Review by Braben

Reviewed: 04/29/04

As bad as Mortal Kombat 3 with a few scarce adds.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat was the last game in the series for the Snes, but it is nothing less than an enhanced (never improved) version of Mortal Kombat 3, plain and simply, so it just can’t be far enough from being the ultimate Mortal Kombat game, and it is only recommendable for the very few weirdoes, I mean, “fans” of the third instalment, those who enjoyed the first two better run away because nothing has really changed since the evil third installment.

Don’t know but, if the Shao Khan is still the last boss, Shang Tsug his second hand, and Kintaro the third one in importance, has something changed?, I don’t think so.

Graphics: 9
Also like in Mortal Kombat 3, the graphics are nothing short of amazing, they are probably a little bit better than the ones of the third installment, but like in a lot of games, the graphics in these two games are so good that it is almost impossible to find a real difference, maybe as there are a lot more character and scenarios and everything looks better visually, but in my opinion they have exactly the same quality.

Now like in Mortal Kombat 3 there are tons and tons of bugs and glitches, that makes the game look quite cheap sometimes, specially during some Fatalities, some people argues about that, and as this is supposed to be an enhanced version all that problems should have been corrected, that is why I give this one a nice instead of a ten.

Music: 5
Together with the music from the third part there are a few new themes, but like if there isn’t any, you will hardly pay attention to the music probably.

Gameplay: 4
In terms of gameplay this Ultimate adds very little, a bunch of new but uninteresting characters and scenarios (I say uninteresting because they are just more ninjas and characters from the first two Mortal Kombta games, and the same with the scenarios, tow or three new ones), and new movements like combos and powers but, come on!, are you telling me you remember all the movements and combos from the third installemnt?, that game was not like Mortal Kombat II, in the third part all the Fatalities, powers, and movements were very similar, there is no way to remember them all, but well, the world is filled with weird people, and if you can remember them then this one has a few new ones that you may like.

For the rest of us the only interesting add here are the new characters, interesting only for the first five minutes, that is until we find out that mostly we have ninjas like Scorpion or Reptile only that with new colours (in my opinion there are too many ninjas in the game), then we have characters from Mortal Kombat II and I, and for an unknown reasons (well, because there wasn’t enough memory actually) that grotesque and repulsive monster that was Sheeva has been removed (which is ok for me, that character was horrible), so if we come to think there aren’t as many new fighter as it seems at the beginning.

Some Fatalities have been changes and some other directly removed, now in my opinion this is not important because most of the Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 3 were very similar not to mention boring, to be honest I didn’t notice that the Fatalities were changed.

So it is hard to tell if there are truly new features because they are merely aesthetic. Needless to say that if you enjoyed Mortal Kombat 3 this is the game to pick, because this is actually Mortal Kombat 3 Plus, it has more characters, more superpowers, more scenarios… in short, two or three extras and the same terrible gameplay that ruined the series.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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