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    FAQ/Speed Guide by marshmallow

    Version: 3.3 | Updated: 03/10/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A strategy guide / walkthrough for...
     ___                      __  __     _           _    _ 
    / __|_  _ _ __  ___ _ _  |  \/  |___| |_ _ _ ___(_)__| | ~ SPEED GUIDE ~
    \__ \ || | '_ \/ -_) '_| | |\/| / -_)  _| '_/ _ \ / _` |   1:35 W/100%
    |___/\_,_| .__/\___|_|   |_|  |_\___|\__|_| \___/_\__,_|   
             Author: marshmallow <marshmallow@planetn2000.com>
                           Version 3.3
       Long ago, I created a Super Metroid guide. However, I was a young, 
    aspiring FAQ writer with very little experience. The walkthrough was 
    short, not very detailed, and made me look bad. On this day, I return to 
    salvage this guide and attempt to make it the best text-based Metroid 
    guide on the Internet! If it wasn't one of my favorite games of all 
    time, I probably wouldn't have done it. But, fortunately, I consider 
    Super Metroid maybe the second or third best game of ALL TIME. Honestly, 
    I usually power up my SNES and play this at least once a month, just for 
    nostalgia's sake. Well, I've rambled on enough, so I think I better get 
    to work, otherwise I won't get anything done! :p
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    *              T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S                  *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                   Chapter 1 -- "Revision History/Updates"
                   Chapter 2 -- "Legal Disclaimers"
                   Chapter 3 -- "The Metroid Legacy"
                   Chapter 4 -- "Basics"
                   Chapter 5 -- "Items & Power*ups"
                   Chapter 6 -- "Speedy Super Metroid Walkthrough"
                   Chapter 7 -- "Tricks, Tips, & Secrets"
                   Chapter 8 -- "Minor Enemy Characters"
                   Chapter 9 -- "Credits & Metroid Links"
                   Chapter 10 -- "Contact Information"
    Friday, March 10th, 2000 (Version 3.3):
    The third "massive time-saving trick" was added to the chapter titled 
    "Tips, tricks, & Secrets." I also added the person to the credits 
    section. Go eat it up! ;)
    Tuesday, January 11th, 2000 (Version 3.2):
    Another HUGE time-saving tip was added thanks to Magus (a fellow Super 
    Metroid walkthrough writer). This tip explains how to get the Wave Beam 
    before collecting the Speed Booster or Grappling Beams, and was added to 
    the walkthrough (I also had to change a few things here and there so 
    everything else would make sense, like the missile counts) as well as 
    the secret section (right after the walkthrough section, titled "Massive 
    Time-Saving Trick II".). How I missed this trick is beyond me! :)
    And, of course, I added Magus to the credits section.
    Saturday, January 8th, 2000 (Version 3.1):
    I added a large, time-saving trick to chapter seven. It was received 
    from a reader, and I added his name to the credits section.
    Wednesday, December 29th, 1999 (Version 3.0):
    Major update, to be blunt. Changed the title, re-did practically every 
    section, added a few more, etc., etc. I just wanted to do this game 
    justice, alright? I think I have finally perfected my FAQ set-up, and 
    I'll be using this for all of my future guides. 
    Sunday, March 21st, 1999 (Version 1.0):
    Minor corrections, spell check, and a few things like that.
    Sunday, February 14th, 1999 (Version 0.8):
    First version released. 
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    Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs 
    updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact 
    I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
    share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
    to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
    job, guys and gals. 
    This warning also appears in the legal section. I just hate it when 
    people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I get loads (e.g. 
    100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even though it IS 
    updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in the new 
    versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. I've had 
    problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. this 
    note) to put an end to it! 
    Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...
    Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
    NOT apply to are GameFAQs, GameSages, and Cheat Code Central, as shown 
    If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do 
    you do? As you read above, you can not post it directly. Instead, link 
    to the page at www.gamefaqs.com that lists all the FAQs for this game. 
    Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not 
    link to the URL if it ends in ".txt" or ".doc", you just can't use that. 
    If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the 
    FAQs for a game, you can link to THAT, but not to the actual FAQ. I'm 
    only repeating myself, but I had to because some people have to be told 
    something twice. If you have any questions on linking, notify me. To 
    answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
    GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
    legal section. So there. 
    Any characters, names, places, or misc. objects are copyright their 
    respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo nor any 
    companies that were/are involved with this game.
    This document is © 1998-2000 marshmallow
    All rights reserved
    All was happy in the Galactic Federation of the planets. That is, until 
    something awful happened. A space pirate vessel discovered the metroid 
    alien creature on planet SR388. But this wasn't just any 
    extraterrestrial entity, it was unique in the fact that it could 
    actually suck the energy out of a lifeform and use it as it's own -- 
    this was how it fed and lived. 
