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FAQ/Walkthrough by cless alvein

Version: Final | Updated: 08/15/03


Written by Rodrigo Argenta AKA cless alvein
CRP#: 27538 (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/27538.html)
Release date: August 15th, 2003
File size: 83.8KB

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1. Introduction
2. Plot
3. Playing Terranigma
 3.1. Basic Commands
 3.2. Attacks
 3.3. The Box
 3.4. Using Magic
4. Walkthrough
 4.1. Chapter 1: The Outset
  4.1.1. Crysta
  4.1.2. Tower 1
  4.1.3. Tower 2
  4.1.4. Tower 3
  4.1.5. Tower 4
  4.1.6. Tower 5
  4.1.7. Hole
 4.2. Chapter 2: Resurrection Of The World
  4.2.1. Portal
  4.2.2. Evegreen
  4.2.3. Guiana
  4.2.4. Sanctuar
  4.2.5. Grecliff
  4.2.6. Windvale
  4.2.7. Safarium
  4.2.8. Zue
  4.2.9. Canyon
  4.2.10. Indus R
  4.2.11. Eklemata
 4.3. Chapter 3: Resurrection Of The Genius
  4.3.1. Lhasa
  4.3.2. Gobi
  4.3.3. Nomads'
  4.3.4. Taklama
  4.3.5. Loire
  4.3.6. Molly's
  4.3.7. Mush
  4.3.8. Norfest
  4.3.9. Tollgate
  4.3.10. Litz
  4.3.11. Castle
  4.3.12. Freedom
  4.3.13. Nirlake
  4.3.14. Gumin
  4.3.15. Cavern
  4.3.16. Colo. R
  4.3.17. Liotto
  4.3.18. Tower
  4.3.19. Suncoast
  4.3.20. Polynese
  4.3.21. Neotokio
  4.3.22. Yunkou
  4.3.23. Mosque
  4.3.24. Lab
  4.3.25. Astarica
  4.3.26. Stopover
  4.3.27. Penginea
  4.3.28. Airsrock
  4.3.29. Sahara
  4.3.30. Dryvale
 4.4. Chapter 4: Resurrection Of The Hero
  4.4.1. Labtower
5. Enemy List
6. Weapon List
7. Armor List
8. Item List
9. Ring And Pin List
10. Level Chart
11. Version History
12. Contributor List
13. Farewell

Hi. Terranigma is one of the greatest RPGs released for the SNES. It was 
originally released in 1996, by Quintet/Enix. If you like RPGs, you shall 
absolutely play this one.

You are Ark (default name), a boy from Crysta. You find a mysterious box in 
your basement and decide to touch it. Suddenly a talking creature comes out 
and everybody in the village gets frozen. Your first mission is to bring 
everybody back to his or her normal. Once you've done so, the Elder of Crysta 
sends you to another world, where you'll have to restore all of its life. When 
you restore humans' life, you'll be sent into another quest: show the humans 
their potential. After that and a bit confusing story, the Earth will get 
unsteady and in termination route. So go save our world Ark!

3.1. Basic Commands
Here are the default commands of this wonderful game:
Control pad - Moves Ark.
A - Talk/pick up pots/attack/select/equip.
B - Jump/cancel.
Y - Dash.
X - Use items.
Select - Enter/exit the box (menu).
Start - Pause.
R - Block.
L - Shows description.

3.2. Attacks
Standard - Just press A.
Slicer - Dash then attack.
Slider - Dash, jump and attack.
Rushing - Tap A repeatedly.
Spinner - Jump and attack.

3.3. The Box
The box is your menu. When you acquire it early in Crysta, Yomi will explain 
its working. And here's my own description of it:
Center Room: From here you can access the entire box.
Jewelry Box: Here you can choose among your spells and see how many Magirock 
you have.
Battle Handbook: Has a description of the attacks.
Guidebook: Explains the basic movements.
Settings Memo: It's the configuration menu.
Strength Mirror: It's your status menu.
Map: Lets you see the dungeon map.
Item Room: Lets you see, use and equip your items. You can discard them by 
selecting the Wholehole at the middle of the room, then choosing the desired 
Armor Room: Same as the last one, but this time with your armor.
Weapon Room: Same thing.

3.4. Using Magic
In order to use magic, you must have at least one ring or pin and the Jewel 
Box as your selected item. Press X to bring up a menu, in which you must use 
the directional pad to select the magic item you want to use. Then just press 
A to use the item.

4.1.------------------------CHAPTER 1: THE OUTSET-----------------------------

4.1.1. Crysta
Ark's Level: 1
Get up and save your game at the book on the desk. Talk to the house people 
then go outside and to the weaver's house. Apologize here then go back home. 
Go to the blue door's room and the people will ask if you can help them open 
the door. Throw two pots at it and it'll open. A voice will be heard, and then 
all the guys leave. Enter the door you've opened and head down to the bottom 
floor. Touch the mysterious box and a creature named Yomi will come out of it. 
It'll explain the inside of the box to you. Actually, the box is your menu. 
After the explanation finishes off, go to the weapons room and get your first 
weapon. Later, Elle comes in and she's frightened by something. Suddenly, she 
gets frozen.

Yomi tells Ark that it's not its fault, and that everybody in the village is 
as Elle now. So you have to go out to the world and discover what's going on. 
But first, go to your menu and equip your only weapon and armor. Now head to 
the exit door. The Elder tells you that everything's your fault. He also tells 
you to explore the world and find the Five Towers. Now go to the Elder's room 
and he can explain some things to you and also heal you. Then get the two 
treasure chests. Now exit the house and go right to the merchant. Buy some 
items then exit Crysta. Go southwest to reach Tower 1.

4.1.2. Tower 1
Ark's Level: 1
Here just make your way to the second room. Go to the center platform and 
eventually you'll find a wandering soul. It'll open a gate for you. Get the 
Magirock to the right then go through the gate. In this room, get the S. Bulb, 
the Magirock and jump through the broken window in the bottom-left corner. Now 
go up using the chains to the next room. Get another Magirock then go to the 
next room. Go to the center and talk to the Guardian to fight your first boss 

Boss: 4 Red Hubbals
They're ridiculously easy. Just keep slashing them and you're fine.

Now enter the door and you've beaten the first tower. Eurasia will be 
resurrected. Now head back to Crysta and buy some Fire and Ice Rings. Now head 
west to Tower 2.

4.1.3. Tower 2
Ark's Level: 3
Enter the tower and get the chest and the Magirock in the first room. Move the 
statues with red jewels to reach the next room. Activate both switches and 
enter the door. Here activate two switches, and then move the statues to reach 
the next two and open the path. You'll come to a room full of statues. Move 
the two with the red jewels away from the center to open the next door. Here, 
throw a pot to activate the switch. Talk to the Guardian and you'll resurrect 
South America. Now go back to the town and buy a better weapon or armor, then 
head to Tower 3.

4.1.4. Tower 3
Ark's Level: 3
Use the blocks to cross then jump to the right. Get the Magirock downstairs 
then go up the stairs, get the S. Bulb to the right and head to the next room. 
Pass through the spears then use the switches to pass. Make your way to the 
next room (watch out the Guardners, as they can send you back to the start). 
Here go either side, and then enter the north door. Go right to pick up a 
Magirock then go left and get the Sleepless Seal. Equip it then activate the 
two switches. Kill the Hubbals then enter the door. Get to the center and 
three High Cadets will appear, but only one of them is the real. So keep 
hitting them until you kill the real one, this should take a while. Afterwards 
Africa will be resurrected. Now head for the fourth Tower.

4.1.5. Tower 4
Ark's Level: 4
Enter and you'll meet the Guardian. Kill the three Cadets he'll summon then 
get to the top of the room. Fall down to the next floor. Kill the enemies then 
enter one of the top holes. Go up the staircase and to the next room (actually 
it's the upper part of the last room). Here you'll find a chest and a 
Magirock. Then go up the staircase and another one in the next room. Cross the 
bottommost rope to get a Magirock then continue to get an M. Bulb and a Life 
Potion. Use the Life Potion to raise your max HP by 5 points. Now fall down 
two floors to reach the room with the four holes. Enter the bottom right one 
then go up the stairs until you reach the next floor. Here you'll get the 
Crystal Thread. Move on and cross the bottommost rope. Get the Magirock then 
cross to the left using the nearest rope to fight the boss.

Boss: Dancing Hubbal Troupe
Another easy boss, just hit the golden Hubbal and kill it. Then repeat with 
the rest of them.

Enter the door and you'll resurrect North America. Now go back to town and 
meet Elle at the weaver's house. Now take a rest at the Elder's house and head 
back to her. After the conversation, go to bed again and then talk to Elle 
again in the morning. She'll give the ElleCape to you. Equip it, save your 
game then exit to the last Tower. By the way, if you have enough money, which 
you should, you can buy better equipment now.

4.1.6. Tower 5
Ark's Level: 6
The Guardian will try to push you out, but the ElleCape will reflect the 
spell. Go up the stairs until you reach the Guardian. Now you'll fight the 
toughest boss yet.

Boss: Shadowkeeper
First, use your Fire Rings to destroy its claws. Then keep slashing its head 
until it gets destroyed. Now just destroy the tail and it's gone.

