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Walkthrough by WHuang

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/21/97

From: whuang@ugcs.caltech.edu (Wei-Hwa Huang)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.nintendo
Subject: Super Metroid Walkthrough Version 1.00
Date: 21 Apr 1997 03:51:20 GMT

              S U P E R   M E T R O I D   W A L K T H R O U G H
                                version 1.00
by Wei-Hwa Huang (whuang@ugcs.caltech.edu)

This file is a companion to SMETROID.TXT, the FAQ; it assumes you
know the levels and maps well.

This is the sequence I get the objects in.
Using this sequence, I can get 100% and finish the game in 2:17.
(Probably less, actually, I was saving my game often.  I'd say the
theoretical minimum is about 2 hours.  If you relax the restriction
about getting 100% of the items, you can do even better.  But why?)

Tips this walkthrough is based on:
1. This will require almost constant use of the speed button, and a good
   knowledge of the screens.
2. You should anticipate doors and have the right weapon to open then before
   the door even appears!  
3. Try not to save too much; getting to save screens usually takes time.  
4. Use fast techniques for killing monsters.
5. Don't go out of your way to get a missile or power-up if you're coming back
   again anyway.

I'll be using an ordered quintuplet to denote how many objects you should have
  by that point.  For example,

(100,25,10,3,1) means:
   |  |  | | |
   |  |  | | +-- One reserve tank (t)
   |  |  | +---- Three energy tanks (e)
   |  |  +------ Ten Super bombs (o)
   |  +--------- Twenty-five Super Missiles (g)
   +------------ One Hundred Missiles (r)
==== ===========
000. Space Colony.  Try to get hurt by Ridley as quickly as you can.
001. Start at Samus' ship (Crateria).
002. Drop down the large shaft, keeping to the right so that you can fall
     almost all the way.
003. Brinstar.
004. Morphing Ball (0,0,0,0,0).
005. Missiles (5,0,0,0,0).  
006. Skip the Missiles to the right.
007. Crateria.
008. Save game if desired.
009. Bombs.
010. Kill the Chozo Statue.
011. Energy Tank (5,0,0,1,0).
012. Skip the missiles below the save-game. 
013. Brinstar.
014. Save game if desired (but not if you run out of missiles by doing so).
015. Go right down the long corridor, bombing the barrier in the center.
016. Go up the wide vertical screen.
017. Save game if desired (not worth the time, unless you have difficulty
     defeating Spore Spawn).
018. Spore Spawn.
019. Super Missiles (5,5,0,1,0).
020. Missiles in the lower left of the large room (10,5,0,1,0).
021. Charge Beam.
022. Go on a long trek to the right and down.
023. Use the wall jump trick to get to the Spazer.
024. Maridia (for a brief while), then Brinstar.
025. Norfair.
026. Save game if desired.
027. Energy tank (10,5,0,2,0).
028. Hi-Jump Boots.
029. Missiles (15,5,0,2,0).  Don't forget that you have to kill all the enemies
     to get out of this room.
030. Save game if desired.
031. Brinstar.
032. Kraid.
033. Varia.
034. Don't bother with this energy tank, you'll come back later.
035. Norfair.
036. Save game if desired. (18 minutes)
037. Enter the big rooms to your right.
038. Missiles hidden in the second big room (20,5,0,2,0).
039. Missiles in the lower right of the big bubble room (25,5,0,2,0).
040. Save game if desired.
041. Go down, right through the lava rooms, then up, left, up, right, up...
042. Missiles right before the Speed Booster room (30,5,0,2,0).
043. Speed Booster.
044. Save game if desired.  (Definitely not recommended.)
045. Down, and rush to the left to get back to the first save game spot in
046. Save game if desired.
047. Ice Beam.
048. Brinstar.
049. Maridia (briefly), then Brinstar again.  Go up, up, up...
050. Right through a nasty spiky room.
051. Save game if desired. (26 minutes).
052. Super Bombs, then Missiles just to the left (35,5,5,2,0).
053. Skip the super Bombs two rooms above.
054. Back through the spiky room (sigh), then back down.
055. Maridia, Brinstar, Norfair.  Go back into the Ice Beam Room.
056. Missiles (extreme left, really hard to get).  (40,5,5,2,0).
057. A long dash down and right.
058. Save game if desired.
059. Crocomire.
060. Save game (left and down) if needed.
061. Drop down, then get the missiles to the right (45,5,5,2,0).
062. Missiles hidden in the upper right of the big room (50,5,5,2,0).
063. Grappling Hook.
064. Save game if desired.
065. Super bombs in the upper left (50,5,10,2,0).
066. Energy tank (past where you defeated Crocomire).  (50,5,10,3,0).
067. Go back up.  Save game if desired.
