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    Game Genie Codes by GGCCC

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/25/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          ___             ___            ___            ___            ___
         /\  \           /\  \          /\  \          /\  \          /\  \
        //\\  \         //\\  \        //\\  \        //\\  \        //\\  \
       ///\\\  \       ///\\\  \      ///\\\  \      ///\\\  \      ///\\\  \
      ///  \\\  \     ///  \\\  \    ///  \\\  \    ///  \\\  \    ///  \\\  \
     ///  /  \\\  \  ///  / \\\  \  ///  / \\\  \  ///  / \\\  \  ///  / \\\  \
    ///__/    \\\__\///__/   \\\__\///__/   \\\__\///__/   \\\__\///__/   \\\__\
    \\\  \  ___\/__/\\\  \ ___\/__/\\\  \    \/__/\\\  \    \/__/\\\  \    \/__/
     \\\  \/\  \     \\\  /\  \     \\\  \         \\\  \         \\\  \
      \\\  \\\ _\     \\\ \\\__\     \\\  \         \\\  \         \\\  \
       \\\///  /       \\\///  /      \\\  \         \\\  \         \\\  \
        \\//  /         \\//  /        \\\__\         \\\__\         \\\__\
         \/__/           \/__/          \/__/          \/__/          \/__/  TM
                             GAME GENIE CODE CREATORS CLUB      Version 1.1
                             -----------------------------        6/25/97
                           Super Metroid Game Genie Code FAQ
    | CONTENTS |
    PART 1: Version History
    PART 2: Credits
    PART 3: Conversion Chart
    PART 4: Game Genie Codes
     4.1 - Galoob Codes
     4.2 - Beta Version Codes
     4.3 - Warp and Alter Areas Codes
     4.4 - Weapon/Special Item Codes
     4.5 - Affect Jumping Codes
     4.6 - Affect Music/Sound Codes
     4.7 - Alter Save Location Codes
     4.8 - Other Misc. Codes
    Version 1.0    1/27/97
    First version of the FAQ.
    Version 1.1    6/25/97
    Minor update.  More codes added.
    | PART 2: CREDITS |
    All who have their codes in this guide:
    LuKaS X@aol.com, TheSpook@nfinity.com, Asaic@escape.ca, Yaktyak00@aol.com
    ***Code descriptions are from their authors, E-mail them if you have any 
    questions about a code.
    Thanks to all members of the GGCCC:
    Adomas111@aol.com, AeroStar13@aol.com, Aarons GWC@aol.com, AndrewGGW@aol.com,
    Fu Bee O@aol.com, HPDes@aol.com, Joslin 1000@aol.com, LrdRokoL@aol.com,
    LuKaS X@aol.com, Oshkalabah@aol.com, Seriphosu@aol.com, SirBaugron@aol.com,
    Strato 508@aol.com, TerraGGW@aol.com, Whrek@aol.com, strato@illuminet.net, 
    jesses@jeffnet.org, tlucas@inlink.com, zeromus220@hotmail.com (Dennis Green),
    h97a1s@earthlink.net (King Nothin), lasy@concentric.net,
    ohthat@earthlink.net (Ashif Hakik)
    If any of the codes in this guide do not work for you, please use the chart 
    below to change the third slot of the code.
    D<--->6    0<--->A        Example-  Code is: xx6x-xxxx
    F<--->B    9<--->2                  Change it to: xxDx-xxxx
    4<--->C    1<--->3
    7<--->8    5<--->E
    4.1 - Galoob Codes: 
    All codes created by Galoob.
    (c) 1994 Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Excerpts from Game Genie(tm) Code Updates made available for the 
    private use of Game Genie owners. NO COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT 
    AUTHORIZATION. This file may be freely distributed FOR PRIVATE, 
    NON-COMMERCIAL USE as long as it is not altered and all text 
    remains intact.
    Game Genie is a product of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc., and is not 
    manufactured, distributed or endorsed by Nintendo of America Inc. 
    Super NES is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. Game titles are 
    trademarks of their respective owners.
    Game Genie is a trademark of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. 
    U.S. Patent No. 5,112,051.
