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Reviewed: 01/10/02 | Updated: 01/10/02

To hell with Midway...Boon? You're gonna pay!

Games that try to cash in on the sequels and be successful in the same token are hard to come accomplish and do correctly. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has appeared on three other formats as opposed to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and although a couple of new characters have been added, as well as a revamping of the combination system, the series just seems to become stagnant! As you may remember from the previous story line that made up Mortal Kombat 3, Shao Kahn has successfully taken over the planet and has changed it to his liking. The only thing that is standing in his way, is the forces of good that are led by Liu Kang. From the start, the only thing that you will see in this version of Mortal Kombat 3, is that it is more or less an add on from the previous game, that includes a couple of new characters and some new battlegrounds to fight in. Other than that, you’ll find that there is no change to the game, or anything else that puts this favorably above the other versions of the game!

The game play is your typical Mortal Kombat style gaming in which you and an opponent fight a rather bloody battle to what may be a rather gruesome end. There are no endurance rounds; there were no Test-Your-Might rounds, anything...just straight through fighting. That can, and does, get on your nerves after doing it with this type of game for so long. Something else that has been added to the game is the addition of the combination system that allows you to nail off a three to six hit combination with the right button presses, all corresponding to the different high and low attack buttons. While this is something new, there isn’t much variation here in the way that you can do the combinations other than throwing in a jump attack at either the end or the beginning! Now if you’re playing up against a skilled player, you’ll get your ass handed to you simply because once you start a combination, you can’t stop it until you are finished with the button presses, or it hits at some point. This brings a little more challenge to the game, but really doesn’t do much but force you to learn a new facet of Mortal Kombat and one that the game could do without in the long run! With the few new fighters that are available to you {Jade, Rain, Ermac, Noob Saibot, Scorpion}, you may find it rather disappointing that some of the fatalities were changed and that some of the different finishers were removed altogether.

Control wise is where everything comes apart. As with Mortal Kombat 3, there is a simple problem in getting all of the moves to come off the way that you want them to. Although the SNES controller is set up for this type of game, you may have a hard time actually getting around to making things work the way that you want them to, and the fatalities are nothing short of a nightmare! With the ghost control that was found in Mortal Kombat 3, reappearing at intervals throughout the game, you may find that there is little here that is player friendly, and only veterans to the SNES Mortal Kombat games will have sort of hope of actually learning and using the characters correctly. Beginners to the series may do well to work on the simple combinations that come up with each of the characters before moving off into the massively damaging and rather insane to use combinations that may come later.

Visually, the game comes up to speed in one simple place, and that is with the addition of the new characters and some of the new backgrounds that you have to fight in. One of the best, in my own humble opinion is the Desert, in which you fight Jade as her home territory. While there isn’t too much that can be said about the overall look of the game, there is something to be said about a half buried Cyrax in the distance and the combinations come off clean! What you will find though is that there is differences with the way that the game is represented and produced with some of the frames of animation being discarded altogether and different finishing moves being taken out so that other characters could be brought in. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find it rather disturbing to know that some characters were taken out of the game, so that a couple of useless characters {Rain, Noob Saibot} could be brought in. Fatalities that you find through UMK 3 have also been changed slightly due to hardware constraints so don’t look for Scorpions Hell Raise anytime soon!

Audio wise, nothing has really been changed since Mortal Kombat 3, but the addition of the new stages and their themes have been added and although they sound decent, there really isn’t much here that will make anyone notice. There are also glitches throughout the game that you’ll find popping up at just about every moment in which the sound effects seem to come through even after the match has stopped. Sometimes these same sound effects will stop altogether when you reach the next match, and I don’t know how much of the constant screaming I can take before I want to literally rip someone’s head off! All in all, there is something to be said for the audio accuracy of the Mortal Kombat games, and the only one that I can think of that actually pulls this all off correctly, is the Arcade version of the game.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is an upgrade type of game that takes out some of the better characters and throws in some rather useless ones. With the same problems that could be found on the earlier version of Mortal Kombat 3, along with a couple of very disappointing aspects such as the lack of new moves and chopped up fatalities, anyone who has this game or wants it must be a die-hard fan! Personally, the Mortal Kombat series died out on the home systems with the creation and release of Mortal Kombat II, and it hasn’t necessarily recovered from that state yet. If you’re into Mortal Kombat games, then you’ll be into this title. However, if you’re sick of the whole franchise and want to play a fighting game with true depth, look elsewhere, cause this one just doesn’t cut it.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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