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FAQ/Walkthrough by DC

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/13/01

Last Updated : 13 April 2000 (Australian Time)
Terranigma Guide                                                 v1.0

          _____                         _
         |_   _|__ _ __ _ __ __ _ _ __ (_) __ _ _ __ ___   __ _
           | |/ _ \ '__| '__/ _` | '_ \| |/ _` | '_ ` _ \ / _` |
           | |  __/ |  | | | (_| | | | | | (_| | | | | | | (_| |
           |_|\___|_|  |_|  \__,_|_| |_|_|\__, |_| |_| |_|\__,_|
Legal Stuff

This entire FAQ is copyright DC 2001. The only sites that can
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Terranigma is copyright Enix, I think.  Please do not leech any of
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first. You can print it out, but only for personal use, no selling
Summing it up, do anything for your own personal benefit (apart from
reading it) without asking me, AND YOU'LL BURN IN HELL!!!!!

To get in touch, e-mail me at dc3131@yahoo.com.au
My ICQ# is 34601221
My webpage is http://www.dcmagus.com
My MSN contact is dcmagus@hotmail.com, but any email sent to that
   address will most likely be ignored, as I don't check that
My AIM name is dcmagus

Be warned that I'm only on the net twice a week, don't expect replies
from me which are ten minutes after you've sent the mail. Here's some
guidelines about sending me mail:

1.Make sure you put the title of the game you're asking about in the
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2.If it's an FAQ, make sure that it's not already in the guide!!! If
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  If it's not in there, make sure that the details you provide
  are, well, DETAILED, and not sketchy. Examples are "Hi need to know
  how to get past this part, i'm in a room and stuck", I need to know
  where you are, etc.

3.Ask nicely. So far, most people have, but if your mail goes along
  the lines of "Hi, need code for B2, reply within the next hour
  otherwise I'll bomb you" will not get you anywhere.

That's it. Sorry for being a pain, but it had to be said.

Version History

v1.0 - First version!


2)Game Basics
5)Item List
6)Weapon List
7)Armor List
8)Enemy List


The planet possessed two souls.
An external face and an internal face.
Lightside and darkside.
46 billion years since the planet's birth.
Growth and decline circle to two wills.
At the will of lightside, new life is born.
At the will of darkside, ice ages descend.
Lightside wills intelligent beings.
Rapid progress takes root.
Darkside's will breeds fear and disharmony.
They came to be called God and Devil.

2)Game Basics


D-Pad - Moves you around.

A - Attack, confirm, etc.

B - Jump, cancel.

X - Use Item

Y - Various

L, R - Various

Start - Pause

Select - Menu


There are a couple of attacks that Ark can peform if you press a
certain combination of buttons. These can be found under the Battle
Handbook section of the Menu, but it doesn't give the button
combinations. So :

Rushing - Tap A repeatedly

Slicer - Tap a directional button twice and then A

Slider - Tap a directional button twice, then B, and while in
         mid-air, press A

Spinner - Press B, and while in mid-air, press A

X-Guard - Press R


The menu screen in this game is a magic box. Inside the box, there
are four rooms, Armor, Centre, Item, and Weapon.

Inside the Armor room is where all of your armor is stored. If you
wish to equip armor, move Yomi (the tiny little flying monster
thingy) over the armor, and press A.

Inside the Centre room is the main place where you change settings,
check out your EXP and so forth. There are a few sub menus here:

Battle Handbook : Shows you the different moves that Ark can
                  perform when attacking.

Jewel Box : This stores your Magic Rings, which allow you to cast

Journey Guidebook : Learn the basics of Terranigma.

Map : If you get lost, use this.

Settings Memo : Game settings, like background colours, sound
                quality, etc.

Strength Mirror : Shows you your HP, attack and defence levels,
                  and your EXP rating (current/next level).

Inside the Item room are all of your items.

Inside the Weapon room is where all of your armor is stored. If you
wish to equip weapon, move Yomi (the tiny little flying monster
thingy) over the weapon, and press A.

3)Chapter 1 : The Outset

Note : The level recommendations I have range over a few levels.
       Usually, the level that I was at will be 1 or 2 higher than
       the highest level recommended, as I like to spend time
       levelling up =)

Items : 50gems

Ark is woken up by Elle. Lately he's been having these strange
nightmares... that's not good. Elle tells him he should go outside
and get some fresh air. Take control of Ark and get out of his
bedroom. The two guys in the next room will mention something about
the hot couple. Go down one more screen and talk to the gal who's
cooking, she'll want you to get that vase for her. As far as I'm
concerned, the only thing you can do with it is to pick it up and
throw it at her. Fun! Go to the left and try to leave. The guy next
to the window will say that the Elder wants to see him, so go up one
screen, and in the next screen, go in the door up at the top. This
is the Elder's room. He'll ask you why you ruined the weavings at
the weaver's yesterday. Then you can apologize or make an excuse.
Either way, you have to leave and go to the weaver's to apologize.
Note : Don't try and open the chests that the Elder has, either.

Once outside, go up, past the chickens, and into the building that
the two girls are standing outside. Talk to Elle, and then apologize
to the lady in the white. Now head back to the Elder's house, and go
up one screen. All the guys will be trying to budge that blue door.
They're not supposed to open it, but hell, what would the world be
like if curiousity didn't exist? Say Sure, you'll help them, and then
go pick up the pots in the top right hand corner and piff 'em at the
door until it cracks open. Then someone will call for help... all of
the other guys leave becoz they're absolute chicken nuts. Head into
the stairwell.

Go down two levels, and someone will call for help again. Go down,
and you'll see a big shiny box! Touch it, and you'll be bounced back,
as only strength and a calm soul can break the seal on it. It'll tell
you to calm down, and then touch the box again. Once you touch it,
BOOM! A flying purple thing by the name of Yomi pops out. Ark wonders
where the box has gone... but he is now the owner of it. Yomi will
then "pop" inside to give him a tour of it (in game, hit SELECT to go
in the box). What the box is is your menu screen, with your
inventory, your equip, etc. This should be covered in an earlier
section of the FAQ. After Yomi is done talking, head into the Weapon
Room and examine the sparkling tab. A voice will speak to you,
something about humans will finally learn how to harness my power,
many others have used me before, there's a 50% off sale today, bla
bla bla, and then it will ask if you have the courage to use it. Say
yes, and you'll get your first weapon. It's a Cryspear, which also
heals your HP slowly, and this comes in very handy. Then Yomi will
advise you to get out as someone is coming...namely Elle.

You'll talk, and then she'll suddenly freeze. Why? Yomi says that Ark
needs to go out and explore the world... and then he fades away. Ark
decides that going to the Elder for a bit of enlightment and a cup
of tea is the way to go. So head back up, and try to get outside. The
Elder will be blocking the door. He'll say that the only way to
return everyone to normal is to go outside and conquer the five
towers...so, better listen to the old man. Once he walks away, head
back to the Elder's room, and pick up the items in the chest (50gems,
S.Bulb). For some strange reason, the Merchant and Magishop dudes
aren't frozen, so if you want, you can try and buy something, but
with only 50g, you're better off getting nothing. Leave the town.
Once on the world map, head to the southwest, and into the first

Tower 1

Items : Magirock x3

Upon entering, a big face will appear. Say that you want to save your
friends and it will let you inside. Once you leave this tower, you'll
want to aim to be about level 3-5. Oh yeah, don't forget to equip
your weapon! Although you're probably not as stupid as me... The
purple ball enemies give you 2exp each. And if you climb the stairs
to the second floor, the fire enemies give you 4exp each. On the
second floor, head down into the centre area, climb up there and kill
off the two fire enemies. A big ball of light will appear, talk to it
and it will open up a gate that leads upstairs. Head back upstairs,
and go right, but not up the stairs, instead, keep going right, and
down, and pick up a Magirock.

Now head up the newly opened stairs, the set that's on the right. On
this third level, go down the the floor and beat up the two
guardians, they give 10exp each. Once you're done, go to the top
right hand corner, beat up three purple balls, and pick up another
Magirock. Go to the bottom left hand corner and pick up a chest
(S.Bulb). Then go to to bottom right hand corner, beat the enemy,
and another spirit will come out, and restore you back to full. Head
back over to the bottom left corner, and climb out the broken window
on the left. Climb up the chains and head to the next floor. Here,
take the stairs down, defeat the mean guardian dude, and pick up a

Now head to the right, up the stairs, and head north to find another
set of stairs. Go up them to take you to the final level. Go to the
middle and speak to the Guardian. He'll disappear and four Huballs
will appear. Finish them off, and then head through the door. You'll
restore Eurasia in the real world, and back in Crysta, the weaver's
will be restored. Head back out to the World Map again, and from the
first tower, head north, through the small gap to the west, and
south to the second tower.

Tower 2

Items : 30gems
        Magirock x3

By the end of this tower, aim to be around level 4-6. Once inside,
take the stairs to the left, and go down. Pick up a Magirock. Then
go all the way to the right and go down. Pick up the 30gems inside
the chest, and then kill the fire enemy nearby, and a ball of light
will appear. It will say to take notice of the statues and the colour
of the jewels in their heads...Take a look at the statues that have
a pink jewel in their forehead. You can push these statues, so from
where you are, go up, to the place where's there two statues and
some water in between. Push the statue with the pink jewel to
reveal a staircase. Enter.

On this floor, go straight down and pick up a Magirock. Defeat the
fire enemy there and another spirit will appear, saying something
about the importance of gold switches. Go up and head to the left.
Flip the switch and move on, back to the previous floor, and this
time take the stairs on the left.

Now go straight down, and pick up the S.Bulb in the chest. There's
a new enemy here, a wizard dude that gives you 6exp. He's very
easy to defeat. Then head back up, and to the right. Flip the switch,
and then go down the stairs. Walk up through the newly opened
path in the middle and take the stairs to the next floor.

On this floor, head left, flick the switch, and push the statue on
the far left to get to another switch. Flick this one, and then go
to the right to flick another switch. Push the second statue from
the left to get to another switch, and flick this one to open up
a set of stairs in the centre of the room. Go to the bottom of the
screen, and then up into the centre to get to the stairs.

In this next room, go to the top left hand corner and pick up a
Magirock. There's two statues with pink jewels in their foreheads
here; push them the wrong way and lots of those purple ball enemies
appear. It's a great place to level up, keep re-entering and you
can nab about 48exp each round. The correct way to push these two
statues is away from the centre, so if you want to continue to
the next floor, do that, and the set of stairs is at the top of the

This is the final floor, if you haven't already guessed that. Go to
the bottom, pick up a pot and chuck it at the switch to open the
barrier that separates you from the Guardian. South America will
be the continent that is revived, along with a couple of villagers.
Once back on the world map, exit out through the little gap, and
from there, go north, through another little gap, until you reach
Tower 3.

Tower 3

Items : Magirock x3
        Sleepless Seal

You'll want to end up around level 6-8 after this tower. When you
enter, you'll see lots of floating blocks in the air. Step onto the
first one and then the others will start to move into place, take
your time moving across the bridge that they make, coz if you fall,
you'll take some damage.

Once you've crossed the bridge, jump over to the platform on your
right, and then jump to the right again. Follow this path all the
way up to reach a staircase. Take it down to the basement, and pick
up the Magirock here. As much as you think it is, there's no trap
or set-up here. Return to the upper floor.

Here, go down and cross the bridge to the left, but don't go too
slow as the blocks fall down. Once safely on the platform, go up
the stairs. I bet you'll notice the chest to your right. Do you
think you can get it? Well, see that wall that's blocking you
from the chest? It's fake, go through it and pick up the S.Bulb.
Now enter the staircase at the top.

On this floor, go down, and then up the stairs. When going down the
path on your left, be careful of the spikes, otherwise they'll poke
you. You can jump over them, just don't touch them. go down the
staircase at the end, and you'll be faced with four switches. Each
switch corresponds withe a block to the right, and you have to
make a bridge to cross the chasm. This is easy, just hit the
switches until you have the blocks in the right position, they
should be going southeast. Get across the other side, go up the
staircase, through another spike run, and then you'll come to
what looks like another ordinary part of the level. But here, an
enemy called Gardner can appear on the wall, and shoot a sleep
ring at you. If it hits, you'll fall asleep, and be dragged
towards Gardner until you wake up. If you don't wake up in time,
you'll be thrown back to the start of the tower. Nasty, eh? You
can attack it normally though. Anyway, sneak past/kill it, and
go down the stairs, to the left, and into the stairway.

Defeat the solitary magician on this platform, and then you go
through either path. You'll have to go through a spike/Gardner
run, and then exit through the egyptian door (which when opens,
blinds you with light).

First, take the path on the right, and when you reach the inter-
section, take the right and land on the platform with the Magirock.
Then go all the way to the left and do the same to pick up a
Sleepless Seal. Then go up to the top, flick both switches to open up
the door. If you're slow, a swarm of Huballs roll out and smack you,
so smack 'em back.

On this next floor, go either left or right and to the top of the
screen. Go down into the centre and you'll be faced by a Cadet
(magician) that splits into three. You have to hit the real one, and
keep trying to find the right one and hit it. I just hit the same guy
three times and he was dead, I don't know if you'll be so lucky =) Go
through the door and resurrect Africa, plus a couple of people in the
village. Once back on the World Map, look over to the east and you'll
see Tower 4.

Tower 4

Items : 44gems
        Crystal Thread
        Life Potion
        Magirock x3

You'll want to end up about level 7-9 at the end of this tower. Upon
entering, the Guardian will appear and say that he's surprised
that Ark has made it this far. Then he'll disappear and three Cadets
will appear. Defeat them all. Now for a feature of this tower; ropes.
To cross them, line yourself up with them and just walk across them
You don't have to balance yourself or anything, just walk straight
across them. Go over to the right hand side, up the stairs, then go
down the right hand path. Defeat the Cadet here and a spirit will
tell you to be bold and take your chances. Now go to the top of the
room, and take a chance, jump down into the pit.

You'll end up in the, well, basement. Watch out for the Cadet/Gardner
combo here, Cadet can freeze you while Gardner drags you away...but
since you've got the Sleepless Seal, you should have no problem. Once
you've defeated all the enemies, there's four holes you can drop
into. For the moment, drop into any hole but the bottom right one.

You'll drop into another area, work your way up until you reach a
staircase that leads to another floor.

On this floor, ignore the stairs on the left for the moment, and
then go down. This is the area with the four holes except now you're
walking on the upper area of it. To the right is a Magirock, to
the left is 44gems in a chest. Now go back up and go up the stairs
to the left. Defeat the solitary Cadet and take the next set of

This next floor is a dead end, but you've got some items to collect
here. Go down, right, and down the right hand wall. Take the bottom
rope across and get the Magirock on the way. Continue to the left
and head upwards to pick up two chests, a M.Bulb and a Life Potion.
Now head back down two floors, and jump down to the floor with the
four holes. This time take the bottom right hand hole.

Here, go up the path, and then take the stairs to the next floor.
Take the stairs up two more times until you reach a place with a
hole in the floor. This will take you back to the first floor, so
unless you want EXP, avoid.

Take the stairs on the right, and keep going left and take the path
that goes north to pick up a chest that contains a Crystal Thread.
Now go down the left path and take a rope to the other side. Go
all the way north here to pick up a Magirock, and then take the
first rope on the left to reach the final door. Try to go in and
the Guardian will warp you to the Huball dancing troupe room! Here,
the object is to hit the orange one out of place and then kill it.
For each orange one you knock off, the shorter the line gets. Once
you defeat them all, you'll resurrect North America.

Make your way back to Crysta now. Head to the weaver's and then go
right one screen and talk to Elle. She'll mention that she wants to
use the Crystal Thread to make something for you. Give it to her, and
then go to the Elder's. Sleep in the bed there, and you'll fall out
of bed in the middle of the night. Go to the weaver's and check on
Elle, who is still making that cape. Talk to her, and you can
pick either answer for her question, it doesn't matter.

Go back to the Elder's to sleep, and then you'll fall out of bed
again at dawn. Once again, go back to the weaver's and equip the all
important Elle Cape. Now head to the final tower, and to get to it,
go to Tower 4, go right through the little gap, and head south to
Tower 5.

Tower 5

Items : None! Boo-hoo...

When you enter, the Guardian will freeze you...but thanks to the Elle
Cape, that won't happen today folks! Go up the stairs to the next
floor. On this level are two fire enemies, and a hole in the floor.
Contrary to what happened in previous towers, this hole in the floor
does not lead you anywhere, you'll just take some damage. Move up the
next set of stairs, and then there'll be a set of Cadets. On the
next floor, a set of Gardners. Now go up to the next floor.

Here, there's a path to the right and a big shiny path. If you enter
the big shiny path, you'll end up at the entrance of the tower, so
take the path to the right. The Guardian will tell you that you have
one last challenge... Run up the corridoor of lights to reach the

Boss : Shadowkeeper

It's a scorpion. What you have to do is here is to hit his claws to
get rid of them. You'll have to do this whilst avoiding its green
projectiles that it spits at you. What I like to do is to stand at
the right or left edge, and when it raises its claws, rush in and
attack. Then when you get hit, you'll be wedged in between his
claws and the edge of the path, and he can't hit you that way. Use
this tactic to get rid of one of the claws. For the other claw,
you'll have to retreat back, hide in one of the gaps that his
projectiles make, and dash in and spear his claw every now and then.

Once that claw is gone, you'll have to smash his face. Keep
attacking his head until you push him back onto the square platform.
Now stand at the side and keep attacking him, he can't hit you. Do
this until his face blows off, and then attack him until he blows

Head into the next room to resurrect Australia! Yeah! Now you think
your job is finished...but there's still two more things to
resurrect. From Tower 5, go north, exit out through the gap to the
west, and from here, follow the lava trail south until you see a
building. Enter it. Here, make your way upwards, and you'll reach
a platform that's full of those flame monsters. Pick up the pots
and throw them at them to get rid of the three of them. Go through
the door, and you'll resurrect Polynese.

Then, from where Tower 3 is, head north, west around the big rock,
and keep going north until you enter another area. Here, push the
middle block all the way up until it can go no further. Go back and
push the right block all the way up. You can now push the middle
block to the left and go up this middle path. When you reach another
rock, push it up, but not all the way. You want to leave a gap in
so that you can travel through the path at the top. Head back to
the right block, push it all the way up, and then go left and into
the door. You'll resurrect Mu.


Go back to Crysta and go to the Elder. He'll say you have succeed,
but life is still unborn. He'll tell you that east of the village is
a huge hole. Exit Crysta and go to that huge hole (it's on the other
side of the lava stream). Talk to the Elder, and say that you want
to go in the hole. He'll advise you to talk to Elle first. So go
back to Crysta, to the weaver's, and try to talk to Elle. She's
locked herself up in her room, try to go in, but she won't let you.
So go back to the hole and choose to jump in.

That's Chapter 1! Oh yeah, just like the Elder said, the Cryspear's
regenerative ability won't help you in the real world.

