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FAQ by Xtreme

Version: 1.50 | Updated: 07/16/1997

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 13:30:25 -0400
From: fuzzby <fuzzby@yesic.com>

*                                                                            *
* S  U  P  E  R      P   U   N   C   H   O   U   T   F.A.Q./Walkthru         *
*                                                    Written by |X|treme     *
* Ver. 1.50                                          fuzzby@yesic.com        *
*                                                                            *
*                                                                            *
* As request by many people, Part 2 of the Punchout FAQ with more crap added *

Okay, since this is the 2nd FAQ for this game, I'm gonna rewrite most of it.
Probably because while I was writing the first faq, it was also my first time
playing too :) HEHEHE But now that I'm a Punchout Vet, it means you benefit
too. ALSO! Special Circuit added!

Welcome to Super Punchout. An amazing sequal to the classic game PUNCHOUT on
NES. This game in my opinion is one of the best for the Super Nintendo.
Anyways, enough with the boring chit chat.

-counter punches
-world circuit
-major circuit
*NEW* -special circuit
*NEW* -Code for Music/Sound test
*NEW* -GUEST WRITER Matt Renfrow for Rick Bruiser!!!!!

Okay, there's 3 buttons for punching. One's for left punch, one's for right
punch, and one's for Special/Super, whatever hell you wanna call it. Holding
up while pressing the left or right punch cause your character to aim for the
head of your opponent. Leaving the controller in neutral will make your guy
punch in the torso. This also works for super punching except you don't get 
to choose left or right punch. :( Ah well. Now it's time for me to explain
head punches and torso punches. When you catch your opponent missing a punch
on you and you punch back, the opponent is caught in a dizzy. Usually you can
get 3 punches in a row before your opponent gets out of the dizzy. This depends
on what opponent and which kinda punch you catch him out of. With HEAD punches,
you can tell when the opponent will come out of the dizzy. When you punch in 
the head and your opponents head get's knocked straight back, you can punch 
him again. If his head get's knocked to the side when you punch him in the 
head, then he'll most likely block or dodge your next punch. TORSO punches
have no indication of the amount of punches that can be thrown in a row. 
However, they are FASTER and usually STRONGER than head punches. 
Super punches are used for UPPERCUTS/HOOKS and RAPID punches. An uppercut/hook
does A LOT more damage than any other punch. However it takes a long time to 
charge and you can only use this punch when your super meter if full. Same with
Rapid punches. It has to be full to use. Rapid punches are punches that don't
do as much as HOOKS/UPPERCUTS but more that normal punches, AND they hit in
succession. Depending on your level bar, you can usually tag up to 3 hits. 

You can dodge or parry in this game, all determined by the direction pad.
When you leave it in neutral, you block your torso area. Punches from the
opponent that are aimed in your torso area will be blocked. *Note: Some
opponents will cause block damage. When you hold up on your direction pad
you guard your head area. 
When you hold left or right, you quickly dash yourself the the left or right.
This will cause you to avoid almost all punches directed at you. The most
primary defense in the game. Holding down will cause you to dodge punches
aimed at your head.
Counterpunches are punches that you land on the opponent when they are in 
the middle of punching you. The easiest punches to counter of the computer's is
the ducking uppercut. Eg, when you see him duck, just punch him in the torso,
and POOF you get points for a counterpunch. :p
Each boxer has a stamina meter. e.g. Fighting games. When you get hit it goes
down. When it is gone you get punched  out. If recovers at a very slow rate,
faster when you avoid punching. Even faster when you land punches on opponent.
A player is defeated in 2 ways, a TKO or a KO;
TKO stands for Technical Knockout. This is when you pass out your opponent 3
times. KO stands for just Knockout. This is when you beat your opponent so
badly, that he's too chicken/hurt or just too unconscious to fightback. This
involves quick punches and a few super punches. *Note: You must defeat your
opponent in under 3 minutes, otherwise the computer automaticall wins. Crap
eh? So make sure you keep an eye on that timer. If it takes your mother than
a minute to pass him out once, then you better hurry up!