    The space pirates took one of the specimens, and returned to their home 
    world, Zebes. They planned to rule the galaxy with them! The Galactic 
    Federation sent in a special bounty hunter, one that was feared 
    throughout the cosmos, Samus Aran. No one knew for sure who resided 
    under the suit. Most agreed that it would have to be a cyborg of 
    somekind, because of its super-human abilities.
    Samus battled its way through Zebes, the homeworld where the pirates 
    were breeding the metroids. After killing Kraid and Ridly -- two large, 
    monstrous beasts -- Aran found itself at the Mother Brain, the head of 
    all the Space Pirates. After a long and furious battle, Samus stood at 
    the surface victorious, it had destroyed Mother Brain and the space 
    pirate's headquarters, Tourian.
    As the Galactic Federation thanked it, Samus Aran removed its 
    pressurized helmet...the face of a beautiful woman greeted everyone's 
    astonished faces.
    After the fiasco at Zebes, a special squad was sent into SR388, the 
    homeplanet of the metroids. Their mission was to kill every metroid on 
    the planet so something similar to the previous game could never happen 
    again. The troops were never heard from again. Since Samus knew how to 
    handle them, she was sent in alone to do the job.  
    At the end she found that the metroid she knew of was just one species, 
    one of many! Each new species was more difficult to kill than the last, 
    and the very last ones were near impossible! But after lots of fights 
    she came to the final room, the one with the Queen Metroid. A long 
    battle ensued and Samus once again stood on the brink of death, but she 
    was victorious. 
    While traveling back to her ship she noticed that her Metroid Meter was 
    at "1." She found a single egg, and before her eyes it hatched and a 
    larva metroid came out. It clung to Samus, but not with its tentacles, 
    hungry for energy...but as if Samus was its mother...it had imprinted 
    Samus and was tame. It thought Samus was its mother! 
    Aran turned the metroid over to the Galactic Federation, hoping that it 
    could benefit humanity with it's energy saving abilities. She was right, 
    the scientists there found that it could hold energy and store it away 
    for later use. The possibilities for new technology and applications 
    were practically limitless!
    As Samus' ship was pulling away from the Asteroid Field, she heard a 
    distress signal, from the space station with the metroid! Docking into 
    it she noticed that no one asked her to identify herself, or even ask 
    for clearance. The doors opened and she gasped...the bodies of 
    scientists hung from pipes, and dead doctors lay sprawled against walls! 
    She looked for the baby metroid, but it was no where to be found. At the 
    end of a long corridor, she found it...in Ridly's hands. 
    After a battle with the thought-to-be-dead-dragon, the ship was set to 
    self destruct and Ridly and Samus flew away. She followed Ridly to a 
    rebuilt, and larger...Zebes. Home of Ridly, Kraid, the Space-pirates, 
    and...could it be...Motherbrain? Only a trip to the planet's rotten core 
    could confirm Samus' predictions. A long, and difficult trip, to be 
    You may enjoy the default control setting, but I suggest you turn it 
    like this, it's a lot easier to control in my opinion:
    Jump: B button
    Dash: A button
    Item Cancel: Select
    Aim Gun Diagonally Up: R button
    Aim Gun Diagonally Down: L button
    Item Select: X Button
    Pause: Start
    Moving: D-pad
    Jumping Techniques: Pressing left or right while jumping will cause 
                        Samus Aran to perform a spinning jump. It's not as 
                        high as a regular jump, but it gains more air time 
                        and is more accurate for those platform jumping 
    Do The Wall Jump: As the Etecoons will teach you later, jumping on a 
                      wall and then pressing jump and the control pad in the 
                      opposite direction will result in a wall jump. Use 
                      this to climb long shafts with no platforms. It's easy 
                      to learn, but difficult to master. 
    Moon Walking: If you have the charge beam, charge it up and then press 
                  the opposite direction you're facing and fire in the same 
                  motion! If you did it correctly, you'll move backwards and 
                  fire. Although, I haven't found this terribly useful. 
                  Another, easier way to do this is to activate the 
                  "Moonwalking" option from the Options Menu.
    Speed Dash: Press the dash button and Samus will run as fast as she's 
                capable. This is good for running over disappearing blocks 
                and for running away from trouble. This is also the way in 
                which you activate the speed booster when you have it, 
                although it takes some room to charge up. 
    Screen Items: Here's a tiny explanation of what the icons at the top of 
                  the screen mean. The number next to the word "energy" is 
                  the amount of energy units you have in the current energy 
                  tank -- each tank can hold 99 units. When it hits 0, you 
                  transfer to the next tank. You can have a total of 14 
                  When you get a reserve tank, some arrows will appear next 
                  to the energy tank display. On the "Samus" screen, you can 
                  either choose manual or automatic. Automatic means that 
                  when you run out of energy, the reserve tanks will 
                  automatically kick in and re-fill your energy tanks (the 
                  amount depending on what is in the reserve). Manual, well, 
                  that's self-explanatory. 
