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FAQ/Walkthrough by madmax777

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/13/08

     $777$$$$???777I  I77$II?  $$???$$                      
    $$???$$$$?I?77$  II   II  $$   ?I                       
                    II   7I  $$????                         
        ?$$$$      ?I??77$  I$                              
      777$    ??$77IIII$$$I?  $$$???$  ++++    7II????    
             777?            ??       I+  7$  ?+   $$ 
            ?777            I$???    ?I___7$  II___$     
           ??77    IIII??? I?       ?I    +?  II   II    
          ???7       77?? I$????$  ?I     +?  II    III    
         ????  7???II7I?                                    
        7???   7I?I7777      

Top Gear Walkthrough/FAQ
By Kemco, SNES
Version 1.11
Last Updated (10/14/05)
Written by: Cristian Cismas (Chronobanjo777@yahoo.ca)
Written for www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com
Sites Accepted: Gamefaqs, Neoseeker
Copyright 2005 Cristian Cismas

V0.10 (7/28/05): Rough outline complete.

V0.60 (7/29/05): What a boring day. At least this kept me occupied. Just 
finished adding the "Contents", "Introduction", "Getting Started", "How
Races Work", "Tracks" and "Extras" sections.

V0.62 (7/30/05): Had to reformat this, and now it's all a mess. :(

V0.80 (7/30/05): Fixed some formatting problems, added ASCII art, and added a
few more subsections to "Extras". 

V0.85 (7/31/05): Added another subsection to "Extras" and added a subsection
to "How Races Work".

V0.90 (8/01/05): Re-did most of the track section, fixed some problems, and
added a few more subsections in various places.

V0.95 (8/02/05): FAQ and a few more subsections are up.

V0.96 (8/02/05): Added "Credits" and "Legal". Next version should be final.

V1.00 (8/02/05): Added a few more subsections. Walkthrough is complete.

V1.05 (8/03/05): Fixed a few formatting errors, added a "Codes/Cheats" section
and a "Fake Cheats/Codes" section. Also fixed some grammatical mistakes and
added another glitch.

V1.06 (8/04/05): Fixed a few more formatting errors. Neoseeker is now allowed
to host this guide as well.

V1.10 (10/13/05): The 'Red Car Acceleration Trick' has been added. Credit for 
this amazing find goes to Ninjajeff.

V1.11 (10/14/05): Fixed a few spelling mistakes.

V1.3 (05/13/08): Added Japanese version passwords (Top Racer); Fixed one of
the 'fake codes' that StriderVM e-mailed me about THREE YEARS AGO! Sorry! I
totally forgot about this until last week! :D I've also added a new 'Top Gear
Player Names' section which gives a list of all the computer players in this
game. On top of that I've updated the 'Speech Bubble Sign' section with 
speech bubbles that are only present in the Japanese version (Top Racer). You
may notice that the Japanese version has 'cruder' comments; eg. hell, butt.


I. Introduction
II. Getting Started
	- Main Menu
	- Creating Your Profile
	- Controls
	- Cars
		i. Cannibal
		ii. Razor
		iii. Weasel
		iv. Sidewinder
	- My Recommendation
III. How Races Work
	- Top Gear Player Names
	- About the Screen
	- Qualifying Messages
	- Racing Tips
IV. Tracks
	- USA
	- Brazil
	- Japan
	- Germany
	- Scandinavia
	- France
	- Italy
	- United Kingdom
	- Ending
V. Extras
	- Track Codes
	- Speech Bubble Signs 
	- Glitches
	- 'Finishing in Two Places' Score List
	- Red Car Acceleration Trick
	- Codes/Cheats
	- Fake Cheats/Codes
	- Game Genie Codes
	- PAR codes
VI. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
	- How to contact me
VII. Credits
VIII. Legal


"This is it. The race of your life. Head to head for the championship of the 
world. And only the hottest driver is going to come out a winner. So read 
this Driver's Manual Carefully. Keep it around for future reference. Because 
when you're racing for your life, the last thing you want to do is get 
                                     ~ Top Gear Instruction Booklet

This is my first attempt at writing a walkthrough. I chose this game since I 
grew up with it, and know it off by heart. I know that no matter how much I 
play it, it will never get boring. I hope it's the same with whoever is 
reading this. Right now I'm on summer vacation, and so, what else should I 
do? Sit around and watch TV?


First, insert the Super NES Game Pak into the Super Nintendo Entertainment 
System (make sure the power supply is plugged in :P), then turn the power on.
After the title screen appears, push the START button to begin the game.

=Main Menu=

You will be brought to the main menu. Here are the options present:

	1) 1 Player/2 Player (Press left or right to obtain 2 player mode)
	2) Skill Level (Determines the difficulty of the game)
	3) Country (Selects a course)
	4) Speed (Play in MPH or KPH)
	5) Play Game (Starts the game)

=Creating Your Profile=

Go to the 1 Player option, and press "A". You are taken to the Name 
Registration screen, where you get to choose a name for your character. Name
your character whatever you want, within the 8 letter limit. When you've done 
that, select END and press "A".