    1       DD38-C4A8       Skip intro and start on Planet Zebes when 
    starting a new game
    2       DDCF-4461 + 6DCC-47A1   Select area when loading a game 
    (press right on map screen to select)
    3       C225-3005       No energy loss from enemies
    4       C22A-456D       Super jumps don't drain energy
    5       C288-C5A7       Almost infinite missiles
    6       C28A-C9D7       Almost infinite super missiles
    7       3CA4-450D       Almost infinite super bombs
    8       62C5-14A6       Start with hyper gun in inventory
    9       FA68-4760 + DD6A-C7DF   MASTER CODE-MUST BE USED WITH 
    CODES 10 THRU 57
    10      E7D7-FAAD + DFD7-FA6D   Start with about 500 energy tanks
    11      88D7-FAAD + D4D7-FA6D   Start with about 700 energy tanks
    12      35D7-FAAD + D7D7-FA6D   Start with about 1000 energy 
    13      CED7-FAAD + D0D7-FA6D   Start with about 1200 energy 
    14      28D7-FAAD + D9D7-FA6D   Start with about 1500 energy 
    15      DCD7-F26D       Maximum missiles=10
    16      FBD7-F26D       Maximum missiles=25
    17      74D7-F26D       Maximum missiles=50
    18      08D7-F26D       Maximum missiles=75
    19      10D7-F26D       Maximum missiles=100
    20      52D7-F26D       Maximum missiles=125
    21      B1D7-F26D       Maximum missiles=150
    22      CED7-F26D       Maximum missiles=175
    23      A6D7-F26D       Maximum missiles=200
    24      D9D7-F36D       Maximum super missiles=5
    25      DCD7-F36D       Maximum super missiles=10
    26      FBD7-F36D       Maximum super missiles=25
    27      74D7-F36D       Maximum super missiles=50
    28      D9D7-FE6D       Maximum super bombs=5
    29      DCD7-FE6D       Maximum super bombs=10
    30      FBD7-FE6D       Maximum super bombs=25
    31      74D7-FE6D       Maximum super bombs=50
    32      DDD0-FE6D       Set hours played to 0 (for better ending)
    33      FDDF-F2AD       Add charge beam
    34      DFDF-F26D       Get wave beam
    35      D7DF-F26D       Get ice and wave beams
    36      D5DF-F26D       Get ice, wave, and spazer beam
    37      DEDF-F26D       Get ice, wave, spazer, and plasma beams
    38      D0DF-FA6D       Add ball
    39      D9DF-FA6D       Add ball and varia suit
    40      D5DF-FA6D       Add ball, varia suit, spring ball
    41      45DF-FA6D       Add ball, varia suit, spring ball, gravity suit
    42      4EDF-FA6D       Add ball, varia suit, spring ball, screw 
    attack, gravity suit
    43      FDDF-FAAD       Add bomb
    44      6DDF-FAAD + 6DDF-FA0D   Add X-ray
    45      ADDF-FAAD + ADDF-FA0D   Add X-ray and grapple
    46      BDDF-FAAD + BDDF-FA0D   Add X-ray and bomb
    47      2DDF-FAAD + 2DDF-FA0D   Add X-ray, grapple, bomb
    48      FFDF-FAAD       Add bomb and hi-jump boots
    49      7FDF-FAAD       Add bomb, hi-jump boots and speed boots
    50      77DF-FAAD       Add bomb, all boots
    51      E7DF-FAAD + E7DF-FA0D   Add all boots, bomb, grapple, X-
    52      EED9-93DD       Crateria is already mapped out
    53      EED9-930D       Brinstar is already mapped out
    54      EED9-936D       Norfair is already mapped out
    55      EED9-93AD       Wrecked ship is already mapped out
    56      EED9-9EDD       Maridia is already mapped out
    57      EED9-9E0D       Tourian is already mapped out
    (C)1994 Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Super Metroid, Super NES and related names are trademarks of 
    Nintendo of America Inc.
    4.2 - Beta Version Codes:
    These codes allow you to access certain features that were once in an
    earlier version of the game.
    ---Codes Created by: LuKaS X@aol.com
    Access a menu not normally available in the game.  At any time during the 
    demo or when you play the game, a menu screen will pop up with the message 
    			      GAME QUIT
    			  WOULD YOU PLAY ?
    End goes to the title screen, continue goes back to the game (usually
    glitches though).  It also changes the font of the #'s at the top of the
    screen to beta version font.
    Error message.  After the Nintendo logo a screen pops up and says: "This game
    pak is not desigined for your SUPER FAMICOM or SUPER NES."  Strange...  Note:
    Code doesn't erase saves or harm anything.
    Changes the font of the #'s at top to beta version font and other effects.
    4.3 - Warp and Alter Area Codes:
    These codes allow Samus to be warped to different places on the map and
    change the features of the current area.
    ---Codes Created by: LuKaS X@aol.com
    Gravity code.  This code is somewhat like a walk thru walls code, but only
    downwards.  To use, stand over the area you wish to go down through.  Hold
    your jump button and move Samus left and right very quickly.  Note: you can
    change the first two digits of the code to something like EE, but the chances
    of Samus getting stuck permanently in a wall are very high.  Also, the screen
    stays the same, even though you might be on a totally different place on the
    map.  The original code probably works best.
    Transport code?  Jump around back and forth and in some areas and you might
    warp to a different place on the map, usually a place to the left.  Only
    works in some areas.
    Warp after using X-ray scope.
    Walk thru some doors and you might warp to another area.