                  As you gain weapons and power-ups, icons will appear 
                  across the top of the screen. From left to right, they 
                  are: missile, super missile, power bomb, grappling beam, 
                  and x-ray scope. When you press the item select button, 
                  the left-most icon will be highlighted in green, and you 
                  can use it. Press it again, and it goes one item to the 
                  right. If you want to go back to your regular beam weapon, 
                  press the item cancel button. You can also do this if the 
                  right-most item is highlighted and you press the item 
                  select button.
                  Finally, the screen in the upper-right hand corner is a 
                  close-up of the map screen, and shows your location.
    Doors And Gates: Doors and gates are all different colors, and it takes 
                     something to open them. Find out what in this list:
                      BLUE - anything will open this. 
                       RED - five missiles or one super missile
                     GREEN - one super missile
             ORANGE/YELLOW - blast from a power bomb
                      GRAY - you must destroy all creatures in the room, or, 
                             the boss of the area.
                     GATES - shoot the colored part of it, determine what 
                             to shoot by the color. The only colors you 
                             will find are blue and green, however. 
    Missile: When you find a missile pak, your maximum amount of missiles 
             will increase by five. You can replenish missiles by either 
             collecting new paks, finding a missile station, or picking up 
             missile items which sometimes appear after destroying enemies. 
             A missile is rather fast, and causes an adequate amount of 
             damage. Shoot them very quickly for the best results. The total 
             amount you can have is: 230
    Super Missile: Super Missiles have the power of five missiles. They are 
                   fast, accurate, and best of all, lethal. Total: 50 
    Power Bomb: Everything on the entire screen will be destroyed, unless 
                the creatures are too strong for it. Will also destroy 
                blocks that normal bombs can't. Total: 50
    Energy Tank: Each tank can hold 99 units, there are 14 tanks in all. 
                 They are hidden very well!
    Reserve Tank: When the energy tanks are empty the reserve tanks refuel 
                  them to a certain extent. These CAN NOT be filled via an 
                  energy station -- you must collect the purple "energy 
                  balls" that enemies sometimes leave behind. Total: four.
    Bomb: Once you find this item you will have infinite bombs. They can 
          blow up blocks and weak creatures -- you can only set them when 
          you are in ball form. Found in Crateria, after defeating Torizo. 
    Morphing Ball: This allows Samus to turn into a small ball. Now you can 
                   explore tight passageways! This is the first item you can 
                   collect. It is found in Brinstar, out in the open.
    Charge Beam: With this you can charge your beam attack into something 
                 more powerful by holding the shot button until Samus 
                 flashes. It is found in Brinstar.
    Spazer: Increases the width and power of your beam attack. The main 
            weapon for the first 1/2 of the game. This beam is found in 
    Varia Suit: With this you can go into hot areas, plus it cuts damage 
                inflicted by enemies by half. And, thankfully, it gives your
                suit a more polished look, with red overtones. Found after 
                defeating Kraid, the boss of Brinstar.
    X-Ray Scope: This allows you to see through walls and see potential 
                 secret passageways or items. Although, some areas are still 
                 invisible. Unlike other weapons, you must use the dash 
                 button to use it -- therefore, you can not run with this 
                 selected. Like most of the important items of the game, 
                 this is found in Brinstar.
    Hi-Jump Boots: Samus can now jump nearly twice as high as before. Locate
                   this in Norfair.
    Speed Booster: With this, and plenty of room to charge it up, Samus can 
                   run at lightening fast speed. During this time you can 
                   mow down baddies and blow up special blocks. Found, also, 
                   in Norfair.
    Ice Beam: Freeze a creature and then blow it up! Or, maybe you can use 
              it as a platform, or just plain ignore it. After a few seconds 
              they thaw out. Find this cool item in the molten pits of 
    Grappling Beam: Using this, you can hook onto certain blocks and swing 
                    yourself like Tarzan! Very useful. Obtain this tool in 
                    Norfair, shortly after defeating Crocomire.
    Wave Beam: Increases the area of the beam, it also goes through walls. 
               You can open up gates from the wrong side with this, too! 
               Combined with the Spazer, this will be your main weapon until 
               shortly after the 1/2 point of the game, to before the 
               end. Found in Norfair.
    Screw Attack: Once acquired you can spin like a super charged buzzsaw, 
                  cutting through creatures and unstable rocks. Found in 
                  Norfair, after defeating the Golden Torizo.
    Gravity Suit: This makes you be able to go into water as if it weren't 
                  there (otherwise you can not do any special attacks), and 
                  it increases defense by 75%. It also allows you to go into 
                  hot areas, just like the Varia. You find this in the 
                  Wrecked Ship, shortly after defeating Phantoom. It turns 
                  your suit into a dark purple color, with extra shapes 
                  added to your arms and legs.
    Spring Ball: As a ball you can now jump. Find this useful, but un-
                 necessary item in Maridia. 
    Space Jump: With this, when you perform a spinning jump, you will turn 
                into a spinning blur and, with a touch of the jump button, 
                be able to leap over and over in mid-air, essentially 
                flying. However, this requires timing, and a knowledge of 
                the area/enemies around you. Combine this with the Screw 
                Attack! Find this in Maridia, after defeating Draygon.
