory.

Well then, we'll just have to get our hands on that new Spanish beauty, won't
we? Wait! Where are you going?

We came upon a notorious and beautiful female pirate named Catalina Erantzo, 
who was bent on avenging the loss of her brother. She was in pursuit  of a
sailor named Joao, whom she held responsible for the dastardly deed.  I
couldn't help but admire her determination.

My name is Catalina Erantzo. Please forgive my previous actions, I'm a little
jumpy lately.

Say nothing of it. My name is %s %s. I'm commander of a fleet from England. We
learned of a Spanish fleet heading for Seville,  transporting gold from the New
World.  We knew that if we successfully plundered that fleet,  it would deliver
a substantial blow  to the fortunes of Spain.

Say Commodore, I'm bored. Don't you have any exciting stories?

Why, I have some exciting stories. We happened upon Ezequiel, Commander of the
Spanish Fleet,  in a rather unexpected way.  We vowed to have one final battle 
for the glory of our countries.

Forgive me for waiting so long to introduce myself. I'm Ezequiel, Commander of
the Spanish Fleet.


The final battle between our British Fleet and the Spanish Fleet has ended in
triumph.  We were victorious! The [Invincible] Spanish Fleet has been crushed. 
This means that I have fulfilled my mission.  I have accomplished all that King
Henry has asked.

Hello, Duchess of Lisbon. %s %s, at your service, just returned from the golden
city of El Dorado.

Oh, %s, you mean you've finally achieved your life-long dream?

Well, to tell you the truth, someone found it before me...

Oh, no...

But I wouldn't return to my sponsor without a souvenir.

I brought a gift for the Franco family.

A gift?

Yes, Camillo will bring him here soon. Actually, my gift is really for Duke
Franco. Could I see him, please?

Of course, let me go get him.

How do you do? I am Leon Franco.

Commodore, Duke, here's Raul!

Ra, Raul? My... Ooohh, Leon! I missed you! You've grown up so much, my son!

Father... Not a bad gift, eh?

%s %s's fame grew to legendary proportions when he reunited Raul and Joao
Franco.  But his journey had only just begun.

I knew there were many wealthy families in Lisbon,  but I didn't think  there
was such a generous one!  The Duchess of Franco hired me and promised to  pay
off all of my debts.  What a chance!  It was the deal of a lifetime! This world
is full of liars and con artists.  I paid a fortune at a cafe  to get a map to
El Dorado.  I thought it would bring me fabulous riches,  but I all found was
one gold medallion.  Oh well, at least it paid for the cost of the trip.

Say %s, could I take a look at the gold medallion?

The Staff of Poseidon - now that was quite an adventure.  I never thought that 
I would save someone's life until then.  When I found it,  I was very tempted
to sell it  to a Turkish lord.  I knew it would be worth a lot.

Well, I need you to find the Staff of Poseidon for me. It's extremely

One thing I've learned from my adventures is that life is full of surprises. 
Take my trip to South America-  In search of the land of gold, I journeyed to
the New World.  The old man I saved was not only the long lost Raul Franco, 
but also the legendary sailor who discovered El Dorado!

Are you fellows looking for a place called El Dorado?

Who're you?

My name is Ernst. I've been traveling the globe in order to make an accurate
world map.

He's still breathing. Hey, wake up!

Huh? Where am I? What happened to me?

Now that my contract with the Franco family is finally completed,  I'm thinking
of heading out on a real adventure,  going where *I* want to go.  It's a big
world out there.  I'm sure that there are still magnificent treasures just
waiting to be discovered by a guy like me!

Congratulations, Paula! You finally found your home land.

Thank you, %s!

You even found your parents. Your dream has come true!

Why, yes.

... Well, I guess this means goodbye.

... I guess so...

Unless, well, er, I wonder, er, if you'd like to travel with me again.

Are you sure?

Of course!


%s %s resumed his voyage with Paula. His quest to accurately map the entire
world will continue. I set sail to map the world at the request of Mercator. 
But I soon found another quest,  when I met a young girl at a port,  named
Paula.  I was moved by her plea for help  and decided to help find her

Oh, please, wait a minute! Can you please take me on your ship?

I'll swear to the ocean, that  I never forgot the original purpose of my
journey.  But it was hard to see her face,  so hopeful before we reached a new
port, so disappointed afterwards.  It seemed that her homeland had vanished off
the face of the earth!  Where in the world could she be from...?

We haven't had much luck finding Paula's homeland, have we? We've been to
almost every harbor in the world.

I'm sorry I've caused you so much trouble.

Why, its no trouble at all! But if we can, we just want to find it for you as
quickly as possible.


But even if we don't, ye needn't fret. The Captain here said that if he could,
he'd like to stay with ye forever.

D..Don't say silly things like that! Paula will misunderstand.

Zipangu that Hans had dreamed of  turned out to be no golden country.  But I
wasn't disappointed  because we finally got a clue  to Paula's homeland.

Yes, I remember, there was an ocean... an ocean, but strange. It wasn't blue.

Not blue? What do you mean?

It was muddy. Yellowish... a yellow sea!

It was as if her homeland was long waiting  for her return  because it had a
wonderful gift for her;  her family.  I'm so happy to have helped her see her
lifelong wish come true. This building... It may be natural for a man and woman
 who went through times of happiness and hardships together  to fall in love! 
{Would you like to go on a voyage with me, again?}, I asked.  Her smile was all
the answer I needed. Salim and I fixed up the fated ship that washed ashore 
and decided to go into the trading business.  We had no money to start with,
but I  persuaded the townspeople with my promises of  a tenfold return of their
investment!  An expensive promise, but I was feeling lucky. I knew I was on to
something big.

See, I knew you'd work something out. But what did you mean by starting a
business? What have you got in mind?

Why, trade of course, you simpleton. What other business would you do by ship?

It turned out I had quite a knack for trading.  Before I knew it, my gold had
multiplied.  I repaid all my debts. Nothing could stop me now.  I was ready to
make my fortune.

Thank you! Smooch!

Wow... At the cafe in the port of Basra,  I finally found my sister, Sapha. 
Even though she couldn't accept me as her brother at first,  I knew that some
day she would...

I knew it was you, Sapha! It's me, your older brother, %s %s!

This is all too sudden... I'm not sure if I can trust you.

I'm a lucky guy. Just as I grew tired of  business, of thinking about profits
day and night,  I found a new cause to devote myself to - my orphanage.  The
smile of these orphans when I give them a home shines a light of hope to guide
us through this crazy world.  They've given my life new meaning.

OK then. Rustem, from now on you're one of the family. Let's set sail for home.
Istanbul, here we come!

Ladia... aren't you coming?

Who? Me?

Of course you. And... well... what would you say to moving in with us?

%s, is that... a proposal?

The seven seas were full of dangers -  pirates, storms,  and sea monsters.  Not
every mate  had the mettle to  overcome the obstacles.  But you, with  your
courage, wit, and strength  of heart, have bested even the  worst of foes. The
tale of  your voyage will be told for years to come.

Master! Master! Where'd ye run off to this time? He always disappears so
quickly... (grumble-grumble)

If he finds me, he'll lecture me forever... I think I'll head over to the cafe,
I haven't been there in a while.

Oh, hello.

Um, goodbye.

I wonder what's the matter with Emilio?

Oh, I thought you'd be here. Sir Gilbert has been looking all over for you.
Would you go to the palace? It seems the King wants to see you.

Righto. I was just on my way over there.

Well, let's go then. ... He must be at the cafe.

Hello, professor. This is lucky, my bumping into you.

Hello there. Why? Do you have a question from geography class? Why professor,
your lectures are so clearly presented that your classes are every student's
favorite. Of course I don't have any questions for class.  It's just that Mr.
Mercator is looking for you.

Hmmm, I wonder why. I'd better go and find out now. See you later.

The jobs from the Guild haven't helped me to make even a dent in my debts... I
wonder when Camillo will give me an answer.

Can't you repay your debt yet?

Sorry, give me a little more time.

When can you repay your debt?

Sorry, I don't have any money with me.

When will you repay your debt?!!! Or did you cheat me out of my life savings?!

I can't deal with this. The harbor will give me shelter.

Hey, do you know any ways to get rich quick?

If I knew, I wouldn't be wandering the streets of Istanbul.

Ha, ha, ain't that the truth. By the way, I saw your friend, Salim. He looked
pretty gloomy. He was headed toward the shipyard at the southeast end of town.
I wonder what's the matter with him?

I don't know.

Why don't you go to see him?

I'll do that, after I see Ladia in the cafe first.

You're still crazy about her, eh? She'd never be interested in someone like

Aw, why don't you mind your own business!

sYou haven't discovered any ports in that area yet.

Commodore, you haven't chosen your ship yet.

(Press L or R to view personal data.)

There is no one to replace him.

(Press L or R to view data for highlighted mate)

You can't select a captain.

Captain (Press L or R to view data for highlighted ship)        

Captain %s Is this OK?

Navigation Lookout Combat Allocate your crew for %s.

%d%% of the crew was assigned for Combat.

Is this OK?

Commodore, that's %s.

%s %s %s %s %s's fleet is heading toward the %s at a speed of %d knots.

%s's fleet is at anchor.

NOTE: This section basically lists a lot of commands and regularly used words
in the game. This probably only comes in useful if you're into ROM hacking.

Captain %s %s 1st. 2nd. 3rd. 4th. 5th. 6th. 7th. 8th. 9th. Flag Dship Which
will be %s? %3u%% %3u%% Is this OK? Water Food %s(0%%-100%%) (%d-2000)  Deposit
Withdraw Borrow Repay Job Assignment Country Info Port Location Fleet Merchant
Fleet Battle Fleet Gossip Hire Duel Check In Port Info Buy Sell Buy Goods Sell
Goods Invest Market Rate Study Donate Store Commission Exchange Sail Supply
Moor Merchant Pirate Adventurer Fleet Merchant Fleet Battle Fleet Treat Gossip
Hire Duel Job Info Port Info Tell Stories Give Gift Investigation Ask Info
Treat Recruit Crew Dismiss Crew Meet Gamble Meet Ruler Defect Gold Ship Secret
Call Life Career Love Mates Fleet Merchant Fleet Battle Fleet Trade Piracy
Adventure Save Load Options Port End game Water Food Lumber Gunpowder New Ship
Used Ship Repair Sell Remodel Invest Figurehead Guns Load Capacity Rename
Contract Discovery Rumor Contract Learn Skills Report Locate Discovery     Item
   Journal Fleet Info  Rearrange    Scrap Character Info      Wages     Appoint
 Cargo Info    Transfer   Log of Goods Transfer Crew  Assign Crew    Rations 
BGM Message Speed Movement Speed Blue Red Green Stop Hiragana Alphabet Greek 
Set Cut? Signal Russia Sail Search Entertain Plunder Wait Sail Repair Search
Wait Transfer Goods Buy Goods Job Info Country Info Fleet Merchant Fleet Battle
Fleet North Northeast East Southeast South Southwest West Northwest HULL RUDDER
SAILS CREW CONDITION CARGO CAPACITY Trade Piracy Adventure Seamanship Knowledge
Intuition Merchant fleet Convoy Voyaging Fleet Buccaneers Corsairs Privateer
Auto Sail Sail Port Call Go Ashore Item Options Ship Name Goods Weight Sell
Goods Enemy Fleet Ship Name Capacity Port Character Name Ship Name Crew Market
Rate Price Index Character Name Profession Ship Name Ship Name Water
Commodore's Name Item Ship Model Wood Figurehead Arms Discovered Item Fleet
Number Profit Area  Make Save Disk Environment Mov Atk Inf Prj Itm Esc Own
Fleet Own Mates Own Fleet's Ship Other Fleet Other Fleet's Mates Other Fleet's
Ship Order List SCROLL Fight Flee Surrender Your Fleet Other Fleet Mates Ship
Individual All List Ship Merchant ship Warship

and served them a crushing defeat but sunset caused it to end in a draw but we
were forced to flee

Sphere of Influence Letter of Marque Tax Free Permit New Game Continue Utility
Quit Game Save Data Supply Rename Port Marketplace Cafe Shipyard Harbor Lodge
Palace Guild NPC Bank Item Shop Church Fortune Teller Display effects BGM
Layout Save Mouse Navigation Distance

NOTE: This section contains a lot of item descriptions. I've separated them as
well as I could, and hopefully you'll be able to read and understand them.

A short sheathed knife used for protection, wielding an 8 inch blade.

A short sword with a 32 inch blade. Light and versatile, it's often used in
close fighting.

A long sword measuring about 40 inches in length. It was very popular among
medieval knights.

A light, slender, two-edged sword used only for thrusting. It came into use
after guns made armor obsolete.