Chapter 2 : Resurrection of the Hero

Ark wakes to find himself on a barren wasteland with stale air, a
place where it would be a miracle if life could exist. He wonders how
Gramps (the elder) ever thought he could resurrect this world. Then
Yomi appears, and tells him that nothing will happen if Arks doesn't
take action! With that, he disappears. There's a Save Point to the
north, use it before exiting to the south (press against a straight
ledge and eventually you'll drop down).

Look at this place...if Earth was like this, I'd rather live on Mars!
Walk south, and head to that little pond there. The word Amazon will
pop up on the screen, and that's what will happen everytime you
enter a place on the world map. Enter the pond.

Evegreen. What a name! Head up, and a voice will call out your name.
Head forward again, and it'll call again. Then when you reach the
tree, it will say that it's been expecting you for a long time...
Before entering, head to the orb spirit on the left, and buy a
couple M.Bulb and P.Cure items. They might come in handy. To enter
the tree, press A.

Ra Tree

Items : 42gems
        Giant Leaf
        Life Potion
        M.Bulb x3
        Ra Dewdrop
        P.Cure x3
        S.Bulb x2

There's a Save Point in this first room. Go down the stairs, and then
head north. Now if you look to the right you'll see this bulging pod.
This is the equivalent to a treasure chest. Now you can pick from
three ways to go, right, left, or forward. Going to the right and
going forward both take you to the same place. If you go to the
right,go down once screen and you'll have to drop down the hole. If
you go down the stairs you'll end up in the same place. Here, there
is one treasure pod on the ground, and one treasure pod that you will
have to jump to (it contains the very useful RaSpear), and there's a
door at the far right that you don't want to enter unless you want to
die. Now you'll notice that you can't go anywhere, except back up the
stairs to take the left path. BTW, those monkey enemies give about
15exp each, pretty handy stuff. You'll want to end up at about 9-11
at the end of the Ra Tree.

When going left, beware of the red pods that spit balls at you.
There's two treasure pods to be picked up here, and a flower enemy
that gives you 13exp. You can't hit it when its "wrapped" up though.
Head south to a new screen.

In this next screen, get rid of the three flowers, pick up the
treasure bulb, and then stand near the water. You should lure a
piranha out, and these make for an easy 11exp kill. Once done, go
south, avoid the barrage of fireballs that the red pod enemies are
spitting, go up the stairs, and go west. As you go for the treasure
bulb in the top right hand corner, two monkey enemies will drop.
Dispose of them and head south. Kill off the flower and a spirit will
appear, telling you that once the Ra Tree is saved, the world will
become a beautiful place again. Head right into the next screen.

Here, go up and around the pond, and then right into the next screen.
On this screen, make your way up, around the rocks, and lure the fish
out. Kill them and a bridge will appear. Go up into the next screen,
and you'll be on the other side of the big hole that you spotted
before. Drop down. Once back on the ground, head right, pick up
another treasure bulb, and go down the stairs. Here, head left, and
watch out for the monkey enemies that drop. Kill them, head left,
and another two monkey enemies will drop, in an area with a purple
flower enemy (they can poison you). Kill all three and head north.
Another two of these idiotic monkey enemies will fall. Head to the
right, and dispose of the red pods by picking them up and throwing
them. Head down the stairs. Here, kill off Mrs.Flower and Mr.Monkey,
and then pick up the three orbs. Head down into the next screen.

In this screen, head to the right, and then go around the rock. Climb
up to the top of the rock, and then head south. Be careful as two
Monkey things drop down from the ceiling. Then go down the steps to
the ground, get rid of the three red pods by picking them up and
throwing them, or you can simply dodge past them by moving the big
rock that's in the way. On the next screen, go past the flower, and
up to the north. A spirit will appear and tell you to follow it. How?
Jump to the platform over to the left and then head right.

Follow it down the stairs, and then down a really long vine. You'll
end up in a beautiful waterfall place... Head down and talk to the
Lily, who will tell you that the leaves in the water will act as
flippers. Pick the leaves up and you can now swim...or paddle,
whatever you want to call it. In the southwest corner of this room
is a Magirock, in the northwest corner is another flower that warns
you about Parasite, the boss that releases a burst of poisonous gas
the moment you enter. Now head back up the vine, and return to the
place where there was a rock surrounded by three red orbs. Here, back
track to the start of the room, but take note of the stairway in
the northeast corner. Enter. Swim across the river, and then take
the stairs in the southwest corner.

Cross the river to the southeast and take the stairs, and then take
the stairs to your left on the next floor. You'll reach a solitary
Lily, that will give you the Ra Dewdrop, it prevents you from
being poisoned. Swim to the right, and soon you'l reach another
flower, that tells you to check the Abbee Husk next to it. Oh, so
they're called Abbee Husks...it contains a Leaf Suit. Swim further
to the right, the orange flower will tell you that on the surface,
a beautiful place called Evegreen used to exist. Check the top of
the screen for a Magirock, and then climb up the vine.

Here, head left, across the river, and then make your way back to
the room where you acquired the RaSpear. If you don't know the way,
I'll tell you : go north, right at the junction, and then take the
stairs to another screen. Then go left, and when you see water to
your north, swim across it, and then head across to the door on
the right. Equip the Ra Dewdrop and use it (by pressing X), and
then head into the door to face...

Boss : Parasite

Quite an easy boss if you ask me. At the start, a blue worm will
hang out of the hole at the top, while a orange fireball spitting
worm will randomly appear in one of the holes on the side. You
just have to keep hitting the orange worm while dodging the blue
worms' attack. Once you beat the orange worm, it'll change. Now
the blue worm will travel in and out of holes, but that's not
your target. The parasite's eye will appear, and whenever it
opens, it's your job to hit it. Keep doing this while avoiding
the blue worm, and soon the eye will retreat and spit out a couple
of those orange parasite monsters. Take them out and then the eye
will appear again. Keep doing this until it dies!

You'll appear back outside, in a lush, green, tropical paradise.
Speak to the Ra Tree and it will tell you about how it's been
waiting for you (Ark) to come and revive the planet, and how the
rest of life on this world has to be resurrected, and that's
what most of the flowers will say to you if you talk to them.
However, one of them will mention a bird sanctuary up north, so
leave Evegreen and head north, through the mountain pass. Halfway
there, you'll stop and encounter Guiana.


Just a pretty place, that's all. The plant will tell you of the bird
sanctuary to the north. Climb the vine to the top, and head left. The
cactus will tell you that something is trying to awaken... exit to
the left and back onto the World Map. Now head north, and you'll
enter the Colorado area. There are two mountains here, one is to the
north, and one is to your left. Head into the one to the left.


As you enter, you'll see a plant, two spirits, and a save point. Talk
to the plant and it will say that there was once a paradise of birds
that existed here, and something must have destroyed the life source
of them... Exit this place and then go to the mountain to the north.


Items : 87gems
        Magirock x4
        STR Potion

Here, head all the way to the right and into the door. Oh yeah. I've
just realized something that I had stupidly forgotten about...the
map! I'll be referring to it a lot more often, and it will help you
out a lot more I think. Oh, and you'll want to end up around level
12-14 at the end of Grecliff.

On floor 1F, you'll meet a new enemy, a stone monster. Gives you a
healthy 17exp. The birdies give 14exp. On this floor, head to the
right, then north, jump up the steps, and head down the stairs.

This is floor 2F. Head south, defeat the stone enemy, and then head
left, and north up the path. Push the boulder to the left, then go
down, pick up the rocks that are hidden behind the boulder, and then
touch the boulder. It will become one of those stone enemies. After
it's dead, exit to the south.

You'll appear back outside again. Climb up the vine there, and head
to the door on the right. Enter, and you'll be in 2F again, but this
time you're on one of the raised sections. Head north and pick up a
STR Potion. Return back outside, head down the vine, and go to the
door on your right. BTW, that sand enemy gives 16exp.

This is yet another section of 2F. Take the stairs in the top right
hand corner, and you'll be in 3F, a nice little floor with a river.
The birds here are really annoying but you should be able to avoid/
kill them, and get to the top left hand corner.

This is 4F. Head south, and you'll meet a stone monster, and a new
enemy, Quaker (18exp). What Quaker does is make the ground shake,
and that immbolizes you. But he's an easy kill and some easy EXP can
be gained from him. Now head left, and up the two sets of stairs.
Instead of taking the obvious way out (which is the door way in
front of you), take the path to the left and follow it outside.

When outside, climb the vine to your right, then climb down the vine
to the right of you, and then head to the right, and climb up the
vine to reach a door. This door takes you to 5F, I think, but if you
look on the map, it'll just show you in a small room that hasn't got
a label or anything. So I dunno. In this room is a quaker and a stone
enemy. Head into the door at the top of the room.

Now you'll be in 6F. Take the door in the top left hand corner, and
you'll be in a small room with two boulders blocking a very tasty
looking treasure chest. Touch the boulders, and then move back, as
they will turn into stone enemies that will lunge at you. Destroy
them and pick up the RocSpear that's inside the chest. A black
boulder will fall, blocking your exit. Not to fear, RocSpear is
here! Equip it, and you can destroy these boulders like you would
attacking a normal enemy. Now back track to 4F, and head into the
doorway that you skipped out on last time.

This is 5F. Take note of the gap that's below you. Take a nice run up
and jump the gap. Careful when you land, as a Quaker will drop and
leave you vulnerable to the birds that will no doubt swoop and attack
you. Jump one more gap, and exit to the bottom left hand corner (near
the pool of water).

You'll find yourself back outside again. Exit this screen to the
right, and on this new screen, use the vines to make it all the way
across to the far right hand side of the screen. Use the vines to get
to the top, and once at the top, instead of going into the door, pick
up the Magirock and then head into the door.

This is 8F. If you head north you'll see that there's two black
boulders blocking your way, so use your RocSpear to clear a path.
Exit to the south. You'll be back outside again, head to the left and
make your way up the big steps. When you reach the top, head left
into the next screen.

There's a new enemy here, I like to call em Lil'Bruce Lees =) They
give you 16exp each. Now if you continue south, you'll see a vine/
hole, and a vine. Take the normal vine down, and pick up a Magirock.
Head back up to the vine/hole and descend.

This is a three way chute; hold left as the other two paths just
take you back to the Magirock place. When you drop, pick up the
S.Bulb fromt the chest and slide down the vine/hole here. When you
land, go west. Go west in this next screen, and then head into the
first door you see.

Welcome to 1F. The enemies in here pop out from the ground and give
you a hard time by spitting fireballs at you. They're worth 16exp
each. At the top left hand corner of this room is a Magirock, and at
the top right hand corner is the door that takes you to 2F. 2F is
simple, just try to get to the bottom right hand corner without
falling down.

When back outside, climb up the steps, and watch out, as this is the
bird's nest. See that sparkling thing in there? That's the sharp
claws that you need. Pick 'em up, and now you can climb those
bubbly walls. Climb the ones to the right of the nest, and when you
reach the very top, pick up the M.Bulb that's in the chest. Now you
have to get back to the area where you dropped down from the vine/
hole ride. You don't have to go back through 1 and 2F to get there,
what you do is use your newly acquired Sharp Claws to climb down,
and simply head right to exit the screen.

Once back to the junction, this time go right, and head right until
you reach a bubble wall you can climb. Take this long wall all the
way up to the top. Go to the right, and climb down the bubble wall,
and head right into the next screen. You've been to this place
before, but if you climb up the vine on your right and then climb up
the bubble wall, you can pick up an M.Bulb. Now go down, head back
left, up the bubble wall, and into the door to get into 5F.

Here, head up the stairs on the right and watch out for a Quaker
attack. Take the stairs on the left to exit, and then enter the door
at the top. You'll be in 6F, exit via the south entrance, but be
careful as you might get flattened by a Quaker on the way.

Back outside, head up the bubble wall to the left, and pick up a
Magirock and 87gems here. Now head back down and go to the right,
navigating the steps. Go down the vine/hole. Hold right, and land on
a ledge with a Magirock. Climb down the vine, and into enemy
territory. Going left and climbing down the bubble wall will lead
you back to the start of Grecliff, so go right, and climb up the
bubble walls, aaaaaallllllllll the way to the top. Enter the next
screen to meet the boss.

BOSS : Dark Twins

Real easy. The green bird will throw projectiles at you, just avoid
them. He'll soon come down and try to hit you, that's when you smack
him. If you don't get him quick enough, he will create a tornado that
will push you off the edge, prompting you to start the battle again.
So walk in the opposite direction to "push" against him. After a hit
or two the bird will call on its friend, which just sits there and
tries to crap on you. Just keep hitting the green bird, and they'll
both die soon.

The voice appears again and tells you that birds will change back
into their former forms. You'll appear back in the Sanctuary, and
it's full of birds. Get to the top of the screen, and then climb the
cliff to reach the Kingnest. If you, um, "talk" to the bird there, it
will tell you that the king of all birds is at the top of this place.
So climb the cliff, head right, save your game, get rid of the rock
in front of the vine, and climb up the vine to meet the Kingbird.
He'll say that he wishes he could fly, but there's no sign coming
from Windvale... Go down, talk to one of thethree birds, and one will
ask if you want to go to Windvale, say yes. Here, head inside, and
then make your way up until you see a big pit and three rocks. Throw
all three rocks in the pit to awaken the "Wind Spirit". Head back and
fly back to the Sanctuary. Talk to the King and he'll reward you with
the WindPin. Now climb down and speak to one of the birds again. If
one asks if you want to go to the Safarium, say yes. You'll fly over
the Great Lakes, over the ocean, into the Sahara, over the Savannah,
over the Sahara again, and then you'll stop.


The bird will wonder where everybody...sorry, all the animals went.
As the bird recalls, it was a "happening" place, and one of the
animals just gave birth to a baby...but that was ages ago. Head to
the top right hand corner to meet two spirits, one sells items, the
other is a Magishop. Over to the top left hand corner, it's a save
point. You'll have to crawl underneath the opening in the bush to get
there (just go up to the opening and press A). Leave the Safarium,
head south into the Y-shaped Savannah, and turn left into the
enclosed area to enter Zue.


Items : 65gems
        Def Potion
        Life Potion
        Luck Potion
        M.Bulb x2
        MagiRock x3
        P.Cure x2

I dunno if the developers intended it to be a play on words (Zoo,
a place for animals, and then there's Zue. Get it?), but it's
interesting. There's lots of bushes to climb under here. Also, let
me introduce you to your enemies...first, there's the lovely turtle
like Dongan, who gives you 18exp. Just be careful when he explodes
after you kill him, it can get messy! Also, if you pick up the err...
spiky-ish cones, there's sometimes a flying bug enemy underneath it.
It's a very easy 10exp kill. At the end of Zue, you'll want to be
around 15-17. Anyway, once you've finished making friends with the
locals, head into the screen on the left.

Oh yeah, another note. Sometimes the sun will be blocked by
something, and that's the time to pounce on the cold blooded animals.
Common sense prevails. In this screen, head north, and meet your
first pair of lizard enemies. They give a whopping 22exp, the reason
why it's whopping is that they're so easy to beat! Crawl through the
hole in the bushes to the north, and take the bottom most path to
the right.

On this screen, head right, up to the dead tree, and right into the
area with the wacky plant. Don't worry, it won't harm you. Walk past
it and grab the two chests (M.Bulb, P.Cure). Now return to the
previous screen and take the top most path to the right.

Head north, past the dead tree, and into a screen with another dead
tree. The lizard enemy here gives you 19exp. Go to the left, and
defeat the turtle. A spirit will appear and tell you that rainfall
alters in the forest hold ancient relics...Head back to the dead
tree and take the path to the north.

On this screen, head into the next screen via a path to the right,
go north in this area enclosed by bushes to get to another screen,
and then defeat the two lizard warriors for a spirit to appear, it
will tell you to make way to the Rainfall Alter. Now take the
path to the south, kill the turtle, and another spirit will tell
you to make way to the Rainfall Alter. Head back into the previous
screen, take the bottom left exit, then take the bottom left
exit again to appear in a screen with a dried up river bed, in
serious need of water.

Head north, crawl through the bushes, and then jump down. Be careful
of the big toad, it gives 20exp but it's inhale/exhale attack is
quite deadly. A spirit will appear and say that four shamen used to
control the rain altars. Head to the left, pick off another big fat
toady, then crawl through the space at the top. Climb up the stairs
to enter the first Rainfall Altar. After the magical process is done,
grass and water will be restored to this section of Zue. Ark will
suddenly realize that animals need grass to feed on and the reason
why there are no animals is that there needs to be more grass! And
water. So you've got to visit all the other Rainfall Altars. Swim
across and pick up the DEF Potion that's in the chest, and then exit
via the north edge.

Whilst still on the same screen, climb through the bush, and take the
exit to the right again. Here, head to the upper right of the screen,
climb through the bush, smack out the lizard soldier and pick up the
Sticker and the M.Bulb. Now exit via the right most southern exit.
In this screen, take a dive and swim to the right. In the new screen,
get on dry land using the north platform, then head north yet again,
and pick up the P.Cure in the chest. Backtrack one screen, and
destroy the grey boulders. Kill off the turtle and another one of
those spirits will appear, telling you to seek a Rainfall Altar. Head

Crawl through the bush to the north, and kill off the two turtles.
A spirit will appear, once again telling you to seek that Altar. The
chest contains a P.Cure. Crawl back through the bush, and then walk
alongside the edge of the dried up river until you can reach a point
where you can drop into it. Do exactly that, and follow the river 
north until you reach a junction. Take the right path and follow that 
north as well until Ark notices a wall that could be easily blown
down with a strong gust of wind...look to the left, and you'll see
two of those toady monsters. Hit one, and it will exhale, pushing you
into the rock wall. The wall will break. Don't go through it yet, you
first have to destroy the other toad that's there to release the 
third Rainfall Spirit.

Now head through the wall, and then go to the top right hand corner
to get back onto land. Here, head west, right past the Rainfall
Alter, and into the next screen. Defeating the turtle will let you
free the last spirit. Head back one screen and into thealtar.

As usual, water will flow and grass will grow. Head back downstream,
back track to the wall you had to break down. Further south from that
wall are two rocks. Climb up onto the grassy area, and push the rock
into the water to get across. Push the rock on the other side so that
you can squeeze through. Here, head north and pick up 65gems and a
Life Potion. Next, head south, through the barrage of turtles, and
into a new screen.

Destroy the lizards here, and one will release a Rainfall spirit.
Head south into the next screen and drop down into the dried up
river. Beat up the toads and one will release the second Rainfall
spirit. Head south, and in this next screen, run down and defeat
another two toadys, one of which will release the third Rainfall
spirit. If you're lucky, you can get them to kill each other =)
(Hint : Their exhale attack...) Pick up the Magirock that's to the

From here, backtrack to the river where you had to push the two
stumps to get across. This time, jump in and swim south. On the next
screen, swim to the west and get up onto the land. Defeat the lizard
enemy to release the last spirit. Head south, and then jump into the
river. Follow it east until ou have to go south. Once it bends to the
wets, you'll see the Rainfall Altar, but don't enter it yet. Go to
the west, get onto dry land and head north to pick up a Magirock. Now
head back and go into the Rainfall Altar. Once the process is done,
swim back up north into another screen, and then swim west. You'll
see that you can swim to the south. Follow this and you'll reach the 
start of Zue again, but if you climb on the land to the south, you
can pick up a Luck Potion in a chest. Now make your way back to the 
river with the two stones.