    Plasma Beam: Firing a beam of concentrated plasma, this weapon can be 
                 found in Maridia, after defeating Draygon. Until the very 
                 end of the game, it is the most powerful weapon you can 
                 find. Combine with the wave beam for more power!
    Hyper Beam: Beat the game and you'll see, even Mother Brain is cannon 
                fodder at the hands of this powerful weapon. Since 
                everything is five times as powerful as the last, I'm 
                assuming each blast has the power of five super missiles. 
    Save Point Pod: Take a wild guess what this does.
    Map Computer: Gives you all of the maps of the particular level. 
                  However, some areas are still hidden until you find them.
    Energy Charge Unit: Refills all energy tanks.
    Missile Charge Unit: Re-fills all missiles, but NOT super missiles.
    NOTE: For the beam weapons (charge, spazer, ice, wave, and plasma), you 
    can mix them together to get different attacks. The best include:
    Normal Spacer -- from the end of Brinstar to the start of Norfair
    Spazer/Wave -- from Norfair until the end of Maridia
    Wave/Plasma -- From the end of Maridia to the Motherbrain
    You can ALWAYS have the charge and ice beams equipped, except when you 
    obtain the Hyper Laser. 
    This walkthrough was written to assist you in obtaining a 100% 
    collection rate in roughly 1:35 (one hour and thirty-five minutes). The 
    best time I have ever achieved was a blazing 1:27, so don't expect to 
    break it anytime soon. This walkthrough will skip MANY, MANY un-
    necessary areas, and will look away from some easy items early on, 
    because we will be coming back later to get them all. I have divided 
    this walkthrough into sections, and here is a small table of contents 
    for you...
                     Section 1 -- "Space Station"
                     Section 2 -- "To the Varia Suit"
                     Section 3 -- "To Crocomire"
                     Section 4 -- "To the Gravity Suit"
                     Section 5 -- "The Great Collect-a-thon"
                     Section 6 -- "Welcome to Maridia"
                     Section 7 -- "The End of Norfair, Anyone?" 
                     Section 8 -- "The Last Hurrah"
    Other than small underscores telling you when we enter a new area (e.g. 
    going from Brinstar to Norfair), there won't be anything to really 
    assist you in terms of beating the game if you are playing the title for 
    the first time (if you are a first time player and are having trouble, 
    feel free to e-mail me, and I'll be glad to help you the best I can). 
    There are a few things you need to know before delving into this 
    fantastic race against time...
    1. Hold the dash button ALL THE TIME. Only in a few select areas will 
    you want to do otherwise (and I will tell you this beforehand).
    2. Ignore most enemies, unless they get in your way, or there is a metal 
    door to unlock.
    3. Read each section a few times before attempting the feat, because it 
    can get somewhat confusing.
    4. Do not go out of your way to save the game, seeing as it will just 
    waste time.
    5. On a similar note, do not go out of your way to reach an 
    energy/missile reload center, unless you are in a desperate need of 
    6. If you screw something up, reset the game and start from your last 
    save point. 
    7. Realize that more time has passed in "real life" than what the game 
    reads. If you've been playing for an hour, about half-an-hour has passed 
    game time. Why? A combination of going from room to room and the fanfare 
    from collecting new items (basically, if you can not control Samus, the 
    game does not count it as time elapsed).
    8. Follow my guide exactly, and have lots of fun playing one of the best 
    shooters ever!
    ******************  SECTION 1: SPACE STATION  **************************
    The Space Station isn't a true level, it is mainly here for story-
    telling purposes. Regardless, I must include it.
    Space Station 
    After the very informative introductory cinema, you find yourself in the 
    bowls of the space colony where the metroid larva is being kept. Race 
    through the darkened corridors, until you reach the room with the infant 
    monster. As Ridly appears, the first boss battle of the game begins!
    Boss: RIDLY 
    Now, there are two ways to end this fight (1) Keep shooting until he 
    drops the baby metroid (which takes a mixture of luck and skill) or (2) 
    Your energy falls to 29. Because this is a speed guide, you'll want to 
    walk and/or jump directly into the dragon on purpose, to lower your 
    health as fast as possible. As soon as it clicks onto 29, it's over...
    When you "defeat" Ridly, he will fly away with the metroid larva, and 
    the ship will be set to self-destruct: you have one minute to escape! Go 
    back, and avoid all of the explosions, falling ceiling tiles, steam 
    jets, and all of the insanity, to reach the exit, and watch your ship 
    fly away just before the space station explodes. Samus' ship then lands 
    down on the desolate surface of Zebes, and our epic adventure, to put it 
    lightly, begins. 
    *************     SECTION 2: REACHING THE VARIA SUIT     *************** 
    Description: Crateria is comprised mostly of the surface of Zebes, and a 
                 few tunnels that go below. You won't find many items here, 
                 at least, not until you get many things late in the game 
                 that allow you to reach for the sky. The main item here is 
                 the BOMB, and the boss is the TORIZO. 