A light sword with a sharp-pointed blade but no cutting edge, used only for
thrusting in dueling. It's not very effective when it comes to attacking.

A sword developed to pierce the armor of a mounted enemy. It has a higher
attacking rating than a Rapier.

A light, slender sword used by cavalry. It's less effective in an attack than a
Saber, but its low price makes it popular.

A curved saber with an outer cutting edge. A great weapon for attacking, it's
used mainly by Arabs and Persians.

A very sharp sword made in Japan. It's especially effective for lashing

A heavy, curved short sword that historically has been used by sailors.

A sword with a wide, straight, single-edged blade. It's especially effective
for striking.

A unique Chinese sword with a wide, crescent-shaped blade. It's quite good for
attacking, especially striking.

A long decorative sword with wavy edges. Its offensive capability is superior
to both the Rapier and the Estock.

A sword with a grip about 7 inches long. Wielded with one or two hands, it's
one of the most destructive and expensive swords around.

A large, two-handed sword from Scotland that may weigh up to 10 pounds. It's
quite effective for striking.

A curved single-edged cavalry sword that is more effective for lashing than for

A relatively inexpensive armor made of leather that has been hardened with
animal grease.

An armor made of thousands of tiny interlinked steel rings. While it allows the
wearer ease of movement, it doesn't offer the best protection.

An armor with sheets of tough, thin steel plates that cover only the upper
body. An improvement on Plate Armor, it's designed for more active naval

A step up from Chain Mail Armor, this armor is formed by a combination of plate
and mail. It offers better protection than Half Plate Armor.

A low precision instrument used for celestial navigation. It measures longitude
and latitude.

A high precision instrument used for celestial navigation. It measures
longitude and latitude.

The most precise and reliable instrument used for celestial navigation. It
measures longitude and latitude.

A handy portable watch. With it, you'll always know the correct time!

An optical instrument that will help you find distant objects and ports at sea.

Not only does a cat make a nice pet, but it'll keep your ship rat-free!

A unique Chinese sword with a wide blade. It's quite effective for striking.

Reserve Reserve Letter of marque issued by Portugal. It authorizes the bearer
to commit acts of piracy against other countries, in the name of Portugal.

Letter of marque issued by Spain. It authorizes the bearer to commit acts of
piracy against other countries, for the glory of Spain.

Letter of marque issued by the Ottoman Empire. It authorizes the bearer to
commit acts of piracy against other countries in the name of the Ottoman

Letter of marque issued by England. It authorizes the bearer to commit acts of
piracy against other countries, for the glory of England.

Letter of marque issued by the Governor General of Italy. It authorizes the
bearer to commit acts of piracy against other countries in the name of Italy.

Letter of marque issued by Holland. It authorizes the bearer to commit acts of
piracy against other countries in the name of Holland.

A permit issued by Portugal. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading in
ports allied with Portugal.

A permit issued by Spain. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading in ports
allied with Spain.

A permit issued by the Ottoman Empire. It gives one tax-exempt status when
trading in ports allied with Turkey.

A permit issued by England. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading in
ports allied with England.

A permit issued by the Governor-General of Italy. It gives one tax-exempt
status when trading in ports allied with Italy.

A permit issued by the Netherlands. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading
in ports allied with Holland.

A poison to get rid of rats on a ship. Those pesky animals will feast on your
precious food if you don't have a way to get rid of them.

A perfumed oil believed to calm storms.

A great remedy for scurvy, the disease of poor nutrition that often troubles a
crew during long voyages.

One of the lost treasures of Atlantis.

The crown is made of gold and adorned with many precious stones. Quite simply,
a priceless work of art.

A perfumed oil that is believed to calm down storms.





A soft shawl made of the best silk from China.

A beautiful traditional Chinese dress, made of the finest Chinese silk.

An intricately decorated tiara, set with small but brilliant aquamarine stones.

A fancy comb made of platinum and decorated with rare gems.

A luxurious fur coat made from the white winter fur of the rare ermine weasel.

A beautiful tiara highlighted by a large sapphire in its center.

A beautiful fan made of many long and colorful peacock feathers.

A colorful scarf made of fine silk.

A velvet coat cut in the latest 16th century fashion.

A crown originally made for a queen, set with extremely large diamonds.

A dazzling gold bracelet decorated with beautiful opals.

A scepter with a huge ruby the size of an egg at the top.

An antique candleholder made of brass.

A tiny box carved out of jade.

A gold crown with delicate decorations.

A wide, heavy, solid gold bracelet set with diamonds.

A beautiful ring, set with a large sapphire.

A small box cut of malachite stone.

A beautifully designed brooch set with beautiful garnets.

A ring set with a large ruby.

Hair tonic that Count Morie in Copenhagen desperately needs.

Hair tonic that Count Morie in Copenhagen is rumored to need.

Hair tonic that may help Count Morie in Copenhagen.

A treasured sword made in the 15th century by a famous Japanese swordsmith,

A sword with runes carved on the handle. Its destructive power is second to

Armor that the famous armorer, Montaguinus made-to-order for Affonso, the
founding king of Portugal.

A special sword with razor-like sharpness made by the renowned swordsmith,

A legendary sword that's believed to confine the power of Siva, the Hindu god
of destruction. A powerful lashing weapon.

Half plate armor made by the famous Copenhagen armorer, Errol. It provides
greater protection than plate mail armor.


An old map showing the location of the Gold Mask.

An old map showing the location of the Jade Table.

An old map showing where the Statue with Eyes is located.

An old map marking the buried location of the Obsidian Lithograph.

An old map showing where the Crystal of Darkness is buried.

An old map showing the rumored location of the Pot of Fire.

An old map marking where the Sword of Destiny is buried.

An old map for the Gold Medallion, the treasure rumored to come from El Dorado.

An old map for the Staff of Poseidon, a symbol of the power of the lost
civilization of Atlantis.


Gold mask once used for festivals in a kingdom that disappeared 2000 years ago.

A small table made of jade. Measuring 12 inches long and wide, rumor has it
that long ago it was owned by a mad king.

A mysterious looking statue with three eerie eyes made of ruby, sapphire, and

A semi-translucent black lithographed slate inscribed with indecipherable
ancient letters. Possibly, it was used for magic.

A crystal ball with a blue shadow in the center, measured 6 inches in diameter.
Though it seems to have been used for astrology, its true purpose is unknown.

An ancient earthenware pot decorated with a pattern of flames on the outside.

An obsidian sword with a gold handle inset with gems. Nicks mar the surface of
its blade, but it's still incredibly powerful.

A golden medallion that may prove the existence of the legendary land of gold,
El Dorado. It has a distinctive gold relief, crafted by the skillful hands of
Incan artists.

A staff representing the power of the lost continent of Atlantis.

We defeated the opponent.

The enemy's commodore proposed a duel.

What's the matter, sir... Er... I mean... , ... sir - why'd you leave?

Please don't call me  !  I don't feel comfortable, hearing you say that.

Aye, it makes me feel strange, as well. I guess I'm just not used to it.

Well then, you can just call me commodore like you did before.

Yes, sir. ...

I don't want you to call me sir, either.

Shiver me timbers, I'm sorry, %s. But Commodore suits ye well, now that ye've
become a real seaman. It's been %d long %s of voyaging at sea... year years
Have ye grown weary of it? Are ye thinking of quitting?

Commodore, the ships are ready to sail.

Rocco, my quest will not be over as long as there is adventure to be found!  We
can't settle down yet.

Everyone, load the supplies and cargo! We'll set sail at sunrise tomorrow!!

What's the matter,  ?

Don't make fun of me, Emilio. I'm not up to the rank.

Oh, excuse me, fearful Queen of Pirates, Commodore %s.

Stop teasing me. You know, it's been a long time since we left the Spanish
Navy. About a year. About %d years. I enjoy traveling the world on my own.


Strange to say, when I was out on the seas, I almost forgot   about my brother
and Hernan.

Don't feel guilty. Time heals your sorrow. That's how you move on.

Commodore, when will we set sail?

I'll sail again, not to forget, but to overcome my sorrow.

We'll leave early tomorrow. I'm so glad I came along with you, Commodore. I've
become one of the henchmen  of a %s.

Oh, stop it, Matthew. You make it sound like we're pirates!  You're not a
henchman, just oh, my assistant!

Henchman, assistant, give me a break!  I was just teasing. You always take
things too seriously.

Well, I am navy officer,  and I must always uphold  the honor of the %s Navy.

Of course, that's one of the many reasons  why I respect you as my fearless

Whatever you say, Matthew! Look! Here comes the crew.

Commodore, we're ready to sail.

All right. We'll cast off first thing tomorrow morning.

While in town, make sure you always behave as a proud  sailor of the %s Navy.

See you on board.

You have earned the rank of %s.

Maybe, but I'm still just a simple geographer who loves adventure.

Of course, but Paula will be the  wife of a %s.

Stop kidding, Hans! Paula might hear you!

So what? I know you both like each other!

Commodore, the ships are ready! We can sail now.

All right. We'll set sail tomorrow morning.

Well, well... It's just too funny, to think  that I'm a %s now.

You got that one right! What a joke!

Hey, you don't have to be so quick to agree with me! After all, I am  .

Oh, come on! You know it's kind of ironic, a rascal like you holding such an
important title.

I know... Well, to someone like you who values treasures over rank and fame, 
being a %s probably doesn't mean that much.

You're right, Camillo. To me, searching for lost treasures  is definitely a lot
more exciting than being a %s. But there are two things  that are even more
important to me. They are...

Commodore, we're ready. When are we heading out?

They are the open sea and high adventure.

We'll leave tomorrow morning, men. Get ready for our next journey!

While working hard to earn wealth,  you've also earned the rank of %s...

%s, you are really something. You know, this rank wasn't given just to me,  but
to all of us, you and the others who believed in me.

Oh, you're so modest you deserve another promotion! Few men attribute their
success to their followers.

My success is truly the result of our teamwork. Without it,  I couldn't have
made it through so many hardships,  the %d years we've been sailing the high

Now that you've reached the top,  what are you going to do next?

Sail, of course. The sea is the only place where I feel truly at home...

Commodore, we completed the preparations for the next trip.

All right. Load up the supplies and cargo. We'll leave first thing tomorrow

Next Done

Commodore,  we found  the port of %s!

Commodore,  we found  a village!

My navigation level  and %s  went up.	

Commodore's navigation level  and %s  went up.

%s's  navigation level  and %s  went up.

Commodore Captain First Mate Bookkeeper Chief Navigator Navigator

NOTE: This section contains another lot of commonly used words and attributes.

Portugal Spain Turkey England Italy Holland Piracy .
Portuguese Spanish Turkish British Italian Dutch Pirate
Celestial Navigation Cartography Gunnery Accounting Negotiation
Leadership Seamanship Knowledge Intuition Courage Swordsmanship Charm Flagship
Ship No. 1 Ship No. 2 Ship No. 3 Ship No. 4 Ship No. 5 Ship No. 6 Ship No. 7
Ship No. 8 Ship No. 9 Ship No. 1 Ship No. 2 Ship No. 3 Ship No. 4 Ship No. 5
Ship No. 6 Ship No. 7 Ship No. 8 Ship No. 9 Ship No. 10 Teak Cedar Beech Oak
Copper Iron Sea-Horse Com-modore Uni-corn Lion Giant Eagle Hero Nep-tune
Drag-on Angel Goddess Cultural Artifact Monument Exotic Animal Plant Ruins
Monster Natural Wonder Straight Sword Fencing Sword Curved Sword Heavy Sword
Shield Protector Armor Measuring Instrument Voyager's Aid Emergency Item
Accessory Treasure Map Hidden Treasure mate tea coffee fish and chips cider
grape juice steamed crabs hot cocoa fried plantain coconut milk mint tea green
tea oolong tea mango juice
Clove Cinnamon Pepper Nutmeg Pimento Ginger Vanilla Tea Coffee Cacao Sugar
Cheese Fish Grain Olive Oil Raisins Rock Salt Silk Cotton Wool Flax Cotton
Cloth Silk Cloth Wool Cloth Velvet Linen Cloth Coral Amber Ivory Pearl Tortoise
Shell Gol Silver Copper Ore Tin Ore Iron Ore Art Carpet Musk Perfume Glass
Beads Dye Porce-lain Glass-ware Arms Wood
Page Squire Knight Baronet Baron Viscount Earl Marquis Duke  Asukeri
Sancak Bey Bey Pervane Sadrazam

NOTE: Possibly the most useful part of the text dump, you will find the names
of every single first mate in the game here.

