1. I've looked a bit at the faqs and some board topics, and for the most part it all confuses me more. I've got very little idea as to what I'm doing, and so far my biggest accomplishment is winning over 200,000 gold at black jack.
    What I'm trying to figure out right now is what makes for a good combat set up? I've seen some characters with what looks like pictures of canons below their stats. I guess this would be their specialities, or abilities of some kind, but what does it all mean?

    User Info: Yushamari

    Yushamari - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. A good combat set up is a main character with high stats (above 90 for most), especially swordsmanship and sailing and battle levels. I guess the same can be said for mates. I prefer starting with mates that have a good swordsmanship stat (75 or above at least).

    Characters with the canon icon will do more damage to enemy ships when firing canons. Most of the stats are explained in detail in the two topics "Studying has..." and "Character stats...", but the main thing is that you want mates with higher numbers.

    Only your main character can gain skills if they do not have them to begin with. The canon icon is a skill and can be obtained by the main character when his stats are high enough by visiting Dr. Wolf in Hamburg. The celestial navigation skill can be obtained by visiting Professor Juliano in Naples. Celestial navigation can be useful, but it is not considered in the calculations for speed or damage as some have thought (these calculations are given in the two topics I mentioned). The cartography skill can be obtained by visiting a cartographer in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Palma or Venice. Cartography is a necessary skill if you plan to max your Adventure Fame (you will also need to sign a contract with one of the cartographers for it to be of any use).

    Joao's, Ernst's, and Pietro's scenarios rely on adventure fame and if they don't have the cartography skill to begin with their stats will usually be high enough after a few levels.

    For the main character to obtain a new skill most stats need to be above 75 and for gunnery you need Courage of 80. Swordsmanship and Courage can only be increased in battle. Battle can also increase your other stats, but those other stats should increase by gaining sailing levels as well.

    So, what does it mean...it means that Koei influences your character choice by giving you characters that fit the type of game you want to play. If you want to sail the world and discover what you can then Joao, Ernst, or Pietro are your best choices. The other three characters will not work as well for that, BUT they can be used for that if you so desire. Otto and Catalina are characters that fit the battle/piracy type of game and the other characters will not work as well for that, but they can be used that way if you want. Ali is the only character that is all business and is designed to be the trader...but the other character will probably find it necessary to do some trading as well.

    Does that help?

    User Info: chaoyun2k

    chaoyun2k (Expert) - 6 years ago 2   0

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