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Pro Action Replay Codes by Fallen Wings

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 11/10/02

                         TERRANIGMA PAR CODES
Version:1.7(eighth version)
Author:Solomon warrior
User name:Solomon warrior
Current user level:Regular user
1)version history.
3)PAR codes(Pro Action Replay Codes).
4)about upgrade.
5)Copyright issue.
1)Version history.
-first FAQ.
-the cheat is not complete.

-second FAQ
-add more item on full item list.
-add suitable code section.
-add useless item.
-explain clearly why some of the code can't be use.

-third FAQ.
-add important item.
-all section complete.

-Fourth FAQ.
-rearranged my codes.
-all codes complete.

-Fifth FAQ.
-add item description to all items.

-Sixth FAQ.
-explain the problem that I was talking about last version.
-Add copyright issue.

-fix all weapon give you 99 strength codes
-fix all armor give you 99 defense

-fix your current defence become 999
-fix your current strength become 99
I made this guide is to help you to beat the game and i do not
responsible if some strange things happen if you use this guide.
Anyway,this guide is totally free.If you found any other codes,
please e-mail me or leave a message in GameFAQ's message board.
Please tell me too if you found some codes are not working correctly.
3)PAR Codes(Pro Action Replay Codes)
You must have ZSNES emulator to get these codes work.

7E065DE7:Infinite life (999 HP)
7E065E03:Infinite life (999 HP)
7F0CA6E7:Infinite life (999 HP)
7F0CA703:Infinite life (999 HP)

7E07ED99:Have 99 magic rock

7E069599:99999 Coins
7E069699: 99999 Coins
7E069709: 99999 Coins

7E0659E7:All weapon give you 99 strength
7E065A03:All weapon give you 99 strength

7E065BE7:All armor give you 99 defense
7E065C03:All armor give you 99 defense

7E065FE7:Your current defence become 999
7E066003:Your current defence become 999

7E0662E7:Your current strength become 99
7E066303:Your current strength become 99

note:I did not put FF as the value for all these
code listed above because the game is always
take the last 3 or 2 digit from the value.
WARNING:when you enable INFINITE codes,don't try to
open a chest to get the item because you will get infinite
amount of the item in the chest and it will crash your game.
Turn these code off first if you try to get an item inside
the chest.
Some item like weapon can use infinite time .So, i suggest
you to turn of the infinite code when you want to use it.

SLOT 1                                           SLOT 15
7F800109:Infinite item                     7F801D09:Infinite item
7F8000XX:Slot modifier                  7F801CXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 2                                            SLOT 16
7F800309:Infinite item                      7F801F09:Infinite item
7F8002XX:Slot modifier                   7F801EXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 3                                            SLOT 17
7F800509:Infinite item                      7F802109:Infinite item
7F8004XX:Slot modifier                   7F8020XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 4                                            SLOT 18
7F800709:Infinite item                      7F802309:Infinite item
7F8006XX:Slot modifier                   7F8022XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 5                                            SLOT 19
7F800909:Infinite item                      7F802509:Infinite item
7F8008XX:Slot modifier                   7F8024XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 6                                             SLOT 20
7F800B09:Infinite item                       7F802709:Infinite item
7F800AXX:Slot modifier                   7F8026XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 7                                             SLOT 21
7F800D09:Infinite item                      7F802909:Infinite item
7F800CXX:Slot modifier                   7F8028XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 8                                             SLOT 22
7F800F09:Infinite item                       7F802B09:Infinite item
7F800EXX:Slot modifier                    7F802AXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 9                                               SLOT 23
7F801109:Infinite item                         7F802D09:Infinite item
7F8010XX:Slot modifier                      7F802CXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 10                                             SLOT 24
7F801309:Infinite item                         7F802F09:Infinite item
7F8012XX:Slot modifier                      7F802EXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 11                                             SLOT 25
7F801509:Infinite item                         7F803109:Infinite item
7F8014XX:Slot modifier                      7F8030XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 12                                              SLOT 26
7F801709:Infinite item                          7F803309:Infinite item
7F8016XX:Slot modifier                       7F8032XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 13                                               SLOT 27
7F801909:Infinite item                           7F803509:Infinite item
7F8018XX:Slot modifier                        7F8034XX:Slot modifier