Affonzo Lansaro Carlos Almeida Gille Escoro Roberto Costa Gonzo Santiago
Rodrigo Sintora Diego Celan Tristan Seillo Gaspar Valdire Anton Fuegundo
Albello Ipanima Mauro Paivao Fernao Desao Artur Lima Andre Alvares Jamil Ojeda
Martin Sangre Oscar Madrigal Hector Flores Salvador Sandoval Antonio Feliz
Miguel Falco Juan Velaquez Pedro Lastima Luis La Bamba Hernan El Toro Cesaro
Perez Fernando Gutierez Vicente Caliente Servando Pulgas Inigo Solis Garcia
Pinata Muhammad Ashah Ibun Muldid Maricar Ishak Nadir Alpoh Sharif Timur Omar
Pasha Mustafa Pilaf Ali Ishmahl Umar Souda Abu Begin Anwar Couscous Miran Baba
Jafar Kouri Karim Shaluk Khalil Girr Sadam Hussein Oliver Hunter Joseph Adler
Thomas Macaully William Thatcher Daniel Spencer Henry Taylor David Wilson
George Darling Andrew Keller Peter Hoffman Charles Ryan Michael Burke Richard
Brown Robert Butler Raymond Gratt Samuel Law Antonio Balboa Carmine Silvano
Federico Gallini Ottavio Ruccia Paolo Scianna Guiseppe Baldacci Giovanni La
Scala Adriano Penne Nicolo Bologna Umberto Lasagna Alessio Marsala Mateo
Ronzoni Fabio Cognola Lucio Tosca Alonzo Pinacci Fredo Corleone Albert Koipe
Frans Malthus Jan Stouten Jacob Amster Karl Hautman Dean Leibeck Stephen Dylan
Klinger Houten Willem Van Dyke Edward Koenig Hubert Haven Faas de

Dagger Short Sword Long Sword Rapier Epee Estock Short Saber Scimitar Japanese
Sword Cutlass Broad Sword Blue Crescent Flamberge Basterd Sword Claymore Saber
Leather Armor Chain Mail Armor Half Plate Plate Mail Armor Quadrant Sextant
Theodolite Pocket Watch Telescope Cat Golden Dragon Telescope null Letter of
Marque (P) Letter of Marque (S) Letter of Marque (O) Letter of Marque (E)
Letter of Marque (I) Letter of Marque (H) Tax-Free Permit (P) Tax-Free Permit
(S) Tax-Free Permit (O) Tax-Free Permit (E) Tax-Free Permit (I) Tax-Free Permit
(H) Rat Poison Balm Lime Juice Royal Crown Balm Expiation Pardon null null Silk
Shawl China Dress Aquamarine Tiara Platinum Comb Ermine Coat Circlet Peacock
Fan Silk Scarf Velvet Coat Diamond Crown Mermaid's Bracelet Ruby Scepter Brass
Candleholder Jade Jewelbox Crown of Majesty Gold Bracelet Sapphire Ring
Malachite Box Garnet Brooch Ruby Ring 106 bendadecan chakuses Magic Muramasa
Rune Blade Crusader's Armor Crusader's Sword Siva's Magic Sword Errol's Plate
Reserve Map of Gold Mask Map of Jade Table Map of Statue Map of Lithograph Map
of Crystal Map of Pot of Fire Map of Sword Map of Medallion Map of Staff Old
Map Gold Mask Jade Table Statue With Eyes Obsidian Lithograph Crystal of
Darkness Pot of Fire Sword of Destiny Gold Medallion Staff of Poseidon Treasure
Chest Butler Marco Count Morie Ranajame Joan, Duke of Modena Professor Mordes
Giovanni da Verrazano Gerard de Jode Diogo Ribeiro Olives Mercator Manuel I
Carlos I Suleiman II Henry VIII Governor-General Governor-General Paula Sapha
Professor Juliano Dr. Wolf her him her his her his

How may I help you?

Hello, %s %s!

You can't invest in %s as it's the capital of %s.

What are you looking for today?

Sorry, we don't have any %s in stock.

%s %s the local specialty.

Well then, how much would you pay?(0-%d)

Your generosity is overwhelming.

Really, we can't accept anymore.

We welcome any investment!

How many lots of %s will you purchase?

You drive a hard bargain. Alright, I accept.

I'll lose my shirt selling at such a low price! I can't sell that low. But how
about %d gold pieces?

Come back again.

What? Is this all?! Thanks for nothing!

Thank you very much.

I won't forget your generosity.

Hello %s, would you like some %s?

Hey sailor, you'll like our %s!

Our specialty, %s, costs %d gold %s per serving. How many will you buy?

Oh, you don't have enough cargo space. Come back when you secure some more

We don't have any goods to sell.

We don't have enough gold.

What a bargain!

It seems a little expensive.

That price is acceptable.

Commodore, we don't have any more space in the hold.

Commodore, that's too much to load.

Commodore, we have no gold!

We have enough men in our crew.

We don't have enough gold.

You may need to loosen your pursestrings and treat the crowd if you want to
persuade anyone to join our crew.

Shall we recruit some men for our crew?

Hey! Do any of you tough sailors want to join our crew?

 per sailor.

We've left a few of our sailors unassigned. Is this OK?

Thanks for treating me. By the way,  I met a good navigator in the lodge.

I don't see anyone who's really worth recruiting.

 did you know that %s is after you?

Ahoy there, matey! How's life on the high seas? I am a vagabond sailor.

Are you buying me the cafe's specialty? Seems like we'll get along well!

Thank you.

I hate to brag, but

Do you like this port's %s?
Hey, would you like to join our crew for the next voyage?

Sorry, but I'm not looking for a new job.

The son of Portugal's Duke Leon.

Spanish Naval Officer. She leaves the Navy for a life of piracy British
Privateer. Appointed by King Henry VIII to the Royal Knights in a secret

Dutch Geographer. Hired by his cartographer friend Mercator,

Italian Adventurer. Roams the world in search of treasure and the unknown
Turkish Merchant. Grew up as an orphan in poverty.

Ahoy there, matey, will ye be shoving off?

Some ships have no crew assigned for navigation. We won't get anywhere.

We can sail for more than 6 months. Are you ready to cast off?

We'll starve if we leave with no provisions!

We won't be able to sail for long. Shall we cast off anyway?

We can sail for %d days. Shall we cast off?

Water is free. How many barrels should we load?

Food will cost us %ld gold pieces per barrel. How many barrels will we buy?

Lumber will cost us %ld gold pieces per plank. How many planks will we buy?

Gun powder will cost us %ld gold pieces per barrel. How many barrels will we

Welcome. You must be tired. Please make yourself at home.

I don't see anyone who would be much help.

I heard that a good navigator was at the cafe.

Whew, it's a relief to be back on dry land. Don't you agree, Commodore?

It's bedtime for this sailor, Commodore!

When will we leave, Commodore?

What do you want with me?

I am Commodore %s of %s.

I command a %s.

I am %s, the %s on a %s from %s.

I am a vagabond sailor.

You're a little low on gold.

You don't need to be so generous.

What brings you to this shipyard?

It seems that your mate is destined to have a series of misfortunes.

Your mate doesn't have very good luck.

Let's just say that your mate's luck is pretty mediocre.

Your mate is one lucky sea dog! What good fortune... His luck will help you as


Commoners are not permitted to enter the palace. Remove yourself from the

What do you want?

Will you pay 100 gold pieces for this piece of information?

Huh, you'll regret it later.

It seems %s is out to get %s.

A merchant fleet is going to %s.

I respect you for being an explorer. Turks just aren't welcome here.

Welcome to the Round Earth Society.

Studying will help you more than you realize.

Your money will be used for research. How much can you give?

Hey, you're holding that book upside down!

Thank you for your generous donation. The knowledge we gain will surely benefit
you, as well.

Good luck in your travels!

Welcome to the central office of the Marco Polo Bank.

Welcome to our regional branch of the Marco Polo Bank.


You don't have any gold to deposit.

You can't deposit any more gold.

You've reached our maximum limit.

Please pay back your debt before you make a deposit.

Now you have %ld gold pieces in your savings account.

You don't have any gold in your account.

How much would you like to deposit? (0-%ld)

We'll deposit %ld gold pieces into your account.

The monthly interest rate is 3%%.

You have enough gold on hand. There's really no need for you to withdraw any

How much would you like to withdraw?(0-%ld)

You can't carry that much gold around with you. Here is %ld gold from your

You still have savings in your account, what do you need a loan for?

You have a lot of gold on hand, I don't think you really need to borrow any

With your poor credit history, there's no way we can give you a loan.

Your credit line is %ld gold pieces.

How much gold do you need to borrow?(0-%ld)

Then we'll lend you %ld gold pieces.

The monthly interest rate is 10%. Please invest our loan wisely.

You don't owe us any money.

How much of your loan will you be paying back? (0-%ld)

Thank you for your payment.

We rounded up %d men.

Commodore, only %d %s came forward.

Commodore, no one seems interested.

It costs %d gold pieces  How many men shall we recruit? (0-%d)

%d@N  %d@S  %d@E %d@ have you been to %s? It's around  It's known for its %s.

What? You are the famous %s %s %s? Wow, you, %s %s, will buy me the cafe's
specialty? I'm delighted!

Commodore, it's nice to be back ashore.

Commodore, let's not spend too much time in the cafe.

Commodore, where's our next stop?


I sail with a %s from %s. %s.

I'm the %s of a %s from %s.

I have a knack for %s.

Sorry, but I prefer to work alone.

Your ship? No thanks.

I'll work for you if you pay me %d gold pieces per month.

That's too bad.

OK, it's a deal, Commodore.

Sorry, I'm not interested. I only sail with experienced navigators.

%s is our busiest waitress. You'll have to tip her 10 gold pieces first.

Commodore, we don't have enough gold.


Now your debt is %ld gold.

%s will cost you %d gold pieces per lot. Is this price OK?

The Price Index of %s Items is %d%%.

We're on our way home.

We're heading for %s to make an investment there.

We're off to trade goods in %s.

Ohhh, I was waiting for you to sail by.

It's time to teach you a lesson.

Unlucky fool! You don't know who I am.

We're looking for %s of %s.

We're sailing in a convoy to protect merchant fleets. It's not safe around here
these days.

I'm on the lookout for pirates. They won't get away from me!

I have some business with you. And you know what? You are my next prey.

Which country do you want information about?

Sorry, no gold, no information!

Thank you for choosing Marco Polo Bank.

We don't have any used ships in stock.

Ye don't have a mate to navigate another ship.

Do ye want to swap one of the ships in yer fleet for this one?

NOTE: Look here for ship descriptions.

This one was popular in Lisbon - about 100 years ago! However, it's very easy
to maneuver.

This classic vessel was first built about two centuries ago. Unfortunately, it
doesn't stack up to today's ships.

This durable craft's shallow hull makes it easy to maneuver, but its cargo
capacity is limited. It's large and durable, but I wouldn't use it on the open

It used to be popular in Venice, as even the smallest crew can navigate it with

This is a well-balanced lateen ship. It's perfect for a novice sailor.

This one is easy to handle and makes for smooth sailing over the ocean.

This may be a bit expensive, but it's worth the cost when trading around
coastal seas.

This is a mid-size ship with a large cargo space. It's easy to maneuver and
suitable for adventurous voyages.

This large trading ship is for the experienced navigator.

This is a battleship, but it's also useful for trading if its payload is kept
low. Not for the unseasoned sailor.

For such a large ship, this is quite easy to maneuver. I highly recommend it.

It's quite durable for its size. Ye can even use it when fighting pirates if ye
maneuver it carefully.

A small, high-performance sailing ship. It has the capacity to carry guns for

We are proud of this great ship. It combines the storage capacity of a galleon
with the mobility of a caravel. A true work of art!

Only a few shipyards have the ability to build this ship. Ye'll never regret
buying it.

This is the ultimate ship, but it's only for highly skilled navigators.

Well, this is the only type of ship built in China.

This small ship can't withstand rough waves, so it's pretty useless on the high

This ship isn't bad. Just remember the payload is high...

No other ship can overcome this floating bastion in close combat.  Galleys are
normally battleships, but this one is fast enough to be used for trading, as

This huge rowing ship is armored with steel, and has space for lots of guns.

This ship was made for many Japanese warlords. Ye may want to own one, too.

This is only a mid-sized ship. I don't think ye can make it home in this one.

Will ye buy this one? I'd sell this ship for %ld gold pieces.

What do ye say?

Then how much are ye willing to spend?

I think he'll accept as low as %ld gold pieces.

Get out of here, ye landlubber! Don't ye know the real value of a ship? I can't
accept that price.

All right, it's yers. Time to name yer ship.

Which one is for sale?

Is this ship OK?