You are taken to the Gear Selection screen now. Choose either:

1) Manual (pressing L and R is needed to change the gears)
2) Automatic (recommended for beginners)

Choose the option of your liking and press "A" again. You will be taken to 
the Controller Selection screen. There are four (4) different controller 


(*) means that you must be using MANUAL transmission (look at beginning of 
this section on how to turn it on)

Control Setup A
R - Up Gear*
L - Down Gear*
X - Acceleration
Y - Brake
A - Nitro
Select - Pause
D-Pad - Move left or right

Control Setup B
(Controller is held upside down)
A - Up Gear*
Y - Down Gear*
X - Break
B - Acceleration
Start - Nitro
Select - Pause
D-Pad - Move left or right

Control Setup C
X - Acceleration
A - Up Gear*
Y - Down Gear*
B - Brake
Start - Nitro
Select - Pause
D-Pad - Move left or right

Control Setup D
R - Up Gear*
L - Down Gear*
Y - Brake
A - Nitro
B - Acceleration
Select - Pause
D-Pad - Move left or right

There are four (4) cars in this game.
Note: All the following descriptions are taken from the instruction booklet.
:The CANNIBAL (red car):
Geared to go like greased lightning, this awesome fuel injected machine gives 
you the highest maximum speed on the track. Of course, that also means you 
need the maximum cornering ability. And the high fuel consumption means more 
pit stops on long courses. Good luck! And eat the competition for breakfast!
MAX. SPEED       - 147 MPH (235 KPH)
0 to 60M (100KM) - 6.9 Sec.
Tire Grip        - Low
Fuel Consumption - High

:The RAZOR (purple car):
Designed to cut through the air with maximum aerodynamics, the Razor is a 
hand-built work of art. It's loose in the corners, with a lower top speed and 
acceleration - making it a real challenge to drive for the amateur, and a 
true joy for the professional.
MAX. Speed       - 137 MPH (220 KPH)
0 to 60M(100KM)  - 5.0 Sec.
Tire Grip        - Low
Fuel Consumption - Mid

:The WEASEL (blue car):
Okay. So it doesn't have the blinding speed of the Cannibal. So what' The 
Weasel is still sleek, fast and mean as they come. It's perfectly balanced 
for vicious cornering. And the moderate fuel consumption means you don't 
waste time in the pits. If there's a favorite in the race, this is it. Pop 
goes the Weasel!
MAX. Speed       - 137 MPH (220 KPH)
0 to 60M (100KM) - 4.3 Sec.
Tire Grip        - Mid
Fuel Consumption - Mid

:The SIDEWINDER (white car):
Snake around your competition with the superior handling of the Sidewinder. 
It has the maneuverability of a jet fighter, and all the speed and 
acceleration you could ask for. In fact, the only thing holding this missile 
back is how much courage you have.
MAX. Speed       - 131 MPH (210 KPH)
0 to 60M (100KM) - 3.5 Sec.
Tire Grip        - High
Fuel Consumption - Low

=My Recommendation=
Which car is the best? After many years of experience, I noticed that the 
WHITE car is the best for BEGINNERS. Once you play for as long as someone as 
me however, you notice that you can do just as well, if not better, with any 
other car. The RED car is the best for PROFESSIONALS, who've mastered the 
game, and have memorized each and every turn of each course, for they do not 
crash as much, and so the horrible acceleration of the RED car is only used 
while starting up the car, or getting out of the pits.

So stick with this:
	1) White car for beginners
	2) Red car for professionals
	3) Blue/Purple cars for a challenge, since they both suck :P

How Races Work

The point of the game is to go through 4 courses in a region. You must 
qualify in the top 5 of every course to make it to the next one. Here is a 
list of how many points you get for qualifying.

1. 20		11. 0
2. 15		12. 0
3. 12		13. 0
4. 10		14. 0
5. 8		15. 0
6. 6		16. 0
7. 4		17. 0
8. 3		18. 0
9. 2		19. 0
10. 1		20. 0

After 4 matches, your total score is added up. You are then given a ranking 
of how many points you have after the 4 courses, and how many points your 
opponents have. If you are in third ranking or higher, you qualify to the 
next region. If not, sorry, please try again.

=Top Gear Player Names=

There are 19 names in total in the game, apart from the name you give


=About the Screen=

Below is an outline of the screen when you race. The letters show where the
information is located at on the screen.
|J                                    C |
|                                     D |
|           A (Player 1 screen)       E |
|I                                      |
|H                                   GF |
|J                                    C |
|                                     D |
|           B (Player 2 screen)       E |
|I                                      |
|H                                   GF |

A - 1 Player Screen
B - 2 Player Screen (When playing on 1 player, computer will compete here)
C - Tachometer (Indicates engines RPM's)
D - Speedometer (Indicates speed in either KPH or MPH)
E - Racing Time (The actual racing time elapsed)
F - Fuel Guage (Indicates remaining fuel left)
G - Rank Indicator (Indicates your current position in the race)
H - Gear Position (Indicates auto or manual, and gear position)
I - Nitro (The remaining number of nitro boosts)
J - Course Layout (A map of the course and the location of cars)

=Qualifying Messages=

If you get 6th or lower in a race, you are given this message: 



When you qualify for the next region, you are given this message and a 



Completing the 4 races, but getting worse than 3 overall, gets you this 


(Note: I don't know why it gives you the password, since you just failed
to qualify.... oh well!)

=Racing Tips=

First of all, I'll write down the tips given in the booklet:

1) Dash Start: The position of the machines at the start line is determined 
by the order in which they finished the previous race. The earlier a car 
finished the previous race, the farther back it is positioned. The primary 
racing technique is to swiftly race through the machines in front of you to 
get ahead and be in the top group of the cars.

