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FAQ/Walkthrough by Iron Knuckle

Version: 1.35 | Updated: 08/10/10

    ________                                  _
   /__  ___/                                 |_|
     / / ____   _ __   _ __   ___ _   __  _   _   ____   __  __    ___ _
    / / / __ \ | |  | | |  | /   \ | |  \| | | | /    | |  \/  |  /   \ |
   / / (  ___/ |  /¯  |  /¯ ( (¯|  | | \ \ | | |( (¯| | | \  / | ( (¯|  |
  / /   \ ¯¯|  | |    | |    \ ¯ / | | |\  | | | \ ¯  | | |\/| |  \ ¯ / |
  ¯¯     ¯¯¯    ¯      ¯      ¯¯¯ ¯   ¯  ¯¯   ¯   ¯¯| |  ¯    ¯    ¯¯¯ ¯
                                                 |¯¯  /

 Game:           Terranigma / Tenshi Souzou
 Platform:       Super NES
 Version:        1.35
 Last updated:   8 August 2010
 Written by:     Iron Knuckle
 Type:           FAQ/Walkthrough
 GameFAQ status: 100 %

Table of contents

  Version Updates


     Inside Pandora's Box
     Combat system
        Special attacks
        Getting some currency
        Using magical spells
     Environmental Elements
        Pot & jars
        Red jeweled statues
        Edges with no railings
        Vines & Chains
        Dotted walls

  Main Characters
     The Elder
     Underworld Elle
     Upperworld Elle
  Other Important People
     Dr. Beruga


    Chapter 1: The Outset
       1. Apologize for your mischief
       2. The trials of the 5 towers
       3. Resurrection of Mu & Polynese (Optional)
       4. Ascend to Earth
    Chapter 2: Resurrection of the World
       1. Save the Ra Tree
       2. Revival of birds at the Grecliff
       3. Zue's prayer to the rain
       4. Leim's voyage through a canyon
       5. The essence of humans buried in Eklamata
    Chapter 3: Resurrection of the Genius
       1. A warm welcome in the desert mirage of Louran
       2. Cure Loire's mute princess
       3. The future of Loire (Optional)
       4. The mourning queen of Sylvain
       5. A boat trip to the new continent
       6. Bridge building in America and many optional tasks
       7. Liotto's carnival & Mermaid tower
       8. Exploring the entire world by boat (Optional)
       9. Lon trading in Dragoon castle
      10. Dr. Beruga's laboratory
      11. Find and present the 5 Starstones
    Chapter 4: Resurrection of the Hero
       1. The rebirth of Ark
       2. The fully expanded world (Optional)
       3. Stop Beruga once and for all
       Final. Return to Crysta in the underworld

Appendix A:
   Magirock Locations

Appendix B:
   Chart Tables
   1. Items
        I - Potions
       II - Scenario Objects
   2. Weapons
   3. Armors
   4. Magic
       I - Rings
      II - Summon Pins
   5. Monster
   6. Shop Lists

Appendix C:
   Town Expansions

Appendix D:



E-mail, Questions and Contributions

Unfinished business

Version Updates

Version 0.1
13 August 2006:
 Started with this Walkthrough and completed the first chapter.

Version 0.3
16 August 2006:
 Completed the second chapter and made worked on some of the tables in the 

Version 0.6
17 August 2006:
 Completed Chapter 3 and the rebirth of Ark in the walkthrough.

Version 0.8
23 August 2006:
 Completed the game in Walkthrough, rechecked most parts. Partially added 
numbering for the chests and Magirocks to keep track of progress. I still 
need to complete the chart tables and the other appendices.

Version 0.9
24 August 2006:
 Added some parts of the FAQ and controls sections as well as information 
on the main characters in the game. 

Version 1.0
[First Public Release]
27 August 2006:
 Completed the entire Walkthrough with all the appendices. 

Version 1.1
17 January 2007:
 With the aid of some people who mailed me the location of the 4th STR 
potion was revealed to be hidden in Louran. Now there are four potions of 
each type (other than Life).

Version 1.2
18 June 2007:
 After Bobby McCullough mailed me about a spelling error in the game I 
found out that there are several more related issues in this game. 
Therefore I tried to add all of them before this update. Just look under 
appendix D to find them. Perhaps there are even more of these mistakes to 
be found.

Version 1.25
18 January 2008:
 Corrected an error concerning the locations to which the gulls take you
to at Kingbird's nest. I confused one of them with another.

Version 1.3
22 March 2009:
 Update after some feedback from people who mailed me. Thanks to all who
did. ^_^

Version 1.35
8 August 2010:
 Update after some more mails. Again, thanks for your responses. Also a
bit more info on Litz's expansion, but it's still not completely resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there only 96 Magirocks in the game?
A: Frankly I don't know. Indeed, it seems odd that this number wasn't
   rounded off to 100. I even played the Japanese version and I did find
   one additional Magirock in the Quintet building in Neotokio. It was a
   prize for winning a Yes/No quiz. This quiz was removed from all the
   other versions of the game, however. But still that would leave us with
   97 rocks instead of 100...

Q: I completed the game, but I am still missing 1 special armor and 2
   special weapons for the pedestals on the central display. Where are
A: You are probably missing:
      -Pro Armr for 7890 Gems from Nirlake's shop in the final expansion
      -AlphaRod for 7500 Gems from Suncoast's shop in the final expansion
      -EnbuPike from Mu (you MUST have resurrected Mu in the Underworld,
                         before ascending to the external face)

Q: I got the Ra Dew Drop, but I am still thrown out of the Parasite Room.
   What am I doing wrong?
A: You should equip it, and then use with 'X' top devour the drop. This
   will make you immune to the gas attack.

Q: I can't figure out which Doll I must hit in Sylvain Castle. Which one is
A: Like the riddle says "[...] who is the one behind?" you need to hit the
   Doll that is facing your back when they stop rotating around you. Just
   stand still all the time and it should be easy to know which one Ark
   must strike.

Q: How can I beat Bloody Mary? She is way to strong!
A: Presumably your level is too low. I noticed that one or two level ups
   can make a hell of a difference in the amount of damage an attack deals.
   If you can't beat her try to raise your level to at least 23 and it
   should become much easier to beat her.

Q: What are the best places to increase your level quickly?
   This game features battles that are not that hard, with the exception of
   Bloody Mary perhaps. But still here is a list of places that I found
   very good for increasing your experience level:
  Tower 1 - 3rd Floor 
    Just beat the two knights go down the stairs and repeat. You can reach
    level 4 in no time at all.

  Louran - Cemetery
    After you find the LightRod equip it and go to the graves in the north
    east corner of these ruins. There are many zombies around here that
    should be easy to kill with the LightRod. Reenter the area to beat them
    again and again.

  Sylvain Castle - Room with the Icepick
    There is a Soul Knight here that gives 59 experience each time you beat
    it. The room here is very small so the time you need to reenter the 
    room and fight it again is very small. I found this ideal for raising
    a few levels for the upcoming battle against Mary.

  Beruga's Lab Tower - Room with the 7 Bloody Chariots
    The perfect location for reaching level 50 in as little time as
    possible! Equip the HeroPike and kill the red Chariot just outside
    Perel's room. Enter it go back, kill it, reenter Perel's room, rinse
    and repeat. These guys give 130 Exp. each and may drop 156 Gems.

Q: How can I make money very easily?
A: You could try the chicken races to the north of Loire (see appendix D),
   but there are easier ways. Try to kill as many Robbers in the Neotokio
   Sewers or take on the Bloody Chariots in Beruga's Lab Tower as mentioned
   above. Beware that although a Robber drops over 300 Gems they can also
   steal your Gems too!

Q: How come Litz doesn't expand?
A: Litz proves to be a difficult place to expand, and even if it does it
   reaches only the second technology level. It never turns into the grey
   buildings on the world map. I looked inside the ROM and was unable to
   find any information about a second expansion. What I can tell you is
   that the following requirements were met when I managed to expand Litz

      -Use the Tin Sheet to get Canned Sardines from the fisherman
      -Give the Craftsman a crystal from the Sahara Caravan
      -Show pictures of Litz in all the other towns
      -Make the Quatro's move to S.America by rubbing the woman's back
       at least twice
      -Give the fever medicine produced in Litz to the ill man in Suncoast
      -Talk to all the people in Litz after doing this
      -Take pictures of Litz and show them in the other cities
      -Enter and exit any location on the world map other than Litz

   It should expand, when all conditions are met, but possibly Beruga must
   be brought back to life as well.
   I've been receiving several mails about this one.
  Christian Pirschalawa:
    -Got Litz upgraded after meeting Columbus
    -But without moving the Quatros
    -Got Litz expanded before meeting Columbus
    -Is unsure about moving the Quatros
    -Also mentions that talking to the Sardine guy over 
     and over again helps.
    -Didn't meet up with Columbus
    -Nor talked to all the people
    -Did move the Quatros and had Litz expanded!
  Daniel Peba:
    -Didn't meet up with Columbus
    -Completed the trade of Crystal and Canned sardines
    -Did move the Quatros and had Litz expanded!

   In all it seems that Litz is more random than any of us expects. o_O
   However, it is clear to me now, that talking to Columbus at the
   portal doesn't matter in this case.

Q: After I Beruga comes back to life. I am saved by Kumari, but what am I
   supposed to do next?
A: Seek out to a fortuneteller. His hint will tell you your next
   Objective, which is collecting five Starstones from several locations on 
   the world map.



 Walk around on the map (Ark can also walk diagonally), move Yomi inside 
Pandora's Box and press it twice in the same direction quickly to make Ark 

 Pauses the game

 Enter Pandora's Box after you find it in the basement of the Elder's home

A Button
 Attack an enemy with your spear. Press it quickly to have Ark perform the 
Rushing attack. For the rest it has the same function as the 'Y' button. In 
menus and such this button is used to confirm an option.

B Button
 Jump around on the map. You can also jump while running to make a bigger 
leap. Attack while jumping to perform a Spinner attack, also attack while 
doing a running jump to perform the Slider attack. You need this to jump 
over small gaps in the first towers and later on as well. In menus this 
button is also used to cancel options.

X Button
 After equipping an item inside Pandora's Box to the Item Box in the top 
right corner you can use it on the map with X.

Y Button
 Use this to run, while walking. This also makes your airplane move faster 
on the World Map.

Top L Button
 Use this button to talk to people, examine spots, and open chests. Like the 
'A' Button this is your main action button. If you use either one of the 
shoulder buttons during a paused game (press start) you can alter the layout 
of the numbers that appear on the screen (e.g. Life Meter / Item / Level). 
Press when you're in the airplane to descend in height.

Top R Button
 This button is used to have Ark take a defensive position so he performs 
his X-Guard. This maneuver will block any projectile, but it is impossible 
to block physical attacks with it. Use to change lay-out of the icons 
during game pause(see Top L Button). When you are in the airplane you can 
gain altitude by pressing 'R' as well.


 Like most RPGs Ark has statistics that increase by leveling up and 
equipping weapons and armors. Here's a brief summary of kind of statistics
used in this game.

- - -
 Ark initially stars at level 1 and as you defeat more and stronger enemies 
it steadily grows by gaining more Exp. If Ark gets a certain amount of Exp. 
he raises a level, his statistics increase and he becomes temporarily 
invulnerable. The maximum level Ark can reach in the game is level 50, but 
you only need to get little over 30 to beat the game without too much 

Experience (Exp.)
- - - - - - - - -
 The monsters you fight during your quest all have a certain amount Exp. 
which you will receive when you beat them. If you gain enough Exp. then Ark 
gains a level as described above.

- - -
 This is Ark's Hit Point (HP) meter and displays how much energy Ark has. 
If this number decreases to 0 Ark dies and you get a Game Over screen, 
which means that you have to restart from one of the previously saved 
files. During your quest Life increases pretty rapidly and before level 40 
it will max out to 999, this process can be sped up even more by savoring 
the Life Potions that you come across in the game. Some armors like the 
SoulArmr(+50) and the RedArmr(-50) affect the amount of Life as well. Take 
note however that the maximum Life can never exceed 999 points.

Strength (STR)
- - - - - - - -
 Strength simply measures how much damage you can deal to your enemy, when 
you attack it with an attack from your spear. It grows with almost every 
level and it is also increased by the weapon you carry. At level 50 
(without the STR potions) your strength should be 99. Some of the weapons 
and armors like the AlphaRod / EnbuPike and RedArmr can alter the amount of 
strength even more than the basic attack they have.

Defense (DEF)
- - - - - - -
 Ark's total defense determines how much damage he receives from enemy 
attacks. Projectiles can always be deflected with the X-Guard no matter 
what your defense power is. As with Strength you can get up to 99 points 
for defense by leveling up. Additional points can be gained by drinking DEF 
potions or equipping certain weapons like the BlockRod and the 3PartRod.

Luck (LCK)
- - - - - -
 Luck is used for several things. Firstly, it determines the amount of 
damage the Magic Rings will do on your enemies. Secondly a high amount of 
Luck decreases the chance of getting affected by an ailment and finally it 
determines the chance of getting a critical hit (described below). You can 
raise Luck by using one of the few Luck Potions you will find in around the 
globe. Other than that weapons like the EnbuPike can increase Luck too, but 
at the cost of Strength.


 Ark can be affected by several types of Ailments. Some of them are not too 
much of a problem, but others can be devastating if you can't cure them in 
sufficient time. Notice that not every ailment has a name, so I tried to 
come up with names that resemble them as good as possible.

 There is a special armor call the Pro Armr that can block ALL ailment 
transformations, which makes it very useful in some occasions. Other armors 
can block some of the ailments like Poison and Confusion only.

- - - -
 If Ark gets hit by flame/fire attacks or projectiles he may very well get 
burned to a black crisp version coughing up some smoke. The damage is 
minor, but you cannot move for about 2 or 3 seconds, which can be annoying 
at some times.

- - -
 The Guardner's projectile you come across in second and third Tower induce 
sleep on you so he can draw you near him and teleport you back to the start 
of the tower. These projectiles are easily avoided and after getting & 
equipping the Sleepless Seal this problem should be over.

Blown away
- - - - - -
 Douma sharp breath and touching a Pupil(a) causes Ark to get thrown back 
in the direction he came from. This sometimes causes him to return to the 
previous screen if this happens in the line of a passageway.

- - - - - -
 This is just a type of paralysis that can be caused by for example Quaker. 
If you are in the mid-air while Quaker causes a tremor Ark will not be 

- - - -
 Some rare enemies like the Blue Slime and Dark Gaia's Blue Bolt attack may 
cause you to get trapped inside a huge ice crystal. As with toasted it 
takes Ark several seconds to break free from his entrapment, during this 
time he is vulnerable to any hostile attacks.

- - - - -
 The Rakshaki and the Green Slime are a few examples of the enemies that 
can cause this very annoying ailment on you. Confusion causes Ark's 
controls to change every few seconds. For example Up & Down may become Left 
& Right and vice versa, then 20 seconds later this changes to a different 
set up and so on. The easiest way to cure this is to enter a different 
room, because the ailment dissolves as soon as you leave the room where you 
got it from. Next to that the WindPin can heal it for you.

- - - -
 The Zombies, Amarantes and the Doumas from Zue are most often the cause of 
this ailment. If you are poisoned you will gradually take damage, until you 
heal it with Poison Cure (P.Cure) found in most of these places. Armors 
like the LeafSuit and SlvrArmr can protect you from this kind of ailment 
all the same.

Deadly Poison
- - - - - - -
 A more severe version of Poison exists that appears much later in the 
game. It is caused most often by the Doumas from the Great Lake Caverns. 
Where Poison was just a nuisance this Venom status cause much more damage 
and can in some cases kill you in matter of seconds. Make sure that you buy 
at least a few Serums before visiting the caverns, or it may be the last 
exploration that you make.

- - -
 The Maduus and the red Blood Skeletons are few of the enemies that can put 
a curse on you. When this happens Ark stops moving from time to time and 
you get the see a red heart icon appearing over his head. I find this 
somewhat strange, but it simply means that you get paralyzed every few 
steps you make. It can be cured by taking a Stardew in or prevented by 
equipping the MonkRobe from Lhasa's shop. 

Death Curse
- - - - - -
 I can only think of the blue flames of the Phantom from Neotokio's sewers 
as the single attack that causes this dreaded pox on you. If you get hit by 
this status a little counter starts counting down from 20 to 0. Of course 
when it hits 0 the Grim Reaper gets you and Ark die instantly! So use Holy 
Water (H.Water) to cleanse your body from this evil. The HolyRobe from 
Asterica is the only armor next to the Pro Armr that can prevent this 

STR Down
- - - - -
 When this happens Ark's strength diminishes to about 1/10 of his original 
attack power, which means that you can do only very little damage to your 
opponents. Security Bot (Boss) and Figure Head both from Beruga's Lab are a 
few examples of enemies that induce this ailment just by touching you.

DEF Down
- - - - -
 The Mini Slime and the Chariots (regular & bloody) are some examples that 
can manage to cause Ark to have his defense lowered. I don't know exactly 
how much this gets lowered, but you will most definitely receive more 
damage than usual.

Get Robbed
- - - - - -
 The Robbers inside Neotokio's Sewer dungeon can actually steal quite some 
Gems from Ark if they get the chance. When this happens go after them 
quickly to reclaim them, if you are too slow the Robber leaves the scene 
and your Gems will be gone! The Robber himself can drop 311 Gems if you 
beat one.

Combat System

 The combat system is action based so you will have to move around attack 
the enemies by direction action commands rather than having to select 
certain in-direct battle actions. Another side effect is that you have to 
try to hit your opponent without giving it the chance to strike you as 
well, or else you take damage.

Special Attacks
 Some enemies are resistant to normal attack and require you to attack them 
with certain special moves in order to cause damage on them. Here are the 
four special attacks that Ark can use in this game.

- - - -
 Press 'A' rapidly to create a constant stream of weak attacks that can be 
used to paralyze an enemy so it can't attack back. The attack is very weak, 
but it will always do at least 1 point damage for each hit. With the fast 
stream slow enemies like the Living Statue do not even get the chance to 
retaliate meaning that you can take them out without effort after they get 
stuck in the stream. This attack is meant for attacking slow, big and 
strong enemies.

- - - -
 While running do an attack and Ark will lunge forwards pointing the tip of 
his spear out. This attack is mainly used to attack fast enemies like the 
Borfe and Figure Heads.

- - - -
 When you are in mid-air do an attack and Ark will perform a Spinner attack 
that is ideal for taking out enemies on elevated sections or aerial 
opponents like the Perinton.

- - - -
 If Ark is jumping while running he can perform a long range Slider attack 
that takes out submerged enemies like the Raiden and Mud Doll. This is one 
of my favorite attacks, because the range is big and you can keep on moving 
with maximum speed with this attack.

- - - -
 Ark has only one defensive special move in his repertoire and it is used 
solely for blocking projectile attack. Press the top 'R' button to have Ark 
block with a flashing X-shaped cross, hence the name. This way you can 
block any projectile, but Ark cannot defend against normal regular attacks 
and will get hit if you try to block using this. You better use this only 
from a distance. 

Getting some currency
 The combat system in this game only gives you Exp for beating an opponent. 
In order to obtain some of the "Gem" currency used in this game you need to 
collect it from the floor as enemies may drop it when they explode. The 
amount of Gems you get differs per enemy, but there are three different 
appearances of the money on the floor:

   Type          | Minimal | Maximal
   Coin          |     1   |     9
   Gold Bar      |    10   |    99
   Gold Bar (3x) |   100   |     -

 The triple gold bar is actually pretty rare; Douma (Great Lake Cavern), 
Cube, Robber, Chariot & Bloody Chariot are the only enemies in the game who 
drop more than 100 Gems. It can be noted that some of the enemies that 
dissolve in the wall (Guardner) or collapse like Maduu and Bloody Skeleton 
will never yield any Gems at all.

Using magical spells
 There are 10 different types of Magic Rings you can obtain in this game 
and 5 distinct "Summon" Pins that allow you to conjure one of the friends 
you helped earlier in the game. I never use these because the Spear does 
more than enough effective damage plus you are not allowed to use Magic 
attacks in the Boss battles (Bloody Mary is the only exception here). 
WindPins for healing annoying ailments and BonePins for retreating in an 
instant from a dungeon are in my opinion the most useful ones of the lot. 

Environmental Elements

- - -
 In the beginning of the game Ark cannot swim, but after he finds the Big 
Leaves inside the Ra Tree he can freely swim around any watery area. Much 
later on he can also find the Air Herb which allows him to dive near the 
spots where bubbles appear.

Pots & Jars
- - - - - -
 There are numerous of these items scattered throughout the game and you 
can pick most of them up with no effort. After you carry one you can throw 
it in any direction. Throw one while running to throw at more than twice 
the regular distance.

Red Jeweled Statues
- - - - - - - - - -
 In some of the dungeons you will come across some statues with a red jewel 
in the forehead. Unlike the ones with blue jewels you can move these around 
in any direction, often leading to a solution of a specific puzzle.

Edges with no railings
- - - - - - - - - - - -
 In some areas you will notice that there is no railing to keep you from 
falling down certain sections. Although at some times this may only cause 
damage, there exist many situations where falling down the railing is just 
the thing you need to do in order to proceed to the next part of a dungeon. 
Try this when you seem to get stuck at a dead end in certain dungeon.

Vines & Chains on the wall
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Ark can climb up and down with no effort if you press 'up' or 'down' on 
the control pad. Alternatively press 'A' to release the vine so you can 
descend much faster simply by falling down.

Dotted walls
- - - - - - -
 After getting the Sharp Claws at Grecliff Ark can climb these walls as 
well. Ark can even move horizontally along these walls as well.

- - - - -
 There are several types of switches you will come across in the game. Most 
of them are use to open doorways or move certain platforms, not much 
special to note here.

- - - - - -
 In one of the final dungeons you'll come across very big teleportation 
devices. If Ark jumps inside one of these he gets transported to a 
different area in a split second.

Main Characters

Ark - A young calamitous teenager
 This young lad is the main character of the game and you will control him 
for most of the time. Unlike some RPGs Ark is not mute and actually speaks 
pretty often. After he opens the forbidden Pandora's Box he is send out by 
the Elder to resurrect the upperworld. Later on he turns out to be the 
legendary hero who appears to bring balance back to the powers of Light 
side and Dark side.

Yomi - A strange creature inside the Box
 Yomi is a character shrouded in mystery. He appears to be a small, pink 
and floating blob with two big ears, two eyes and a nose. Yomi helps Ark 
throughout his quest on various occasions and he also navigates you around 
inside the Pandora's Box selecting items/weapons/armors and options for 

The Elder - An old coot with a big secret
 He is the one who knows everything about the underworld and sends Ark out 
to explore the Underworld after he opens the Box of Pandora. In the end he 
turns out to be ruler of Dark side himself better known as Dark Gaia, or to 
quote Yomi: "Humans call him the devil I believe".

Underworld Elle - Ark's girlfriend weaver
 Just like Ark she is a young girl who is very fond of Ark. She looks after 
Ark even if he causes mischief in town. Later on she makes a special cape 
for you to protect you from danger.

Upperworld Elle - an orphan princess with a history
 You first meet her in Loire castle and she appears to have a sparkling 
resemblance to the Elle you know from the underworld. She appears to be 
mute and only after showing her an image of her parents she overcomes her 
muteness and regains little of her speech. She was taking from her home in 
Storkholm as a child and was raised by King Henri #13. 

Other important people

Meilin - A girl with great psychic powers
 Meilin is looked after by her grandfather Meihou, because her parents died 
at a very young age. You meet her for the first time in the desert mirage 
of Louran where she wants you to leave the town immediately. Later on you 
meet here again in Liotto where she reveals that she actually likes Ark 
quite a lot. After finding out that Ark's heart goes to Elle from the 
underworld, Meilin cannot cope with this and is filled with hatred.

Fyda - the swordswoman protecting Elle
 This woman is adept in the art of sword fighting and promised an oath to 
upperworld Elle's parents to protect her from and danger with her life. She 
if first in command under King Henri's reign, but she questions that 
silently. She is however afraid of opposing his will and therefore carries 
out all of his orders.

Perel - the Skateboard wizard
 You meet this young dark boy in Freedom where he tries to cheer you up 
with his skateboard tricks. After doing so he shows you his friends in 
kindergarten club house. Later on in the game he helps you out in Dragoon 
Castle distracting the guards for you.

Royd - the Mercenary
 Initially Royd appears to be a jerk who tries to discourage Ark in every 
way. Near the very end of the game he makes up his mind and decides to 
fight for your side instead. He also appears to have an eye on the royal 
guard called Fyda.