If you are looking for %s,  I heard some traders saying it's sold in %s.

This ship's already in tiptop shape, matey!

Hmmm, it'll cost ye %u gold pieces to fix this ship. What do ye say?

Have it your way, but I really think you should have it fixed now.

We don't have enough gold.

We only have the flag ship. This is your flag ship. Do you still want to sell?
Then, select a new flag ship, mate.

There is still some cargo left on that ship. Sell it anyway?

There is still crew aboard that ship. Is it OK to dismiss them?

For this ship, I'll give you %ld gold pieces. OK?

As you wish.

There are no fleets in sight.

I am %s of %s.

We only have one ship.

Which ship will be the ship #%d?

Is this OK?

You don't have to worry about my wages. I like working for you!

How much will my new wages be?

What are %s's new wages?

Thank you very much.

I'm not very happy with such low wages.

There are no fleets to gossip with.

You haven't selected the ship you'll command.

%s is a captain. You can't appoint him as %s.

%s was appointed as %s.

You have no mates.

How many men will you assign to %s ship?

We will dismiss %d %s. Is this OK?

Is it OK to end the transfer process?

You can't get rid of your flagship.

Transfer your Commodore to another ship.

Is it OK to get rid of %s?

May I help you?

It seems you have no gold.

You already have the maximum of 20 items. You'll have to sell one first.

I'm sure you'll find something you like.

I'm afraid you don't have enough gold.

The %s will cost you  gold pieces.

Are you interested in anything else?

You don't have any items.

What would you like to sell?

I'd like to take that %s off your hands.

OK, I give in.  I'll take it for %ld gold pieces.

What else can you sell me?

You? Get out! You're not welcome here! I never want to see your face again!

Hey there, your ship's all ready to go!

We don't build new ships here.

Ho, you can afford a new ship?

Will you order this model?

What kind of hull?

Is this OK?

This one will cost you %ld gold pieces. Is it a deal?

OK, I'll start building ye a mighty fine vessel! How many bunks for the crew?
Make space for how many guns? Is this OK?

Your ship isn't ready yet. Come back in %d day%s.

It will take %d days to build your ship. Do you want to add it to your fleet

I'll keep the ship in the dock. Go there when you need it.

I'll keep it for a while, then.

We have a great selection today.

Which ship will ye like to fit with a nice figurehead?

What type are ye interested in?

It will cost ye %ld gold pieces. Is this a deal?

Load guns onto which ship?

How many guns? %d %ss will cost ye %ld gold pieces. Is this OK?

Which ship? It will cost ye %d gold pieces to change the cargo capacity. Is
this OK?

Then give it a new name.

We are now keeping %d of your ships in the dock.

We aren't storing any of your ships in the dock right now.

We can keep up to %d of your ships.

But Commodore, we only have the flagship. We won't be able to sail anywhere if
we put it in storage!

Which ship shall we keep in the dock for you?

There are %d men on the ship. Is it OK to dismiss them?

You don't have to worry, we'll keep a close eye on your ship.

We don't have any of your ships in our dock.

Which ship will you put back into commission?

You don't have a mate to command another ship.

Alright then, we'll get your ship ready to go!

OK, we will exchange your ships.

Sorry, but our dock is full.

It's time to go to bed.

Uh? Who is it?

It's me. Open the door.

Oh, %s!

I would like to talk to you. I was just thinking about you.

Come in. Did you want to see me again?

I just couldn't stop thinking about you. I wanted to have someone to talk to,

Welcome to the House of Fortune. What do you want to know?

It will cost you 50 gold pieces. Is it OK?

You don't seem to have enough.

Very well. Take a seat.

Ohh, I see an ominous shadow across your face. You may be doomed to have a
difficult life.

Your future doesn't look very bright. Be careful, and watch out for accidents.

You have an average fortune. But remember, you are the one who carves out your

You have a good fortune. Have more self-confidence.

What a strong fortune! You have nothing to fear in this life.

I have investigated that matter for you.

Welcome! I'm glad to see you again.

I was looking forward to seeing you.

I knew you were coming here. You don't fool me.

I can tell you haven't discovered anything more than the end of your nose.

Wow, that's so exciting!  It's beautiful!  It must have been quite a sight to

Did it bite you?

What an interesting plant!

I wonder what kind of people lived there, long ago.

Weren't you scared?

I wish I could go there, and see that.

Oh, I am so happy!

Do I look pretty?

It's very shiny, and quite pretty. Thank you so much!

This is my gift.

MM... Smack!

It seems a girl called %s is in love with you. Continue your effort, and your
love will be accepted.

Take actions. No one gained love by just waiting for it to happen.

As long as you are in this port, you won't have good luck in love.

I appreciate your kindness, but you don't have anything I need.

Is that an imaginary gift you're trying to give me? You don't have anything!

You already have one. You can't sell an item that you've equipped yourself

You can load %d more %s.

Well, well, you've got a few maps there. Which one do you need help with?

Commodore, %s is missing.

Commodore, %s is missing. Aren't you supposed to be on a mission for someone in


Commodore, the sky looks ominous. I think a storm's headed our way.

Ahoy there, Cap'n! The sky's as dark as a raven's wing. I think a storm's

Commodore, I've got a bad feeling we may run into some nasty weather.

Avast, there, Cap'n! I got a bad feelin' in my bones about the weather.

Commodore, I feel an eerie calm settling across the waters. Is the wind dying

Cap'n, I'm as jumpy as a rabbit. It's too calm! Is the wind dying down?

Commodore, something seems wrong with the weather.

Commodore, something seems wrong with the weather.

Commodore, the wind is damp. It may become foggy.

Aye, Cap'n, my joints are achin'. This damp wind is sure to bring a fog!

Commodore, something seems wrong.

Commodore, something seems wrong.

Commodore, it's a storm!! The waves are tossing the ship!

Blast! A storm!! Our ship's being tossed to the four winds!

Commodore, the wind has died down completely.

Cap'n, it's so still I can hear myself think! Where did the wind go?

This heavy fog is blocking our sight.

Arrrh, this fog is thicker than pea soup! I can't see a thing!

Commodore, the %s was wrecked!

Cap'n, the %s was lost to the deep!

Commodore, somehow we weathered the storm.

Arrrh, Cap'n, we didn't let that storm get us!

Commodore, the wind! The wind started picking up!

Cap'n, did you feel that? There's a breeze a blowin'!

Commodore, the fog finally cleared.

Commodore, we're going to stop in %s. Is this OK?

After sailing for %d %s, we arrived in %s. Restocked for %d %s and left %s.

Discovered %s.

Well, that takes care of your debt! Thank you for using Marco Polo Bank.

Come to think of it...

Bought %d %s of %s for %ld gold pieces each.

Iberia Northern Europe The Mediterranean North Africa Ottoman Empire West
Africa Central America South America East Africa Middle East India Southeast
Asia Far East

What do you want to know?

Sorry, I don't know.

I've heard from some traders that %s is sold in %s.

I haven't been there, but I've heard from some traders that %s is in  the area

Well, that's a secret! I won't tell anyone but you! I'm %d years old.

Well, dresses and jewelry, I guess. All women like jewelry.

Your thoughtfulness is most appreciated. I don't have particular thing, but I
like talking with you.

Did you know that  King Manuel of Portugal King Carlos of Spain Suleiman II the
Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire King Henry the VIII of Britain the
Governor-General of Italy the Governor-General of Holland  is looking for you?

Shall we cast off?

That ship's in tip-top condition.

We have no lumber.

None of our ships are in need of repair.

How many planks of lumber will you use?(0-%d)

You can't load any more - our cargo bay is full.

How many barrels of water(0-%d)?

I doubt that there is a spring here, but would you like to search for water?

We couldn't find water.

We found a clear spring.

We lost %d %s of our crew.

We don't have any food.

Let's give up our search.

We didn't find anything.

We're being attacked by a %s!

We discovered %s %s!

There is nothing interesting to find here.

Shall we entertain the locals?

The friendship level has increased to %d. They're going to help us search.

We don't have any food to give.

Shall we plunder the village?

We stole %d %s of food.  The villagers counterattacked!

Shall we land at this village?

Shall we land here?

We can't land there.

We lost our entire crew. We can't sail any more.

You, the notorious %s %s! You have some nerve to show your face here!

I'll get you!

Welcome %s %s. Please proceed into the royal hall.

Darn it! I'm not about to let myself be captured by the likes of you! But you
can't sell the information elsewhere, OK? Whew, that was a narrow escape!

I was looking forward to meeting you. According to the law, you should be
thrown into a dungeon, and locked away forever! But just this once, I'll be
lenient and seize a mere 4/5 of your fortune. You're lucky I am so forgiving.
That should teach you not to mess with this country ever again. Make sure
there's not a next time.

Well, here is the status of our allied ports overseas. I hope this information
was useful.

We're not allied with any ports in %s.

No one has sailed to %s recently.

Our economic power rating in %s is %u.

Is it really true that you would like to pledge loyalty to our country?

That's too bad, but you are always welcome here. Come back if you change your

I am pleased with your decision. From now on you shall serve our country.

His Majesty thinks you can make it on your own this time.

His Majesty provides the assistance of %d000 gold pieces.

Serve well for the glory of our country.

His Majesty provides a %s.

Europe New World West Africa East Africa Middle East India Southeast Asia Far

Commodore, we have rats on board! What should we do?

Commodore, some men are suffering from scurvy.

Support: Your fame as an adventurer has gone up.

May I help you?

Oh, %s %s. I was waiting for you! Good luck.

I heard you want to sign a contract with us.

As long as you have a contract with us, you can't sell your discoveries to any
other noblemen. Do you agree to the terms of this contract?

That's too bad. If you change your mind at any time, please come back.

I am looking forward to hearing exciting news from you.

Er, it seems you haven't discovered anything this time.

What have you discovered? %s%s?

Ah, you discovered %s%s.

Great, you discovered %s%s!

Super! You discovered %s%s!

I knew we could count on you.

What?! You discovered %s%s?! You are amazing! You are the world's greatest

There is nothing new to tell you.

I've heard some say there's a village around %d%s %d%s, but it's only a rumor.

May I help you?

Oh, %s %s. I was waiting for you.

Would you like to sign a contract with our cartographer's guild?

Hmm, you don't have any cartography skills. I'm sorry, we can't hire a novice.

We'll pay you for the information you gain on your voyages to unknown lands.
Come back when your skills reach over 75.

Oh, that's too bad. Come back if you change your mind. We'll be looking forward
to hearing from you soon!

So, you want to learn cartography, eh? High %s ability is necessary to learn
the skill of cartography. The apprenticeship here will cost you %u gold pieces.

You don't have enough gold.

Is this OK?

You haven't traveled to new areas.

Fantastic! This completes the world map!!

Thank you for all your hard work. Come back again.

The sound of female voices singing seemed to slowly approach the ship from the
distant waves.  The sweet, bewitching melody enticed many sailors to fling
themselves into the ocean.

A giant eye peeked between the waves. Suddenly a tentacle emerged and tried to
drag some of the crew into the ocean. Fortunately, the ship and crew remained
unharmed, but the captain and the mates were overcome with terror.

In the midst of a dense fog, the squeaking noise of the rigging broke the
ominous silence. When the fog finally cleared away, one of the ships had

A giant black manta ray was cruising beneath the ship. When a sailor plunged a
board into its open mouth, the monster quickly turned away.

As we looked up to the mast there was a strange phosphorescent light around the
sail and rigging. We survived! It's a miracle!

A flaming bird flew into our fleet.  There was no time to avoid it. The last
ship of the fleet caught on fire.

All of a sudden an enormous tornado appeared on the horizon, and swallowed our
fleet. To save the ships, we had no choice but to throw all our cargo into the

With a clap of thunder a huge dragon appeared and crossed by the stern of our
flagship. Many members of the frightened crew were suddenly struck by a
mysterious illness.

A number of whirlpools swelled and turned into huge spouts. Giant whales!!
Stunned, we could do nothing to stop the whales from capsizing the ship in the
rear of our fleet.

A ship with broken masts and decayed sails approached us soundlessly. No one
was on board, but we heard the sound of sobbing as it passed by.

We can't carry any more gold.

You already have 10 ships.

You don't need any help from me.

You don't have a mate to be a captain. Come back when you find a mate.

Sorry, I'm busy.

Which country's fleet do you need information about?

What type of fleet?

OK. It'll take about %d days.

Sorry, I haven't completed my investigation yet. By the way, I got some
information for you.

You expressed an interest in the %s from %s, as I recall.

You were interested in finding out about the %s, right?

Commodore %s's fleet is  heading toward %s. targeting %s's fleet. carrying %s.