2) Power of Nitro: A single boost of Nitro powers up your machine's 
acceleration capability for a short period of time. Only three (3) portions 
of Nitro are available in one course. Save it until an absolutely critical 
moment on a straight stretch of the course.

3) Obstacles: Public roads around the world are the only real race course for 
the Top Gear racer. Roads challenge you with a variety of conditions. 
Especially, watch out for obstacles. A hefty time loss results from a 
collision with an obstacle. Consequently, you will lag behind other machines.

4) Racing at Night: After the blazing sunset, you will race into the night. 
The battle of Top Gear continues around the clock. Although headlights are 
lit during the night race, the racing conditions, such as visibility ahead of 
you and distance between your machine and others, are far more challenging 
than they are during the day.

5) More hints: 
	a. Revving high at the start line is a taboo: you will be penalized
	   with one (1) wheel spin and lag behind.
	b. The hard and fast rule of cornering is a tight maneuver around a 
	c. Running out of gas will put you out of the race. Refuel your 
	   machine before it happens.

And now my tips:
1) When turning on a sharp turn, and you notice that you will not make it, 
let go of the acceleration button, and just hold down the direction you are 
going. If you still can not make it, tap the brake button twice. This 
technique is useful at sharp narrow turns, or if your car has a low tire 

2) Do NOT go to the pits on the last lap unless you are already OUT of fuel or
NEED too for sure. Going to the pits on the last lap will probably get you from
first place to somewhere around 3rd. It's a bad idea. I know this goes against
the "better safe than sorry" rule, but its common knowledge, as you can
probably pull it off 95% of the time without going to the pits on the last lap.

3) Look at the horizon when driving. I know this works great for me, as I can 
see everything coming at me. Do not look DIRECTLY in front of your car, as 
you will have less time to think about your next move.

4) Stay in the middle of the road at all times. This is a great way to have 
access to upcoming turns or obstacles that come from both directions. 

5) Have courage when trying to overtake opponents, even if a turn is right 
ahead. Practice zigzagging in between them all, if there is more than one, 
and sooner or later you will be able to pass just about anything in your way.

6) Try to get in first early in the game, as the longer you wait, the greater 
the distance will be between you and the other cars.

7) When you have the option of crashing into either a car, or an 
obstacle/going off road, crash into the car. You'll lose speed, but not as 
much as crashing into an obstacle. 

8) ALWAYS be aware of how many laps there are, and how many are left. This is 
very crucial when going in to the pits.

9) Always keep a look out at the signs, as they indicate which way the turn 
goes. Remember that if the signs are on the left side of the road, the road 
turns the opposite direction. Always remember that.  


Each track in Top Gear has its own length, record lap and location. I've 
added this, plus a little extra.

There are four courses for every region. I have added the following to each:
- Name of where the course is located
- Amount of laps
- Length of course
- Record lap
- Terrain (temperate, snowy, desert)
- Time of day (day, night, dusk [sun sets], dawn [sun rises])
- Difficulty rating (rated by me)


1. Las Vegas
	- 3 laps
	- 1.28KM, 0.85M
	- 1'03"45
	- Desert
	- Day
	- 1/10 difficulty

Welcome to the first track of the game! Nothing hard here, so just blast your 
way through the cars at the beginning. Use one nitro per lap, and on the last 
lap you'll start lapping the slower guys. You might want to keep an extra 
nitro for just in case you crash, but nonetheless, this is an easy match, and 
you shouldn't have ANY problems.

2. Las Angeles
      - 3 laps
      - 2.40KM, 1.60M
      - 1'51"50
      - Temperate
      - Day
      - 3/10 difficulty

A bit harder than the first. After the first turn there are some rocks on the 
very right hand side of the road, so stay away from that side. After a few 
more turns, you'll reach a long strip, where it's easy to pass cars and gain 
speed. This is where you should use your nitros. You one per lap at this part 
and you'll easily get in first.

3. New York
	- 3 laps
	- 2.46KM, 1.69M
	- 1'54"45
	- Temperate
	- Night
	- 2/10 difficulty

Blast your way past the other cars. The first few turns are very wide, but 
you'll notice that the turns get narrower after a while. Just use nitros on 
the long strip, as always, and you'll get in first, no problem.

4. San Francisco
	- 6 laps
	- 2.05KM, 1.36M
	- 3'24"90
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 5/10 difficulty

Welcome to the final race of USA. This is your first long race. If you have 
any car other than the white car, you will need to pit. If you keep crashing 
into the road signs, learn to stay in the middle of the road. The middle lane 
of this level has no signs or rocks, unless you're playing on Championship 
mode. Once you learn how to stay in the middle lane, you'll have no problem 
getting in first. Basically save all of your nitros for the last two laps, or 
use one to get ahead early in the beginning and the other two on the last two 

=South America=

1. Rio, Brazil
      - 6 laps
      - 2.46KM, 1.64M
      - 4'19"40
      - Mostly Temperate/Desert
      - Day
      - 7/10 difficulty

The hardest race so far. Rio consists of many sharp turns. I suggest that you 
do not go very fast in this race. You should have to pit with any car that 
you have on this race, and so keep that in mind. The best time to use a nitro 
is in the first few laps when going down the hill and into the desert, so you 
can get an early lead. Use the other two nitros when coming out of the pits. 
Also, keep in mind that going to the pits early is a good idea, since you'll 
have more time to catch up.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru
	- 4 laps
	- 1.87KM, 1.25M
	- 1'53"66
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 5/10 difficulty

