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FAQ by INoble

Updated: 02/08/97

From: Iain Noble <71154.3234@CompuServe.COM>
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.nintendo
Subject: Terranigma FAQ
Date: 8 Feb 1997 10:44:28 GMT
Organization: CompuServe, Inc. (1-800-689-0736)
Lines: 98
Message-ID: <5dhlec$idl$1@mhadf.production.compuserve.com>


This is based on the problems that we encountered; other people may have
other difficulties.

Q. How do I progress in Tower 1? A. Look for a broken window and then climb

Q. I cannot get into Tower 5. The Guardian keeps on blasting me out. A. Make
sure that you have collected the Crystal Thread from Tower 4 and taken it to
Elle. She will weave a cloak that will deflect the bolts.

Q. How can I attack the round cushion plants in the Ra tree? A. The Abbee
plants come in two varieties. The red ones that shoot fireballs can be
picked up and smashed. The grey, pulsing ones have items in them.

Q. I keep on being poisoned in the cave in the Tree. A. Use the Ra Dewdrop
before you go in and it will protect you.

Q. I can see parts of the cliffs in Grecliff that look different. How do I
get up them? A. You need the Sharp Claws from the nest.

Q. I have done three of the Altars in Zue. Where is the fourth one? A. Look
for the two blocks of wood either side of the canal. You can push them out
of the way and then find the last altar. Prepare for a battle!

Q. Leim keeps on falling off the stone bridge in the Canyon. A. Keep with
him and walk steadily across. Don't try to dash.

Q. How do I get the Yeti in the hot spring to talk to me? A. You need to
find the healing Leaf and equip it by the pool. Then he will toss you over
the bridge.

Q. The nomads won't talk to me. A. They will only help after you finish

Q. I can see the little girl in the Gobi but she disappears. A. Dash after
her towards the left and you will find yourself in Louran.

Q. What are the Rags for, in Louran? A. Nothing, as far as we can see. The
Holy Seal works against ghosts.

Q. I keep on collapsing in the Taklama Desert. A. You can't cross this
desert until after Louran when the nomads will give you directions.

Q. I keep on going round in circles in Norfest Forest. A. You need the
Protect Bell. Get the Mushroom from Mush Forest, equip it and give it to
Bounty. He will make you a Sleep Potion which you can slip into the cauldron
of stew in the Palace. Then release White Wind and go up to the King's
bedroom and steal the Bell.

Q. When I get to Storkolm the wolves keep on jumping on me. A. You need the
Dog Whistle which is in a chest in the forest.

Q. Who should I vote for? A. Check with Keinz for an economic forecast.

Q. What is the meaning of the four portraits in the Castle? A. You have to
find 4 jewels to replace the missing eyes.

Q. Where do I find the different jewels? A. The Black Opal is in a chimney,
the Ruby is in a chest reachable when you activate the chandeliers
correctly, the Topaz is on the serpent on the outside of one of the towers
and the Sapphire is in the fountain in the entrance, reachable when you
activate the switch in the sewers.

Q. How do I defeat Bloody Mary? A. Keep running, use the Dash attack and
avoid the circling jewels at all costs. DON'T panic - it is possible!

Q. How do I get past Servas in the Great Lakes cave? A. You need to go to
Liotto, via a bridge over the Colorado River (9 logs needed) and then clear
out the Mermaids Tower. You will meet Nana who gives you an item for Servas.

Q. I can't get to the third floor in the Great Lakes cave. A. You need to
throw a boulder at the small trickle of water. This will flood part of the
cave and you can then swim to a new area. You will need the Magic Anchor to
cross the rapids.

Q. I can't get into Dragoon Castle. A. You need Ginseng to cure Fyda, then
go to the Castle and Perel will distract the guard for you. (You will need
Speed Shoes for breaking into hidden rooms - they are on a small island;
don't forget to equip them).

Q. I can't find the way in Dragoon Castle to rescue the Princess. A. Find
the room with six lamps in a ring. Use the vases to extinguish them and a
new area will open up.

Q. Where is Mosque? A. Fly round in the airplane that Will gives you. At
this point it is the only other place with a landing strip.

Q. I have just woken up in Lhasa. What am I supposed to do now? A. You will
get mystical instructions from Kumari. You need to find five Starstones.

Q. Where are the Starstones? A. Dream = Astarica (in South America),
Mountain = Airsrock, Sand = Sahara, Ice = Greenland and Ruins = Neotokio.

Q. I have all the Starstones. What do I do with them? A. Go to Dryvale in
Antartica. Equip the Starstones and place them in the skull altars.

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