    The first thing you want to do in the game is collect the morphing ball! 
    To do this, go left from the ship, open the door, and enter. It is 
    eerily quiet...no monsters...lightening thunders in the distance...nice 
    effects. Regardless, go down the long, vertical tunnels, and you will 
    reach an elevator shaft that goes down to Brinstar. Get the MORPHING 
    BALL that rests on the pedestal to the left. 
    Run to the right, through the door, and shoot the blocks in the floor 
    until you reach a small hole -- go through this, open the door, and 
    acquire the first MISSILE PAK <M:5>, then return to Crateria. Everything 
    is alive! Space Pirates cling to the walls and shoot lasers at you, as 
    Geemers scurry along the walls. Jump up the vertical corridor, shooting 
    Pirates as you go, until you reach the top. Continue climbing, until you 
    reach the very top. Go to the right...
    You will notice a small space where you can use the ball near the door 
    that leads to your ship -- go in there, open the door, keep going, and 
    you will find a red door. Through this, is the BOMB ITEM. After 
    collecting it, you will be forced to fight a monster hiding underneath a 
    Chozo statue...
    Boss: TORIZO
    This bird-like creature will strike quickly, but his attacks do little 
    damage (considering you only have one energy tank). His hand attacks are 
    hard to avoid, but his crescent shaped shots can be maneuvered around 
    with ease (simply jump). When he spits bombs, shoot them one after 
    another, and collect the items they leave behind. 
    To defeat Torizo, continually shoot him in the head and chest with your 
    lasers -- and any missiles you pick up. Even when his head comes off he 
    doesn't give up!
    Run past the fly-like creatures, open the door, and jump up and over the 
    platforms to get to the top, where you can find several blocks -- use 
    your newfound bombs to blow them away. Go all the way to left until you 
    find a funny looking wall...blow these up with your bombs, and open the 
    door behind them. Dash down the huge hill, continually shooting down to 
    rid your path of Geemers. At the end you find your first ENERGY TANK 
    In the next room, you will need to use your small supply of missiles to 
    blow away the green space pirates. Wait for their explosions to end, and 
    then collect the missile item they leave behind. At the bottom, ignore 
    the red door and go through the blue one. Blaze through this small room, 
    ignoring all the enemies, and use the elevator to go down into...
    Description: Lying underneath the surface of Zebes, Brinstar is a 
                 sprawling maze, its walls being flush with exotic 
                 plantlife, and various, dangerous insectoid creatures fill 
                 its foliage. Although fairly straightforward, many 
                 different obstacles block your path, and behind the various
                 barriers you will find awesome items, such as the Super 
                 Missile, Spazer Beam, Charge Beam, Power Bomb, and the 
                 elusive Varia Suit...
    As you enter Brinstar, fall all the way down the vertical shaft, 
    ignoring the handfuls of doors. At the very bottom, shoot your scant 
    amount of five missiles at the red door on the RIGHT. Go inside, and 
    restock your missiles by shooting all the enemies you see. At the end, 
    bomb the wall, and then run underneath the Metraskees, and through the 
    In this huge area, you can either go straight or up, and you want to go 
    up now. Make your way past the leaping side hoppers, hop over the green 
    pipe, and open the red door. Inside, you find your first encounter with 
    the dangerous KiHunters -- vicious insects that resemble praying 
    mantids. Quickly shoot them down to open the metal door, and hop 
    A huge venus fly trap connected to the background, Spore Spawn 
    predictably goes back and fourth across the screen, releasing smaller 
    spores that float from the ceiling. While avoiding the massive plant, 
    shoot the spores to collect more ammunition. When his huge mouth opens, 
    quickly shoot two or three missiles inside, then watch out, as he will 
    become faster and faster with each hit. Soon, he will become so rapid 
    that the only way to avoid him is to curl up into a ball. When he is 
    defeated, his head serves as a platform, allowing you to reach the door 
    above his lair.
    In the following corridor, jump onto the green pipe at the end, which 
    will reveal a huge vertical drop, ending at a chozo statue. Break the 
    ball, and you have found your first SUPER MISSILE <SM:5>! Go into the 
    next room, avoid the flying enemies, and shoot the green door with your 
    first ever super missile shot. Break through the following room by using 
    bombs and super missiles, and you will be back in the large area before 
    Spore Spawn. Quickly run to the left, going down, and receiving a very 
    much needed MISSILE <M:10>. Bomb the nearby blocks to fall into a secret 
    alcove with another chozo, this time carrying the oft-used CHARGE BEAM! 
    Return above, use a bomb to bump yourself into the small tunnel, and use 
    a super missile to blow open the green door. 
