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Catalina Erantzo Walkthrough by Alain Garamonde

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/25/03

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
Catalina Erantzo Walkthrough 
Written by Alain Garamonde
Version 1.2
(July the 25th, 2003)


The purpose of this walkthrough to is to help those who are playing the game as 
Catalina, my favourite character.  If you have any questions, send it to me at 

* * * * * T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S * * * * *
Appendix I..........Walkthrough
Appendix II.........Acknowledgements
Appendix III........Revision History
Appendix IV.........Legal Disclaimer

* * * * * W A L K T H R O U G H * * * * *
Catalina Erantzo (Navigation L8, Combat L10 - Gunnery) is walking through Seville 
searching for a friend (and comrade of hers).  She sees him walking towards 
headquarters.  She questions the shipyard master, whom her comrade was talking to 
before he left.  It turns out that there may be some news about Catalina's brother 
Michael and her fiance Hernan, who have been missing for several months at sea.

Catalina tracks down Emilio Sanude (Navigation L8, Combat L11 - Celestial 
Navigation, Gunnery) in the headquarters.  He says that there is news, but tells 
Cat that she should hear it from their commander, Ezequiel.

She enters the room and reports for duty.  It turns out that Ezequiel has news, 
but it is not what Cat had hoped for.  It turns out that Michael and Hernan's fleet 
was attacked in the Carribean, and they were lost.  Cat is devastated.  Emilio offers 
to take her to the cafe for some tea so they could talk.

You can re-enter and talk to Ezequiel, and pick up Michael's sabre (C rating).  Not 
a good weapon, but it's better than nothing.

After speaking to the commander, enter the cafe.  Upon entering, Emilio overhears 
two men sitting in the corner talking about a fleet that was attacked near in Central 
America.  Intrigued, he and Cat investigate.

It turns out the sailors have some interesting things to say.  They say the fleet 
was attacked, and that a red flag was found near the wreckage - the flag of the 
Malta Knights, the private fleet that belongs to the Portuguese Duke, Franco.  Cat 
is convinced that that the Portuguese has killed her brother and beloved, and now 
asks Ezequiel if she could seek out the perpetrators.

Ezequiel denies that request, passing it off as a crazy rumour.  Cat is peeved, 
leaves with Emilio and heads to the cafe with him, trying to come up with an alternate 

They talk at the counter, and are overheard by a man in the corner.  He is ashamed 
at the cowardice of them; that they think one person is not enough to beat the Spanish.  
Emilio scoffs at the "crazy philosopher" and goes to the dock with Catalina.

Cat asks Emilio to join her mission.  He agrees, and they steal a ship.  Sell the 
cargo onboard (10 Gold bars), and set sail.

You'll encounter a Portuguese merchant fleet, led by Raphael Selran.  He should 
go down without a hitch - just keep 'rushing' him.  Take one of his ships, and sell 
it.  Take any cargo he may have with and sell it as well.

Once you dock at a port to sell the stolen ship or goods, you will learn that the 
Spanish is after you.  So get ready for a fight.  Repair, recruit, and reload the 
ship and get ready for two battles.

Simply 'rush' the commodores of both fleets.  If you want, stop at a nearby harbor 
to recruit more men if you are low on sailors.  After the second battle, the Spanish 
will turn tail and sail away.  The fleet has caught on fire!  What luck!  Emilio 
sees a man floating in the water.  He hauls him up to the deck and interrogates 

The man is the "crazy philosopher"!  His name is Andreas Paella (Navigation L9, 
Combat L15 - Gunnery).  He is great at fighting, so get him a ship!  Fight some 
fleets, sell them, and get ships for Emilio and Andreas (I prefer either Flemish 
Galleons or Xebecs at this point).

Once your Pirate fame has gone up a bit, enter a port.  In the shipyard, you will 
encounter a scurvy pirate tormenting a pair of sailors.  Cat fends off the attacker, 
Pirate Antonio Khan, and rescues the two men.  One of the men is Joao Franco, her 
nemesis!  She is enraged, but she has to flee, as Ezequiel is after her.  She decides 
to settle the score with Joao later.

Increase your fame and wealth for little while by attacking Spanish, Pirate, and 
Potuguese captains.  After defeating some fleets, dock in any port.  In the pub, 
Cat will come across Bret Perot, a man who believes he knows where Joao is.  He 
will reveal the location of Joao.  Go there and talk to the cafe owner.