This race has lots of turns, but most of them are extremely easy ones. Use 
nitros on the first, second, and third laps. The reason for this is that, the 
best place to use a nitro is to use it at very end of the lap, on the last 
turn. Using it there helps you gain tons of speed on a very easy turn, and 
than right after helps you gain speed while going up, and than down the hill. 
If you do this, you'll surely gain first place, as long as you don't crash, 
which can be a bit tricky while turning and going really fast. If you go too 
fast for your liking after you use the nitro, put a little break, but not to 

3. Chichen Itza, Mexico
	- 6 laps 
	- 1.99KM, 1.32M
	- 3'06"26
	- Temperate/Mostly Desert
	- Day
	- 4/10 difficulty

Very easy course. You can gain VERY high speeds on this track if you're using 
the Cannibal, and use 3 nitros, one after the other. Basically use one nitro 
early in the game to gain the lead, pit if you have to, and then use the 
other two on the last two laps. Easy as that.

4. Rain Forest, Brazil
	- 3 laps
	- 2.63KM, 1.75M
	- 2'20"55
	- Temperate/Desert (half and half)
	- Day
	- 7/10 difficulty

Basically, the Rain Forest is in danger of getting cut down. There are "SAVE 
THE TREES" signs literally EVERYWHERE on the side of the roads. Anyways, a 
good strategy is to stay in the middle of the road, as always. The only time 
they should get in the way is at the sharp turns. Make sure you turn at the 
right time, and you won't crash into them, so work on that if you keep 
crashing. The place where you should use your nitros is located RIGHT after 
the second desert area. When it ends, use your nitro and go directly to the 
left side of the road when the road opens up, to pass others easily. 


1. Tokyo
	- 7 laps
	- 2.28KM, 1.52M
	- 4'44"35
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 7/10 difficulty

Welcome to your first 7 lap race. The course itself is a long one, and with 7 
laps it's even longer. Generally easy, you might need to go to the pits twice 
if you crash a lot and don't time things correctly. If not, than you only 
have to go once (this includes all the cars). Most of the turns have wide 
roads, so they're easy, but a few are narrow. Try and time those turns 
correctly, so you won't crash, and try not to go into them by being right 
behind someone, or you might crash. As for nitros, use one right at the 
beginning of the second lap to get an early lead, and the other two when you 
come out of the pits.

2. Hiroshima
	- 5 laps
	- 2.34KM, 1.56M
	- 3'24"55
	- Temperate
	- Dawn
	- 6/10 difficulty

A long strip and wide road lies in the middle of this course. There should be 
no problems here, other than the very end of the course, which is 3 very 
large sharp turns. Just let go of the acceleration button and hold the 
direction you're turning, to pull off the turns if you're getting too close 
to the signs. Other than that, use one nitro on the second lap, and the other 
two on the last two laps, or after you've been to the pits if you're using a 
car with high fuel consumption.

3. Yokohama
	- 3 laps
	- 2.22KM, 1.48M
	- 1'52"25
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 3/10 difficulty

One of the fastest courses in the game. Get in first on the first lap, or 
close to it, and right when you pass the finish line and enter the second 
lap, start your nitro. You should gain amazing speeds. Do this on the last 
lap too, but use the 3rd nitro right after it, if you crash, or need an extra 

4. Kyoto
	- 7 laps
	- 2.57KM, 1.71M
	- 4'33"95
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 9/10 difficulty

Another 7 lap wonder here in Japan. This one's a pain, in my opinion. 
Basically, try and get in first early on, and use your nitros when you get 
out of the pits. The turns near the end of the course are a little narrow and 
kind of hard, but they're nothing new. As for nitro, there's a huge long 
strip to use it on.


1. Munich
	- 7 laps
	- 2.28KM, 1.52M
	- 4'44"30
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 7/10 difficulty

Another tough level. Most of the turns aren't very sharp though, so you're in 
luck. All I can suggest is that you pit early on if you have to, and use the 
nitros at the stretch which consists of the pit stop, as that's the 
straightest part of the race.

2. Cologne
	- 3 laps
	- 2.46KM, 1.64M
	- 2'15"55
	- Temperate
	- Dusk
	- 5/10 difficulty

Fairly easy race if you've master cornering. If not, good luck, as most of 
this level consists of sharp turns. Other than that, use your nitros on the 
little stretch between the final turn and the third final turn. The second 
final turn is a little thing, and you can easily go 300 KM+ over it if you 
wanted too.

3. Black Forest
	- 6 laps
	- 2.40KM, 1.60M
	- 4'09"36
	- Temperate
	- Dawn
	- 6/10 difficulty

People find this level either easy or hard. The pit stop is the only tough 
thing in the level. It's right on top of a hill, and is VERY easy to miss, or 
easy to go into, by accident. If you go into it by accident with about 3 laps 
to go, don't worry. Just fill 'er up, instead of wasting a whole pit stop 
going in and than quickly leaving. It's a good idea to pit in early on this 
map, but if you don't know the level, your bound to go into the pit stop at 
least once before the match is over by accident, so go around lap 3 or so. 
Also to add, the large hill right before the pits is perfect for using a 
nitro. If done correctly, you can gain speeds of over 400KM+ with the red 

4. Frankfurt
	- 8 Laps
	- 1.99KM, 1.32M
	- 4'43"96
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 4/10 difficulty

This one's a walk in the park. Just pit early, if you have a low consumption 
vehicle, and use the nitros on the last 2 laps or so. However, if you have a 
high consumption car, you'll need to pit around halfway for sure, and so 
pitting early is a taboo. If you're using a high consumption car, my advice 
is to pit when you need to pit and not pit too early. If you do it just 
right, you'll only need to pit once. If you do it wrong, then you need to pit 
twice. Again, use the nitros on the last two laps, but if you need an extra 
boost, use one early on.