You need %d more experience points to advance your navigation skill level. And
you need %d more experience points to advance your combat skill level. Lastly,
you need %d more fame points to obtain the next rank. guarding the port of %s.
guarding Commodore %s's fleet. waylaying fleets in %s. attacking merchant
fleets indiscriminately.

I'll make the arrangements for you at the shipyard.

According to sailors here, the current position of that fleet is  around

Name your ship.

The %d%s fleet was destroyed a while back.

Name the ship.

We captured %d enemy %s! We can add %d of them to our fleet.

Is this OK?

%ld gold pieces  and %s %s

We managed to seize

The setting sun put an end to the day's battle.

The battle ended as the flagship fled.

The battle ended as the enemy's flagship fled.

Our flagship had no choice but to surrender.

Give me %u gold pieces, and I'll teach you.

You have been exiled from your mother country. Your name has been shamed, and
your title has been stripped away.

Well, a navigator called %s was looking for a job in %s.

I heard there aren't really any capable sailors in %s.

Commodore, we don't have enough gold to pay our crew's wages.

Commodore, we don't have enough gold to pay our crew's wages.

Commodore, our crew was paid %ld gold pieces in wages.

Commodore, our crew was paid %ld gold pieces in wages.

Commoners are usually not admitted here, but the King is interested in meeting
with you. Please follow me.

We've lost control of all our ships. We can't sail any further.

Welcome to %s! It's nice to have visitors from abroad.

This is %s, the capital of %s.

This is %s, %s's %s. This is %s.

Here is your pay, %ld gold pieces.

Boldly go where you haven't gone!


So you came here for business. If you want to ally with a port, invest in the
marketplace or shipyard in that port.

Hmm, something new...

Village people may be able to help you.

Why don't you ask at the guild.

Someone in the cafe might have an idea.

If you are looking for %s,  If you are looking for the palace of %s, try

If you are looking for the office of the Governor-General of %s, try  %s...  I
believe it's around

Aren't you on a royal mission?

I think %s %s should know about the %s. Where is he?

I don't know. Ask around in the cafe.

%s? The guild in %s may be able to give you some information.

 %s %s is in %s.

You'll find %s  around  %s %s...

 He's leading %s's %s. His whereabouts? I have no idea. Maybe the waitress in
the cafe would know.

%s? I've got a map, but I had no luck finding it.

Well, you can have this map for 1000 gold pieces.

Here's the map. Good luck!

Sorry, no money, no map!

 %s %s? How do you do? Marco Polo Bank has sent me here to collect your debt.

Gee, my debt... OK, OK. Here are %d gold ingots. Now just go away!

Ugh, a debt collector... I hate to borrow and run, but I must be going, NOW!

Wait! I won't let you go!

Gasp, OK, I'll pay.

Here are %d gold ingots. Curses! Foiled again!

Very well. I like customers like you.

Very well. You must feel great, now that your debt is paid off!

Hey, you're a trader, aren't you?  %s %s the specialty of this port.

This port has nothing special in the market.




No visitors are allowed entrance to this port. Resupply your ship and leave at

Bon dia.

Buenos dias.

Al-salom, Aleikom.


Buon giorno.

Guten Tag.


Remember, arms and armor must be equipped before you use them.

You need a measuring instrument to find latitude and longitude.

There are people who want to know about novel things discovered abroad.

For your own sake, you'd better keep away from pirates.

Be careful of a deadly disease during a long voyage.

You may want to start with taking an easy task from a guild.

Cartographers are eager to get new information for their mapping work. They may
pay for geographical information.

If you want to find out about something, go to a cafe and ask the waitress.

Fortune tellers can tell you what experience you need for the next skill level.

If you find a village, explore it. You may find something interesting.

I saw a used %s ship at the shipyard.

I heard that there aren't any used ships for sale at the shipyard right now.

That mansion is the Duke's residence.

Christopher Columbus set sail from this port in 1492 with the support of Queen
Isabella I.

Right now more than half of the Mediterranean is controlled by the Ottoman

Diogo Ribeiro is the master cartographer in this town.

Watch out! This is the home port of the Barbary Pirates.

Pirates known as Corsairs call this port home. Be careful!

Did you know that lime juice cures scurvy?

If you go to an item shop at 2 AM, you may find something out of the ordinary.

This town is governed by our Governor-General.

Duke Modena is collecting information about novel things from around the world.

Professor Juliano, a famous astronomer, lives in this town.

Don't ever confuse this town with Majorca! We're superior to those grain

Mr. Olives from the guild is looking for geographical information, but only
from someone with cartography skills.

The large bank in this port is the headquarters of the Marco Polo Bank.

The item shop here doesn't have a very good selection.

The Greek name of this port is Iraklion.

Welcome to Athens, the city of myth and ancient ruins.

I hope to leave this boring town soon.

This port has thrived in trading for centuries.

The city of Jerusalem isn't far from here, but there's no way for a sailor to
get there.

A long time ago, the Crusaders invaded this town.

Over the past 1000 years, our island of Cyprus has been ruled by many different
countries.  Three poleis (cities) merged to become one during the Greek rule,
creating our lovely city of Tripoli.

Have you met Khayr ad-Din? He is a notorious pirate.

Did you come here by accident? Not many people know about this port.

Fewer merchants have been coming here via the Silk Road lately. Maybe they
prefer the sea route?

This town used to be at the forefront of Turkish rule, but Portugal took
control in 1415.

There are grapes growing all around this port. Have you ever seen so many?

The Reformation's influence has reached this town. The number of Huguenots are

Wool from England is made into textile in Amsterdam.

The ship-building technology here is superb, but the shipyard facilities are

Top of the morning to you! You're in the largest city in Ireland.

The economy in this town is booming!

You can buy modern navigation instruments in this town.

The armorers in this town are the best in the world.

A famous strategist named Dr. Wolf lives in this town and teaches the art of

This town wouldn't have declined so much if it had joined the Hanseatic League.

Are you surprised that a port so far north is so lively?

We have skilled swordsmiths who make unique swords.

We love to eat salt-cured anchovies!

How did you find such a remote port?

Did you notice the long narrow fingers of the sea bordered by steep cliffs
around here? They are called [fjords].

This port was opened by Spanish immigrants.

Some ports in the New World will give you a good price for gold.

This port is well known for its vanilla. This island is very poor and has no
local specialties.

If there were a canal here, sea travel would be much more convenient.

There are many pirates here. Be careful!

Christopher Columbus's brother built this town.

Gold from the New World is transported to this town.

Christopher Columbus discovered this island.

Have you visited a port called Maracaibo?

According to the Treaty of Tordesillas, Portuguese are allowed to colonize
South America.

Did you know that this land was discovered by a Spanish explorer named Alvarez

Have you been to a port called Guatemala?

Be sure to stock lime juice on your ship before a long voyage.

Have you ever been attacked by monsters?

There are sugar cane plantations here that were developed by the Portuguese.

Beware - fierce storms often rage south of this port.

There is a fort in this town that was built by some Portuguese.

This port is so close to Europe that not many sailors stop by.

This port was recently built by Portuguese settlers.

Make sure you use rat poison when you find rats on your ship.

Just north of this port is Cape Verde.

Welcome to Timbuktu, an African city friendly to traders.

Go east and you'll find the port of San Jorge.

This port thrived from Indian Ocean trade, even before Europeans arrived.

This is one of the ports where Vasco da Gama stopped.

It's always hot here because this port is close to the equator.

If you are looking for souvenirs, this is a good place to shop.

This area is rich in minerals.

Investment will someday turn to your reward.

I'm so thirsty!

A Portuguese explorer named Albuquerque once conquered this port.

It is said that there was once a city nearby named Aksum that was the capital
of a great kingdom.

Did you come to see our majestic pyramids?

Northeast of here is the marvelous city of Baghdad. Too bad you can't go there!

This is where Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was born.

I wonder when we'll next have rain.

Is this town larger than you expected?

Go into the Persian Gulf and you'll find more ports.

There was an ancient civilization in this area.

Vasco da Gama opened this port to increase trade with the area.

This old city has thrived from seaborne trade.

There is a rivalry in spice trade between England and Holland.

This port was captured by Commodore Afonso de Albuquerque.

This is the largest trading port in Southeast Asia.

This area is called Spice Islands.

Have you visited the marketplace yet? Nutmeg is really cheap here.

This port and Ternate are the two largest producers of clove.

How do you like the tropical forest in this area?

Don't come close to me! It's sweltering here!

This port imports Nutmeg from Banda.

Many seamen have told me about St. Elmo's Fire - have you seen it?

This is the largest trading port in China.

This port has things girls would like.

This port has thrived as part of the seaborne Silk Road.

This capital was built by Liu Ban, the founder of Han Dynasty.

This is a city of merchants.

We've had more visitors from the West ever since Marco Polo wrote about our
land of [Zipangu] in his book. You might want to visit there someday.

We teach the skill of gunnery. Do you want to learn?

Don't waste my time. You already have the skill.

You need %s to learn gunnery.

Data will be saved after ending. Use this data for the future adventure.

I don't have time to teach someone with no gold.


Remember, life is very precious.

I teach celestial navigation.

You already have the skill.

You need %s to learn celestial navigation.

Knowledge of the stars will guide you safely over the seas.

And in my crystal ball, I can see a noble person searching for you.

That mate doesn't have the skill of celestial navigation.

Measure longitude and latitude on the ship.

Nobody has the skill of celestial navigation.

Oh well, I guess I'll give it a try.

I'll just have to try it myself, then.

This may be OK. This won't be too off.

You have a tax free permit so there is no tax for you.

If you don't have a tax free permit, you must pay 20% tax in addition to the

For a limited time only, we are selling some really special items that you
don't usually see.

It's closed...

Commodore, that fleet may look like a %s from %s, but I think they're really

Select your destination.

Is it OK to follow this course?

In what direction should we set our sails?

Will you challenge the enemy commodore to a duel?

The enemy's crew has blocked your attempt.

Whom do you want to attack?

Give orders to which ship?

Select your target.

Is it OK to end the turn?

Are you sure you want to flee?

So you want to learn celestial navigation.

There are no fleets to attack.

%s %s will support the defending side.

%s %s will support the attacking side.

You can't attack someone at night.

Are you going to attack someone from your own country?

I think this is a map of  the area around

Hmm, so you want me to analyze a treasure map! Alrighty, then, let me have a

Hey, Commodore, buy me some time to escape, will you!!

Commodore, I must save myself first, so I'm fleeing! I hope to see you again.

Sorry, it's not my duty to accompany you in such danger. Good luck!

Commodore, you've gotten yourself into a bad spot. I can't help you any more.

Commodore, I don't see %s's ship anywhere.

Whose fortune shall I tell?

He'll leave you soon if you're not careful.

He doesn't have very good feelings toward you.

He is beginning to trust you.

He is beginning to feel loyal to you.

He's very loyal to you.

Commodore, I'm not very happy working for you. I think I'll stay in this town.

Commodore, will you try to convince %s to stay with us?

So, are you going to try and stop me? Then, will you give me a raise?

I respect your interest, but only explorers from the Ottoman Empire can use our

Welcome to the Round Earth Society.

Let's hit the books! Studying always helps you.

We rely on donations to fund our research. How much can you give?

You can't believe everything you read, you know.

Oh, you are so generous! This will help you, too - what comes around goes

Good luck in your travels!

%s was miraculously rescued.

Pirate %s %s, your days of terrorizing the seven seas are numbered.

Pirate %s %s, your luck has run out.

Stop your ship, or we'll attack!

What rubbish! You're the one who is doomed to sink!

You are pretty brave to challenge us.

Okay, okay, we'll give you whatever you want. Just don't hurt us!

Huh, why should we listen to you?

If you don't want to get hurt, surrender your cargo and gold!!

We finally got you, %s! You are under arrest for your actions against %s!

You're from %s, our sworn enemy! It's time for me to send you to Davey Jones'

Commodore, I think we're in big trouble.

Nothing to fear, Commodore, they're no match for us.

We managed to escape!

The enemy has fled.

Commodore, there's nowhere to run! We have no choice but to fight.

You are wise to surrender. According to our law, we'll take away 2/3 of your
gold and cargo.

Yo ho ho! An easy victim! Men, seize everything they've got!

Ahrrr! There is nothing valuable here. Well, I'll give you some gold. Use it to
earn more gold for our next meeting.

Ahrrr! You're pretty broke! I won't touch your gold. You should thank me for
being so merciful. I'll leave you my mercy and 5000 gold pieces, so that you
can earn more for me.

I shouldn't have underestimated you, pal...

I admit your victory, but some day my country will avenge my defeat.

Help! SOS! Save me!