    In this long, stair-case hallway, small insects will fly out of the 
    pipes embedded in the wall. One in particular, however, is dormant, and 
    is stuck in a high position. Use a single wall jump to reach it, turn 
    into a ball, and follow a secret tunnel to a hidden stash of MISSILES 
    <M:15>. Continue, and you will soon see the power of the charge beam: 
    the side hoppers once required three shots, but can now be brought down 
    in _one_ charged shot. Very nice...shoot the gate, and go through the 
    door at the end. Leap over the cacti enemies, and use your running 
    abilities to clear the collapsing bridge. Shoot open the green door, and 
    to a new area we go...
    This area is vastly different from any other region of Brinstar. What 
    used to be lush forest has become dry, red dirt, and the music has 
    become almost Hellish in nature. Fall down the various platforms, and 
    you will come upon a yellow door. Shoot the floor to find a hidden path, 
    and fall even further down. Ignore the green door, and take the blue 
    one. Leap across the water, shoot the skrees, and into the next room. 
    Here, shoot the clearly outlined block above the entrance, and do a 
    tricky walljump to position yourself up there. Bomb the second pair of 
    blocks, and shoot the green door. Inside you will find the SPAZER BEAM, 
    which increases both the width and power of your shots. Return to the 
    main path.
    After avoiding several snake like yapping maws and going through many 
    doors, you will find yourself in an elevator room. Take the platform all 
    the way down to...
    Description: A Hellish place that is located near the center of the 
                 planet, Norfair's brimstone covered walls flow with molten 
                 rock, and magma pours into almost every room. The creatures 
                 here have evolved to actually live inside of the boiling 
                 acid lakes, so you can be sure they are the most potent of 
                 all the creatures in the game. The coolest items can be 
                 found in the hottest places, as you can pick up the Ice 
                 Beam, Wave Beam, Grappling Beam, Speed Booster, Hi-Jump 
                 Boots, and the awesome Screw Attack within Norfair. 
                 Crocomire, the Golden Torizo, Metal Clad Space Pirates, and 
                 Ridly -- the dragon whom stole the larva metroid at the 
                 start of the game -- can all be fought here. 
    Drop down to the very bottom of the vertical shaft, and shoot the red 
    door on the left, and go inside. Collect the energy tank <ET:2>, and run 
    over the blocks on the left side of the room to find a false one, 
    allowing you to go into the tunnels below. Shoot the blue door, shoot 
    the divider (near the top), and easily collect the HI-JUMP BOOTS, which 
    will -- obviously -- allow you to jump much higher than normal. Return 
    to the previous room, shoot the fire creature to open the exit, and 
    collect the MISSILES on your way out <M:20>. Jump to the top of the 
    shaft, board the elevator, and return to...
    In the elevator room, turn to the right-hand side wall and plaster it 
    with super missiles to reveal a huge, hidden antechamber with a 
    horrifying statue of some grotesque monster. Make sure your hi-jump 
    boots are equipped, and leap up into it, and through the door.
    Kraid's Lair:
    Description: Constituting the very bottom of the wrecked ship, Kraid's 
                 Lair is very small, and not much to talk about. From the 
                 looks of it, some of Kraid's Lair still remains from the 
                 NES version of Metroid.
    Shoot the grating beneath your feet, and bomb the wall across the metal 
    door to reveal a tunnel that leads to another door. Inside, an armada of 
    KiHunters are waiting, so make short work of them with a flurry of 
    missiles. In the middle of the room is a black spot in the floor; shoot 
    this, and go through the door at the bottom. As the music changes to 
    "pre-boss" mode, run across the corridor, shooting the space pirates. At 
    the end is mini-kraid, again returning from the original Metroid. Four 
    or five missiles and he's gone! Collect the super missiles he leaves 
    behind, and enter the now flashing door. Jump over the spikes, walk over 
    the dead body that is crawling with flies (a previous bounty hunter 
    perhaps?), and shoot a super missile at the Eye Door to open it 
    immediately. Inside, a huge earthquake occurs, an awesome music score 
    begins, and a huge, red-eyed, reptilian head arises from the floor...
    Boss: KRAID 
    At first, you can only see his upper-body (and it still fills the entire 
    screen!). Quickly shoot him in the face, and he will roar in agony. Time 
    it right, and you can shoot a super missile directly into his mouth. 
    After this, another earthquake occurs and Kraid''s ENTIRE body is 
    released from the ground, and he moves farther into his chamber. Jump 
    onto the platforms, avoid the spinning projectiles, and continue to 
    shoot Kraid in the face. Four more super missiles into the mouth will 
    kill him for sure...
    Run into the next room, shoot the ball, and gleefully collect the VARIA 
    SUIT! Now you can go deep into Norfair's fire rooms, which would once 
    fry you almost immediately...
    **************     SECTION 3: TO THE CROCOMIRE     *********************
    Kraid's Lair:
    As you return back to the elevator room, shoot open the flashing door. 
    Once inside, five parasitic creatures will immediately leap upon your 
    body. Shoot a single super missile to destroy them all. Shoot the 
    ceiling, and you will find a hidden ENERGY TANK <ET:3>. Once back in the 
    elevator area, take the disc all the way down...