1. Stockholm, Sweden
	- 3 laps
	- 2.22KM, 1.48M
	- 1'50"30
	- Snowy
	- Day
	- 4/10 difficulty

Be patient at the turns, and keep steady. Don't try and speed up. Once the 
beginning turns are over, use a nitro while going down the hill for some 
extreme speed, and you'll get in first no problem.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark
	- 3 laps
	- 2.46KM, 1.64M
	- 1'56"86
	- Snowy
	- Day
	- 3/10 difficulty

Very easy race. The sharp turns are located on wide roads, and vise versa. 
The only exception is the second last turn (it goes to the left), and you 
might have to brake a bit to make it out alright. Just nitro once per lap and 
you'll make it.

3. Helsinki, Finland
	- 3 laps
	- 2.22KM, 1.48M
	- 1'38"95
	- Snowy
	- Day
	- 2/10 difficulty

One of the easiest levels in the game, Helsinki is great for gaining speed. 
It also houses the first river in the game, and is easy to get first at. Just 
use one nitro per lap, right after the beginning turns, when you start going 
down the hill. You'll be done before you know it, since the turns are all 
easy ones.

4. Oslo, Norway
	- 3 laps
	- 2.34KM, 1.56M
	- 1'56"56
	- Snowy
	- Day
	- 3/10 difficulty

Just as easy as the last three courses. Use a nitro per lap and you'll do 


1. Paris
	- 3 laps
	- 2.51KM, 1.67M
	- 2'12"35
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 7/10 difficulty

This level has lots of very sharp turns. Try to use a nitro per lap right 
after the second turn. The area where you will use the nitro consists of a 
few turns, but they are not sharp at all. Make sure to slow down though when 
you start going downhill for the second time, as the sharp turns are just 
over the horizon.

2. Nice
	- 7 laps
	- 2.05KM, 1.36M
	- 4'08"96
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 8/10 difficulty

This track is anything BUT nice, so don't be fooled. Overall this is not a 
very hard course, but annoying at times. For one, the obstacles near the end 
of the track can get very annoying if you don't know how to get around them. 
Basically, your turning to the left, and the obstacles appear while you're 
turning. Normally, people press up + right and crash into the right wall. 
However, to get through them without crashing just let go of the left button 
and press nothing. It's as easy as that. Just go forward. Anyways, use either 
1 nitro early one, and the last two on the last two laps (or when you get out 
of the pits), or save them all until the end.

3. Bordeaux 
	- 6 laps
	- 2.22KM, 1.48M
	- 4'17"70
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 9/10 difficulty

The hardest track in the game, as it's made completely of sharp turns. 
Doesn't sound that bad right? Wrong. Each sharp turn houses some stupid 
vineyard sign (or whatever those things are, since they look like huge 
grapes). Basically, go slow and steady. Don't be angry with not getting in 
first on this match, as it is a pain. As for nitros, I suggest using one 
early on in the race and the other two when you get out of the pits. The best 
place to use a nitro is right after the second HUGE left turn (it goes up a 
hill right at the end). The nitro should take you all the way past the finish 
line and you should slow down in the second turn of the lap, as the stupid 
vineyard things appear on the third turn.

A little note: This track holds the top speed I've ever gotten. I obtained 
464KM (288M), with the Cannibal (red car). ;D

4. Monaco, Monaco (located in Monaco, not France)
	- 3 laps
	- 2.69KM, 1.79M
	- 2'09"65
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 5/10 difficulty

With only a few sharp turns, here and there, this level is nothing like the 
previous one. Just use a nitro every lap when you get to the tunnel and other 
than that, be careful and you'll do just fine.


1. Pisa
	- 3 laps
	- 2.69KM, 1.79M
	- 2'10"30
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 4/10 difficulty

The course at Pisa is a very easy one, with loads of turns. Most of the turns 
take place on very wide roads, and none of them are very sharp. This one's a 
piece of cake. Remember to use a nitro per lap, or save them all for the last 
lap or so.

2. Rome
	- 6 laps
	- 2.46KM, 1.64M
	- 3'50"75
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 6/10 difficulty

Another long, yet easy course. Just make sure you pit on your 4th or 5th lap. 
Keep your nitros for when you come out of the pits. Other than that, there's 
nothing else to say.

3. Sicily
	- 3 laps
	- 2.51KM, 1.67M
	- 2'04"31
	- Temperate/Desert
	- Dusk
	- 5/10 difficulty

Just make sure you do the first three turns without crashing, and than nitro 
on all three laps at the huge straight part to get an easy victory.

4. Florence
	- 3 laps
	- 2.46KM, 1.60M
	- 2'01"25
	- Temperate
	- Dawn
	- 4/10 difficulty

Yet another very easy track. Just nitro in the little stretch near the end of 
the end of the track, and you'll do just fine. There's only one sharp turn on 
this track, after the steep hill. Other than that, there are lots of deep
hills, so lots of speed can be obtained, and most of the roads are very wide.