The best time to punch your opponent is after a dodge or parry. It's more
easier to retaliate after a dodge cause it takes more skill to dodge than
to parry. To dodge, you must recognise each charater's animation sequence
before he punches. Most of them bring back their arm or some other visible
sequence before they punch. To parry, you keep an eye of where he is holding
his fists. If they are near his head, you hold up. If they are near his
chest, then you just leave in neutral. Retaliating after parries is ALOT
harder than dodging. *Note: Careful not to dodge to early, otherwise you'll
land right into a punch. If you've accidently dodged to early, you can
extend your dodge animation by holding the direction.
Once you find your opponents punching sequence and know when to dodge, it's
time to kick some retaliating *ss! As soon as you come out of the dodge,
start pounding they punches. I don't think it really matters where you hit
him or with left or right punches. It's your choice. But some opponents
take more damage in certain areas and some characters take NO damage from
certain areas. You can usually punch 3 times in a row before your opponent
will block. Some remember to only punch 3 times, otherwise your opponent
will parry or block your 4th hit and retaliate. However, sometimes it is
possible to hit 4 times in a row. But you can never be sure when or when
you can't, so I use what I call "4 Hit Safety". When you dodge a punch,
aim for his head 3 times and aim his torso for the 4th hit. This will work
on MOST opponents. Since torso punches are a bit quicker, usually after the
3rd hit the computer will retaliate but the torso punch is quick so it usually
hits the computer before he can land his punch on you. AND, if the computer
is still dizzy after the 3rd hit, you won't miss it because you're punching
him 4 times anyway. AND, on most computers, if he blocks the 4th, you should
have enuff time to be ready for his retaliation. If you wanna be careful and
not have a little fun :), you can tell when the computer will be dizzy after
your next hit by looking at his head. When you retaliate, look at his head
when you punch him. If his head gets knocked straight back, it's okay to hit
him again. But if his head knocks to the side, then he CAN block the next hit.
However, usually they'll try retaliate and if you hit him with the 4 hit
safety, you'll probably hit him first with the torso punch. Please note that
the Dizzy Check ONLY works for HEAD PUNCHES. There is no way to check the
torso punches. So why bother punch in the torso? They usually do more damage
on most characters and they tend to be a tad quicker. Another great little
move I use is called the "Special Dizzy". This only works when you have a
super. Instead of doing a 4 Hit Safety after retaliating, do this: PUNCH
PUNCH SUPER. Does great damage. You can choose which super, as it doesn't
really matter. *Note: Multiple hits work because the computer gets into a
dizzy when you hit them. This allows you to get 3 straight hits on MOST
opponents before they get out of the dizzy, hence the 4th hit is a safety.
Please note some opponents are only dizzy for the first 2 hits. So the 3rd hit
would have to be the safety. Some opponents are 4 hits so you can add on a 5th
safety hit. Remember, in order to do the Special Dizzy combo effectively, you
must replace the last hit before the safety, with a Special. If you're never
sure if the computer will block the next hit, do the Dizzy Check.
One last note. You can RECOVER health in many ways. For one thing, it recovers
by itself slowly. 2nd, if you punch someone that's not a retaliatory punch,
you get a bit of health. Lastly, if you punch someone out, keep pressing the
buttons during the count, and you'll get health back real quick.


Minor Circuit
Okay, as you can figure, this guy really sucks. You can do 2 things to beat
this guy'ss easy *ss. Just pound him, though he does know how to block.
Or just wait for him to punch and retaliate. His punch sequence is really
easy to pick out. As soon as you get super, use it on him.

This guy is THE EASIEST guy in the game. It's so easy to beat him without
taking a single hit. Bear Hugger is immune to hits aimed at the torso. If you
try, he just laughs at you. So always aim for the head. As soon as the round
starts, aim for his head. He'll probably block, then IMMEDIATELY hold down to
duck his Thunder Clap move. Then just keep punching him in the head. When he
blocks again, duck IMMEDIATELY cause he'll do his Thunder Clap again. Then
stand up and punch him silly. Keep repeating this patter and you'll beat him
no sweat. After 3 times you'll get supers and instead of just punching
him after ducking his T C move, just super him. I beat this guy in 28 seconds.

This guys a bit more difficult. But it's a simple formula:
Pick out his punch animation and retaliate when you can. He has a Rapid Power
Punch super move which is pretty tricky. While fighting, before he pulls it
out, he'll sway to the left then right or vice versa. This will tell you he's
gonna pull out the Rapid Power punch super. He'll rush in and punch HIGH, LOW,
HIGH, LOW, HIGH, LOW, UPPERCUT, UPPERCUT. So to block this, just press UP,
NEUTRAL, UP, NEUTRAL, UP, NEUTRAL, LEFT, RIGHT, then punch his head out.