The Guardian tells you that your real journey will start and that you should 
go back to the Elder. Now you'll resurrect Australia. But before you go home, 
enter a small house to the west of Tower 5. In its end, use the pots to kill 
the whisps then enter through the door. You'll resurrect Polynese. Now go to 
the far north of Tower 3, into a sub-area. Move the rocks here and you'll 
resurrect Mu. Now head back to the town and buy whatever you may need. Talk to 
the Elder and he'll tell you that you have resurrected the continents, but not 
the life within them. He tells you to go to a hole to the east of the town, 
but first go say goodbye to Elle. Now go to the hole.

4.1.7. Hole
Ark's Level: 7
Here the Elder explains the world behind the hole and also warns that the 
Crystal Spear won't heal you in the next world. Then enter the hole.

4.2.-----------------CHAPTER 2: RESURRECTION OF THE WORLD---------------------

4.2.1. Portal
Ark's Level: 7
You'll find a desolated world. Ark's afraid of what awaits for him outside, 
but Yomi tells him that if he doesn't take action, nothing will happen. So go 
north to save your game then exit to the outside. Just head south and enter 
the pond.

4.2.2. Evegreen
Ark's Level: 7
A voice will call you. It's the tree, but first go left and buy some items 
from the spirit. Then enter the tree. Save your game then enter the door. Go 
to the next room and get a P. Cure from the right (the gray thing). Then go 
left and get the Gems and the S. Bulb. Go down and to the next room. At the 
end you'll find a flower that once killed releases a spirit. It'll restore 
nearly all of your HP. Go right two rooms and kill the fish to create a 
bridge. Fall into the next hole and get the S. Bulb. Go right and up the 
stairs. Head west to the path to the next room. Head west and south in the 
next room (don't forget to pick up an M. Bulb, a P. Cure and a Life Potion 

Move the rock to progress then go up in the next room. A spirit will guide 
you. Enter the next room and go down. Talk to the lily then get the Giant 
Leaves from the left side. They let you swim (you don't have to equip them for 
it). Now swim south to get a Magirock and then make your way back to the rock 
you moved. Head northeast and enter the room there. Go down and make your way 
to another lily. You'll obtain the Ra Dewdrop. Now go east and you'll find a 
Leaf Suit and a Magirock behind the waterfall. Now head back to where you fell 
from the hole. Go north and take the items. Now use the Ra Dewdrop then head 
to the right entrance.

Boss: Parasite
First, an orange claw will appear from one of the holes. Hit it whenever you 
can. After a while it'll stop. Then the blue centipede will start to come out 
from the holes and an eye will appear. Hit the eye when it's open. Then the 
eye will spawn six claws. Kill them to open the eye again. After a bit long 
time, you'll defeat the Parasite.

After you defeat it, all of the plants will be resurrected. Talk to the tree 
to receive the GrassPin and three Magirocks. Go left; buy from the spirit and 
save your game. Exit this area and go south. Pick up the Magirock then talk to 
the spirit and buy whatever rings you may need. Now head north to Guiana.

4.2.3. Guiana
Ark's Level: 9
Here just climb up the vine and exit to the left. Go north and enter the first 
clump of trees you see on the right. Open the chests then head northwest and 
enter the mountain in Colorado.

4.2.4. Sanctuar
Ark's Level: 9
Here you'll find item and magic shops and a save point. Now head northeast to 

4.2.5. Grecliff
Ark's Level: 9
Go right and enter the cave. Go up and to the next room. Here, move the first 
rock, and the second one is a monster, so defeat it. Now go down and outside. 
Climb up the right vine and enter the next door. Here you'll find an STR 
Potion. Use it then go back out. Climb down the vine and enter the right door. 
Go up and to the stairs. Head west and to the next stairs. Here go west again 
and up the ramps. Go left and to the outside again. Go right using the vines 
then enter the next door. Go down the stairs then head left. In the next room 
there are two rock monsters. Defeat them then get the RocSpear. Equip it and 
destroy the rock that fell blocking the exit. Go back to the room where there 
are two ramps. Go up to the stairs and down in the next room. Go outside and 

Climb the vines and get the Magirock. Then enter the door and go to the exit. 
Go left until you find a hole. Climb down the vine to its south to get a 
Magirock. Now climb down the vine in the hole. When you're falling, take the 
left path. Then get the S. Bulb and fall through the next hole. Head left and 
to the next door. Head north, pick up the Magirock and to the next room. Here 
just head south to be outside again.

There's a shining thing to the left. Examine it and you'll get the Sharp 
Claws. Now you can climb the strange looking walls. So do it on the right wall 
and get an M. Bulb. Now go back all the way down and go right. Climb up the 
wall at the end and enter the door. Make your way to the outside again and 
climb up the left wall. Here you'll find a Magirock and 87 Gems. Now go right 
and enter the hole. Go right during the fall to get a Magirock. Now climb down 
and go right. Climb all the way up to fight the boss.

Boss: Dark Twins
Try to not fall off or you'll have to restart the battle. The green bird will 
start the battle throwing flaming things at you. Avoid them and after a while 
the bird will come down. Hit it with your most powerful attacks. The green 
bird may call the brown bird into the battle, but it's only a possibility. If 
it does, just avoid the birds' attacks and keep hitting the green one. After a 
while you'll defeat the birds.

After the battle, all the birds will be resurrected. You'll appear at the 
Sanctuar. Now head up and to the Kingnest. Go left and up to find a Magishop. 
Then go back down, right and up to find the King of Kingbirds. He'll tell you 
that you must go to Windvale and restore the wind, so the birds can fly again. 
Now go down, buy a BirdSuit and any items you may need and save your game. 
Then talk to one of the three blue birds here and go to Windvale.

4.2.6. Windvale
Ark's Level: 11
Here, just enter through the door and throw the three rocks in the hole. 
Windvale will be awaken. Now head back to the Kingnest. Talk to the King and 
you'll receive the Wind Pin and two Magirocks. Now go back down and talk to 
the leftmost bird. Agree to go to the Safarium (to head back just talk to the 
bird again).

4.2.7. Safarium
Ark's Level: 11
This place used to be the paradise of animals. But there's no one more living 
here. Head northwest to find a save point and northeast to find item and magic 
shops. Now head south to Zue (the area with some trees).

4.2.8. Zue
Ark's Level: 11
Head left and then north, crawling under the bushes. Take the up right path 
and then go north. Go west at the fork and kill the turtle to release a 
spirit. Now head back and north. Take the right path and at its end you will 
encounter another spirit. Now go south to release the third spirit. Go back to 
the last fork and go up. Kill the frog to release another spirit and follow 
the path to the first rainfall altar. Green and water to this area will be 
resurrected. Now jump into the river and get a DEF Potion from the island. Now 
go back to the fork and head right. Crawl under the bushes in the northeast 
corner to find two treasure chests. Now go south, jump into the river and go 
right. Head north and pick up the P. Cure.

Now go back south and destroy the rock blocking your way. Kill the turtle to 
release the first spirit of the second altar. Go right and up through the 
bushes. Here you'll find the second spirit and an S. Bulb. Now jump down and 
to the two frogs. Attack one of them and let the orb knock you against the 
wall to break it (you'll lose some health). Now kill the frogs to get the 
third spirit. Now continue through the broken wall. Go west at the end to 
release the last spirit and to get a Magirock. Now go back and climb up the 
wall to get to the second altar.

Now head south through the river and get on the first land you see. Here 
you'll release the first spirit. Now go into the river and back. Go left and 
push the stump into the water. Cross to the other side and go north to find 
two treasure chests, then go south to release the second spirit. Continue 
south to find two more spirits and a Magirock. Now get back into the river and 
go south to find the altar. Go left to get a Magirock then head back to the 
two stumps. Use them to cross again then head south. Enter the river and make 
your way to the final altar, where you'll fight the boss.

Boss: Storm Master
First, he'll throw green flames at you. Standing on one of the sides will 
avoid them. Then he'll throw his arms at you, quickly go to the center and hit 
him. When you hit him enough, he'll lose his body. Now he'll also throw rocks 
at you. But keep avoiding his attacks and hitting him and he shall be gone.

After his defeat, all the mammals will be resurrected. Now head north to meet 
the lion king, Neo. Head to the Lion Den and talk to Neo's wife. She'll ask 
you to check up on their son, Leim, at the Canyon. So head south to that 

4.2.9. Canyon
Ark's Level: 12
Enter the Canyon and head down. Climb down the vine and head west. Kill the 
birds and talk to Leim. Now you'll have to protect him through the canyon. So 
head west and kill the enemies before they hurt Leim. When he stops, push the 
rock out of the way and then climb the wall. Follow him to the next screen and 
then talk to him again. Follow him up the ledges and to the next screen. Here, 
he'll walk north and then stop. Talk to him and he says he made a mistake. So 
head back with him. When he stops again, tell him to go right. Make your way 
to the next screen. Here kill the birds and cross the bridge near to Leim, 
otherwise you'll fall back to the last screen. In the next screen climb up the 
cliff and then head left and you'll find the boss.

Boss: Mud Doll
This boss is easy. It just throws rocks at you, but if you block them you 
won't get it. Then, after it stops, throw the rock under Leim at it and then 
repeat the process.