The enemy's flagship ran up the white flag.

%s %s completely destroyed the %s fleet.

They're too strong for us. We must flee!

You'll be sorry - next time!

Savage pirates! Someday you'll taste the bitterness of my revenge!

Our fleet had a battle with a %s %s, %s.

Commodore, be careful. This is a %s port.

Commodore, some gruff-looking men are approaching.

You, the notorious %s! You have some nerve coming to this country!

Arrgh, we're surrounded! We'd better make a run for it!

Whew! We managed to escape. Whew! We escaped!

As punishment for your dastardly deeds, we'll seize 3/4 of your gold. Never
bother my countrymen again, do you hear?

If you have %s,  you can sell it for a good price in ports around %s.

I remember %s will give you a good price for %s.

As far as I remember, %s will pay you plenty for %s.

Good place to sell %s... Well, you know I'm not good at numbers.

Hey, you can't trick me. You'll make a fine profit even at %u gold pieces.

OK, I give in. I'll sell it to you for %u gold pieces.

Watch out for %s. They're out to get you.

To automatically sail to a port, you need a first mate who has the skill of
Celestial Navigation.

To automatically sail to a port, you need a first mate who has the skill of
Celestial Navigation.

How many men will you assign for %s (0-%d)?

%d %s will be discharged. Is this OK?

You'd better leave or else I'll rearrange your face!

Keep yourself away from me, before I give you a knuckle sandwich!

You can't buy me with treats.

Hey, you can't trick me. You'll make a fine profit even at %u gold pieces.

OK, I give in. I'll sell it to you for %ld gold pieces.

Commodore, you already have a letter of marque.

Commodore, we have too much to carry. Let's make some space first.

Would you like a letter of marque?

You need more fame as a pirate. Come back when your exploits are better known.

You need more fame as a pirate. Come back when your fame in pirating surpasses
your fame in trade and adventure.

Then let me take your request to his majesty.

I understand that you would like a letter of marque from my country. Then I
shall grant the letter. Go forth in the name of my country!

Commodore, you already have a tax-free permit for this country.

The permit is valid for half a year. You must renew it every April and October.

If a permit is issued now, you will have to renew it very soon.

Will you request a tax-free permit?

So I hear you would like to have a tax-free permit from my country. It will
cost you %d0000 gold pieces. Do you still want it?

Commodore, we don't have enough money.

Aren't you done with your business?

Good luck.

You're already carrying a lot of items. Come back for the map when you make
some space.

Analyzing the map will cost you 2 gold ingots. Is this OK?

You haven't discovered anything.

We are allied with %d ports around the world.

%s Captain %s %s fleet Arms:%s
Lookout Crew %3z %3z %3z
Minimum number of crew:%3d
Speed :%3d

Where should I sell %s...?

I wish I had a reliable bookkeeper.


Which area of the world are you interested in?

We discovered Ruins of an ancient civilization!

Loyal to %s

Well, maybe next time I can help you out.


No one has sailed to the %s recently.

The storm is too strong! We're sinking!

You have no ship.

Ye want to rename this port? Give it a nice name, please.

There is another port with the same name. We can't have that! Try again.

%s is a nice name! Thank you.

Sorry, but I can't buy this item.


Did you forget that you're on a mission for someone in this port?

%s is looking for you.

Commodore, this building is locked.

%s %s Age Leadership Seamanship Knowledge Intuition Courage Swordsmanship Charm
Age: %3d

Will you change my name?

Would you like to change my name?

Will you change my name?

Will you change my name?

Do you want to give me a new name?

Will you change my name?

Select a display you are using.

Are you ready to start the game?

Select data.

Will you load a saved game?

There is no saved game.

Will you save the current game?

--- not use ---


Hit any key.

Quitting the game.

Gold Pieces Gold Ingots

--- not use ---

Place yer bet.

Humph, that's a bet a child would make!

Well well well! A big spender! Let's hope you're ready to play. Good luck!

You got Red Jack? That's 5 times the stakes! WOW!

You have Black Jack? That's double the stakes, but don't get carried away.

I have to let you win sometimes!

Black Jack with three sevens! You tripled your stakes!

You've got Sequence in the same suit! That's Black Jack, 3X stakes!

Five cards without busting? You just tripled your stakes!

Ho, ho! Red Jack! Quintuple the stakes for me!

Heh, I have Black Jack! I'll take double stakes.

Sorry, I'll take that hand.

Triple the stakes for Black Jack with three sevens!

Triple the stakes! Black Jack with sequence in the same suit!

5 cards without busting! I'll take triple the stakes!


Interested in playing cards with me?

Don't feel bad. You've got to lose once in a while. Another bet?

What, you're leaving already?

I had a good time, thanks to you. Come back soon!

Is this throw final? How about %d gold pieces? That's fine with me.

Good! OK, let's bet %d gold pieces.

How about the middle, %d gold pieces? All right.

No, let's make it %d gold pieces.

All right, coward!

Yeh, that's all right.

Me, too.



Don't get carried away!

Sorry to beat you, but I'll take your stakes.

Having fun, huh?

You are doing too well.

Wanna play dice with me?

Oh boy, here comes our favorite sucker.

Don't feel too bad.

Work hard and make some more money - I like winning it from you.

Let's play another hand.

Leaving already? It was just getting interesting.

Yer dirty scum! Ye just take your winnings and quit?!

Are you giving up already?

Ha ha, just as I suspected, taking money from you was like taking candy from a

I don't deal with paupers.

Saving data.

Transferring data.

On %s %w, 15%w, %s %s was defeated in battle. Debris from the flagship washed
ashore, but no one has ever seen %s since that fateful day.

On %s %w, 15%w, %s %s's ship was battered by a terrible storm, and %s severely
damaged ship sank deep into the dark sea.

On %s %w, 15%w, due to the harsh conditions on board, %s %s's entire crew was
lost at sea, and %s fleet could not continue to sail.

On %s %w, 15%w, %s %s decided to put an end to %s quest at sea.

%s %w, %w. %s %s's journal stops abruptly on this page. This marked the end to
the stormy saga of %s life on the sea.

This is it.

A cartographer might be able to tell you where %s is.

What? Did you find %s?

This is beautiful! I've never seen such a treasure!

You can't load any more guns on this ship.

This ship isn't built to carry guns.

this is number 1022 (line 1023).

First name ?

Family name ?

Ship name ?

Port name ?

from those scurvy dawgs!

There are items left in the unloading area! Is it okay to leave items unloaded?

You're the best friend a girl ever had!

Here is the permit. Enjoy using it in the markets of my country!

this is number 1033 (line 1034).

My quest will take me through high winds and over high seas.

I am guided by my beliefs.

Help me battle for the glory of England.

I'll go beyond the waves and see what's there.

Would you take over my debt?

Sapha... my only sister. Where are you?

ive me a name suitable for a Duke's son.

Give me a graceful name!

Be a kind old chap, and give me a good name.

Please give me a fine name.

Give me a unique name, will you?

Give me a good name.

this is number 1046 (line 1047).

%s %s? That will be just fine.

%s %s? I like it!

%s %s... Hmmm, it sounds good.

%s %s? That's got a nice ring to it.

%s %s? Hey, that's a cool name!

From now on, I shall be known as %s %s.

It seems there is no saved game.

Well, there is no saved game!

There is no saved game.

There is no saved game.

There is no saved game.

All there is is my debt...

There is no saved game.

It seems a data error has occurred. I'm sorry, but you must restart the game.

But next time, I'll entertain you more!

The game will resume at sea on %s %d, %d.

The game will resume at the port of %s on %s %d, %d.

Bon Voyage!

this is number 1066 (line 1067).

%d %s of water will be loaded. Is this OK?

%d %s of water and  %d %s of food will cost you %ld gold pieces. Is this OK?

How many %s will you unload (0-%ld)?

Changed yer mind, eh?

Then this way, please.

Welcome, %s %s. We have %d used %s ready to sail.

You can't invest in %s as it's the capital of %s.

%d %s of lumber will be used for repairs.

With only %d %s of lumber we can't repair any more ships after we repair the

I'm counting on you.

Come back when your ability becomes %d or higher.

Come back when your ability becomes %d or higher.

Then here is %ld gold pieces.

For that I'll pay you %ld gold pieces.

I'll pay you extra and give you %ld gold pieces.

Here is your reward of %ld gold pieces.

This is hardly enough to reward you for such a marvelous feat, but please
accept these %ld gold pieces.

Commodore, quick! Look at that!!

Commodore, do you hear that?

.......Commodore, something is wrong here.

Wow, Commodore, look at the sky!!

Fortunately, %s was saved by the %s.

If I had only kept my eye on...

Sorry, Commodore. I gave up searching for it long ago.

Will you buy the map?

Hey, are you interested in sailing with us? Maybe next time?

Alright, then. I'll postpone all pay raises till later.

Do you want to save your game before quitting?

Is it really OK to quit the game now?

Are you sure you want to quit?

Thanks! I thought you would understand!

Fine then, you skinflint. I'll find another job.

See you around, maybe.

Well, good luck. Perhaps we'll meet again some day.

You already have 10 ships in your fleet. Is this OK?

%s %s is in this port.

Undertook a mission to transport %d %s to %s within %d %s.

Undertook a mission to bring %d %s within %d %s.

Undertook a mission to take a letter to the guild in %s within %d %s.

Undertook a mission to defeat %d %s within %d %s.

Undertook a mission to collect a debt from %s %s within %d %s.

Turned down a mission to %s.  Completed a mission to %s.

Completed a mission to %s, though it was late.

Couldn't complete the mission to %s in time.

Did %s, but spent the money collected from the debtor.

Given an imperial order to purchase %d %s.

Given an imperial order to deliver a letter to %s.

Given an imperial order to act as an envoy and propose a treaty with %s.

Given an imperial order to acquire %d allied ports.

Given an imperial order to discover novel things.

Given an imperial order to find %s.

Given an imperial order to subdue %s.

Given an imperial order to vanquish %s's fleet.

Declined an imperial order

Carried out an imperial order.

With this gun's power, you'll be invincible in battles.

This powerful short-ranged gun is effective in close battles.

For the price it has decent power; however, its range is rather limited.

You can count on this one for long-distance attacks.

This isn't very powerful, but it's useful for defense with its long range.

The best thing about this gun is its price.

You won't find another gun like this one, with the power of a Cannon and the
range of a Culverin.

Hmmmm, I think that you should recover your original nationality. With your
current nationality, you won't have good prospects for the future. Furthermore,
a whole new horizon will be opened to you if you increase your fame of %s.

%d %s from our crew %s to stay in this village, %s tired of sailing!

Is 8:00 AM a good time for you to check out?

It's all set then. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Then what time would you like to check out?

OK, I'll arrange your check out at %ld:00 %s. Sweet dreams!

Which port are you interested in?

%s is around %d%s, %d%s. It's around here on this map.

Are you willing to pay %d gold pieces for this information?

If you don't want to know, it's no skin off my back.

Food and Water

Commodore, we ran out of %s. We must get supplies for the crew!

Oh, Sir %s, welcome back!

Hi Marco! How've you been?

Just fine, sir. But please go ahead inside. Your father can't wait to see you.

Hello, Father. I've returned to report that I've completed my mission.

Ah, my son. I want to congratulate you on your triumphant return.

Thank you, Father. Let me tell you all about my voyage.

I have already heard. A messenger from Spain spoke quite highly of your

Really? But I never could have made it without Commander Ezequiel's support.

You're very modest. I'm very proud of you, and I have a little surprise for
you. Oh, Rocco!

Aye, sir?

What do you think of my son? Has he become a wise and strong sailor?

Aye, it makes me proud as punch to see what a fine mate he's become.

If you think that way, then I know I have made the right decision. %s,

Yes, Father?

I have decided to recommend to His Majesty that you replace me as Prime
Minister of Portugal. I believe you deserve the position. Congratulations, my
son, and good luck!

It was a red-haired female pirate,  Catalina Errantzo, who saved Prince Alberto
and myself  from that evil pirate, Kahn.  But she turned out that she was
really after me.  Only with Rocco's quick thinking and cunning subterfuge did
we manage  to escape.

I am %s %s. As thanks, I'll have to play a tune for you on my lute.

Oh, what have I done? I must have been out of my mind. I can't believe I saved
a %s!

Halt! We know that the pirate Catalina is in there. We are the navy guard,
under orders from Commander Ezequiel. In the name of Spain, we arrest you for
crimes against the state.

At Massawa, I met the last descendent of the lost city of Atlantis, Tafari.
After our meeting, a fierce naval battled ensued, as I fought to protect
Massawa from the Turkish forces.