This guys is the hard guy in the whole circuit. Pick out his punching
animation sequence and be ready to dodge a lot. He has a bad *ss Ragin' Bull
super which takes a lot of damage. However, he punches a lot so there's a lot
of room to retaliate. You should beat him once you figure him out.

*By Matt Renfrow: When he does his bull charge, on his 3rd hop give him one quick
body punch and he'll kiss the mat. When his cornerman shouts "COUNTER ATTACK"
then he only has 2 hops before he hits you. When he does this, it's better to
dodge REALLY fast and come back with several successive jabs to his face.

He's easy. Find his punch sequence, blah blah etc. And retaliate. He's only
got one super and it's really easy to dodge. He'll pull back from the fight
and do this weird pose, you'll know when you see it. He "coos" too. Then
he'll do 3 uppercuts in a row. The first 2 uppercuts won't reach near you.
But the 3rd will. So just duck the 3rd one. It's that easy :) His
other super, the 2 Hit Uppercut will start when he starts to bob his mits
up and down. Just leave the direction pad on neutral. Should take care of it.
Oh yeah, 4 Hit Safety works wonders on this guy.

This guy was REALLY hard to figure out. He has 3 supers and they're all not
good news. First of all, it is REALLY hard to pick out his punching sequence.
It'll take some time with this guy. Lemme start with how to retaliate. He
has 2 punches only. A hi and a lo punch. When he is about to high punch,
we will have his fists near his head and he will move them in a circular
motion. When you see this, dodge immediately. Don't mistaken this circulay
motion for his "twitches". He does this alot with his fists when he holds
them high. It's a distinct CIRCULAR motion. When he hits lo, is tricker. This
guy likes to move around a lot. When he does, he snaps to the left and right,
and YOU ALSO move a bit the left and right shadowing him. But when he moves
to the left and right but YOU DON'T move, then he's about to punch low, and
it's time to dodge. His punches are EXTREMELY quick so you'll have to be quick
too. The 4 hit safety does't work well on him don't use it often. Sometimes..
As i sad before, he has "3" supers. That's alot! :) The first one is a real
bitch cause if he hits you with it, you're automatically passed out.
I've been hit by this with FULL HEALTH and still you lose ALL of it when you
get hit. So remember, ONE HIT, BYE BYE. Here's how you dodge the Jumping
Dragon Death. He'll jump to the ropes of the ring TWICE before he attacks
you with a drop kick on the third jump. So remember, 2 jumps and the DUCK!
He changes the timing on the drop kick so here's the trick. Hold down only
when you heard him yell, (turn up the speaker) before his third jump/attack.
He usually does 3 or 4 of these supers in a row. His other super is a
standing jump kick. This also does a lot of damage but it doesn't pass you
out. It takes about 1/3 of your full health. The way you dodge the Jumping
Dragon is this, while you're fighting, he'll start to move his fists up
and down. Sometimes you'll see some chinese words from a word balloon. When
this happens get ready to dodge left or right. Dragon Chan will move either
left of you or right. Just be patient, this if a fairly easy move to dodge.
If he's on your right, dodge left. Vice Versa. His last super is his Healing
Factor super. He is completey vulnerable when he's in this stance. It's a
good idea to try to have a super when this happens. You'll see him completey
disappear from the ring. When this happens hold down the super and BOOM!
he get's hit :) If you don't have a super just punch his lights out. One
last note, Dragon Chan takes a while to beat. So keep an eye on the clock.
UPDATE: I've found a REALLY easy way to beat this guy. As soon as he starts
his animation sequence to punch you, just counter punch him. Since your
torso punches are MUCH QUICKER than any of HIS punches, just punch him! :)
Also, try to keep your super with this guy. I've beaten him in 48 seconds
without even getting hit. Just hold on to that super!

This guy is quite easy. Again, get his punch sequence down. He has 2 supers.
First he has his Spit super. You'll know when this happens when a word
balloon pops up. Don't dodge immediately. There's a delay. Watch after
the balloon pops up, and catch his head pull back. This is when you dodge.
When you come out of the dodge, smack his head a few times and tell him
not to play dirty. The 4 Hit Safety works AMAZING on this guy. The 4th
hit usually hits him out of a punch. If you DO get spit on, and you probably
will, he'll turn gray and you won't be able to punch. You can still defend
though. This guy only has one super so he shouldn't be too hard. One of the
hardest things to do is though, to retaliate against his high punches. They
are too quick to effectively retaliate, so whenever he has his mits high,
he's about to throw high punches, so just leave the direction pad up and wait
until he pulls another move, and retaliate that.