After you defeat it, he'll fool you and you will fall down. But then Leim 
shows his strength and finishes off the Mud Doll. Leim will come down to 
rescue you, but first he'll obtain the Starstone that fell from the cliff. 
Then he'll call a gull to take you back to the Safarium. There, head to the 
Lion Den and talk to Neo. You'll obtain Neo's Fang. Now head back, save your 
game and exit Safarium. Head east through Arabia and into Indus River.

4.2.10. Indus R
Ark's Level: 13
Here cross the bridge and on the other side there are shops and a save spot. 
Now exit and head east to Eklemata.

4.2.11. Eklemata
Ark's Level: 13
Here head west and obtain a Magirock. Now head northwest and climb up the 
vines there. Ignore the yeti and climb down the vines then up the next ones. 
Head east and you'll find a yeti in a hot spring. Now climb down the vines and 
enter the cave. Now advance and throw the other rocks out of the way to 
continue. Climb up the vine to the left then head west and climb down the vine 
and into the hole. Pick up the FirePike then head back to the cave. Climb up 
the vine again and run down the leftmost ramp and you'll break open the wall 
(you must've thrown the rocks out of the way). Get the Ice Suit and then 
repeat the process with the right ramp. Continue through the cave until you're 
back outside. Talk to the flower and you'll receive a Snowgrass Leaf.

Make your way back to the hot spring and use it. You'll cure the yeti's 
wounds. Now follow him and let him throw you to the other side. Go north, up 
the vines then east. Make your way to a cave, get the Magirock then go back to 
the junction and west. To the south there's a Magirock. Now head north and 
climb up the vines. Make your way to the next cave and an avalanche will 
occur. You'll end up in a cave with a goat. Follow her and wait for the next 
day. When you awaken, she's trying to knock down the wall. Talk to her until 
she finally breaks open it, and then follow her.

Now climb up the wall and you'll be back outside. Get the Stardew to the right 
(go to the south of the hole to get there) then go south. Get onto the frozen 
lake and east to enter a cave. Head west to obtain some Gems then go to the 
other side to obtain a Stardew and to find the exit. Outside, climb up the 
first vine, get the Magirock then climb up the next vine. Make your way to a 
hole and fall down into it. Fall down into another hole and make your way out 
of the cave. Now get to the top to fight the boss.

Boss: Dark Morph
He'll start off by morphing into a yeti. It'll throw crystals on the platform 
and cause a blizzard. Stand on one of the corners and dash against the 
blizzard until it stops. Then it'll morph back and then into a wizard. You'll 
have to hit its boomerang so that it comes back and hits it. After a while 
you'll defeat it and Dark Morph will come back. Equip the Neo Fang and hit him 
while he's moving. He'll morph into some bats; try to avoid them (an easy way 
is by constantly dashing across the screen). After a while he'll morph back, 
then hit him again. Repeat the process until he's gone.

Now you've resurrected human life. But the humans still don't know about their 
potential. So this is your next quest.

4.3.-----------------CHAPTER 3: RESURRECTION OF THE GENIUS--------------------

4.3.1. Lhasa
Ark's Level: 14
Get up and talk to the people here. Apparently, you were sleeping for three 
years! Find Lord Kumari and he'll give you a Bone Pin and a Magirock. Head 
outside and try talking with Meihou, he refuses talking until he meets Kumari. 
So head back to Kumari and talk to them. You'll have to find Meilin and get 
her back to Meihou. So exit Lhasa, head east across the Yangtze and to the 
forest northeast of Gobi. Pick up a Magirock here then enter Gobi.

4.3.2. Gobi
Ark's Level: 14
You'll see Meilin, but she'll run away. Follow her and you'll find Louran. 
Head west into the next area and enter Temjin's house. Talk to him and tell 
him to keep his money after his death. Then head to Meilin's house, which is 
located in the back of Temjin's. Talk to her parents then get a Magirock in 
the bedroom. Then crawl through the chimney to find her. She doesn't want to 
talk to you, so head back and talk to her mom. Then go back to the center of 
Louran and take the northwest path. Talk to the guy here and he tells that he 
will build a door there someday. Now head south to the inn. Head left, talk to 
Hedyn then go to bed. Yomi wakes you up and tells you something's wrong here. 
So take the M. Bulb then exit.

Yomi tells you what has happened; head to the back of the inn and enter the 
hole. Make your way outside then head to Meilin's room. Pick up the Red Scarf 
here. It's Meilin's scarf, so you must find her dog to locate her. Now head 
back to Temjin's house and exit through the front door. Head back to the 
center and head southeast. Enter the first house to get a Magirock, then exit 
it and go up through the small alley to the right. Cross inside the first 
house you see, avoiding the floating enemies, and then enter the house to the 
south. Crawl through the chimney here and meet Hedyn again. You can read the 
books here and also sleep on the bed. Now head back through the chimney and 
head right. Fall into the hole and get the Holy Seal. Equip it to repel 

Now exit this house and make your way back to the center of Louran. Head 
northeast and enter the house. Head straight north to obtain a Magirock and 
the LightRod. Equip it (you haven't bought the BrnzPike yet) then head back to 
the center. Enter the northwestern house and pick up a P. Cure and Rags. Now 
head out and enter the northwest area. Enter the house by its back door (which 
you cannot see, but it's where the man said he'd build it). Run in front of 
the tables and then enter another chimney. Make your way back outside then 
north. Enter the first house to get 178 Gems. Now head northeast and enter the 
house in the corner. Get an L. Bulb then go south and enter the first house.

Make your way through and you'll find an STR Potion. Drink it then head back 
into the house. Exit it then head south and pick up a Magirock. Head back up 
then enter the second house from west to east. Pick up another Magirock then 
exit the house and head east to the Cemetery. Locate Temjin's grave and you'll 
receive 500 Gems. To the northeast is Meilin's dog. Equip the Red Scarf then 
give it to the dog and exit the cemetery. Follow the dog inside the house and 
down the stairs. Enter the first room to get a Magirock then go to the last 
one. Here you'll meet Meilin. After she runs off, head for the uppermost 
floor. At its end you can crawl under a table to get another Magirock. Now 
exit the house and you'll meet Meihou. He'll tell you to go to the Lost 
Desert, but first you must learn the route from the nomads. So head south, 
talk to Hedyn and exit Louran. Head northwest to the nomads.

4.3.3. Nomads'
Ark's Level: 17
Head north and talk to the man to the right of the campfire. He'll teach you 
how to cross the desert. Now leave the nomads and head west to the desert.

4.3.4. Taklama
Ark's Level: 17
Head west until you come across three boulders, then head south to find more 
boulders. Now head northwest and with a bit of luck you'll find a large skull 
that you can use to exit the desert. Now head west and you'll find the next 
town. But before you enter it, enter the mountain area to the east of the 
town. Pick up the Magirock then head to the town.

4.3.5. Loire
Ark's Level: 17
Buy a Pretty Flower from the girl selling it then head to the inn. After the 
conversation, stay the night at the inn then save your game. Talk to the 
chemist then head to the castle. Go straight up then west in the next room. 
Enter the quarters and talk to the rightmost guard to hear his heroics. Then 
head back to the first room and right. Enter the kitchen then head to the 
pantry. Pick up the Magirock here then head back and north to the library. You 
can read the books here to learn more about the King and Storkolm. Now head 
back to the first floor and up the stairs.

Head to the center room and enter into the groom contest. Enter the right room 
and talk to the blue haired guy. Then a guard will come in and call you for 
the interviews. So enter the King's room and talk to the royalty. The 
Princess' name is Elle, and she looks identical to the Elle from Crysta. She 
refuses talking with you, so talk to the chancellor and he'll explain that 
she's lost her voice. The first guy to cure her illness will be chosen as her 
groom. So now exit the castle and head north. Cross the river and enter the 
house to the north.

4.3.6. Molly's
Ark's Level: 17
Talk to Molly and he'll tell you where to find the medicinal mushrooms that 
you need to cure the Princess. Now head east to enter the forest.

4.3.7. Mush
Ark's Level: 17
Head south, pick up the Mushroom you need and two other treasure chests 
containing an L. Bulb and 500 Gems. The last one you cannot see, as it's under 
the tree southeast of the first chest. Now equip the Mushroom and head back to 
Loire town. Enter the inn and talk to the chemist. Give the Mushroom to him, 
then rest over the night and talk to him again to receive your Sleep Potion. 
Now head back to the castle and enter the kitchen. Drop the Sleep Potion 
inside the cooking pot and you'll be taken outside.

Re-enter the castle and everyone will be asleep. Head to the jail through the 
quarters and talk to White Wind. Steal the key from the guard then equip it 
and open the jail. White Wind will tell you where's the treasury. Now go to 
the first floor, enter the center room then either of the sides. You'll find 
Princess Elle but she'll ignore you. Head up and right to the King's room. 
Push the statue out of the way and crawl through the passage. You'll find a 
Magirock and the Protect Bell here. Now exit the castle and head north. Cross 
the river, head west and enter the forest.

4.3.8. Norfest
Ark's Level: 17
Equip the Protect Bell, talk to Royd and enter the forest. Head north and take 
the right path to find the RingMail. Equip it then head north to the next 
screen. Now head north three screens, east one, northeast one. You'll find a 
bridge, but it's broken, so head east to take an alternate way. Head south to 
the next screen and pick up a Life Potion under the tress in the south. Now 
head north and take the right path. Head to the next screen and pick up 389 
Gems in the northeast corner, then head northwest to the next screen. Head 
north then west. Take the eastern path then make your way to the Dog Whistle. 
Head back to the last screen then head north and try to exit through the 
south. You'll hear a scream, so head north and kill the bats to save Meilin.

