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Toy-Nominate The Enemy! Something is very wrong at the Zevo Toy Factory.

It used to be a happy place, where people loved to make innocent little toys for kids of all ages.
But times have changed. Now the evil General Zevo's in charge, and he's manufacturing an army of deadly military weapons disguised as toys that threaten to destroy everything Zevo Toys stands for! Doesn't anyone have the courage to stop this power-hungry madman?
Leslie Zevo does. He's the General's wacky nephew and he's got a trick or two up his sleeve. Armed with hundreds of Good Toys and novelty items that can hold their own against the toughest of toys, Leslie enters into battle.
The General's computerized forces are everywhere - tracking Leslie's every move through the factory. It all builds up to a spectacular showdown over a miniature Manhattan skyline as Leslie sets his sights on his final target: the General's Command Center itself!

- Hundreds of Good Toys at your command, each with its own special action!
- Incredible graphics and animation!

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