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FAQ by Jdude84

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/13/2000

Presenting a guide for a game i just got that was made
in 1991...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*                                                     *
*             Super Tennis - For The SNES             *
*                  Author: Jdude84                    *
*                  Version: 1.1                       *
*                  Date: 01/13/00                     *
*         E-Mail Address: Jdude84@Hotmail.com         *
*                                                     *
*                                                     *
*    This Document Is Copyright ©1999-2000 Jdude84    *
*                                                     *
*                                                     *
*                                                     *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I don't know what possesed my relatives to buy me this old
game but i'm glad they did. To tell you the truth i found
it insanely fun and addictive. Yes the graphics suck, and
the music is horrible, but when you get down to pure, down
right fun gameplay - this game has it!

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
     *        Table Of Contents        *
     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
          I. Version History
          II. Legal Information
          III. Credits
          IV. Game Genie Codes
          V. Codes\Easter Eggs
          VI. Modes Of Play
          VII. Controls
          VIII. Players
          IX. Strategy
          X. Author's Note

I. Version History

Version 1.0 (December 28th, 1999)

* I've decided to mainly stick with games with few or no faqs, why?
Take DK64 - way too many faqs for me to be involved. Don't worry,
i'll be doing Banjo-Tooie, Mario Adventure, and the such, but i'll
be doing ALOT of SNES games.

* First version, so everything is obviously new.

Version 1.1 (January 9th, 2000)

* Added to the strategy section. Anything else you'd like to see?

Version 1.2 (January 13th, 2000)

* Final version, minor additions, changes.

II. Legal Information

This Document Is Copyright ©1999-2000 Jdude84. This faq may not be
reproduced in any way shape or form, period. Do NOT ask for consent
as you will not get it, simple as that. I am in no way affiliated
with the makers of this game, it is ©1991-2000 Nintendo. See the
author's note for further information.

III. Credits

I'm not the only one who made this possible:

Dingo JellyBean (bellybutton21@hotmail.com)
For suggesting that i put the credits up higher.

Marshmallow (m_mallow@hotmail.com)
For mentioning the various WebFiglet programs availible.

Dallas (SDallas15@aol.com)
For mentioning the various WebFiglet programs availible.

Jeff "CJayC" Veasy (gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com)
For accepting my various faqs, and operating the best gaming site on
the web.

World-Of-Nintendo (World-of-nintendo.com)
For the tips tricks and other codes.

GameSages (gamesages.com)
For the game genie codes and the other codes and hints. Not to
mention the best source for codes on the web.

Super Tennis Instruction Manual
Took the player info from there - i don't want nintendo to sue me now
do i?

Jdude84 (Jdude84@hotmail.com)
Well i made this faq - and it's complete. Thanks to everyone above
for all their advice, contributions, and whatever else they did to
help the making of this faq.

IV. Game Genie Codes

D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD24-A7A5	Super speed--Amy
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD27-07A5	Super speed--Brian
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD27-A7A5	Super speed--Ki
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD20-07A5	Super speed--Phil
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD20-A7A5	Super speed--Lisa
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD29-07A5	Super speed--John
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD29-A7A5	Super speed--Erin
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD21-07A5	Super speed--Meyer
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD21-A7A5	Super speed--Donna
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD25-07A5	Super speed--Rich
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD25-A7A5	Super speed--Debbie
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD26-07A5	Super speed--Hiro
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD26-A7A5	Super speed--Colette
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD2B-07A5	Super speed--Steve
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD2B-A7A5	Super speed--Nancy
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD2C-07A5	Super speed--Rob
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD2C-A7A5	Super speed--Yuka
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD28-07A5	Super speed--Mar
D060-AFAF + D761-AFAF + DD28-A7A5	Super speed--Barb

V. Codes\Easter Eggs


Exhibition Tournament Password:


Don J Password:



Secret Code:

On the player select screen, press L five times, X, R seven times,
X on Controller Two.

Perfect Player:

During a match, press Select to access the score and stats. Then, on
Controller 2, press the R button twice, Left, Down, B, A, then the L
button twice. You'll hear applause indicating the code was entered
correctly. Press A or B on Controller 1, and a bunch of letters and
numbers representing the players' abilities will appear. The single
digit above the others represents the player being edited. The number
will be one less than the player number (e.g. 0 represents player 1)
The four rows of 8 digits range from 0-F, with 0 being the lowest and
F being the highest. Use the X Button to increase all the numbers and
letters to "F" for a perfect player!

`.;'",~Easter Eggs`.;'",~

Strange Scene:

Go to the 1 player tournament, the thing where you go around the
world to play other people. Start the 1p vs com. mode. When it asks
you the question and an option says yes or no, hit no. Continue to
do this every time it asks you to play. You will lose every match.
Do this until a screen comes up with a guy that has a tennis racket
walks into a building. He will be kicked out and the building will
fall down.

WARNING: You might have to reset the console afterwords.

VI. Modes Of Play


This is a 1P VS. Computer mode where you travel around the world,
trying to win as many points as possible. This is the standard mode
of play, although not the most fun.


Now we're talking! This is probably the best mode, as you can vary
the length of play, perfect for those quick matches or maybe one
of those insanely long matches between you and another skilled

-1P VS. Computer-

Well, if you don't like the length or style of circuit, then this
is fun. I use it mainly for practice, though.

-1P VS. 2P-

Without a doubt - the best mode in the game. It's just what it
says. Pure, fun one-on-one action. This is extremly fun, AND long
if you do a 5 set match on clay with a player of the same skill
level! Humans beat computers any day, there is no other way to put


This is a different style, a 2 VS. 2 match, where you take on the
computer players with the help of another player. I prefer the
single mode, however.