Now she'll follow you through the forest. Head south into the next area then 
get the Magirock there. Now head west and you'll be back at the bridge. Head 
north to get another Magirock, and then head west and north again. Make your 
way around the pond to the next area. Get the M. Bulb on the right then head 
to the lower-left entrance for one more Magirock. Then head back into the last 
screen and take the upper-left path, which will lead into Storkolm. This 
village looks identical to Crysta. When the wolves surround you, use the Dog 
Whistle to put them away. Try to enter what would be the weaver's and a cut 
scene will take place. Now head for the Elder's (actually Elle's) and pick up 
the two chests there. Now exit Storkolm and head back to the castle.

Head for the throne room and Meilin will stop you and take the Portrait. Now 
enter the King's room and Meilin will cure the Princess. When you wake up, 
exit the room and the innkeeper will tell you that the King died during the 
night. Now head to the center of the town. The citizens decide to make an 
election to choose the new representative. Now talk to the man outside the 
inn. He's an economist and tells you to vote in Jean, as he will make the town 
grow. Enter any house then exit to find the election in course. Vote for Jean 
then re-enter any house and head back to hear the results. He'll win by one 
vote. Head for the Magishop and buy several ElecRings, you'll need them for 
the next boss. Now exit Loire and head west.

4.3.9. Tollgate
Ark's Level: 18
Now pass through and head to the next town.

4.3.10. Litz
Ark's Level: 18
Head northwest to find a Luck Potion. Drink it then head to the inn. Talk to 
Royd and he'll tell you the Princess disappeared. Now exit the town and head 
to the castle near it.

4.3.11. Castle
Ark's Level: 18
Enter the castle then head up the center staircase. After looking at the 
strange paintings, head down and left. Enter the door there and make your way 
to a Stardew. Head back to the hall, up the stairs and left to the next 
staircase. Head north to the throne room. You'll hear the Queen's voice. Also 
two enemies will appear, once killed they free spirits that will provide you 
with more information. Now head back and east. Make your way to the library, 
where you can read the books to gather more information. Head back to the 
crossroad and this time south. Head east, enter the chapel and defeat the 
enemies to release another spirit. It'll ask if it can follow you, say yes. 
Head back to the last room before the chapel and head west to the royalty 

Take the first west path to pick up the VestArmr. There are also a Magirock 
and some Gems in the royalty room. Also, if you head up you'll find a Strength 
Potion and a Magirock (to get it, stand on the rope, jump then tap down). Head 
back to the main hall and go east to the next room. The spirit that's been 
following you will enter a statue and attack. Kill it and a bridge will be 
formed. Head back to the hall, down the stairs and right. Cross the bridge and 
head west in the next room. Pick up the Tower Key and the Icepick then head 
back and take the center staircase. Yomi will find a strange machine. You can 
change the numbers on it pushing against the wall behind the machine. Change 
the number to 286, the year Columbus came back of his voyage.

Now go back to the last room and head east. Enter in the fireplace and crawl 
to its end to find the Black Opal. Now head south to the outside. Head to the 
eastern tower and open it using the Tower Key. Enter the sewers and follow the 
path, getting the Magirock and the DEF Potion along the way. When you reach 
the snake statues, check the middle one and activate the switch in its mouth. 
Now exit this tower and enter the western one. Make your way to the top floor 
and Yomi will help you to get to the other side. Climb down the vine and get 
the Topaz from the statue. Jump down and make your way back to the main hall. 
Go up the stairs, head west and south at the crossroad. Jump onto the 
rightmost chandelier and then jump to the right to get a Ruby and an L. Bulb. 
Now exit this room and head for the castle entrance.

Get the Sapphire from the fountain then head back to the hall and up the 
stairs. The four jewels you've found will react with the paintings and a 
chandelier will come down and open a hole in the floor. Jump down into the 
hole and you'll end up in the dungeon. Four monsters will start spinning 
around you, when they stop, hit one of them and eventually you'll kill them. 
Now head to the eastern room and talk to the man there. You'll be teleported 
to a puzzle. The objective here is to cross the corridor. You can run when the 
monster says to walk, but not when it says to stop. When you reach the 
monster, hit it and you'll fight the boss.

Boss: Bloody Mary
This is a tough boss. Start off equipping the LightRod and using all of your 
ElecRings to do some good damage. When you run out of rings, start using your 
weak physical attacks (keep the LightRod equipped). After a long time you'll 
defeat her.

Talk to the man in the dungeon, he's actually Columbus. After the 
conversation, you'll be taken back to Litz. Save your game and rest at the 
inn. Say that you will escort Elle then head back to the hospital. Talk to the 
attendant to get the Fever Medicine. Now head back to Loire. The city will 
have grown by this time. Go to Matis's and get his painting, then go to 
Papilo's and talk to Marily to get the Fancy Clothes. Head to the Winery and 
taste the wine until it gets perfect. You'll receive a Wine bottle. You should 
also help Pierre invent his Camera.

Now go to Litz harbour and board the ship. While on voyage, head right and 
enter the cabin to get an L. Bulb. Now go take some rest at the left cabin. 
You'll be woken up during the night, so head to the deck to fight four ghosts, 
but only one of them is the real. When you defeat them, talk to Elle and go to 
bed again. You'll reach the new continent in the morning. Exit the ship and 
you'll receive the Royal Letter. Read it by equipping and using. Now head 
south and you'll find a Magirock inside a cabin. Now head north to the next 

4.3.12. Freedom
Ark's Level: 20
There are a lot of things to do here. First, talk to the skateboarder and 
follow him to his house. One of the kids is missing, so he goes out looking 
for her. Now enter the house to the right and push the machine until it 
explodes to help Eddy. Continue into the next house to the right and agree to 
deliver Bell's message to Amanda. Now head to the house directly south of 
Bell's and equip the Fancy Clothes. Give the clothes to one of the girls then 
go to the Pub and give the Wine to the girl there. Now exit this town and head 
north to Nirlake.

4.3.13. Nirlake
Ark's Level: 20
Talk to the people here then enter Amanda's house. She says she's bored of 
Bell and that she's already got a new friend. Now head to the southwest house 
and you'll find a Life Potion there. Head to the east side of town and enter 
Will's house. Pick up the Tin Sheet on the ground then head to the northern 
house on the west side. Help Mack invent the hamburger then head back to 
Freedom. Talk to Bell and tell him the truth about Amanda, then talk to him 
again in the Pub. Exit it then re-enter and talk to him one more time to 
receive a Magirock. Now head north and enter the forest near Nirlake.

4.3.14. Gumin
Ark's Level: 20
Kill the enemies inside the stumps then collect the Logs on the ground. Repeat 
the process until you have nine Logs. Now exit the forest and enter the cave 
to the east.

4.3.15. Cavern
Ark's Level: 20
The man here is waiting for his fiancée to return from Liotto, so you should 
return her to him. So head south and west at Freedom to cross the river.

4.3.16. Colo. R
Ark's Level: 20
Equip the Logs and talk to the man here. Give the Logs to him (you'll have to 
pass nine times through the same boring set of messages) then re-enter and the 
bridge will be ready. Pick up the Magirock then head south to Guiana. Just 
cross it and head far south to enter a sub-area, where you can get another 
Magirock. No go northeast to the town of Liotto.

4.3.17. Liotto
Ark's Level: 20
Play the Cream-a-Cat game to obtain a Magirock. Head right and talk to Meilin, 
who'll follow you. Head north to hear Meilin declaring her love for you, and 
then sleep for free at the inn. Buy some items from the store then head to 
where Meilin had declared to you. You'll see Elle; she'll also declare love 
for you. Then she vanishes and Meilin come and says she now hates you. In the 
food shop's back room you'll find a Magirock. Now head to the harbour and 
accept the captain's challenge.

4.3.18. Tower
Ark's Level: 20
Just make your way down, killing the enemies along the way. After a while 
you'll encounter the boss.

Boss: Big Fish
You'll fight against the Big Fish plus two green fish. Run to avoid them and 
attack the fish when it gets closer. After a while you'll defeat it.

Now make your way back and you'll eventually find a floor filled with 
mermaids. Talk to the one with a crown, it's Nana. She'll give you the 
Engagement Ring. There's also a chest containing a powerful SeaSpear here. 
Also when you leave the mermaids will give a WaterPin to you. Now exit and 
you'll receive a boat for your own use. Now head to the western side of the 
South Pole, where there are a Life Potion and the Sea Mail inside a cave. Now 
that you have a boat, there are a lot of things to do over the world.

First, go to New Zealand, where a Magirock awaits for you. There's another one 
on an island north of Scandinavia. You should also do some things to develop 
the cities. Go to Rich, who lives in Great Britain, and give him Matis's 
Painting. In Litz, you should give the Tin Sheet to the guy talking about 
sardines. Exit then reenter the house to receive the Tinned Sardines. Now go 
to Freedom and push Eddy's machine again, then try out Bell's invention. 
There's one town you haven't visited yet, it's Suncoast, in Australia.

