1. Ash Brannon Animator
  2. Dave Feiten Animator
  3. Mark Oftedal Animator
  4. Steve Segal Animator
  5. Andy Ingram Art Director
  6. Leila Chang Associate Producer
  7. Bev Bush Backgrounds
  8. James Cunliffe Backgrounds
  9. Patrick Collins Music Adaptation
  10. Andy Blythe Music and SFX
  11. Allister Brimble Music and SFX
  12. Marten Joustra Music and SFX
  13. Randy Newman Music Composer
  14. Patrick Gilmore Producer
  15. Craig Annis Producer (Disney Interactive)
  16. Jon Burton Programmer
  17. David Dootson Programmer
  18. Mike Follin Programmer
  19. Paul Hunter Programmer
  20. Chris Stanforth Programmer
  21. Jon Burton Project Design and Development
  22. Andy Ingram Project Design and Development
  23. Tamara Holcomb Pull-String Animation
  24. Oliver Wade Pull-String Animation
  25. Allister Brimble Sound Design
  26. Corey Burton Voice Actor
  27. R. Lee Ermey Voice Actor
  28. Pat Fraley Voice Actor
  29. Jim Hanks Voice Actor
  30. Wallace Shawn Voice Actor

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