Dr. Beruga - the mad scientist
 Upon reaching Mosque Ark learns about Dr. Beruga's plans to wipe out the 
earth's population and let only the chosen ones live with eternal life 
under his reign. Ark has to go out to his lab and later on his airship to 
stop him from completing his plans.

Story            (Taken from the Instruction Booklet)

A boy's curiosity triggers events that lead to resurrection of life on this 

 In the distant past, a calamitous struggle between light and dark took 
place on this planet. The clash of the two opposing powers scoured the 
planet's surface entirely of life, and the two forces fell into a deep 

 In the world on the inside of the planet, there exists just one small 
village of Crysta. Ark, a mischievous teenage boy, somehow causes a crisis 
in the village that makes is necessary for him to leave. His trip to save 
his fellow villagers eventually becomes a journey across time to resurrect 
the planet. On his epic journey, Ark must resurrect continents, revive all 
forms of life, and re-establish civilization. What fate awaits Ark at the 
end of his journey?



 Here you can enter your own preferred name if Ark doesn't suit you. I'll 
stick to this name for the sake of simplicity. After choosing a name that 
fits you best the game commences with the first chapter.

Chapter 1: The Outset
1. Apologize for your mischief

                (Total number of Chests / Hidden Items so far)
Hidden Items: 1 (1)
 ElleCape - Give Elle the Crystal Thread from Tower 4 and she gives it in
Chests: 2 (3)
 50 Gems*, S. Bulb*

 * = reachable after opening Pandora's Box

 You start inside the Elder's home so we start our Walkthrough where we 
find the main protagonist.

 Ark is lying in bed (RPGs always start in bed) and he is just about to get 
awakened by Elle, a friendly girl who is weaving as an occupation. She asks 
whether Ark is alright, because he seemed to be having a weird nightmare. 
After Ark tells her about these dreams she says that you should go outside 
and get some fresh air under the Crystal Blue sky, then she leaves back to 
the weaver's cottage.

 You can get up, move around and examine the open book on the table. This 
is were you can save your game. Please do so, because the game doesn't 
create a save file for you. Walk around and talk to the people for some 
information about the Crystal Blue. Ark can also eat the apples from the 
table near the cooking woman, if you do this you'll get some comments. 

 If you talk to the four guys in the west room you'll find out that Ark is 
a bad boy, for he smashed all the pumpkins in the garden and caused trouble 
over at the weaver's place. Anyway, go up and visit the Elder to get the 
game going. He tells you to apologize to the weavers for you bad behaviour 
and whether you like it or not you should do that right away. Choose 
"Apologize" (BTW. The input you give does make a difference in this game 
some times), so in order to save you some time you'd better take the 
politically correct answer in most cases. If you try to open the chests to 
the right you get some comments from the Elder telling you to keep those 

 Go outside and explore the town if you want to and you can view the 
Crystal Blue bubbles floating in the sky around the town as well. You can 
talk to various people and even the pumpkins that lie scattered. For the 
moment the Magishop has no use to you as you don't have any money or 
Magirocks to buy some rings. For the same reason the Item/Weapon Shop is of 
no use to you either. The only thing that can be done is going to the 
Weaver's place and apologize for your misdeeds. The cottage is located to 
the north of the Elder's place.

 Talk to the woman to the left of Elle and choose "Apologize" to get this 
over with right away. The woman upstairs tells you that Elle is working on 
something the Elder asked for, wonder what that could be... After the 
apologies go back to the elder's place to tell him that your 'mission' was 

 The four guys inside are trying to open the forbidden blue door, but to no 
avail. They also tell you that the elder is out, here the game branches a 
little in two different paths. You can opt to open the door for them, or 
let them be and not participate in opening the door.

-> Let them open it themselves
 If you let them do it themselves the three of them will trigger an energy 
source sucking them into the door or so you are told by the fourth person. 
So Ark has to open that door anyway. You'll have to break the door open by 
throwing the three vases at it. Each vase will crack it a little bit more, 
until it is finally opened. Go downstairs to find the three men completely 
frozen. On the lowest level you'll find a light source (continue reading 
the part after the other option).

-> You open it for them
 You'll have to break the door open by throwing the three vases at it. Each 
vase will crack it a little bit more, until it is finally opened. When this 
is done you'll hear a voice calling for help. Then all four think of an 
excuse to flee and leave you behind with the opened door. Enter it, go down 
the stairs and you'll find a light source that asks for your help.

 If you approach it the light source appears to be a box and when you touch 
it, it will tell you to open it with a calm soul. So touch it a second time 
to find out that you just opened the forbidden box of Pandora! A small pink 
floating ball appears. This little guy is Yomi; 'it' tells you that the old 
coot is afraid that anybody exploring the world inside the box and 
therefore kept it sealed away. Yomi says that from now on you can enter the 
Pandora's box with 'Select' at any time. 

--Pandora's Box--
Hidden Items: 2 (5)
 Weapon (CrySpear), Clothes

 Inside Yomi will introduce you to the various aspects and rooms of the 
box, which are pretty strait forward to understand. In the Weapons Screen 
you see a spark inside the top left square this is your first weapon, but 
you can only get it after you complete the tour. Examine the spark and it 
will speak to you, when it is done Ark gets a weapon in the shape of the 
CrySpear. Next Yomi will tell you that there are voices outside he warps 
you back outside again.

 Elle comes towards you, but after a short talk she turns into an icy 
statue. Yomi informs you how to get her and the rest of the village back to 
normal again. After that he disappears leaving Ark all by himself, enter 
the Pandora's Box again and equip the CrySpear (weapon) and Clothes (armor) 
right away so you won't forget it later. You can try to communicate with 
Elle, but Ark soon realizes that he has to talk to the elder in order to 
get some more information.

 When you try to leave this place the Elder shows up and tells you about 
the trials of the Five Towers outside this village in order to return 
everybody back to normal... outside this village? Indeed, miraculously a 
new path has been created that allows you to go outside and explore the 
Underworld. You can visit him in his room and ask for more information or 
he can heal you, when you opt for "... I'm tired". You can open the two 
chests to the Elder's right from this moment on. 

2. The trials of the 5 towers

 To the Southeast of the village you can find the first tower. You can try 
to explore the rest of the underworld, but there is nothing to do around 
here. So don't waste time on that, because all the towers are locked except 
for the first one. Notice that whenever you are hurt your CrySpear will 
heal you gradually. That is the advantage of being under the Crystal Blue.

--Tower 1--
Chests: 1 (6)
 S. Bulb
Magirocks: 3 (3)
 -Located on the second floor on the east side
 -On the third floor on the left elevated section
 -On the fourth floor near the entrance guarded by a Living Statue
 Living Statue, Purple Huball, Red Whisp
 Red Huball (4x)

 When you approach the first tower the Guardian Face on the door tells you 
to enter and complete this tower. After telling him that you are here to 
"Save some friends" the door opens up and lets you inside. Don't forget to 
equip your CrySpear (and the clothes for armor) if you haven't done this or 
else you cannot attack. Inside the first corridor there are some very weak 
enemies called Huballs. I prefer to kill most enemies in the game with the 
Slider attack, but that is just my opinion. Defeat them for some coins and 
Exp. Note that unlike most RPGs you have to collect the gems as items they 
drop sometimes by yourself. 

 On the second floor you can get your first Magirock, it is just there in 
plain sight. Be careful of the Whisps around here, because their attack 
burns you causing more damage than usual. Use the X-Guard to protect 
yourself against these projectiles. In the center of the room there is a 
heightened platform, if you kill the right Whisp it will turn into a 
Wandering Soul and it will open the gate to the next floor for you. Beat 
just a few more enemies to reach level 2, so the 2 Knights on the next 
floor are a bit easier to beat (use Rushing to drain their HP fast). If you 
level up to level 4 even the powerful Living Statues can be taken out in 
one Slider Attack!

 In the SE corner of the third floor the Wandering Spirit inside the Huball 
will tell you that fighting alone won't get you to the top. Collect the 
S.Bulb from the chest here and 'walk' outside the broken window the lower 
left part to reach the next floor. Inside collect the Magirock and fall 
down the open section near the top of the screen. Follow the route to the 
top floor and meet up with a cloaked figure blocking the path to an 
entrance in the center of floor.
Mini-Boss: Red Huball (4x)
 HP:   14 (each)
 Exp:   4 (each)
 Gems:  6 (each drop)

I can hardly call this a special battle, because they are regular enemies 
in the next tower. The game's music speeds up, so I guess that it was meant 
to be one. Just attack the balls with your preferred attack and it should 
be over quite quickly. I coincidently hit level 3 in this battle, just for 
 When all four balls have left the building the Guardian's voice tells you 
that the Earth is trying to be resurrected again and you are allowed to 
enter the control room. Inside, view the nice animation as the continent of 
Eurasia gets resurrected, with the Greek Temple and a Buddha Statue as the 
main land marks. Notice how the game uses the Japanese View of the world. 
You'd be surprised to see the amount of world map made in modern life; 
America & Europe also have different views on the world both having their 
continent in the center and the rest around it! And that is very true, no 
joke here. Also the weavers & Elle are unfrozen as well, you can go there 
or go to the second tower right away.

 You can buy some Leather for 190 Coins from the merchant and perhaps also 
some P.Cure, because the enemies later on can poison you causing much 
damage. You can also buy some rings if you got the Magirocks from the first 
tower, but I don't find this necessary (actually I never really use them at 
all). Inside the Weaver's hut Elle is busy weaving something good for you, 
but it will take some time before it is finished.

--Tower 2--
Chests: 2 (8)
 30 Gems, S.Bulb
Magirocks: 3 (6)
 -First room SW corner on the elevated section.
 -Second floor right elevated section in the SE corner.
 -Fourth floor on the left in plain sight
 Cadet, Purple Huball, Red Whisp, Red Huball

 Follow the path to the north starting from the 1st tower to reach this 
place. Go inside, up the left stairs and collect Magirock down the left 
corner and go around for the 30 Gems from the chest on the right. Next beat 
the Red Whisp to free a soul who will give you a hint about the jewels on 
the statues. As expected, push the two statues with a red jewel towards the 
center of the room to reveal two staircases. Go up the right stairs and 
press the button to the left. You can get a hint from the Soul down in the 
corner near the Magirock. Go down, up the left stairs and press the second 
button to open the gate (there is also a chest with an S.Bulb inside).

 On the third floor push the red jeweled statues to be able to activate all 
four switches in each corner to lower the water level. This allows you to 
right the fourth floor of this tower. Push both movable pillars outwards to 
open the gate to the final floor, or push either one of them inwards to 
make 13 Purple Huballs appear scattered across the room. If you do this, 
you have to reenter the room to clear it.

 Ascend to the fifth floor and throw one of the six blue pots against the 
switch in the center to reach the Guardian again. He allows you to enter 
the Control Room right away for the resurrection of South America with an 
Inca Statue as landmark on it and another neat animation accompanying it. 
There is nothing new to be done in Crysta so you might as well head for the 
third tower located to the north-east right now.

--Tower 3--
Chests: 2 (10)
 S.Bulb, Sleepless Seal
Magirocks: 2 (8)
 -Basement floor; get there by falling down the arrow platforms or stairs
 -Third floor in the back room with the Sleepless seal in the SE corner
 Cadet, Guardner, Red Huball
 High Cadet

 Once Ark gets inside wait for the Arrow Platforms to create a bridge for 
you and then cross it. Use your jumping / Slider abilities to get through 
this room with relative ease taking out the Hue Balls that appear around 
here. To the north are some Arrow Platforms that will fall down if you 
stand too long on them, so run over them with 'Y'. Of course you can let 
yourself fall down deliberately to find a Magirock below or alternatively 
just go down the stairs to the right. Go up the stairs in the center and 
walk to the right (there is a gap in the wall) to get to the chest with an 

 Next head up to the 2nd floor and go down the corridor carefully watching 
out for the spears coming out of the wall. Near the bottom press the 
switches in such a way that a diagonal path is created to the right. Get to 
the most northern path and watch out for the Guardner that appears on the 
wall here, his projectile attack can put you asleep and can send you back 
to the Tower's entrance! Defend against it with the X-Guard if necessary.

 Go up another floor and take either left or right passage to the north, 
when you approach the northern passage it opens up. Go inside and collect 
the Sleepless Seal from the chest on the left side of the room. Equip the 
item (Select it inside the Pandora's Box with Yomi) so you'll be protected 
against the Guardner's Sleep attack. On the other side of the room there is 
a Magirock for Ark to collect. Clear out all the enemies to the north. Then 
press the two buttons to make 8 more Red Huballs appear and to open the 
passageway as well.

 In the final room the gate is unguarded, but you can't enter it. Walk down 
here to hear the Guardian's voice again. He tells you to beat the Cadet in 
order to be allowed in the control room. And so the battle against the 
upgraded Cadet commences.
Mini-Boss: High Cadet
 HP:   15
 Exp:   0(!)

 This is a High Cadet and it has learned a new trick. It can create two 
regular Cadet clones. You have to hit the High Cadet in order to do some 
damage. If you hit the dummy you'll have to fight a regular Cadet, until it 
is dead. This boss only has a wee 15 HP so it should be done with 2 correct 
hits. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find out which Cadet looks real, 
but I think it is the one to your rear the moment they fire an energy orb 
at you. 
 When the Cadet is gone the Guardian commends you and you get to resurrect 
Africa with the Pyramid (probably one of Gizeh) as a land mark. Again there 
is nothing to be done in Crysta, so walk a few steps east to tower number 

--Tower 4--
Chests: 4 (14)
 44 Gems, Life Potion, M.Bulb, Crystal Thread
Magirock: 3 (11)
 -Left side of the screen, on the elevated section of Basement Floor 1
 -Floating island on the Second floor; reach it via the tightrope
 -3rd floor in the upper right corner
 Cadet, Guardner, Red Huball, Spark
 Dancing Huball Troupe

 Inside the Guardian awaits you and sends not one, not two, but three 
regular Cadets at you... That's pretty lame. After they're annihilated you 
can start walking tightropes, approach them and Ark automatically uses his 
Spear for balance. Walk around and you'll quickly discover that there is no 
stairway or anything to climb around here. Talk to the Wandering Soul in 
the SE corner after beating the possessing Cadet to find out that you must 
fall down somewhere on this floor. You can do this anywhere on any 
tightrope to reach the first basement level.

 Ark can fall down to the second basement floor on four different spots, 
but only the lower left one is different from the other three. Go down one 
of the three (NE, NW, SW) gaps and work your way up to the stairs back up 
to the previous floor. Collect the 44 Gems from the South-east corner and 
the Magirock to the opposite side. Next go up two floors and walk over the 
lower tightrope to get a Magirock. To the far left you can get an M.Bulb 
and a Life Potion as treasure from the two chests. For the rest this is a 
dead end here, so backtrack to the big room with those four gaps. Fall down 
the lower right one for a different route up to the top of the tower.

 Collect the Crystal Thread on the 3rd floor, you need this item so don't 
forget to open this chest. Walk over the tightrope (preferably) the lower 
one, or else you have to navigate past a fast moving and invincible spark. 
Go north here to find a third Magirock in this tower. Next go left using 
the highest tightrope in order to approach to the door to the control room. 
This seems to be too easy and as expected the Guardian sends you to a 
battle arena forcing you into combat against a series of Yellow Huballs.
Dancing Huball Troupe (8 Yellow Huballs)
 HP:   14 (each)
 Exp:   4 (each)
 Coins: 6 (each drop)

This chain of eight curled up Huballs is invincible except for the trailing 
segment. So try to avoid the entire chain and hit the last one with your 
spear. This will cause the segment to detach from the others, then you can 
take it out with a few blows. Do this 8 times and you're done. Some people 
may find it hard to hit the fast moving target. If you have problems with 
this as well, then wait for the troupe to form a vertical line (they hold 
position for a few seconds when doing this) and attack them at that moment.
 When they are all defeated you get to enter the control room and resurrect 
the Indians native region of North America marked by a Totem Pole. You may 
want to go to the small dungeon found to the south of the fourth tower, but 
you cannot complete that, until tower 5 is finished. Tower five however is 
problem as well, because you get thrown outside by the Guardian projectile 
if you enter it. You need some special armor to reflect it instead, so go 
back to Crysta.

 If you speak to Elle she tells you that the Crystal Tread (which you found 
in the last tower) is beautiful and very useful for the robe she is 
weaving, then she automatically takes it from you. Speak to her again and 
she tells Ark to go to bed, because he seems very tired. You'd better 
listen to her and do as she says.

 Approach your bed and enter it to fall asleep right away. At night you 
will wake up again... on the floor! Go outside and try to visit Elle once 
more. She's working on your cape and prays to it hoping that it will 
protect her Ark from danger. Talk to her and she tells you to return to bed 
as she finishes the cape for you in the morning. You can answer the 
question she gives to you in a way that suits you best. After this scene go 
back to bed and after waking up in a different position you receive the 
first of the four special armors from Elle the 'ElleCape'. Equip it and 
venture out to the fifth tower.

--Tower 5--
 Cadet, Guardner, Red Whisp
 Shadow Keeper

 If you have Elle's Cape equipped you can ward of the orb, so you won't be 
thrown outside again. Head up the stairs several times, but don't go into 
the huge passage with light radiating from it. It is a trap that sends you 
back to the beginning of the tower again! Instead follow the very tight 
passage to the right and meet up with the Guardian who tells you about your 
final challenge of the tower quest. Go up and ignite all the flames as you 
pass by them. At the very end the first real boss of this game awaits you: 
The Shadowkeeper.
Boss: Shadowkeeper
Right & Left Claw
 HP:   40 (each)
 Exp:  30 (each)
 Coins: -

 HP:   50
 Exp: 100
 Coins: -

 HP:  100
 Exp: 100
 Coins: -

 If your level is very low than it will be very hard to beat this boss, so 
make sure that it is at least 6 or 7 (which should be normal, if you fought 
all monsters). The battle against this creature has three different phases. 

--Phase 1 - The Claws--
Initially, the Shadowkeeper crawls a few steps forward and attacks you with 
his claws. Attack them and beware of his stomp attack where he uses both 
claws to strike the floor. Also try to use the X-guard against the green 
needles that he spits from his mouth. Keep on hitting the claws until they 
are both gone. There is a time limit on this part however. If you take way 
too long about this part the Shadowkeeper will eventually reach the 
doorway. The moment this happens you are sent back to the previous room, 
which means that you have to start the battle all over again. After his 
claws are gone the tail appears again. The battle isn't finished yet, but 
don't worry you are past the hardest part.

--Phase 2 - The Mask--
 The tail tries to sting if you give it a chance, or he can shoot some more 
green needles at you. So you better use Rushing attack on the Mask from the 
side in order to avoid the needles all the same. If you keep on Rushing the 
big scorpion-like creature also withdraws a few steps, until it is backed 
up to the rear wall. It may take some time, but eventually you'll drain all 
the Mask's HP. When it breaks his red eye becomes visible and the last 
phase of the battle starts.
--Phase 3 - The Eye--
 The Shadowkeeper will be almost completely helpless if you manage to break 
his Mask. Keep on using the Rushing Attack to keep it stunned and it should 
go down rather quickly.

 BTW. If you leveled to a very high (level 10 or so) you can beat him with 
only two hits, but what is the fun of that? I noted that a high level may 
cause instant kills on bosses. So if you ever get stuck try to reach two or 
three higher experience levels and you'll be able to take out the boss in a 
breeze, which previously seemed to be a powerful überman.
 Victory on the Shadowkeeper allows you to resurrect Australia (Airs Rock 
is the continental mark here). Finally, everybody in Crysta will regain 
their original state again. Go back to the Elder for more advice on what to 
do next. Ark can complete the following two optional mini-dungeons in order 
to resurrect two more miniature continents (they are not required for the 
story, but it is nice to resurrect these as well). You have to do this now, 
because after you go to the surface world you cannot no longer enter the 
Underworld anymore!

3. Resurrection of Mu & Polynese (Optional)

To resurrect Polynese Ark has to enter the little dungeon to the south of 
Tower 4. For Mu go to the far north from Tower 3, and you'll enter the 
abyss near the end (there is no mark on the map).

--Polynesia Dungeon--
 Living Statue, Red Whisp

 Inside this dungeon destroy the two Living Statues and the 7 Red Whisps in 
order to enter the Control Room at the end of this corridor. Throw some 
pots to hit the 3 Whisps in the center area. After all this you'll get the 
message: "On this day Polynese was resurrected", but it is so small that it 
doesn't appear on the map.

--The Abyss of Mu--
 There is no name to this map, but I gave it one (as with the Polynesia 
Dungeon) so it is easier to refer to. Push the rightmost boulder, go up via 
the center path, push the boulder here just two (not more) spaces up and go 
up following the right branch. At the end push another boulder upwards and 
you should be able to reach the Control Room here by moving the last 
boulder to the left. Inside you get some comments about the resurrection of 
Mu. The nice thing about Mu is that there is quite a strong weapon hidden 
on that island.

4. Ascend to Earth

--Crysta - Elder's--
 After resurrecting all five Continental Islands (and the two optional ones 
if you like) go to visit the Elder for your next instructions. The old 
geezer tells you that only the landmasses are reborn, but not the life that 
is associated with it. Ark has to ascend from the Underworld to the 
External Face in order to set things right and revive all the life forms 
that belong to it. The Elder tells you to go to the large hole to the east 
of the village so you can meet him there.

 The Elder gives you some advice about the Upper World and surviving it. 
Ark's CrySpear cannot heal him there (as it did under the Crystal Blue) so 
you need to be more careful about your actions. If you haven't visited Elle 
yet he tells you to see her right now, because it will be the last time you 
will see her in a long time.

--Crysta - Weaver's--
 If you try to enter Elle's room she tells Ark to stay put. She wants to 
send him away with a happy smile, and therefore she is currently unable to 
look in his eyes. She feared that Ark would leave her sooner or later, but 
she hopes that her close friend returns one day to see her again.

 After some final words you can choose to depart to desolated upper world 
that is called Earth. If you do this you will no longer be able to go back, 
until your task is fully completed. So if you wish to resurrect the 
optional continents and/or get all Magirocks you have to do that now! When 
you choose "No, let's go." Ark is allowed to ascend (or actually descend by 
falling into the pit).

Chapter 2: Resurrection of the World
1. Save the Ra Tree

 After regaining consciousness on the planet's surface you notice how stale 
and cold the environment is. Nothing can live on it as it currently is. The 
hole to the underworld appears to have tightened up to a small crevice 
which will only open up near the very end of the game, but that is still a 
long way to go. Yomi appears and gives you some more guidelines, after that 
it is time to get moving. On the red World Map you can travel to the far 
south in order to meet a Wander Soul. In the center of the Amazon area 
you'll find a location called Evegreen.

--Amazon - Ruins area--
Magirocks: 1 (12)
 -in plain sight

 The Soul here sells you the Fire and Zap Magic Rings and you can also find 
a Magirock behind him.

 At the entrance you'll hear a voice called out your name. Go up and you a 
big tree trunk with a crack in it. This is the trunk of the Great Ra Tree, 
who is poisoned by a parasite located deep within him. The Ra Tree was 
waiting for a very long time on your arrival so Ark can take out the 
parasite within him. To the left of the trunk there is a Merchant Soul as 

--Ra Tree--
Hidden Items: 2 (16)
 Big Leaves - Left bottom floor from the plant on the surface's water
 Ra Dewdrop - Right bottom floor after getting the Big Leaves
Chests (Abbeys): 14 (30)
 42 Gems, LeafSuit, Life Potion, M.Bulb (4x), P.Cure(3x), S.Bulb(3x),
 Ra Spear
Magirock: 2 (14)
 -Left bottom floor; swim to the lower left corner to get it
 -Right bottom floor; behind the rightmost waterfall  
 Abbey, Dingal, Gall Fish, Purple Amarante, Yellow Amarante

 This cave has 8 basements floors so we'll be switching floors very often, 
if you ever get lost just check the Map inside Pandora's Box for 
information. Inside the first room you can save if you like or just 
continue on down the stairs.

 On the B1F floor go down one floor, then right to get an S.Bulb from the 
Abbey. The other Abbey reached by jumping on the elevated section contains 
a Ra Spear (which is stronger than the CrySpear or HexRod so equip it). On 
the far right is the entrance to the Parasite's room, but you cannot 
survive the toxic fumes here so you'll have to come back here later. Before 
going up get the M.Bulb from the Abbey next to it. Back on the B1F and 
collect the P.Cure, 42 Gems, S.Bulb and an M.Bulb (2x) from the brown 
Abbeys scattered on this floor by walking around this level counter 
clockwise. Work your way to the bottom following the left route and kill 
the Yellor Amarante to free Soul for a hint.