4.3.19. Suncoast
Ark's Level: 20
Talk to the rancher in the northern part of town to receive the Tasty Meat. 
You should also use your Camera to take pictures of this town. When you're 
done, head to the Sahara desert. There's an oasis; enter it; buy a Crystal 
from the merchants then head back to Freedom. Go to Stoma's and give him the 
Tinned Sardines and the Tasty Meat. In the Tourism Bureau, show Suncoast's 
pictures. You should also do it in Loire. Now travel to Litz and give the 
Crystal to the pot maker. Now head to the cave near Nirlake. Equip the 
Engagement Ring and talk to the guy. He'll go away, freeing your way. Enter 
the cave and head west to get the Air Herb.

Go back and enter the passage near the waterfall, where there are some 
bubbles. Head right, down the waterfall and into the next room. Take the 
northeast path and a shadow will call for help. Go down the waterfall close to 
the left wall to get the Magic Anchor then fall down the rest of it. Head 
west, enter the door there and follow the path to get 753 Gems. Now fall down 
the waterfall again, head west and swim under the bubbles. Head north then 

Get the GeoStaff in the frogs' room then enter the door. Throw a rock at the 
wall with some drops falling to break it open. Fall down into the hole, head 
south to get a Magirock then head right to the next room. Continue right into 
two more rooms, then swim through the lake to the other side and head south. 
Head east after the steps, swim under the waterfall and make your way to the 

Boss: Hitoderon
There are three starfish that will attack you. The dragon will spit fire at 
them, but it can only hurt you. Keep moving to avoid them and hit them when 
you can.

After the battle you'll receive the Horn Pin. Talk to Will and you'll be taken 
to Nirlake. Head south, board your ship and sail into the Pacific Ocean. In an 
island there you'll find a DEF Potion and the EnbuPike. Northwest of it is 

4.3.20. Polynese
Ark's Level: 22
Here you can take a free nap, and only it. But if you head southwest towards 
Indonesia you can get the Speed Shoes, 378 + 1403 Gems and a Luck Potion on 
the islands. Now head to Japan and enter Neotokio.

4.3.21. Neotokio
Ark's Level: 22
There are two Magirocks here: one in the southwestern house and one as a prize 
in the Speed Noodle Eating Contest (on the subway). To win, just tap A and B 
quickly. It's not that hard. By the way, my record is 37 bowls. Also if you 
check the trash can in the northeast corner you'll engage in a fight with a 
ghost. Defeat it to get a short but funny dialogue and access to the Quintet 
building. Now head west into Yunkou.

4.3.22. Yunkou
Ark's Level: 22
There's a Magirock in the northeast corner. Go to Lon's (east from the food 
stands) and talk to him. Now enter the inn and head upstairs to find Fyda. 
Talk to the laid watching her and then to the doctor in the northwestern 
house. He'll tell you to get some Ginseng, so go talk to Lon again. He agrees 
to give you the Ginseng if you check up on her brother, Wong, at the Dragoon 
Castle. Talk to the doctor again then give the Ginseng to Fyda. After the long 
flashback, save your game and talk to Perel outside. Follow him to the Dragoon 
Castle. Equip the Speed Shoes and enter the castle. To advance in the castle, 
you must sneak among the guards, using the Speed Shoes for it. In the main 
hall, take the center door, avoid the guard and jump over the gap.

Pass through another guard and into the next rooms. Break open the wall and 
head northwest in the next room. Head straight south to pick up a Magirock 
then move through the floor until you find Elle. Walk up to her and she'll 
disappear. Try to exit and you'll find out that it was a Meilin's trap. After 
the conversation, head out using the chain and go back to the main hall (just 
make a guard see you and you'll be taken back to the entrance). Go up the 
stairs and head to the northeast door. Run past the guard into the next room 
and you'll see another Elle's mirage. After it fades away, head right and 
explore the area to find two Magirocks, an L. Bulb, 300 + 200 Gems and the 

Afterwards head back to the room you saw the mirage in and enter the northern 
door. Exit through the northeast and you'll come to the castle's library. As 
in the others libraries, you can read the books to gather information. You 
also find another mirage here, after the cut scene head back and you'll 
encounter Meilin one more time. Talk to her and watch the cut scene. 
Afterwards head back to the main hall and take the northwestern door. Throw 
the pots at the candlesticks to blow out the flames, which will open a door 
for you. Enter it and in the next room use the switch facing the first statue 
you see.

Enter the door that has just opened, knock down the wall and you'll be at the 
throne room. Talk to the Princess then go out with her. When you find Meilin, 
follow her to find a way out. After some more cut scenes you'll be outside 
again. Now head back to Nirlake and talk to Will. You'll get an airplane. Head 
back to Suncoast and talk to the town council, then back to Nirlake to take 
the Airfield Plans from Will. Take the plans to the town council in Suncoast 
then head back to North America and take your airplane there. Fly towards the 
east; there's an airport in Eastern Europe, with a town to the north of it. 
Land there and enter the town.

4.3.23. Mosque
Ark's Level: 22
The entire town is dedicated to Beruga. There's a Magirock inside the house in 
the northeast corner. There's also a cave to the east, where you can get the 
BlockRod. After you've got all ready head south from Mosque to Beruga's Lab.

4.3.24. Lab
Ark's Level: 22
Firstly, equip the 3PartRod to kill the foes easier. Then head east to the 
next screen, then south and west. Activate the machine then continue south. 
Make your way to the part where you have to crawl under the pipes, and then 
throw away the thing blocking the hole. In the passage after the hole you'll 
find the SoulArmr. Head back and right. Make your way to the next machine and 
activate it. Head all the way back to the entrance, and then head south to the 
elevator. Go down one floor and head left.

Crawl under the hole near the green liquids and head right to find a 
teleporter. Jump inside, head south then north to enter the next room. 
Activate the machine, exit through the right and make your way back to the 
elevator. Go down one more floor, head north and jump onto the conveyor belt. 
Enter the first teleporter to get a DEF Potion, and then enter the second one 
to go to a room with another teleporter. Enter it and make your way to the 
next one. You'll come to a computer. Turn it on and you can get some 
information about the lab. After that, head back to the elevator and go down 
another floor to fight the boss.

Boss: Security Robot
This is a tough one. First you should equip the EnbuPike, which does a bit 
more damage than the other weapons. Use the dash-attack to damage its legs, 
while avoiding its attacks. When a leg gets destroyed, small red bubbles will 
come out of it. When you destroy the three legs, the robot will disintegrate 
into several small parts. Those are easily killed with just one hit.

After the boss, head north into Beruga's room. Follow him into the last room 
then talk to him. After the cut scene, talk to Meihou and then to Lord Kumari. 
He'll tell you about the Starstones you must find. Sleep in the same bed you 
were to restore the HP then head to Nirlake. You'll find the town in ruins. 
Talk to the man in the center to receive the Nirlake Letters. You should 
deliver them to people who can help the rebuilding of the town. The people 
are: Will in Nirlake; Bell and Eddy in Freedom; Rich in Great Britain; the 
sardine guy in Litz; Pierre, Marily, Matis and the wine guy in Loire. Now head 
back to Nirlake and it'll be rebuilt. Leave a photo from Suncoast in its 
Tourism Bureau. There's a Magirock in the upper-right corner.

After all is done, go to Neotokio. Enter the police in the northwest corner 
and get the Transceiver from the desk. Go to the underground part and enter 
the middle door to get to the sewers. Head west and take the south path. Make 
your way to the door, enter it and crawl through the hole to get the Sewer 
Key. Go back to the first room here and open the northern door using the key. 
You'll see the girl calling you on the Transceiver here. Head right, up and 
left to get an H.Water, then enter the door to the right.

Take the second left path to get a Luck Potion, and then take the northern 
path. Go right to get the Fauchard then head back and left. Follow the path 
south, grab the Magirock to the east then continue south. Enter the next room 
and take the right path for a Magirock, then the left for the KingArmr and the 
middle to exit the room. Talk to the lion and you'll find out that he's Leim. 
Talk to the girl and you'll receive the first Starstone. Exit Neotokio and 
head southwest to Astarica (west coast of South America).

4.3.25. Astarica
Ark's Level: 25
Walk onto the altar and drink the goblet. When you wake up you'll see two 
clones here. Talk to the guy downstairs then push the back statue out of the 
way to reach the next room. Push the two statues to the northern wall to open 
the next passage. Here get the HolySuit and the Magirock then enter the next 
room. You'll see three more clones here. After the scene, talk to Elle and 
drink anyone of the goblets. When you wake up, pick up the Starstone in the 
chest and head to Alaska. There's a tent there with a man inside. Talk to him 
and he'll tell you about the birds' migratory paths. Sail to Liotto, then head 
south and enter the small forest near the left mountains.

4.3.26. Stopover
Ark's Level: 26
Talk to the bird and select the first option to be taken to Greenland. Head 
south and enter the icy town.

4.3.27. Penginea
Ark's Level: 26
Enter the southwestern igloo to get a Magirock, then equip the Pretty Flower 
and talk to the penguin to the right. You'll lose the flower, but will obtain 
the third Starstone. Head northwest from Penginea and enter the cave. There's 
a chest containing 961 Gems there. Head back to your ship and head to 
Australia. Enter the mountain there.

4.3.28. Airsrock
Ark's Level: 27
Head to the top and talk to the man. Agree to listen to him and you'll get the 
penultimate Starstone. Now head to the western coast of Africa and enter the 
area in the northwestern part of the Sahara. Pick up 703 + 1003 Gems from the 
chests. You can also enter in a spot to the east.