Wait, please. Meconbe, let us tell these gentlemen the truth. Don't you think
it's cruel to keep everything covered in secrecy?  Both cruel to us and to
these men here.

At the port of Nagasaki, Enrico finally had to leave us.  After so many voyages
together, it was sad to part.  But we wished him good luck with a smile,  as he
was excited about beginning his studies in the land of Zipangu. I have much to
learn and teach. I'm excited, but also sad to part with such good friends. 
Please take care, and have a safe trip.

With the help of Catalina, I rescued Lucia from the clutches of evil pirates.
After that, I decided to cooperate with Catalina  and Commander Ezequiel's
Fleet to stop  Martinez's evil scheme.

%s, I'll take care of these hoodlums, so take this opportunity and save Lucia!

Thanks, Catalina. I owe you one!

At Lisbon, we were welcomed  by the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd.  It seems
my father finally acknowledged  that I am an experienced seafarer.

I get the feeling that you're a newcomer to the trade business. I can give you
a pointer or two, if you'd like.

You're wise to listen. Here are a few things you should always remember. The
cardinal rule of trading is to buy low and sell high. You want to make a big
profit, of course! I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to trading.
First, find out the specialty of the area. Specialty goods are produced in high
volume, so they're usually cheap. Although you're a greenhorn, play it cool and
say NO to the first price presented by us merchants. Maybe I'll offer you a
lower price. That means a bigger profit! Finally, don't fill up your hull with
goods if you don't have enough food and water on board. Smart traders always
restock food and water as soon as they dock at the harbor. This way, they don't
have to worry about it when they trade. There's nothing more foolish than
throwing away goods you just bought to make room to load food and water. I hope
these tips will help you. Don't forget to keep your eyes and ears open in town.
Some of the people you meet on the street may be experts in trade.

Well, pardon me. I shouldn't meddle in your business.

Ahoy there, swabbie! Maybe I'm wrong, but ye has the look of an unseasoned
sailor. If ye'd like, I can teach ye the ins and outs of commanding a ship.

Then hear me words as I tell ye the secrets of smooth sailing. First, ye need a
hearty crew to handle the ship. Ye can find and hire some able-bodied seamen in
a cafe. Next, ye need good supply of food and water for yer crew.  Ye can get
food and water at a harbor. Lastly, ye need a captain for each ship. Ye'll be
at the helm of your flagship, of course. But if ye have ships besides yer
flagship in yer fleet, ye'll need a captain to steer each of those. So ye may
want to start looking in cafes and lodges for trustworthy mates to sail with
ye. In short, as long as ye have crew, supplies, and captains,  it'll be smooth
sailing. Aye, it's as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!

Well, sorry, I was just wondering if ye needed some advice.

Ye don't know much about ships, eh? This old sea dog's navigated the waters for
over 40 years. I can give ye some advice. What do ye say, mate?

All right, then. First of all, ye must decide whether to build a new ship or
buy a used ship. A new ship will be custom-built to please ye. The model, its
materials, equipment and everything will be just as ye demand. But building a
vessel is an expensive and time-consuming task. Although ye may not find the
ideal vessel, ye may want to opt to buy a used ship. They're less expensive and
ready to use! Either way, with ye own ship, ye'll be a true limey! But to get
back to the story, the model of the ship determines its capacity. Ships that
hold a large crew and many guns will have limited cargo space. If ye want a
vast hull to carry many goods, keep minimum space for crew and guns. Remember
these things when ye buy a ship. Good luck!

Hmmph, ye young'uns don't appreciate advice from the old these days.

Are you the new kid in town? I've been wanting to meet you!

Ahh, I remember when I was your age.  Under this grey head of mine is a noggin
full of useful knowledge. Let me tell you about the guild.

Thank you. It won't take long. The guild is a place where you can get hired to
complete a mission for someone. Successful completion of a mission will not
only add to your gold but increase your fame, as well. If you fail to complete
your mission, you'll lose not only the reward but also your fame. So make sure
you're able before you promise to complete a mission!

You'll live to regret it if you don't learn to listen to your elders.

Well, you must be new here. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I know a
lot about seafarers. Would you be interested in my advice on ship crew?

I thought you would! Have you used the [Assign Crew] command yet? It's used to
assign your crew to the different tasks aboard ship. 'Navigation' is for ship
handling, 'Lookout' is for watching the horizon, and 'Combat' is for battles.
That's all you need to know. Assign your crew according to your objective.
Isn't it easy?

Well, that's too bad. I guess my help isn't good enough for you.

Before we talk about a contract, let me make sure you understand all there is
to know about searching for an item. First of all, the rare things I want
information about are always near a village. So if you discover a village, be
sure to land there and 'Search'. If you can't find anything, 'Entertain' the
villagers. They may help you 'Search' for something interesting. If they don't
respond immediately, be persistent. Entertain them two or three times. As their
'Friendliness' goes up, you'll have a better chance of finding something
incredible. The effort it takes to gain the villager's trust is sometimes very
worthwhile. But of course, you're already quite an adventurer! You know, you
don't always need a large crew. You really only need enough men to move your
ship forward. A ship's speed depends not only on its type, but also on the
number of crew and the captain's ability in navigation. When you don't have
enough crew assigned for navigation, its number will be shown in red.

Only fleets that have a first mate with the skill of [Celestial Navigation] can
use the [Auto Sail] command. It's a good idea to assign a person with
[Accounting Skills] to be your bookkeeper. When you need to recall something
important, open your journal. When you want to see a map, press the Start
button. It's convenient to use the [Auto Sail] command to sail to a port you
have visited before. You may want to use the [Assign Crew] command frequently.
When you complete a [Delivery] mission, your fame in trade will increase. When
you complete a [Pirate Hunting] mission, your fame in piracy will increase.
When you complete a [Transport] mission, your fame in trade will increase. The
place to hire crew is the cafe. You knew that, right? Did you also know that
you can hire crew only once a day?

A figurehead is not just for decoration. It will protect you from accidents and
monsters out on the high seas.

If you continually make investments on a port, it will eventually ally with
your home country. Your fame in trade will go up as well.

If you desperately need gold, you can borrow from a bank. There's no interest
if you repay the loan within the month.

If you want to get detailed information about the port you are in, go to a
lodge and ask.

If you have a tax-free permit, you can buy goods without tax. The permit is
issued in the palace.

If you have a letter of marque, your piracy will be considered a patriotic act
for your country.

The basic defensive tactics in a duel are [Parry] against [Thrust], [Block]
against [Lash], and [Dodge] against [Strike]. The basic offensive tactics in a
duel are [Strike] against [Parry], [Lash] against [Dodge], and [Thrust] against

Some specialty goods are not put on the market until the [Economy] of the port
reaches a certain level.

Success in a duel depends on the action you select and the strength value of
the action.

The quality of your arms and armor will determine your success in a duel.

To find latitude and longitude, you must have a measuring instrument and
someone who has [Celestial Navigation] skills.

I heard that some people will pay for information about the exotic things you
may discover on a voyage.

If you've just started sailing, you can gain experience and fame quickly by
signing up for easy missions at a guild.

Cartographers are eager to know detailed information of the world's geography.
They may even pay for such information.

Get yourself acquainted with waitresses at cafes. They know lots of useful

I heard that you may find something interesting if you [Search] in a [Village].

Did you know that the way the winds affect sailing depends on the type of ship?

If you are short of crew, use the [Assign Crew] command and increase the ratio
for [Navigation].

To prepare for a battle, increase the ratio of your crew for [Combat] by using
the [Assign Crew] command.

If you increase the ratio of crew assigned to [Lookout], it will be easier to
find ports and villages. Changing how much [Rations] you give to your crew will
affect their [Condition]. 90% is the average.

Give an inexperienced navigator on the job training, and assign him to be the
chief navigator. His skills will improve quickly!

The [Rearrange] command will determine the initial location of ships in a
battle and the order of turns.

If you complete a [Debt Collection] mission, your fame in both piracy and
adventure will increase!

Professor Mordes, a collector in Bordeaux is quite generous.

Joan, the Duke of Modena in Pisa, is notoriously stingy.

Duke Franco in Lisbon is looking for information on exotic things.

There is a man called Ranajame who is looking for information on exotic things.

Count Morie in Copenhagen is looking for information on exotic things.

Dr. Wolf teaches the skills of [Gunnery] in Hamburg.

Professor Juliano teaches the skill of [Celestial Navigation] in Naples.

There is a famous cartographer named Mercator in Amsterdam.

Gerard de Jode in Antwerp is a skilled cartographer.

Diogo Ribeiro in Barcelona will pay an arm and a leg for new geographical

A cartographer called Olives in Palma teaches the skills of [Cartography].

There is a cartographer called Giovanni da Verrazzano in Venice.

If your captain has [Gunnery] skills, the destructive power of your guns will
substantially increase.

If you have less men than the number of guns, the power of your guns will be

If you don't know what to do next, visit a fortune teller and ask her about
your life.

I heard that [Studying] at the Round Earth Society gives you that extra
something to help you through tight spots.

Make sure your mates know how much you appreciate them - don't scrimp on their
[Wages]! Underpaid mates can't help but feel disloyal.

Trading Glass Beads from Amsterdam with Ivory from Timbuktu is very profitable.

It's a good idea to trade Iron Ore from Kaffa with Art from Athens.

Iron Ore from Cairo and Amber from Aden are a good trade.

If you want to know the best trade route, it's exchanging Carpet from Istanbul
with Art from Athens.

A really simple yet profitable trade route exchanges Dye from Ragusa with
Glassware from Venice.

May I help you?

Come to think of it, you're still kind of a beginner in trade.

Hello. How are ye? By the way, ye still haven't learned all the ropes of
sailing, right?

Hey there, welcome! It seems ye still don't know much about ships.

Oh, it's you, %s %s! I was a little bored here.

Welcome. Oh, it's you, sir %s %s! To thank you for your patronage, I'd like to
share with you some wisdom on managing a crew. Are you interested?

If you defect to serve our country, you may not be able to achieve your goal.

Would that be OK?

We should hire crew in the cafe.

By the way, don't forget to hire crew in a cafe.

To tell you the truth, I don't know much about %s. But, I assume it's somewhere
around there on your map.

Before we discuss a contract, let me make sure you understand all there is to
know about searching for rare things. First, items that I am looking for are
always in a village. So if you discover a village, be sure to [Go Ashore] and
[Search] for an item. If you can't find anything, [Entertain] the villagers.
They may help you 'Search' for something interesting. If they don't respond
immediately, be persistent. Entertain them two or three times. As their
[Friendliness] goes up, you'll have a better chance of finding an item. The
effort it takes to gain the villager's trust is sometimes very worthwhile. But
of course, you already know what we are looking for already.
Remember that you must equip yourself with them, or else they will be useless!
Entertain people in the village if you don't find anything.

Since that time, %s face has been nowhere to be seen.

No one has seen %s ship ever since.

Deep lines on %s face marked the exhaustion felt after so many years on the
high seas.

This triumph occurred on %s %d, %d.

An adventurer who travels around the world to find the secret of Atlantis.

 to avenge the mysterious loss of her brother and fiance.

 to defeat the Spanish Fleet.

 to explore far- off lands and make a map of the entire world.

 to pay for the debt his father left him.  A twist of fate brings him a
merchant ship and a chance to make his fortune.

As the son of Duke Leon Franco, Joao sails for the glory of Portugal. In his
travels around the globe he hopes to discover the secret of the lost land of

This red-haired pirate hails from Spain. She seeks revenge on Portugal for the
mysterious loss of two men - her brother and her beloved.

The Conti family went bankrupt long ago, leaving Pietro a large debt. But that
won't stop him from exploring the world in search of treasure and exotic items.

Ernst is a famous geographer from Holland. At the request of his cartographer
friend Mercator, he sets sail to plot out a detailed map of the world.

Ali has struggled to make ends meet in Istanbul since he was a child. Now, with
a merchant ship, he will try to make his fortune, trading in foreign lands.

A Royal Knight of the British Empire, Otto is on a secret mission for King
Henry VIII. Sailing as a privateer, his goal is to defeat the Spanish Fleet.

Is %ld:00 %s OK?

You can't [Auto Sail] to an area you haven't visited yet.

It seems %s is cracking down on pirates.

NOTE: From here on you have the descriptions of discoveries you can make in
villages across the world, followed by their names (nonsensical, I know).

Prehistoric monument, consisting of rings of stones, with the outermost ring
made up of large stone columns. Believed to have been an astronomical

Black basalt slab bearing the same inscription in three languages- ancient
Egyptian hieroglyphics, a simpler ancient Egyptian writing system, and Greek.

Tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu, a pyramid measuring 481 feet high with a square base
756 feet wide. The four sides face the north, south, east and west.