Cross the river and head south two screens. Drop into the river, and
swim around to what seems to be the final Rainfall Altar...But in
fact, some weird cult is there, and a pagan god appears!

BOSS : Storm Master

This boss is quite easy when you're around level 16. At first he'll 
rise up and pause for the cameras, that's a great time to hit him. 
After each hit he usually shields himself with his claws, so run
away. His attacks will then alternate from him throwing claws at you, 
to him spitting green flame. Once you deal enough damage, he'll
seemingly fall into a pit...along with you. Now he's flying, so it's 
kinda harder to hit him. He still uses his green flame attack, but 
now also spits rocks at you. Not fun. But he's quite easy to defeat,
by using your air and slider attacks.

The voice will give you the predictable speech, only this time it's
about restoring mammals. You'll appear back in the Safarium.


Save (top left hand corner), and then talk to the gull. It will tell
you to meet the lions. So head up to the crack that's next to the
waterfall. Stay still and the lions will contemplate over whether to 
eat you or to greet you. Eating's a greeting, isn't it? Ah well. The 
king will then come out and commend Ark on his efforts. Follow the
lions, and then head to the bottom left corner of their den. Talk to
the king, and then to the queen. The queen is worried because her 
son, Liem, might be in trouble at the Canyon south of here...so exit
the Safarium and head south towards the Canyon.


Items : None

Head south and an owl will tell you that a young cub just went into
the canyon. So climb down the vine and take a long (emphasis on long)
drop down. Once you've landed on ground, head west and into a new
screen. You'll see Liem being attacked by two crows (14exp), so kill
them and Liem will thank you. Ark thinks it's a bit harsh for Liem to
be doing this all on his own, so Ark decided to accompany him through
the test. Word of advice, don't go faster than Liem (meaning don't
exit the screen before he does).

Follow Liem west. Jump up the stairs, all the way to the top (while
dodging those pesky crows). Head right and Liem will ponder how to 
get on top of the cliff. Push to rock next to the cliff so that it
creates a way for Liem to jump up there, and so that it unblocks you
from the bubble wall you'll need to use to get up there. Once up
there, Liem will comment on how slow Ark is, and then he'll dash off
through the door to the right. Follow.

On this screen, dash to the right, and then head north to meet Liem. 
He'll tell you not to dawdle, and then decides to head back the way 
you came =) He'll move up the stairs, follow him, and when he stops 
at the top of the stairs, he'll mention how much fun he's having.

Just follow his moves on this next screen, until he says that he's 
made a mistake. You'll double back, and then reach a fork in the 
maze. Say that you should go right, and he'll say something about
wow! you can predict the future! Whatever. Follow him through the
maze, then jump up the steps with him, and once again he'll mention 
that he's having a lot of fun.

On this screen, Liem will say that he wants to follow you and watch 
you fight. Kill off the crows and then head to the stone bridge to 
the right. Now this part is a little tricky, you have to follow Liem
VERY closely, as the stones will drop down. Go in front of him, and
he'll fall down instead of you. Move slowly though, and you'll make
it. Cross into the next screen, to the right.

There's a big cliff here, Liem will ask you if you want to race. 
He'll cane your arse, seeing as you have to slowly climb up the
bubble wall...head left into the next screen. Liem will warn you that 
he senses a monster. Great. Drop down and head to the left. In this 
screen, you'll face the Mud Doll...bloody Liem just sits there and 
does nothing =)

BOSS : Mud Doll

Easy ; pick up the rock, and then run and throw it at the Mud Doll.
then watch out for its spitting attack, and Liem will fetch more
rocks for you.

The doll will beg for mercy, and says that it wants to give you a 
gift. Cross the bridge...and fall down! You'll hear Liem take the Mud
Doll on one on one now, and Liem wins. He jumps down, and then finds 
a sparkling object - the Starstone. Liem will call a gull to return 
you to the Safarium.


Here, go to the Lions Den, talk to the King, and you'll get a cool
Neo Fang. Save it and then head back out to the World Map. The King 
has already informed animals of your coming, so that they can aid
you. Head right, around the mountains, and then north into Arabia.
Get to the river, and where you see two trees lined up with each 
other, is the Indus River bridge. The hippos have been informed by 
the king to make a bridge for you...aww...on the other side is a
Magishop, shop, and a save point. Exit, and then head north into
Tibet. Go around and enter the mountain, this place is called


Items : 99gems
        MagiRock x4
        Snowgrass Leaf
        Stardew x2

Eklemata is a great place to level up, mainly because of the wolves
that call for more wolves, meaning lotsa kills =) I got up to level
19, but 16-18 should be okay.

Speaking of which, the wolf enemies on this screen give you 23exp,
and the weird diamond enemies give you 19exp. On this first screen,
going to the left will result in you picking up a Magirock. The 
flower will mention that Eklemata is the resting place for the 
souls of mankind... Now take the upper left area and north into the
next screen. Here, climb the vine, taking notice of the big fat Yeti
to the right. Yeti's don't attack you until you provoke them. It's 
your choice, either 21exp or have it throw you around. Climb the 
vines to the top, head right, and then you'll encounter a Yeti. Then
head south down the vine, and if you feel like taking on another
Yeti, head left, otherwise move to the right. Then climb up the vines 
and into a new screen.

You'll come across a Yeti in a hot spring. Hot springs are meant to 
revitalize you. Just not this one, especially with that Yeti in it.
Climb down the vine and enter the cave to your right. Ooh, I like
caves like this =) The short 'n' stubby demon enemies give you 23exp.
Not bad. The Quaker enemies still give 18exp.

From the start of this cave, follow the left wall, up to another open
area, and you'll see a doorway. Ignore it and keep following the left
wall. Follow it around to the right, and then head right past the two
ice slides, and then keep going south until a bunch of rocks block
your way. Pick them up and chuck 'em out of the way, and then keep
venturing south until you can climb up a vine to the top floor. Head
over to the left, climb down the vine, and then drop into the hole.

Pick up the FirePike, go north, push the boulder out of the way, and
take the stairs back up to the floor of the ice cave. Go back towards
the vine that took you to the upper floor, but when you pass the
first ice slide, stop, and get the rocks that are in front of it, out
of the slide's way. Once back up top, head north, and left to the
leftmost ice slide. Jump on it, and you'll be sent flying into the
wall. Behind the wall is an IceSuit in a treasure chest. Kinda funny
that you've got a thing that protects against fire when you're in a
very cold place...never mind. Head back to the top floor again, and
this time take the right ice slide. Break down the wall and head to
the right, and enter the door.

Head south, and navigate your way south. The slime enemies here are
great for EXP. Destroying the main slime gives you 20exp, and
destroying all of the offspring gives another 20exp. Head south, and
outside. The flower here will give you a Snowgrass Leaf, that will
heal your wounds when placed in a spring. Head back through the cave,
and back to the hot spring. Equip the Leaf, and throw it into the hot
spring. The Yeti will regard you as a friend, and will tell you to
follow it.

On this next screen, talk to the Yeti, and it will ask if you want to
go across. Say yes, and it will pick you up and piff you across the 
river. And there's a Yeti on the other side if you want to cross 
back. Continue further north, and head right to dispose of a solitary
wolf and pick up a Stardew in the chest. Climb up the vine, then head 
left, and climb up the next two vines. Here's a junction. First, head
right, climb up the vine and into the next screen. Here, head north
and climb up the vine, and then enter the cave. Inside is a Magirock.
Head back out to junction, and then take the left. Go down to pick up
a Magirock, and then head back up northwest and climb the vine.

Head north on this screen, climb the vine, head right, down, and then 
take the right exit out of the screen. Enter the cave here, and 
you'll go for a long slide...and when you come out, you'll hit the
mountain, and cause an avalanche! It's no use running, trust me.

You'll come to, in the hands of a ... goat?!?!? Follow the goat 
upwards and it will show you another goat, but this one's dead. And 
it used to be her husband. Ah well. Night falls, and Ark is woken up 
by the sounds of the goat trying to get out. It mentions that if Ark
is hungry, he can eat the goat...but Ark just can't do it. So the
goat rams a wall down, but it turns out to lead to another wall of
ice, that only Ark can scale. So the goat tells Ark that she'll find
another way out, and now you can lead Ark out of the hole.

You'll appear at the base of the mountain. If you want to pick up a
Life Potion, go back to the top of the mountain, lcimb the vine in 
the northwest corner, and it'll be in this screen, in a chest. 
Otherwise, head south back towards the lake.

It'll be filled with snow, thanks to the avalanche. Head to the
right, climb the vine, and into the next screen. Climb up this next 
vine to reach another ice cave. Head to the left, pick up 99gems,
then go around, back to the right, climb down the vine and then pick
up a Stardew. Follow this path around in a circle, until you reach 
another vine that you can climb. Climb in and enter the doorway up at
the top. Head south and take the exit outside.

Head around to the bottom right, climb the vine, and then head to the 
upper left area to get a Magirock. Return to the right, climb the
vine, head north, climb the vine, head left, take the vine down, and 
then jump into the hole. Jump into the hole on this screen, then
climb the vine and head north. In this next room, head south to 
appear outside again.

Here, head to the left. If you want to fall down, climb down the
half-vine on your left. Otherwise, keep going to the top, clibing up 
the vines, and before entering the next screen, equip the Neo Fang. 
You'll now have to fight Dark Morph.

BOSS : Dark Morph

The first form he has is a dark morphling. Then he turns into a Yeit, 
who will make ice stones rain from the sky. Once they rain, he'll
create a blizzard. The object is not to hit the stones as they hurt.
Sustain this for a while and he'll morph into a wizard. Here, he
shoots yellow crescents at you, hit them to return them back in his
direction. After a few shots he'll be dead. His last form is the most
annoying. He's back to the dark morphling, but everytime you hit him,
he turns into a flock of bats. So hit, him, avoid the flock, and when
the flock glues themselves back together, smack him like he deserves

The usual voice appears, telling Ark that he's resurrected humans,
but at the end of this, Ark passes out.

Chapter Three : Resurrection of the Genius

Items : BonePin

Ark will wake up...and the person watching over him will be all
excited, and will rush off to tell Kumari (the Elder of this village,
which by the way, is named Lhasa). She'll tell you not to move. Yeah,
whatever...get out of bed, head right, then head north until you
reach the Elder's chamber. Long story made short, you've been asleep
for 3 years, you can't talk to plants and animals anymore, and he'll
give you a BonePin. Then another monk dude will enter and say that
Meihou has arrived. Exit this building and head to the entrance of
Lhasa to talk with Meihou. He'll say that before he talks to you, he
has to speak with Kumari. Head north, back into Kumari's chamber.

You'll listen in to their conversation. Seems that Meihou is having a
bit of trouble with his grand-daughter, MeiLin. She's been spending
her time in the deserted village of Louran, and that's not good for
some reason. Go up and talk to them, and he'll ask if you can "save"
MeiLin for him. Leave Lhasa, then go south, east around the
mountains, north into the Yangtze, cross the bridge, into the Gobi,
and head into the desert here. You'll see a girl, which is Meilin.
Chase after her (she goes north, west, north, you just have to be
quick). Once you enter a new screen, it should be Louran.


Items : 178gems
        MagiRock x5

This down doesn't look deserted, that's strange eh? Regardless,
you're here to find Meilin. Head left, and into the house at the far
left (this is Temjin's Place). The guy here will ask you what to do
with his money when he's dead...say to take it with you, you'll see
why, but later on. Head north, and out the back is Meilin's house.
Talk to her mum and she'll say to crawl through the chimney to get to
her room. Crawl through the chimney, down the stairs, and into
Meilin's room. She'll yell at you and tell you to leave town. Weird.
Return to the first floor of the house, and head into the door on the
right to pick up a Magirock. Talk to her mum again and she'll
apologize for Meilin's rudeness. Now return to the town square, head
north, and one of the buildings up here is an Item store. Once done,
head to the left.

Talk to the guy here who says he's thinking about building a doorway
at the back of this building. Then head south, and into the Inn. The
lady will say that a bed is prepared, so head to the left. Talk to
the other guy here, Haydn, who will say that this is a nice town.
Head into the bed and fall asleep.

Yomi will wake you up in the middle of thenight and tell you that
something's wrong. Pick up the M.Bulb and head out to the right. Ark
will mention that something smells like rotten meat...AAH! It's a
zombie town! The female zombie here will give you 18exp. Head to the
right, the girl zombies will give you 36exp each!!! A great place to 
level up, level 18-21 should be good. Anyway, head to the storage
room of the Inn (to the north), and where there used to be some bxoes
before, it's now a big hole. Jump in.

You'll appear in Temjin's basement. Fight through the zombies and
head up the stairs. Head up the stairs here, and then head through
the door on the left, and go to Meilin's. Enter her room through the
chimney, but she won't be there...pick up the Red Scarf that's near
the bookcase, and Yomi will mention if they could track the scent,
they could find her. Ark remembers about Turbo, Meilin's dog, and go
off in search of the two. Head back to Temjin's place.

Head south until you get blocked by tables. Push the top table across
the right, and push the bottom table down to get out. You'll meet
Haydn, who doesn't have a clue to what's going on either, but hey 
says that if he makes it out alive, he will record this tale of 

Head right, to the town square. Louran is crawling with 
zombies...head to the bottom right hand exit. On this screen, enter
the house that you see, and head to to the top, dodging the Borfes,
and pick up a Magirock. Exit via the bottom right hand exit, and when
back out in the town, take the tight alleyway to the right of you,
and follow it north until you reach another house.

Enter the house, and inside, it looks more like a jail. Go down the 
stairs and you'll be in a room full of armoured enemies (26exp) that 
when killed, release a ghost. Be careful, as if you get caught by
these ghosts, you'll be sent back to the town square. Oh, and you
can't kill them. How nice. Head down the stairs to the right, and
then push the lighter coloured blocks out of the way to get outside
again. Here, go south, right, and enter the house. Kill the zombie
and climb through the chimney. Head down the stairs and you'll be in 
a room, along with Haydn. He's reading some interesting books. If you
read up, you'll learn that Louran was destroyed by monsters, and 
there's a holy seal that protects you from them. If you wish, take a 
rest in the bed, and then head back out through the chimney. If you
go to the right, you'll see a hole, drop in.

Pick up the Holy Seal form the chest and equip it. Now those ghosts 
can't abduct you, so that's cool. Head up the stairs to the left, and
leave the house. Backtrack to the town square. BTW, interesting note. 
Now that you've got the Seal, there's an easy place to gain levels. 
You know that basement where it's got three haunted armours in a row?
Enter, do a slider/spear combo, exit, re-enter, and repeat for an 
easy level build up.

Once back in the Town Square, head north, and take the northmost
right exit. Follow this path around to a house. In the house, head
north, and then go right for a LightSpear, and left for a Magirock.
The LightSpear is highly effective against zombie enemies. Return to
the Town Square. Head to the house in the northwest corner. Here will
be a blook puzzle and two chests. It's quite easy to move the blocks
around, but take each chest at a time, meaning, concentrate on one
chest first, exit, and then concentrate on the other. You'll get Rags
and a P.Cure. Exit the house and head left into another screen.

Remember the guy who was pondering whether or not to build another
door here? Well, he did, and follow the line of zombies into the back
of the building. Here, be careful of the moving tables when dashing
to the right. Enter the chimney and the subsequent door. Get through
this "haunted" corridoor, and then follow the rest of the
straight-forward house to appear outside.

Head up the alleyway to the right, and inside this house is 178gems.
Follow the path to the left, and it will bend around to the right.
Take the first gap that you see in the wall to the north, and then
head right until you can't go right anymore. Enter the house and grab 
the L.Bulb in the chest, then exit and head south, straight through
the gap in the wall. Head south until you see a house on your left,
enter it.

Take the door on the right, then go left through the haunted armour
corridoor, and head up the door on your left. In this zombie filled
room, head south, and you'll be back outside, next to a chest
containing a STR Potion. Backtrack to the first house, and when you
appear back outside again, head south and into the first house on the
right for a Magirock. Leave the house and take the south exit ot find
another Magirock. Head north again, and this time take the exit to
the right to appear in Louran's cemetery. There's a lot of zombies
here. I think this was where Michael Jackson filmed his Thriller clip
=) In the northeast corner is Turbo. Equip the RedScarf and Turbo
will follow you. Oh yeah, Turbo's a dog, if you are just reading this
and not playing. BTW, if you told Temjin to take his money with him,
check the topmost grave. It's Temijn's, and there's 500gems there.

Head back to the left, and now it will want you to follow it. It's
VERY SLOW, so peresevere. It will lead you to the big house north of
the broken wall. Enter, and follow Turbo. He'll go down the stairs,
and you shuold follow. Here, check the first alcove for a Magirock.
Follow Turbo all the way to the left, crawl under the table and
you'll find a statue, in fact, it's Meilin. She'll be mad at you
again, but this time her mum will intervene from her "limbo" status,
meaning she doesn't know what she'll be reincarnated as yet. Meilin
will run out of ths house, you should too. Upon exiting, Meihou will
meet you and apologize for the trouble. He says that you should speak
to the Nomads for instructions on how to cross the desert to the
west. You'll appear back at the Town Square. Head south, and Haydn
will be there, he's going back to Europe. Glad he survived. Exit and
go to the forest area, to the northeast. In the bottom left corner of
this screen is a Magirock. Now exit and head to the Nomad Camp, to
the west.

Nomad Camp

Head north and talk to the rightmost man of the three guys that are 
in the middle of the screen. He'll give some directions for crossing
the desert:

1.Walk west until three Boulders called Triangle Stones.
2.Turning south, seek boulders arranged in the shape of a serpentine
3.Head northwest. Turn north when you reach the Dragon Skulls.
4.The exit is near a giant skull.

With that knowledge, head into the desert that's west of this area. 
It's called Taklama. The giant skull is the exit. Once back on the 
World Map, head west, across the bridge, and west towards a town, a
castle and a mountain. Head into the mountain first to pick up a 
Magirock. Then enter the small town of Loire.


Quite a nice quiet town, but there's just one thing : they all hate 
the king. If you talk around, that's what you'll mainly hear, 
although there'll also be some talk on the haunted Norfest forest.
Brrr. Once done, head into the Inn. The innkeeper, Bounty, will treat 
you with wine, some food, and a dancer, but it comes at as cost...OF
1000000gems? What the hell? Then a soldier by the name of Fyda pops
in and warns Bounty not to pull these stupid tricks again. Bounty 
changes his mind and decides to give you everything for free. Yipee! 
Lady Fyda will then mention that if you want to become a candidate
for the princess' groom tommorrow, you should meet at the castle
tommorrow morning. With that, she leaves.

Head north, and talk to the lady to rest. Once it's morning, head 
back out, and talk to the guy at the table, he'll be looking for 
mushrooms. Now leave Loire and enter the Castle to the north.