4.3.29. Sahara
Ark's Level: 28
Check the bones straight north to get the fifth and last Starstone. But before 
we finish this chapter, let's get the items you've missed. First, go to Yunkou 
and at a house there you'll meet two parents lamenting the way they have 
abandoned their child. To find her, travel to the nomads' camp near the 
Taklama desert. She refuses to talk, so head back to Loire and buy another 
Pretty Flower. Give it to her and she'll start talking. Go talk to her parents 
and back to her until you get a Magirock. For another Magirock, go to the 
Safarium and enter the left room of the lions' den. Win the game by slashing 
at least 30 monsters.

Now go to Suncoast and enter the inn. In the left room of the second floor, 
there's a man with fever. Give his wife the Fever Medicine and you'll receive 
a Water Pin and 6 Magirocks. There's another Magirock here; it's in the second 
floor of the northern house. Exit Suncoast and make your way to Loire Castle. 
There's a challenge there in which you can obtain one more Magirock. Another 
place to visit is Freedom. There's a Black Market in that town; pay 5000 Gems 
to free the Kingbird, then go to the Sanctuar and get a Magirock from him. Now 
head to the South Pole and enter the sandy area.

4.3.30. Dryvale
Ark's Level: 29
Equip the Starstones and put them into the large skulls. You've just completed 
Chapter 3.

4.4.------------------CHAPTER 4: RESURRECTION OF THE HERO---------------------

After the lengthy cut scene, talk to Elle from Crysta (the one standing by the 
door). Another long cut scene will take place. After that talk to the other 
Elle and then touch the box to get the Hero Pike and the Hero Armor. Equip 
them then exit the town. Make your way out of the forest (it's not hard) and 
take an airplane to Mosque. Head northeast into Siberia and at its extremely 
east you'll find the Lab Tower.

4.4.1. Labtower
Ark's Level: 29
Talk to Meihou then enter the lab. After Meilin camouflages you, head west and 
south into the next room. Let the crane take you to the other side then follow 
Perel into the next rooms. Go up the stairs you'll find then head south to the 
next room. Flip the lever then head south, west and exit through the north. In 
the next room pick up the Magirock and head east. Go up the stairs then head 
west and south. Follow the path and you'll eventually meet Royd. After he 
blows up the door, go through it and up the stairs. In this room there are 
some red robots. It's a good idea to level up now, as you're close to the 
final boss. Kill the robots then re-enter the room and kill them again. You 
should be at least at level 32 for the final boss.

When you think you're strong enough, enter the doors in this room to meet 
Meilin, Meihou and Perel. There's also a Life Potion in Meihou's room. In the 
bottom-left door is the switch you must activate. When it's activated head 
southeast and through the open shutter. Jump in the hole there to land on the 
airship. Head east and talk to Fyda, who'll give you seven Time Bombs. Place a 
bomb on the computer ahead of you then head east. Continue east to enter the 
airship again and head north to be out again. Go south, into the next room and 
east. Make your way to the next computer and place a bomb on it. Head back to 
the room where you have three possible routes and head straight north to find 
two more computers.

Head back to the last room and head north from the staircase. Take the east or 
west paths in the next room and make your way to the next computer. Continue 
on the path and you'll come back to the last room. Head north to find the two 
last computers. Now head back and south until you meet Royd and Fyda again. 
Head south and you'll engage in another cut scene. After that take the gull 
back to Earth and you'll land on Airsrock.

Talk to the scientist and he'll tell you that the airship fell in South 
America. So head to the place where you started Chapter 2 in (a cave in the 
Amazon). You'll meet Columbus there. Tell him you're going to save the world, 
save your game and then jump into the hole. Head back to Crysta and enter the 
Elder's. Sleep at your bed then talk to the Elder. Follow him outside and 
you'll be teleported to the Gaia Stone. This is where you'll fight the final 

Boss: Dark Gaia
He has several attacks. Sonic Boom can be avoided by standing on the far right 
or left of the platform. To avoid Gaia's Rage you can just walk away of the 
explosions. Also he'll throw his Light Orb at you, stand on one of the two 
star's points furthest left or right and hit the orb to throw it back at Dark 
Gaia. It'll damage him. After that he'll start flying towards you. You can hit 
him when he stops near the platform. Afterwards he'll start the same pattern 
again. Keep deflecting his attack and hitting him when he's flying and soon 
you'll kill him. But he'll return (as all RPG final bosses always do).

Boss: Dark Gaia 2
He'll be constantly firing at you. He has also a very powerful lightning 
attack. You must block it otherwise it'll halve your HP. Avoid his attacks and 
hit his body when he's near. And if you stand in the back of the platform, 
he'll come down a few more times, which gives you more chances to hit him. 
After a not so long while you'll kill him and beat the game.

After a long cut scene, you'll be sent to Underworld Crysta for your last day. 
Talk to everybody then go to bed to get the final cut scene.

------------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------

This is the enemy list, with information about each of them. Note that it's 
not always that an enemy gives Gems. And there are some enemies that I 
couldn't figure out the HP, so I've listed the possible HP. If you know 
exactly what's the correct HP, please tell me.

Purple Hubbal
HP: 4
Exp: 2
Gems: 3
Location: Tower 1-2

HP: 9
Exp: 4
Gems: 6
Location: Tower 1-5; sub-area where you resurrect Polynese; Canyon

Living Statue
HP: 22
Exp: 10
Gems: 20
Location: Tower 1; sub-area where you resurrect Polynese

Red Hubbal
HP: 11
Exp: 4
Gems: 6
Location: Tower 1, 3-4

HP: 20
Exp: 6
Gems: 13
Location: Tower 2-5

HP: 9
Exp: 7
Gems: 0
Location: Tower 3-5

HP: 24
Exp: 15
Gems: 19
Location: Evegreen

Gold Amarante
HP: 20
Exp: 13
Gems: 14
Location: Evegreen

Gall Fish
HP: 6
Exp: 11
Gems: 0
Location: Evegreen

Purple Amarante
HP: 20
Exp: 13
Gems: 14
Location: Evegreen

Stone Golem
HP: 30
Exp: 17
Gems: 25
Location: Grecliff

HP: 25
Exp: 14
Gems: 0
Location: Grecliff, Canyon

Mud Man
HP: 28
Exp: 16
Gems: 21
Location: Grecliff, Canyon

HP: 7
Exp: 18
Gems: 24
Location: Grecliff

Blue Borfe
HP: 35-36
Exp: 16
Gems: 15
Location: Grecliff

Mini Quaker
HP: 1-7
Exp: 18
Gems: 24
Location: Grecliff

Lizard Man
HP: 24
Exp: 22
Gems: 25
Location: Zue

Demi Basilisk
HP: 44
Exp: 19
Gems: 22
Location: Zue

HP: 27-28
Exp: 18
Gems: 10
Location: Zue

HP: 60
Exp: 20
Gems: 23
Location: Zue

Sabre Dog
HP: 50-52
Exp: 23
Gems: 33
Location: Eklemata

Ice Crystal
HP: 34
Exp: 19
Gems: 21
Location: Eklemata

HP: 76
Exp: 21
Gems: 0
Location: Eklemata

HP: 45
Exp: 23
Gems: 34
Location: Eklemata

Ice Quaker
HP: 12-18
Exp: 18
Gems: 0
Location: Eklemata

Blue Slime
HP: It divides into several small slimes that can be easily killed.
Exp: 40
Gems: 0
Location: Eklemata

Man Ghoul
HP: Head: 1, Body: 50
Exp: 18
Gems: 21
Location: Louran

Girl Ghoul
HP: Heads: 1, Body: 88
Exp: Heads: 18, Body: 18
Gems: 21
Location: Louran

HP: 64
Exp: 23
Gems: 36
Location: Louran

Boy Ghoul
HP: Head: 1, Body: 49-50
Exp: 18
Gems: 21
Location: Louran

HP: 49
Exp: 28
Gems: 32
Location: Louran

Red Borfe
HP: 49
Exp: 26
Gems: 28
Location: Louran

HP: 23-35
Exp: 24
Gems: 34
Location: Louran

HP: 54
Exp: 26
Gems: 0
Location: Louran

Woman Ghoul
HP: Head: 1, Body: 49-51
Exp: 18
Gems: 21
Location: Louran

Blue Bat
HP: 47-57
Exp: 28
Gems: 27
Location: Norfest

HP: 104
Exp: 30
Gems: 32
Location: Norfest

Water Whisp
HP: 20
Exp: 20
Gems: 0
Location: Norfest

HP: 93-102
Exp: 28
Gems: 27
Location: Norfest

Cursed Armor
HP: 135
Exp: 38
Gems: 38
Location: Sylvain

HP: 125
Exp: 35
Gems: 41
Location: Sylvain

HP: 105
Exp: 32
Gems: 31
Location: Sylvain

Red Bat
HP: 73-78
Exp: 34
Gems: 30
Location: Sylvain

Blood Skeleton
HP: 120
Exp: 45
Gems: 0
Location: Sylvain

Soul Knight
HP: 172
Exp: 59
Gems: 57
Location: Sylvain

HP: 200
Exp: 62
Gems: 79
Location: Mermaid Tower

Gall Fish 2
HP: 10
Exp: 49
Gems: 0
Location: Great Lakes Cavern

Greater Douma
HP: 190
Exp: 65
Gems: 109
Location: Great Lakes Cavern

Green Slime
HP: It divides into several small slimes that can be easily killed.
Exp: 60
Gems: 0
Location: Great Lakes Cavern, Neotokio Sewers