    Drop down to the first door on the right-hand side of the tunnel, and 
    shoot it to enter your first ever fire room. Run through the blazing 
    walls, shooting the huge enemies that come at you, until you reach the 
    red door. In the next room, shelled gerutas will fly at you from the 
    ceiling. Several thin columns separate different lava pools...in the 
    lava pool right before the exit door, shoot the wall on the right to 
    reveal a MISSILE cache <M:25>. You will have to roll up into a ball to 
    get it.
    ..........................           Legend:
    .                        .           . = Wall or column
    E      ..    ..     ..   .           E = Entrance
    .      ..    ..     ..   .           ED = Exit Door
    .      ..    ..     ..   .           * = Missile (shoot the wall under 
    .      ..    ..     ..   ED                       the lava to reveal it)
    .______..____.._____.......         ___ = Lava pool
    Then, simply exit the chamber.
    Now you are in a long, lava filled corridor, with dragons spewing acid, 
    and small creatures climbing all over the place. Make your way to the 
    right, avoiding all of these obstacles, to reach the bubble room (as 
    anyone would call it upon seeing its wall).
    Immediately run to the far right-hand side, and you will fall through an 
    invisible pit. Bomb the floor (or better yet, shoot it) to fall into a 
    small alcove with a MISSILE PAK in it <M:30>. Climb back out, and go to 
    the center of the room, with the many blocks. Bomb down, into the small 
    maze of tunnels, and keep bombing until you reach the area with two blue 
    doors. Shoot -- and enter -- the one that is located in the ground.
    Fall down to the very bottom of the vertical tunnel, and enter the door. 
    The creatures living in the lava will attempt to spit clumps of acid at 
    you, but if you are able to fake them out (which is very easy) you 
    should be able to avoid their blasts with relative ease. Exit into 
    another chamber that contains blue balls floating around on walls...exit 
    stage right. Here, run and jump across the platforms, as hot magma 
    slowly fills the room. Roll into a ball, slide into the tight tunnel, 
    shoot the ceiling, and jump to the top of the section, as eyeless heads 
    spit blue fireballs at you.
    Wait on the bank of the acid river, and a green ferry will soon arrive. 
    Squat into a ball to avoid the overhanging spikes, then jump on the 
    columns, wait for the next ship, get on, and let it carry you to the 
    exit. Here, shoot the large dragons that leap from their underground 
    burrows, and carefully dodge the bouncing red balls that rebound 
    everytime they come in contact with a wall.
    I received the following letter from a fellow FAQ author...
    "Hey Marshmallow, you've got an extremely kickass walkthrough. You've 
    put in so much effort man, you rock! You do have the best text-based 
    walkthrough on the net. And personally, your previous walkthrough wasn't 
    bad at all. Look at mine then....
    Also being a fellow Super Metroid walkthrough writer (you can find it at 
    GameFAQs), I've got a tip for you. When you've got the Varia Suit and 
    going into that green bubble maze [marsh's note: on your way to the 
    speed booster], you can get the Wave Beam without the Grappling Beam and 
    therefore save some more time. Get to that Wave Beam room (the long 
    shaft which goes upwards, I'm sure you'd know where it is), jump across 
    to get the missiles, and then jump as far as you can to the right. Yes, 
    you'll take some damage, but it's worth it. Use the Wall Jump to get up 
    to the ledge, and the Wave Beam is yours! Pretty early in the game, huh? 
    And to exit easily, fall into the middle of the spike row, it should 
    break and let you through.
    Hope that was a good tip! And keep up the great work."
    - Magus (shinra9@yahoo.com)
    That should DEFINITELY cut off some major time...
    Shoot open the red door, and go inside. Here, you must carefully jump on 
    yellow platforms that sink as you sit on them, all the while avoiding 
    fireballs being shot at you. If you fall to the ground below, you must 
    backtrack and try again. On the other side is a gate, so shoot it, and 
    collect the MISSILES <M:35>. Use the trick described above, go inside, 
    and collect the all-powerful WAVE BEAM. Now, not only is your fire-power 
    almost doubled, but you can shoot through walls, and open blue gates 
    from the wrong-side! Return to the shaft with the dragons that leap from 
    the ground, and go to the very top, and through the door.
    As the screen appears, you realize we have gone in a COMPLETE circle, 
    arriving back at the bubble room, except at a much higher -- and 
    previously inaccessible -- area. Climb the stairs, shoot the cacti for a 
    super missile if need be, and enter through the green door. Though this 
    seems like a dead-end, you can find another door if you shoot the 
    ceiling and use the overhead tunnel. In this looooong corridor, run all 
    the way to the end, crossing collapsing bridges, releasing deadly 
    enemies, and nearly avoiding a dip in some boiling acid. Before entering 
    the red door, shoot the ceiling above it to reveal another cache of 
    MISSILES to plunder <M:40>. Enter the door and steal the SPEED BOOSTER 
    from the Chozo. Then, suddenly, an earthquake strikes, and lava starts 
    to seep into the corridor. Uh-oh...