 Continue on to the right here and at the dead end throw some of the small 
pebbles into the water to kill both Gall Fish. The moment they are 
exterminated a bridge is formed so you can reach the room behind it. Fall 
down the gap here and get yet another S.Bulb from the Abbey on your left 
and the P.Cure on the right. Go down the stairs to reach B3F.

 On this floor there are two paths one leading west and one leading south. 
Take the west path, because the southern branch leads to a dead end with 
some enemies. Take out the red Abbeys by lifting them up, follow the path 
and stairs behind it. On B4F Ark can obtain some P.Cure, Life Potion & an 
M.Bulb from the clustered Abbeys. Go south, climb on the elevated section, 
go past the 3 Dignals, lift some more Red Abbeys and push a rock to reach 

 Work your way around here and kill the pink Amarante to free a Wander Soul 
who tells you to follow him. Do so and climb down (or press 'B' while 
descending the wall to get down very quickly). On the bottom floor Ark can 
talk to the Lily for some information. The plant in the water to the left 
holds the Big Leaves. If you get these you automatically learn the ability 
to swim in water (collect the Magirock here). Climb all the way back up 
again, go back another room and take the upper passage we just skipped 
earlier on.

 In the room behind the passage you can now reach the other side by 
swimming to the bottom part. Descend several layers until you reach another 
pond hidden deep within the tree. Talk to the flower to get some Ra 
Dewdrop, equip and use it so you'll become immune to the poisonous gas of 
the Parasite. To the right you can claim a LeafSuit from the Abbey (it 
protects against poison). Finally you can get a Magirock on the far right, 
which is cleverly hidden behind a blue waterfall. You can climb up here for 
a shortcut back to B3F. Go north here, up the stairs and enter the Parasite 
Room in the top right corner. If you took the Ra Dewdrop you can start the 
battle against the Parasite.
Boss: Parasite
Main body
 HP: 110
 Exp:  ?

Mini Claw
 HP:   1
 Exp: 11
 Gems: -

 The initial part of this battle has a blue worm and some Mini Claws 
appearing from the holes around the room. The blue worm is impervious so 
don't waste time on it. Instead strike the claws, if you hit them enough 
the Parasite will give some comments and the next phase starts.

 The blue worm will move through horizontally as the actual Parasite at the 
top readies to attack you with a vertical rush. The moment he opens his eye 
he is vulnerable. After two of these attacks the Parasite spawns some more 
Mini Claws that have a huge amount of Exp for such a wimpy amount of HP so 
hit them good. When you take all six out this part of the battle keeps on 
repeating itself, until you finished the wormy Parasite once and for all.
 A voice will speak down to you congratulating you on your victory. You get 
to see a small animation of the growth of the small plant called Horsetail 
and the world turning green once again. When you've seen all of this the 
scene returns to Evegreen.

--Evegreen - Recovered--
Hidden Items: 1 (31)
Magirock: 4 (18)
 -You get 4 of these along with the GrassPin

 The Ra Tree who has been fully restored to life again as well as all the 
plant life this planet knows. You are allowed to summon him via the 
GrassPin (which he gives you one of). Buy the Ra Armor from the plant 
Merchant in case you can spend the money. Ark's duty is done here, but he 
can talk to the plants, one of them called Amaryllis will even sing a song 
for Ark. Most of the other flowers will mention birds that once visited 
them in the old days. So indeed we have to set out and bring the birds back 
to life.

2. Revival of birds at the Grecliff

 To the northwest of South America you'll find a rocky mountain area called 
Guiana. Now that the plants have returned to life you can climb the vines 
on the wall to get past this cliff and to the North American continent.

-- Forest Area - SE part of North America --
Chests: 2 (33)
 378 Gems, M.Bulb

 There is a single square of trees near the bottom right corner of the part 
of America that can currently be reached. Here you can find two chests with 
some Gems and an M.Bulb inside.

 The plant around here describes the original state of this stronghold of 
the birds. He tells you to go the northern stone rock in order to save 
them. You can also buy some items and Magic Rings here.

Hidden Items: 1 (34)
 Sharp Claws - In Perinton's nest
Chests: 6 (40)
 STR Potion, RocSpear, S.Bulb, M.Bulb, 87 Gems, Life Potion
Magirocks: 5 (23)
 -The most upper right entrance of the cliff 
 -The first slide, use the vine to the left here to get it easily
 -North West corner of the room filled with Mini Quakers
 -After getting the Sharp Claws climb to the area with Borfe and chest
  with 87 Gems 
 -Near the previous rock go down the slide and keep right pressed 
 Borfe, Mini Quaker, Mud Man, Quaker, Perinton, Stone Golem
 Dark Twins

 Enter the cliff at the first screen and go through the first room 
defeating some of the Stone Golems for some good Exp. In the next room move 
the boulder out of your way and pick up one (or both) of the pebbles hidden 
just above a second boulder. If you touch this boulder it will start moving 
and reveal another Golem. Take it out and head outside via the lower 

 There are some Mud Man around here, these adversaries can be quite 
annoying. They are impervious to regular attacks so use the Slider to take 
them out. Climb up the vine and enter the cliff again for a STR Potion in a 
chest. Go outside again and reenter via the rightmost entrance. Go up the 
stairs in the back of the interior chamber and take out the 3 Perintons so 
you can ascend the next stairs with relative ease to 4F.

 Watch out for the Quaker that drops down around here. His mighty tremor 
immobilizes you for three seconds leaving you open to any attacks from the 
nearby Golem. After disposing of them climb up to the highest level and 
choose either left branch or the passage to the right. I suggest to the 
take the left path first in order to get the RocSpear.

 Follow this path (there is only one route) and you'll find a dead end with 
a chest and two grey boulders. Touch them for a battle and when they are 
gone Ark can get the black boulder cleaving RocSpear. Equip this spear and 
you can take out the dark rock that drops down. Go back to the branch where 
we left of and enter that doorway.

 Go south from here, jump over the cliffs, head outside and follow the only 
route to another entrance of the Grecliff. Don't forget to collect the 
Magirock here. Inside take out the black rocks with the RocSpear and follow 
the path until you reach silly little acrobat men. These guys are called 
Borfe and they can be quite a pain if you don't take care. Climb down the 
lower left vine here and collect the Magirock before going down the center 
vine. Inside there is a very quick slide so press and hold left to get to 
the exit with an S.bulb.

 Fall down the gap here as well (there is only one direction here). At the 
end follow the path to the left and enter the left part of the Grecliff. 
Inside you will find some Mini Quaker that can be killed if you use a 
Slider Attack on them, but that may be hard at some times. There's a 
Magirock here as well. Anyway go down the stairs and use the Slider attack 
in the next room to take out the Quakers here, before they get the chance 
to cause a Tremor. If they do this the platforms will collapses meaning 
that you have to redo this part. 

 Outside you will be welcomed by a committee of four Perintons who guard 
the nest. If you examine the flashing dot you receive the Sharp Claws for 
free. With these claws you can climb the dotted walls, similar to the wall 
to your right. At the top is a chest with an M.Bulb inside. Go back down 
all the way down and go to the right cliff area again. Climb up the very 
long wall here and you can go two directions here: Inside the rock or down 
to the left. You already visited that area, but now you can collect an 
M.Bulb using the Sharp Claws.

 Inside the rock as mentioned just a moment ago there is just a simple path 
to follow, outside climb the left wall to collect 87 Gems and a Magirock. 
Enter the sliding area to the right and keep right pressed so you will land 
on a high ledge with another Magirock. Fall down and ward of the silly 
Borfe go left here to eventually reach a chest containing Life Potion. Back 
at Borfe section go right and climb up the left wall to reach the boss 
arena at the very top of the mountain range. This is quite an annoying 
battle, because the boss can drop you of the arena forcing you to redo the 
entire battle!
Boss: Dark Twins
 HP:   80
 Exp: 500

 Immediately when the battle starts the green chicken sends three 
projectiles at you that have to be deflected with the X-Guard. Next use 
Spinner attack on him to do any damage at all. The bird's other attack is 
creating a twister that blows you off the platform, but you can easily 
prevent this from happening by attacking the bird when he performs this 

 When you do sufficient damage the bird will call for help and summons his 
evil twin. The only thing that the second bird does is using some of his 
dropping to attack you. Ark should be able to avoid them without too much 
trouble. If you manage to destroy the green bird then the brown one is 
automatically defeated as well. 
 Again you get to see a nice animated cinema (at least for SNES standards 
it is pretty good) of a hatching bird. At last the birds roam the skies of 
the world again. You will be transported to the Sanctuar, which has changed 
to a true sanctuary.

 The birds around this region tell you of the wind that does not come. 
Apparently the birds require a signal from Windvale in order to start 
flying. They also mention the King Bird's nest at the top of the cliff. So 
go there right now.

Hidden Items: 1 (41)
 WindPin - Get from King Bird after resurrecting the wind from Windvale
Magirocks: 2 (25)
 -You get 2 rocks along with the Wind Pin

 At the top you'll meet the king of the King Birds himself. He explains why 
the birds aren't flying yet. They need a call from the wind, which has not 
come this year. The call always came from Windvale, so it seems that 
something went wrong there. Talk to one of the three gulls below the King 
Bird's nest to get a free ticket to Windvale.

 Inside the cavern throw all three rocks into the pit with those little 
sparkles. A voice will then speak to you thanking you for awakening him. He 
gets to work and the wind is initiated allowing the birds to roam freely 
over the world. 

 Speak to King Bird now to receive your first WindPin for free. The three 
gulls can take you to three different locations now. 

   Left:   Safarium - Africa
   Center: Island of Kamiyo - Japan
   Right:  Windvale 

 The center and right gulls are of no use to you. Take the left gull and 
head for the Safarium. In a later stage you may want to use the bird to 
Kamiyo, but now is not the time for that.

3. Zue's Prayer to the Rain

 The gull notices that there used to many animals around this place, but 
now they are all gone. You probably guessed it already. Ark needs to 
recover all the animal life on this planet as well.

Chests: 10 (51)
 M.Bulb(2x), P.Cure(2x), DEF Potion, Sticker, S.Bulb, 65 Gems, Life Potion,
 Luck Potion
Magirocks: 3 (28)
 -Area to the left of the 2nd Altar
 -Lower Right corner near Douma holding Soul #3 of the third set
  (Must get before enter the third Altar)
 -Far south of the third Altar
 Bee, Demi Basilisk, Douma, Dungun, Lizard Man
 Storm Master

 There are several little bushes scattered throughout Zue, if you pick one 
up it might reveal a bee which will attack you. It doesn't have much HP, 
but this can be quite a nuisance all the same. From time to time the 
weather changes from rain to sunny as well. The only effect of this is that 
the Dungun will explode violently, when it is sunny. If it is raining then 
the Dungun just evaporates like a regular enemy.

 At the entrance fall down to the lower section on the right, climb up to 
the next screen and collect a P.Cure & M.Bulb from the chests next to the 
Venus Fly Plant. Go back to the start again and head left, crawl through 
the overgrowth towards the north, take the higher of the two entrances to 
the right and Ark will reach a dried out part of Zue here.

 Go up another screen and kill the Dungun on the right to free the first 
Wandering Soul who will head for the Rainfall Altar. Go up one screen, then 
right and to the far right you can find another soul to be freed inside the 
Lizard Man. One screen down from here a Dungun holds the third soul 
hostage. Backtrack three screens and go down the wall to kill the first 
Douma you meet in order to free the fourth and last Spirit. Go to the left 
and crawl to the passage here to find the first Altar. Inside Altar 1 view 
the prayer and go outside to see all the withered land return to the normal 
grassland it once was. Ark also figures out why the animals haven't 
returned yet. They need grass as food to survive, if he can fully restore 
Zue they surely come back again.

 You can collect the DEF Potion from the chest just below the Altar. Go 
back to the part where you saved the soul from the Lizard Man. You should 
be able to get past the gap behind him, which was previously impossible to 
obtain the Sticker and an M.Bulb. Go down here and enter the water to reach 
a new area to the right (go up here to find a lone chest with a P.Cure). 
Obliterate the two black rocks with the RocSpear, because the Sticker can't 
take them out. Reequip the Sticker if you like and kill the Dungun here to 
free Soul #1 of the second set.

 Go right one screen and crawl to the back area to find a chest and two 
more Dunguns. The left one has Soul #2 as a hostage and the chest has an 
S.Bulb inside. Climb down to the lower area and observe the odd wall Ark 
comments about. Lure the Douma towards this area and make him use the 
'Sharp Exhale' to break the wall (attack it once should be enough to make 
him use this attack). One of the two giant frogs has Soul #3. Hey, you are 
at the Altar already... We're missing one soul, right? Go left near the 
Altar to find a Magirock guarded by a Lizard Man. Take this goon out to 
free the last Spirit. Enter the Altar for another partial revival of Zue.

 Swim back one screen and push the wooden object into the water so you can 
reach the right area. Get the 65 Gems & Life Potion from the chests. Go 
down past the three Dunguns and take out the Demi Basilisk on the next 
screen to free Soul #1 of the third set. To the south the right Douma holds 
another Soul captive. Even further to the south another Douma has Soul #3 
in his belly waiting to be rescued. To the right here is another Magirock. 
Collect it now, because after the water level rises you won't be able to 
get it anymore!

 Go back to the two wooden logs and swim to the south here to find three 
enemies. As expect one of them holds the fourth spirit. Enter the third 
Altar to fully revive the green lands. Outside again, let Ark swim to the 
left to find a Magirock. If you go back you'll notice that the wooden log 
in the water is gone here. Swim past it to get back to the entrance of Zue 
to get another chest containing your very first Luck Potion. Your final 
task is entering a fourth shrine, but this lucid temple so beware. Its 
location is just above that of the second Magirock (the Douma that held the 
3rd spirit of the third set captive). Enter it to see some weird creatures 
worshiping another strange creature. I dunno what they are doing, but it is 
time for a boss battle!
Boss: Storm Master
Storm Master
 HP:  150
 Exp: 300
 Gems:  -

Aerial Storm Master
 HP:  100
 Gems:  -

 Initially the pagan god known as Storm Master appears and attacks you with 
his scythes by scratching and throwing them at you or spreading green 
unholy flames in the ring. The best way to avoid the flames is standing in 
the back area for he will not throw any flames there. As with most boss 
battles Magirocks aren't allowed to be used. When you attack Storm Master 
and he will use a defensive position so you can't use the Rushing technique 
on him. Instead back off some steps and he'll take his vulnerable pose 
again. After doing at least 150 damage the God crumbles and you receive 
some Exp., but after a few moments he revives and has become airborne as 

 In the next phase he throws some rocks at you and uses the fire breath 
again. Lure him out by standing in the rear area and as soon as he gets in 
range use the Spinner to get some damage on him. It may take some time, but 
eventually he'll come down towards you. Deal 100 points of damage to take 
the Storm Master out once and for all.
 After the battle you can witness the return of all the land animals on 
this planet (excluding the race of our good old friend the Homo Sapiens, 
that is). 

4. Leim's voyage through a canyon

 Back in Zue you'll get to hear from the Gull that you can visit Neo the 
king of lions in the Lion Den to the north. Talk to the monkey called Tera 
to the right for an interesting theory. Go up one screen and Ark will be 
welcomed by some red lion eyes. Next Neo shows up and tells the other lions 
to back off as he grants Ark permission to enter the den. Talk to some of 
the lions and the wife of Neo to find out that their son Leim has been send 
to the Canyon to prove his worthiness as successor to Neo's title. You'd 
better go there right away.

 Mud Man, Perinton, Red Whisp
 Mud Man

Talk to the cacti and owl for some information or just drop into the canyon 
right away. On the next screen you'll find Leim near some Perinton that 
attack you, when you get near. Talk to Leim and Ark will tag along watching 
how Leim progresses through his test. From here on always wait for Leim, 
until he reaches the exit. If you pass without him you will have to do the 
last screen over again, until Leim reach the end. Directions are easy as 
Leim just shows you the only route.

 Follow him and push the boulder in order for both of you to reach the 
heightened platform. On the next screen talk to him on the right side of 
the area to get going, take out the monster and reach out for the next 
area. Here Leim will make a mistake in the maze so talk to him to make him 
backtrack. At the fork choose the right path to reach the exit. Don't worry 
if you told him the wrong path, because Leim will backtrack automatically 
at the dead end. Talk to him at the top to trigger the next scene.

 Here Ark has to take out several Perintons after Leim follows you for some 
comments. To the right is the tricky stone bridge area that can make your 
life a difficult if you don't walk synchronously with Leim. The two of you 
need to reach the other side, but if you run to the right the bridge 
collapses and you have to start over again. Just walk staying as close to 
the lion cub as possible. The last obstacle to overcome is the big wall. 
Leim wants to see who can reach the top first and even gives Ark a head 
start, but Ark's climbing ability is so slow that you can never win from 
Leim. In the final area Leim senses a bad guy and he is quite correct about 
that. Fall down the area and meet the Mud Doll.
Boss: Mud Doll
 HP: 100
 Exp:  0
 Gems: -

 This enemy is out of reach so you'll have to wait, until Leim brings you a 
rock (the first rock is already waiting for you to be grabbed). Lift it and 
throw it against the Mud Doll, while running to cause some damage. The Mud 
Dolls attack are easy to X-guard so he shouldn't be too difficult.
 When he is defeated the Mud Doll tries to be friendly and lead you to the 
exit. But the moment you step on it you fall into his trap and you'll be 
send to a desolate ledge of the cliff. Leim comes in and takes out the Mud 
Doll by himself (off-screen). After the fierce battle Leim obtains a 
strange shining Starstone and sends down a gull to rescue you.

--Safarium - Lion's Den--
Hidden Items: 1 (52)
 Neo's Fang - Get from Neo after saving Leim

 Talk to the Lion King and you'll get Neo's Fang spear as a reward for 
saving their cub Leim. Equip it right away and head to the Indus River to 
the east on the world map, for our last task in reviving the world; 
resurrection of humankind.

5. The essence of humans buried in Eklamata

--Indus R--
 Here at the Indus River the rhinos form a bridge allowing Ark to reach the 
other side of the river. You can buy a Fur Coat for some better protection. 
On the world map to the east of the Indus River there is only one 
interesting location near Tibet. It's called Eklamata and this is also the 
place of the final event of this chapter.

Hidden Items: 1 (53)
 Snowgrass Leaf - Get it from the Snowgrass plant
Chests: 6 (59)
 Ice Suit, FirePike, Stardew (2x), Life Potion, 99 Gems
Magirocks: 4 (32)
 -At the start go to the far left to find it near a flower
 -After passing the river on the upper ledge to the left
 -From the previous rock take the upper right exit, then enter the cavern
 -Just before falling into the dark pit, it is in plain sight
 Ice Whirl, Mini Slime, Quaker, Rakshaki, Sabrewolf, Slime, Yeti
 Dark Morph

 Walk around this area, take out some of the Sabrewolfs from some Exp and 
go to the lower left corner for a Magirock. Go to the north and take care 
of the Ice Whirls that pop up from under the snow to reach a huge wall. 
Climb to the top and beware of the Ice Whirl that appears here, because you 
will fall back to the bottom if you get hit before you reach the top. Go 
right, climb down and ascend the wall to the right side of the screen.

 In the next area you'll find a Yeti nursing his wounds in a warm pool. 
Yomi comes out and gives you some hint about what to do next. Enter the 
cave to the right to find some Rakshakis who attack you with their tridents 
and their attack can cause confusion on Ark so take care not to get hit by 
them. Work your way around this area, take out the little peddles near the 
upper left slide and climb up the vine in the lower right corner. Next go 
down (actually you move upwards) the slide I just mentioned to find a chest 
with an Ice Suit in it. Go back down and ascend to the higher level again, 
but this fall down the vine on the left to find a chest with the FirePike 
in the hidden area. Head back again, climb up for the third time and slide 
down the right slide to open the passage to the next floor.

 Go past the 2 Ice Whirl and Slimes to find a Snowgrass plant outside the 
cavern. It will give you the Snowgrass Leaf. Backtrack all the way to the 
Yeti in the pool and use the Leaf on it (equip it with 'X' first). The Yeti 
will turn red and thanks you for healing him in broken English. He will 
move to the top screen and help you reach the other side of the river by 
tossing you over it. The friend of the Yeti on the other side will also 
throw you back if you want to return to the first area.

 To the north you will find a lone Sabrewolf and a chest. Look carefully 
near the bottom of the screen near the tips of the trees to see a small 
edge that allows you to reach it with a Stardew as a prize. Climb up to the 
top area and get the Magirock to the left. From here you can reach a third 
Magirock by going up the right ledge first and entering the cavern in the 
next area. Go back again and climb up the left ledge, enter the cavern here 
too to trigger an avalanche outside. No matter how fast you are you cannot 
reach the safe cavern (even if you do, you can't enter it)...

--Ice Cavern--
 After some time you'll wake up and meet a wild mountain goat who is also 
trapped in here. She will show you another goat that was her husband and 
sadly died in the avalanche. After a few seconds the screen starts to fade 
out to prelude the night. You can answer to the questions as you like there 
actually may be some hidden wisdom in the reply. The next morning the both 
of you are hungry, she tells you to eat something and walks towards her 
husband. An ethical problem arises for Ark, because he seems to be 
incapable of eating the goat's husband.

 Next the Mountain Goat tells you that she discovered a thin part in the 
ice and after a few attempts she manages to break her way through it. 
Unfortunately for the goat the next room has a solid ice wall that cannot 
be traversed by her, but Ark can climb to safety with the Sharp claws he 
obtained from the Perinton's nest. She tells you that she will get out one 
way or another, but I have found out that after the humans get revived the 
Mountain Goat will be dead lying next to her husband... 

 Go back up to the area with the cave where you caused the avalanche. 
You'll notice that the snow has drastically changed the looks of the area, 
so collect the Life Potion from the chest that was previously inaccessible. 
For the rest this place is a dead end so go back to visit the Yeti again. 
Hey, he's gone and the water has turned to ice now allowing you to walk 
over it. Follow the path to reach another ice cave.

 Inside you get 99 Gems on the left and a Stardew from the chest on the 
right. Follow the lower path to reach the outdoors again. A Magirock is out 
here just for you. Continue on and fall into the pit here as it is your 
only way open to you. Follow the only path to get outside again. To the 
left are two vines one going up and one down. Don't take the lower one as 
it is a one-way trip back to the start of this area, instead go up to meet 
a shape shifting boss.
Boss: Dark Morph
Morph - Yeti Form
 HP:  N/A
 Exp:   0
 Gems:  -

Morph - Cadet Form
 HP:  150 
 Exp: 350
 Gems:  -

Morph - Dark Bats Form
 HP:  200
 Exp: 350
 Gems:  -

 The battle against this adversary can be a long one. He has three 
different phases and shifts through them at will: Yeti, Cadet & Dark Bats. 
I'll describe each one of them in the following paragraphs.

 He throws about 12 dangerous rocks in the arena and moves in-place so the 
wind will push Ark against the rocks causing damage on him. Try to get to 
one of the corners and run against it so the chance of getting hit is 
decreased to a minimum. After some time it will change into the next form.

 Throw his projectiles back at him to cause some damage. Just stand still 
and wait for the Cadet to throw an orb. Start Rushing to reflect it back at 
him, that's all there is to it.

-Dark Bats-
 The final part of this battle is against Dark Morph himself. As Dark Morph 
warps through the place try to hit him with the Spear. If you connect a hit 
he splits up in several bats (which are invulnerable). Try to avoid them by 
running & jumping around in a big circular shape to avoid as much damage as 
possible. In the end they merge together and he starts warping again. 
 At the end of the battle a voice will tell Ark what will happen next. The 
human race will be revived. But as the voice says the world must still be 
lead by Ark's guidelines, because humans are not aware of the power they 
wield which is called "Technology". The last real resurrection takes place 
as humans appear on the world.

Chapter 3: Resurrection of the Genius
1. A warm welcome in the desert mirage of Louran

--Lhasa - 3 years later--
Hidden Items: 1 (60)
 BonePin - Get it from Kumari
Magirocks: 1 (33)
 -Accompany the BonePin

 You'll be greeted by a human woman as you awake in a little Tibetan 
village called Lhasa. Talking to the people here tells you about Lord 
Kumari who lives here as well. You'd better go and pay a visit to him. To 
the right you'll find Luki the person who looked after Ark as he slept for 
three years. Go up one floor and enter the long corridor to the left to 
find Lord Kumari. He tells you that you can no longer converse with any of 
other forms of flora and fauna, which makes you appear as a regular human 
being. You receive the BonePin so you can escape any dungeon at any time.

 When you try to leave Lhasa you will meet Master Meihou. Speak to him and 
he tells you to talk to him after he has completed his meeting with Kumari. 
So, go back inside and watch the conversation. Meihou came back from Louran 
and speaks about the perils he has with his granddaughter Meilin. Talk to 
Meihou now to hear the full story. Meilin used to live in Louran with her 
parents, but after they died she was take in by Meihou. Meilin however 
misses her parents so much that she went back to the ruins of the village 
and created a mirage so she could make it appear as she is still living 
with her actual parents. He also tells you that Louran is in the desert 
nearby. So you should go there soon, but first buy the MonkRobe if you can 
afford it (it can deflect curses, which comes in handy in the future). Also 
if you really like you can backtrack to the King Birds's nest and get to 

--Safarium - Lion's Den--
Magirocks: 1 (34)
 -Win the mini-game

 After the revival of humans a man appears in the Lion Den who will tell 
you about his special Head counting game. If you manage to beat it you can 
get the shiny stone a.k.a. Magirock as a reward. Your objective is to hit 
as many grey heads as possible, while avoiding the yellow ones (which 
subtract a point from your total). 

 Try to communicate with the center gull (the gulls can't talk but the 
"!![...]!" answer means flying) to head out for Kamiyo. Here on this little 
island you can find the prospering town of Neotokio. 

--Neotokio - Optional--
 10 Gems
Magirocks: 2 (36, I assume that you are playing the Non-Japanese Version)
 -Inside the left room of the first left building
 -Become Noodles King (enter the eating contest and win)
 -Win the quiz (Tenshi Souzou - Japanese version only!)
Optional Boss:
 Miserly Ghost

 This prospering town is already evolved to the high-tech civilization 
level. You can talk to the people around here for some nice replies. Go 
down the stairs to enter the lower levels of Neotokio. On the left you can 
eat as many Noodles as you like and if you win you get a Magirock for free. 
Press 'A' & 'B' in a alternating way to eat some Noodles, look at the 
counter below to see how good you are progressing compared to your 
opponent. If you do it right you should be able to beat your opponent by at 
least 10 bowls, but that requires pretty good reflexes. The best way to do 
this is by holding your thumb between the two buttons so you can touch them 
just by wiggling left and right. This seems to be the fastest way of 
pressing the two keys.

  In the center of this low area you find a locked door leading to the 
sewers. We will get past this door, but not just yet. To the right is a 
little bar where you can eat some Grilled Chicken and Sake. Outside again, 
the woman near the empty lot to the top talks about having a fancy building 
here. So check the garbage can to the right of it to hear a desperate voice 
and Ark will enter it to reach a messy room. Inside is a boss battle 
against a ghost who has grudge against the programmers of this game (he was 
also programmed by them...).
Boss: Miserly Ghost
 HP:  750
 Exp:   0
 Gems:  -

 If you fight him as soon as possible (with the FirePike and the MonkArmor) 
then this will be a long battle. The ghost doesn't do much damage, but it 
is difficult to hit even with the Spinner attack and it has a huge amount 
of HP. The only vulnerable moment is just after he appears and before he 
starts rushing at you. After the battle and several comments on improving 
your life he finally vanishes.

 When you beat him a chicken(!) appears on the location of the garbage can 
between the beds. Chicken tells you a small story of getting stuck in the 
can and tells you that he is a game designer at Quintet; the makers of the 
game (apparently the programmer liked to use the chicken sprite for 
himself). He tells you that as reward he'll program a game with you in the 
main character. Hmm... This boss only missed the text: "On this day Quintet 
& Terranigma was resurrected".

 Anyway, the Quintet building will pop up from the ground and inside you 
can talk to various game designers and other people of that company. If you 
happen to be playing the Japanese version of the game you can get an 
additional Magirock by answering several questions in the quiz (for some 
reason this was removed in all the other language versions of the game). 
That is all you can do in Neotokio. Go back to Lhasa and then head out for 
the desert to the north east.

--Hidden Forest Area - Northeast of the Gobi Desert--
Magirocks: 1 (37)
 Upon entering this hidden area on the world map you can get a Magirock, 
just by walking to the left.

 Walk up here and you'll see a little girl. Pursuit her and Ark will reach 
Louran eventually.

--Louran - Desert Town--
 Free - useable only after speaking to Meilin
Magirocks: 1 (38)
 -On the main floor in the back room of Meilin's

 In the building to the north there is a shop that sells the BrnzPike. I 
recommend that you do not buy this weapon as a much more effective weapon 
will be available very soon. To the left you will hear from the bloke that 
he is going to break open the wall here to make a new doorway (remember 
this). In the inn close by you can find Hedyn the traveler Ark will meet 
him on later occasions again, but for now take the lower left exit in the 
center of town to find Temjin's place. Speak to him and tell him to have 
his money buried along with him when he dies (this way you can get some 
additional cash).

 The back door of Temjin's home leads to Meilin's place. Here you can meet 
her parents... Wait a minute they were deceased, right? Enter the chimney 
to find Meilin herself. She tells you abruptly to leave town right away. 
After talking to Meilin you can take a nap at the inn to find yourself in a 
strange situation.

--Louran - Zombie Ruins--
Hidden Items: 1 (61)
 Red Scarf - Find it on the floor in Meilin's room
Chests: 7 (67)
 M.Bulb, Rags, P.Cure, LightRod, 178 Gems, L.Bulb, STR Potion
Magirocks: 6 (44)
 -E Side lower entrance from Square inside first building
 -E Side upper entrance from Square inside first building
 -Basement floor upper left building N Side
 -2nd floor upper left building N side (crawl under the table)
 -Isolated area of the Square, reachable from the N Side 
 -Inside Zombie residence to the northeast of the previous Magirock
 Basilisk, Borfe, Chonchon, Ghost, Maduu, Raiden, Zombie Boy, Zombie Girl, 
 Zombie Man, Zombie Woman

 The Back Ground Music has changed and not only that. Yomi finds out that 
this is Louran's true form; a deserted ruin. There are zombies all over the 
place trying to eliminate you. The zombies can even fight after you 
decapitate them so they need at least hits in order to be killed. Pick up 
the M.Bulb from the left chest and fall down the gap in the rear room of 
the inn. Watch out for the haunted tables that attack you in the next room. 
Go outside via the northern passage to find yourself on the W. Side in 
front of Meilin's. Go inside, up the chimney and collect the Red Scarf 
belonging to Meilin from the floor. The moment you collect the scarf Yomi 
and Ark give the player a hint what to do next; Find the dog named Turbo. 
Go south and you'll meet Hedyn in Temjin's home, after the conversation 
head to the Square and get the Rags (if you really want to) and the P.cure 
from the two chests in the upper middle building. 

 Back the Square of town take the upper road to the East Side and enter the 
first building you come across. Inside are some Zombies and a Magirock. To 
the right you will find the LightRod. Equip this Light elemental weapon to 
increase damage against the undead significantly, even though its attack 
power is less than the BrnzSpear. It should be much easier to hold those 
pesky undead at bay from here on.

 Back at the Square enter the East side via the lower path, and then enter 
the first building to find a Magirock. Follow the path to an entrance in 
the upper right corner. Inside you'll find three Borfes. Go downstairs and 
do not kill the Maduus as they turn into ghosts if you shatter the armor. 
If you have the MonkRobe you do not need to worry about the Curse they can 
put on you. Go upstairs on the right and push the light colored right crate 
down and the upper left one to the left to reach the doorway. Follow the 
only path around to enter another building. Go upstairs using the chimney 
and Hedyn will be around again (you can also heal your HP by sleeping in 
the bed here). Read the books for some information about Louran and how to 
avoid getting abducted by ghosts. Go back to the first room, find the hole 
on the right, slide down and collect the Holy Seal. You need this item 
equipped in order not to get taken by the ghosts.

 Return to the square and enter the upper left passage to the West Side. 
Here you can see two zombie boys entering the building to your left. Follow 
them, watch out for the haunted tables, enter the chimney and at this point 
make sure that you have the Holy Seal equipped. Go down the stairs and with 
the Holy Seal in the equipment slot the two ghosts will let you be and do 
not send you back to the start.

 Eventually you'll reach the North Side where you can see a chest in the 
fenced off area to your right, so we'll get it later. Inside the first ruin 
you can claim 178 Gems from the chest. You can view a hidden cut scene 
featuring Zombie A & B if you crawl under the table. After you watch it 
Yomi notices that the Zombies do not even know themselves that they are 
dead. There is another Magirock hidden on the basement floor of the left 
building at the top of this area. To the left of here is a stationary Maduu 
that cannot be attacked and for a reason as we will find out later. Climb 
two more stairs and crawl under the table in the room with the three Maduus 
to reach the backroom with a hidden Magirock.

 Outside enter the top right building for a chest with your very first 
L.Bulb, which tastes terribly but heals 150 HP. From here go to the far 
south and you'll reach an isolated area on the Square again with the fifth 
(actually sixth with the one from the mirage) Magirock in Louran. Go back, 
enter the right home and kill the Zombie family to find another Magirock to 
the right of the dinner table. Next enter the home to the north of here, go 
down the stairs and head to the left to reach a small home that is 
completely isolated from the rest. Outside there should a chest with the 
STR potion. You should have entered all the houses of Louran by now, so go 
to the far right and Ark finds himself at the cemetery. 

 The cemetery is a very good training area each time you clean out all the 
Zombies you should gain at least 320 Exp and some dropped Gems. Also if you 
talked Temjin into taking his money within in the grave you can find 500 
Gems (you call that wealth?) from the grave to the northwest. To the far 
right you can see Turbo. Talking to him isn't enough motivation so equip 
and use the Red Scarf to let him guide you towards Meilin. Indeed, she is 
hidden within the Maduu we came across earlier. After you unveil her the 
Zombies disappear and the nightmare is over. Outside you will meet Meihou 
who apologizes for Meilin's behavior. He also tells you that in order to 
get past the Lost Desert to the west you need to follow the directions 
given by the Nomadic people in the Nomads' camp. To the south of the Square 
is the entrance to Louran where you can find Hedyn for the third time.

  Talk to the rightmost guy near the fire place outside for the directions 
through the Lost Desert in an area called Teklama. You have to walk into 
the following ways to reach the western exit:

  1. Go West until you reach a triangle of boulders
  2. Go South here until you reach a snake shaped of stones
  3. Go Northwest until you reach some dragon skulls
  4. Go North from here until you reach a giant skull; exit is here

Talking to the other Nomads tells you that Hedyn went past here just a 
while ago. Inside the upper right tent is a little speechless girl. The 
woman to the right is her stepmother as her actual parents seem to have 
disappeared. We'll come back later her for a mini-side quest in finding her 
real parents.

--Teklama Desert--
 Follow the given directions and Ark should be able to reach the next 
destination: Europe. The part where you have to walk diagonal is perhaps 
the only difficult thing. The best way to get past this is by walking left 
a few steps, then up a few steps and so on, because if you walk diagonally 
up your horizontal movement is much greater than the vertical movement 
meaning that you are straying off the correct path.

2. Cure Loire's mute princess

--Hidden Area NE of Loire - World Map--
Magirocks: 1 (45)
 Near top of the screen in plain sight

 There is a hidden mountain area located to the north east of Loire and its 
castle. You should be able to see the path at the entrance of the 
mountains. The only thing that Ark can do here is grabbing a Magirock.

 The cabin to the far north area (Sweden and Finland) is Molly's home. He 
tells you about the two forest areas nearby: Norfest and Mush. We will go 
through Norfest later, but Mush is an interesting area to explore right 

--Mush - East of Molly's-- 
Hidden Items: 1 (68)
Chests: 2 (70)
 L.Bulb, 500 Gems
 This forest is only one screen big, but it has some interesting prizes 
hidden within it. To the north is a chest with an L.Bulb for you. A 
fiendishly hidden chest can be found near the lone tree to the right of 
here. If you walk by its stump to the north on the right side you will get 
stuck. This is so because a chest is blocking your path! Open it to claim 
500 Gems for free. Our real purpose for entering this area is plucking the 
little brown Mushroom located to the south of the entrance. You can just 
see it under the tree, so get it for we need this item very soon.

--Loire (1)--
Hidden Items: 1 (71)
 Sleep Potion

 Enter the first home around here to hear the two children speak about the 
legendary White Wind (a.k.a. Robin Hood the look-a-like). This good thief 
is locked up in Loire's Castle so you may want to release him when we get 
there. The shops around sell the usual stuff you already know about. The 
only interesting item is the SlvrPike for 1500 Gems. Do NOT buy the 
RingMail for Ark will find one in a chest soon enough which costs only 0 
Gems. That is much cheaper.

 Buy two Pretty Flowers from the Flower Girl and we have all the flowers 
Ark needs in his quest. Remember the speechless girl in the Nomad's Camp? 
Give her the flower and she tells you that her name is Chija. Later on we 
will meet her parents, so remember that name well.

 The guy at the Winery wants to sell his wine to many people, but the King 
buys up everything so there is nothing left to sell. At Madame Papilo's 
you'll discover that the weavers and the blonde Marily at the back wish to 
start their own shop so they can sell their good to the masses. Mme. Papilo 
herself only wants to sell exclusively to the royalty, so we got another 
task here. To the left of here is Jean's place, he is studying for the 
moment the masses can rule the town. The leftmost home is the gallery of 
Matis. This painter will offer you something to drink if you talk to him 
twice. Matis tells you that he wishes to sell paintings around the world 
just like the other people we met he's trying to broaden the horizon. 
Finally, Dr. Keinz just in front of the Inn is an economist who will advice 
you about the growth of a town. If a town's growth index reaches 100% it 
should expand into a bigger version. This is one of the nice features of 
this game, but unfortunately nothing can be done until the king's rule is 

 Reading the signs in the center of town tells you that a groom is wanted 
for the princess. Only the One that can make the princess speak can marry 
her as decreed by Loire's king: Henri the 13th. If you talk to drinker 
Louis you will find out that many people were killed because Louis gave the 
Protect Bell to the king. It seems that the bell helped him navigate 
through the Norfest Forest to a hidden village behind it. The king may 
still have it, but he doesn't know where.

 The last (and most important) event around here is inside the Bounty's 
Inn. You get pushed into buying a drink and a dancing girl appears to make 
your life pleasant. The cost of this exclusive diner is 1,000,000 (which is 
more than Ark can carry) so he can never pay it. Next a female knight 
called Fyda comes in and tells the Bounty to stop this instant with his 
ridiculous act. After some talking the Bounty offers Ark a free stay and 
you better get some sleep, because Ark is going to enter the groom contest 

 After staying for the night you will meet a chemist in at the entrance of 
Loire's Bounty. Give him the Mushroom you found earlier so he can create a 
sleeping potion for you, but it will only be ready after you completed the 

--Loire Castle--
Hidden Items: 1 (72)
 Jail Key - Get from guard after using the sleep potion on the cooking pot
Chests: 1 (73)
 Protect Bell
Magirocks: 2 (47)
 -In the Pantry to the left of the Dining Room
 -In the same room of the tower as the Protect Bell

 From the entrance go up, right and down into the Pantry to find a 
Magirock. The Library in the left back room of the first floor has some 
books with information that clears the situation up for you. The king took 
the orphan daughter from the village of Storkholm as his daughter. After 
that he killed all the people in that town, because he and his royal troops 
failed to find the treasure that was hidden here. It is also noted that the 
people of Storkholm used Dog whistles to control their dogs.

 Go up the 2nd floor and talk to the guard here to enter the contest. You 
have to wait in the room to the right as you await your turn to present 
yourself to her. Here you can find a blue haired jerk called Royd, Ark will 
meet him sometime later again. To tell you the truth he's not so bad as he 
acts just now. After the talk the guard comes in and the guy with the 
pointy gold hair may enter first. That's you so go and present yourself to 
the princess. Talk to the butler and the king, then talk to the princess 
who resembles the Underworld Elle greatly. But unlike your Elle she is 
completely different and she ignores you completely. Talk to the butler 
again and you are allowed to find a cure for the princess' muteness.

--Loire - Bounty's--
 After giving the Chemist the Mushroom you will receive the Sleep Potion. 
When you got it go back to the castle and pour it into the big cooking pot 
in the Dining room. 

--Loire Castle--
 Enter the Dining room, equip the Sleep Potion and use it on the pot here, 
but only after the red haired maid turns her back to you. If she sees you 
cannot get the potion in it. After a successful attempt the maid declares 
that dinner is ready, so she requests you to leave the castle.

 Reenter the castle and everybody is asleep. You can rescue the prisoner in 
the barracks to the left. Just say "No Problem" when you talk to him to get 
the key from the guard to the left to acquire the Jail Key by loaning it 
from him. The White Wind will thank you for saving him as he leaves. He 
also gives you a hint where some secret treasure is hidden: the King's bed 

 Go there and you'll find Elle awake at the entrance. Apparently she did 
not eat from the supper so that is why she is still awake. Go up and push 
the sleeping guard (similar like a rock) to get past him. Enter the right 
room and you see the king sleeping in his bed. Try to communicate with him 
for another hint where the treasure is hidden. As visible to the right a 
small passage is hidden behind the golden statue so push it and crawl 
through it to reach the tower. Inside go up the stairs and collect the 
Magirock & Protect Bell. With this Bell we can finally tackle the Norfest 
Forest to the far north and west of Molly's place.

--Norfest Forest--
Chests: 5 (78)
 RingMail, Life Potion, 389 Gems, Dog Whistle, M.Bulb
Magirocks: 3 (50)
 -After Meilin joins you can find it in the next area to the right
 -North to the bridge area; top of the screen
 -Just before entering Storkholm, take the lower left passage
 Dark Bat, Sabre Dog, Warlock, Will o Whisp

 At the entrance you'll meet Royd again. Talk to him if you want to or just 
enter the forest right away. If you equipped the Protect Bell it should 
chime right now. On this first screen go right between the trees and get 
the free RingMail as I spoke of earlier from the chest. There are also many 
Sabre Dogs out here, but with the SlvrPike (effective to wolves) they 
should not be difficult to defeat. 

 On the next screen you will find yourself in a maze where each screen 
looks similar all the time. Go North, North, East & North to reach the 
bridge and note that the Protect Bell rings at each screen. If not then you 
didn't follow the correct route. Read the sign to find out that Storkholm 
is located behind it, but unfortunately the bridge is out so take the path 
to the right. We have to take a detour to get to Storkholm.

 Here go to the far south and find the Life Potion cleverly hidden in chest 
behind the center tree near bottom of the screen. There are also three 
Sabre Dogs around this place. Go back up and follow the path to the lower 
right corner. There is a passage here to a very dark area. Navigate 
yourself to the top right corner for a chest with 389 Gems waiting to be 
plundered by Ark. Go up one screen and the scene shows you a mysterious 
black figure that is following you.

 On the next screen you meet some Warlocks that throw rotating sparks at 
you that can toast Ark. Go up, then another screen to the left, move to the 
north here and take the right passage. In the next watery area you can find 
a crucial item called Dog Whistle. You need this when Ark gets to Storkholm 
so make sure to collect it. Go back and follow the path to the southwest, 
when you try to exit you get to hear a scream so go back up and take out 
the four Dark Bats to save the mysterious figure. It turns out to be Meilin 
and she will tag along with you to Storkholm. 

 Go south again, collect the Magirock on the right here (behind the tree, 
but visible), head to the left and you'll reach the bridge area again. Go 
north here to find another part of the darkened forest and a Magirock at 
the top of this area. Follow the only route around here and collect the 
M.Bulb from the chest along the path. On this same screen you can go left 
via two passages. The lower one is a dead end, but it there is a Magirock 
there. Go back and up the bridge via the upper left passage and you'll 
reach a very familiar place.

Chests: 2 (80)
 M.Bulb, Portrait

 Upon entering this place Ark immediately recognizes Crysta in it! This 
can't be a coincidence, but what is going on around here? Then you get 
attacked by 6 wolves. They hold still at a distance, but they will attack 
you if you try to enter the village any further. Remember the Dog Whistle 
you just collected and the note in the library. Indeed use the Dog Whistle 
and the Wolves go back where they came from. You can explore Storkholm, but 
all the homes are locked securely. Only the Elder's home, or actually 
Elle's home will open up. Inside collect the M.Bulb and the Painting from 
the chests. Meilin will tell you that this is Elle's family and she can 
create mirages that look just like them in front of Elle's eyes. That 
should cheer her up enough to regain her speech. If you leave Storkholm 
Meilin departs to the castle right away.

--Loire Castle--
 Go back to Elle and King Henry #13 to meet Meilin just before the throne 
room. She sets everything up and Ark can enter to see the king again. Talk 
to him and Meilin creates a mirage of Storkholm and Elle's parents. King 
Henry, Elle and Ark also here at the scene as Elle regains a little of her 
speech again after she sees her parents once again. After the scene Ark 
gets thrown out and the interviews are cancelled. Outside Meilin will meet 
up with you again. You go back to Loire's inn and in his dream Ark has a 
vision of the Elder. He tells him that he is not done yet. 

3. The Future of Loire (Optional)

--Loire - Inn--
 The woman behind the counter tells you that the king died, because he was 
murdered. Meilin doesn't want to get up so you'd better leave her be. 
Outside Dr. Keinz will tell you that now the king is gone this town may be 
able to grow and flourish.

 If you walk up to Jean at the center of town he announces his candidacy 
for as being representative for the people of Loire, but Louis also 
declares the same so a voting election is held to determine by democracy 
who of the two will lead Loire. Talk to both people to pick your man and 
Dr. Keinz for the best pick. Keinz tells you that in order for the town to 
grow the progressive Jean is the best option, whereas under the reign of 
the conservative Louis everything remains the same. 

 Enter a home or go to the world map, then reenter Loire and you'll see 
several people putting votes in the ballot in front of the message boards. 
Ark is allowed to vote as well and of course his vote will make the 
difference! So the player may decide what will become of Loire. If you wish 
to make Loire a prospering town (and with that several other towns in the 
world) you must definitely vote for Jean, if you do not vote for him then 
the town will never be able to expand. After the voting go up to the center 
again and you get to hear that the votes will be counted. Again reenter 
Loire and Jean will announce the result. Both Jean & Louis have 24 votes, 
plus the additional vote of Ark makes the difference. Whoever you voted for 
wins! If Louis wins then that's all we can do around here. If Jean wins he 
asks Louis to help him with the hard task of governing the town. Loire's 
Growth Index raises by 20%.

 Enter the world map and go to another area. If you get back on the world 
map Loire should have made its first expansion out of two! Reenter Loire to 
find it completely rebuild and you can also get additional items here. 

--Loire (2)--
Hidden Items: 4 (84)
 Matis's Painting - Get from Matis if you choose to help him out
 Camera           - Get from Pierre after playing gunny pig three times
 Fancy Clothes    - Get from Marily if you help her out
 Wine             - Receive from the winery's boss

 Most of the original residents have moved to different locations. Also 
Loire now consists of two Avenues. There is MUCH to do around here so I go 
through it step by step.

-Matis the Painter-
 To the far left of town's entrance is Matis' new residence. Help him out 
with spreading his art by taking one of his paintings with you.

-Pierre the Tinkerer-
 To the right of his home is Pierre tinkering with machines. He's inventing 
a new machine that allows one to make instant pictures. It's called a 
camera. The first time he tries it out on Ark he gets electrocuted, the 
second time he is toasted and the third time it works! You get one of his 
cameras for free for your effort. Equip the camera and take scenes of Loire 
right away by using it anywhere on map of Loire. You may require these 
later on.

-Item / Weapon / Magishop-
 You can buy various new and more powerful items here. Don't buy the 
Icepick and VestArmr for we will get these in the upcoming castle from two 
chests, so that would be a waste of gems. The Magishop next door also sells 
about all the rings you've seen up to now. You may want to buy a FireRing 
or two for the upcoming boss battle in Sylvain Castle for it is the hardest 
boss battle in the game (in relative terms). 

-Mme. Papilo's weavers-
 In the backroom of Mme. Papilo's shop you can find Marily who wants to get 
freed fro her master... Ehmm.. Mistress. Talk to her and help her by 
selling the Fancy Clothes.

 The boss of the Wine Shop asks you to sell it somewhere so he gets to know 
whether his wine is good enough to be sold in mass volume. So he first asks 
you to try out several mixes. The first two taste horrible, but the third 
is great. Talk to the boss again to receive a bottle of wine.

