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Reviewed: 05/30/01 | Updated: 05/30/01

New Kombat!!!

Well, even though it is old, at the time of the release I was the first to buy it and to find it living up to my expectations. This game is the best. Ok, so there are more missing players than new ones, but that doesn't matter. This game blows any other beat em up sky high except other MK games which are nearly as good. It is still worth owning even if you have others and if you don't, get this!


HEAD - HEAD: Obviously

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Raiden, Goro, Kintaro, Johnny Cage, Sheeva, Baraka.

~~~ ~~~~~~~

Rain, Noob Saibot, Jade, Ermac.

~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

ALL NEW 'ALITIES - There is a new kind of finisher, although you can't do animalities anymore, you can now do brutalities, if you have fast fingers and a good memory.

NEW FATALITIES - Some characters have new moves. Sub-Zero has a fatality which makes him lift the enemy over his head and freeze them then snap their frozen corpses. Reptile's eat now does the entire body, and Shang Tsung can burn 'em up in acid. Nice!

NEW BACKDROPS - There's plenty of new fight scenes too, these include the desert, the docks, hell, kahn's throne room and the portal


/ Big, well designed and animated characters

/ The scenes aren't as good as earlier MK games

SOUND - 9/10

/ Good atmosphere and great SFX in fatalities

/ Not as many voice samples as MK3


/ Great new modes that add to the classic

/ If you're not a fan of the genre there's nothing new to excite you but then again, if you're not a fan of the genre, what are you reading this review for?


/ With all the secrets and two player options, this'll last you a long time.

OVERALL - 9/10

Making a new MK game was always going to be difficult. With such a brilliant formula to build on, it must have been tempting for the coders to copy everything they did before, call it Mortal Kombat 4 and stick it in the shops. However, even though UMK3 doesn't even pretend to be a new game, it has been greatly improved on the original making it a game well worth owning. It's faster, meaner, offers better options and the 4 new players are some of the best the series had seen so far. If you havn't bought a MK game before, you must get this and even if you have, this will delight any MK fan. It's excellent

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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