068. Missiles (55,5,10,3,0).
069. Save game if desired.
070. Take the long corridor back to the right.
071. Go up with the Grappling Beam.
072. Save game if desired.
073. Two missiles and an reserve tank (65,5,10,3,1).
074. Missiles outside Wave Beam (70,5,10,3,1).
075. Wave Beam.
076. Run back towards Brinstar.
077. Brinstar, Maridia, Brinstar, working your way up.  X-Ray, if you want.
078. Super Bombs you ignored earlier (70,5,15,3,1).
079. Save game if desired (can you defeat Phantoon?  41 minutes.)
080. Crateria.  Go towards Wrecked Ship.
081. Missiles (75,5,15,3,1).
082. Wrecked Ship.
083. Phantoon.
084. Two sets of Super Missiles and Missiles (80,15,15,3,1).  You can come
     back and get these if they're too hard...
085. Save game if desired.
086. Kill all the monsters in the uppermost room, then shoot ALL the doors
     so you won't have to kill them again.
087. Missiles to the right (85,15,15,3,1).
088. Go back outside to Crateria.
089. Get the two hard-to-get pairs of missiles (95,15,15,3,1).  Don't go down!
090. Back to Wrecked Ship.  Play ball with the Chozo Statue.
091. Missiles and reserve tank (100,15,15,3,2).
092. Gravity Suit.
093. Crateria.
094. Wrecked Ship (you can save your game).
095. Get the energy tank (100,15,15,4,2).
096. Don't take the scenic route towards Maridia.  Go back LEFT into Crateria.
097. Get the missiles in the lower left of the water (105,15,15,4,2).
098. Go back towards ex-Tourian.  (57 minutes.)(
099. Get the missiles below the save-game (110,15,15,4,2).
100. Get the Super Missiles hidden to the right (110,20,15,4,2).
101. Get the Missiles beneath Mother Brain's old pedestal (115,20,15,4,2).
102. Brinstar, where you first got the ball.
103. Go to the right; get the energy tank and missiles (120,20,15,5,2).
104. Go up and get two pairs of missiles (130,20,15,5,2).
105. Go back left and get some super bombs (130,20,20,5,2).
106. Go to where you got the Charge beam and get the
     energy tank (130,20,20,6,2).
107. Go up to the big room and get another energy tank (130,20,20,7,2).
108. Use the grappling beam in the big room; missiles and super
     bombs (135,20,25,7,2).
109. Go left.  Don't play with the Dracola (1 hour, 6 minutes).
110. Energy tank (trap), super missiles (135,25,25,8,2).
111. Save game if desired.
112. Etecoons, Super bombs (135,25,30,8,2).
113. Back up.  Missiles, reserve tank, two missiles,
     super missiles (150,30,30,8,3).
114. Go back towards Norfair, picking up the missiles in the diagonal
     room (155,30,30,8,3).
115. X-Ray Scope (oh, that).
116. Maridia.  Bomb the tunnel.
117. Save game if desired (1 hour, 13 minutes).
118. Missiles (vertical rush) (160,30,30,8,3).
119. Super Missiles (tunnel) (160,35,30,8,3).
120. Grapple across towards the Big Pink room.
121. Save game if desired.
122. Missiles and Super Missiles in that room (165,40,30,8,3).
123. Botwoon.
124. Energy tank (165,40,30,9,3).
125. Save game and energy recharge if desired.
126. Missiles (170,40,30,9,3).
127. Draygon.
128. Space Jump.  Save game if needed.
129. Plasma Beam.
130. Take the tunnel down, and move right...
131. Spring Ball.
132. Ride the turtle to Missiles and Energy Tank (175,40,30,10,3).
133. Trek upwards for two sets of missiles and super missiles (185,45,30,10,3).
134. Do a quicksand ride twice (save the game; 1:34) to get you:
135. Missiles and reserve tank (190,45,30,10,4);
136. Missiles and power bombs (195,45,35,10,4).
137. Brinstar, Norfair.
138. Save game if needed.  Go towards Ridley's Lair.
139. Save game if needed.  (1 hour, 41 minutes).
140. Play ball.
141. Missiles (200,45,35,10,4).
142. Chozo Statue.
143. Screw Attack.
144. Super Missiles (200,50,35,10,4).
145. Energy recharge, then go right and up.
146. Take a detour for some more Missiles (205,50,35,10,4).
147. Go towards Ridley.  Save game if needed.
148. Super Bombs (205,50,40,10,4).
149. Ridley.
150. Energy tank (Metroid canister).  (205,50,40,11,4).
151. Go up, and get the energy tank near the big head (205,50,40,12,4).
152. Two sets of missiles (215,50,40,12,4).
153. Super bombs (215,50,45,12,4).
154. Ready for Tourian?  Go to Brinstar.  (2 hours).
155. Energy tank and Missiles near Kraid's lair (220,50,45,13,4).
156. Samus' ship in Crateria.
155. Go to the upper left and right of Samus' ship.
156. Super Bombs (220,50,50,13,4).
157. Energy Tank, two sets of missiles (230,50,50,14,4).
158. Tourian.  Win the game.
Wei-Hwa Huang, whuang@ugcs.caltech.edu, http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~whuang/
This is a funny .sig.  LAUGH!!  NOW!!!!

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