Red Amarante
HP: 140-155
Exp: 76
Gems: 65
Location: Great Lakes Cavern

HP: 179
Exp: 69
Gems: 56
Location: Great Lakes Cavern

HP: 288
Exp: 80
Gems: 75
Location: Beruga's Lab, Labtower

Dog Soldier A
HP: 325
Exp: 100
Gems: 75
Location: Beruga's Lab, Airship

HP: 300
Exp: 102
Gems: 102
Location: Beruga's Lab, Labtower

HP: 227-230
Exp: 98
Gems: 89
Location: Neotokio Sewers

Lobber 1
HP: 270
Exp: 98
Gems: 389
Location: Neotokio Sewers

Lobber 2
HP: 181-204
Exp: 110
Gems: 90
Location: Neotokio Sewers

HP: 160
Exp: 99
Gems: 0
Location: Neotokio Sewers, Airship

Green Colossus
HP: 250
Exp: 100
Gems: 116
Location: Neotokio Sewers

Golden Chakra
HP: 240
Exp: 98
Gems: 68
Location: Astarica

Blue Pupila
HP: 166-169
Exp: 69
Gems: 56
Location: Astarica

Dog Soldier B
HP: 345
Exp: 100
Gems: 51
Location: Labtower

Red Colossus
HP: 300
Exp: 130
Gems: 156
Location: Labtower, Airship

Probe 2
HP: 245-270
Exp: 120
Gems: 0
Location: Airship

Here's a list of the weapons you'll get along the game.

|Weapon   |Attributes       |Description                             |Cost   |
|CrySpear |STR +3           |Gradually heals when equipped (only in  |Free   |
|         |                 |Underworld).                            |       |
|Hex Rod  |STR +4           |Made of sturdy wood.                    |170    |
|Ra Spear |STR +6           |Made from a branch of Ra Tree.          |Free   |
|         |DEF +1           |                                        |       |
|RocSpear |STR +8 (Earth)   |Can shatter large boulders.             |Free   |
|Sticker  |STR +9           |Made of a thorny bush.                  |Free   |
|Neo Fang |STR +12          |Sharply tipped with Neo's fang.         |Free   |
|FirePike |STR +14 (Fire)   |Cloaked in a layer of fire.             |Free   |
|         |LUCK +6          |                                        |       |
|BrnzPike |STR +17          |Made of durable bronze.                 |880    |
|LightRod |STR +15 (Light)  |A staff with a glowing tip.             |Free   |
|         |LUCK +4          |                                        |       |
|SlvrPike |STR +22          |Effective against wolves.               |1500   |
|Icepick  |STR +25 (Ice)    |Made of a highly rigid icicle.          |Free   |
|SoulWand |STR +24          |A staff that increases LIFE.            |1650   |
|         |LIFE +50         |                                        |       |
|SeaSpear |STR +37          |The favored weapon among mermaids.      |Free   |
|ThunPike |STR +35 (Thunder)|Charged with thunderbolts.              |2450   |
|         |LUCK +6          |                                        |       |
|GeoStaff |STR +43 (Earth)  |A staff blessed by Earth.               |Free   |
|         |DEF +5           |                                        |       |
|EnbuPike |STR +51          |Changes DEF into STR.                   |Free   |
|         |DEF -5           |                                        |       |
|3PartRod |STR +48          |Raises DEF points slightly.             |Free   |
|         |DEF +3           |                                        |       |
|         |LUCK -5          |                                        |       |
|BlockRod |STR +38          |Changes STR into DEF.                   |Free   |
|         |DEF +9           |                                        |       |
|LghtPike |STR +51 (Light)  |Casts a brilliant glow from within.     |4350   |
|Fauchard |STR +58          |A knife-tipped rod used by samurais.    |Free   |
|DrgnPike |STR +43          |Bears a carving of a flying dragon.     |3150   |
|         |DEF -3           |                                        |       |
|Trident  |STR +28          |                                        |2100   |
|XSpear   |STR +40          |                                        |Lottery|
|         |DEF -14          |                                        |in     |
|         |LUCK +14         |                                        |Freedom|
|AlphaRod |STR +43          |Changes STR into luck.                  |7500   |
|         |LUCK +20         |                                        |       |
|HeroPike |STR +80          |Once beheld by heroes.                  |Free   |

Here's the armor list for this game.

|Armor     |Attributes   |Description                                |Cost   |
|Clothes   |DEF +3       |Obviously a cloth outfit.                  |Free   |
|Leather   |DEF +5       |Made of tanned leather.                    |190    |
|ElleCape  |DEF +6       |A special cape woven by Elle.              |Free   |
|LeafSuit  |DEF +8       |Blocks poison with Ra Tree leaves.         |Free   |
|Ra Armor  |DEF +10      |Blocks poison with Ra Tree's power.        |380    |
|BirdSuit  |DEF +12      |Made of Kingbird's feathers.               |550    |
|Fur Coat  |DEF +14      |Protects against cold.                     |750    |
|Ice Suit  |DEF +15      |Protects against fire. Made of ice.        |Free   |
|Rags      |DEF +3       |Smelly, filthy, ragged clothes.            |Free   |
|RingMail  |DEF +22      |Preferred by the soldiers of Loire.        |1280   |
|VestArmr  |DEF +29      |Worn by guards of royalty.                 |Free   |
|PoshSuit  |DEF +20      |Embarrassing, even to onlookers!           |1220   |
|          |LUCK +5      |                                           |       |
|Sea Mail  |DEF +43      |Chain mail made of mermaid scales.         |Free   |
|RedArmr   |DEF +29      |Dully coated with washes of blood.         |6660   |
|          |LIFE -80     |                                           |       |
|          |STR +13      |                                           |       |
|SoulArmr  |DEF +48      |Deflects death curses.                     |Free   |
|          |LIFE +40     |                                           |       |
|KingArmr  |DEF +50      |Worn by a feudal warlord.                  |Free   |
|HolySuit  |DEF +40      |Anticonfusion. Changes STR into Luck.      |Free   |
|          |STR -10      |                                           |       |
|          |LUCK +15     |                                           |       |
|KungFuGi  |DEF +30      |Outfit for speedy martial arts.            |1220   |
|          |STR +8       |                                           |       |
|MonkRobe  |DEF +18      |Deflects curses. Worn by monks.            |1080   |
|NiceSuit  |DEF +20      |Somewhat too fancy and loud.               |480    |
|          |LUCK +2      |                                           |       |
|SlvrArmr  |DEF +35      |Made of silver to block poison.            |2500   |
|DrgnMail  |DEF +40      |Protects against lightning strikes.        |3880   |
|Pro Armr  |DEF +76      |Prevents transformations.                  |7890   |
|          |LIFE +40     |                                           |       |
|          |STR -12      |                                           |       |
|HeroArmr  |DEF +88      |Powerful armor worn by heroes.             |Free   |

Here's a list of the various items you'll find throughout the game.

|Item             |Description                                       |Cost   |
|Jewel Box        |For storing Magirock.                             |Free   |
|S. Bulb          |Restores health by 20 points.                     |10     |
|M. Bulb          |Restores health by 70 points.                     |25     |
|P. Cure          |Instantly cures a poisoning.                      |13     |
|Sleepless Seal   |Blocks guardner's sleep spell.                    |Free   |
|Life Potion      |Increases life by 5 points.                       |Free   |
|Crystal Thread   |Used to make ElleCape.                            |Free   |
|Giant Leaves     |Wear on feet to swim.                             |Free   |
|Ra Dewdrop       |Use to block Parasite poison.                     |Free   |
|STR Potion       |Raises strength by 1 point.                       |Free   |
|Sharp Claws      |For climbing even vertical cliffs.                |Free   |
|Stardew          |Provides fast lifting of curses.                  |30     |
|DEF Potion       |Raises defense by 1 point.                        |Free   |
|Snowgrass Leaf   |A curative herb for wounds.                       |Free   |
|Red Scarf        |A scarf worn by Meilin.                           |Free   |
|Holy Seal        |A seal that wards off ghosts.                     |Free   |
|L. Bulb          |Restores health by 150 points.                    |70     |
|Mushroom         |Picked in Mush Woods. Tasty?                      |Free   |
|Pretty Flower    |Bought from the florist in Loire.                 |5      |
|Sleep Potion     |Wildly effective for everyone!                    |Free   |
|Jail Key         |For the jail in Loire Castle.                     |Free   |
|Protect Bell     |Chimes to identify correct paths.                 |Free   |
|Dog Whistle      |For quieting dogs.                                |Free   |
|Portrait         |A portrait of Elle's family.                      |Free   |
|Luck Potion      |Increases luck by 1 point.                        |Free   |
|Tower Key        |A heavy key.                                      |Free   |
|Black Opal       |A black gem.                                      |Free   |
|Topaz            |A yellow gem.                                     |Free   |
|Ruby             |A red gem.                                        |Free   |
|Sapphire         |A blue gem.                                       |Free   |
|Fever Medicine   |An effective cure for fevers.                     |Free   |
|Matis's Painting |To be given to a lover of art.                    |Free   |
|Fancy Clothes    |Trendy clothes made in Loire.                     |Free   |
|Wine             |A fine product of the winery.                     |Free   |
|Camera           |From Loire. Take a snapshot or two!               |Free   |
|Royal Letter     |From Princess Elle to Ark.                        |Free   |
|Tin Sheet        |Sheet metal found at Will's.                      |Free   |
|Log              |Fine wood found in Gumin Forest.                  |Free   |
|Serum            |Eliminates deadly poisons.                        |45     |
|Engagement Ring  |Deliver to Servas from mermaid.                   |Free   |
|Tinned Sardines  |A delicious product of Litz.                      |Free   |
|Tasty Meat       |High-grade beef from Suncoast.                    |Free   |
|H. Water         |Instantly lifts a death curse.                    |90     |
|Crystal          |A high-grade crystal for art.                     |1000   |
|Air Herb         |For breathing underwater.                         |Free   |
|Magic Anchor     |Secures footing in swift currents.                |Free   |
|Speed Shoes      |Run like the wind wearing these.                  |Free   |
|Ginseng          |A medicinal plant for illnesses.                  |Free   |
|Airfield Plans   |Plans provided by Will for flying.                |Free   |
|Nirlake Letter   |A request to support Nirlake.                     |Free   |
|Transceiver      |For conversing over distance.                     |Free   |
|Sewer Key        |For the sewers of Neotokio.                       |Free   |
|Starstone        |To be presented to the hero's grave.              |Free   |
|Time Bomb        |A bomb from Fyda.                                 |Free   |