    Alter areas.  Load a save and the area will be different (lots of doors,
    blocks, no walls, etc.)  Replace first 2 digits of the code for different
    Another alter areas code.  Replace the first 2 digits for different effects.
    You may appear a small distance away from the save point when loading a saved
    game.  Doesn't work in all areas.
    Do a space jump and when Samus hits the ceiling she will appear a small
    distance above the impact site.
    Weird warp code.  Walk along uneven ground and you might warp to a spot
    Another alter areas code.
    Run in any direction and Samus will warp.
    Go through a door and it will never end.  Turning the Game Genie off will
    warp Samus.
    4.4 - Weapon/Special Item Codes:
    Change the look, function or amount when using Weapons or special items.
    ---Codes Created by: TheSpook@nfinity.com
    Maximum missile number is extremely high 
    Maximum super missile number is extremely high 
    Maximum super bomb number is extremely high
    Shoot regular missiles and your super missiles will go down, shoot with 0
    super missiles left and you will gain hundreds of super missiles!  The 
    effects of this can be saved on any file and used later without the Game 
    Genie.  Don't go back to the ship or the super missiles will return to their 
    Drop one power bomb and you will gain hundreds! Can also be saved, but with
    this code you will lose all the extra bombs if you collect one.
    Select Missile for strange cross between missiles, normal beam, and the wave
    beam. Only the wave portion injures enemies.
    ---Codes Created by: Asaic (asaic@escape.ca)
    Use with Galoob's Master Code to change the beam for save-slot A.
    Use these characters to fill in the blank:
      F = Missile beam
      4 = Super Missile beam
      D = change back to regular beams
    NOTE: You MUST have Wave beam for the missile beams to work properly.  The 
    change made to the beam is permenant, but you can use D in the blank space to
    revert it back to normal.  Experiment by equipping different combinations of 
    beams while using the missile beams, but always keep Wave beam equipped.
    ---Codes Created by: LuKaS X@aol.com
    Infinite missle and super missile code.  When in the game, try shooting both
    missile types.  But, you will notice that nothing comes out of the cannon. 
    Turn the Game Genie off and they will come out.  The missile number at the
    top of the screen will glitch.  You now have a lot, perhaps infinite, of
    missles and/or super missiles.  You can keep this effect by saving the game.
    See backgrounds with X-ray scope.  May help in finding secret areas?
    White X-ray beam.  See hidden paths easier.
    Get Hyper Beam after using X-ray scope.
    X-ray beam lasts forever when used, but Samus can still turn left and
    X-ray use creates a blue background.
    4.5 - Affect Jumping Codes:
    The use of the codes below will change the behavior of Samus' jumps and
    other moves she can perform in the air.
    ---Codes Created by: Asaic (asaic@escape.ca)
    I made the next two codes because Galoob's "Don't lose power from Super 
    Jumps" code was only for the vertical Super Jumps.
    Don't lose power from the horizontal Super Jump.
    Don't lose power from the diagonal Super Jump.
    Seeing as how many people seem to have trouble performing the horizontal 
    Super Jump, I created the next code to help them.
    Diagonal Super Jump flies horizontally. Now you can hold R to perform the 
    horizontal Super Jump. Switch off to perform the diagonal one.
    Diagonal Super Jump flies straight up. This code is pretty useless, but I 
    thought I would add it anyway.
    ---Codes Created by: LuKaS X@aol.com
    Do a spinning jump to the left or right and Samus will stay spinning in the
    air.  You can also move her during this time.  
    Like the above code but all you have to do is jump and you will stay up
    there.  Use bombs while rolled in a up in a ball to go higher.
    Very slow fall while in the air.
    A spinning jump to the left or right is super fast.
    A spinning jump will cause Samus to stay spinning forever.  Bombs will move
    her, however.
    ---Code Created by: Yaktyak00@aol.com
    DFBC-C067 + DDBC-C567
    I combined the "very slow fall" code with the "see around the borders of the
    screen code" and found another code.  I replaced the 55 with DD in the
    "Border code".  It lets you do a huge jump.
    4.6 - Affect Music/Sound Codes
    These codes affect the game's audio.
    ---Codes Created by: LuKaS X@aol.com
    Strange noise and blackout when loading a save game.
    No music, freezes game when you go to a different room.
    After Nintendo logo the game blacks out but plays music from when you load a
    saved game.
    After the title screen the game will black out and then play a really weird
    sound over and over.
    Plays the title screen music over and over while you are playing the game.
    After the title screen the game blacks out and a charge beam sound repeats.
    Most sounds repeat over and over, can't change rooms unless GG is off.
    4.7 - Alter Save Location Codes:
    Change where you appear in the game when loading saved game "A".
    ---Codes Created by: LuKaS X@aol.com
    Codes below require Galoob's master code!