Loire Castle Quest

Items : 500gems
        MagiRock x2
        Protect Bell

Here, head north up the looong corridoor and into the main 1F hall.
If you head north through the door, and then take the leftmost north
exit in this room, you'll reach the library where you can find out
many interesting things. Back to the 1F hall. Going to the east will
lead you to the kitchen, and in the pantry of the kitchen is a
Magirock. Going west will lead you to the quarters and the jail,
where you can talk to that White Wind dude. What you relaly need to
do is to go back to the 1F hall, and take either the right or left
door to get to 2F. Enter the middle door, talk to the guy, and he'll
ask if Ark is here for the interviews. Say yes, and Ark will ask if
the princess is cute ;) Go to the Waiting Room to thr right, and talk
to the blue-haired freak called Royd. Then the guard will come in and
tell Ark that he's first up for the interview.

Head north through this chamber room. Talk to the butler (the guy in
the middle) and he'll tell you to pay respects to the King and
Princess Elle??? Talk to the King, and then to Elle?!?!?!?!?! What
the hell? What is Elle doing here? But it doesn't seem to be the Elle
from Crysta, the Elle that Ark knows...talk to the butler again and
he'll explain that the Princess is mute. Whoever can cure her will be
her groom. Leave the castle.

Back on the World Map, head north, in between the gap between the
mountains and the river. Head north, up the bridge, and into the 
little house to the north. This is Molly's. He'll tell you that 
Mushroom Forest is to the east. Head to it, and find the Mushroom in
the bottom left hand corner, below a stump. You can also pick up
500gems and a L.Bulb in a chest. Leave, and head back to Loire.

Equip the Mushroom and head to the Inn. Talk to the guy there and
he'll ask if he can have Ark's mushroom. Say yes, and he'll make a
Sleeping Potion for you. Have a rest in the Inn, and when you wake
up, the Sleep Potion will be yours. Equip and return to the Castle.

Head to the Kitchen (right from the 1F hall). Here, touch the pot 
until the lady tells you not to touch it. Then slip a lil' Sleep 
Potion in there and then it'll be time for dinner. You'll be ejected
from the Castle, re-enter. Everyone will be asleep, thanks to you. 
Head to the 1F hall, and to the left. Enter the jail and talk to
White Wind. He'll ask if you can unlock his jail cell. Sure, no
problem. Examine the sleeping guard to get the Jail Key, then equip 
and unlock the door. White Wind will tell you that the King has some 
secret treasures hidden behind a statue in his room.

Head back to the 1F hall and take the middle door. Take the east 
exit, then up the stairs to reach 2F. Take the stairs here to reach 
3F. Head left into another room, where you'll meet Elle. She'll
ignore you, and Yomi will tease Ark about it. Head north, and push 
the soldier out of the way. Take the door on the right, and push the
gold statue in the top right corner to find a vent. Crawl in, and 
climb the tower to get a Magirock and a Protect Bell. Leave the 
castle. With this Protect Bell, you can now enter Norfest Forest. 
Where is it? Head up to Molly's Shack, but this time head west. Keep
going east until you reach the small peninsula that's full of trees.
Enter the trees to reach Norfest.

Norfest Forest - Loire Castle Quest Part 2

Items : 389gems
        Dog Whistle
        M.Bulb x2
        MagiRock x3

Equip the Protect Bell before entering. The bell helps you keep on
track, so that you don't get lost in this forest. If the bell rings
out, it means you're going in the right direction (it will ring when
you enter the right screen). The enemies in here are bats (28exp) and
the wolves (30exp). Maybe you can gain a level or two here, 22-23
should do you fine.

When you enter, you'll see that Royd idiot. He'll warn you that it's
not safe to enter, but enter anyway. He'll give you a tip, not all
things in Norfest are beasts. Head north into the first screen. Here,
continute trekking north until you spot an opening to your right.
Follow it southeast to reach a chest that contains a Ring Mail.
Return to the main path and exit the screen to the north.

Here, head north, and slightly to the left, and take the north path
through the trees. Then head north and head slightly to the right to
find another path to the north. In this screen, head to the right
exit, and in this new screen, take the north exit to reach the
bridge. Read the sign, and Ark will say that you'll need to take the
animal path through the woods. So head to the right, and down this
path to enter the next screen. In this small screen, head south.

In this new screen, head all the way south to reach a "hidden"
treasure chest that contains a Life Potion. Then make your way back
up north, until you see an opening to your right. Go through it and
follow it to the southeast corner, and into a new screen.

Here, there's tons of holes and worms flying in and out of them. You
can't kill them, so you have to dodge them. Go to the top right hand 
corner for a chest with 388gems in in, and then exit via the top left
hand corner. Wait a sec, who's that shadow that's following you???

In this screen, follow the path to the right to get to a ghost 
(28exp). Take the north exit on this screen, and on the next screen,
exit to the left. On this new screen, venture north until you see a 
set of stumps, shaped in a path, that are heading off to the right. 
Head to the right to get into a new screen, and follow the path
around to get behind some trees. There's a chest here, that contains 
the Dog Whistle. Return to the previous screen.

Here, head west, then south, and then west. Before leaving, Ark will
hear a scream from behind. Head north and you'll see a figure covered 
in bats, defeat the bats and find ... Meilin?!? What the hell is she
doing here? Stupid little...guess she's tagging along now. Exit to 
the south.

On this new screen, head east and check the trees in the top right
hand corner for a Magirock, and then exit via the left exit. You'll 
be back in the Bridge screen, head north. On this new screen, stick 
to the right and head north. You'll get a Magirock. Backtrack and 
head to the left, and then keep going north until you reach the exit
which is on the left.

When you enter this screen, you'll eb south of a pond. Follow the 
trees around to the north, to the left, and then head south. In this 
new screen, head to the right to get an M.Bulb that's in a chest. go 
all the way south to the bottom of the screen, and take the left exit
to pick up a Magirock in a new screen. Return to the previous screen,
and then take the upper left hand exit. Head north, up the bridge, 
and into Storkholm.

Storkholm? Wait a sec, this ain't Storkholm, this is Crysta! Ark will
rush up and tell Meilin that this looks exactly like the town that he 
came from, and she will say that most rural towns look alike. Then a
pack of wolves will surround you. Equip the Dog Whistle and use it, 
and they will run away. Explore Storkholm/Crysta now.

First, head into the Elder's place. It's now called Elle's. Head 
north, and keep going north until you hit the room with two chests. 
The bottom will contain an M.Bulb, the top, a Portrait. This is a
portrait of Princess Elle's original family (if you read the books in 
the library, you would have found that the king orphaned her, she was 
the mayor's daughter). Meilin says that she can make Elle's parents
appear in front of her, just like she did with the mirages back in 
Louran, but only on one condition : that Ark doesn't marry Elle. 
Oooh, I smell jealousy.

Leave Crysta, I mean, Storkholm now, and when Meilin asks you if 
you're sure you want to go, say yes. Meilin will tell you not to
forget the Portrait. You'll appear back on the World Map, head back
to Loire Castle.

Head through the 1F entrance corridoor to reach the 1F hall. Take the
stairs on the right or the left to get to 2F, and then go in the 
middle door. Meilin wil approach Ark and ask for the Portrait, so 
that she can memorize the faces. Head into the chamber.

Talk to the butler, who will tell you to talk to the king. The king 
will order you to cure her, and the screen goes white...you'll be
back in Crysta, sorry, Storkholm, and the king will be crapping his 
daks. He'll say that everyone was killed except for Elle, and he 
won't have a clue to what's going on. Elle's true parents will 
appear, and arouse the eyes of her soul.

You'll appear back in the chamber, and then Elle will start talking!
Fyda will ask if she's okay, and then tell her to snap out of it.
Strange. You'll then be booted out, and Meilin will greet you and
take you to the Loire Inn.

In a dream, the Elder will appear and tell Ark that he needs to find 
the geniuses of the world to take the world out of infancy. These
geniuses will motivate the world to grow. The genius is loacted to
the south, and is waiting to cross the waters. Ark will wake up and
complain about that bad start to the day =) Once you leave your room,
the person there will mention that Ark should be careful, as the King
mysteriously died last night, hmm...

Leave the Inn and make way to the fountain. Talk to the people and
they will say that since the King is now dead, they will have to vote
for a new leader to lead Loire. The guy talking, Jean, is going to be
one of the candidates, and he asks if anyone else wants to be a
candidate. A guy called Louis makes way, and while he says he's not
smart, he loves the town. So we have a vote! Just hope it doesn't end
up like the Bush/Gore affair...return to the Inn, but talk to the guy
outside it (Keinz). He'll tell you that if Loire ever wants to expand
and grow, Jean must be voted as the new mayor. Enter the Inn, then
exit and head to the fountain. Jean will tell you that voting has
started at the ballot box to the north. Head there, and queue up to
vote. Vote for whoever you want, but in order to get more out of the
game, vote for Jean. Return to the fountain, and they will say that
it will take a moment to count the votes. Enter a building, exit, and
then head back to the fountain. Jean/Louis wins, 25 votes to 24. Your
vote made the difference =) Hopefully you went for Jean. Before
leaving, go to the Magishop and buy about 5 ElecRings, they will come 
in handy later on.

Now time to go search for the genius. Leave Loire, head south,
through the unguarded Tollgate, and south to the Portuguese village
of Litz.


Item : Luck Potion

In the upper left hand corner of the town is a chest that contains a 
Luck Potion, so make sure that you get that. By talking around to
people in the town, you'll learn a couple of things. Number one, the
Sylvain Castle to the east of Litz. It is ruled by a queen who went
insane after she lost her three sons in a boating accident. Anyone
who has entered the tower since then, has never come out. Two, the
town enjoys their sardines. Three, talk to Royd inside the Inn, he'll
tell you that Princess Elle escaped the night that the King died.
Four, especially if you talk to Dr.Emilio in the hospital, you'll
learn that a guy called Columbus (sound familiar?) has a sickness
curing herb, but he hasn't been able to get in touch with him.

Leave Litz and head for the Castle to the east.

Sylvain Castle

Items : 651gems
        Black Opal
        Ice Pick
        MagiRock x2
        STR Potion
        Tower Key
        Vest Armour

Warning : The boss of this castle is quite tough. You'll need to be
around 24-28. Lots of levelling to do =) But you should be okay with
those Elec Rings.

Head up through the gate, towards the pink fountain, filled with ...
acid? I dunno. This place looks very spooky. Keep on going north
until you enter the castle.

You'll be facing those big, lanky, fat, tall armored figures again.
Head to the left, and then north into the door. Jump across the gap
to the right and head south, into a spooky looking jail cell area.
Work it to the top right hand corner, and pick up a Stardew in the
chest. Return to the entrance room.

Head to the middle of the room and then north up the stairs. If you
look closely at the paintings in the middle, Ark will notice that the
jewels in the eyes of the paintings have been cut out. Head to the
left, down, and into the stairway.

This is 2F. You can go north, south, or east, I suggest going north
first. Head up towards the throne. Ark will hear a voice, saying
"Give me back my children...My child..." and then the skeletons will
come alive. Be careful, they explode when beaten. Two spirits will
appear and tell Ark that the Queen loved her three sons dearly, and 
that they died on a tragic boating accident. The other spirit tells 
you that the Queen used the date of their deaths as an important 
number. Etch that into your memory and return to the 2F crossroads.

Head east this time. Oh yeah, the spider enemies give 35exp, the
white skeletons give 29exp. Head west and into the door to reach the 
library. Inside, you'll meet the red skeleton, who gives 45exp. 
Yummy, this is a good place to level up. It's also a good place to
read up on the castle.

Bottom Row

*A book will tell you that a stone serpent with a switch changes the
flow of water in the sewer.
*A book will tell you that the chandelier can be operated by a umeric
panel on the winch system.
*A book will tell you a poem. It goes :

    "I met four men.
     The first man had clear blue eyes.
     The second was an oriental with impressive deep black pupils.
     The third man had eyes that burned with passion.
     The last man had a false brown eye.
     I decided to show them to the special room."

Middle Row

*A book will tell you about how Columbus set sail, reluctantly taking
aboard the 3 Princes with him.
*A book will tell you about how a soldier hid a treasure in a small, 
hidden village in Scandia...
*A book will tell you about how a soldier dislikes the new, heavy 
armor they have to wear.

Top Row

*A book will tell you about when the balance of light a dark is
disrupted, a hero will appear to save the world using a weapon first
held by man. Sounds eerily familiar...could it have been a Star Wars
storyline? I've forgotten...
*A book will tell you about Columbus's return, in ****286****
(remember this!), his ship in tatters, and without the 3 Princes on 
board. The Queen subsquently jailed him.

After inhaling all that information (yes. I do realized I used the
word inhale), return to the cross roads and head south.

You'll end up in a room with some fat chanderliers. Head east and
into the Chapel. Take the east path and head into the door to the 
north. You'll appear in a darkened room, head north and touch the 
"altar" thingy. Skeletons will appear, beat 'em all. A spirit will 
appear and ask if it can follow you until it gets its body back. Say 
yes and leave.

Don't completely leave the Chapel area, take the long path north to
reach another room. Jump across to the platform on the left (yes, it 
can be done, just take a nice big run up and hope that you don't 
plunge to a horrible, bleeding death. If you do, I bags your wallet).
Wander across, then jump across to the lone platform to pick up a STR
Potion in the chest. Then head to the left and exit into the Royalty 

Take the first entrance to the left, knock out the big guys and pick 
up a Magirock. Head south and into the next entrance, here, get rid
of the baddie and then get 651gems inside the chest. Head south 
again, then left and exit to the outside area. Head to the right and 
pick up the Vest Armour in the chest. Return to the Royalty room, and 
then make your way back to the crossroads, and back into the entrance 
hall. Skip across to the stairway to the east.

Head north and you'll see a lone statue. The spirit will cry out, "My 
body!" and then it will attack you. How nice. Spirits nowadays, I 
tell you, they're nice and offer you cookies and milk, but in tha 
past, no, they have to attack you, don't they? Kill it off and a path 
will open up below you, to the right. Head back to the hallway, down
the middle stairs, and enter the door in the top right hand corner.

Go north via the new path, and then you'll appear in a cellar sorta 
place. Take the top left exit, into the Guards area. Get rid of the 
reddie and head north into Storage. Take care of the big fat blue guy
and pick up a Tower Key and Ice Pick in the chests. The big fat blue
guy gives a yummy 59exp. Head back to the main room and take the
stairway in the middle.

Climb the stairs and you'll appear in a room with some oil cans and 
numbers. Yomi will say that if you push against the wall, you can 
turn the oil cans. Remember the date when Columbus returned? 286. Put 
that code in, by standing on the top oil drum and pushing against the 
wall. When you do it, a mechanical sound will be heard downstairs. 
head back down and take the entrance to the right.

You'll be in the dining area, head right into the kitchen. Climb into 
the little hole here, and keep going until it says that Ark has 
obtained the Black Opal. Sweet. Get out of the hole, and head south,
which leads outside.

Equip the Tower Key and head north, up the stairs, and then head
right. Open the locked door with the Tower Key. Head down the 
stairwell, defeat Mr. BigFatBlueGuy to open the gate, and head north
into the sewer. Head west along the wooden planks and then north.
Pick up the Magirock to the right and then continue north, until you 
reach three serpents' statues. Go to the middle one and examine it. 
Ark will wonder whether to stick a hand down it's mouth or not. Pick 
Why not? (Ark's response : Heh, what's a snake bite or two?). All the 
acid turns into clear water, sweet. Now head right, and south, and 
pick up the DEF Potion in the chest. Leave the sewer and tower

Once back outside, run all the way to the west tower and unlock the
door there. Head through the borken terrace maze and up the stairway 
in the top left corner. Head through this next area, exit via the
stairway in the top right corner, and on the next floor, take the top 
left stairway out. Head back outside, and go to the right. Yomi will
tell you to look at the tower on the east, there seems to be a 
serpent with jewel in its eye. Yomi will push Ark onto the roof, 
forcing him to jump across to the top of the other tower. Climb down
the vine and pick up the Topaz. Drop.

Now head back inside, and back into the main entrance hall. Exit to 
the and head to the fountain. Jump in and you'll get the Sapphire. Go
back to the entrance hall, and then to 2F (up the stairs in the
middle, and then take the stairs to the left), and when you hit the
crossroads, go south.

Head to the right and jump onto the chandelier (no run-up required). 
Do a diagonal jump to the bottom right and land on the platform. Pick
up the Ruby and the L.Bulb in the chest, and then return to the main
entrance hall, in front of the portraits. You may have trouble
jumping back, just take a run up and then jump diagonally.

Once in front of the portraits, a sequence will take place.

"The first man had clear blue eyes.
 The second was an oriental with impressive deep black pupils.
 The third man had eyes that burned with passion.
 The last man had a false brown eye."

The jewels will move correspondingly. A chandelier will drop from the 
ceiling, and when you regain control, there will be a hole in the
floor. Drop.

You'll be surrounded by four freaky witches, chatning a stupid chant. 
When they stop spinning, just aim for one of them, hopefully it's the 
real one. Just keep repeating this process over and over until they 
die. Three times should do it. Now go to the top right hand corner of 
the room, and you'll see a guy crouched in the corner. Talk to him, 
only for a crystal clear voice to ring out, "Have fun palying with my
adorable children..."

You'll be taken to a room where you have to play a "Simon Says" game. 
When Simon Says walk, walk. When it says stop, stop! Otherwise you'll 
be taken back to the start. You'l can only walk when the text is on 
screen as well. Be warned, the closer you get, the faster she gets.
It should only take you about two tries though, because you can
run!. Don't forget about running, it makes the whole thing a LOT 
faster. Once you get up there, hit her (only while she says 'walk'!).
She'll cry to her mom because Ark is mean. You'll be transported to
another room, get ready for...

BOSS : Bloody Mary

Okay. Equip the Jewel Box and have ElecRings handy. Equip the 
LightRod. If you're 28+ you should have no trouble at all.
The tactic here is to wait until she vanishes, and then try to stay
in the middle of the spinning triangle. When she re-appears, go for 
an ElecRing followed by an attack. Rinse, lather and repeat. At level 
28, I was doing 180 per shot. 25 or 26 should be alright to face her

The Queen's vengeance has been lifted. Talk to the dude, it's
Columbus. He'll ask you why you saved him, answer him however you
like. He'll say he'll reveal the truth about the 3 Princes when the
true hero is born, blabla, all this humanity crap, and then let's get
back to Litz.

You'll be in the Hospital. Columbus will say that all the sailors
here have been taught by him, they can take you wherever you want.
Leave, and get a Fever Medicine from the nurse. Now go to rest at the

Lady Fyda will intrude in the middle of the night, and say that
Princess Elle's life is in danger, and that she needs ot be taken to
another continent for her safety. She'll say that someone needs to
guard her, and say yes to being that guard. Fyda will say that Ark,
Elle and herself will set sail tomorrow morning. Fyda leaves, and 
Yomi pops in with some snide remarks.

Leave Litz, and you'll notice a small house to the south. This is the
Quatro's, they're like a travelling circus. Head back north up to 
Loire. It's grown huge! Here, you'll want to go to Matis' (1st Ave,
to the left) and get his painting t expose it to all of the world. 
Then head to Papilo's (2nd Ave, right of the croissant dude) and head 
into the back room. Talk to the chick in the top right hand corner to 
get some Fancy Clothes so that Ark can promote them as well. 

Now head to the Litz port, and head left, talk to Fyda and the other
dude, and Fyda will say she'll be on the next ship that follows.
Then you'll set sail!


Items : L.Bulb

Halfway, you'll regain control of Ark. Elle won't talk to you, so
head into the door underneath the stairway. Here, head right into 
storage, and get an L.Bulb. Then go back and sleep in one of the 
beds. In the middle of the night, you'll be woken by a scream. Head 
back on deck and you'll that Elle has been attacked by ghosts.

It's a case of "hit the right one" again, so keep attacking until 
they disappear. Elle will wake up and you can have a nice 
conversation with her. She'll say thanks, and then you can go back to
sleep =)

One of the ship dudes will see land, and Ark gest woken up by Yomi.
Upon leaving the ship, the sailor gives Ark a letter from Elle. Equip 
it and read it. It will tell you that she killed the King (duh.
Worked that out 2 years ago), and that she can't be a burden to
anyone any longer, goodbye. That biatch =)

Leave the port and head north, to the town of Freedom.


This sure is a friendly town. Head into the town centre and you'll
meet a skateboarding kid. His name is Perel. Watch him do his crappy
little manuals, and after it finishes, say that you feel better.
He'll then ask if you want to meet his friends, say yes, and follow
him north to a house. Here, Perel will introduce you to a few kids,
except that one of them's missing (Anita. She's out looking for
Will). So Perel goes off to find her.

Go into the house to the right of Perel's place. A guy here called
Eddy is trying to get his electrical machine working, and needs Ark
to push up against it. So keep doing it until it blows up, and that
will give Eddy an idea.

In the next hosue to the right, a guy by the name of Bell will ask if
you can go to Nirlake and tell his girlfriend Amanda that he misses
him. Sure, no problem.

Go to the house down south. It should be the 3 girls' house. They are
fashion freaks, so equip your Fancy Clothes and talk to them. They'll
ask if they can keep em, say yes.

Now leave Freedom, and head north to Nirlake.


Items : 9 Logs
        Life Potion
        Tin Sheet

Here, talk to the sailor directly north. He'll say that he spotted
something falling from the sky into the Great Lake. Go to the house
in the bottom left hand corner for a Life Potion. In a house to the
north, you'll find Amanda, who says she's now got a new boyfriend.
Ooh damn. Now go all the way to the east, and into a new screen. Here
you'll find that economic dude, ignore him and enter the house. Pick
up the Tin Sheet from the floor, read Will's diary, and leave.

At the top of the town is a chef who will wonder how to prepare his
beef. Keep giving him advice (and re-enter the building for a new
option), and soon you'll get him to make the Hamburger. Yay!

When back on the World Map, head northwest to the forest of Gumin.
Here, defeat the orange blobs inside the trees, and then defeat the
consequent four blobs, and you'll receive a piece of wood (found
underneath the tree). Do this until you have 9 Logs.

Now go to the cave north of Nirlake. Some Servas dude is waiting for
his fiance, Nancy, to return from Liotto. So we can't go there yet.

Head south, sticking to the river, and push to the left. You'll enter
an area with a waterfall, where a guy says he needs Logs to build a
bridge. Equip the Logs and give all 9 to him, and then leave the
screen. Re-enter, and a bridge with a Magirock on it will be there.
Cross to the other side.

Back on the World Map now, does this look familiar? Yes, it's 
Colorado, but you don't need to go here. Head south, into Guiana, and 
then when you're in the Amazon, take the bridge to the right, and
head south until you hit Liotto.


Items : Magirock

They've got a carnival happening, yippee! There's a guy here that
will give you a Magirock if you play the Cream-A-Cat game. Just
remember that you can hit those that are standing together in one
shot, if you aim for the middle of them.

Oh my, who's that at the candy stall? DAMN! It's Meilin!
Unfortunately, you have to let her follow you around. So head north
and enter the new screen. This place is Corcobad Hill. It's supposed
to be some soppy, romantic place where lovers express their love for
each other. Bleah. MeiLin likes the place, and goes on about some
speech which is drenched in buckets of love, and all that crap. Then
she wants Ark to meet her here tonight, and before running away, she
screams out "I love you Ark!"

Weird. Go rest in the Inn (it's free), and then go to the Hill. Shock
horror, the Elle from Crysta will appear! She will tell Ark how the
crystals shone in Crysta only because of him... and then MeiLin
appears, saying that the illusion was all her doing. She then screams
out "I hate you Ark!" and runs off again.

Weird. Leave Liotto and go to the port. Here, a rich dude is offering
his boat in exchange for someone who can rid the sea of deadly
monsters. Sounds easy. Talk to the rich dude, say yes, and then get

Mermaid Tower

Items : Engagement Ring
        Life Potion
        Water Pin

Well. Drop into the water, it doesn't matter how, and you'll end up
in the first floor. Make way to the south and enter the door there.
The green fish on this floor give a healthy 62exp each, so go back
and forth trying to gain some levels (27-30 would be phat). Exit
through the door to the north, and then through the door to the left
on the next floor. Time to meet the boss already.

BOSS : Big Fishy Wishy

It's not really a boss. The big purple fish is what you're aiming
for. If you face it, it will run away, so have your back turned. Then
when it is close enough, turn around, and smack it. 238 damage should
be enough (that's what I did in one hit).

The presence of mermaids returns to the Tower...so head back to the
first water filled floor. Head the stairs and talk to Nana, the
mermaid in the middle. She'll say that she was on her way to Freedom
to meet her fiance, Servas, at the Great Lakes, but her ship got
caned at sea and she ended up like this. She'll give you an
Engagement Ring to give to Servas.

Heading up to the top of the room, a mermaid will tell you that at
the bottom of the world, in the 6th continent, lies the mermaid's
treasure, and tells you to take it for rescuing them. Head down the
stairs and get the SeaSpear in a chest. Leave via the stairs at the
top that are blocked by two mermaids, and they will give you a
Water Pin as a gift. Leave the tower.

Back at port, the dude will give you a boat. Whenever you see a port
on the World Map, just press down and you can sail around. To land,
find a port and press up. Handy, huh? Now you can sail to the 6th
continent to get the mermaid's treasure. If you don't know what the 
6th continent is, it's Antartica.

Once down there, sail around the rocks until you get to the port
that's on the left side of Antartica. Enter, and throw away the rocks
to get through. There's an invisible vine that you need to climb on
the right side of the wall. Climb up, jump the gap, and enter the 
door. Here are two treasure chests, which contain a SeaMail and a 
LifePotion. Yummy. Exit, and sail back to Freedom. Leave the port and 
head to Freedom/Nirlake, and stock up on Serums. Then head to the
Great Lakes Cave.

Great Lakes Cave

Items : 753gems
        Air Herb
        Magic Anchor

Equip the Engagement Ring and talk to Servas. He'll say that he's 
going to see Nana now...and he fades away...weird...head north and 
into the cave.

Blue fishies give 51exp! Very handy, you'll want to end up at about
29-32 here. Maybe a little less, really depends on how much time you
have. Head north, and then left into the next screen.

This is still 1F. The fat toady gives you 65 exp, not bad at all.
Keep going left and you'll reach a chest with an Air Herb, that 
allows you to breathe underwater. Return to the previous screen and
drop into the pool with the waterfall. Notice the bubbles coming up 
from the corner? Go there and examine it. The Air Herb is put into 
full use here, you use it to get from one bubbly point to another.

You'll appear near the start, but on the other side of the rock
barricade. To the right is a big waterfall, and what looks like more
air bubbles in the pond. Yes, they are air bubbles, but they're
actually mean worm enemies that jump out and try to bit your head off
and suck your guts out. Avoid, you can't beat em. So go to the 
waterfall and fall down.

This is B1F. Jump out of this pond and you'll meet a Slime. Kill it
once for 40exp, and then finish the mini-slimes off for another 20
exp. Head into the door on the right.

This is 1F. The flower enemies give a nice 76 exp! Kill 'em all! Head
to the north and take the door on the right. Just in case you were
wondering, the left path takes you back to the waterfall, so if you 
want to waste your time, you go ahead and do that.

On the long 2F floor, Ark will spot a shadow in the pond. He'll 
wonder what it is, and then Ark thinks he hears someone crying out 
for help. Hmm. Swim down to the waterfall, but stay on the left side
of the waterfall. As you fall, you'll land on an edge containing the 
Magic Anchor, which stops you from being dragged in the current. Now 
drop to the bottom.

Here, the gay eyeball enemies give you 69exp. They're so annoying coz 
you can only damage them when their eyes are open. Bleah. Head left.
This is B2F. Take the north path first, and make your way north
through this Pupila/Pirahna section. In the next room, dodge past the
two Pupilas and head right, and then get past the Slimes in this room 
to appear in the waterfall place again. This time, you're on the
highest level, and if you head right, you can pick up 753gems in a
chest. Now drop down the waterfall and head left again.

You're back at B2F. Go left, swim through the bubble area and head
north into another room in B2F. Head left, as going right results in
a dead-end. Climb the stairs, and take the door to the north. Beware
of the many fat toads that reside here. Head north to a new screen,
picking up that nice new GeoStaff on the way.

If you head to the right, you'll see a hole and some water trickling
out of a hole. So when you see a leaking pipe, what do you do? Call a
plumber? NO, YOU BREAK THE PIPE INTO PIECES! Pick up a rock and piff 
it at the wall to make water gush out. Or, you can simply ram
against the wall and fall down the hole =) Either way, you're going 

Drop down and you'll see that this place is now full of water (all
the toads have drowned too, heh heh heh =) Pick up the Magirock to 
the south, and then take the path to the right. In this screen (it's
still B2F), head right and into the door.

Head north in this next small room, and you'll appear in B3F. If you 
want to inconvience yourself, take the door to the south, which leads
to the bottom of the waterfall (it's an escape route for those who 
didn't get across =) Instead, swim across the pond, to the northwest, 
and then get past the two pupilas, and south to a new screen.

Jump down the very many steps of B4F and get rid of the flower. Here,
head right, and get up close and personal to the far right of the
waterfall, you'll climb up and enter a new room. Enter the door to
the north, and then take a long swim up, around to the right, south,
south at the next junction, and then right. You'll reach a waterfall.
Fall down and into the hands of the extremely weird...

BOSS(es) : Hitoderon(s)

It's the three starfish thingies that you should be worried about.
You can take out two of them real easy, you'll have to resort to an
air raid assault on the other one (cue the Rollin' music =) Beware,
the dragon shoots out fire to try and help you, but you might find
yourself being burned in the process. To get rid of the last
starfish, stand underneath it until it drops. As soon as it does, get
out of the way, and hit it on when it bounces back up. If it lands on
your head, run into a fireball and it'll get off.

Gossie, the dragon, will give you a HornPin, and as it wants to help
you, will take you somewhere...You'll meet Will, the airplane dude,
whose plane crashed into the Great Lakes. He'll take you back to his
place, where Anita is. Will says he can't go on building plaens
anymore as some place in Yunkou has started buying up all the metal


Items : 378gems
        DEF Potion
        Speed Shoes

Go back to the Freedom port and sail around. The island of New
Zealand has a Magirock. A small forest in Australia holds 892 gems.
Northeast of Oceania is Mu, which holds a DEF Potion and the lovely
Embupike. Northwest of that is Polynese, a place where you can bask
in the sun. On the South-East Asian islands, there are two ports,
where you can pick up the Speed Shoes, Luck Potion, 378gems and
1403gems. Now sail north to Asia, and enter the port that's on the
mainland. Enter the town of Yunkou.


Items : Ginseng

If you go into the Inn, and downstairs, you'll see Fyda, murmuring
about protecting Elle...she's sick and she needs a cure. Further
north in the town is the Medicine store. The doctor says that some
Ginseng will cure Fyda, and you can get some from Lon Trading.
Unfortunately, Lon Trading seems to be down, he says... There's a
Magirock here if you follow the upper right path, around, and behind
the buildings. But you really want to go to Lon Trading, which is on
the right side of the food stalls, the entrance is a blue door.

Mr.Lon is upstairs. Talk to him, and ask for some Ginseng. He'll be
only give it to you on one condition, that you check to see fi his
brother, Wong, is doing alright at Dragoon Castle. They used t run
the business together until Wong left and bought the Castle. Now he's
been buying many things and hiding them there, and Lon wants to know
what business Wong is getting into. So give Ginseng to Fyda in the
Inn, but Ark doesn't know what to do with it. So head to the Doctor's
place (the Medicine store), and he'll tell Ark to make her drink it.

You'll flashback to Storkholm, where the King forced Fyda to kill
Elle's parents. However, Fyda promised that she'd protect Elle with
her life. Then you'll go back to the normal world and she'll mutter
something about Elle being at the Dragoon castle. Go outside, and
talk to Perel. What the hell is he doing here? He'll say that he
wants to help you since you're helping Will. Now, go launch a
"full frontal assault" on Dragoon Castle.

Dragoon Castle

Items :  200gems
         Three Part Rod

Reminds you of Sylvain, huh? Good thing about this Castle is that
there are no enemies, however, there are guards, and if they spot
you, it's back to the entrance for you. Damn.

Perel will do some "tricky" skating stuff to distract the guards, and
that will leave an opening for you to rush in. Equip the Speed Shoes,
and hold down X to sprint with them. They are very handy for getting
past the annoying guards. When you're sprinting, you cna get p[ast so
fast that they won't even realize you're there.

In the first room, you want to go up through the doorway in the
middle. To get past the guard, go to the right of him, and sprint up
while he's not looking. You can stop while you're right next to him,
and then sprint up to the door.

In this next room, a guard will be directly in front of you. To get
past him, hide behind the candlestick (either one), and then when he
faces forward, or the other way, sprint forward, and keep sprinting
so that you can clear the gap. Don't venture too far forward, as
there is another guard in front. He's kinda hard to get past, so what
you do is stand back a fair distance, and when he's not looking
south, just RUN normally around him, and into the door at the top of
the room.

There's a exit to the left side of this long corridoor. This next 
room looks like a dead end, but what you do is fire up the Sprint
Shoes and smack into the north wall, full blast. Ouchie.

This next room has a few guards, but they're all blind as usual.
Weave in and out and make your way to the top left hand corner of
the room for the exit. This room has a staircse, that leads to the

In the dungeon, head south, past the broken terrace fencing thingies,
and pick up a Magirock. Head back north, and then to the east. Head
north again and you'll see Elle of Crysta, chained up! What the hell?
Go up to her, and she'll fade away...oh, don't tell me! Head back
south. DAMN! MeiLin!!! She'll say that she's working for Mr. Wong, 
and her orders were to lose Ark in this cold and dark dungeon...that 
stupid little brat... While Yomi goes to find a exit, Ark goes to 
sulk =)

Scene cuts to Elle, Wong and some blue-haired dude. Wong says 
something about finally finding Elle, and Elle accuses him of killing
her parents. Wong says that he was only supposed to deliver the
information that King Henri obtained, so he could get paid... then he
asks her to think carefully about what the treasure of Storkholm was. 
He leaves the blue-haired dude, Royd, to guard her. Royd's only
working as a drifter, out for the money as well...

Back to Ark. Yomi says that he heard a noise from above. Head north,
and someone will ask if anyone's down there. Ark says yes, and then 
Fyda will drop a chain down. Climb the chain, and then you'll be face 
to face with Fyda. She'll ask a few questions before going to the 
east side of the Castle. Follow her, the easiest way is to get
spotted by one of the guards, so that you get back to the entrance 

Head back inside the castle, and take the stairs to the right. Creep
cautiously to the right, and sprint past the guard when he's not 
looking, and this is a tough task. Hopefully you can catch him out 
when he's facing the wall to the left. Either way, it's gonna tke you
a couple of tries. After getting past him, go into the door.

Here, the guard walks up and down the hallway. However, before he
starts moving, get past him and sprint up the corridoor to get past 
him easily.

This next room has lots of platforms and pits. Jump to the right and
then head right. Head north, jump across to the right and pick up 
200gems. Head south and then keep jumping right. Get the Magirock,
then follow the path north to a staircase.

In this room, get the 300gems and the L.Bulb, then exit to the left.
You'll be in a dungeon, head right and cross a bridge for a Magirock.
Head left, and enter the door. Follow this around until you reacha
chest with a 3-Part Rod in it. Return to the entrance of this very
fun room.

This time, jump north and you'll see Crysta's Elle. She'll tell you
that Princess Elle is being held in there... so head north. Make way
through this cluttered room to reach the exit in the top right hand 

This is the Library. Interesting proverbs in the books include:

*Closed paths are to be opened by one's own feet and none other.
*Six lights illuminate a new road by losing six lights.

Head north and you'll see Princess Elle, no, wait, MeiLin's playing 
tricks on you again, DAMNIT! He gets transported to nothingness,
where both Elles float around him, tormenting him. Then Fyda 
interrupts, telling Ark that he is strong enough to defeat the
nightmare. The Elles fade away...

Ark appears back in the library with Fyda. She demands that MeiLin 
show herself, and when she does, she gives her a good slapping! 
WOO-HOO! MeiLin runs off and tells them that Wong can erase them
both. Fyda will follow Ark out, head souht back into the cluttered 

You'll see MeiLin. Talk to her and she'll say that the entrance is 
sealed. Wong's voice is heard, and basically what he says is that he 
was using MeiLin, and intends to kill them all. MeiLin doesn't get
it, and Fyda has to explain. MeiLin cries again.

Perel bursts through, and explains that he came coz he heard a girl
crying. Boo-hoo. He and Fyda leave, while MeiLin has something to say
to Ark... sorry! And then she tells to check the unpaired statue, as 
that is where Elle is being held. Return to the entrance of the

This time you'll want to take the path to the left. Head up the
stairs to the left and take the doorway there. This room look blocked
off, but do you remember that proverb? "Six lights illuminate a new 
road by losing six lights." So use the six pots that are in the room
and throw them all at the lights, to open up the door. Enter.

In this room, remember MeiLin's words, and check across from the 
unpaired statue right in front of you. Flip the switch and a doorway
will open. Now, in this next room, remember that "Closed paths are to 
be opened by one's own feet and none other." Meaning sprint into the 
wall. Enter, and you'll finally reach Elle.

She'll be surprised that Ark is here, and also thankful...Royd comes 
in and challenges Ark to a fight. Fyda steps in and decides to battle 
Royd while Ark and Elle escape.

Return to the unpaired statue room, and MeiLin says she knows an
exit. Even though she can't be trusted, follow her south, then left,
and then north. She'll be standing in front of a doorway. She says
there's a drain out there, and tells them to hurry up.

