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Boss FAQ by dlcb1

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/13/05

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  tt    ee     rr rr   rr rr   aa  aa  nn  nnn   ii   gg   g  mm     mm  aa  aa
  tt    eeeee  rr  rr  rr  rr  aa  aa  nn   nn  iiii  gggggg  mm     mm  aa  aa
  tt    eeeee  rr  rr  rr  rr  aa  aa  nn   nn  iiii   gggg   mm     mm  aa  aa

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    bb  bb  oo  oo  ss      ss         gg      uu  uu   ii   dd  dd  ee
    bb  bb  oo  oo  ss      ss         gg      uu  uu   ii   dd  dd  ee
    bbbbb   oo  oo  sssss   sssss      gg      uu  uu   ii   dd  dd  eeee
    bbbbb   oo  oo   sssss   sssss     gg  gg  uu  uu   ii   dd  dd  eeee
    bb  bb  oo  oo      ss      ss     gg   g  uu  uu   ii   dd  dd  ee
    bb  bb  oo  oo      ss      ss     gg   g  uu  uu   ii   dd  dd  ee
    bbbbbb  oooooo  ssssss  ssssss     gggggg  uuuuuu  iiii  dddddd  eeeee
    bbbbb    oooo   sssss   sssss       gggg    uuuu   iiii  ddddd   eeeee

     Terranigma Boss Guide
     By Donald Bassett
     Version 1.0
     Last Updated: 13 May 2005

Table of Contents
I.    Introduction
II.   Basic Moves
III.  Boss Guide
      A.    Shadowkeeper
      B.    Parasite
      C.    Dark Twins
      D.    Storm Master
      E.    Dark Morph
      F.    Bloody Mary
      G.    Purple Fish
      H.    Hitoderon
      I.    Security Robot
      J.    Dark Gaia
IV.   Questions and Contributions
V.    Copyright Notice

I.    Introduction
An analysis of each boss will include the following:

Basic information: This will include the difficulty of an enemy as well as
suggested levels and recommended equipment. It will also include the amount of
life of an enemy has and will be denoted by HP, or hit points. Some bosses have
multiple body parts or multiple forms and the HP of each of these will be
listed. The HP of each boss was found using a long process in which each little
bit of damage was added up and combined until the exact amount was found. These
totals were checked and rechecked, and one can be confident in their accuracy.

Strategy: This is where most information on each boss will reside. It includes
the moves of the boss and techniques to counter them. Also listed is which
attacks are more effective for each enemy.

Weapons and Armor: Certain weapons are not effective against a particular boss.
Furthermore, many weapons and armor have stat modifiers that may make a battle
easier. This section contains information regarding the best weapon and armor
to use as well as their locations. It is generally not a good idea to buy every
weapon and armor that you see as there is usually a minimal difference between
that which can be found throughout the game and that which is bought. It is
recommended that you save up your money for certain equipment that can be
bought later in the game. At many times there are various ways to approach a
problem, so alternative methods are listed. There is one weapon and two pieces
of armor that will make advancing significantly easier. They are as follows:

* EnbuPike * This can be found in Mu, but only if it was resurrected in the
underworld. It has 44 attack plus adds 7 strength. It will have the best attack
power beginning with when you receive a boat until after Beruga is resurrected.
The drawback is it takes away 5 defense, which is quite a significant drop-off.

* KungFuGi * This can be bought in Yunkou for 1220 gems. It has mediocre
defense, but it adds 8 strength.

* RedArmor * This armor is the ultimate risk but yields the greatest rewards.
It can be bought in Mosque for 6660 gems. The armor is poor defensively when
adding in the 15 defense that is lost to the armor's defense. This armor also
takes away 80 LIFE. However, the armor adds 13 strength. If trying to defeat an
enemy at a very low level, this is the preferable armor. Just be very careful

Level Note: Extra information regarding effectiveness of attacks at a
particular level is contained here. Each boss can beaten at or below
suggested levels. Given the strength and defensive potions found throughout the
game, there may be a slight difference between projected damage and damage from
a different game.

