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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99


This game isn't worth the purchase. I can't start out any other way.

UMK3 was an update to ROM Chips in the Arcade. Gamers thought it wasa little better than MK3, but still not as good as the almighty MK II.

On Super NES, the same almost applies. Its not as good as MK3, but its also not as good as MK II. This game tries its best to be Mortal Kombat Trilogyand falls flat on its face in the process due to a pair of Shoes tied together.

Don't get me wrong- the game isn't a waste of space or anything.The Graphics are Hi Res and colorful. The Music sounds very reminiscentof the Arcade Originals.The control is tight still.

But the glitches...

In the 8 on 8 (Secret Mode, not 8 Player Endurance), if you use theRandom Select and one of your characters is a Green Question Mark,your character will be Sheeva. Sheeva! According to Ed Boon, MK Creator,Sheeva was removed for the inclusion of Noob Saibot and Rain.So explain her prescence here. If you try and fight as her, chances are thegame will freeze up.

In UMK3, Smoke (Atomiton) is already selectable. In UMK3 Super NES,he's already selectable. So why is it that the Activate Smoke trick stillworks?

Ed Boon said that Animalities were removed for Noob Saibot and Rain.Then why do MERCYs still work? They don't have a purpose!

If it isn't the Glitches, its the Altered Fatalities.Luckily there's only two of them. The Fact of the matter is, thereshouldn't be ANY of them.

Where Kitana used to kiss the opponent and they would stretch verticallyuntil they would explode, she now kisses them and their head inflates, a laKabal's Respirator Inflation Fatality.Their helium filled head carries them above and off screen, where a consecutive BOOM is heard and body parts / blood fly down.

Where Scorpion used to raise his arms and an armada of Scorpions wouldrise up and surround the opponent, he now raises his arms. The screenfades to black and when it fades in, the opponent and Scorp are atthe "Scorpion's Lair" Kombat Zone. The opponent immediately is set on fireby an unknown source.Sort of better in a way.

The Bosses are still playable. Rain and Noob are nice additions, butwith no Fatalitys (Save for their Brutality and Pit Fatality), theysimply aren't that much fun to play.

Make this one a rental. I don't recommend the purchaseunless you don't plan on ever buying Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Lord Rayden

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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