=United Kingdom=

1. London, England
	- 8 laps
	- 2.46km, 1.64m
	- 5'32"05
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 7/10 difficulty

London holds another one of those long, yet easy tracks. You will have to pit 
at least once, so keep that in mind. The track has tons of hills, and so 
there are loads of places where you can easily gain speed. There's nothing 
new here that you haven't experienced before. Use the nitros right after you 
go up the hill that follows the pits stop.

2. Sheffield, England
	- 3 laps
	- 2.16KM, 1.44M
	- 1'42"30
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 3/10 difficulty

The toughest turn is the turn before the final stretch. Other than that, all 
the other turns are very simple. Just nitro at the final stretch before the 
finish on every lap and you'll get an easy first place.

3. Loch Ness, Scotland
	- 3 laps
	- 2.40KM, 1.60M
	- 1'57"85
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 7/10 difficulty

There are a few tough turns here and there, but nothing a good braking can't 
handle. Just keep it slow and steady until you get to the part where you go 
uphill. There, use a nitro. It might not be the best place to use it, but 
I've noticed that it does a lot, since instead of going really slow up the 
hill, you go a ton faster, and usually gain a few positions just from doing 
this. Use 1 nitro per lap again.

4. Stonehenge, England
	- 4 laps
	- 2.34KM, 1.56M
	- 2'04"85
	- Temperate
	- Day
	- 1/10 difficulty

The first time I got here I was expecting something very hard, but it seems 
that Kemco left the easiest for last. Just muster up all the skills that 
you've obtained so far and you will easily pull this one off. As for nitros, 
use them on the 3rd and 4th laps while going down the hills. Make sure the 
nitros last you as you go up the hill as well, as you don't want to lose your 
high speeds because of some hill. Do this, and you'll pull it off easily.

Note: If you are using Manual with the Cannibal (red car) you WILL run out of 
gas before the course ends, and if going slow, you will not make it. I 
suggest you use automatic for the UK region.


There are three ending messages, which appear depending on what difficulty 
you just beat the game on. Amateur, Professional, Championship.

For Amateur:

For Professional:

For Championship:
|            TOP GEAR           |

=Track Codes=

 ____________ _________ _________ _________
|Japan       |GEARBOX  |LEGEND   |OILCLOTH |

JAPANESE VERSION (TOP RACER): All passwords remain the same except:

Thanks to StriderVM for bringing up the possibility of alternate codes for

=Speech Bubble Signs=

This section is devoted to the speech bubbles that appear when either; your 
driver gets frustrated, uses a nitro, etc.

***If there is are three asterisks (***) beside a phrase; it is only present
in the Japanese version of the game (Top Racer), and vice versa. If the word
(BOTH) is present beside a phrase; it is present in both versions.

When your driver gets frustrated (crashes a lot), any one of these speech
bubbles will appear:

*?#@!! (BOTH)
I'M No. 1 ***

When your driver laps someone, any one of these speech bubbles will appear:

YO BONE HEAD!! (Must lap second player, or computer player for this)
YO BUTT HEAD!! *** (Must lap second lapyer, or computer player for this)
COOL! ***
BURN! ***

When you use a nitro, this speech bubble will appear:


When you come out of the Pits and you went down a position, this speech
bubble will appear:


=Opponent Car Colors=

The opponent cars (excluding the computer at the bottom screen) are split 
into two car types. If you are using the Cannibal, and the bottom screen 
computer is using the Weasel (or the 2nd player), than the computer cars are 
split half and half between Cannibals and Weasels. They however, are 
different colors then the cars that are in use. Here is a list of the colors 
that the cars can be:

Black, Orange, Pink, Green, Navy Blue, Gray. (I might have missed one)


Here are some glitches I've run into.

1. You can get two places at the same time, by running into the pole (which 
supports the finish sign) at the very end of the race. Ramming into it will 
push you through it, and than you will recoil backwards and go through it 
again, giving you the other place. A very nice technique if you have no way 
to get your overall goal, since you get the amount of points given for each 
of the standings you get. (ie. if you score first and second with this, you 
will get both the 20 and 15 points)

2. Sometimes the game will glitch up and when you start to race, you will be 
a lap behind. I've run into this a few times. You will gain positions only 
once you start lapping the people, since they start a lap ahead of you. Kind 
of a messed up glitch... It's really annoying when it happens, so good luck 
with this.

3. If you're playing with a cartridge (like me) than the game will probably 
freeze if you nudge it while it's on. Very annoying, so keep your SNES out of 
the way so no one can touch it. This might relate to only older SNES's.

4. Not really a glitch, but the first level of the game is a desert level.
Normally you would expect it to have a desert road, but it's the only desert
level which has a normal road (black and gray instead of brown and orange).

='Finishing In Two Places' Score List=

Q. How is it possible to get more than one rank in a race?

A. Basically you run into the finish line post as you cross the finish line, 
and sometimes the car runs through it, and bounces back, getting you two 
positions. You must be going at 250KM+ (160M+) for this to work. If you get 
fist place and second place rankings using this, you get both of the points 
for both of the rankings. Basically, once you pass 100, some funny stuff 
happens to your score, as the score can only hold two digits. 80 is maximum, 
without the trick, but with it, a new maximum of 140 is obtainable. Here is 
how the different scores look.

Note: the first number changes to a symbol and the second stays the same as 
the last number in the three-digit number (5, if the 3-digit number was 105, 

100-109: These use a colon (:) (ie. 105 is :5, 106 is :6, etc.)