II.   Basic Moves

The following moves can be used in battle. Using the proper technique can be
the difference between a difficult battle and an easy one. Notes regarding
effectiveness against bosses are also included.

Standard - Basic move. Press the attack button when you are stationary. It is
not the most powerful attack, but it is good for multiple attacks against slow
or stationary enemies or for keeping weak enemies away. It is very useful
against the Shadowkeeper, the Security Robot and Dark Gaia.

Slicer - Press the attack button when you are running. This is undoubtedly the
best move in the game. Not only is it a powerful attack, but it also gives a
brief moment of invincibility, which is very useful if a quick escape is
needed. You can string multiple slices together if you wait a moment and slice
again. Slice is useful against almost every enemy, and is especially useful
against fast enemies such as Dark Morph and Bloody Mary.

Slider - When you are running, jump and press the attack button. This is the
most powerful attack in the game. Since you are running, there is the
possibility of running into the enemy when attacking, thus taking significant
damage. It is useful when you do not have to worry about taking a hit. This
attack is very good against the Storm Master.

Rushing - Rapidly press the attack button while stationary. It is similar to
the standard attack, except you may be able get an extra hit in. The problem is
that it does little damage, even when compared to the standard attack. It is
usually better to use the standard attack continuously. It is useful, and safer
than the standard attack, in deflecting orbs, such as those that are fired your
way by Dark Morph and Dark Gaia.

Spinner - Jump and press the attack button while stationary. It is supposed to
be used against enemies that fly, but in reality, you will not need to use this
at all. The attack power is also pretty low. 

X-Guard - Press and hold the R shoulder button. As the name implies, it is
useful for blocking or decreasing the effects of attacks from certain enemies.
It is not helpful against most attacks, but it is very effective the few times
you will use it. It is useful against the Shadowkeeper, the Security Robot, and
Dark Gaia.

III.  Boss Guide


Difficulty: Easy
Body: 100 HP
Head: 58 HP
Left Claw: 38 HP
Right Claw: 38 HP
Suggested Levels: 2 - 5
Weapon of Choice: CrySpear
Armor of Choice: ElleCape

The key to winning this battle is to get rid of one of his claws. Once that is
done, it should be impossible to lose. Initially, the Shadowkeeper will move
slowly forward and will either shoot his lasers at Ark or thrust his claw(s)
forward. Use X-Guard to defend against his lasers. If you move far to one side
and in close enough, he will not be able to hit Ark with either his lasers or
claws. If timed right, you can hit his claws and move back to that area quick
enough to dodge his attack. One problem with this is the lights stick out,
preventing you from staying tight to one side. Fortunately, you can just switch
to the other side where there is no light. The quick way to destroy a claw is
to slice back and forth. 

After going back and forth approximately five or six times, one claw should be
finished off. At this point, he stops moving forward but continues shooting his
lasers and attacking with his one claw. What you are able to do now is just
stand on the side where there is no claw. He cannot hurt you and you will
slowly be able to replenish your health. Whenever you so desire, destroy the 
other claw in a manner similar to the first. When both claws are destroyed, 
the Shadowkeeper sticks his tail out and retreats. His tail can sting you and
he continues to shoot his lasers. 

After his retreat, if you go to one side of his head and are close enough to
his body, you can find a spot where he will not attack you with his stinger and
he will not be able to hit you with his lasers. At this point, just hack away,
and he will be gone in no time. Even if you choose not to use this area where
the Shadowkeeper cannot hit you, he is easy enough to finish off. Just slice
back and forth while staying close enough to the sides so his laser will not
hit you. Regardless of the tactic that is used, he is not that strong.