This guy is pretty much like Masked Muscle until you pass him out twice.
When he comes back the 3rd time, he's is SO FRIGGIN HARD! Anyhow, this guy
has 2 supers. One is the "Rekka Ken". He punches you 3 times really quickly
with uppercuts. However, if you get hit by the first hit, you can't do
anything about the 2nd hit, but then you can dodge the 3rd hit if you're quick
enough. But if you don't wanna get hit at all, block it with this sequence:
High Block, High Block, Dodge or Duck. You'll know he's about to pull this
move out when he studders his mits up and down. This move does about 75%
damage if you hits with all 3 hits, so don't get hit! His other super,
the "Rising Uppercut", isn't really a super but there's an intro to this
move so, oh well. Anyhow, he starts to studder his FEET, and you can hear
this if you turn the volumeup. All yo have to do is remember generally how
long he studders and then just duck or dodge. It does fair damage.
Sandman's right punch is a lot quicker than his left. His uppercut is
DELAYED. So if you tried to dodge it like a normal punch, you'll land RIGHT
ON his uppercut when you come back. So remember that when you see him go low,
he's about to do an uppercut, either wait a tad bit, or hold extra long on the
dodge. It's better to wait a tad because you come out of a dodge when you
don't hold extra long, but it's also a bit harder to react to. Also,
you can tack on 4 hits in a row after this uppercut before he comes out of
his dizzy. If you have a super, then this is my favorite move; duck his
uppercut, then punch,punch,punch,super rapid punch. >:> You get about 8 hits
if you do it right. Also, always throw torso punches at Sandman. It does more
Again, with Dragon Chan, There are ALOT of moves you can counter with this guy.
Counter work great because you don't have to block or dodge his moves AND you 
beat him faster :)

World Circuit
This guy's pretty easy until you get into his supers. One of his supers is
the Drain Hold. You'll see a word balloon that says "Grab Him". There's really
not much you can do. However, you CAN punch him out of trying to grab you
but it's REALLY hard. So as soon as he grabs you, rapidly press the buttons
otherwise he drains your life. One thing that is really important is that
as soon as you break his Drain Hold, he'll always do an uppercut at the end
of it. So get ready to dodge it and retaliate. Another one of his supers is
the Beserker Barrage. You'll know he's about to do it when he backs off and
starts moving to the left and right. Then he charges and and punchs LOW HIGH
this is synch. However, you must block the first 6 hits in order for him to
pull out the uppercut. If he hit's you with any of the first 6 hits, he'll
just keep on punching you. So you HAVE to block 6 hits for him to pull out
the uppercut. You can retaliate after the first uppercut so he won't pull out
the 2nd sequence of his super on you. Try to use supers on him as much as you
can. It'll make life a lot easier. His punchs are very quick, as are almost
everyone in the world circuit, so be ready to tap. One good thing is that
if you dodge to early, HOLD IT. His punches are so quick that if you dodge
to early and hold, by the time you come out of his dodge, it's a good chance
he's thrown his punch and you can retaliate :)
*UPDATE* Try not to use the Hook on him. Because he'll try to grab you with
the hook EVERYTIME you land a hook on him. Instead use the Rapid punch. 
He'll grab you with the Rapid Punch if you land a lot of hits on him. The 
best defense against this hold is to keep punching into his torso. That usually

This guy is ONE BAD *SS mother. He's got lightning quick punches. You REALLY
have to anticipate his punches. He's got 3 supers both which are painful.
One his his Hair Sweep. You'll know he'll do this when he twirls his hair
around and ducks REALLY LOW, and then he'll swipe you with his hair TWICE. 
I emphasize REALLY low because, this is REALLY easy to mix this move up with 
his uppercut if you're not watching carefully. Remember that he'll twirl his 
hair around first. I haven't figured out how to avoid the first hair swipe but 
you duck the second one. He has another super, the Mirage Dance. You'll know 
he'll pull this off by the word balloon at the side. He just teleports and 
disappears but then he reappears ALWAYS in the centre, and immediately 
uppercuts you. So while he's phazing in and out, just be ready to spot his
hand go back to punch you, as soon as you see that, just tap the dodge key
lightly and retaliate. Remember that his punches are DAMN quick. You really
want to do the Dizzy Check on this guy. Here's a good strategy, since this
guy is friggin hard. Watch for him to punch, the dodge and punch him in the
head about 3 times or until he's out of the dizzy. As SOON you finish your
last punch, press the dodge key and IMMEDIATELY look at him. If he pulls
his hand back, HOLD the dodge key and let go when he's released his punch
and then you're free to retaliate. If he hasn't pull his hand back, then
quickly let go of the dodge and get ready to dodge his next punch. Also, he
when he does big uppercuts, he does them 2 in a row. One to each side. So 
get ready to dodge 2. It's not that hard to pick out. One more thing, he has
a semi super, where he twitches left and right. Block high until he punches
you 3 times and the dodge his 4rth uppercut.
Okay, this guy is REALLY EASY for me now :) Here's how you dodge his hair 
thingy. As soon as you see the hair animation, DODGE LEFT and hold, when it
finishes, DUCK and HOLD. The kick his *ss. He does the samething at the 
beginning of the round everytime so here's how you get the first 8 or so 
punches. Watch for him to dodge, the punch him 3 times, then after third punch,
IMMEDIATELY DODGE and hold, because he'll immediately punch you. So after he 
misses his 2nd punch. Hit him again. Then this process repeats for one more 
time :)

