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Reviewed: 02/21/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

One of my all time favorite racing games.

Few racing games have made me replay them over and over again. To me, racing games are kinda boring. Most of them involve little skill, just holding down a button and driving through course after course. It does get kind of boring after a while. But there have been a few racers that have altered my opinion. F-Zero. R4. Rc Pro AM. and Top Gear. Top Gear is one of the most fun racing games I have played in my entire life!! Also, it looks, sounds, and plays very well. Add on the fun factor, and you got a can't miss game. In my opinion, this is the secnd best racing game of all time.

Graphics (9/10): The first time I saw the graphics I was amazed by them. They are very good and represent a good showing for what the Super NES is capable of graphically. The cars are designed very nicely. The backgrounds are very sharp. The track looks very nice. As a matter of fact, pretty much everything in the game is very nicely done graphically. Even in two player mode the frame rate doesnt drop (and there is no slowdown! yeah!)

Audio (9/10): The audio in the game is very well done as well. The sharp tunes are instantly started at the title sreen, which features a cool and hip tune. Most of the background music that plays during the game is very good as well. The sound effects are perfect. The sounds of the cars racing is perfectly captured.

Gameplay/Control (9/10): Top Gear isn't your average racing game. It takes your average racing game formula (racing around a boring track for five-eight times) and adds some new innovations. First, it keeps track of where you finished. You get a certain amount of points depending on what place you finish the race. After five or so races it adds up the total points you got and determines whether you are eligible to move on to the next set of races. The second innovations is a ''nitro'' gauge. You get a total of three nitros, which when used increase the speed of your car dramatically for a bit. The final innovation is pit stops. Your car has a feul meter, and when it gets into the danger zone you'll have to pit! Overall great gameplay.

Replay Value (9/10)

Challenge (4/10): The only major flaw in the game is that its too easy!!

Overall (9/10): Top Gear delivers all the key elements of a fun racer and adds some new innovations to a somewhat tired genre!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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