Weapons and Armor
The CrySpear is weaker than the HexRod, but it heals you constantly, making it
the preferred weapon. The ElleCape is the strongest armor at this point in the

Level Note
At level two, each attack will do only 7-11 hit points worth of damage, which 
should be little enough for Ark to take three hits and survive.



Difficulty: Easy
Parasite: 110 HP
Orange Balls: 1 HP
Suggested Levels: 4 - 7
Weapon of Choice: RaSpear
Armor of Choice: LeafSuit

There are three holes on each side. Initially, there will be a long blue
centipede-like creature that will attempt to attack you from the center. A
small orangeish red creature shaped like a ball with claws will emerge from one
of the side holes and spit a fireball out at you. It is probably best at this
point that you stay as far away from the centipede as possible, making it
easier to dodge its attack, so wait at the bottom for an orange ball to appear
from a hole before attacking. You need to hit 10 of these orange balls for the
parasite to change its form, and the amount of damage you do to each ball does
not matter. 

At this next stage, the centipede will jump from a hole on one side to a hole
on the other side. An eye with a long body will appear at the top center. Head
up to the top to the side of the eye, a spot at which the centipede cannot hit
you. The eye will either shoot six orange balls, attack forward or just stay
there with its eye open. You can only damage the eye when it is open. The best
method of attack is to wait to the side of the eye until it opens, then circle
in and attack it with your slice move. If you press the attack button at the
end of your slice, you can hit the eye twice for pretty decent damage. 

It may be hard to tell when the eye is just open and when it is going to lunge
forward, but if you slice just as the eye is about to hit you, you will slice
right through it and end up unscathed in the process. When the parasite shoots
out orange balls, you will have to destroy them before the eye opens again.
This is not that big of a problem. It only takes one hit to destroy each of
them. Just make sure to wait until the centipede has passed by before

Weapons and Armor
The RaSpear and the LeafSuit are both found in the Ra tree. They are also the
best equipment.

Level Note
The orange balls also give very good experience points. If you are at a low
enough level, you will level up quite a bit by killing those orange balls



Difficulty: Easy
Dark Twin: 80 HP
Suggested Levels: 8 - 9
Weapon of Choice: RocSpear
Armor of Choice: Ra Armor

The most important thing to remember is to not fall off the cliff. If you fall
off the cliff, you will have to start the battle from the beginning.  The only
spots from where you can fall are the far right, the far left and from  where
you climbed up, so this should not be that big of an issue. 

The first dark twin that you see will either shoot bullets of fire or dive down
at you. To avoid these fire bullets stay near the bottom middle and when he
shoots them, run away from them and move up. You can also jump over or slice
through them. When he dives down at you, this is your only chance to attack
him. After you attack him, he will quickly shoot fire bullets and fly low
toward you. At this point, quickly run from him, and if you move up to avoid
the bullets, be careful that you do not move up too far or you will run into
him. If you do not attack when he dives at you, then shortly thereafter he will
unleash a powerful wind that, if you do not pay attention, can blow you off
the cliff. However, this problem can be remedied by running toward him.

After you have taken half of this twin's life(40 HP), the other twin will
appear and  drop his load, which he continues to do. You do not need to attack
this other twin, and if you stay on the bottom, then his droppings cannot hit
you. Keep doing what has been done before, and after 80 HP of damage has been
done, you will emerge victorious.

Weapons and Armor
The RocSpear is needed just to make it this far. Fortunately, it is also the
strongest weapon. The Ra Armor can be bought next to the Ra tree. It adds two
more defense than the LeafSuit which, while significant, is not necessary.

Level Note
You really need to be at low levels for this fight to be much of a challenge.
Defeating the Parasite should put you around level 8, and defeating enough
enemies on the way up to the Dark Twins should push you up to level 9.