This guy is really weird. He has moves that you won't be used to, AND he 
can only be hit in the head. His punches, like most world circuit players,
are REALLY fast. Like as fast as Haike. He's got 3 supers. They're not 
too bad. One of them, he rolls back and pulls out these balls that he 
starts juggling. Then he'll throw 2 balls at you. Either LEFT, MIDDLE or 
RIGHT. Since there are 2 balls, there's only one safe place to be. So
make sure you're there when he throws them. It's REALLY easy to dodge
them. He throw's 3 sets, then he'll twirl and jump ON YOU! So make sure
you duck as soon as you see him twirl. If he gets you with this, bye bye!
Even with full house. >:( Another one of his supers, he pulls up his pants
and then CLAPS down on your head. Not a good thing. Just duck when you see
him pull up his pants. His last super, he starts pointing at his pants and
then WHAM! He uppercuts you. Don't dodge to early for this one. Wait till
you see him take back his punch. This clown is a really good fighter. He'll
retaliate you, if you miss a punch. And the "time window" to retaliate after
one of his missed punches is really small so only punch him when you are 
pretty sure you'll hit. If not, it's better to just skip it and get ready
for the next punch. Also, watchout for his Elbow Slam. It's REALLY delayed
so WAIT 1/2 a second before you dodge. If you dodge to quickly, quickly
release the dodge button and press it a gain. This is REALLY hard to spot
and avoid! Good LUCK!
In the 3 round, he has this new move where he can punch you in the head
3 times quickly in a row. So whenever you see his fists up in the 3rd round.
You throw your fists up too!

Okay, I held out on beating this guy because the game would be more fun. But....
He has 5 supers. They're EXTREMELY easy to block. Just pay attention to the word
balloons on the side. If it says "A" then block high. He'll do 4 quick punches
to your head. You can hit him 4 times if you block this. If it says Fighting 
Method "B", the just leave the block in neutral. You can't hit him out of this.
"C" you have to tap Duck 3 times REALLY quickly. He uppercuts your 3 times. I 
haven't been able to hit him out of this either. Another one of his supers is
him shaking one of his gloves. If you see this. DUCK! He has the big *ss windup 
punch that REALLY hurts. He also has another super where he turns half way 
around. DUCK again! He does those big *ss windup punches except he does them 3-4
times in a ROW! So again, you have to duck them quickly. Good news is that you 
can hit him out of this even ducked extra by accident. In the 3rd round, nothing 
special happens except his punches get MUCH QUICKER! Still beatable though. :)

Special Circuit
You have to ACE all 3 circuits to get into this circuit. Incredibly hard. :)

Narcis Prince:
If you've made it this far, then this guy is pretty easy. Just remember,
he always punches in pairs. That means if he's gonna high punch you, he'll
do it twice. So dodge, then counter, and immediately dodge again and counter
again. :) He has one super, and he "vibrates" around before he does it. Hold
up to block the whole super and then counter with 4 straight punches :)
The only worry is beating this guy in time. It takes a while because he likes
to wait around before punches. Oh yeah, one last thing. No MATTER how fast you
think your punches are, or no matter how long you think he'll be in his punch
delays, YOU CANNOT punch his face. He'll dodge or block in EVERYTIME. So, yep
you guessed it, always aim for his torso.