 There that is all we can do for Loire. We need to trade the items with 
people in different towns to raise this town to expansion level 3, which 
makes it even bigger. On with the story, Ark can pass the tollgate for free 
after the King dies so he can reach Litz pretty easily.

--Loire Castle - Reopened--
Magirocks: 1 (51)
 Win the eating contest

 After completing all events in Loire and Sylvain the castle of Loire 
reopens for a speed eating contest. Before starting the contest throw all 
the pots in the top right corner to open the path to a hidden bread in the 
back. Make sure you eat it during the contest as it gives you 3 points and 
I can guarantee you that this item does not hold bad medicine. In the upper 
left corner there is another item worth 3 points. All the others are worth 
1 point. You need to eat more than 20 points in order to receive the 
Magirock from the guy here.

--Poultry - Denmark (World Map)--
 There is a hidden area where Denmark would be if you think of the world 
map, if Loire is expanded at least once! Enter it to find an area with some 
chicken. It turns out that the guy got subsidy from Loire to raise some 
chickens here. If Loire reaches level 3, then you can compete in the 
chicken races. At the chicken races you can choose one of the feathered 
friend and gamble on it to win your earnings back, if you are lucky.

4. The mourning queen of Sylvain

--Litz (1)--
 10 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (85)
 Fever Medicine - Get it from the Cleric at Dr. Emilio*
Chests: 1 (86)
 Luck Potion
 * = after freeing Columbus

 Talking to the people around here tells you that the queen of Sylvain 
castle went mad after all three of her sons died on ship voyage. Also some 
of the people know a guy named Columbus who is a traveler that spent many 
months on the sea exploring it to find new continents. Royd appears here 
too, but he has no significant role however. In the upper left corner of 
town you can get a Luck Potion from the chest by the way.

 Inside the small hospital around here is Dr. Emilio. He tells you about 
his research and his friend Columbus who is missing. If you can find him he 
gives you a sample of the medicine he is working on.

 There is not much to do her, but if you give the blue haired woman a 
massage by rubbing (actually pushing) her back she gives you 1 Gems and 
each consecutive time 5 Gems as a reward. If you massage her twice the 
Quatros will move to South America.

--Sylvain Castle--
Hidden Items: 3 (89)
 Sapphire   - Hidden in the fountain, reachable after deactivating the
              acid from the stone serpent
 Topaz      - Get it from the Dragon Eye's socket on the right tower
 Black Opal - Found in the chimney of the kitchen's fire place 
Chests: 9 (98)
 Stardew, STR Potion, 651 Gems, VestArmr, Tower Key, IcePick, DEF Potion,
 L.Bulb, Ruby
Magirocks: 3 (54)
 -Jump from the tightrope to the small ledge on the first floor
 -In the Royalty near the bed
 -In the right tower in the sewer area on the left side
 Chakra, Blood Skeleton, Cursed Armor, Dark Bat, Skeleton, Soul Knight
 Bloody Mary & Doll

 This is a pretty big castle with many strong enemies. In the first room 
there are three Cursed Armors that try to hit you with a Ball and Chain as 
weapon. Take them all three out for little over 100 Exp. To the left you 
can find a passage that lead to the basement floor. At the dead end is a 
chest with a Stardew herb. Go back and walk up the central stairs in the 
center of the room. Here you see the paintings of four different men who 
had their eyes cut out. Go up the stairway to the left to reach a higher 

 Walk up the chamber here and two skeletons get revived, which are 
presumably the remains of the attendants of the Sylvain queen. After 
beating them their spirits yield valuable information. Back in the corridor 
take the right passage down and you'll end up in the library. One of the 
books has the following poem:

   I met four men.
   The first man had clear blue eyes.
   The second was an oriental with impressive deep black pupils.
   The third man had eyes that burned with passion.
   The last man ha a brown false eye.
   I decided to show them the special room.

What a strange poem you may ask, but it may come into play later. Also the 
year 286 appears as an important number here. Go back to the main corridor, 
then head down and notice the three chandeliers that are hanging around 
here. Go up the right entrance and you'll reach the chapel. To the north 
east of here is a dark room with four skeletons inside. Take them all out 
to make a spirit appear near the top. Talk to it and let it tag along with 
you until your reach its body.

 Go up and use a running jump to reach the lower left platform (is easier 
than jumping on the tightropes). Next you can collect a Magirock by jumping 
on the tightrope to the lower platform. This can be difficult, but if you 
press 'B' just before pressing down you should be able to get to it. Jump 
back on, continue to the left and dash jump to the platform with the STR 
Potion. Use it as you need all the power you can get for the upcoming 
battles. In the next room you'll find a Magirock near the bed guarded by 
two Cursed Armors. To the south of here is a chest with 651 Gems as booty. 
Take the passage in the bottom left corner to go outside. On the far right 
you can find a VestArmr in the chest. Go back to the Hall (the first room 
of the castle) and take the right passage on the elevated section. The soul 
will recognize the grey soldier's statue as his body and returns to it. As 
a token of his appreciation a mini-boss battle commences!
Mini-Boss: Soul Armor
 HP:  170
 Exp:  59
 Gems: 57 (drop)

 This guy is not that hard if your total attack power is above 60, if it is 
below this battle may take some time. You also need to beware of the 
candles around here for they fire little fiery projectiles at you. The soul 
knight itself is just a regular enemy from the dungeon as well. Take note 
that his shield allows his to block your attacks in some occasions. If he 
throws his ball he is vulnerable so hit him then.

 When the knight is gone a new bridge is formed to the right side allowing 
you to reach some new areas. Go there, in this back room head upstairs 
twice and you'll see some chains and three digits on display. Push against 
the wall to change the digits in "2" "8" "6" (as mentioned in the book) and 
you'll hear a mechanical sound if you did it correctly. Go back down and 
head up via the left path. Collect the Tower Key & Icepick from the chests. 
Take note that this place is the perfect training spot. Kill the Soul 
Knight go back, reenter and kill it again for massive amounts of Exp in a 
very short time.

 Go back and up the other path to the right. In the kitchen climb inside 
the fire place to find the Black Opal. Go down and you will get outside 
again. Use the Tower Key you got from the Soul Knight and enter the left 
tower and go to the top. Look over the palace from the right and Yomi pops 
up. He then pushes Ark so he makes a big leap to the other side of 

 Climb down the vine here to collect the Topaz from the stone dragon. Enter 
the right tower using the Tower Key again, go downstairs and defeat the 
Soul Knight to enter the sewer system. Collect the Magirock & DEF Potion on 
your way to the top. Put your arm in the statues mouth to trigger a 
mechanism that stops pouring acid in the water. So go back to the entrance 
of the castle and dive in the fountain. Ark will find the Sapphire here. 

 Go back to that corridor with the three chandeliers and you'll see that 
they have dropped somewhat because you entered the correct number in the 
tower. Go right here and collect the two treasures: L.Bulb and Ruby from 
the chests. Now that you have all four jewels go back to the Hall and the 
walk up to the four pictures. The items will return to the corresponding 
paintings and the center chandelier will fall down opening the path to the 
special room. One word of advice here: Make sure that you are well 
equipped, level 23 or more and have several L.Bulbs, because the upcoming 
battle can be very difficult if your level is low. 
Boss Battle: Bloody Mary
Doll - Phase 1
 HP: N/A - Just hit it three times
 Exp:  0

Doll - Phase 2
 HP: N/A - Just attack it once
 Exp: 40

Bloody Mary
 HP:  400
 Exp: 850

-Phase 1 - the one behind-
 Initially you'll fight one Doll and three clones. In order to hit the 
right one you need to strike the one that is to you back when they stop 
rotating. So just have Ark look at you (face down) and wait until they 
stop. They use the Slicer attack upwards to hit the correct target. This 
always works. If you do this three times you can walk around freely and 
meet up with the lone prisoner to the right. If you try to talk to him the 
second phase commences.

-Phase 2- Simon Says-
 You have to play a game of Simon Says. Most native English people know 
what this means but for the rest I will explain. Simon Says is a simply 
game played by young children. The objective only to move when 'Simon' says 
its okay, if it is not then you have to stay put. The area is small so if 
you run you should be able to get to the Doll in one rush. After she speaks 
the word "Stop" you have to stop (just let go of the controller) and wait 
until she closes her eyes again, when you are in front of her attack with 
any move to start the final phase of this battle.

-Phase 3 - Bloody Mary-
 Bloody Mary can float in the air and it does about 35 damage each time you 
make contact with her (I had nearly 70 Total Defense). So don't get too 
close to her. She also has a huge amount of HP, but there is one comfort 
you are allowed to use your rings in this battle. She also calls four 
colored jewels into the battle that move in a rotating fashion. You may 
even want to use the weaker LightRod as Bloody Mary seems to be weak to the 
Light element. She takes off her mask and uses it to attack you actively, 
other than that Bloody Mary is also able to teleport freely to any 
location. The best way to defeat her is using the Slicer attack so you are 
constantly on the move. It may take some time, but eventually you can take 
her down.
 Upon her defeat the curse of vengeance is lifted from the castle. You get 
teleported back to the prison. Talk to the guy against the wall to find out 
that he is Columbus.

5. A boat trip to the new continent

 After taking him to Dr. Emilio's hospital he tells you that all his 
navigational skill have been passed to Litz's sailors so you can set out 
for the new continent. Columbus falls in a deep sleep, but don't forget him 
for he will return later in the story. Collect the Fever Medicine from the 
counter her at the Hospital's entrance.

--Litz - Harbor--
 Talk to the sailor on the boat to claim a ticket, but the boat trip 
tomorrow is not meant for civilians. Anyway, head to the inn and sleep over 
the night. During your sleep Fyda enters the room and wakes up Ark. She 
asks him to come along with Elle on the boat to the new continent as a 
guard. When it is morning go aboard again and the ship sets out to the 

--Boat traveling to the new continent--
Chests: 1 (99)

 You can talk to everybody, except Elle of course who doesn't respond. 
Inside the ship you can find an L.Bulb in the lone chest inside the hold. 
Go to bed and you'll wake up at night. You'll hear a scream so look up on 
the main deck.
Boss: Ship Ghost
 HP: ~500
 Exp:   0

 As with the miserly ghost in Neotokio this guy is actually pretty much the 
same, but he doesn't come alone this time. He has three fake clones of him, 
and it is actually impossible to tell which one is the true ghost. So try 
to hit them with the Spinner attack and eventually you get the right one.
 When he is gone Elle regains consciousness and even thanks Ark for saving 
her. Answer to her replies in any way you like best. After the conversation 
go to bed and you will reach the new continent at last.

--Freedom - Harbor--
Hidden Items: 1 (100)
 Royal Letter
Magirocks: 1 (55)
 -Collect from the cabin near the bottom of the harbor

 Yomi wakes you up from the floor and tells you that everybody has left the 
ship already. The sailor ashore gives you the Royal letter from Elle. Read 
it to find out that she disappeared not wanting to be a burden to Ark. She 
killed the king of Loire for the crimes he committed against her family. To 
the bottom of the screen you can find a small cabin. Inside is a Magirock 
for you to pick up freely. You can explore the most parts of Northern 
America freely now. First we go to the most northwest part where a secret 
forest area is hidden. Walk around here and Ark will discover the entrance 

6. Exploring America and many optional tasks

Hidden Items: 2 (102)
 Log (2x, regenerate each time you enter)
 Gumin (Big), Gumin (Small)

 Walk up this forest area and two strange creatures will appear from the 
tree stumps. It will assault you asking who is wrecking the forest. If you 
take it out it splits up in four smaller ones that can easily be taken out. 
If you look carefully around you'll notice the two logs on the spots where 
the two monsters were. Pick them up and redo this part until you have the 
maximum amount of 9 logs.

--Freedom (1)--
 10 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (103)
 NiceSuit - Grand Prize Lottery
Magirocks: 1 (56)
 -At Bell's place, but only if you tell him the truth about Amanda

 I will first discuss the obligatory parts we have to do here in Freedom. 
Then afterwards I'll handle all the extra things that can be done 
concerning expansion of Freedom.

 First go to the skateboarder called Perel in the center of town. Talk to 
him and he shows you his moves for free. Next he asks you whether you are 
feeling better already. It doesn't matter what you answer here, but say yes 
to his question regarding meeting the other children. Follow him and wait 
for him to open the door, after doing so you can enter as well.

 Inside Perel tells you that Will is out and he starts the introduction. 
Everybody is there except Anita. Talk to them to find out that Will is 
building a machine that allows him to fly. That's all for the obligatory 
part, below here all the additional things are mentioned that can be done 

-Scenery Shots with Camera-
 Take some photographs with your camera right away, if you got it from 
Loire in the first place.

-Lottery - 1st Round-
 The lottery here sells tickets for 20 Gems. Most numbers are regular 
prizes, if you manage to get number 1 you get the special item. The best 
way to beat this lottery is by having a full stock of S. / M. / L. bulbs. 
This way you get a refund each time you hit one of those, because Ark 
cannot carry any more. I managed to get the grand prize here with a "Pick 
from the bottom". The grand prize of the lottery changes each time Freedom 
expands. For the first lottery you'll get: Fancy Clothes (NiceSuit). Hardly 
worth the effort, but still for the collectors it may be nice to get.

 The guy behind the counter only serves Bourbon, which is a bit too hard 
for the lady over to the right. So equip the Wine and give it to her. 
She'll be very happy to find this new exotic drink and take the whole 
blooming bottle.

-3 Girls'-
 Enter this home and talk to them to find out that they could use some new 
fancy wear. Equip the fancy clothes and give it to them for a kiss as 
reward to make Ark's blood pressure rise by 10 points, silly programmers. 
If you reenter now the color of their dresses has changed from red to blue.

 Inside you will meet a guy named Bell. He asks you to do a favor for him 
and if you oblige to that he tells you to see his girl Amanda in Nirlake. 
He is wondering how things are going there and wants you to ask her this. 
In Nirlake you will find out that Amanda has found a more buff dude so she 
ditched Bell. After you come back to Bell he'll ask you want she thought. 
If you tell him the truth he sets off to the pub. Talk to him there, leave, 
reenter and talk again. This will get him back to work inventing the 
telephone and he even thanks you for being honest. If you lie Bell will 
invent the telephone, but there won't be a Magirock in his home he gets 
over Amanda. You will only get a mere 100 Gems in return however.

 Eddy is the name and electricity is his game. He's trying to find out a 
way to create an artificial light by using electricity. He asks you to push 
the machine for him, because it stopped working. Keep pushing and the 
machine will 'Toast' Ark. This gives Eddy a hint how he can use it to 
create his invention.

 That's all we can do for him at the moment. If you completed all of these 
side-quests Freedom will expand. So go to a different entrance on the world 
map (like Nirlake) and go back on the world map to see whether you were 

--Freedom (2)--
 10 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (104)
 ThunPike - Grand Prize Lottery
Magirocks: 2 (58)
 -Buy Kingbird's freedom for 5,000 Gems and go to his nest to find it
 -Back room of Stoma's place

-Kingbird on the Black Market-
 Now that Freedom expanded for the first time you can buy Serums and Holy 
Water around here too. The weapons and armors are not worth the huge cost, 
besides Ark will find better ones pretty soon. Go down stairs at the shop 
to find the Black Market. Talk to the guy here and pay up 5,000 Gems to set 
the Kingbird free again. If you go back to his nest you'll find a Magirock 
for your efforts there.

-Lottery - 2nd Round-
 Buy some more tickets to the get the Thunder Spear (ThunPike ATK +35, 
which is much at this part of the game) as a first prize this time round. 
For the rest this lottery is exactly identical to the previous one.

-Tourism Center-
 You can show them the pictures you took from Nirlake, Litz, Loire and 
Suncoast. The last place is not reachable, yet but we will get there soon.

 Enter the home of Bell and talk to him to hear that he completed his 
invention. Go to the back room and try to examine the machine here. You'll 
get a message from Bell over the telephone and thus witness the first 
telephone conversation. Indeed, this character was named after Graham Bell 
the inventor of the telephone.

 Talk to him and he requests your help for the final experiment. The two of 
you have to push a button on both machines at the same time so listen to 
him and you get to see the very first spark of electricity that gives shape 
to a new kind of light source! Perhaps you may not think of it, but this is 
a not too bad example that resembles how electric light was discovered not 
so long ago by Thomas Alva Edison. No wonder his name is Eddy.

--Nirlake (1)--
 5 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (105)
 Tin Sheet
Chests: 1 (106)
 Life Potion

 The guy in front of the home to the right tells you about the Deadly 
Poison status, which can only be cured by Serum. I recommend you buy some 
Serums (later on), because some enemies up ahead can induce this fatal 
status on Ark. The other villagers have some hints for you as well. Here 
are some of the optional things to be done here. You can get a Life Potion 
from the chest inside the cabin in lower left corner of town.

-Scenery Shots with Camera-
 Take some shots of the scenery with the Camera, just as you did in Loire 
and Freedom. Any location is okay.

 In the upper left home lives the master chef Mick. He is studying a very 
cheap beef item. Choose the following options for the most optimal result:
 "Grind it", "Wrap w/lattice" & "Put it in a bun". Note that you have to 
reenter his home after each step. When Mick completes the item he tells you 
that his Big Mick is instantaneously famous. Why not replace the 'i' in the 
name by an 'a' for a more familiar look.

 Exit Nirlake to the right and you can enter a small area with Dr. Keinz 
and Will's home. Inside pick up the sheet of metal called Tin Sheet from 
the ground. Study the dairy for some information about Will's progress. 
Also push the bookcase here to the right to find Anita. She tells you that 
Will is gone to some place. Apparently he crashed near the Great Lake 
Cavern. So we better go and check it out.

--Great Lake Cavern--
 At the entrance of the Cavern a young man named Servas is waiting for his 
fiancée Nana. He tells you that she should come back from the carnival in 
Liotto down south. 

--Colorado River--
Magirocks: 1 (59)
 Upon completion of the bridge you can find a rock on the bridge itself

 After you get 9 logs from Gumin Forest you can give them to the bridge 
builder and he'll make a bridge for you to the other side! Collect the 
Magirock on it and now you'll be able to travel back to the older places 
you've visited like the Sanctuar and Guiana. Anyway go to the far south and 
you'll find Liotto and three secret areas.

--Mouse's Sprinting Test--
Magirocks: 1 (60)
 -See below

 Talk to the mouse at the entrance to the far southern part of S. America 
and undergo his trial to complete the running field to the other side in 20 
seconds to get a Magirock as a prize. Wait a minute Ark talks to a mouse... 
I thought he lost his ability to communicate with animals. For the quickest 
route take the upper route, crawl down follow the lower path and swim to 
the left. Ark will get the Magirock if he completes it in 20 seconds or 

--Deserted Ruins--
Chests: 2 (108)
 378 Gems, Life Potion 

 There are some ruins to the north of the Sprinting Test. The chest around 
here contains 378 Gems. Lift the rock to the right to get the Life potion 
from the other chest.

--Stopover - S. America--
 Little to the north of the ruins and the sprinting test is a hidden area. 
The gull here will take you to another Stopover at the frozen island of 
Greenland. Here you can find a Cavern and Penginea.

--Cavern on Greenland--
Chests: 1 (109)
 961 Gems

 There is not much to do in the single room cave, but you can collect some 
booty from the chest to the left here.

Hidden Items: 1 (110) 
 Starstone - Trade for Pretty Flower with the Penguin
Magirocks: 1 (61)
 -Inside the first igloo to the left

 This is a small penguin village with a few penguins as inhabitants. You 
cannot converse with them, but still some of the interactions are pretty 
clear. For example eat the fish in the upper left igloo and the fisherman 
penguin gets angry at you. Inside the left igloo there is a Magirock 
waiting for you to be collected. 

 Remember what the Flower Girl in Loire said about the Pretty flowers? 
Equip them and give one to the penguin in front of the rightmost igloo. In 
return you receive a Starstone. You may wonder what this item is used for, 
but as the description reads we need five of these much later on in the 
game. Go back to South America and visit Liotto right away.

7. Liotto's carnival & Mermaid Tower

Magirocks 2 (63)
 -Clear the Cream-a-Cat game
 -Backroom of the Brazilian food store to the left

 The guy outside the fortunes booth hints you about the special abilities 
of Staffs. That is a nice thing to know. Next play the Cream-a-Cat game to 
win a Magirock as a prize. The best way to clear all cats in this game is 
by starting with the front two, then the leftmost & rightmost cats. Next 
use each item to take out two cats simultaneously by throwing it between to 
cats at the same height. To hit the two in the back you must throw while 
running. Ark can get another rock from the backroom in the upper left 
corner home.

 You can talk to the soccer kid for some silly answers. If you say that you 
don't know, then the kid will not talk to you anymore. Also if you throw 
the pot against the samba monkey the woman next to him will never let you 
in her home anymore, because you hurt little defenseless animals.

 On with the story again. Talk to the girl in front of the Pink Cloud 
cotton candy booth to find out that she is Meilin. She'll tag along with 
you no matter what you reply as an answer. After she comes with you, go up 
to the statue of Jesus Christ (the same 40 meter statue that is famous in 
Brazil). Meilin walks up to it and tells you that she loves you and would 
like to meet you here at night.

 Go to the inn, sleep there for free and get back here at night. You'll 
hear a voice and the Underworld Elle appears from behind the statue! She 
tells you that she came here with the Elder permission to see you. Her 
image disappears and Meilin comes out. She tells you that you saw the image 
of the person you truly loved and it wasn't her. That saddens her deeply 
and she leaves you with a feeling of hatred. 

--Liotto - Harbor--
Hidden Items: 1 (111)
 Boat - Get from the captain after you beat the monsters in Mermaid Tower

 After the events in Liotto the captain in the harbor wants somebody to get 
rid of the monsters that roam the sea. The all originate from Mermaid Tower 
so you have to go there and take them out at the source. Comply with the 
captain's wish and you get the boat for free after you manage to get rid of 
the monsters. Get on the boat and you're off to Mermaid Tower.

--Mermaid Tower--
Hidden Items: 2 (113)
 Engagement Ring, WaterPin
Chests: 1 (114)
Magirocks: 6 (69)
 -All 6 accompany the WaterPin
 Purple Cally

 * = only available after beating the Purple Cally

 Inside go down several stairs and you'll meet some Cally fish who spit 
some bubbles as an attack. These monsters are very rich in terms of Exp and 
Gems so fight many of them. Go down three sets of stairs to meet the boss 
already (a small dungeon this is).
Boss: Purple Cally
 HP:  187
 Exp:  62
 Gems: 79 (can drop)

 The boss around here is the very shy purple fish. The Cally that appear 
along with it are invulnerable so don't waste time on them. Hold still and 
wait for the purple Cally to approach. Quickly attack it and one hit should 
be enough. It is just a regular Cally with a different color pattern so it 
gives the same amount of Exp and Gems (if you're lucky that it drops some 
 Now that no more Cally appear the mermaids whispering commences again. Go 
up to the main floor and talk to the Mermaid with a tiara to meet Nana, 
Servas' fiancée who died on the ship voyage and became a mermaid. She 
requests you to give the Engagement Ring to Servas at the entrance of the 
Great Lakes Cavern. Go further up and you'll receive the WaterPin with 6 
Magirocks from the mermaids blocking the path. Miraculously a chest has 
appeared to the right of here and it contains the SeaSpear. 

--Liotto - Harbor--
 Back again here you receive the boat for your efforts. Now you can explore 
the world freely. The only region we cannot yet get to is Mosque, so I 
devoted the next chapter to all the optional events that can be completed 
now. Note that not everything is optional like getting the Speed Boots, but 
I placed it down here so everything more concise.

8. Exploring the entire world by boat (Optional)

--South Pole Cavern--
Chests: 2 (116) 
 Life Potion, Sea Mail

 Go to Antarctica and find the cavern at the bottom. Enter it, climb up the 
vine, jump over the gap, ascend the stairs and collect the Life Potion and 
the Sea Mail. This armor is the strongest we can get up till Mosque so make 
sure to equip it. The Sea Mail is the second of the four special armors!

Chests: 2 (118)
 DEF Potion, EnbuPike

 If you resurrected Mu in the Underworld an island will appear between 
Australia and South-America. Go there and you can get two items here: DEF 
Potion and EnbuPike. The EnbuPike is your first special weapon and it 
changes some of your defense to strength making this weapon even stronger 
than the 44 points of attack power by itself. 

 To the north of Mu is Polynese. This is actually a very small island where 
nothing can be done. The woman at the top asks whether you would like to 
take a sun bath. If you do so your so-called Macho Appeal statistic goes up 
by 10. The guy gives you a very wise comment, so hear it out if you like.

--Ruins area - Alaska--
Chests: 1 (119)
 STR Potion

 Go to Alaska and dock your boat here. Walk around the forest to the east 
and Ark discovers a hidden Ruins area on the gap tile with no trees. You 
can find a STR Potion here and that's all folks. On the west coast of 
Alaska is a Stop over, but we can get to Australia by boat so we don't need 
it. Also the lone guy living to the north here tells you about the flying 
patterns of the birds.

--New Zealand--
Magirocks: 1 (70)
 -See below

 Marked as NZ on the map, you can dock by your ship on the lower island. 
Walk around here to find a hidden area with a Magirock in the top right 

--Hidden area - South Australia--
Chests: 1 (120)
 892 Gems

 Just after docking your boat there should be a hidden area very close by. 
Plunge in the water and get the 892 Gems treasure from the chest at the 
other side. 

--Hidden area - West Australia--
Chests: 2 (122)
 Life Potion, 228 Gems

 Another secret area with two very long vines can be found on the west part 
of this big island. Climb the right vine to get to a chest with Life Potion 
and another one with 228 Gems inside. If you climb up the left vine you get 
stuck just before reaching the top (evil programmers!). 

--Suncoast (1)--
 5 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (123)
 Tasty Meat - Get from the Beef guy in the back of town

-Scenery shots with the Camera-
 The fourth and final expandable town is found in Australia, where you 
should be right now. Enter town and equip the camera and take some 
snapshots. Next go to the tourism center and show them the photos of all 
the locations you've been to so far. 
-Beef Man-
 Talk to the guy in the lonely home in the back area of town to find out 
that he's trying to promote some of his meat. He gives you a sample of 
Tasty Meat so somebody can try it out. 

-Airplane plans-
 After you save Will from the Great Lake Caverns you get the plans of a new 
airplane flight path. Go to the old guy here in Suncoast and give him the 
plans. When Suncoast expands you can get the Magirock from his home (it is 
currently only on display on top of the shelf). Also a third landing spot 
for your airplane is created, when that happens.

--Hidden Area - South Indonesia--
Chests: 2 (125)
 Luck Potion, 1403 Gems

 To the northwest of Australia is a hidden area on the lower of the two 
accessible island. Swim around here to find a Luck Potion and 1403 Gems 
from the chests.

--Hidden Area - Center Indonesia--
Chests: 2 (127) 
 Speed Shoes, 378 Gems

 Little to the north is a second accessible area in Indonesia. Walk around 
this island as well to find an area with the Speed Shoes and 378 Gems 
within the two chests.

--Caravan - West Africa--
 Enter the oasis and you talk to the guys around here to be able to buy 
some stuff. Buy 1 Crystal at the price of 1,000 Gems, if you wish to expand 
Litz. If you don't have enough money, visit the ruins to the north (see 

--Hidden ruins area - NW Africa--
Chests: 2 (129)
 1003 Gems, 703 Gems

 There is a small ruin in the northwest corner of Africa. If you enter it 
you can find two chests one at the bottom and one at the top of the screen. 
Both contain some Gems.

--Cave - North of Scandinavia--
Magirocks: 1 (71)
 -See below

 Just walk the tightrope to the far right to find a single Magirock around 

--Rich's - Great Britain--
 There is only one home here and it belongs to Rich the rich guy. Show him 
the picture and he buys it for 1,000 Gems.

--Loire (3)--
 10 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (130)
 Apartment Key - Get it from Realtor in Rococo Apartment's store

 If you completed all of the side quests in Loire it will expand to level 
3, right about now. You should have Loire expanded to the maximum level if 
you followed all the instructions so far in this walkthrough (See appendix 
C for a summary if Loire did not expand). 

-Tourism Center-
 Show the pictures of Litz, Freedom, Nirlake & Suncoast in order to make 
those towns expand at the Tourism center.

-Home Sweet Home-
 If you enter Rococo Apartment you'll notice that a door of apartment 101 
is locked. This room is for sale at a reasonable price at Loire Realty to 
the right. Inside talk to Realtor to buy an apartment for 800 Gems, if you 
buy you get the key to your apartment. If you open it up you notice that 
the room is still empty. So go to Michelle's Furniture shop and buy some 
objects. The following things are in store:

    Rug       - 100 Gems
    Bookshelf - 100 Gems (comes with Teddy bear)
    Dresser   - 100 Gems
    Bed       - 100 Gems
    Desk      - 100 Gems

 After buying everything you can go to "Home" and enjoy your own apartment 
for a total of 1,300 Gems. If only it would be so simple in real life. You 
can go to bed here to regain your HP and there is a notebook to save your 
quest on the table.

Hidden Items: 1 (131)
 Tinned Sardines - Give the Tin sheet to the sailor and he'll make this

-Pottery Craftsman-
 Give the Crystal you bought at the Caravan in Africa to the craftsman and 
he gets the idea for stained glass. 

-Sardines in a can-
 If you collected the Tin Sheet from Will's home in Nirlake you can give it 
to the Fisherman in the lower left home. This way he can preserve the 
sardines in a can. He'll use the metal to give you a can of sardines in 

 If you did all of this the town's index should be 100%, so you'd expect 
the town to expand. However you need the Quatro's to move from their 
location in order to get the actual expansion! This can be done by rubbing 
the back of the tired dancing girl in one of their tent, but even then Litz 
is somehow difficult to expand. I noticed that the only times I got the 
town to level 2 was after the Starstone quest.

 Back in Freedom again, we can do a few extra things, before this town 
expands to the highest level. This can however only happen after completing 
the Great Lake Caverns (see the next chapter).

-Tourism Center-
 Show the woman behind the counter the scenes of Suncoast and any other 
towns if you didn't show them the photos before.

 Go to Stoma (in Japanese his name is just Stomach) and give him the 
grilled meat from Suncoast & the Tinned Sardines from Litz so he can test 
them. Both items are given a positive score. You get 100 Gems for each of 
the two items. Freedom doesn't expand right away, but it will after 
completing the Great Lake Caverns.

9. Save Will from the Lake Cavern

--Great Lake Cave - Entrance--
Hidden Items: 1 (132)
 HornPin - Get from Gossie
Chests: 5 (137)
 Air Herb, Magic Anchor, 753 Gems, GeoStaff, DrgnArmr
Magirocks: 5 (76)
 -Reachable after flooding the Douma room in plain sight
 -Accompany HornPin (4x)
 Douma, Gall Fish, Green Slime, Mini Green Slime, Pupal, Red Amarante
 Hitoderon (3x)

 Give the Engagement Ring from Nana the Mermaid to Servas and he thanks you 
just before evaporating in thin air. You can now enter the Lake Cavern. 
Make sure that you have some Serums because the Doumas & red Amarantes in 
here can induce Deadly Poison on Ark which kills him in several seconds. 

 Inside the cave go left, past the first two deadly Doumas and collect the 
Air Herb from the chest. Ark can submerge and dive at the location of the 
bubbles in the water with this Air Herb in his possession. Dive here and 
Ark will appear on the other side of the wall. Follow the path and 
eventually he notices a dark silhouette in the water. Jump in and hug the 
left wall as you fall down to find a secret path behind the waterfall 
leading to a chest with the Magic Anchor.

 Let Ark fall down to the bottom of the waterfall. Down under there are two 
Pupals awaiting you. Turn your back to them and their eye opens, quickly 
turn around and use any special attack to take them out as long as the eye 
is still opened. They also briefly open the eye when you look at them. Go 
past the entrance to the left. In the next room you can go either up the 
entrance or dive underneath the wall. Go up the entrance and you'll 
eventually reach a dead end with a chest containing 753 Gems. Jump down 
here and redo the falling part until you reach the branch again.

 This time dive underneath and go up to the next chamber. Go left and 
you'll reach an area filled with Doumas. Go up and you'll find a chest with 
the GeoStaff. It is little weaker than the EnbuPike so equip it if you 
didn't resurrect Mu. Go upstairs and use the Slider attack on the drips of 
water on the wall behind the gap. This will flood the previous area 
allowing you to reach the Magirock.

 Go on left and continue downstairs and equip the Magic Anchor so you won't 
be caught in the current of the rapid stream. Swim to the upper right corner, 
go down the little rocky steps and swim behind the waterfall (there is a 
visible path to the right). Before going down, take a look around you and
notice some bubbles to the right. These are not enemies, but air bubbles
dive down here to find a chest with the well hidden DrgnArmr.

 Once you got the armor go down stairs, swim up against the wall, then 
right and follow the right wall to reach the cascade. Down here is a boss 
Boss: Hitoderon (3x)
 HP: ~150 each
 Exp: 350 each

 In the back you'll see Gossie the big friendly sea dragon. He fires 
fireballs at you to help you. This may seem weird, but the Hitoderon are 
those starfish that attach themselves on you. If this happens Gossie's fire 
breath is the only way to shake them loose. So concentrate you attacks on 
the star fish to take them out. It should not be too difficult, if you know 
what you're doing.
 When the battle is over Gossie gives you his Summon: The HornPin and some 
Magirocks to carry it. Ark doesn't understand what he's saying, but he 
comes along with him. Afterwards Ark meets up with Will and he tells you 
his story of how he crashed in the caverns, was attacked by the Star men 
and finally saved by the dragon Gossie.

--Nirlake - Will's place--
 Will tells you that he needs metal from Lon Trade in Yunkou (China) to get 
build the plane. Unfortunately the trading stopped so he requests Ark to 
see what happened there.

9. Lon Trading in Dragoon Castle

 5 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (138) 
 Ginseng - Get from Lon
Magirocks: 2 (78)
 -Top right corner in the back of the alley
 -Reunite the mute orphan Chija with her parents

 In the upper right building on the main floor you can find two parents how 
abandoned their child. They are awfully sorry and tell you to find their 
daughter called Chija. Indeed, that is the same Chija as the speechless 
girl in the Nomad's Camp between Teklama Desert and Louran. If you gave her 
a flower Ark will tell the parents that Chija is there and they are getting 
her back. Your reward is a Magirock for reuniting them. 

 On the second floor of the inn you'll meet Fyda again, sort of. She is in 
a deep sleep and will not awaken. She is ill and requires medication to be 
healed. Talk to the doctor in the northwest building to find out that 
Ginseng from Lon Trading is required to heal the physical part of Fyda's 
disease. The building next door is the place of Lon Trading. Go upstairs 
here and meet Lon. Ask him about the Ginseng and he eventually tells you a 
story of what went wrong with him and his brother Wong. Assure him to check 
on Wong and he gives you Ginseng.

 Go back to Fyda and make her drink this stuff to enter Fyda's dream. In 
here you get to see how she killed the parents of Elle under the strict 
orders of the king. She promises the parents to look after Elle and guard 
her with her own life. The screen turns black and Ark appears just behind 
her. Answer "That's not true" to get her over this problem the best you 
can. After this event Perel will be waiting outside for you. He tells you 
that he will help you get in to Dragoon Castle.

--Dragoon Castle--
Chests: 4 (142)
 200 Gems, 300 Gems, L.Bulb, 3PartRod
Magirock: 3 (81)
 -Just before meeting underworld Elle in the dungeon to the south
 -To the south of the 200 Gems chest
 -Go down two floors from the previous rock to find it in plain sight

 Before tackling this dungeon make sure that you have the Running Shoes 
from the island at Indonesia. You need these boots here to get through this 
dungeon. You don't have to fight anyone, but you may never be detected by 
the guards, which is an even more difficult task. After Perel distracting 
the front guard you can enter the castle. 

 Inside, sneak past the first guard, head north, go past a guard, jump over 
the gap and sneak by another guard. In the back room use the Running Boots 
with 'X' to open the center wall section at the dead end. Run to the 
northwest and go down the stairs. Below in the dungeon you can find a 
Magirock to the far south. Go right here and Ark notices Elle hanging on 
the wall in chains. This is obviously a trap, but we have to fall for it in 
order to make progression. 

 Elle disappears meaning that it was just an optical illusion, or better 
put a mirage. Go down and Meilin is their awaiting you. She tells you that 
this serves you right as you hurt her feelings. Ark can't get out here so 
he starts sulking. You get to see a cut scene where Elle, Wong and Royd 
appear. Wong speaks of the day when only necessary people will live 
forever. He uses Royd to guard Elle so she can't escape.

 The next moment a chain appears and Ark can escape to safety. It turns out 
that Fyda threw the chain down you to save you, just like you saved her 
before. Next get back to the start (getting caught makes things much easier 
and faster this time round). Ascend to the elevated section and follow the 
right path, just past the guard is a corridor.

 Walk up to the back of the room, jump over the gap and meet another 
underworld Elle. She tells you that the princess is held back there. First 
explore the right part and find a chest with 200 Gems in the upper right 
corner. The lower path has a Magirock along the path. Go down another floor 
and find 300 Gems and an L.Bulb in the chests. Go down yet another floor to 
find a Magirock on the lone isle in the sewer area. Go upstairs to find the 
3PartRod at the dead end.

 Go back all the way and 'save' the 'real' princess Elle. Indeed, this is 
another trap as expected. You get saved by the one who saved you earlier: 
Fyda! Meilin appears and receives a beating for her misdeeds. She leaves 
you saying that Wong will erase you. Fyda will follow you here as you try 
to go back. Meilin appears along the path. She is betrayed by Wong and is 
now stuck with the other two as well. Next Perel breaks the entrance open 
again and you can all escape. Ark has to go back to the initial room and 
this time we go up the left path. 

 In this room you see six candles and six pots filled with water (actually 
it doesn't look like water, but anyway) throw each of the six against an 
active candle to extinguish the flame. If all six are out the passage 
opens. As Meilin advised you go and check the wall opposite of the unpaired 
statue to find a switch. Push it to open a passage to the back. Enter it 
use the running shoes to open another secret door and you'll meet up with 
Royd and Elle. Royd wants to battle you, but Fyda steps in and takes your 
place in combat allowing you to escape with Elle.

 Outside follow Meilin and you the two of you escape. As Fyda prepares for 
battle Royd tells her to put her sword back and tells her that he never 
intended to fight or kill anybody. Elle wants to stay behind and leaves you 
as well. No matter what you do she stays behind, so continue on without 
her. Royd and Wong appear in cut scene and Royd takes care of Wong by 
eliminating him. In his last moments he spills out the name of his boss Dr. 
Beruga. Keep on moving and Meilin joins you. She tells you that she didn't 
see Elle so to keep things short she just disappeared again. The castle 
collapses and everybody quickly escapes to safety.

--Nirlake - Will's--
 Talk to Will and he'll let you use the Airplane for free! Also Freedom can 
now expand to level 3 from this moment on!

--Freedom (3)--
 10 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (143)

 Talk to some of the people around here and you can also find out that Bell 
has a new girlfriend if you told him the truth about Amanda. Other than 
that the winning item in the Lottery is probably the only thing useful to 
get here.

-Lottery 3rd Round-
 Enter the lottery again and you can win a unique item this time round: the 
special X-Spear. This is a weapon that increases the amount of critical 
hits. A critical hit is a flashing number of damage that is either 2x or 3x 
the normal amount of damage, which means that this spear is actually 
stronger than the attack power says! 

9. Dr. Beruga's Lab

 Using your plane you can now reach Mosque, which is totally isolated from 
the rest of the world. 

--Cave - Siberia--
Chests: 1 (144)

Inside the cavern, go right over the lower tightrope to reach the BlockRod. 
This is the second special weapon you can find in the game. This weapon 
converts part of your base strength to defense.

 50 Gems
Magirocks: 1 (82)
 -Backroom top right corner home

 Collect the Magirock from the home and you may like to buy a RedArmr for 
the amount of 6660 Gems. It raises Strength but lowers Life by 50 points, 
so think about this before buying the armor. Don't buy anything else here 
at these highly inflated prices. All the people in White robes are the 
disciples of Beruga. Enter the home to the left and watch as you are 
informed about Dr. Beruga's activities. The scientist is planning on making 
all the necessary immortal so everybody can live in peace. All those who 
are considered irrelevant can die. That is the utopia Dr. Beruga strives 

--Dr. Beruga's Lab--
Chests: 2 (146)
 SoulArmr, DEF Potion
 Cube, Figure Head, Goblin (A)
 Security Bot

 On the map notice how Beruga's name is misspelled as "Veruga", but that 
may be an artifact of the Japanese language (see Appendix F for more 
info.). Inside the lab go to the far right, then down and follow the left 
wall. You'll find a switch here that turns on the light. Go down further 
and crawl up, throw the brown item, crawl up again and you'll find a chest 
with a SoulArmr inside. Go back and to the right. Here you'll see a Figure 
Head, these guys look a bit like Robocop. Go along the corridor and press 
the second switch to activate the elevator. Go back to the elevator near 
the start and go down one floor. You'll notice that the lab starts to liven 
up again. 

On B1F go left, run over the conveyor belt to reach the left side, crawl up 
through tight passage and take out the three Goblins. To the right there is 
a teleporting device. Enter it to reach a different area. Go up another 
room and press the third switch to activate the computer on B2F. So go back 
to the elevator and go down another floor.

Enter B2F take out the Cubes, enter the left teleporter on the conveyor 
belt and find a DEF Potion at the dead end. Go back and this time have Ark 
enter the right teleporter. Follow the path of teleporters and you'll end 
up at the main computer, but it requires a password. Yomi tells you to 
enter "BLOODY MARY". So Ark inputs that word. All locks are removed and you 
can now reach the bottom layer B99F. You can get quite some information out 
of this machine so try all the options, if you like. It tells you about the 
airborne lethal virus called Asmodeus that will wipe out 90% of the earth's 
inhabitants. Back at the elevator go all the way down to the lowest floor. 
Enter it and a boss battle commences.
Boss: Security Bot
Bot's Leg (3x)
 HP: ~500 (each)
 Exp: 500 (each)

Mini Squad (7x)
 HP: ~100 (each)
 Exp:  30 (each)

 This boss has some annoying attack that can downgrade you strength 
temporarily. Take out all three of the limbs its standing on to take out 
this machine. If you manage to damage one sufficiently red sparks will 
appear denoting this, when you take out all three the machine notes that it 
still has a last breath attack and dispatches 7 mini thingies to attack 
you. Just wipe them all out with a single attack for a victory.
 The corridor above opens up and Ark can reach Dr. Beruga, who is just 
about to be resurrected from the fridge. He shows you the undead that he 
resurrected himself so they can live forever. If you try to get close to 
Beruga Ark will get caught by the defense system that takes him out. Beruga 
then speaks of his liege coming back from the Underworld to take over the 
world again. On the next scene you get to see how Asmodeus takes out all 
the people in Neotokio turning it into one big ruin. 

11. Find and present the 5 Starstones

--'Edge of life and death'--
 Ark is lying to die on the ground and the Elder appears to tell him that 
his task if fulfilled by bringing Beruga back to life. Ark may now die in 
peace. Ark however realizes that he doesn't know whether his has completed 
his task and asks anybody to comply this. After a few moments Kumari's 
voice is heard and he tells you not to die as he tries to save you from the 
dreaded place. 

You wake up in Lhasa once again Meihou meets you again. He tells you a Star 
of darkness emerged and eradicated Neotokio. Go up to Kumari and he tells 
you your next task. You need to find the 5 Starstones and present them at 
the Hero's grave at the end of the world.

--'any big city'--
 Visit the fortune teller and he'll tell you where to find the five 
Starstones in a cryptic message: "What you seek are in a dream, sand, ice, 
mountain and ruins.". So I'll go through all five stones by this reference. 
BTW Nirlake has been burned down, so you can complete the optional side 
quest of rebuilding it. See section 2 of the fourth chapter below.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Take out your boat and go to South America. Dock at the west side and 
enter the miniature shrine to the north. 

Chests: 2 (148)
 HolySuit, Starstone
Magirocks: 1 (83)
 -On you path in plain sight in the corridor with Pupilas
 Dark Chakra, Pupila

 Examine the goblet and you'll hear a strange voice in your head. Drink 
from the goblet to enter the dream world called Astarica. The people here 
observe the progress of the humans. You meet very familiar faces, but they 
are not the people you know. Talk to Meila and you will hear the current 
situation. Go up and push the statue with the red jewel to enter a hidden 

 In the back room push both statues to the back and place each one on the 
pedestals to the left and right. This opens a new path, follow it, open the 
chest for a HolySuit and further on you'll find another one of those 
Magirocks. On the next screen three look-a-likes show you the ritual that 
is held every 100 years. After this scene drink the goblet to return to the 
real world, but now a chest has appeared. Open it for the Starstone.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 This one is located in the desert of the Sahara so go to Africa. There is 
hidden area on the northeast of the Sahara on the worldmap.

Hidden Items: 1 (149)
 Starstone - examine the collapsed skeleton

 Walk up here and you'll find a dead man's skeleton. Ark intelligently 
notices that this person must have collapsed. You take the Starstone he had 
with him. Apparently, this guy stole the Starstone that was in Leim's 
possession and dies here. As Yomi says humans go anywhere if they smell 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Use the Stopover in South America to reach Greenland. From here you can go 
to Penginea. As mentioned earlier in the FAQ use the Pretty flower on the 
penguin to get a Starstone in return. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 The mountain Starstone belongs to the man watching out from Airsrock to 
watch out for the light of the apocalypse in Australia.

Hidden Items: 1 (150)
 Starstone - Talk to the 'Apocalypse' scientist

 Climb up the right vine and then use the Sharp Claws to get to the top. 
The man here tells you that he is a scientist. Listen to his story and 
you'll get the Starstone form him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--Neotokio - Ghost Town--
Hidden Items: 1 (151)
 Transceiver - Find in the police office drawer

 What place could be a better ruin that Neotokio now that Asmodeus struck 
it. Go there and find the transceiver in the Police office. Go down the 
city and the door to the sewers has mysteriously opened. 

Hidden Items: 1 (152)
 Starstone - Receive it from the only survivor of the Asmodeus genocide
Chests: 5 (157)
 Sewer Key, H.Water, Luck Potion, Fauchard, KingArmr
Magirocks: 2 (85)
 -Pond area near the exit
 -Two areas behind it in the top right corner
 Bit, Chariot, Goblin (B), Green Slime, Mini Green Slime, Phantom, Robber

 The monsters here are pretty mean so take care. The Phantom can induce the 
Death Status on you so wear the SoulArmr from Beruga's Lab. Robbers can 
steal you Gems so don't get hit by those either. Follow the path around and 
at the end you'll hear the girl again through the Transceiver. Crawl to the 
back and Ark will find a Sewer Key here. Go back to the first room with the 
locked door and head up. The girl appears, but so does a lion. A lion here 
how is that possible? The chest to the right contains some H.Water.

 Up in the pond area take the second tight passage to the left to find a 
Luck Potion. Also there is a Fauchard in the upper right corner of this 
field. Follow the path to the left, then go down and just before exiting 
this area pick up the Magirock. The second area after this has some 
Chariots that are pretty strong on the medium levels, but you can take them 
out. Behind the right one is a Magirock. The right one guards the KingArmr. 
In the room behind this you'll finally meet up with the girl and lion. Talk 
to the lion to find out that it is Leim. You get the Starstone from the 
soul survivor of the Asmodeus disaster in Neotokio. Next Freedom makes 
contact with you and you get transported out of this area. You might as 
well use the BonePin for a quick exit. 

 Now that you have all five of them you can present them to the Hero's 
grave at the end of the world: Dryvale which is located on the southern 
part of Antarctica.

 Equip the Starstones and use them with 'X' to hold each in front of the 
giant skull altars. After the fifth one is placed a wandering soul appears 
at the top of the screen. A voice tells him that he is the legendary hero 
and the soul turns into a shadow that is identical to Ark's silhouette. He 
tells (actually, you tell yourself) a story in which Dr. Beruga is 
responsible for the unbalance of the earth. The shadow turns into a soul 
again and merges itself with Ark. 

Chapter 4: Resurrection of the Hero
1. The rebirth of Ark

--Storkholm - Elle's place--
Hidden Items: 2 (159)
 HeroPike - contained in Pandora's Box
 HeroArmr - contained in Pandora's Box

 Ark appears here as a baby and upperworld Elle is nursing him like a 
mother. She goes outside to get him some food, then the underworld Elle 
appears. This Elle was send by the Elder to kill Ark before he grows mature 
again. She takes him away and as upperworld Elle reappears she notices that 
Ark is gone.

 At the location were we found the Pandora's Box in the underworld Elle is 
hesitating to kill Ark. Yomi appears and tells her to kill the other Elle 
as well, but as denoted by the music the resurrection of the hero is now 
inevitable. You get to hear Kumari, Ra Tree, Leim and Kingbird's voices. 
Next Ark himself is resurrected and with the merger of the upperworld Ark 
he grows in strength (not statistically, however). 

 After Ark's return underworld Yomi tells you about the Elder or better the 
Devil / Dark Gaia who will give rebirth to the planet after Ark is 
eliminated. Walk up to the underworld Elle and speak to her. Next Yomi 
comes into play and immobilizes Ark so he can take him out by himself, 
because Elle cannot bring herself to do it. Then Elle jumps in front and 
hold Yomi so they both get send back to the underworld again. In her final 
words she pleas to Ark to save this planet.

 After both of them are gone go down to meet upperworld Elle. Talk to her 
and she shows you the other Pandora's Box identical to the one in the 
Underworld. Columbus found the arms of the Hero some time ago so he hid 
them in the village and the people in the village were the safe keepers of 
these arms. They all died so nobody could get to them.

 Touch the box and another Yomi appears. This is the upperworld Yomi and 
he'll join you from now on. You get the legendary HeroPike and HeroArmr 
these are two more of the special arms that appear on the central 
pedestals. Their massive attack and defensive power are nearly unmatched. 
Elle will wait for you here, until the battle if finally over. 

 Outside a bird is waiting for you. It has a message tied to its beak and 
Ark automatically reads it. All the main characters went to Beruga's Lab 
Tower to the east of Siberia to stop this mad maniacal scientist. They wait 
there for you at the entrance.

 You could walk all the way back, but it would be better to just use a 
BonePin to get transported to the world map. You should be able to get 
anywhere on the map(if it's reachable at all). So I'll first complete all 
the town expansions, before tackling the last dungeon with monsters.

2. The fully expanded world

--Nirlake (2)--
Hidden Items: 9 (168)
 Letter(9x) - Get from the man at the entrance

 I can't really call this expansion, but the town did change. If you help 
the people of Nirlake out of the dire situation to rebuild their village 
that went to ashes you receive 9 letters as a plea for money. Here is a 
list of all the people to whom you can give the letters to:

  1. Nirlake - Will 
  2. Freedom - Bell
  3. Freedom - Eddy
  4. Litz    - Fisherman
  5. Loire   - Pierre
  6. Loire   - Matis
  7. Loire   - Marily (at first she mistakes it for something different...)
  8. Loire   - Winery Boss
  9. Britain - Rich

If you send all nine letters and you previously helped Mick with his Big 
Mick burger then the town will expand immediately after the ninth letter is 
given away. Also Will's shack gets moved to another area.

--Will's - after Nirlake rebuilt--
Hidden Items: 1 (169)
 Airfield Plans

 After Nirlake is rebuilt you can get the Airfield Plans from Will so 
Suncoast can improve its better reachable. Wonder why you can't get these 
anytime sooner in the game. 

--Nirlake (3)--
 5 Gems 
Magirock: 1 (86)
 -To the right of Mick

 You can buy the Pro Armr as a one time deal for 7890 Gems, which is good 
for an armor that protects against all ailments. Also this armor is one of 
the four special armors in the game. You should have all four of them by 
now. Walk up to the back of town and you'll find a Magirock just lying 

-Tourist Information-
 You can go to the tourist information center and show them all the 
locations you've visited, when you have the camera equipped. 

 Show the old geezer in the top center building the Airfield plans and 
Suncoast should expand really soon now.

--Suncoast (2)--
 5 Gems
Hidden Items: 1 (170)
 WaterPin - cure the Asian guy in the inn
Magirocks: 7 (93)
 -Reward for giving Airfield Plans
 -Accompany the WaterPin (6x)
 Go to the inn and use the Fever Medicine on the ill guy around here. You 
have to give the medicine to the bride of the man and she will give Ark the 
WaterPin in return along with the Magirocks needed to carry it. 

 You can also also obtain a different Magirock from the mayor how now lives 
in the top right building. Upstairs you can just collect if for free. 
Oddly, Litz does not want to expand some times. I do not know the cause of 
this but sometimes it just won't get an upgrade.

--Litz (2)--
 10 Gems
Magirocks: 2 (95)
 -Top left corner of town (walk through the hidden passage)
 -Home of Craftsman in the center of the entrance room

 This expansion is presumably the only expansion Litz can get even though 
it is not on the highest technology level. There are two Magirocks hidden 
around here and there is no Tourist Information center so you cannot show 
them the pictures of the other cities. Above all Dr. Keinz doesn't give you 
a growth index percentage so this means that the town cannot improve more 
than this, which is in my opinion quite a bummer.

 Oddly enough you can still get Fever Medicines from the hospital, even 
after you cure the Japanese guy in Suncoast. But there is nobody in the 
entire world suffering from a fever.

3. Stop Beruga once and for all

--Beruga's Lab Tower--
Chests: 1 (171)
 Life Potion
Magirock: (96)
 -The last rock is in the corridor with several Goblins, you can't miss it
 Bloody Chariot, Cube, Figure Head, Goblin (C)

 At the entrance you will meet 3 of the five invited people. Fyda and Royd 
probably went ahead already. If you wish to train here I recommend that you 
take a BonePin with you. There is a room up ahead where you can get massive 
amounts of Experience and Gems in matter of minutes, but it is only 
reachable after the crane section with Royd. So if you wish to retry after 
that point you need the BonePin to get back.

 Talk to Meihou and he leaves you with Meilin behind. The two of you go up 
ahead and try to exit to the north. If you do this Meilin goes ahead and 
disables the security camera. In the next room she creates a camouflage so 
Ark can get past without being noticed. After that a huge crane appears, 
which is controlled by Royd. He lifts Ark by his head to the next section 
over there you meet Perel again. He takes out the laser beams so you can 
get past without any effort, when he's done he stays behind and lets you 
continue on your own. 

 A few screens further you meet Fyda again and together you use the levers 
simultaneously to continue. After doing so Fyda goes up ahead meeting you 
later again. Continue on past some more Goblins to find the last Magirock 
in the game. Up the stairs you will meet the strongest regular enemy in the 
game the Bloody Chariot. Make sure to beat it for 130 Exp and possibly 156 

 Follow the route through several corridors from here and at the end you'll 
meet Royd again. He uses the cannon to take out the door up ahead. Go 
upstairs and Ark will find a room filled with more than six Bloody 
Chariots. First collect the Life Potion from the chest in Meihou's room 
(the NW one). He tells you that the four of them have to press a button 
simultaneously to open the shutter to the right. Your room is the SW.

 This big room is the location where you can level up very easily. Go into 
Perel's room (or your own) then go down to exit to the main corridor. 
Immediately when you approach use the Slicer/Slider attack to take out the 
Bloody Chariot (it can be done in one hit), if you don't need money go back 
again into the entrance and repeat the process of killing this goon over 
and over again. This way I got from level 28 to 40 in very little time. 
These chariots drop so much Exp that you level raises in matter of minutes 
The problem is that this location becomes unavailable after reaching 
Beruga's Airship and we can't go back either so that's why we need the 
BonePin. When you wish to save while training use the Pin to get to Mosque, 
save there and start over the next time. If you are interested in reaching 
the maximum level (50) you can best do that here.

 Anyway when you are done (try to get at least to level 35 for the final 
boss) press the button in your room to open the path to the airship. Go 
past the opened passage and slide down the big hole in order to reach his 

--Beruga's Airship--
Hidden Items: 7 (178)
 Time Bomb (7x)
 Bit, Bloody Chariot, Goblin (C)

 Upon entering the ship you meet Fyda and Royd again. Fyda gives you 7 Time 
Bombs, which you have to place on each of the 7 computers on board. Equip 
this item and use it with 'X' in front of the first computer here. Go left, 
up the stairs, outside head south, inside again go up the passage, down the 
stairs and meet up with Fyda. Plant two bombs here go back up and and past 
the enemies towards the stairs at the very back. Down here plant two bombs, 
go back and follow either left or right path (the ship is symmetrical) and 
Ark finds a computer in the center of the hallway.

 Retrace your steps to where you enter the center part of the ship for the 
first time from the left and go to the right at the end of the path you'll 
find the last computer and Royd should be here too. Talk to him if you like 
and backtrack for the final time to that central part. Go down this time 
and meet up with the dynamic duo. After Fyda pushes the detonator you 
escape together to the southern exit and the three of you find Dr. Beruga 
here, for the last time. 

 Beruga compliments you on getting so far, yet you are still so far away. 
He tells you that the jetpacks you loaned from him to escape are computer 
controlled. Now that the computers are broken you can't leave anymore for 
the packs don't work anymore. Beruga on the other hand has (how did the 
scenario writers think this up) has jet nozzles in his soles allowing him 
to go airborne. Then suddenly the rear propeller starts rotating and Dr. 
Beruga is caught in the wind's suction. The screen turns black and then red 
for a split second denoting Beruga's death by his own machine.

 After the light returns a gull is sitting near the end of the ship and it 
can't be a coincidence. Ark gets to go back for he has a job to complete. 
Therefore Royd and Fyda stay behind together to the bitter end. Talk to 
bird and choose the first option and Ark is going to be dropped off at 

 The airship crashes in South America near the Portal! The scientist who 
witnesses it sees the light of the Apocalypse in the explosion. After the 
short scene Ark appears to be safe and sound just below. 

Final. Return to the Crysta in the Underworld

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
  WARNING: This is the last saving place in the game. This is point of no
           return. After you go down to the underworld you can only
           complete the final part of the game and watch the credits.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

 Ark goes back to the place where you started your second mission. Meet 
Columbus and save here! If you think that you are ready to complete the 
final part go down the hole and return to the Underworld.

 It is pretty strange to get back here. Everything is locked except for 
Crysta itself so go there.

 At first everything seems normal like usual. Elle isn't around however and 
if you try to talk to anybody around here something strange happens. You 
hear a strange sound, entire Crysta turns red and all the life forms 
dissolve into Wandering Spirits. They will all try to hurt you, but don't 
worry they won't drain HP. Visit the Elder and he tells you something. Ark 
has learned more than he should have and the old coot requests you to come 

 The Elder tells you that everything around here including Ark is made of 
Crystal Blue. When the energy is depleted the replica of the Crystal Blue 
loses its form and returns to the wandering soul shape it once was. He also 
says that at the will of Dark Side you must die. The two of you make way to 
the Gaia Stone.

--Gaia Stone--
 You start in an infinite corridor that represents the flow of time. You 
are told to be in the underworld of the Sun itself. Dark Gaia then says 
that he will fight for Earth's new beginning like you with real form. So 
your battle against the Elder / Dark Gaia in a different form.
Final Boss: Dark Gaia
Phase 1
 HP: ~500
 Exp:   0

Phase 2
 HP: 1000
 Exp:   0

-Phase 1-
 This last battle may actually take some time, because you can only hit the 
Devil when his upper body turns into a spiky ball and it must not be 
flashing. If both conditions are met you can try to hit it with any 
physical attack in your repertoire. Dark Gaia has several main attacks most 
of them are easy to avoid here is the list:

 Orb of Light - You need to bounce this attack back with Rushing
 Gaia Rage    - Attacks you with three beams just run around to avoid it.
                Also a spark denotes where the flash will hit.
 Sonic Boom   - Easy to avoid on the extreme left / right edge of the arena
 Spiky Ball   - When the ball flashes you must avoid it else attack
 Magirocks    - Dark Gaia scatters some Magirocks to hamper your movements

 First you need to bounce at least one Orb of Light back and he will make a 
comment. If your total attack is less than 120 this battle will prove to be 
very hard, but if it is over 160 you can take him out without too much 
difficulty. This is so because the damage increases quite a lot with each 
STR point. Here's a brief summary of Strength levels with the Slicing 
Attack that I tried:

    115 total Strength =   5 Damage
    135 total Strength =  35 Damage
    155 total Strength = 115 Damage
    180 total Strength = Instant Kill (level 50)

-Phase 2-
 The second and last phase of this battle is not that hard in my opinion. 
Dark Gaia has a different form and uses different attack. But still he is 
only vulnerable if he comes towards the bottom of the screen.

 Light Beam   - This attack halves your HP each time if you don't X-guard,
                if you X-Guard it does 1 to 3 damage every half second.
 Yellow Bolts - These projectiles come first vertical then they attack
                you horizontally
 Orange Bolts - Similar to the yellow, but can toast you
 Blue Bolts   - Similar to yellow, but can freeze you

 Your total attack strength needs to be at least over 140 to do any good 
damage on him. On the other hand I once beat him with one critical hit 
(level 50, though) so this proves how unbalanced this battle is. If your 
level is a bit too low you can't do any good damage and if it is high you 
go through as if the devil is just a mere Purple Huball!

 When the Elder is finally gone a voice speaks to you, it tells you that 
your quest is truly at its end. Both Arks light and dark return to their 
respective worlds and our Ark is left all alone in Crysta. He contemplates 
together with Yomi whether he did the right things and after that Ark asks 
Yomi what he truly is. Yomi responds that all life forms originate from one 
being and Yomi is the kind of being any life form once was.

 Light Gaia speaks to you and tells you that Crysta and the Underworld will 
dissolve now that Dark Gaia is gone. Light Gaia however grants Ark one more 
carefree day in the peaceful Crysta as it once was, before he started his 

--Crysta - Ark's final carefree day--
 On the next scene Elle speaks to you asking you were your thoughts went. 
You can walk around and the Elder's place is now called "Ark's". The guys 
inside never heard of a guy named Elder and the blue door is just the door 
to the broom closet. Go into what once was the Elder's room and Ark thinks 
of the moment that started the entire quest. When you are done enjoying 
your last day as Ark he can go to bed to dream his very last dream (that's 
a strange thought somehow). Ark dreams that he is a bird and flies to many 

 As the credits roll by you get to see the flying bird in Ark's dream and 
it shows the progress humans make in their civilization and what lies 
beyond our current time. At the end the bird lands in the forest and 
upperworld Elle as she hears somebody knocking on the door. As Elle opens 
the door the words "THE END" appear.

                             Game Finished

                           - - - - - - - - - -

                   Total Hidden Items & Chests:   178
                   Total Magirocks (non Jap):      96

Appendix A: Magirock Locations

 Below I'll describe the locations of all the Magirocks in the game. There 
are 96 of these to be found in any version and 1 additional rock in the 
original Japanese version. Some of the rocks become unavailable if you 
don't collect them before a certain event. I tried to list all of these 
events so you know when a rock cannot be obtained anymore.

Tower 1 / Cannot be obtained after reaching the Surface World
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 1. Located on the second floor on the east side
 2. On the third floor on the left elevated section
 3. On the fourth floor near the entrance guarded by a Living Statue

Tower 2 / Cannot be obtained after reaching the Surface World
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 4. First room SW corner on the elevated section.
 5. Second floor right elevated section in the SE corner.
 6. Fourth floor on the left in plain sight

Tower 3 / Cannot be obtained after reaching the Surface World
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 7. Basement floor; get there by falling down the arrow platforms or stairs
 8. Third floor in the back room with the Sleepless seal in the SE corner

Tower 4 / Cannot be obtained after reaching the Surface World
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 9. Left side of the screen, on the elevated section of Basement Floor 1
10. Floating island on the Second floor; reach it via the tightrope
11. 3rd floor in the upper right corner

Amazon - Ruins Area (World Map)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12. Just in plain sight on this single screen field located behind the Soul

Ra Tree / Cannot be obtained after beating Parasite Boss
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
13. Left bottom floor; swim to the lower left corner to get it
14. Right bottom floor; behind the rightmost waterfall

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
15. - 18. Come along with the GrassPin as a reward from the Ra Tree (4x)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
19. The most upper right entrance of the cliff 
20. The first slide, use the vine to the left here to get it easily
21. North West corner of the room filled with Mini Quakers
22. After getting the Sharp Claws climb to the area with Borfe and chest
    with 87 Gems 
23. Near the previous rock go down the slide and keep 'right' pressed 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
24. & 25. Come along with the WindPin as a reward from Kingbird (2x)

Zue / Must get #27 before clearing the 3rd Altar
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
26. Area to the left of the 2nd Altar
27. Lower Right corner near Douma holding Soul #3 of the third set
28. Far south of the third Altar

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
29. At the start go to the far left to find it near a flower
30. After passing the river on the upper ledge to the left
31. From the previous rock take the upper right exit and enter the cavern
32. Just before falling into the dark pit, it is in plain sight

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
33. Comes along with the BonePin received from Lord Kumari (1x)

Safarium - Lion's Den
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
34. Win the Head hitting game

Neotokio / #36 cannot be obtained after Dr. Beruga releases Asmodeus
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
35. Inside the left room of the first left building
36. Become Noodles King by entering the eating contest

Hidden Forest Area - NE of Gobi (World Map)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
37. Walk to the left in this area and Ark finds this one with relative ease

Louran - Desert Mirage
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
38. On the main floor in the back room of Meilin's

Louran - Zombie Ruins
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
39. E Side lower entrance from Square inside first building
40. E Side upper entrance from Square inside first building
41. Basement floor upper left building N Side
42. 2nd floor upper left building N side (crawl under the table)
43. Isolated area of the Square, reachable from the N Side 
44. Inside Zombie residence to the northeast of the previous Magirock

Hidden Area NE of Loire (World Map)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
45. Hardly hidden at all. Just walk to the northern wall to collect it

Loire Castle / Cannot be obtained after the castle closes (make Elle speak)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
46. Bottom part of the Pantry to the left of the Dining Room
47. In the same room of the tower as the Protect Bell

Norfest Forest
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
48. After Meilin joins you can find it in the next area to the right
49. North to the bridge area; top of the screen
50. Just before entering Storkholm, take the lower left passage

Loire Castle - Reopening after the king dies
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
51. Win it by completing the speed eating contest (eat more than 20 points)

Sylvain Castle
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
52. Jump from the tightrope to the small ledge on the first floor
53. In the Royalty chamber near the bed
54. Inside the right tower in the sewer area on the left side

Freedom - Harbor Area
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
55. Collect from the cabin near the bottom of the harbor

Freedom (1) / Cannot be obtained after Freedom expands
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
56. At Bell's, but only if you tell him the truth about Amanda

Freedom (2) / #58 cannot be obtained after 2nd expansion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
57. Buy Kingbird's freedom for 5,000 Gems and go to his nest to find it
58. Back room of Stoma's place

Colorado River
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
59. Upon completion of the bridge you can find a rock on the bridge itself

Mouse's Sprinting Test
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
60. Complete the track in less or equal than 20 seconds

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
61. Inside the first igloo to the left

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
62. Clear the Cream-a-Cat game
63. Backroom of the Brazilian food store to the left

Mermaid Tower
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
24. - 69. Come along with the WaterPin as a reward from the Mermaids (6x)

New Zealand
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
70. Walk around on the map to find the hidden area

Cave - North of Scandinavia
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
71. Walk over the tightrope to the far right

Great Lake Caverns
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
72. Reachable after flooding the Douma room in plain sight
73. - 76. Come along with the HornPin as a reward from the Gossie (4x)

Great Lake Caverns
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
77. Top right corner in the back of the alley
78. Reunite the mute orphan Chija from the nomads' with her parents

Dragoon Castle / Cannot be obtained after completing this dungeon
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
79. Just before meeting underworld Elle in the dungeon to the south
80. To the south of the 200 Gems chest
81. Go down two floors from the previous rock to find it in plain sight

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
82. Backroom top right corner home

Astarica / Cannot be obtained after awakening from this dream
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
83. On you path in plain sight in the corridor with Pupilas

Neotokio's Sewer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
84. Pond area near the exit
85. Two areas after the last one in the top right corner

Nirlake (3)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
86. To the right of Mick outside his fast food chain factory

Suncoast (2)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
87. Reward for giving Airfield Plans
88. - 93. Come along the WaterPin; reward for curing the groom's fever (6x)

Litz (2)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
94. Top left corner of town (behind a hidden passage between the homes)
95. Home of Craftsman in the center of the entrance room

Dr. Berug's Lab Tower
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
96. In the corridor with several Goblins

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Neotokio - Before Asmodeus incident & Tenshi Souzou (Japanese version) only
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
97. Win the quiz by answering Yes/No answers

Appendix B: Chart Tables

1. I Items - Potions

Name         Cost  Notes
-----------  ----  --------------------------------------------------------
S.Bulb         10  Heals  20 HP
M.Bulb         25  Heals  70 HP
L.Bulb         70  Heals 150 HP
P.Cure         13  Cures 'Poison' Status
Stardew        30  Cures 'Curse' Status
Serum          45  Cures 'Deadly Poison' Status
H.Water        90  Cures 'Death Curse' Status
STR Potion      -  Raises +1 Strength
DEF Potion      -  Raises +1 Defense
Luck Potion     -  Raises +1 Luck 
Life Potion     -  Raises +5 Max HP

1. II Items - Scenario Objects

Name              Notes
----------------- ---------------------------------------------------------
Air Herb          Have this in your possession to submerge underwater 
Big Leaves        Have these in your possession to be able to swim
Black Opal        One of the four jewels found in Sylvain Castle
Camera            Equip it to make shots and show them at a Tourism Centers
Canned Sardines   Get from Fisherman in Litz; give to Stoma for 100 Gems
Crystal           1000 Gems at Sahara's caravan; give Litz's Craftsman
Crystal Thread    Get from Tower 4; give to Elle for the 'ElleCape'
Dog Whistle       Use in Storkholm to quiet the dogs down
Engagement Ring   Given to Servas from Nana the mermaid to enter the Cavern
Fancy Clothes     Get from Marily and give it to the 3 Girls in Freedom
Fever Medicine    Get in Litz; use on sick guy in Suncoast (Expanded)
Ginseng           Cure Fyda's fever after you get it at Lon Trading
Holy Seal         Equip it to prevent ghosts from abducting you
Jail Key          Get from the guard to free the White Wind
Jewel Box         Contains your Magirocks, Rings and Summon Pins
Letter            After Nirlake burns down use 9 of these to rebuilt it
Log               Infinite supply in Gumin; get 9 to build Colorado bridge
Magic Anchor      Equip to swim through the currents in Great Lake Caverns
Matis's Painting  Get from Matis and sell to Rich for 1000 Gems
Mushroom          Find it in Mush Forest in the NE part of Scandinavia
Portrait          Hidden in Storkolm; used by Meilin to show Elle's parents
Pretty Flower     Buy one for 5 Gems in Loire; Give to a penguin or Chija
Protect Bell      Equip to guide you through Norfest's forest maze
Ra Dewdrop        Drink to get protection against Parasite's poisonous gas
Red Scarf         Meilin's scarf; use it on Turbo to find Meilin
Royal Letter      A letter from upperworld Elle to you
Ruby              One of the four jewels found in Sylvain Castle
Sapphire          One of the four jewels found in Sylvain Castle
Sewer Key         Get access to the back area in the sewers in Neotokio
Sharp Claws       Posses these to climb up the dotted walls
Sleep Potion      Give the Mushroom to the Chemist to get this in return
Sleepless Seal    Equip to block Guardner's sleep attack
Snowgrass Leaf    Get it from the plant in Eklamata; cures the Yeti
Speed Shoes       Equip these to use the dash attack with 'X'
Starstone         Find five of these and use them in Dryvale
Tasty Meat        Get from Suncoast's Beef man; give to Stoma for 100 Gems 
Time Bomb         You get 7 of these from Fyda; use to destroy the Airship
Tin Sheet         Find in Will's home, give to the fisherman in Litz
Topaz             One of the four jewels found in Sylvain Castle
Tower Key         Equip to open the left and right towers in Sylvain
Transceiver       Makes contact with a girl trapped in Neotokio's sewers
Wine              Get from the Boss; give to the girl in Freedom's pub

2. Weapons

Name       ATK Value Type     Other notes
---------- --- ----- -------- ---------------------------------------------
CrySpear     3     -        - Gradually recover HP under Crystal Blue
HexRod       4   170        -
Ra Spear     6   240        -
RocSpear     8     -    Earth Breaks black boulders (cannot be trashed)
Sticker      9     -        -
Neo Fang    12     -        -
FirePike    14     -     Fire
LightRod    15   980    Light
BrnzPike    17   880        -
SlvrPike    22  1500     Wolf
SoulWand    24  1650        - +50 HP
Icepick     25  1770      Ice       
Trident     28  2100        -
ThunPike    35  2450  Thunder
SeaSpear    37     -        -
DrgnPike    40  3150        -
X-Spear     40  var.        - Increases Critical chance
GeoStaff    43     -    Earth
EnbuPike!   44     -        - Changes some DEF in STR
3PartRod    48     -        - Slightly raise DEF
BlockRod!   50     -        - Change some STR in DEF
LightPike   51  4350    Light
AlphaRod!   53  7500        - Changes some STR in LCK
Fauchard    58     -        -
HeroPike!   80     -        -

3. Armors

Name       DEF Value Other notes
---------- --- ----- ------------------------------------------------------
Rags         3     -
Clothes      3     - 
Leather      5   190
ElleCape!    6     - Blocks Guardian's projectile in Tower 5
LeafSuit     8   210 Prevent 'Poison' Status
Ra Armor    10   380 Prevent 'Poison' Status
BirdSuit    12   550
FurCoat     14   750 Protect against ice
Ice Suit    15     - Protect against fire
MonkRobe    18  1080 Prevent 'Curse' Status
NiceSuit    20   480
PoshSuit    20  1220 
RingMail    22  1280
SlvrVest    26  1??? Prevent 'Poison' Status
VestArmr    29  1850
KungFuGi    30  1220
SlvrArmr    35  2500 Prevent 'Poison' Status
DrgnArmr    40  3880 Protect against lightning
HolySuit    40     - Prevent 'Confusion' Status, changes some STR in LCK
Sea Mail!   43     -
RedArmr     44  6660 increases STR, -50 HP
SoulArmr    48  4450 Prevent 'Death Curse' Status
KingArmr    50     -
Pro Armr!   65  7890 Prevent all statuses
HeroArmr!   88     -

4. I Magic - Rings

Name     Rocks Type    Description
-------- ----- ------- ---------------------------------------------------
FireRing     1 Fire    Shoot fire from the ring and manipulate the stream
PyroRing     2 Fire    Causes fire damage to all nearby enemies
Ice Ring     1 Ice     Shoot ice from the ring and manipulate the stream    
SnowRing     2 Ice     Causes ice damage to all nearby enemies
Zap Ring     2 Thunder Electrifies yourself and anybody who makes contact
BoomRing     3 Thunder Several strikes of lightning hit your opponents 
Geo Ring     1 Earth   Causes an earthquake that damage all ground enemies
Sky Ring     3 -       Instantly kills all enemies nearby
Ray Ring     1 Light   Shoot an orb of light from the ring
ElecRing     2 Light   Damages all enemies on screen

  (Ring costs in Gems are variable so I listed those in the Shop List)

4. II Magic - Summon Pins

Name     Rocks Description
-------- ----- ------------------------------------------------------------
GrassPin     4 Heals all your HP
WindPin      2 Cures all ailments
BonePin      1 Retreat from any dungeon back to the World Map
WaterPin     6 Temporary protection from any damage
HornPin      4 Ailment protection while remaining on the same screen

5. Monsters

Name               HP  Exp Gem Weakness / Notes
------------------ --- --- --- --------------------------------------------
Abbee                -   -   - Can be picked up
Bee                 18  10   3
Basilisk            49  32  32 Squeezes with tail
Bit                160  99   -
Blood Skeleton     120  45   - Induce Curse, can revive itself
Bloody Chariot     299 130 156 Induce Def down
Blue Borfe          35  16  15
Blue Gall Fish      10  49   -
Bot               ~200 120   -
Cadet               20   6  13
Cally              187  62  79
Chakra               ?  35  39
Chariot            299 100 116 Induce Def down
Chonchon            44  24  34 Induce Sleep, 'Special'
Cube               299 102 102 Absorbs you
Cursed Armor       150  38  38
Dark Bat            20  34  30 (Sylvain)  
Dark Bat            55  28  27 (Norfest)
Dark Chakra        241  98  68
Demi Basilisk       44  19  22
Dignal              24  15  19
Douma               60  20  23 Induce Poison (Zue)
Douma              190  66 117 Induce Deadly Poison (Great Lake Caverns)
Dungun              27  18  10
Figure Head        288  80  75 Induce STR down
Ghost                -   -   - Invincible, carries you back to the start
Goblin (A)         312 100  75
Goblin (B)         190 110  90
Goblin (C)         342 100  51
Green Gall Fish      6  11   -
Green Slime        184  40   - Induce Confusion, divides in four
Guardner             9   7   - Induce Sleep, 'Special'
Gumin (Big)         90  19   - Splits up in 4 small Gumins
Gumin (Small)        1  19  47
Ice Whirl           34  17  21
Living Statue       23  10  20
Lizard Man          24  22  25
Maduu               54  26   - Induce Curse, when killed turns into ghost
Mini Green Slime     ?  15   -  
Mini Slime          10   5   - Induce DEF down
Mini Quaker          5  18  24
Mud Man             30  19  21 'Slider'
Perinton            21  14   -
Phantom            230  98  89 Induce Death Curse, can revive itself
Pupal              179  69  56  
Pupila             168  69  56
Purple Amarante     20  13  14 Induces Poison 
Purple Huball        4   2   3
Raiden              64  23  36 'Slider'
Rakshaki            45  23  34 Induce Confusion
Red Amarante       148  76  65 Induce Deadly Poison
Red Borfe           48  26  28 Very fast flurry attack 
Red Huball          14   4   6
Red Whisp            7   4   6
Robber             270  98 311 Steals your Gems
Sabredog           106  30  32 'Wolf', Induce Poison, Calls for companions
Sabrewolf           52  23  33 'Wolf', Calls for companions
Skeleton           120  32  31
Slime               66  30   - Induce Frost, splits up in four Mini Slime
Soul Knight        170  59  57
Quaker               5  18  24 Induce Immobilization (Grecliff)
Quaker              12  18  24 Induce Immobilization (Eklamata)
Stone Golem         30  17  25
Warlock             98  28  27 
Will o Whisp        20  20   -  
Yellow Amarante     20  13  14 Induces Poison 
Yeti                84  21   - May turn into a foe if you attack it
Zombie Boy          60  18  21 'Light' 
Zombie Girl         80  18  21 'Light', Throws exploding head
Zombie Girl head    10  18   - 'Light', Regenerates back on body
Zombie Man          50  18  21 'Light', Induce Poison
Zombie Woman        54  18  21 'Light', First hit only takes out head
------------------- -- --- --- --------------------------------------------

'element/attack' = Enemy is weak or vulnerable to this type of attack
                   (List is still incomplete, though).

6. Shop List

 I listed prices only for the items that are variable (e.g. differ from 
place to place).

Amazon (Hidden Ruin area)
   FireRing - 7 Gems
   ZapRing  - 9 Gems

   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure
   FireRing - 5 Gems  
   IceRing  - 5 Gems

   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure
   Ra Spear*
   Leaf Suit*, Ra Armor*
   (* = after saving the Ra Tree)

Freedom (1)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew
   SlvrPike, SoulWand, Icepick
   RingMail, SlvrVest, VestArmr
  FireRing - 10 Gems
  Ice Ring - 10 Gems
  Zap Ring - 15 Gems
  GrassPin - 45 Gems
  WindPin  - 20 Gems
  BonePin  - 30 Gems

Freedom (2)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Serum, H.Water
   SlvrPike, Icepick, Trident
   VestArmr, BirdSuit (1890 Gems), SlvrArmr
  FireRing - 10 Gems
  PyroRing - 25 Gems
  Ice Ring - 10 Gems
  SnowRing - 25 Gems
  Zap Ring - 15 Gems
  BoomRing - 25 Gems
  GrassPin - 45 Gems
  WindPin  - 20 Gems
  BonePin  - 30 Gems

Freedom (3)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Serum, H.Water
   SlvrPike, Icepick, ThunPike, LghtPike
   VestArmr, SlvrArmr, BirdSuit (1890 Gems), SoulArmr
   FireRing - 10 Gems
   PyroRing - 25 Gems
   IceRing  - 10 Gems
   SnowRing - 25 Gems
   Zap Ring - 15 Gems
   BoomRing - 25 Gems
   Geo Ring - 15 Gems
   Sky Ring - 30 Gems
   Ray Ring - 15 Gems
   ElecRing - 30 Gems
   GrassPin - 45 Gems
   WindPin  - 20 Gems
   BonePin  - 30 Gems
   WaterPin - 65 Gems
   HornPin  - 50 Gems

Indus R.
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew
   Fur Coat (750 Gems)
   FireRing - 10 Gems
   PyroRing - 15 Gems
   GrassPin - 35 Gems
   WindPin  - 15 Gems

  S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure

   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure

   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Serum, H.Water

Litz (1)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew
   SlvrPike, RingMail, SlvrVest

Litz (2)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Serum, H.Water
   SlvrPike, Icepick
   SlvrVest, SlvrArmr

Loire (1)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Flower (5 Gems)
   BrnzPike, LightRod, SlvrPike
   Ray Ring - 15 Gems
   ElecRing - 30 Gems
   Zap Ring - 15 Gems
   GrassPin - 45 Gems
   WindPin  - 20 Gems
   BonePin  - 30 Gems

Loire (2)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Flower (5 Gems)
   LightRod, SlvrPike, Icepick
   RingMail, SlvrVest, VestArmr
   PyroRing - 25 Gems
   IceRing  - 10 Gems
   SnowRing - 25 Gems
   Zap Ring - 15 Gems
   BoomRing - 25 Gems
   Ray Ring - 15 Gems
   ElecRing - 30 Gems
   GrassPin - 45 Gems
   WindPin  - 20 Gems
   BonePin  - 30 Gems

Loire (3)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Serum, H.Water, Flower (5 Gems)
   LightRod, SlvrPike, Icepick
   VestArmr, SlvrArmr, DrgnMail, NiceSuit, Fur Coat, PoshSuit
   FireRing - 10 Gems
   PyroRing - 25 Gems
   IceRing  - 10 Gems
   SnowRing - 25 Gems
   Zap Ring - 15 Gems
   BoomRing - 25 Gems
   Geo Ring - 15 Gems
   Sky Ring - 30 Gems
   Ray Ring - 15 Gems
   ElecRing - 30 Gems
   GrassPin - 45 Gems
   WindPin  - 20 Gems
   BonePin  - 30 Gems
   WaterPin - 65 Gems
   HornPin  - 50 Gems

Louran (Mirage Town)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew

   L.Bulb (130 Gems), Stardew (150 Gems), Serum (140 Gems),
   H.Water (150 Gems)
   Red Armr

Nirlake (1)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew

Nirlake (3)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Serum, H.Water
   SoulArmr, Pro Armr(Unique)

   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew
   Geo Ring - 10 Gems
   Zap Ring - 10 Gems
   SnowRing - 15 Gems
   GrassPin - 35 Gems
   WindPin  - 10 Gems

Sanctuar (before bird's resurrection)
   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, P.Cure

   FireRing - 10 Gems
   PyroRing - 15 Gems
   GrassPin - 20 Gems

   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Serum, H.Water

   S.Bulb, M.Bulb, L.Bulb, P.Cure, Stardew, Serum, H.Water
   SeaSpear, LghtPike, AlphaRod(Unique)
   DrgnMail, SoulArmr

   L.Bulb, Stardew, H.Water
   FireRing - 10 Gems
   PyroRing - 25 Gems
   IceRing  - 10 Gems
   SnowRing - 25 Gems
   Zap Ring - 15 Gems
   BoomRing - 25 Gems
   Geo Ring - 15 Gems
   Sky Ring - 30 Gems
   Ray Ring - 15 Gems
   ElecRing - 30 Gems
   GrassPin - 45 Gems
   WindPin  - 20 Gems
   BonePin  - 30 Gems
   WaterPin - 65 Gems
   HornPin  - 50 Gems

Appendix C: Town Expansions

 One of the unique features of Terranigma is the ability to expand towns 
through one or in some cases two level of technology. You can do this by 
helping the geniuses and inventors around the world with their problems. If 
you manage to raise the growth index to a sufficient level the town will 
expand into a bigger and more modern version. Other than visual differences 
the towns weapon/item/magic shops raise as well allowing you to obtain 
better equipment. Nirlake and Suncoast even have a special armor and weapon 
for sale respectively in the highest technology level. 

 Of all the cities and villages in the world the following five towns can 
be expanded: Loire, Litz, Freedom, Nirlake and Suncoast. The other 
locations are either on the highest level (grey buildings on the world map) 
or cannot be expanded at all like Lhasa. You can easily determine for 
yourself which towns can be improved by finding Dr. Keinz. He is an 
economist and knows much about matters like these. Keinz can be found in 
every expandable town. Talk to him to find out how far you have progressed 
in the expansions. Below is a list of all the objectives you need to clear 
in order to expand a town.

 Most of the towns can only expand to the highest level after you complete 
the Great Lake Caverns in North America. I think the reason behind this is 
that you need to get your first HornPin before you are allowed to buy them 
in the shops.

Loire - Expansions: 2

Expansion 1
- - - - - -
 To reach the first expansion you only need to vote for Jean, after the 
kind dies. If you voted for Louis the town will never be able to grow. You
may also need to talk to Matis and the weavers after the voting event too. 

Expansion 2
- - - - - -
  -Get a painting from Matis and sell it to Rich in Britain
  -Get some wine from the Boss and give it to the girl in Freedom's pub
  -Get some Fancy Clothes from Marily and give it to the 3 Girls in Freedom
  -Help Eddy with the invention of the camera
  -Take pictures of Loire and show them in all Tourism Centers
  -Complete the Great Lake Caverns in North America
  -Complete the electricity experiment with Jean in Freedom

Litz - Expansions: 1

Expansion 1
- - - - - -
  -Get a crystal for 1000 Gems and give it to the craftsman
  -Find the Tin Sheet in Will's home and give it to the fisherman
  -The fisherman gives you the Canned Sardines in return. You should give
   these to Stoma in Nirlake
  -Make pictures in Litz and show them in all the other cities

The growth index should now reach 100%, but I noticed that this is 
sometimes no enough to make it grow bigger. This is what I tried next to 
all the previous items:

  -Get a fever medicine and give it to the ill man in Suncoast's
   inn after that town expands.
  -Talk to all the people to find out that the town is doing well...
  -Make the Quatros move to South America by rubbing the woman's back twice
  -Meet Columbus at the Portal (proven to be not required)

After all 8 conditions were met the town expanded, but I am not sure 
whether everything in the last three items is necessary at all.

Freedom - Expansions: 2

Expansion 1
- - - - - -
 -Complete the obligatory part with Perel
 -Help Bell by finding out about Amanda in Nirlake. You can lie or tell
  the truth, but only if you tell the truth will you be able to receive
  an additional Magirock
 -Help Eddy with electricity by pushing against his machine three times

Expansion 2
- - - - - -
 -Talk to Bell again to show you a working version of his telephone
 -Help Eddy with pressing the buttons on both machines at the same time
 -Take pictures of Freedom and show them in all Tourism Centers
 -Complete Dragoon Castle and talk to Will afterwards

Nirlake - Expansions: 2

Expansion 1
- - - - - -
 -Help Mick with his new food call the 'Big Mick'
 -Take some pictures of Nirlake and show them in all Tourism Centers
 -Complete Beruga's Lab

Expansion 2
- - - - - -
 -give the nine letters for aid to the people you helped out earlier in
  your quest:

  1. Nirlake - Will             2. Freedom - Bell
  3. Freedom - Eddy             4. Litz    - Fisherman
  5. Loire   - Pierre           6. Loire   - Matis
  7. Loire   - Marily           8. Loire   - Winery Boss
  9. Britain - Rich

Suncoast - Expansions: 1

Expansion 1
- - - - - -
 -Take pictures of Freedom and show them in all Tourism Centers
 -Get the Tasty Meat from the Beef Guy in the back of town, and give it to
  Stoma for some Gems.
 -Complete Beruga's Lab
 -Get the Airfield Plans from Will and give them to the mayor

Appendix D: Extra


 Here I will describe some of the glitches that are present in this game.

Spelling Errors
 Apparently this game is filled with errors of this kind. See below for 
some interesting scenarios. Perhaps there are even more of these to be 

The '
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 After freeing Yomi he says:

 "Besides, what do
  you mean by 'it"

Clearly the apostrophe here is not right. It's not even supposed to be 
here... I wonder what went wrong here?

The ,
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Similarly after freeing Yomi in Storkholm will yield the following 
scenario where he says:

 "For the innocent
  folk here, the,
  box's significance
  won't be clear."

There are a lot of commas close together here. One would have been enough.

Damn the Dam
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Close to the Kingbird's nest there are three gull which can take you to 
different locations on the world map. Talk to any of them and turn their 
offer down (you need to do this before resurrecting the humans as you lose 
the ability to talk with the flora and fauna afterwards. The gull then 

 "Dam! It pains me
  that I can't serve
  you 'Player name here'."

 Perhaps Nintendo though the word "damn"  would be too offensive and 
mellowed it down by misspelling it... Who knows.

More Gull speech
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Go with the gull to Zue for the first time. Then the gull has the 
following to say:

 "There used to be
  countless animals
  here. This was a
  happening place!"

 Although this is not a spelling error it seems to me that "happening"  is 
not really the right word to use in this case, or is that just me? 

Even more bird speech
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Talk to the King bird before reviving the wind at Windvale. He says:

 "Where is Windvale?
  You should ask a 
  gulldown below."

Notice that the words "gull" & "down" are attached to each other.

Mme. Papilo
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
After expanding Loire into the second and final expansion you can enter 
Mme. Papilo's shop again. If you talk to her now you get the following 

      What every anoyone
      says, I won't fold
      my shop!"

The question is what she means with "anoyone"? It is probably just a small 
spelling mistake that the translators oversaw after they typed the words 

You wanna "data"  me?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In Neotokio there a girl in a dress says:

 "...to ask me on a data?
  but you're dressed so odd"
This is more than a coincidence to me. Although it sounds funny IMO.

The town of Nirlake ecame...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 After Nirlake is rebuilt from the ashes enter one of the big buildings in 
the center. Here there is a blue haired guy behind a counter on the left 
side. Talk to him and he tells you:

 "Because of the
  fire, Nirlake
  ecame widely

 Surely how hard would it be to NOT notice this error. Unless the game 
testers never played through the game for 100%.

Ark's crazy dream
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 In Asterica talk to the guy at the bottom (the alternative Meihou) and he 
proclaims the following:

 "night dewn
  Collects over
  A year."

It was supposed to be "dew" as the sentence makes no sense otherwise...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Are you talking to me? (I)
 When you finally resurrect the humans in Eklamata Kumari tells you that 
you are no longer able to communicate with any of the animals and plants 
you could converse with before. If you go back however to KingNest in the 
Sanctuar you will find out that the bird behind the counter actually 
responds to you in words.

Are you talking to me? (II)
 Similar to the glitch above the mouse in the Sprinting Test area hidden in 
South America is able to speak as well. This glitch is known to many 
people, but it is mentioned here for the sake of completeness.

Beruga or Veruga
 This game is originally from Japan and over there the Japanese people do 
not have a letter "V" so they use the "B" instead to pronounce a "V". This 
leads to some sloppy errors sometimes. Throughout the entire game Beruga is 
spelled with a "B" so that is okay, however if you look at the map inside 
Beruga's Lab you will discover that it says Veruga at the top of the 


 Some additional hidden features and other quirks are described here. These 
are most often small things in the game that don't seem to fit in any of 
the other categories.

Soul Blazer & Illusion of Gaia references
 After freeing the programmer from the trashcan in Neotokio the Quintet 
building appears on the empty lot. Talk to the manager in here to find out 
that this game was intended to be called: "Illusion of Gaia 2" as the third 
game in the Soul Blazer series.

The Cadet's secret
 You are probably well aware of the look the Cadet casts on Ark to 
immobilize him, if let this happen several times the Cadet may at some 
point cast a 'sexy look' at you. I don't know who's idea this was to put 
this in, but it sure is really weird to me.

Chicken Races
 After Loire gets expanded to the second level a Poultry appears to the far 
north (Denmark should be on this location on the real world map). There is 
nothing to there, however until Loire gets to third technology level. If 
you visit the Poultry then you'll notice that the top fence is removed. 
Head up to find the chicken races. You can pick any of the four chickens 
that compete, but you cannot choose the multiplication factor for it is set 
by the computer. It costs 50 Gems to participate and the biggest possible 
bet is 8x your input, if you are lucky enough that that specific chicken 
wins the race. The lady next to the ballot can give you a hint for 10 Gems, 
but I found out that those hints are not always correct.

Hidden dummy chests
 Recently Enthor mailed me about a hidden chest in Gumin forest. You cannot 
see this chest, but when playing on an emu disable the first background 
layer (BG #1). Then you can see a chest behind one of the rightmost trees 
at the bottom of the screen. This chest however is useless as you cannot 
open it. On the graphic is there, but no event rendering this chest 

Statistic Boosting Item List
 Below here is a short summary of all the statistic boosting items Ark will 
come across in his travels.

Life Potion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 1. Tower #4   - Near the M.Bulb at the dead end on F3
 2. Ra Tree    - Hidden in an abbey on B3F
 3. Grecliff   - After finding the 5th Magirock go left past the Borfes to
                 enter a room with the potion
 4. Zue        - Near the 65 Gems chest, just after restoring the 2nd Altar
 5. Elkamata   - After the avalanche a chest becomes reachable to the north
 6. Norfest    - First screen after passing the broken bridge. Hidden
                 behind a tree in the lower left corner. It is not visible,
                 so walk around to bump into the chest.
 7. Nirlake    - Before the town expands, inside the shack in the SW corner
 8. hidden area- In South America there is a hidden ruin area hidden to the
                 north of the Sprinting test.
 9. hidden cave- Enter the cavern at the South Pole. The chest is next to
                 the location where you find the Sea Mail.
10. hidden area- In Australia enter the mountain area to the far west. 
                 Climb all the way up the long right vine to find it.
11. Lab Tower  - In Meihou's room inside Beruga's tower just before 
                 boarding the airship.

STR Potion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 1. Grecliff   - Climb up the vine near the first Mud Mans you come across
                 Inside the cavern behind it is the potion
 2. Louran     - N Side; hidden in front of the completely fenced off
                 building. You can get there by entering the building to
                 the right of it.
 3. Sylvain    - In the same room as the tightropes. Dash jump to reach it
 4. hidden area- Head out with the boat to Alaska and enter the ruin area 
                 in the forest on the world map.

DEF Potion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 1. Zue        - After restoring the first altar the chest should be
                 reachable by swimming to the southern island
 2. Sylvain    - When the chandeliers are lowered you can reach it in the
                 room where the Ruby is found.
 3. Mu         - If you resurrected Mu you can find one of these over there
 4. Beruga Lab - In the room with the first cubes you meet

Luck Potion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 1. Zue        - When all Altars are restored, swim to the lone island at
                 the entrance of Zue to find it
 2. Litz       - Before town expands check the chest in the NW corner
 3. hidden area- The southern island of Indonesia has a secret area where
                 you can find this potion
 4. Sewer      - Inside Neotokio's sewer after finding the H.Water and in
                 the same room as the Fauchard.


The credits go to:

 Quintet and Enix:
  For making this 'deep' going RPG (if you understand what I mean by that)

 Kamui Fujiwara:
  The character designer of Terranigma

  For putting this up the website.

  For reading this FAQ.

  As I enjoyed making this FAQ.

  Cherubae's Terranigma site gave me information on the amounts of HP most
  of the enemies have. I myself donated some of the Magirock locations to
  this site quite some time ago.

 Sebastian Hambach:
  Found the 4th STR potion hidden in Louran independently. This completes
  the STR Potion section just above here.

  Located a hidden dummied out chest in Gumin Forest. Check appendix D for
  more information.

  Pointed out that I misplaced the location of Mu on the map.

 Bobby McCullough:
  Found another spelling error regarding the Tokyo girl asking about
  a "data" instead of a "date".

  Notified me about mentioning the wrong gull on the trip to Neotokio.

  Fixed several typos I made and a miscounting.

  Found a missing chest with Dragon Armor in the Great Lake Caverns.
  He also mentioned the Fire rings rather than the Pyro rings for
  Bloody Mary.

 Black Dragon Neurion:
  Corrected a directional error in the Great Lake Caverns and also for
  locating Mu.

  Found the missing SlvrVest in the armor list.

  Clarified the conditions for Freedom and Loire's second expansion.

 Tristan Lindstrom:
  Cleared out the "Night dewn" typo the game presents in Astarica.


Iron Knuckle 2006 - 2010 (c)
 Nothing out of this walkthrough may be copied for use on own websites, or 
own profit. The following link is the only website on which my FAQ / 
walkthrough is available, if you wish to upload the FAQ to your own website 
please notify me before doing so. If I am interested enough I will grant 
permission for an additional upload.

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