    As fast as you can, exit the chamber, and run at full speed. Within 
    seconds, your newly acquired speed booster kicks in, sending your body 
    flying at hyper-sonic speeds, your image being blurred so much it 
    appears as if there are three Samus Arans on screen at once. Just before 
    the lava fills the entire area, you make it to the end and blast open 
    the exit. *Whew*
    Back inside the bubble region, fall to the bottom, at the start of the 
    imaginary circle trip. Bomb the blocks, go down the tunnel, and again 
    find yourself at the two blue doors. This time, however, take the door 
    that is embedded in the wall, to the left. Speed-dash, and your body 
    will blow across blocks and several parasitic creatures, ripping 
    everything to chunks and sending it flying. At the end, blow open the 
    door, and you will see your first Save Point of the game (yes, I made 
    you skip about 10 already, but that was to save time).
    *  Save your game, then reset your system. Go to the file select screen,
    *  and look at your file: if 20 minutes or so have gone by, you're on
    *  track for the 1:35 time. Isn't it amazing, though? You've been
    *  physically at the TV for almost 40 minutes, yet the game records it
    *  as 20. Hmmm...oh well, I'm not complaining! :p
    Continue left, and you will enter the shaft at the start of Norfair that 
    contains the elevator that leads up into Brinstar. Keep going up, and 
    shoot the green door with a super missile, and head inside. Use the eye 
    melting speed of the speed boost to blast by the closing gates, and you 
    will find yourself at a blue door. Enter it, cross the acid pools using 
    the green platforms, and then you enter a large, metallic room full of 
    heads that spew hot fireballs. Make your way to the top, but before 
    exiting through the door, shoot the tube beneath it, curl up into a 
    ball, and fall down. You will notice several blocks...and a secret 
    tunnel within them! Fall over and slide inside, go through the door, and 
    snatch the ICE BEAM from the chozo statue. Return to the metal room and 
    exit via the top door. Freeze the small creatures that leap from the 
    acid, and use their frozen bodies as platforms to the other side of the 
    room. Fall through the various floors, get into a ball, go through the 
    tunnel, and exit back into the elevator room. Use the platform to go 
    back up into...
    Go through the door on your left, and keep going through various rooms 
    and chambers until you reach the long vertical shaft with the flying 
    turtles. Freeze them, and use their bodies as platforms to reach the 
    top. With your hi-jump boots, you can now reach platforms you could only 
    see before! Up there, freeze more enemies and keep going up. Shoot the 
    ceiling, and leap into the door. In this room, spikes, flying insects, 
    scuttling spider mutants, and man eating flowers are EVERYWHERE, so take 
    your sweet time going through. Enter the never-before-seen elevator 
    room, and shoot the huge blocks in the floor. Keep shooting the floor, 
    and you'll find a green door. Inside, use your ice beam to freeze the 
    annoying creatures, and you'll find your first clutch of POWER BOMBS 
    <PB:5> within the chozo's grasp. Lay one, and the entire wall behind the 
    statue will crumble, revealing a pedestal with some MISSILES <M:45>. 
    Ignore everything else in the elevator shaft (because we will return 
    here) and backtrack alllllllllll the way back to the Norfair elevator, 
    and go down.
    Pretend like you were going to go get the ice beam again. When you use 
    the speed booster, you will blow away some blocks that hide a flooring 
    that can be blown away using some power bombs -- so do so. Deep inside 
    the tunnel, blow away the powerful enemies, and carefully walk into the 
    next room...
    This shaft is full of platforms, but they collapse as soon as you stand 
    on them. From your starting point, shoot the wall across from you to 
    reveal a clutch of MISSILES <M:50>. A very good way to get them is to 
    freeze the monsters climbing the walls, and use them as a platform. 
    After collecting the missiles, fall down to the bottom, go through the 
    door (you may now de-equip your ice beam, seeing as you won't need it 
    for awhile) and use your speed booster to BLOW through dozens of 
    enemies, walls, and collapsing bridges. You find several doors at the 
    end, but the only one you want to shoot is the green one, on the 
    Is anyone but myself totally infatuated with this boss music? Well, 
    er...anyways, this boss truly proves what a messed up mind Nintendo has, 
    or at least their boss designers. A six eyed, six legged, screaming 
    monstrosity with skin that oozes off its skeleton...mmmm...yummy.
    The idea of the fight is to shoot the Crocomire in the mouth with 
    weapons, which will drive it back towards a pool of boiling acid. The 
    more powerful the shot, the faster it goes backwards. Because of your 
    limited amount of super missiles, I suggest using charged spazer shots 
    (which are actually more powerful than a single missile). Everytime it 
    opens it mouth, shoot in. Occasionally, it will spit rocks at you. To 
    make sure your shot still goes it, try to shoot the nose of the beast, 
    and your spazer will still go in. At the end, it will fall into the 
    acid, and you will watch as it screams in agony as its skin literally 
    boils off of its face. