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There's a new sheriff in town!
YOU are Tin Star, the latest in a long string of lawmen to challenge the Bad Oil Gang. Your job is to run the gang out of town. The main tool of your trade? A blazing six gun, of course! Tin Star has made a promise to himself that he will boot the Bad Oil Gang out of town in one week's time. He must face the gang in a variety of action settings, including a train robbery, a barroom brawl, a cattle stampede and a jail break, just to name a few. At the end of the day, you may even have an old-fashioned quick-draw showdown. Are you up to the challenge of the Old West?
The gunslinging action, cartoon graphics and humorous dialogue make Tin Star one of the most entertaining games to ever hit the trail. There are seven full "days", or stages, of action awaiting the new sheriff. Practice stages allow players to get the feel of the game quickly, and bonus rounds are awarded for outstanding performance. The Wild West was never this wild!

- The first game to use either the Super NES Super Scope, Mouse or standard controllers!
- Side-splitting dialogue and graphics!
- Battle through seven day's worth of action - with each day consisting of a variety of confrontations!
- See different endings based on how well you play!

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