-1P,2P VS. Computer-

Not the best mode availible, as you tend to get in each others way,
stick to the 1-on-1 action!

-1P,Com VS. Computer-

Not very fun either, simply because i like to be in total control,
and this mode prohibits you from doing so.

VII. Controls


A: Toss Ball
B:Toss Ball
D-Pad Down: "Dribble" Ball
A While Ball Is In Air: Soft Serve
B While Ball Is In Air: Hard Serve

-All Other Times-

A: Soft Hit, Generally a low shot
B: Regular Swing, can be directed
X: Hit With Topspin, can be directed
Y: High, Slow volley
Start: Pause
Select: Data
L: Left Spin
R: Right Spin

Notes: The volley can screw up human players, but is hard to aim. My
favorite is a directed regular swing, as the topspin doesn't give you
as much control. A is VERY effective if you mix it with 3 or 4 hard

VIII. Players

What player should you be? Well that depends on your strengths! Match
your strengths with the player's strengths and you'll be even better!

- - - Women - -

This all-around good player has outstanding power and technique.  Her
footwork is very good.

This veteran player has lost some of her power since her first years in
the pro circuit.  However,  she is still the final word in powerful
service and a genius at net play.

Her two-handed stroke can beat most of the other pro women players.
Her footwork is excellent.

This powerful player is good at both net and stroke play.  She seldom
fails to return the ball.

Except for a slight weakness in her service, Donna has well balanced
abilities in all other aspects of play.  She is good at stroke play,
and not too bad at net play either.

This player is very good at hitting a highly accurate shot to places
where the opponent isn't.

This stroke player shows her tenacity at the base line.  Even though
she doesn't have any overly strong abilities, she is a very reliable

This player has strong service and is good at a base line game.

The Japanese "ACE" Yuka, is a player who has a consistent stroke.

This player has very strong strokes.

- - - Men - - -

This veteran player has terrific strokes and a consistent service.
He has the ability to hit a successful passing shot anywhere in
the court.

Even though he is not the most powerful, Brian is the most well
balanced player.  His ability as a net player is combined with good
skills at serve, volley, and return of service.

His strong service never goes downhill.  Phil is an all-around good
player who has a good, powerful stroke and jumping volley.

This powerful hitter has the most powerful forehand.  His two-handed
backhand is also terrific!  A great base line player.

This player plays with great tenacity near the base line.  An all-
around player with powerful stroke, he should end up being ranked

This player is a genius at net play!  Although not always the most
powerful, his perfect volley and guts cannot be compared with anyone

Another skillful player from Japan, this stroke player persistently
returns the ball.  His shots are very accurate.

This all-around player has a powerful service and is good at both net
and stroke play.

His mean service is as fast as a bullet.  His other abilities are
also above average, but he is not always consistent.

Mark, a Japanese-American is best known for his "bullet service".

IX. Strategy

This will be the section devoted to beating your HUMAN opponents,
not computers. why? Computers are boring, pre-programmed things that
cannot make astounding, or hillarious plays. Now that you know what
you need to know, let's get on with it!

Quick Serve:

On your serve, hit "A" then "B" immediatly after. Works best if you
slide your finger from "A" to "B".


My favorite way to play is to use 'set plays' which are certain
types of hits repeated. Here are a few of my favorite:

1. Volley, Soft Hit, Volley, Hard Hit to either corner...
2. Volley, Volley, Soft Hit, Volley, Volley, Corner Shot...
3. Corner Shot (left), Corner Shot (right), etc, etc...
4. Corner Shot, Soft Hit (opposite side), Corner Shot...


I like to pick a character faster than my opponent for obvious
reasons. It makes using the above strategy a bit easier...

Study Your Opponent:

Find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. For example, when
i play my friends they can hit a volley to save their life, but when
they come at me with a nice soft hit i have problems returning it.

X. Author's Note

Feel free to contact the strange being who published this with any
corrections, questions, flames, hate mail, praise, adoration, awards,
threats, or maybe if i'm lucky something intelligent at:
jdude84@hotmail.com. Now, for those of you not paying attention a
few notes about the e-mail i recieve:


I cannot stress enough how important it is that you include the NAME
OF THE GAME with the e-mail. 15 e-mails a day get ignored simply
because i cannot tell which game they are for. Also any e-mail that
looks a bit like this will be disregarded:

"Hay Dude Wuz uhp? Lik Huw Du Yu Gat Dat Kee Mn?!"

It will be DELETED, get it?


Sure, send it in. It might even get a reply, as it's usally 1/2 the
mail i get worth responding to. Just don't suck up and as for a
favor in return - i hate that.

`.;'",~Hate Mail\Flames\Unreadable Crap`.;'",~

Sure, send it in. I LOVE to paste your shi! on the gamefaqs.com
message board and laugh with the other author's at you. Even us
author's need to be entertained every once in a while.

`.;'",~Website Related Junk`.;'",~

I will not work for your website, make your website, be affiliated
with your website, etc, etc. Most importantly, you MAY NOT put this
on your site or even ASK me if you can. In other words, webmasters


Do NOT send me anything that is unrealated to video games, i get
enough of that from the perverts, fat people, skinny people, and
people with way too much crap to sell.

I apologize for that as this is for a really old game, but if i
don't do it SOME loser will steal it, i just know it!


`.;'",~End Of FAQ`.;'",~

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