Difficulty: Medium
Storm Master, part 1: 142 HP
Storm Master, part 2: 105 HP
Suggested Levels: 9 - 12
Weapon of Choice: Sticker
Armor of Choice: BirdSuit

Initially, the Storm Master will either shoot his unholy flames at you, throw 
his scythe, or attack with one of his arms. It is best if you react to him as 
opposed to acting before he does. The unholy flames can be avoided by staying
to the far right or far left. When he throws his scythe, circle around one of
them and attack him(the slide does the most damage) and quickly run back to the
side. The scythe on the right comes in first, so it is probably best if you
stay on the left side as that will give you more time. The Storm Master can
only be hit once before he closes up, so make each attack count. He will not
open up if you stand in front of him and constantly attack or if you stand in
front of him after you have successfully injured him. If done quick enough, it
is possible to get two hits in before the scythe comes back. Be careful as once
in a while one of his scythe will circle around longer and wider in range than

After enough damage has been done, he will change form and fly above you. At
this point, the Storm Master will knock boulders down, shoot unholy flames, or
dive down and attack. The boulders fall near the center and can be avoided by
staying close to the edge of the platform. The unholy flames are far more
powerful than before and can hit you anywhere. Thus, it is probably best if you
stay on the bottom as this will give you the most time to react. When he comes
down and attacks, run, as fast as possible to the side opposite the one he is
attacking. It would probably be easiest to avoid this if you stay to one side
before he attacks. After he dives down and is on his way back up, be prepared
to attack him. The best time to attack the Storm Master would be as his face is
on the edge of the platform while moving away. Use either the slice or slide
attack. The slide is stronger, but the slice is safer. If timed right, the
Storm Master's head can be hit twice in one attack.

Weapons and Armor
Do not use the RocSpear here as this will do minimal damage. The Sticker is
more powerful anyway and can be found right in Zue. The BirdSuit can be bought
at Sanctuary. It has 12 defense, compared with ten for the Ra Armor and eight
for the LeafSuit.

Level Note
At level 12, the hits start to do more damage, and at level 13, the Storm
Master is a pushover.



Difficulty: Medium
Dark Morph, Stage Two: 180 HP
Dark Morph, Stage Three: 180 HP
Suggested Levels: 10 - 13
Weapon of Choice: Neo Fang
Armor of Choice: Ice Suit

Initially, Dark Morph will morph into a Yeti like those seen in Elkemata and 
throw ice crystals around. He will then call forth a blizzard in an attempt to
blow you into these crystals. The safest area is the upper right. If you run to 
the north, there is no possibility of being blown into a crystal.

Eventually, he will destroy all the crystals and morph into a wizard like those
that were encountered early in the game. He will fire a crescent shaped object
toward you that needs to be deflected back at him as this is the only way to
deal damage. Fortunately, if you run into him or if he runs into you, no damage
will be sustained. Also, each attack at this point will deal similar damage, 
regardless of the technique or weapon used or the level that you are at.

Finally, after enough damage has been done, you will encounter the final form
of Dark Morph. He will slide in an attempt to attack you and quickly disappear
into the snow before resurfacing elsewhere and repeating the process. He is
usually easy enough to avoid. The problem lies in doing significant damage, as
after each hit, he morphs into a large group of bats which head toward you and
will ultimately surround you before you are hit by one of them. You must run
from these bats as they cannot be hurt. Do not attack Dark Morph in the center
as after he morphs, the bats will quickly surround you. It is usually best if
you attack him in the upper right or upper left, then move to the opposite
upper side, and move in a large circle slowly away from them. If the bats get
close, you can always slice through them, and that temporary moment of
invincibility should help you avoid them. After a short period, the bats will
come back together to form Dark Morph. Repeat the process until he is killed,
although the bats seem to move around a little longer after he has taken
significant damage.

Weapons and Armor
Do not use the FirePike or the RocSpear, as these do little damage. Use the Neo
Fang which was given to you by Neo the lion. For armor, the Ice Suit has the
best defense and can be found right in Elkemata. 

Level Note
Attacks begin to do significant damage at level 13. At level 14 each attack
should do over 20 HP worth of damage.