    Master Code: FA68-4760 + DD6A-C7DF
    Note: Must use save game "A" for these codes to work!
    Have your game saved in Crateria (I used Samus' ship to save) before using
    these codes.  You will warp from Crateria to an area in one of the places
    below when you go to load saved game "A".
    Replace xx with the following:
    DF  Brinstar
    D4  Norfair
    D7  Wrecked Ship
    D0  Maridia
    D9  Tourian
    D1  Colony
    Trying any other than the ones above will most likely cause the game to
    glitch and/or blackout.
    Using "D1" you can revisit the Space Colony even after you have been there!
    However, you can't get past that door that blew up while you were leaving the 
    first time.
    These codes use the same method to work as the ones above.  But, instead of 
    warping to another area, you can be warped to many different places in 
    different areas!  Most of the time you will load on a save point or elevator, 
    but sometimes you may appear near a boss lair, etc.  With the codes below, I 
    only tried possible combinations from when the game was last saved from 
    Samus' ship.  If the game is saved elsewhere, one can warp to different 
    places.  Try experimenting with this code.  
    Replace xx to warp from Samus' ship to:
    DD - No change                       FD - No change
    DF - Crateria save point             FF - An area East of Wrecked Ship
    D4 - Glitch                          F4 - Above Samus' ship
    D7 - Glitch                          F7 - Norfair save point 
    D0 - Glitch                          F0 - Norfair save point 
    D9 - Glitch                          F9 - Norfair save point 
    D1 - Glitch                          F1 - Norfair save point
    D5 - Glitch                          F5 - Norfair save point
    D6 - Elevator to Maridia             F6 - Glitch
    DB - Elevator to Brinstar            FB - Glitch
    DC - Elevator to Brinstar            FC - Glitch
    D8 - Elevator to Brinstar            F8 - Elevator to Brinstar
    DA - Elevator to Tourian             FA - Elevator to rest of Norfair
    D2 - Glitch                          F2 - Elevator to rest of Norfair
    D3 - Glitch                          F3 - Blackout
    DE - Glitch                          FE - Glitch
    4D - Glitch                          7D - Blackout
    4F - Glitch                          7F - Glitch
    44 - Glitch                          74 - Glitch
    47 - Elevator to Brinstar            77 - Glitch
    40 - An area in Norfair              70 - Glitch
    49 - Norfair-near boss lair          79 - Glitch
    41 - Glitch/Blackout                 71 - Blackout
    45 - Area in Wrecked Ship            75 - Blackout
    46 - Area in Wrecked Ship/Glitch     76 - Blackout
    4B - Maridia save point              7B - An area in Maridia
    4C - Maridia save point              7C - Maridia-near boss lair
    48 - Maridia save point              78 - An area in Maridia
    4A - Glitch                          7A - An area in Maridia
    42 - Glitch                          72 - Space Colony-entrance
    43 - Blackout                        73 - Glitch
    4E - Blackout                        7E - Glitch
    *Tried random codes for 0D thru EE, seems that all either blackout or glitch.
    4.8 - Other Misc. Codes:
    Many strange codes that don't fit into the other categories can be found
    here.  Some are definately worth trying.
    ---Code Created by: TheSpook@nfinity.com
    Samus dies in one hit. 
    ---Codes Created by: LuKaS X@aol.com
    Shoot beam to crumble invisible mid-air blocks...strange.
    Shoot beam to the right near a wall for a missle-type impact.
    Weird effect on the brightness of the screen.
    See around the borders of the screen.  May be helpful for finding secret
    places.  Change the first 2 digits of this code for different amount of
    Reveals the entire map in all areas and makes it pink.  Load a saved game for
    it to work.
    Run to the left and you can charge up the space jump without actually going
    anywhere (run in place).  Charge up the space jump anywhere!
    Run much faster.
    Another version of Galoob's "select any area when loading a saved game"
    Red Superbomb explosion.
    Pixelizes screen when going into different rooms.
    Shoot a super missle and the menu bar at the top of the screen will vanish.
    Now you have more viewing space while in that room.  However, the X-ray may
    not work/look weird.
    When you land from a jump or walk along uneven terrain the screen will scroll
    downwards, allowing you to see any secrets that may be down below.
    Screen scrolls left.  May cause room wrap-around.  May be useful for finding
    secret areas.
    WARNING!  Displays the "Don't copy video games" message after the title 
    screen and erases the saved games.
    Game runs MUCH faster, but may often glitch or freeze.
    Screen flickers a lot and does other weird things.
    Samus has underwater animations (bubbles) in areas without water.
           (c) 1997, Game Genie Code Creators Club, All rights reserved. 
       The text of this file may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, 
         transmitted, or published, in any form or by any means, electronic, 
         mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without being fully creditted 
           or without the prior written permission of the club.  E-mail to
    			         aerostar13@aol.com and strato@videogamesource.com.

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