7F801B09:Infinite item
7F801AXX:Slot modifier

replace XX with
10:S. Bulb=Restore health by 20 points.
11:M. Bulb=Restore health by 70 points.
12:L. Bulb=Restore health by 150 points.
13:P. Cure=Instantly cures a poisoning.
14:Star Dew=Provide fast lifting of curses.
15:Serum=Eliminates deadly poison.
16:H. Water=Instantly lifts a dead curse.
17:STR Potion=Raises strength.(1)
18:DEF Potion=Raises defense.(1)
19:Luck Potion=Increases luck.(1)
1A:Life Potion=Increases life.(5)
30:Aloe Leaves=Leaves of an aloe plant.
31:Carrot=A carrot.
32:Crystal Thread=A brilliantly shiny thread.
33:Snowgrass Leaf=A curative herb for wounds.
34:Red Scarf=A scarf worn by Meilin.
35:Holy Seal=A seal that wards off ghosts.
36:Protect Bell=Chimes to identify correct paths.
37:Sapphire=A blue gem.
38:Black Opal=A black gem.
39:Ruby=A red gem.
3A:Topaz=A yellow gem.
3B:Portrait=A portrait of Elle's family.
3C:Sleep Potion=Wildly effective for everyone.
3D:Jail Key=For the jail in Loire Castle
3E:Tower Key=A heavy key.
3F:Ra Dewdrop=Use to block parasite poison.
40:Royal Letter=From Princess Elle to Ark.
41:Heaven Statue=Used to summon rainfall.
42:Grass Whistle=Made of woven grass.
43:Dog Whistle=For quieting dogs.
44:Airplane Parts=No description.
45:Grenade=No description.
46:Beeper=No description.
47:Transceiver=For conversing over distance.
48:Time Bomb=A bomb from Fyda.
49:Magic Anchor=Secures footing in swift currents.
4A:Engagement Ring=Deliver to Servas from mermaid.
4B:Sewer Key=For the serwers of Neotokio.
4C:Star Stone=To be presented to the hero's grave.
4D:Powered Gear=Enables lifting of heavy objects.
4E:Fancy Clothes=Trendy clothes made in Loire.
4F:Matis's Painting=To be given to a lover of art.
50:Mushroom=Picked in Mush Wood. Tasty?
51:Wine=A fine product of the winery.
52:Tasty Meat=High grade meat from Suncoast.
53:Camera=From Loire. Take a snapshot or two.
54:Apartment Key=A for"101 at Rococo Apartment.
55:Crystal=A high grade crystal for art.
56:Tinned Sardines=A delicious product by Litz.
57:Airfield Plans=Plans provided by Will for flying.
58:Ginseng=A medicinal plant for illnesses.
59:Sleepness Seal=Blocks guardner's sleep spell.
5A:Pretty Flower=Bought from the florist in Loire.
5B:Fever Medicine=An effective cure for fevers.
5C:Tin Sheet=Sheet metal found at will's.
5D:Nirlake Letter=A request to support Nirlake.
5E:Log=Fine wood found in Gumin Forest.

SLOT 1                                   SLOT 9
7F808109:Infinite pin/ring         7F809109:Infinite pin/ring
7F8080XX:Slot modifier          7F8090XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 2                                    SLOT 10
7F808309:Infinite pin/ring         7F809309:Infinite pin/ring
7F8082XX:Slot modifier          7F8092XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 3                                    SLOT 11
7F808509:Infinite pin/ring         7F809509:Infinite pin/ring
7F8084XX:Slot modifier          7F8094XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 4                                    SLOT 12
7F808709:Infinite pin/ring          7F809709:Infinite pin/ring
7F8086XX:Slot modifier           7F8096XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 5                                    SLOT 13
7F808909:Infinite pin/ring          7F809909:Infinite pin/ring
7F8088XX:Slot modifier            7F8098XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 6                                     SLOT 14
7F808B09:Infinite pin/ring          7F809B09:Infinite pin/ring
7F808AXX:Slot modifier           7F809AXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 7                                     SLOT 15
7F808D09:Infinite pin/ring          7F809D09:Infinite pin/ring
7F808CXX:Slot modifier           7F809CXX:Slot modifier

7F808F09:Infinite pin/ring
7F808EXX:Slot modifier

replace XX with
01:Fire Ring=A spell for unleashing fire.
02:Pyro Ring=A spell for unleashing flames.
03:Ice Ring=A spell for shooting ice.
04:Snow Ring=A spell for a blizzard.
05:Zap Ring=A spell for linhtning.
06:Boom Ring=A spell that zap all foes.
07:Geo Ring=A spell that causes a quake.
08:Sky Ring=A spell that voids all foes.
09:Ray Ring=A spell that fires a light orb.
0A:Elec Ring=A spell that strikes all.
0B:Grass Pin=A healing spell from Ra Tree.
0C:Wind Pin=A spell that cures all abnormalities.
0D:Bone Pin=A teleportation spell from Kumari.
0E:Horn Pin=A spell shielding special attacks.
0F:Water Pin=An invincibility spell.