Difficulty: Hard
Bloody Mary: 391 HP
Suggested Levels: 18 - 23
Weapon of Choice: SilverPike, LightRod
Armor of Choice: VestArmor

Her reputation precedes her. She can be brutal if you do not know what you are
doing. As in many cases, the best offense is a good defense, because if you
make a mistake here, the consequence is a quick death. A problem is that your
attacks do little damage, while her attacks deal massive damage. At low levels,
a couple of hits can drain all of Ark's HP, so it would be wise not to take big
risks. Use the slicer move repetitively as this is the only effective attack in
this battle.

Bloody Mary is surrounded by a blue, yellow, red, and green ball, all of which
rotate in a circular motion, making it hard to come and stay near her. She has
only three moves, but all are effective. She will teleport from one area to
another, and one must be careful not to run into her when she does this. When
she teleports, the circle that surrounds her will be left behind and will
slowly come back to her. This leaves Bloody Mary briefly exposed for an easy
hit, but she will promptly teleport elsewhere after one hit. At other points,
she will remove her mask, which will follow you around the room. To dodge this,
run in large circles. This is the best time to attack Bloody Mary, as she will
just stand there and take a beating. As one is avoiding her masks, they can
circle in on Bloody Mary, and attack her each pass by. It is possible to hit
her a couple of times each pass by. Once you have become adept at this
technique, you can hit Mary five to ten times every time she takes off her

Bloody Mary's other move is her most dangerous. She morphs into a rotating
triangle of death. If you are caught inside this triangle, your chances of
survival are poor. It is of the utmost importance that you avoid this triangle
at all costs. Bloody Mary cannot be hurt in this form, so stay away.
Fortunately, she does this move very rarely. 

Of course, at times it is hard to tell which move Bloody Mary will do next. For
this reason, do not attack her as she is about to change techniques. If you do,
you are taking a big risk, and eventually will end up caught in her triangle of
death. She indicates her next move by raising her head, so pay very close
attention. You are more likely to slice through her successfully if you attack
slightly above the center as opposed to slicing right up the middle. If you can
slice through her consistently while avoiding big mistakes, Bloody Mary is easy
enough. This, of course, is easier said than done.

Weapons and Armor
Use the strongest weapon that you have other than the IcePick or the FirePike
as these spears will do minimal damage. The SilverPike is the best weapon
available and can be bought at Litz for the steep price of 1500 gems. Unless
you plan on leveling up significantly so each attack deals more than 4 HP of
damage, it would be better to save your money and go with the LightRod, which
you should have found in Louran. The VestArmor is the best available armor and
is right in Sylvain castle.

Level Note
Attacks will do more damage at level 24 and will do major damage at level
25. ElectricRings begin to become effective as an attack at level 20 and do
major damage at level 21.



Difficulty: Easy
Purple Fish: 187 HP
Suggested Levels: 17 - 19
Weapon of Choice: Trident, IcePick
Armor of Choice: SilverArmor

You cannot damage the green fish. If you begin to turn toward the purple fish
if it is close enough, it will swim far away. To attack this fish, stay turned
from it, or do not move. Finally, when the purple fish is close enough, turn
and quickly slice toward it. A problem with standing still is that the green
fish will constantly attack you. When a green fish is close enough and looking
directly at you, it will quickly lunge forward in your direction. If Ark moves
very fast before this quick attack, it will pass him by. If not, the green
fish' attack will send him all the way toward the wall. Frequently, the green
fish will release bubbles toward you that can hurt you. Often, these small
bubbles will become large bubbles that move slowly upward. The purple fish will
also release a large purple bubble in any direction which lasts longer and is
far more dangerous than those released by the green fish. If you are not
careful and are hit by a purple bubble, you will remain caught inside it for a 
short period and will be hit multiple times. 