If he says that he hasn't seen Joao (after being harassed by Andreas), come back 
later, and question him again.  He will then say he has seen him.  Search every 
building in that port for Joao.  She wil come across Emilio and Andreas, strung 
up in the Trader's Shop.  They say that Joao's mate, "Monster Rocco", tied them 
up.  Go back to see Bret in the port where you met him.

After some harassment from Andreas, Bret Perot will say that he will tell them the 
location if they carry out a task for a Portuguese nobleman.  They must secretly 
take a girl named Lucia (in Lisbon) to the Inn in Ceuta, southeast of Lisbon.  She 
is in the cafe.

Drop her off and see Perot in cafe.  He says that Joao is in Alexandria.  Sail there.

Otto Baynes shows up in Alexandria and tells Cat that she has been decevied into 
kidnapping the girl for the evil Marquis Martinez of Portugal.  Cat is furious, 
and Otto tells her where Perot is headed - the Black Sea.  Head northeast and sail 
past Istanbul.  Find Perot in that region.  Whip him in a fight and he will say 
that Lucia has been taken to the New World, and that the Neo-Atlantic armies will 
conquer the world.

A mate will from Perot's ship will be found.  He is hauled up and interrogated by 
Emilio.  He says that Joao has sailed for Massawa in the Middle East.  Go after 

You may need to reduce the number of cannons on your ships if you want to sail there 
without stopping to replenish your food and water.  If not, just stop at ports every 
now and then to restock.  Buy some Balms in Bordeaux first - West Africa has fierce 

Upon arriving in Massawa, Cat learns a great deal about a "Savior".  It turns out 
that this "Savior" person is Joao.  She finds him at the harbor and challenges him 
to a duel.  Joao asks if he could fight the Turks (which are heading towards Massawa) 
before he and Cat settle their score.

Pick a fight with any any Turkish fleet, and Joao will interrupt and assist.  Finish 
off the fleet and sell the stolen ships.

Dock after the battle, and head for the palace.  Joao's bookkeeper Enrico questions 
Cat about her motives.  He says that the Francos sould not have killed her fiance 
and brother because they (the Francos) did not have a fleet at that time.  Italian 
adventurer Pietro Conti confirms this and Cat lets them go.

Head back to Europe and increase your fame.  Once it is high enough, stop at a port 
and enter any building.  A Turkish mercahnt named Ali Vezas tells her that Pietro 
wants to speak with her in Lisbon.

She learns that Marquis Martiniez was behind the murders, and not the Francos as 
she had first suspected.   It is revealed that her brother and fiance were caught 
in the middle of Martinez's plot, and that the dastardly Martinez is somewhere in 
South America.  Sail there and look for him.

Check EVERY single South American port for a sign of him.  After investigating some 
ports, there will be word of a fight going on in that port's cafe.  Defeat the pirate 
Rudolph in a duel and meet Joao in the harbor.

Sail up the Amazon with Joao and encounter Martinez's fleet.  After one battle, 
Martinez is killed, and Cat can now rest, knowing that the killer has been done 
away with... for good.

* * * * * A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S * * * * *
-Mike Groells (aka. Eastpolar)
I would personally like to thank Mr. Groells for all the hard work he has done in 
his massive FAQ.  It has helped clarify some vague details I wanted to put in my 
guide, as well as providing some stats for several mates.  I would also like to 
thank him for including excerpts from my review for UW:NH.  He also included three 
excerpts from my review in his FAQ.  I thank him for that, and I hope he continues 
to add to his monster of an FAQ.  Good job, Mike!

* * * * * R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y * * * * *
-Version 1.0
First draft.  Will make corrections in the future if any are found.

-Version 1.1
Corrected some spelling and grammar errors.  Corrected Emilio's default Navigation 
level (from 10 to 8)

-Version 1.2
Reformatted the appearance of my guide to make it look better.  I also corrected 
some more spelling errors.

* * * * * L E G A L   D I S C L A I M E R * * * * *
And that's my guide.  I hope it has been helpful for you.  Remember, this FAQ is 
not to be distributed for profit, and if you do want to use it, contact me first, 
and I'll give you the go-ahead to do so.  If you do plan on using it, give me credit 
where credit is due.  After all, this FAQ is of my own concoction, and is the result 
of many hours of work.  Failure to comply with international copyright laws will 
result in legal action against all third parties involved in taking this FAQ without 
my consent.

Copyright - Alain Garamonde   

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