SLOT 1                               SLOT 9
7F806109:Infinite armor       7F807109:Infinite armor
7F8060XX:Slot modifier      7F8070XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 2                               SLOT 10
7F806309:Infinite armor       7F807309:Infinite armor
7F8062XX:Slot modifier      7F8072XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 3                               SLOT 11
7F806509:Infinite armor       7F807509:Infinite armor
7F8064XX:Slot modifier      7F8074XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 4                               SLOT 12
7F806709:Infinite armor       7F807709:Infinite armor
7F8066XX:Slot modifier      7F8076XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 5                                SLOT 13
7F806909:Infinite armor       7F807909:Infinite armor
7F8068XX:Slot modifier      7F8078XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 6                               SLOT 14
7F806B09:Infinite armor       7F807B09:Infinite armor
7F806AXX:Slot modifier      7F807AXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 7                                SLOT 15
7F806D09:Infinite armor       7F807D09:Infinite armor
7F806CXX:Slot modifier      7F807CXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 8                               SLOT 16
7F806F09:Infinite armor       7F807F09:Infinite armor
7F806EXX:Slot modifier      7F807EXX:Slot modifier

replace XX with
A0:Clothes=Obviously a cloth outfit.[DEF+3]
A1:Leather=Made of tanned leather.[DEF+5]
A2:Leaf Suit=Block poison with RA Tree leaves.[DEF+8]
A3:Ra Armr=Block poison with Ra Tree's power.[DEF+10]
A4:Bird Suit=Made of Kingbird's feathers.[DEF+12]
A5:Fur Coat=Protects against cold.[DEF+14]
A6:Ice Suit=Protects against fire.Made of ice.[DEF+15]
A8:Monk Robe=Deflects curses.Worn by monks.[DEF+18]
A9:Nice Suit=Somewhat too fancy or loud.[DEF+20]
AA:Ring Mail=Preferred by the soldiers of Loire.[DEF+22]
AB:Slvr Vest=A chest plate that blocks poison.[DEF+26]
AC:Vest Armr=Worn by guards of royalty.[DEF+29]
AE:Slvr Armr=Made of silver to block poison.[DEF+35]
AF:Posh Suit=Embarassing, even to onlookers![DEF+20]
B0:Kung Fu Gi=Outfit for speedy martial arts.[DEF+30]
B1:Drgn Mail=Protects against lightning strikes.[DEF+40]
B2:Soul Armr=Deflects death curses.[DEF+48]
B3:Holy Suit=Anticonfusion. Cahnges STR into Luck.[DEF+40]
B4:King Armr=Worn by a feudal war lord.[DEF+50]
B5:Red Armr=Dully coated with washed of blood.[DEF+44]
B6:Rags=Smelly, filthy, ragged clothes.[DEF+3]
BC:Hero Armr=Powerful armor worn by heroes[DEF+88]
BD:Pro Armr=Prevents transformations.[DEF+65]
BE:Sea Armr=Chain mail made of mermaid scales.[DEF+43]
BF:Elle Cape=A special cape woven by Elle.

SLOT 1                                SLOT 9
7F804109:Infinite weapon     7F805109:Infinite weapon
7F8040XX:Slot modifier       7F8050XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 2                                SLOT 10
7F804309:Infinite weapon     7F805309:Infinite weapon
7F8042XX:Slot modifier       7F8052XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 3                                SLOT 11
7F804509:Infinite weapon     7F805509:Infinite weapon
7F8044XX:Slot modifier       7F8054XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 4                                SLOT 12
7F804709:Infinite weapon     7F805709:Infinite weapon
7F8046XX:Slot modifier       7F8056XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 5                                SLOT 13
7F804909:Infinite weapon     7F805909:Infinite weapon
7F8048XX:Slot modifier       7F8058XX:Slot modifier

SLOT 6                                 SLOT 14
7F804B09:Infinite weapon     7F805B09:Infinite weapon
7F804AXX:Slot modifier       7F805AXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 7                                 SLOT 15
7F804D09:Infinite weapon     7F805D09:Infinite weapon
7F804CXX:Slot modifier       7F805CXX:Slot modifier

SLOT 8                                 SLOT 16
7F804F09:Infinite weapon     7F805F09:Infinite weapon
7F804EXX:Slot modifier       7F805EXX:Slot modifier

replace XX with
80:Hex Rod=Made of sturdy wood.[STR+4]
81:Cry Spear=Gradually heals when equipped.[STR+3]
82:Ra Spear=Made from a branch of Ra Tree.[STR+6]
83:Roc Spear=Can shatter large boulders.[STR+8](Earth)
84:Sticker=Made of a thorny bush.[STR+9]
85:Neo Fang=Sharply tipped with Neo's fang.[STR+12]
86:Icepick=Made of a highly rigid icicle.[STR+25]
88:Brnz Pike=Made of durable bronze.[STR+17]
89:Light Rod=A staff with a glowing tip.[STR+15](Light)
8B:Slvr Pike=Efective against wolvws.[STR+22]
8C:Fire Pike=Cloaked in a layer of fire.[STR+14](Fire)
8D:Trident=Normally used for fishing.[STR+28]
8E:Soul Wand=A staff thst increases LIFE.[STR+24]
8F:Thun Pike=Charged with thunderbolts.[STR+35] (Thunder)
90:Sea Spear=The favored weapon among mermaids.[STR+37]
91:Geo Staff=A staff blessed by Earth.[STR+43](Earth)
92:Drgn Pike=Bears a carving of a flying dragon.[STR+40]
93:3 Part Rod=Raises DEF points slightly.[STR+48]
94:Lght Pike=Casts a brilliant glow from within[STR+51](Light)
95:Fauchard=A knife-flipped rod used by samurais.[STR+58]
96:X-Spear=Raises probability of critical hits[STR+40]
9C:Hero Pike=Once beheld by heroes[STR+80]
9D:Enbu Pike=Changes DEF into STR.[STR+44]
9E:Alpha Rod=Changes STR into luck.[STR+53]
9F:Block Rod=Changes STR into DEF[STR+50]

SLOT 1                                             SLOT 4
7F803709:Infinite important item        7F803D09:Infinite important item
7F8036XX:Slot modifier                   7F803CXX:Slot modifier

SLOT  2                                            SLOT 5
7F803909:Infinite important item        7F803F09:Infinite important item
7F8038XX:Slot modifier                    7F803EXX:Slot modifier

7F803B09:Infinite important item
7F803AXX:Slot modifier

replace XX with
7A:Jewel Box=For storing Magicrock.
7B:Speed Shoes=Run like the wind wearing these.
7C:Giant Leaves=Wear on feet to swim.
7D:Sharp Claws=For climbing even vertical cliffs.
7E:Air Herb=For breathing underwater.

maybe these item had been remove by the company,
don't even try to use it.It will crash your game easyly
if you try it. It is PAIN......
1B:Item 27                      65:101                          9A:154
1C:Item 28                      66:102                          9B:155
1D:Item 29                      67:103                          A7:Monk Robe(picture only)
1E:Item 30                      68:104                          AD:Slvr Armr(picture only)
1F:Item 31                      69:105                          B7:183
20:Item 32                      6A:106                          B8:184
21:Item 33                      6B:107                          B9:185
22:Item 34                      6C:108                          BA:186
23:Item 35                      6D:109                          BB:187
24:Item 36                      6E:110                          C0:STR Drink(no picture)
25:Item 37                      6F:111                          C1:DEF Drink(no picture)
26:Item 38                      70:112                          C2:Life Drink(no picture)
27:Item 39                      71:113                          C3:Luck Drink(no picture)
28:Item 40                      72:114                          C4:196
29:Item 41                      73:115                          C5:197
2A:Item 42                      74:116                          C6:198
2B:Item 43                      75:117                          C7:199
2C:Item 44                      76:118                          C8:200
2D:Item 45                      77:119                          C9:201
2E:Item 46                      78:120                          CA:202
2F:Item 47                      79:121                          CB:203
5F:95                           7F:Hex Rod(no picture)    CC:204
60:96                           87:Brnz Pike(picture only) CD:205
61:97                           8A:Slvr Pike(picture only)  CE:206
62:98                           97:151                              CF:207
63:99                           98:152
64:100                          99:153