Fierce amphibious predator armored with hard leather skin, the crocodile
sometimes reaches a length of 20 feet. With its powerful jaws, it can rip into
livestock animals and even humans with one bite.

Pyramid built by the ancient Cush in northern Africa. Though it's relatively
small, with a 30 by 30 foot square base, it has distinctively steep sides.

This remote waterfall is 140 feet high and is found near the source of the Blue

Huge tree with many useful qualities. The bark can be used to fashion rope or
cloth, the fruit is edible, and the trunk itself is so large it can be used for
storage or even shelter.

A dark-colored bird whose bat-like wings measure 6 feet across. It's noted for
its large beak and sharp teeth.

The Zambezi River plunges 400 feet into Lake Victoria, forming Victoria Falls.
Lake Victoria is believed to be the source of the Nile River.

A tall stone monument with inscriptions in Latin, Portuguese, and Arabic.
Erected when Diogo Cam discovered the Congo.

These small ant castles, in their various shapes, often surpass the
architectural feats of man.

Supposedly, the ruins of a golden city in the Sahara. Time has taken its toll,
but the work of conscientious desert dwellers have helped preserve the ancient

Animal with bony plates on its back. When threatened, it curls up to cover its
soft unprotected abdomen.

The locals of Lake Tele have claimed to have seen this dinosaur from time to
time. It's believed to be herbivorous and about 15 feet long.

A rainbow that shines gold and white in the dark night. Legend says that this
beautiful, mysterious vision brings good luck to those who see it.

A horse-like creature related to the zebra, but with no stripes on its hind
portion. It takes its name from the sound it makes, {Kwahaha.}

Stone monument at the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa. It was
erected by Bartholomew Diaz and remains a symbol of brave sea adventurers.

The name means [large rock house]. It proves that there was once a glorious
dynasty in this area.

Monkey with a colorful face resembling that of a human. It has a beard, purple
bottom, and a short tail.

A bird the size of a turkey, with a large hooked bill. Its wings are very
small, making it incapable of flight.

Lizard with the amazing ability to change its color to match its surroundings.
It's quite adept at capturing insects with its long and sticky tongue.

Tall water plant that was used to make a form of paper in ancient Egypt.

Strange black liquid that springs out from underground in desert areas. It has
a bad smell and burns easily.

Ruins of a city dating from the time of the Indus civilization.

Built around a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine on a hilltop, this city probably was
a commercial center during the Bronze Age.

The world's largest poisonous snake. When disturbed, it extends its ribs behind
its head to form a flaring hood.

The people who live here have built their homes and fields on the island that
floats on the surface of this lake.

One of many busts of Buddha found in Siam, which has several temples and
statues dedicated to him.

Friendly large-billed bird that makes a hissing sound to intimidate its
enemies. It sometimes grows up to 60 inches in height.

Ruins of a temple constructed by Khmer during the 12th century. The name means
[temple of the capital.]

Measuring 2800 by 3300 feet, it contains concentric walled courtyards
surrounding a central structure of beautiful towers.

A bird of legend said to have the face of a beautiful girl. Its sweet singing
can make people forget everything, even their own names.

A strange insect which transforms itself into a fungus during the summer. It is
highly valued in China as a tonic and an elixir.

Ruins of farming villages dating from around 300 B.C. The villages had rice
fields orderly divided by strong ridges and storehouses with elevated floors.

Fabled demons that kidnap and devour bad children. The legend is told in a
traditional festival where men disguise themselves as demons to scare the
town's children.

Empress Zetian Wuhou's tomb. A hill with a circumference of 25 miles was turned
into this huge tomb where all her treasures are buried.

1500 miles long and averaging 25 feet high, this truly is a great wall. It was
constructed over many generations by Chinese rulers as a defense against raids
by nomads in the north.

A small mammal with an arsenal of long prickly spines on its back. It rolls
itself into a ball when threatened.

A large bear-like black and white animal found at high altitudes in mountainous
regions. It's friendly and feeds on bamboo.

A beautiful pigeon with slate blue wings and a russet breast. They migrate in
large flocks every spring.

People say that this species will never become extinct. (Or will it?)

Large wooden pole carved with the designs of animals. It symbolizes the status
of the chief, and is sometimes used as a sign of the tribe.

A mask encrusted with small pieces of jade. Its eye holes give it a somewhat
ominous appearance.

A holy place for the Muisca, who throw gold and emeralds into the lake when
their new king ascends the throne.

Spiny, fleshy plant that grows up to 6 feet tall. This unique plant is
well-adapted for arid climates.

A large scaly lizard, measuring about 6 feet in length. The row of leathery
spines on its back make it look like a fierce dinosaur, but it's actually a
gentle creature.

Insect-eating plant with a jaw-shaped flower that bears sharp spines and
secretes a sweet liquid. Once its jaws snap shut they won't reopen until the
prey has been digested.

A magnificent waterfall, about 158 feet high and 3010 feet wide. Ancient people
must have thought that the edge of the earth looks something like this.

An aquatic plant with giant floating leaves and large flowers. The leaves
measure over 6 feet in diameter and are so strong that they can bear the weight
of a small child.

A gigantic serpent. Adults may grow 19 feet long and weigh as much as 235
pounds. They are found near the water and crush their victims by constricting
them in their coils.

An enormous tidal wave that occurs during the new moon in April. Locals say
that huge waves may reach over 16 feet high and wash everything away from the

A spiny turtle with a large diamond-shaped head and an irregular, rugged shell.

A primitive vessel used for local inter-tribal trading. This raft has a grass
hut mounted on top and uses a square sail.

The terror of South American rivers. It is not uncommon for these groups of
fish to devour people or domesticated animals that try to cross their river.

A large hairy poisonous spider that feeds on birds and small animals.

A reptilian bird thought to be an ancestor of today's birds. It had four legs
and was unable to fly, but it is believed that this bird-reptile could glide.

A tiny frog with beautiful golden skin that secretes a mysterious poison.
Locals believe that this rare frog will guide one to a legendary land of gold.

A loud-squawking bird with a huge, brightly colored beak. It feeds chiefly on

A clay figure of a monster with a large head and fangs. A slow-moving, hairy
mammal with sharp claws. Rumor has it this 20 feet tall creature walks upright
and feeds on leaves and branches.

A toothless mammal with powerful claws on its front feet and a long tongue that
comes in handy for catching ants - the mainstay of its diet. Its long tail
accounts for half of its 6 foot length.

A flightless goose-sized bird that uses its wings to swim. Found in large
flocks, it was discovered by the Portuguese navigator, Leon Franco, about 20
years ago. Well, that's what some people say.

A large bat with a 12 inch wingspan. It uses its sharp teeth to make a shallow
wound on its prey, secretes a liquid to prevent the wound from closing, and
feeds on its blood.

The world's highest lake at an altitude of 12,500 feet in the Andes Mountains.
The Aztecs believe that a god lives in this lake.

A pyramid-shaped shrine in the central Andes, with distinctive frontal stairs
climbing 33 feet to the top.

This large sculpture represents a legendary hero worshipped by local tribes.
Its sculpting technique and intricate design prove that this area has a highly
advanced culture.

A perfectly spherical stone measuring about 6.5 feet in diameter. Its use is

A mural of warriors and hunting gods. A manuscript of Mayan legends, describing
their philosophy, cosmology, and history.

An elaborately sculptured crystal skull used for generations in rituals by
tribal leaders.

A stone bust excavated from Tenochtitlan.

A round stone monument symbolizing the sun and the seasons. It represents the
Aztec people's concept of the universe.

A large lizard with black and yellow bead-like scales. Its secret weapon is its
ability to produce poison in its mouth.

A large wild bull that can weigh almost a ton. It is hunted for both food and
its hide, which can be used to make leather. Such great numbers roam the plains
that it's hard to imagine them ever becoming extinct.

Ground-dwelling squirrel-like mammals 11 - 16 inches long. They make their home
underground in a complex system of interconnecting burrows with many entrances.

The ruins of a major Buddhist monument. It consists of eight diminishing tiers
of terraces connected by stairways. The walls of the corridors are lined with
intricately carved relief sculptures.

A giant snake that can grow over 33 feet long in the jungle. After constricting
and suffocating an animal, the python swallows its prey whole.

A giant slow-moving lizard found only in secluded parts of Indonesia that can
grow up to 10 feet long. It uses its long, sharp claws and jagged teeth to
attack animals even as large as a small deer.

Its long fat tail and powerful hind legs help this animal hip-hop along. The
newly born infants, still small and pinkish, crawl into a pouch on the mother's
belly and remain there during infancy.

A lizard with a large umbrella-like frill. It rises up and opens the frill to
intimidate enemies and runs away only on its rear legs.

A legend says that there is a humongous red monolith in the center of this

A 30 inch long nocturnal animal that feeds on small animals and carrion. It
hides in the cracks of rocks and trees.

A tree-dwelling marsupial mammal that only eats the leaves of the eucalyptus
tree. Koala young spend their first 6 months in their mother's pouch, feeding
on predigested eucalyptus leaves.

Named for its cry, this is a flightless, nocturnal bird with a small head and a
long, slender bill that has nostrils near the tip. It uses its highly developed
sense of smell to find its food.

The male of this beautiful bird has a yellow head, long tail and dark-green
throat, but the female has only short feathers and is rather dull in color.

A huge statue of Buddha carved out of the side of a mountain.

A plant that feeds on insects by trapping and digesting them in its
pitcher-like leaves.

A slender snake about 3 feet long. The name comes from the fact that it makes
its home in trees.

A fruit that is covered with sharp needles. Some say that it is the most
delicious of all tropical forest fruits, but it smells so bad that most don't
dare taste it.

An ostrich-like bird incapable of flight, measuring over 10 feet in height. Its
massive and well-developed hind legs help it run very fast.

A flightless bird about 30 inches long that makes its home near Greenland.
Fishermen hunt this bird for its tasty meat.

A luminous atmospheric phenomenon seen in the night sky. Its awesome
curtain-like display is constantly changing. While it's something special to
see, the magnetic storms that occur with it can disturb your compass.

A large water mammal about 10 feet long. The head resembles a seal and its rear
part has a fish-like shape. Locals say its meat is delicious.

The largest animal in the world, sometimes reaching a length of 30 meters and
weighing over 150 tons.

A legendary giant elephant with a coat of brown wool and long tusks that curve

A large carnivorous animal about 6 feet long. Its enormous, blade-like upper
teeth extend 7 inches below its lower jaw.

Just as the name suggests, this bat lives off of fruit. It is a very rare
delicacy at tables throughout the area.

A rare snail with a beautiful shell that lives deep in the sea. Its shell is
used as an amulet by tribal leaders and shamans in the area.

A creature rumored to resemble a mouse that walks upside down using its highly
developed nose. This odd creature is probably fantastical.

A large, slow-moving tortoise that can weigh as much as 500 pounds. Its domed
shell sometimes grows as long as three feet and serves as protection for its
elephant-like skin.

Giant stone statues ranging from 15 to 60 feet high. They're carved with large
faces, long ears and short bodies.

Stonehenge Rosetta Stone Khufu Pyramid Crocodile Nubia Pyramid Tessisat Falls
Baobab Pteranodon Victoria Falls Diogo's Monument Ant Hill Clay Mosque
Armadillo Moquele Mubembe Moonbow Quagga Diaz's Monument Big Zimbabwe Mandrill
Dodo Chameleon Papyrus Burning Water Mohenjo-Daro King Cobra Inle Lake
Ayutthaya's Buddha Hornbill Angkor Wat Kalavinka Plant Worm Toro Ruins Namahage
Qian Ling Great Wall Hedgehog Panda Passenger Pigeon Totem Pole Jade Mask
Guatavita Lake Cactus Iguana Venus' Flytrap Niagara Falls Amazon Water Lily
Anaconda Pororoca Matamata Balsa Piranha Tarantula Archaeopteryx Gold Frog
Toucan Clay Monster Giant Ground Sloth Anteater Leon Penguin Vampire Bat Lake
Titicaca Temple of the Sun Terracotta Figure Stone Ball Mural of Marnalico
Popol Vuh Crystal Skull Stone Face Monument of the Sun Mexican Beaded Lizard
Bison Prairie dog Borobudur Python Komodo Dragon Kangaroo Frilled Lizard Ayers
Rock Tazmanian Devil Koala Kiwi Greater Bird of Paradise Stone Buddha Pitcher
Plant Tree Snake Durian Moa Great Auk Aurora Stellar's Sea Cow Blue Whale
Mammoth Saber-toothed Tiger Fruit Bat Indo-Pacific Cowrie Nasiped Giant
Tortoise Moai
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