Hoy Quarlow:
This guy will be THE hardest guy you will come up against so far. That is
untill you get up to the next guy; if you get up to him :) He attacks are
delayed so you'll have to pick out his attacks are learn to dodge a little
later than usual. He's still feckin' hard if you ask me. First time i played
him he ACED me in 32 seconds. Took me about 3 hours to be able finally tell
myself he's easy. :P Okay, here's the run down. He has this move where
he brings his cane way up high, as soon as you see this, DON'T DODGE right
away! Hold dodge at the last possible second and hold it long! He strikes
3 times with this so if you dodge out of it right you can retaliate. If you
don't think you can work with this awkward time, just block high through
the whole thing and dodge immediately because he'll throw an upper right
after this move and you can punch him out of this. This is the FIRST move
he'll do in the match. Oh yeah, in order to hit him with consecutive hits,
you have to mix up your punches, eg. Left Punch, Right Punch, Left Punch and
so on. His uppercuts you have to dodge a slight early. But you can hit him
really nicely out of it. He has a kick which you can dodge as soon as you see
him start. The nice thing is that since some of these moves are delayed and
some aren't. So just hold the dodge button until you see if it's a delayed
move or not. The only thing that's HORRIBLE about this is one of his supers.
You instinctivly dodge when you see this except it's a ducking move and by
the time you realise what've you done, WHAM! it's too late and it takes about
1/3 of your life. Gets me ALL the time :( Wait, I think I've ducked it once
;). Another one of his supers, he jitters around and does 4 sets of 3 rush
punches. The FIRST time he does it, block the first 2 high, then the last 2
low. The 2nd time he does it, block the 1st and 3rd blow and 2nd and 4rth
high. The 3rd time, is the same as first and the fourth is same as 2nd etc.
His last super, his jump sweeps. These things are so easy to dodge. Just start
to add punches on the 4th or 5th ones to retaliate. 
*By Matt Renfrow: I know when he does his uppercut where you have to duck. 
Whenever he does a lone straight punch, block it, of course. Then DUCK right 
then, cuz he always does that right after the strong straight punch =)

Rick Bruiser: (By Big Matt =])
This guy looks bad, but once you fight him a couple times he isn't THAT bad...
It only took me a few days to be able to beat him =) AAAAAAAAAAAAnyway, 
Whenever he lowers his guard to his face, punch him once, then block HIGH
because he'll reel back and do a straight punch to your face. When he starts
to shake and disappear in and out, he will do one of two things, so immediately
block low. 1) He will do a left body hook, a straight head jab, then an 
uppercut. Block low, then block high, then dodge to the left or right and give 
him a left body punch to get back at his uppercut. He'll be stunned and you can 
get in 5 or 6 punches to his face. 2) He will jump up and bring his elbow down.
Dodge at the very last possible second and HOLD IT, do not release the left
or right button, he will come up with an uppercut that will have you kissing the
mat groping for your mouthpiece. If you successfully dodge, you will be able
to try and give him a series of counterpunches. I've never been able to do this
because he comes back so quickly. It CAN be done however. Sometimes when you
do a body punch to him, he will come down with his elbow onto your hand. Your
glove will be glowing purple, and you'll probably notice that you can't use
that hand. For about 15 or 20 seconds you can't use that hand, it's a pain to
try and hit him since usually you have to use a left-right combo on him when
you counterpunch. Also, keep your eye when he does his uppercuts. If he does
a left or right uppercut, you will have to retaliate with a body punch in that
direction, a face jab will not reach. If he uppercuts to the center, hold your
dodge for a few extra seconds for him to come down with his elbow. Also, he is
fairly susceptible to your super flurry, usually you can get in 4 or 5 before
he blocks. This guy is pretty tough, but he's no match for his brother, Nick,
although he claims otherwise =)

Nick Bruiser:
He's not nice :( He's a lot like his brother. Except, faster, stronger, more
smarter of course :) I'm not gonna blab too much on this guy cause, As I said,
that would not be fair :) Just remember that you have to cross up your punches
to juggle him in dizzies like with Hoy. His supers are his elbo flying smash
and his rapid punches. Both are easy to pick up. Just lasting in the ring with
him is the hardest part. Hang in there :) Any problems, email me as the last 
resort. :)

This from Sega Sages
To get the music test, hold L+R during the Nintendo sequence. The press A 
button to listen to the sounds/songs.

Well that's it! Hope you liked the FAQ, if there's more demand, I'll release
a SuperFAQ FINAL. But I doubt I'll ever have the time or patience for that. But
you never know ;)

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