110-119: These use an apostrophe (') (ie. 110 is '0)

120-129: These use a quotation mark (") (ie. 123 is "3)

130-139: These use a period (.) (ie. 137 is .7)

140: The maximum score of 140 uses a plus sign (+) (ie. 140 is +0) 

=Red Car Acceleration Trick=

Note: This whole 'trick' was given to me by Ninjajeff off of Gamefaqs. He
is the one who found out about it, and e-mailed me with it. I have no
credit for finding this, and so all credit goes to him.

Here is what to do, in his own words:

Anyway, here's the legendary "Red Car Top Gear 4th Gear Trick" to shed
extra seconds off your race time in the Cannibal (Red Car)

This is not a glitch and is not a cheat- it is smart driving. In my
opinion, this car was designed to run in 4th gear beyond what automatic
transmission does for it.

Automatic transmission for the Red Car is **bad**, we'll leave it at
that. To be a true speed-master of the track, drive the red car in 
manual transmission.

Here's the trick-

Watch your speedometer, and let it run in 4th gear all the way up to
around 215-225 Km/h (to figure out MPH for this equivalent, divide the
Km/h by 1.6-- but I always drive in Km/h since it's a lot more 

Being in 4th gear up to around this speed will make your red car
accelerate MUCH faster than if you had shifted earlier to 5th gear.
It is also advised that you downshift to 3rd gear and then 4th for
awhile if you hit an opposing car.

When going downhill, if your speed is below 220 Km/h, throw it into 4th
gear. Memorize which sections of each tracks have decent downhill runs,
and throw it into 4th gear when going down them for some extra speed.
Your car should hit around 230 km/h or so, and once it gets around to
that speed, shift to 5th gear to build further speed, as well as save
your fuel (running at higher revs in lower gears burns more fuel.)

When using a nitro, ALWAYS have the car in 5th gear, unless your speed
is below 220 km/h from hitting a car or something. If that happens,
shift down to 4th gear, and throw it back into 5th gear once you hit
around 220-230 km/h, to make your nitro boost maximize its power, as
well as conserving fuel.

In short, through using gears with the red car-

1st Gear- Shift up at the start of the race as soon as your tach fills
to about halfway (audio cue also helps a good bit)

2nd Gear- Same as the first gear, shift up ASAP, you don't need to stay
in this gear for long.

**3rd Gear- Should only be used if your speed is below 160 km/h. This
will get you up to speed quicker. Shift up as soon as you hit 

***4th Gear- The best gear to accelerate (gain speed) in. Hit it to 4th
gear when you are above 190, and keep it in 4th until you hit around
215-225. Use this gear when going downhill if your speed is below 225.
Once you get above 230 when going downhill, shift to 5th to get more
speed and save fuel.

On long endurance races (pit stop races), you shouldn't run it in 4th
gear long (try to use it only on downhill stretches-- like the end part
of Tokyo, for example), so use 5th when around 215 or so to conserve
your fuel.

On 3-4 lap "sprint" races, this really doesn't matter. Drive in 4th as
much as you need to, sprint races are easy to win in the red car. You
should not run out of fuel in any of them except Stonehenge, so drive 
aggressively as you want. When using the red car, consider "sprint"
races an easy 20 points.

***5th Gear- 5th gear should be used when your car hits around 215-225
km/h in speed, or, of course, when you are using a nitro. The 5th gear
saves your car fuel and is the "holding speed" gear. If you're smart,
you can actually hold speeds of 240-250 km/h in 5th gear for a long 

Note that the Cannibal (Red Car) in Top Gear is basically the only car
in the game that can effectively run ABOVE it's redline (ie- 235 km/h,
maximum top speed.) In reality the Red Car can effectively hold about

Fuel- You shouldn't have to worry too much about fuel. If you play it
smart, you won't burn up much more fuel than if you had been driving
automatic (maybe 1-3 lines if you are really good at it.)

Use this to tear up the competition.

Remember that the Red Car takes a lot of skill to drive. It is by far
the best car in the game in the hands of an experienced driver. Even in
pit stop races you should be able to knock the socks off your opponent
in the White Car (Sidewinder), with the exception of Black Forest and
Nice, two races where the White Car doesn't need to make a pit stop.

The Cannibal (red car) is the game's fastest car and has the best nitro
boost system BY FAR. Use this to your advantage. Using this "4th Gear
Acceleration Trick" will boost the Red Car's acceleration up to speed
better than the Purple Car (Razor) can accelerate.

With this, you should be able to kill the competition.

Good luck driving this awesome car!


1. Although more of a glitch than a cheat, you can get two ranks at the
same time by running into the pole which holds the finish line at the end.
Your car will go through it, and recoil back giving you two positions.
With this, you can get first place and second place, and get 35 points per
course, instead of just 20 maximum.

2. Here are the codes for unlocking all the countries and their courses:

 ____________ _________ _________ _________
|Japan       |GEARBOX  |LEGEND   |OILCLOTH |

JAPANESE VERSION (TOP RACER): All passwords remain the same except:

Thanks to StriderVM for bringing up the possibility of alternate codes for

=Fake Cheats/Codes=

This section is for cheats and codes that have not worked for me. I have
tried them on all versions of Top Gear (US, European, and the Japanese
Top Racer version). 

Note: If you do not believe me, try them yourselves. If they do in fact
work, e-mail me with EXACTLY what you have done, since I've tried them word
for word and nothing happened.