Cuts back to Fyda and Royd. Fyda realizes that Royd looks
familiar...that's right, Loire Castle, no even further back than 
that...Royd has a change of heart and decides to let Fyda go protect
her "princess" instead of fighting Fyda.

Now we cut back to Ark and Elle. Halfway getting through this room,
Elle will stop and say that she wants to wait for Fyda. You can't get
her to go with you, so exit out the door at the right. When Ark
leaves, Elle says that she can't be a burden to him anymore, and
there are still many things she has to do...

Now the scene cuts to Wong and Royd. Wong is terrified that if
"Beruga" finds out, he'll be dead. Royd starts acting weird, and
turns on Wong, the reason being that he lost his best friend to Wong
(King Henri), and after Wong's gone, he's going to go after Beruga.
Wong backs away, and Royd inches closer...

Lots of ...s, huh. Back to Ark now. Jump across to the left and take
the staircase down to the sewer/drain area. Go right across the
bridge, and MeiLin will catch up. Then something will happen...
(another ...! I'm overusing them)

You'll appear outside the castle with Perel and MeiLin. They'll
explain that the Castle collapsed. Weird. Perel says that the prices
of metal have gone down, so he's going to go back to Nirlake to help
Will. MeiLin says she's going to Lhasa to visit her grandpa, and
Ark's alone again. Yippie. Yomi suggests that Ark go to Nirlake as

Plane Stuff

Items : Block Rod

Go to Will's place. He'll tell you how to fly. On the runway, press A
to fly, L to descend, R to ascend, and Y to accelerate. To land, fly
low and press A. Gee, I wonder how that airport got built so quickly
near Freedom! Fly west until you see an airport (in the Ukrainian
region, just west of Siberia). Land, and then head east, and into the
Siberian cave. Here, cross the first tightrope to get a Block Rod.
Leave, head back to the airport, and into the town north of it. It's
called Mosque.

All the people here worship that Beruga dude, the main belief being
is that he will one day rise from his sleep chamber in his castle,
and save the world. Whatever. Let's go meet this Beruga. Leave Mosque
and head south into the castle.

Beruga's Lab

Items : DEF Potion
        Soul Armour

No lights! Spooky! Dash all the way to the right to enter a new
screen. In this screen, head right, then down, but glue yourself to
the left wall. You'll enter an alcove with the light switch. Yay.
Head back out, and south. You'll see some weird robots. They don't
move, thankfully. Head right, and then crawl under the blue pipes to
the north.

When you stop crawling you will see a brownish object in your way.
Pick it up, throw it away, and crawl through the vent. You'll pick up
the nifty Soul Armour. Now crawl back, head out to the right, and
into the door. Here, robots will attack you, and they give you a PHAT
80exp (level time! 29-32). Head right, and then all the way south.
You'll hit bottom, and end up going left. You'll soon find the next
power machine, once you have, flip the switch and return to the
entrance room.

Head left and take the first path south. You'll appear on an
elevator. The left switch makes it go up and the right switch makes
it go down. Go down one floor and get off there.

In this area, go left, up, left across the conveyor belt, down, and
then left. You'll be in an area with some weird green thingies. Climb
through the vent and meet your new robot enemies, who give a NICE
100exp! Whoo-hoo! Head right, down, and jump into the transportation

Follow the path down, left, and then up into a room with four more
transportation chambers. Each one leads to another one in the same
room, so basically it's an easy way to reset the robots. Regardless, 
head north through the door.

Head into the middle of this room, where you'll find another machine.
Flip it and head right, then down into a new area of the previous 
room. Push the white block out of your way, then climb down through
the vent, and make your way back to the elevator. Go down another

Walk up, and you'll meet a new enemy, the Cube (102exp). Get past
them, then keep going up, the right, then jump onto the conveyor 
belts. Jump into the first transporter that you see, and you'll 
appear on another belt. Jump down, and then head south through a Cube
infested area to get a DEF Potion. Return to the transporter, and 
then jump into the one at the right.

Get off the belt, and head into the transporter in the bottom right
corner. In this area, head right, and then up into a conveyor belt
funhouse! Make way to the upper left hand corner and jump into the
transporter. In this new area, head north and you'll face a computer.

Examine it, and it will ask for a password. Yomi pops up and tells 
you that the password is Bloody Mary. Surprisingly, it works. You can 
now access some stuff:

*Past History

**Dawn of Mankind

The date that Dr.Beruga announced his new biological theory. DNA
engineering brought about cures for recurrent diseases. It also
helped extend life and promote artificial intelligence.

**Cold Sleep

The world's first super cold hibernation device made by Dr.Beruga. It
slowed the progress of rapid diseases and saved many lives.

**Earth's Last Day

The day an airborne infectious virus of 90% mortality struck. Names
Asmodeus, the virus decimated the human populace. Some were saved by
Dr.Beruga's vaccine, but lack of food spelled doom.


**Lab's Objective

Undertook research and development of groundbreaking new technology.
Because of the highly hazardous work, robots are exclusively used.


The vaccine for Asmodeus was created here to stop the plague. Its
effectiveness was measured to be about 80% recovery. But insufficient
production meant that it was only available to a few.


1F is the robot assembly plant. B1F and B2F are the bio-lab. B3F and
beyond are under construction.

Make your way back to the elevator, and go down one more floor.
Enter, and you'll face a big fat robot boss.

BOSS : Big Fat Robot

The trick here is to equip the Geospear, and hack away at its legs
while avoiding the missiles. If you have the EmbuPike, that works
well too. Once you can't deal anymore damage to a leg, it means that
that leg is dead. As a last ditch attack, it will launch mini-robots
out at you, easy to deal with.

Head north into the next room, and sprint down the long corridoor to
meet Beruga. He'll thank you for waking him, he's been sleeping since
the death of the previous Earth. He'll tell you to follow him, do so.

Beruga says that he's developed a system where no-one dies, no-one is 
fearful of death. Ark examines one of the subjects and comments that 
it look remarkably sad. He then comments that it's not wise to revive
the dead, as then the whole world would fill up. Beruga then comes up
with some wacky idea about only keeping the necessary people, and 
leaving the rest to death. Ark gets pissed off about that statement,
and tries to charge Beruga, but robots stop him.

Beruga makes some speech about robots, and then says that his liege
will soon emerge from the underworld. Strange.

Scene cuts to NeoTokio. A weird light appears and everyone fades
away. Then the scene cuts to Ark, lying down. The Elder appears and 
congratulates Ark on a great job, and tells him that he can stop now,
his reward is rest for eternity. He also says that Beruga will make 
the world great...?!?! Ark will wonder what he's being fighting for, 
and ask for an answer... someone will tell him that he exists outside
the loop of fate so that it can be changed, and that someone starts
transporting him back to the world.

You're back in Lhasa. MeiHou will tell you that Kumari brought you
back, and that the 'Star of Darkness' has destroyed NeoTokio. Head 
right, and keep going north to the "throne" room. Kumari will tell
you that Beruga is, basically, the Son of Evil and that there is an
old Lhasa saying, "Starstones laid at the grave at time's end calls
the golden child." To align the twisted loop of fate, Ark must find
the Starstones and place them at the grave at time's end.

Leave Lhasa, and then head east, past the Indus River, and into the
Safarium (remember King Leo?). Talk to the bird, and pick !!!!!!!!!
to fly to the Sanctuary. Once you land, exit and head out towards
the Freedom port, to the east. Now you can find the Starstones. It
doesn't matter which order you find each one. But before that, you
might want to embark on a quest to expand the growth of certain

Expansion Quests

Items : 9 Nirlake Letters
        Airfield Plans
        Magirock x4
        Tasty Meat

Here, go back to Bell and tell him the truth about Amanda. He'll go
to the pub to drink away his sorrows. Talk to him at the pub at he'll
say that he's gotten over her, and will repay you. Follow him back to
his house, and you'll get a Magirock. Go over to the house to the
left of Bell's, it's Eddy's house. Help him with his experiment and
this time he will learn how to create light from electricity. Oh
yeah, if you check out the little hut at the bottom of the Freedom
port, you'll get a Magirock.

Now head up to Nirlake. It's uh, burnt down. Only Will's house
survived. A guy somewhere in the middle of town will ask you for a
favour, which is to deliver nine letters to rich and kind people to
help fund the rebuilding of Nirlake. These are the nine people:

Rich - Britain
Bell - Freedom
Eddy - Freedom
Sardine Guy - Litz
Pierre - Loire
Matis - Loire
Winemaker - Loire
Marily - Loire
Will - Nirlake

Deliver the first one to Will, and return to Freedom. IT'S FRIGGIN
HUGE!!! To the right is a Weapon/Armor/Store/Magirock/Black Market
place. In the Black Market, you'll see the Kingbird locked up in a
cage. If you can afford it, be nice and talk to the guy to set it
free (it costs 5000gems). I did it coz I had money, and felt like
being nice. What effect it has on the game, I still don't know.

Bill and Eddy's houses are still technically in the same spots, so go
to them and give them the letters. Now leave, and head across the
bridge to the left. Enter the Sanctuary, and head up to the Kingnest.
Climb up to visit the Kingbird and you'll get a Magirock (ah! That's
what it's for! 5000gems though, a bit steep...). Now go back to the
port and sail to Britain.

The only hosue here is Rich's. He's on the second floor, give him the
letter AND Matis' painting, and he'll give you a 1000g in return.
Sweet. Sail out to Southern Europe and enter Litz.

In the building that's to the left of Keinz, is where the sardine
dude is. Give him a tin sheet for him to preserve his sardines in,
leave, re-enter, and you'll get some sardines from him. Now head to

Go to Pierre's place and help him with his Camera. It works now, and
he'll give you one. Talk to him again to give him a letter. Now go to
Matis', next door, and he'll go on about how someone likes his work.
Talk to him again to give him a Nirlake letter. Now go to the 2nd
Ave, and into Marily's (2nd house from the top left). Talk to Marily
to give her a Nirlake Letter. Then head all the way to the right and
intot he Winemaker's. Keep talking to him, and try his wine. Ark
won't like it, so keep on going in and out and repeat the process
until he likes it. The Winemaker will give you a bottle to promote
his great wine. Now sail to Africa.

Enter the desert merchant's camp, and buy a crystal from one of the
three guys in the centre. Return to Freedom, give the sardines to
Stoma, (big double story house, first floor, door on the left). Keep
talking to him and he'll eventually like it, and give you 100gems for
your trouble. Then head to the bar (all the way over to the right of
Freedom), and inside, give the Wine to the gal there. Now, head back
to Litz, and give the crystal to the art maker. Now head to the
sardine dude and he'll thank you for exposing his product. Equip the
letters and give him one.

Last stop, um, sorry, almost last stop - Loire. Go back to the
winemaker and give him the final letter. Sweet. Both Litz and Loire
have expanded into extremely classy towns, but especially Loire.
Damn. Head back to Nirlake. So quickly, it's grown into the fattest
town around, well, almost. Pick up the Magirock at the top of the
screen. If you want to know, the hut to the west of Nirlake is a
farm, and to the east is Will's house. Go to Will's and get the
Airfield Plans.

Now sail to Suncoast, in Australia. Give the councillors the Airfield
Plans (um, second building from top right, I think). Equip the camera
and take a snapshot (just by pressing X) of Suncoast, and then sail
back to Freedom. Take a picture of Freedom, then of Nirlake, and then
sail to Loire and take a picture there. Go up into the second screen
of Loire and into the Tourism Office (top left corner, has the
Tourism sign above the door). Inform them of the three towns, and
then leave. Do the same with Freedom and Nirlake, then fly to
Suncoast and do the same there. While here, head north in to the
second screen, and into the house. Get the Tasty Meat from the dude
there, and fly back to Freedom.

The meat should be given to Stoma. Keep talking to him and eventually
he'll like it. Great! Fly back to Suncoast and it will have developed
fully. Go to the Inn, second floor, and give the gal a Fever Medicine
to get the WaterPin. Then head to one of the buildings past the
stairs, and on the seconds floor will be a room with a Magirock.
I think that's it for the expansion section. No wait, there's one
more thing. Sorry. Head to Loire.

Head into the second screen and to the right. Here, enter Loire
Realty and buy an apartment (800gems). Then go into the furniture 
store and spend 500gems on a Rug, Bookshelf, Desk, Shelf, and
Dresser. Then head west to the apartment blocks. Enter the first 
building, and then in the door on the ground floor. This is your
apartment! You can sleep here and everything.

Now, it's onto the Starstones.

Starstone 1 (Australia)

Here, you can fly or take a boat if you want. Head to the centre of
the continent, into "Airs" Rock (it's Ayres Rock, now called Uluru).
Climb the rock to reach the summit. Talk to the dude there and listen
to his story. It'll be about how people are trying to "protect the
gods", and are harming the environment when they think they're being
helpful. At the end of it, he'll give you his Starstone. Sweet.

Starstone 2 (Sahara)

Now boat it to the African continent, land near the Sahara Desert.
Enter the top-right hand corner of the desert and you should appear
in a new screen. Head north and examine the skeleton...what's that?
Oh, it's a Starstone. Strange, looks like the one that Liem had...
Yomi thinks that some thief stole it from Liem, snuck out, got lost
in the desert, and ended up here.

Starstone 3 (Greenland)

Items : 961gems

First, sail to Loire and buy a Pretty Flower from the flower-selling
girl. You'll be needing it.

Here's a quiz : Do you know the migartory patterns of birds? You
don't? Well, sail to the Alaskan area and land. In the top right
corner is a hut. Here, some guy studies the patterns of birds. He's
noted that the birds go from:

*Alaska to Australia
*North America to Kamiyo
*North America to Savannah
*South America to Greenland

So sail to Liotto, on the east coast of South America. First, head
north, cross the bridge, and head south into the little enclosure to
pick up a Magirock. Head back to the port, then head south, and into
the tiny forest near the top of the mountains. This is where the
bird's stopover is. Pick the !!!!!!!! option and it'll fly you to

Damn that white is bright. Leave the stopover and head south, into
the village of Penginea. No penguin can understand you, and
vice-versa. However, for laughs, you can enter their igloos and eat
their fish. It's a bit mean though.

Head to the igloo to the northeast of the entrance. Equip the Pretty
Flower and give it to the penguin. In exchange, you'll get the
Starstone, yay! Now head into the igloo northwest of the entrance,
and you can tax yourself a Magirock.

Leave, and head to the cave in the northwest corner of Greenland.
Pick up the 961gems in a chest, and then fly back to Liotto.

Starstone 4 (Astarica)

Items : Holy Suit

This place is well...it's weird. Sail to the western coast of South
America, and enter the port. Head on north until you hit Astarica.
Once inside, examine the altar, and a voice will tell Ark to drink
from the goblet. As if he was hypnotized, Ark drinks it, and enters
another domain...

Astarica is supposed to be the holy land that watches over the growth
of humans. Whatever. Ark will be subject to a strange vision, they
say. When Ark comes to, MeiLin and Perel are there in Astarica with
Ark. Wait a sec, it's actually Meilia and Pela, who are both priests
that serve Lord Meila. He wants to talk to you, so head down the
stairs, and strike up a chat with Meila.

Meila says that it is Astarica's custom to hold a holy ceremony every
year, on the same day every year. On an altar are six goblets, filled
with nightdew collected over the past year. Supposedly, one of the
goblets bring the drinker closer to the gods. If the person drinks
the right one, they will spend the year without food or drink. The
other five goblets simply mean death. However, this year, two priests
that are helping with proceedings have gone missing, so Meila wants
are to go look for them.

Fair 'nuff. Go up to the top of the room, push the statue away and
enter the passage. If you head up to the end, you'll see that it's a
dead end. But what about those two switches? And the two statues at 
the entrance to the room? Hmm...go back and push a statue up, and 
against one of the switches. Do the same for the other one and a
passageway will open. Enter.

Caning the spiders here will give you 98exp! Hoo-damn! The pupilas
give a crappy 69exp, comapred to the spidys. I suggest gaining one or 
two levels here. While going through the easy path, don't forget to 
pick up the Magirock and the Holysuit.

The next part is weird. You'll see Elle, Royd and Fyda. No, it's 
Elle, Fyda and Roy. Elle has picked the right goblet. Fyda remembers 
how she brought Elle here are year ago, and Elle starts talking about 
what she's learnt in the year she's spent in solitude here. She's 
learnt that humans are pathetic and stupid and rituals like these are 
only good for gaining power over tribes.

Suddenly, Elle casts a spell, and Roy and Fyda are surrounded by 
light. Elle tells them that she's gonna make 'em the gods of death. 
Before they are banished, Roy decides to declare his love for Fyda, 
and then they are gone.

Go up to Elle and she'll ask if you're here seeking immortal power. 
Ark will then say that Elle's face looked like a demon's, and 
wondered whether or not the liquid in the goblet awakened the 
internal soul in her. Elle will dare Ark to try one. It doesn't
matter which one you pick, Elle will end up commenting that human
life is trite...

Ark will wake up. Strange dream, he says. Get the Starstone in the 
chest and leave. Head to a place that sells Holy Waters, stock up on 
a few, and then sail to Japan. Enter...

Starstone 5 (Neotokio)

Items : Fauchard
        Holy Water
        Magirock x2
        Sewer Key

Neotokio. It's still empty, but that bright light is still shining.
Strange. Head into the police station, which is in the upper left
corner of the town. Ark will hear a buzzing noise from the desk, so
go over and examine it. It's a police radio that's turned on, and
somebody's speaking! A little girl is calling for help, and Ark tries
to speak to her, but to no avail, as it seems that she doesn't know
how to use the Transceiver properly. However, Ark can hear water
flowing in the background, and Yomi suggests that she's in a place
with running water (DUH!). There's only one place in Neotokio with
running water, and that's ... the sewers.

Leave the copper's joint, down the stairs, and down the small
building in the middle. You should appear in a long corridoor with a
door in the middle of it. Strange, Ark says, last time he checked, it 
was locked... Enter it and the door above to appear in the sewers.

The sewers are 1)Smelly, but 2)A good place to gain levels and 3)Get
money. So level up a bit, to at least level 30. In total, the slime
enemies give 60exp. The "ghost" enemies give 98exp, I think. That's
all the enemies you'll have to deal with in the first screen. Just
head across until you see a door. It's locked, so head south in
search of the key.

The new enemies here, the Lobbers, give 98exp and a bucketload of
moolah. Kill 'em, head right into the next screen. Head north, then
right across the bridge, south, and then right into the next screen.
Here, watch out for the slimes and enter the door. Ark will hear the
girl screaming from the transciever, and he wonders to what is
happening to her. Climb through the hole in the top right hand corner
and get the Sewer Key from the chest. Backtrack to the locked door at
the start and enter. On the way, the girl will say that a lion's
chasing her...which is...very...err...strange.

Once you've unlocked the door, the girl will run out, followed
shortly by the lion. Then they run off, leaving you to run after
them. Lots of running to be done, yessireebob.

Head right, and keep going until you can cross to the other side via
the "bridge". The cannon-electroballs give 99exp. Easy pickings. Once 
on the other side, head left until you hit the chest, inside is a 
Holy Water. Backtrack and enter the door to the north.

Note how it says Pond. If this is a Pond, then I'd hate to know what 
their REAL sewers are like. Sheesh. Head north, and past the first 
bridge to your left. Keep going north and take the next one, on the 
other side is a chest containing a Luck Potion. Backtrack, head north
and take the next bridge to the left.

Once across, work your way up north until you reach a T-junction.
Head right and you'll be rewarded with a Fauchard (pretty good 
weapon). Backtrack and head left this time. Run south, only stopping 
to pick up a Magirock (on the right side of the last big platform). 
Exit via the door to the south, and enter the door to the left.

There are three pathways here, each guarded by a big, fat, 100exp
green robot. On the left is a chest containing the King Armor, to the
right is another Magirock. To the middle is where you want to go to,
as that leads to the girl and the lion.

When you enter the next screen, you'll see the lion just about to
have a snack. But when Ark steps in, it goes all quite and starts
purring. Ark wonders why, and Yomi steps in and tells Ark that it's
Liem, from the Canyon! I still wonder what he's doing in Neotokio
though. Go over to the girl and talk to her. Ark will ask her about
what happened, and she just says that everyone just vanished out of
thin air! But her companion throughout the ordeal has been a pendant,
which she gives to Ark for courage. It's the last Starstone, yay!

A voice comes over the transciever. The Freedom research team has
come to look for survivors. Ark alerts them to the girl and the lion
in the sewers. You'll then have to leave by yourself. Exit out to the
World Map.


Sail to Antartica and head into the deserty area. What the hell is a
desert doing in the middle of an icy continent? We'll never know.
*fakes sigh*

This is Dryvale. Find the skulls, there are five of them. Into each 
one, you should place a Starstone (which means equipping them and 
using them in front of each skull, the eyes should light up if you 
did it right).

Weird moment. A spirit appears and questions why Ark has been injured 
so many times during battle, but he's still not dead? It's because he 
is the hero. The spirit is Ark's Lightside, the Ark you are
controlling is his Darkside. Since the re-emergence of Beruga, the
world has been thrown into chaos. If it can be likened to a clock,
the hour hand points to 13, a time that doesn't, and cannot exist.
The spirit then tells Ark to sleep and think of Earth...

Chapter 4 : Resurrection of the Hero

Items : HeroPike

Strange sequence comin' right up. Princess Elle is at home in
Storkholm. There's a baby that's in the bed, and it starts to cry.
Elle starts talking about how she found him in a field near
Storkholm, and that he resembled someone that she knew well, and she
ended up giving him the same name as that someone - Ark.

She leaves the room to get some food for Ark. When she leaves, the
other Elle enters. A voice tells her to kill Ark, it's why she was
sent from the other world. She takes Ark and leaves. Princess Elle
returns, and is in shock to find that Ark is missing. She goes to
look for him.

Elle (Crysta's) is in the basement with Ark, and she's just about to
kill Ark, when the other Elle walks in. Princess Elle is surprised to
see someone that's just like her in appearance...and she demands to
have Ark back.

Then out of nowhere, Yomi pops out, and tells Crysta's Elle that she
must kill both Ark and Elle. Then someone else calls out Ark's
name...and it fades away. Kumari is calling, and says that the whole
world is awaiting his awakening. Ra starts talking, and tells Ark to 
save the world just as he saved Ra from poison. Then come cameos from 
Leim and Kingbird, and then Kumari re-iterates his point. Then come 
the blue sparkly things, and awakes.

He appears back in the basement with Elle, Elle and Yomi. Yomi shakes 
his head, and mentions that the representative of Light and Dark side
has finally awakened...the hero. Yomi was ordered by the Elder of 
Crysta to kill Ark once Beruga was resurrected, so that Dark Gaia
could be reborn... Dark Gaia? To humans, he's called the Devil. Yomi
asks Elle to kill Ark now, but she fades away, followed by Yomi.
Princess Elle is still in a trance, so ignore her and leave the
basement. However, Crysta's Elle is blocking the way, and says that
she had wanted to see Ark for so long...but she never imagined it to
be like this.

Yomi then decides to kill Ark himself. Ark tries to plead with him
but Yomi explains that Ark was just part of a big plan. He then sets
off an earthquake, immbolizing Ark. Elle rushes up and sacrifices 
herself to save Ark, and then Elle and Yomi are gone, after Elle 
tells Ark that she wanted to be with him forever...

Ark then questions why all this had to happen, and why he couldn't
just live a normal, peaceful life. Head south to talk to Princess
Elle. She'll ask if she'll ever be able to replace Crysta's Elle in
Ark's heart...you can pick either option but Ark ends up saying that
no matter how happy Princess Elle makes him, Crysta's Elle is the one
he's been with for a long time, and he can't just give her up. Elle

Finally, you get to find out the secret of Storkholm. It's the box
below you. Columbus had discovered it on his journies, and brought it
here to be kept under safe guard, which the villagers did with blood.
Inside is...Yomi?!?!?! Oh, it's the Lightside Yomi. He's good, and
eager to get on with the job. You receive a HeroSuit and HeroPike,
and then Elle says she'll wait here for your return.

Leave the building, and outside, a bird will have a letter for you. 
It's from Meihou, telling you that Kumari has formed a group to
combat Beruga (Fyda, Royd, Perel and MeiLin make up the group). He
also says that NeoTokio was wiped out by the virus Asmodeus (the
virus mentioned in Beruga's Lab). Leave Storkholm/Norfest, and out
the forest onto the World Map. If you need directions, reverse those
that I gave you to get through Norfest (check the waay earlier
sections). To save space, I won't type them out again.

Take a boat to the nearest airport and fly to Mosque. Get off, and
head right to Siberia. Get onto the ice and keep heading right and
into Beruga's LabTower. If you're 30+, it's a great level to take
Beruga on. Anything lower and you might have a slight problem. You
can level up in Beruga's Lab as there are many good sources of EXP 
inside. For optimal results, you'll want to end up at a level higher 
than say, 37, but it's not really that necessary.

Beruga's LabTower

Items : LifePotion

You'll enter and see Meiho, Meilin and Perel there. Meiho will leave
Meilin under your care and then him and Perel will leave to begin
their assault on another floor of the tower. Try to go through the
exit to the north, but before you can do so, Meilin warns you not to
try and leave her behind. She does come in handy though, as she
disables the security camera up ahead. She then tells you not to fall
behind otherwise you'll endanger the others. Follow her.

In the next screen, a couple of robots will be patrolling the area.
Meilin will create a camouflage so that Ark can pass safely. Head
left and down into the door. If you head south in this room, halfway
through, you'll be picked up by a crane. After Ark cries out in pain 
a couple of times, he's dropped down next to Perel. He tells you that
Royd was controlling the crane. Ark says that he could tell from the 
rough handling of it =) Follow Perel into the next screen.

Perel says that up ahead are some laser cannons that would be likely 
to shoot at them. He also says that Meiho had a vision where Ark and
Perel were shot by these laser cannons. Perel skateboards off to
disarm the lasers. He then gives Ark the all clear, so follow his 
path. Once you meet up with Perel again, he says that he's gonna wait 
for Meilin, and tells Ark to go on ahead.

In this room, you can ignore the 100exp enemies that are on the
isolated platform, or you can stretch out and kill 'em. You won't get
the gold though, boo-hoo. Keep on going right until you reach a 
staircase. Go up the staircase.

On this next floor, head south and you'll be greeted by a couple of 
102exp Cube enemies. The exit to this room is to the left. In the 
next screen you'll meet up with Fyda. She tells you that to open the
shutters ahead, two levers must be pressed at the same time. Head
north and stand in front of the lever. Fyda will tell you to push it,
and then the shutters will open. She runs off and says that she'll
see Ark later.

Head south, and then keep going west. If you enter the bottom door
you can fight two robots, which give about 60exp or so. The upper
door on the left is another room with two robots, so just enter the
door to the north.

This is a simple room, just follow the green flooring around, kill
the enemies, pick up the Magirock, and exit to the right. Here is a
another staircase, take it to the next floor.

The big fat red robots here give a big fat 132exp, so make good use
of them. Exit to the west to appear in a new screen. Here, there is 
one exit at the bottom of the screen, everywhere else just leads to 
silver robots, so if you want to build up a bit, explore the screen. 
Once you're in the next screen, head south through a Cube field, and 
exit to the south.

You'll now be in an area with two big fat robots. Climb the ladder in 
the bottom right hand corner and enter the next screen. Work your way
up the green path and use the exit in the top right hand corner. In 
this screen, get rid of the robot and head north into another screen. 
Walk forward and Royd will appear. He'll say that he never expected 
to help Ark like this. He then tells Ark to cover his ears, and he
blasts open the shutters with the cannon. Head north into the next 
screen, get rid of the robots, and go up the staircase.

In this floor, there are a few big red robots patrolling around, so 
build up a little. Pass the first junction, and when you reach the 
next junction, head left, and into the door. Meiho is there, saying
that Beruga's trying to escape in an airship. He's blocked off all 
entrances to the airship, so the group has to try their best to get 
the door open again. Pick up the LifePotion in the chest and leave.

If you go to the other side of the junction and into the room there,
Meilin will tell you that these 4 switches have to be pressed at the
same time, and she tells you to hurry and go to your room. Head south 
to the next junction. Head right, and into Perel's room. He'll repeat 
basically what Meilin said. Head left, and into your room. Head to 
the switch, and then Meiho's voice comes across. He says that when he 
shouts, everyone is to push the switch. Push it and leave. If you go 
back to one of the other rooms, the person will say that Beruga is 
trapped/cornered, etc. Head south, and to the right. Head north when 
it's the only way to go, then go up the ladder, and jump into the
hole to land on the Airship (you have to go to the top of the hole 
and jump in from there).

Enter the door to your right and talk to Fyda. She'll tell you that
the machine above her is a computer (Computer? What the hell's a 
computer?). She says that if 1 or 2 of these computers stopped 
working, it wouldn't be a problem. But if all 7 computers were 
stuffed, then the ship would be stuffed too. She gives you 7 
Timebombs. Royd then chips in and says that he admires Ark's courage. 
They then leave to search for more computers. Equip the Time Bombs
and use one on the computer above you, then exit to the right.

Run across the wing of the Airship, dodging the cannon fire. In this 
dark red room, head north and enter the staircase. You'll be back 
outside again. Keep heading south, and into a new screen. Enter the 
opening to your right.

Here's a four-way junction. Lovely. Take the east pathway first.
You'll be back outside, but on the other side of the ship this time.
Head north, and exit via the staircase. You'll be in another red 
room. Take the first exit to your right, and you'll be in another 
computer room. Royd will be there, asking what Ark wants to do when
all this fighting is over. Ark's not sure, so then Royd runs off 
telling him to keep everything together. Plant a bomb and return to 
the junction.

This time head north. Keep going north, around the big block, and
into the next screen. Continue heading north, past the two robots and
up a staircase. Plant the bombs on the two computers and return to 
the entrance of the room that had the two robots. Take the path to 
the right, and you'll be back outside again. Head north, and keep 
going until you enter another red room. There's a computer to the 
left, plant a bomb and leave via the left exit. It'll lead you back 
to the room with the two robots. Head back south.

When you reach the block again, enter the staircase in the middle of 
it. Fyda will be in this room, telling you that they thought Beruga 
was cornered, but he escaped. However once Ark plants all the bombs, 
he'll be finished. She also tells Ark to come to the rear of the ship 
when all the bombs are planted. Plant the last two bombs, and return
to the four-way junction. This time, head south. It's a long, red, 
corridoor. Fyda and Royd appear, and ask if Ark's set all the bombs. 
Ark yes A-Okay! and then Fyda sets them off. Boom. Beruga is then 
heard, and says something like "Foolish fools...", head south to meet 

Beruga says that they've done remarkably well for a bunch of people 
like them, but he believes they've forgotten he's a scientist, and
therefore, must have a backup plan. He does, and it's in the form of 
rocket propelled boots. Fyda's got a pair too, but he says that they 
won't work as they were controlled by the computers, which are now 
destroyed. Soon he'll be able to join his Dark Liege...wait...why is
that propeller moving?...why is Beruga getting sucked into it? YAY!

A genius killed by his own creation. How sad. Fyda apologizes to Ark
for leading him into a death trap. There seems to be no escape, but 
there is a seagull that's just flown up onto the airship. It must 
have been torture for it to fly so high, Royd points out. He then
tells Ark to take the seagull and escape. No need to worry about me 
n' Fyda, we're brave, and humans do survive plane crashes every now 
and then... so take the gull and leave.

Scene cuts to Airsrock. The scientist believes that the falling
airship is the sign of the apocalypse. Pessimist bastard. Ark and
gull will appear behind him. Talk to the scientist and he'll say that
it fell in the direction of South America. Whatever it was that fell,
he still believes it's a sign of the end. Get out of Airsrock, head
to Suncoast and catch a flight to Freedom. Stock up on M and L.Bulbs,
then travel down into South America. Head through Guiana, and then
into the Portal. It's where the ship crashed, I believe. Columbus is
at the top. He says that he'll never forget how Ark saved him in
Sylvain. During his travels, he's come to believe that Ark is the
hero, and asks Ark if he's ready to go yet. Say not yet, as you might
want to save. Then say you're ready, and jump into the portal...


Ark wonders how much time has passed...leave the Hole and head back
into Crysta. If you talk to someone, right afterwards, a voice will
tell you that you could have been happy if you never found out the
truth... then the person that you just talked to will turn into a
spirit and attack you!

Let's go straight to the source...the Elder. Talk to him and he'll
say that he's impressed with Ark's job on resurrecting the orld so
far. But on his travels, he believes that Ark's learnt a bit too much
for his own good...He then tells Ark he's got something to show him.
Go back outside.

The Elder will talk about the beautiful crystal blue in the sky. He
says that all humans are replicas of the same material that makes up
the crystal blue. When the humans have used up their energy, they
revert back to their original form, which is the crystal blue. Once
again, the Light v Dark side battle is brought up. Lightside willed
life to be created, and Darkside willed life to be destroyed. The
Elder says that the Darkside has now willed Ark to be destroyed, and
transports them both to the Gaia Stone...

You'll appear in an infinite corridoor. A voice is heard. It says
that this place Gaia Stone, the centre of the underworld's sun. Then
there's some crap about the dissolution of life or something, then
something about no light without shadow and vice versa, and then the
voice says that Light and Dark will become one very soon. Then it
says that for the moment, it will fight like Ark, in it's real form.
It fades away to a battle screen...

Dark Gaia

Get ready, as a silver ice warrior will soon appear. He has four main
attacks at first, and he will say which one he's doing just before he
lanuches it at you.

Gaia's Rage : Starts exploding stuff around you. Walk away from them
              to avoid them.
Magirocks : I think he means Magigrenades. He'll throw them and
            they'll explode. Just dodge them.
Sonic Boom : He will shoot boomerangs at you. Simply move to the edge
             of the screen to dodge them.
Light Orb : This is what you need to kill him. Stand your ground, and
            when he shoots it, attack it to bounce it back at him. If
            you stand on the top left point of the star, the chances
            of hitting him on the rebound are greater.

Once you hit him with an orb, his head will fall off and go spinning
around the room. Dodge it and it'll fly back to his body, leaving you
to repeat the Orb process. The next time you hit him, he'll say not
yet... and start flying around again. This time, when his head stops
moving and flashing, try to hit him and he'll return to his body,
saying that he is earth's internal face. Do the orb thing again, and
repeat the process until he's dead. Well, you think he's dead...

You'll appear in a new screen with Gaia floating above you. He's only
got three, but three very lethal attacks :

Laser : Red laser, just avoid it.

Light Beam : Takes off half of your HP. Block it (using L+R).

Sparks : Drops sparks from the sky. They come in all different

The game plan is to avoid his attacks, especially the pesky Light 
Beam. It hurts a lot if you don't block, so keep blocking until it's 
over. When you're not dodging, hit Dark Gaia whenever he's in range, 
which is hardly ever. Damn coward. It'll all be over soon.

Congrats! You've finished Terranigma. Should I spoil the ending...?

***********************SPOILER OF THE ENDING!************************

A voice is heard. It sounds quite familiar. It's the same voice that
Ark heard at Dryvale. Whoever it is is glad that Ark just sealed Dark
Gaia's power. Ark asks who the voice is. It's Ark's Lightside form.
The story is that Dark Gaia created a copy of not just Ark, but the
whole of Storkholm when he was first sealed away. That's how Crysta
exists. The Lightside Ark says that it's time to return to their
respective worlds.

Ark is back in the empty Crysta. Ark feels lonely and sad and thinks
that it's probably the same way that Elle felt when she lost
Storkholm. Yomi pops out and asks him what's the matter. Ark replies
that he still doesn't know what he's been fighting for. He feels that
he brought bad luck upon the world by enforcing the Elder's and Dark
Gaia's plan. Yomi does his best to comfort Ark by telling him that he
did his duty. He created a heaven and an earth, so to humans, that
means he's a god. Wherever there's humans, there's always bound to be
ad things happening. But on the other side, there's always an equal
amount of good happening.

Yomi also says that he enjoyed travelling with Ark. Ark then asks a 
question that he's been wanting to ask for ages... what the hell is 
Yomi anyway? Yomi explains that in the beginning, everything looked 
like Yomi. That's what all animals and humans evolved from. Ark says
that one day it would be funny if everything de-evolved into Yomi's 
form. Yomi has a laugh, and then says that he has to go back to sleep 
until next called upon.

Four spirits surround Ark. It's Light Gaia. Since Dark Gaia has been
eradicated, Crysta and the rest of the underworld will soon be 
destroyed, and the surface world will gradually return to normal. 
Light Gaia also says that Ark is the hero that appears when the
world needs one, and since that he has both the blood of Light Gaia
and Dark Gaia in him, he too will soon disappear. Light Gaia tells
Ark to spend his final happy day in Crysta.

Explore the town to get an insight on everything, and once you're
done, go back to the Elder's. If you enter this room, Ark will wonder
if the Elder had this all planned from the outset... If you've done
everything you want to, go to Ark's bed and fall asleep.

Elle will appear in his dream. She'll say that she tried to kill Ark
as a baby in Storkholm because the Elder's word was that. She then
realized that everyone is individual, and have to learn to live
individually. She also say that Crysta will be gone soon, but if the
two of them are bound by fate, they will meet again. She says
goodbye, for a little while, until they meet again. Ark falls into a
deep sleep, and dreamt his last dream. It was of a bird, travelling
the world and watching it grow older...

There is one last scene after the credits. It's Elle, waking up to
find someone knocking at the door. Who could it be?


Enix have done a GREAT job with this game. It ranks in my Top 10 of
all time.


*I might make a full Magirock list...I really think they're useless
if your levels are decent. I only used 3 Pins during the game. What
about you?*

NeoTokio-Before Asmodeus

Before Asmodeus strikes NeoTokio, there are a couple of things you
can do.

*Get Magirocks (noodle-eating contest, and another in the building in
 southwest of town)
*Explore the trash can next to the empty building. You'll go into
 another area, and fight a ghost. Once you kill it, a Chicken will
 come out and thank you, and then the building will be filled with
 the people from Quintet (i.e the Terranigma developers).


These guys are the travelling bums, as I call them. They are first
located south of Litz, but later, I believe they relocate to Liotto.
Anyway, there's a lady in one of the tents who asks if you can give
her a massage. Say yes, and she'll give you a gem for your efforts.
Keep doing and you'll soon get 5 gems for your efforts. Not bad.

Missing Child

There's a couple in Yunkou who say that they abandoned their daughter
at birth (BASTARDS! SHOOT THEM!). Equip a Pretty Flower and head to
the Nomads' camp, which is situated around Louran. Search the tents
and you'll find a little girl. Talk to her, then travel all the way
back to Yunkou and talk to her parents. Then go back to the girl,
talk to her, then back to the parents, and you'll receive a Magirock.

Racing Chickens

Head north of Loire and search the forest area near the bridge. Head
into the shack and talk to the old man to get some info on the
chicken racing. Head north to reach the betting area. A woman here
will give you a tip on the winner for 10 gems, but to place your bet,
talk to the guy at the counter. You can win insane amounts of gems
for such an easy activity.

5)Item List

Name   : Air Herb
Where? : Great Lakes Cavern
Cost   : -----
What?  : Helps you breathe underwater


Name   : Airfield Plans
Where? : Nirlake
Cost   : -----
What?  : Give this to council in Suncoast


Name   : Black Opal
Where? : Sylvain Castle
Cost   : -----
What?  : Part of the paintings


Name   : Camera
Where? : Loire
Cost   : -----
What?  : Take pictures of towns, for the Tourism Office


Name   : Crystal
Where? : Sahara
Cost   : 1000gems
What?  : Trade this off in Litz


Name   : CryThread
Where? : Tower 4
Cost   : -----
What?  : Give to Elle for her to make the Elle Cape


Name   : DEF Potion
Where? : Chests
Cost   : -----
What?  : Defense is raised by 1 point


Name   : Dog Whistle
Where? : Norfest Forest
Cost   : -----
What?  : Repel the wolves in Storkholm


Name   : Engagement Ring
Where? : Mermaid Tower
Cost   : -----
What?  : Give to guy outside Great Lakes Cavern


Name   : Fancy Clothes
Where? : Loire
Cost   : -----
What?  : Trade this off in Freedom


Name   : Fever Medicine
Where? : Litz
Cost   : -----
What?  : Give to person in Suncoast


Name   : Flowers
Where? : Loire
         Lottery at Freedom
Cost   : 5gems
What?  : Makes penguins and young girls talk


Name   : Giant Leaves
Where? : Ra Tree
Cost   : -----
What?  : Helps you swim


Name   : Ginseng
Where? : Yunkou
Cost   : -----
What?  : Cure Fyda's illness


Name   : HolySeal
Where? : Louran
Cost   : -----
What?  : Scares Ghosts


Name   : Holy Water
Where? : Shops
Cost   : 90gems
What?  : Cures Curses


Name   : JailKey
Where? : Castle Dungeon Guard
Cost   : -----
What?  : Free WhiteWind from his cell


Name   : JewelBox
Where? : Given to Ark at the start of the game
Cost   : -----
What?  : Holds your magic rings


Name   : L.Bulb
Where? : Shops
Cost   : 70gems
What?  : Restores 150HP


Name   : LifePotion
Where? : Chests
Cost   : -----
What?  : HP is raised by 5


Name   : Log
Where? : Gumin
Cost   : -----
What?  : Used to build the Colo.R bridge


Name   : Luck Potion
Where? : Chests
Cost   : -----
What?  : Luck is raised by 1 point


Name   : M.Bulb
Where? : Shops
Cost   : 25gems
What?  : Restores 70HP


Name   : Magirock
Where? : Everywhere
Cost   : Mostly free
What?  : Used for Magic Rings


Name   : Matis' Painting
Where? : Loire
Cost   : -----
What?  : Trade this off in Britain


Name   : Meat
Where? : Suncoast
Cost   : -----
What?  : Trade this off in Freedom


Name   : Mushroom
Where? : Mush Forest
Cost   : -----
What?  : Needed for SleepPotion


Name   : Nirlake Letters
Where? : Nirlake
Cost   : -----
What?  : Help spread the Nirlake cause!


Name   : P.Cure
Where? : Shops
Cost   : 13gems
What?  : Cures Poison


Name   : Protect Bell
Where? : Loire Castle
Cost   : -----
What?  : Guides you through Norfest Forest


Name   : Portrait
Where? : Storkholm
Cost   : -----
What?  : Portrait of Princess' Elle's parents


Name   : Ra DewDrop
Where? : Ra Tree
Cost   : -----
What?  : Protection against Parasite's poison gas


Name   : RedScarf
Where? : Louran
Cost   : -----
What?  : Give to Turbo, so that he can find Meilin


Name   : Royal Letter
Where? : Freedom
Cost   : -----
What?  : Princess Elle's letter to Ark


Name   : Ruby
Where? : Sylvain Castle
Cost   : -----
What?  : Part of the paintings


Name   : S.Bulb
Where? : Shops
Cost   : 10gems
What?  : Restores 20HP


Name   : Sapphire
Where? : Sylvain Castle
Cost   : -----
What?  : Part of the paintings


Name   : Sardines
Where? : Litz
Cost   : Free
What?  : Trade this off in Freedom


Name   : Speed Shoes
Where? : South-East Asian islands
Cost   : -----
What?  : Run fast. Very fast


Name   : Serum
Where? : Shops
Cost   : 45gems
What?  : Cures stronger cases of Poison


Name   : Sewer Key
Where? : NeoTokio
Cost   : -----
What?  : Open the locked door in the sewer


Name   : Sharp Claws
Where? : GreCliff
Cost   : -----
What?  : Helps you climb bubble walls


Name   : SleepPotion
Where? : Loire
Cost   : -----
What?  : Put it into the cooking pot at the Castle for nice results!


Name   : Sleepless Seal
Where? : Tower 3
Cost   : -----
What?  : Prevents you from going to sleep against the Gardners attack


Name   : Snowgrass Leaf
Where? : Eklemata
Cost   : -----
What?  : Heals the Yeti


Name   : Stardew
Where? : Shops
Cost   : 30gems
What?  : Lifts Curses


Name   : Starstone
Where? : Here and There
Cost   : -----
What?  : Summon the legendary hero


Name   : STR Potion
Where? : Chests
Cost   : -----
What?  : Strength is raised by 1 point


Name   : Time Bomb
Where? : Beruga's Airship
Cost   : -----
What?  : Used to destroy computers


Name   : Tin Sheet
Where? : Nirlake
Cost   : -----
What?  : Trade this off in Litz


Name   : Topaz
Where? : Sylvain Castle
Cost   : -----
What?  : Part of the paintings


Name   : Tower Key
Where? : Sylvain Castle
Cost   : -----
What?  : Open doors with this


Name   : Transceiver
Where? : NeoTokio
Cost   : -----
What?  : Used to find the location of the girl stuck in the sewer


Name   : Wine
Where? : Loire
Cost   : -----
What?  : Trade this off in Freedom

6)Weapon List

Name            : 3Part Rod
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Dragoon Castle
Attack          : +48
Special Effects : Defense +3
                  Luck -5


Name            : AlphaRod
Cost            : 7500gems
Where?          : Bought in Suncoast
Attack          : +53
Special Effects : Luck +20
                  Strength -10


Name            : BlockRod
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Siberia
Attack          : +50
Special Effects : Defense +9
                  Strength -12


Name            : Bronze Pike
Cost            : 880gems
Where?          : Bought in Louran
Attack          : +17
Special Effects : -----


Name            : CrySpear
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Ark is given this at the start of the game
Attack          : +3
Special Effects : Slowly heals your HP in the underworld


Name            : DrgnPike
Cost            : 3150gems
Where?          : Bought in Yunkou
Attack          : +40
Special Effects : Defense -3
                  Strength +3


Name            : Enbu Pike
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Mu
Attack          : +44
Special Effects : Strength +7
                  Defense -5


Name            : Fauchard
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Neotokio Sewers
Attack          : +58
Special Effects : -----


Name            : FirePike
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Eklemata
Attack          : +14
Special Effects : Luck +6
                  Fire Element


Name            : GeoStaff
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Great Lakes Cavern
Attack          : +43
Special Effects : Defense +5
                  Earth Elemnt


Name            : HeroPike
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Recieved in Storkholm
Attack          : +80
Special Effects : -----


Name            : HexRod
Cost            : 170gems
Where?          : Bought in Crysta
Attack          : +4
Special Effects : -----


Name            : IcePick
Cost            : 1770gems
Where?          : Bought in Loire
Attack          : +25
Special Effects : -----


Name            : LightPike
Cost            : 4350gems
Where?          : Bought in Freedom
Attack          : +51
Special Effects : Light/Holy Element


Name            : LightRod
Cost            : 980gems
Where?          : Louran
                  Bought in Loire
Attack          : +15
Special Effects : Luck +4
                  Light/Holy Element


Name            : NeoFang
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Given to Ark by King Neo
Attack          : +12
Special Effects : -----


Name            : RaSpear
Cost            : 240gems
Where?          : Bought from spirit outside Ra Tree
Attack          : +6
Special Effects : Defense +1


Name            : RocSpear
Cost            : -----
Where?          : GreCliff
Attack          : +8
Special Effects : Can be used to destroy Boulders
                  Earth Element


Name            : Seaspear
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Mermaid's Tower
Attack          : +37
Special Effects : -----


Name            : SilverPike
Cost            : 1500gems
Where?          : Bought in Litz
Attack          : +22
Special Effects : -----


Name            : SoulWand
Cost            : 1650gems
Where?          : Bought in Freedom
Attack          : +24
Special Effects : Life +50HP


Name            : Sticker
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Zue
Attack          : +9
Special Effects : -----


Name            : Trident
Cost            : 2100gems
Where?          : Bought in Freedom
Attack          : +28
Special Effects : -----


Name            : ThunPike
Cost            : 2450gems
Where?          : Bought in Suncoast
Attack          : +35
Special Effects : Luck +6
                  Thunder Element


Name            : XSpear
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Raffle stall in Freedom
Attack          : +40
Special Effects : Defense -14
                  Luck +14

7)Armor List

Name            : BirdSuit
Cost            : 550gems
Where?          : Bought from Birds at the Sanctuary
Defense         : +12
Special Effects : -----


Name            : Clothes
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Ark is equipped with this
Defense         : +3
Special Effects : -----


Name            : DrgnMail
Cost            : 3880gems
Where?          : Bought in Loire
Defense         : +40
Special Effects : -----


Name            : ElleCape
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Recieved from Elle
Defense         : +6
Special Effects : -----


Name            : FurCoat
Cost            : 730gems
Where?          : Bought from spirit at Indus River
Defense         : +14
Special Effects : -----


Name            : HeroArmr
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Recieved in Storkholm
Defense         : +88
Special Effects : -----


Name            : HolySuit
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Astarica
Defense         : +40
Special Effects : Luck +15
                  Strength -10


Name            : IceCoat
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Ekelmata
Defense         : +15
Special Effects : -----


Name            : KingArmr
Cost            : -----
Where?          : NeoTokio Sewers
Defense         : +50
Special Effects : -----


Name            : KungFuGi
Cost            : 1220gems
Where?          : Bought in Yunkou
Defense         : +27
Special Effects : Strength +8


Name            : LeafSuit
Cost            : 210gems
Where?          : Bought from spirit oustide the Ra Tree
Defense         : +8
Special Effects : -----


Name            : Leather
Cost            : 190gems
Where?          : Bought in Crysta Shop
Defense         : +5
Special Effects : -----


Name            : Monk Robe
Cost            : 1080gems
Where?          : Bought in Lhasa
Defense         : +18
Special Effects : -----


Name            : NiceSuit
Cost            : 480gems
Where?          : Bought at Merily's in Loire
Defense         : +17
Special Effects : Luck +2


Name            : PoshSuit
Cost            : 1220gems
Where?          : Bought in Liotto
Defense         : +21
Special Effects : Luck +5


Name            : ProArmr
Cost            : 7890gems
Where?          : Bought in Nirlake
Defense         : +65
Special Effects : Defense +11
                  Life +40
                  Strength -14


Name            : Ra Armor
Cost            : 380gems
Where?          : Bought from spirit outside Ra Tree
Defense         : +10
Special Effects : -----


Name            : Rags
Cost            : -----
Where?          : Louran
Defense         : +3
Special Effects : -----


Name            : RedArmr
Cost            : 6600gems
Where?          : Bought in Mosque
Defense         : +44
Special Effects : Defense -15
                  Life -80HP
                  Strength +13


Name            : RingMail
Cost            : 1280gems
Where?          : Norfest Forest
                  Bought in Freedom
Defense         : +22
Special Effects : -----


Name            : SeaMail
Cost            : Free
Where?          : South Pole Cave
Defense         : +43
Special Effects : -----


Name            : SlvrArmr
Cost            : 2500gems
Where?          : Bought in Loire
Defense         : +35
Special Effects : -----


Name            : SlvrVest
Cost            : 1550gems
Where?          : Bought in Litz
Defense         : +26
Special Effects : -----


Name            : SoulArmr
Cost            : 4450gems
Where?          : Bought in Freedom
Defense         : +48
Special Effects : Life +40HP


Name            : VestArmor
Cost            : 1850gems
Where?          : Sylvain Castle
                  Bought in Freedom
Defense         : +29
Special Effects : -----

8)Enemy List

Name     : Abbee
Location : Ra Tree
HP       : 10
EXP      : 0


Name     : Amarante (Gold)
Location : Ra Tree
HP       : 20
EXP      : 13


Name     : Amarante (Purple)
Location : Ra Tree
HP       : 20
EXP      : 13


Name     : Amarante (Purple)
Location : Great Lakes Cavern
HP       : 148
EXP      : 76


Name     : Aquamenace
Location : Mermaid Tower
HP       : 187
EXP      : 62


Name     : Basilisk
Location : Louran
HP       : 49
EXP      : ??


Name     : Bit
Location : NeoTokio Sewers
HP       : 160
EXP      : 99


Name     : Bee
Location : Zue
HP       : 18
EXP      : 10


Name     : Borfe
Location : GreCliff
HP       : 35
EXP      : 16


Name     : Borfe
Location : Louran
HP       : 48
EXP      : ??


Name     : Cadet
Location : Underworld
HP       : 20
EXP      : 6


Name     : Chariot
Location : NeoTokio Sewers
HP       : 299
EXP      : 100


Name     : Chariot (red)
Location : Airship
           Beruga's LabTower          
HP       : 299
EXP      : 132


Name     : Chakra
Location : Astarica
           Sylvain Castle
HP       : 241
EXP      : 98


Name     : Chonchon
Location : Louran
HP       : 44
EXP      : ??


Name     : Cube
Location : Beruga's Lab
           Beruga's LabTower
HP       : 299
EXP      : 102


Name     : Cursed Armor
Location : Sylvain
HP       : 150
EXP      : 38


Name     : Dark Bat
Location : Norfest Forest
HP       : 55
EXP      : 28


Name     : Dark Bat
Location : Sylvain Castle
HP       : 78
EXP      : ??


Name     : Demi-Basilisk
Location : Zue
HP       : 44
EXP      : 19


Name     : Dignal
Location : Ra Tree
HP       : 24
EXP      : 15


Name     : Dungun
Location : Zue
HP       : 27
EXP      : 18


Name     : Douma
Location : Great Lakes Cavern
HP       : 190
EXP      : 65


Name     : Douma
Location : Zue
HP       : 60
EXP      : 20


Name     : Gall Fish
Location : Ra Tree
HP       : 6
EXP      : 11


Name     : Gardner
Location : Underworld
HP       : 9
EXP      : 7


Name     : Gall Fish
Location : Great Lakes Cavern
HP       : 10
EXP      : 51


Name     : Ghost
Location : Louran
HP       : ---
EXP      : ---


Name     : Ghoul
Location : Louran
HP       : 50/54/60/80
EXP      : 18/??/??/36


Name     : Goblin
Location : Beruga's Lab
HP       : 312
EXP      : 100


Name     : Goblin
Location : Beruga's Lab Tower
HP       : 342
EXP      : 100


Name     : Goblin
Location : NeoTokio Sewers
HP       : 190
EXP      : 110


Name     : Guard Robot
Location : Beruga's Lab
           Beruga's Lab Tower
HP       : 288
EXP      : 80


Name     : Huball (Purple)
Location : Underworld
HP       : 6
EXP      : 2


Name     : Huball (Red)
Location : Underworld
HP       : 14
EXP      : 4


Name     : Ice Whirl
Location : Ekelmata
HP       : 34
EXP      : 19


Name     : Living Statue
Location : Underworld
HP       : 23
EXP      : 10


Name     : Lizard Man
Location : Zue
HP       : 24
EXP      : 22


Name     : Madon
Location : Louran
HP       : 54
EXP      : 26


Name     : Mud Man
Location : Canyon
HP       : 30
EXP      : 19


Name     : Parionton
Location : Canyon
HP       : 21
EXP      : 14


Name     : Phantom
Location : NeoTokio Sewers
HP       : 230
EXP      : 98


Name     : Pupilla
Location : Great Lakes Cavern
HP       : 179
EXP      : 69


Name     : Pupilla (blue)
Location : Astarica
HP       : 168
EXP      : 69


Name     : Quaker
Location : Eklemata
HP       : 12
EXP      : 18


Name     : Quaker
Location : GreCliff
HP       : 8
EXP      : 18


Name     : Raiden
Location : Louran
HP       : 64
EXP      : ??


Name     : Rakshaki
Location : Eklemata
HP       : 45
EXP      : 23


Name     : Robber
Location : Neotokio Sewers
HP       : 270
EXP      : 89


Name     : Sabre Dog
Location : Norfest Forest
HP       : 106
EXP      : 30


Name     : Sabre Wolf
Location : Eklemata
HP       : 52
EXP      : 23


Name     : Skeleton
Location : Sylvain Castle
HP       : 120
EXP      : 29


Name     : Skeleton (Red)
Location : Sylvain Castle
HP       : 120
EXP      : 45


Name     : Slime
Location : Eklemata
HP       : 66
EXP      : 40 in total


Name     : Slime
Location : Great Lakes Cavern
HP       : 184
EXP      : 60


Name     : Soul Knight
Location : Sylvain Castle
HP       : 170
EXP      : 59


Name     : Stone Golem
Location : GreCliff
HP       : 30
EXP      : 17


Name     : Whisp
Location : Underworld
HP       : 9
EXP      : 4


Name     : Will-o-Wisp
Location : Norfest Forest
HP       : 20
EXP      : 20


Name     : Worlock
Location : Norfest Forest
HP       : 98
EXP      : 24


Enix - For a GREAT RPG.

Snape - For an entertaining patch, and a good Terrawebsite.

Konami - For making DDR.

Coming Soon?

*Magirock List
*Completed Enemy List

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