00:Nothing                      46:Beeper                       8C:Fire Pike
01:Fire Ring                    47:Transceiver                 8D:Trident
02:Pyro Ring                   48:Time Bomb                8E:Soul Wand
03:Ice Ring                     49:Magic Anchor             8F:Thun Pike
04:Snow Ring                 4A:Engagement Ring        90:Sea Spear
05:Zap Ring                    4B:Sewer Key                 91:Geo Staff
06:Boom Ring                 4C:Star Stone                  92:Drgn Pike
07:Geo Ring                    4D:Powered Gear           93:3 Part Rod
08:Sky Ring                    4E:Fancy Clothes             94:Lght Pike
09:Ray Ring                    4F:Matis's Painting           95:Fauchard
0A:Elec Ring                   50:Mushroom                  96:X-Spear
0B:Grass Pin                   51:Wine                           97:151
0C:Wind Pin                   52:Tasty Meat                  98:152
0D:Bone Pin                   53:Camera                        99:153
0E:Horn Pin                    54:Apartment Key            9A:154
0F:Water Pin                  55:Crystal                         9B:155
10:S. Bulb                      56:Tinned Sardines            9C:Hero Pike
11:M. Bulb                     57:Airfield Plans                9D:Enbu Pike
12:L. Bulb                      58:Ginseng                        9E:Alpha Rod
13:P. Cure                     59:Sleepness Seal               9F:Block Rod
14:Star Dew                  5A:Pretty Flower                A0:Clothes
15:Serum                       5B:Fever Medicine             A1:Leather
16:H. Water                   5C:Tin Sheet                      A2:Leaf Suit
17:STR Potion               5D:Nirlake Letter               A3:Ra Armr
18:DEF Potion               5E:Log                               A4:Bird Suit
19 Luck Potion              5F:95                                  A5:Fur Coat
1A:Life Potion                60:96                                 A6:Ice Suit
1B:Item 27                      61:97                                A7:Monk Robe(picture only)
1C:Item 28                      62:98                                A8:Monk Robe
1D:Item 29                      63:99                                A9:Nice Suit
1E:Item 30                      64:100                              AA:Ring Mail
1F:Item 31                      65:101                              AB:Slvr Vest
20:Item 32                      66:102                              AC:Vest Armr
21:Item 33                      67:103                              AD:Slvr Armr(picture only)
22:Item 34                      68:104                              AE:Slvr Armr
23:Item 35                      69:105                              AF:Posh Suit
24:Item 36                      6A:106                              B0:Kung Fu Gi
25:Item 37                      6B:107                              B1:Drgn Mail
26:Item 38                      6C:108                              B2:Soul Armr
27:Item 39                      6D:109                              B3:Holy Suit
28:Item 40                      6E:110                              B4:King Armr
29:Item 41                      6F:111                              B5:Red Armr
2A:Item 42                      70:112                              B6:Rags
2B:Item 43                      71:113                              B7:183
2C:Item 44                      72:114                              B8:184
2D:Item 45                      73:115                              B9:185
2E:Item 46                      74:116                              BA:186
2F:Item 47                      75:117                              BB:187
30:Aloe Leaves               76:118                              BC:Hero Armr
31:Carrot                       77:119                               BD:Pro Armr
32:Crystal Thread           78:120                               BE:Sea Armr
33:Snowgrass Leaf         79:121                               BF:Elle Cape
34:Red Scarf                  7A:Jewel Box                    C0:STR Drink(no picture)
35:Holy Seal                   7B:Speed Shoes               C1:DEF Drink(no picture)
36:Protect Bell                7C:Giant Leaves               C2:Life Drink(no picture)
37:Sapphire                    7D:Sharp Claws                C3:Luck Drink(no picture)
38:Black Opal                7E:Air Herb                       C4:196
39:Ruby                         7F:Hex Rod(no picture)      C5:197
3A:Topaz                       80:Hex Rod                       C6:198
3B:Portrait                     81:Cry Spear                     C7:199
3C:Sleep Potin                82:Ra Spear                     C8:200
3D:Jail Key                     83:Roc Spear                   C9:201
3E:Tower Key                 84:Sticker                        CA:202
3F:Ra Dewdrop               85:Neo Fang                    CB:203
40:Royal Letter                86:Icepick                        CC:204
41:Heaven Statue              87:Brnz Pike(picture only) CD:205
42:Grass Whistle              88:Brnz Pike                      CE:206
43:Dog Whistle                89:Light Rod                      CF:207
44:Airplane Parts             8A:Slvr Pike(picture only)
45:Grenade                      8B:Slvr Pike

4)About Upgrade
I will upgrade this FAQ as I found new codes.But,thats all
for now.The problem that I talking about is no way to be
fixed.All you can do is just disabled the codes.
5)Copyright issue
This PAR Codes FAQ is copyright 2002 Solomon warrior.
You can only have this FAQ for your personal use.
This FAQ is not for sale and you can only get this FAQ at
You can't put this FAQ at your Web page without my permission.
Please e-mail me too if you found this FAQ at the web site
other than www.gamefaqs.com
If you want put this document on your web page,just email me
for permission.
I made this FAQ and found those code all on my own.
Special thanks to:
-post this FAQ.
-made this game.
-formating and general cleanup of this FAQ.
-give me the money codes.
I thank him for everything he did to this FAQ.

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