This list shows all the magical items you can get.

|Name       |Cost                 |Description                               |
|FireRing   |5 Gems, 1 Magirock   |A spell for unleashing fire.              |
|Ice Ring   |5 Gems, 1 Magirock   |A spell for shooting ice.                 |
|GrassPin   |20 Gems, 4 Magirocks |A healing spell from Ra Tree.             |
|Zap Ring   |9 Gems, 2 Magirocks  |A spell for lightning.                    |
|PyroRing   |15 Gems, 2 Magirocks |A spell for unleashing flames.            |
|Wind Pin   |10 Gems, 2 Magirocks |A spell that cures all abnormalities.     |
|Geo Ring   |10 Gems, 1 Magirock  |A spell that causes a quake.              |
|SnowRing   |15 Gems, 2 Magirocks |A spell for a blizzard.                   |
|Bone Pin   |30 Gems, 1 Magirock  |A teleportation spell from Kumari.        |
|Ray Ring   |15 Gems, 1 Magirock  |A spell that fires a light orb.           |
|ElecRing   |30 Gems, 2 Magirocks |A spell that strikes all.                 |
|BoomRing   |25 Gems, 3 Magirocks |A spell that zaps all foes.               |
|WaterPin   |65 Gems, 6 Magirocks |An invincibility spell.                   |
|Horn Pin   |50 Gems, 4 Magirocks |A spell shielding special attacks.        |
|Sky Ring   |30 Gems, 3 Magirocks |A spell that voids all foes.              |

Here's a chart that shows how much experience points you need to advance 
levels and what you gain by advancing each of them.

|Level   |Life (+)|Str (+)|Def (+)|Luck (+)|Exp next level  |Exp interval    |
|1       |28 (0)  |3 (0)  |2 (0)  |3 (0)   |38              |38              |
|2       |33 (5)  |4 (1)  |3 (1)  |4 (1)   |120             |82              |
|3       |39 (6)  |4 (0)  |4 (1)  |5 (1)   |250             |130             |
|4       |47 (8)  |5 (1)  |5 (1)  |6 (1)   |430             |180             |
|5       |52 (5)  |6 (1)  |5 (0)  |7 (1)   |675             |245             |
|6       |59 (7)  |6 (0)  |6 (1)  |8 (1)   |995             |320             |
|7       |65 (6)  |7 (1)  |7 (1)  |9 (1)   |1573            |578             |
|8       |72 (7)  |8 (1)  |7 (0)  |10 (1)  |2293            |720             |
|9       |79 (7)  |10 (2) |8 (1)  |11 (1)  |3138            |845             |
|10      |86 (7)  |11 (1) |10 (2) |12 (1)  |4118            |980             |
|11      |95 (9)  |13 (2) |11 (1) |13 (1)  |5233            |1115            |
|12      |102 (7) |15 (2) |14 (3) |14 (1)  |6513            |1280            |
|13      |109 (7) |16 (1) |16 (2) |15 (1)  |7958            |1445            |
|14      |118 (9) |18 (2) |19 (3) |17 (2)  |9578            |1620            |
|15      |125 (7) |20 (2) |21 (2) |19 (2)  |11383           |1805            |
|16      |134 (9) |23 (3) |22 (1) |20 (1)  |13383           |2000            |
|17      |144 (10)|25 (2) |24 (2) |22 (2)  |15588           |2205            |
|18      |153 (9) |27 (2) |25 (1) |24 (2)  |18808           |3220            |
|19      |164 (11)|29 (2) |27 (2) |25 (1)  |21453           |2645            |
|20      |175 (11)|31 (2) |29 (2) |28 (3)  |24333           |2880            |
|21      |188 (13)|34 (3) |31 (2) |29 (1)  |27458           |3125            |
|22      |201 (13)|36 (2) |33 (2) |31 (2)  |30838           |3380            |
|23      |213 (12)|38 (2) |35 (2) |34 (3)  |34483           |3645            |
|24      |224 (11)|41 (3) |37 (2) |36 (2)  |38403           |3920            |
|25      |238 (14)|44 (3) |39 (2) |39 (3)  |42608           |4205            |
|26      |252 (14)|46 (2) |42 (3) |43 (4)  |47108           |4500            |
|27      |265 (13)|49 (3) |45 (3) |46 (3)  |51913           |4805            |
|28      |279 (14)|51 (2) |48 (3) |49 (3)  |57033           |5120            |
|29      |294 (15)|53 (2) |50 (2) |52 (3)  |62478           |5445            |
|30      |310 (16)|55 (2) |52 (2) |54 (2)  |68258           |5780            |
|31      |324 (14)|58 (3) |55 (3) |57 (3)  |74383           |6125            |
|32      |356 (32)|60 (2) |58 (3) |60 (3)  |80863           |6480            |

FINAL VERSION - August 15th, 2003 – 83.8KB - Seven months. The longest guide 
I've ever done. Now it's time to finish this and move on new projects. Thank 
you all!
v1.53 - July 11th, 2003 - 84KB - I have changed the formatting a bit (you 
won't probably even notice it).
v1.52 - June 20th, 2003 - 84.4KB - I've made some minor changes at request 
from the readers. I've also found another Magirock in Louran.
v1.51 - May 30th, 2003 - 83.3KB - Just small additions this time.
v1.50 - May 16th, 2003 - 83.2KB - I've finished the long revision and this 
guide is nearly its completion.
v1.46 - May 9th, 2003 - 80.8KB - I lied. I'm not even in Chapter 4 yet.
v1.43 - May 2nd, 2003 - 79.2KB - I'm nearly the end of Chapter 3, so I might 
finish this up next week.
v1.41 - April 25th, 2003 - 78.2KB - I've gone up to Astarica this time.
v1.38 - April 18th, 2003 - 76.3KB - This week I didn't progress much, I'm 
still at Beruga's Lab.
v1.37 - April 11th, 2003 - 75.9KB - I've updated up to Beruga's Lab.
v1.36 - April 4th, 2003 - 75.1KB - This update is bigger than the others. I've 
added many missing items and Magirocks.
v1.29 - March 28th, 2003 - 71.4KB - I've updated the guide up to Gumin. Some 
new info has been put for you.
v1.24 - March 21st, 2003 - 68.9KB - While I'm still updating my guide, I'd 
like to state my position completely against this stupid war that's happening 
in our world.
v1.22 - March 14th, 2003 - 67.8KB - The same thing again.
v1.19 - March 7th, 2003 - 65.7KB - You know, again it's just the updated 
v1.15 - February 28th, 2003 - 63.9KB - I continue updating the lists and 
correcting my mistakes. Bah, boring routine.
v1.09 - February 25th, 2003 - 60.5KB - Updated the lists, also made some 
changes to the entire guide.
v1.08 - February 21st, 2003 - 59.6KB - Started all the lists (weapons, armors, 
enemies, bosses, items, levels, rings and pins). Also corrected some mistakes 
in the walkthrough.
v1.00 - February 18th, 2003 - 55.4KB - Walkthrough finally complete.
v0.90 - February 14th, 2003 - 51KB - Walkthrough up to the beginning of 
Chapter 4.
v0.80 - February 7th, 2003 - 45.5KB - Walkthrough up to Mosque.
v0.70 - January 31st, 2003 - 40.4KB - Walkthrough up to the Mermaid Tower.
v0.55 - January 24th, 2003 - 32.9KB - Walkthrough up to Litz.
v0.45 - January 17th, 2003 - 26.9KB - Walkthrough up to Nomads'.
v0.30 - January 10th, 2003 - 18.5KB - Walkthrough up to Zue, first sections 

Belldandy Goddess - She told me of a small area southeast of the Sanctuar 

Hope you enjoyed using this guide as I enjoyed writing it. The walkthrough is 
now completed and revised for errors. See you later!

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