1. Going to the "select country" screen and typing in VALHALLA at the
United Kindgom region simply doesn't allow you to access ANY country
afterwards as most cheat sites lead you to believe. In fact, the code
VALHALLA is only present on the Japanese version (Top Racer) version of
the game which in turn takes the place of KEELSON at the UK CHAMPIONSHIP

2. Probably the most commonly used fake cheat of Top Gear, the "press up
when at pits" does nothing! Don't beleive me? Run out of fuel or something,
and go to the pits. Do this twice with the SAME amount of fuel, (works
better when playing on a rom as you can save state RIGHT when you go in)
and once hold up, and the second time don't hold anything. Use a timer
both times, and you will see that both of the times will be exactly the
same. Yet another fake cheat. Horray! I've tried this in both Top Gear and
Top Racer with the same results.

3. Another fake cheat going around in the Top Gear community is that you
can select any level you want by going to any country you want, pressing
START, and you'll get some "invalid password" comment. After going back
to the main menu, you must repeat the "invalid password" thing and you'll
get access to any country you want, and get some money. First of all, this
is obviously fake. It sounds more like a Top Gear 2 code than a Top Gear
code, since you can NOT get money in Top Gear and there is no "invalid
password" message. Fake.

=Game Genie Codes=

Note: These codes have not been tested by me, so use them at your own risk. 
Furthermore, these codes are for the Top Gear version and should not be
tried out on the Top Racer version. If your game data is erased, I will not
be held responsible for the damage. In using these, you are agreeing.

You will need a Game Genie to use these codes, as they do not work with an 
Action Replay. When inserting Game Genie codes, don't forget the hyphen (-)

a) Unlimited nitro boosts for Player 1:   3C84-6D64
b) Unlimited nitro boosts for Player 2:   3C86-64A4
c) Unlimited fuel for Player 1:           C225-6429
d) Unlimited fuel for Player 2:           C223-6D95
e) Nitros last forever for Player 1:      C280-6FA4
f) Nitros last forever for Player 2:      C288-6DD4
g) Race in any country:                   6DB7-AFEA
h) Start with 1/2 fuel:                   972B-0F64
i) Start with 3/4 fuel:                   5A2B-0F64
j) Start with 0 nitro:                    DD63-6DDD
k) Start with 1 nitro:                    DF63-6DDD
l) Start with 2 nitro:                    D463-6DDD
m) Start with 6 nitro:                    D163-6DDD
n) Start with 9 nitro:                    DB63-6DDD

=PAR (Pro Action Replay) Codes=
Note: These codes have not been tested by me, so use them at your own risk. 
Furthermore, these codes are for the Top Gear version and should not be
tried out on the Top Racer version. If your game data is erased, I will not
be held responsible for the damage. In using these, you are agreeing.

You will need a Pro Action Replay to use these codes, as they do not work with
a Game Genie.

a) Unlimited nitro boosts for Player 1:    00BA22EA
b) Unlimited nitro boosts for Player 2:    00BA8BEA
c) Nitros last forever for Player 1:       00BA47AD
d) Infinite fuel for Player 1:             05D67BAD
e) Infinite fuel for Player 2:             05DEE1AD
f) Race in any country:                    0F933780                         

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Who released the game, and when?
A. The game was designed and released by Gremlin Graphics and Kemco. Licensed
   by Nintendo.

Q. What is the best car to use?
A. White car for beginners, Red for professionals.

Q. What about the other two cars? 
A. Use them only if the game is too easy for you and you need a challenge.

Q. Does manual transmission use up more gas?
A. Yes. Although the difference is not much, I suggest sticking with 
   automatic on long tracks.

Q. What is the hardest track and region?
A. France, and its third track, Bordeaux. 

Q. What is the fastest track?
A. There are quite a few, but I obtained 464KM (288M) on Bordeaux, after many 

Q. Is there any way to change it to full screen instead of split?
A. No. You are always with someone, either a computer, or a player.

Q. In what ways is the bottom screen computer handicapped?
A. He turns perfectly, speeds up (more than normal) when you're ahead of him, 
   and slows down a lot if you're behind him. Basically, he stays around you,
   or tries to. He also cannot pass a certain speed (I think it's around

Q. Any tips on how I can be better? 
A. Go to the "Racing Tips" section.

=How to Contact Me=

If you wish to contact me, with any new information, corrections, or any need
of help, do not think twice. Please do so at chronobanjo777@yahoo.ca.


Thanks to CJayC (www.gamefaqs.com) for creating the best site on the net, and
for the hosting of this guide. 
Thanks to all the other sites who've asked for my permission for the hosting 
of this guide. Without you, we would all be a mess.
Thanks to my friends and family, as I couldn't have done it without you.
Thanks to Kemco and Gremlin Graphics for designing this game.
Thanks to the whole Top Gear community at Gamefaqs, including Ninjajeff for
the 'Red Car Acceleration Trick'!
Thanks to StriderVM for the VALHALLA correction. ^__^; SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!
And the best for last, many thanks to "Martin from Holland", for helping
correct my many mistakes. :)


This guide is copyright 2008 by Cristian Cismas (banjo1231, chronobanjo777,
madmax777). This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except
for personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly in any way, without advance written permission. Unless
noted in this guide, the use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
Any names, places or miscellaneous objects are copyright their respective

If you wish to host this walkthrough on your site, E-mail me and I'll think
about it.

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