Weapons and Armor
The Trident is the strongest available weapon and can be bought in an upgraded
Freedom. It probably would be a better idea if you saved your money and use the
IcePick, which is found in Sylvain castle. The SilverArmor is the best
available armor and can also be bought in an upgraded Freedom. If you do not
have the money, stick with the VestArmor from Sylvain castle.

Level Note
Given Bloody Mary's difficulty, you will probably be at high enough of a level
where a few hits will kill the purple fish. At level 19 with the IcePick, each
hit should do 20+ HP worth of damage.



Difficulty: Easy
Starfish 1: 222 HP
Starfish 2: 222 HP
Starfish 3: 222 HP
Suggested Levels: 18 - 23
Weapon of Choice: EnbuPike, DragonPike, SoulWand, Neo Fang, GeoStaff
Armor of Choice: KungFuGi, SeaMail

Hitoderon cannot be attacked, but will send three starfish at you that you need
to attack. Your range of movement is restricted to the log. Initially, only one
starfish will attack, jumping out from one of the sides, by throwing a stick
toward Ark before quickly jumping back into the water. Hitoderon also breathes
flames toward you which will do little damage but will stun you, thus making an
easy target for the starfish. It is best to quickly attack the starfish before
he gets his shot off. The slide does the most damage, but the slice is the
safer move. If you continue to slice quickly back and forth, there is little
chance that you will be hit. 

After the first starfish is defeated, Hitoderon will no longer breath flames at
you, but the second starfish will come down and attack exactly as the first one
did. The third starfish will hover above you and drop as you are directly below
him. If you are not quick enough, he will land on Ark's head, which does
significant damage and prevents Ark from attacking or jumping, thus making him
an easy target for the second starfish. When the starfish is on your head,
Hitoderon will then breathe flames, which are the only way to knock the
starfish off. Dispose of the second starfish in a manner similar to the first.
When only the third starfish remains, move under him to make him drop, quickly
dodge him, and promptly turn around and attack him.

Weapons and Armor
The elemental weapons and the SeaSpear are not effective against the starfish.
The only reason an elemental weapon should be used is for the Geostaff's extra
defense. If you have ressurected Mu(it lies east of Australia), be sure to pick
up and equip the EnbuPike, which weakens you defensively but gives a 
significant strength boost. The DragonPike, which can be bought in Yonkou, acts
similarly but on a smaller scale. The SoulWand is significantly weaker but does
not take away defense, is nonelemental, and adds 50 LIFE. Other than the
EnbuPike, the Neo Fang is the weapon that deals the most damage that you do not
have to buy. For armor, if you want defense for this battle, go to the South
Pole and grab the SeaMail. If instead you want more offense, go to Yonkou and
buy the KungFuGi, which gives an extra eight strength. The EnbuPike and 
KungFuGi combined will deal an incredible amount of damage even at low levels
and will make this a short battle. You will just have to be a little more
carefull defensively. 

Level Note
Even at level 18 with the EnbuPike and KungFuGi, you should do about 70 to 80
HP worth of damage with each hit. Of course the damage received at this level
with the EnbuPike's and KungFuGi's lowered defense is very brutal. Without
the EnbuPike, DragonPike, or KungFuGi, attacks will begin to do significant
damage at level 21.



Difficulty: Hard
Front Leg: 620 HP
Right Leg: 620 HP
Left Leg: 620 HP
Miniature Robots: ??? HP
Suggested Levels: 24 - 26
Weapon of Choice: 3PartRod, EnbuPike, BlockRod
Armor of Choice: SoulArmor, RedArmor, KungFuGi

The only time you should be running is when the robot launches missiles. The
rest of the time walk. If you run around like an idiot, you are going to be hit
quite often in a short period of time. Do not use the slice or slide moves. Use
the standard attack only.

"Judgement is Passed" is perhaps its most dangerous attack. Not only does it do
major damage, it will paralyze you, making you susceptible to another attack. 
This attack sends lines of electricity to the northeast, southeast, southwest,
and northwest, directions that should be avoided. Do not attack from the north,
as the robot will hit you when it lifts off. You should only attack from
the east, west, and south, which is acceptable given that his three legs lie in
these directions. "Judgement is Passed" is a long-range attack. The robot will
stop using it when you are close to it. You will need to have good timing to
get close when it is sending these lines of electricity. You can also jump over
these lines, but given the frequency at which they are sent, it is usually best
to avoid them all together.

Another of the robot's attacks is "L2 Whip Lash," in which boomerangs are shot
in the southern direction. This attack is usually done when you are close. If
you are hit by a boomerang, not only will you take significant damage, but your
strength will be temporarily lowered, making it impossible to do major damage.
Fortunately, these can be blocked with X-Guard, and since they are shot only
toward the south, they usually can be avoided. If you run into the robot's left
arm(do not do that), from whence this attack originates, you will still take
major damage and temporarily lose strength. 

After landing, the robot will always immediately launch missiles toward you.
Run as fast as possible to avoid these, although it usually does not hurt if
you wait a second to react. This is the best time to move to the area where you
want to attack next. Missiles can be launched at any time to any point,
regardless of whether you are close to or far from the robot. After enough time
has passed with you next to it or attacking it, the robot will lift off, and
will hit you if you are behind it. The robot can land pretty much anywhere you
can reach, except for the far south from whence you entered the area. This is
the ideal area to wait for the robot to land.

Attack the robot's front leg directly from the south. The best time to get
close is after guarding a whiplash attack. Be prepared to use X-Guard quite
often for the front leg. For the left leg attack from the west. Move slightly
north so you are behind the robot's left arm but low enough to avoid the
electric lines sent your way. Nothing can hit you here except for the missiles,
making this the easiest leg to inflict much damage. The right leg is the 
hardest leg to attack since from this side, the robot's electric lines are
released and its missiles are launched. For the right leg attack from the east,
but move slightly south. From here, you will have to guard against whiplash, 
but if done correctly, you should be south enough to avoid being hit when the
robot decides to fire missiles. 

After enough damage has been done to a leg, small red bubbles will start
emanating from it, which is an indication that it has been destroyed. When all
three legs are destroyed, the security robot self destructs and as a last
resort small miniature robots attack. These are of little concern, and one hit
should destroy them.

Weapons and Armor
The 3PartRod, found in Dragoon Castle, has solid attack power and raises
defense slightly. The EnbuPike, found in Mu, is still the strongest weapon by a
little, but it is far weaker defensively than the 3PartRod. The BlockRod, found
in a cave in Siberia, will give a significant defensive upgrade but also a
significant offensive downgrade. The LightPike is not effective. The SoulArmor,
found right in Beruga's lab, provides the best defense and adds 40 LIFE. If you
want to go for a quick kill, the RedArmor is found in Mosque. It adds
significant strength, but lowers defense significantly and takes away 80 LIFE.
The KungFuGi is almost equivalent to the RedArmor defensively. It does not add
as much strength as the RedArmor, but it also does not take away any LIFE.

Level Note
The 3PartRod should begin to do significant damage around level 25, and
considerable damage should be done by the EnbuPike around level 24. With the
EnbuPike and RedArmor, significant damage can be done around level 21, but one
hit may also kill you. The RedArmor used with the 3PartRod is probably the
safer option, and noticeable damage should be done around level 22.



Difficulty: Hard
Dark Gaia, first form: 540 HP
Dark Gaia, final form: 972 HP
Suggested Levels: 29 - 31
Weapon of Choice: HeroPike
Armor of Choice: HeroArmor, RedArmor

Dark Gaia's first form is relatively weak. If one is trained enough, they can
avoid being hit even once. He has many moves in this form, but most are not
effective. Also, his moves are announced on screen, so it is easy to know what
is coming. "Gaia's rage" sends a group of lasers that come at Ark from all
different directions. To avoid this, one can walk in a big slow circle around
the platform. For Sonic boom, two red triangular shaped booms are fired in your
direction. It is possible to jump over these, but if one stands to the far
right or far left they cannot be hit from this. Very rarely, he will throw down
some Magirocks, which will explode after a while. These are easy enough to
avoid, and one can go the entire battle without seeing this.

Quite often Dark Gaia will fire a light orb toward you that needs to be
deflected back toward him. If you deflect the orb back from the middle of the
platform, the orb will miss him, so be sure to stay on the far right or left
for this attack. If the orb hits him, it will do moderate damage, regardless of
the weapon equipped. At this point, his upper body will come together to form a
ball which will drop down near the platform and try to attack you. To dodge
this, wait for it to attack, move directly to the side and then in the opposite
direction from it. You can also slice right through it. This ball cannot be
hurt while it is moving. If it stops close enough to the platform, attack
quickly, at which point the upper part of his body will reconnect with the rest
of his body. If enough time passes without him being hit the ball will
automatically reconnect with the rest of the body.

When enough damage has been done, Dark Gaia will morph into his final form,
which is far more powerful. He can only be hit when he swoops down close to the
platform, which unfortunately is not very often. His main method of attack is
by throwing large rings toward you. Some are ice and fire elemental, and if you
are hit by these you will be frozen or toasted and temporarily unable to move,
making you vulnerable to another attack. Dark Gaia has two hands on each side,
and can throw these rings from one of them or all of them at the same time.
Occasionally he will throw two rings, one from each side, which will change
direction and head toward you. If you move up or down or slice through them,
you should be able to dodge these. 

When Dark Gaia throw his rings straight toward you, which is most of the time,
you cannot be hit by them if you stand somewhere near the center of his body.
However, frequently enough he will fire a laser from his head that will usually
hit you if you are anywhere his center. This laser is difficult to avoid. It
can be jumped over or sliced through, but it appears quickly and is apparently
impossible to detect when he will use it. If Dark Gaia stays near the center,
you have no choice but to stay in that center area, as those rings will hit you
on the outside. If Dark Gaia moves far to one side, it would probably be a good
idea to move far to the other side to avoid these attacks. Also, you should
generally stay near the bottom of the platform as this will give greater time
to react.

Dark Gaia's other attack is a lightning based attack, which forces you toward
the bottom of the platform and takes away half of your life if left unguarded,
and it will hit multiple times. If X-Guard is used, each attack will only take
between 1 to 6 HP away. Regardless, every time he attacks in this manner,
expect to lose around 30 HP. It is easy enough to detect as he inhales right
before he will use this attack.

Of course there is also the issue of attacking Dark Gaia. He does not like to
come down near the platform unless you are at the bottom of the platform. When
he does come down, run to the center of his body, and use the standard attack
for the best damage. You should be able to get a few hits in before he moves, 
but be alert as he constantly throws his rings and fires his laser.

Weapons and Armor
The HeroPike and HeroArmor are given to you in Storkolm. The HeroPike is vastly
superior to any other weapon. The HeroArmor has the best defense, but if the
gameplan is to go for offense, pick up the RedArmor in Mosque for the 13 STR
bonus, and be very careful on defense. Two hits while wearing the RedArmor at
medium levels will probably kill you, so monitor your life very carefully, but
generally, the reward of using the RedArmor is greater than the risk.

Level Note
Dark Gaia's first form can be defeated at about any level, but your level will
have to be moderately high to take down his second form. Without the RedArmor,
attacks will begin to do significant damage around level 31. At level 32, 
around 20 hits should take him down. At level 28 with the RedArmor, each
attack will do around 20 to 30 HP of damage, but each time you are hit it will
drain most of your life. At level 31 with the RedArmor, each attack should deal
around 100 HP of damage.

IV.   Questions and Contributions
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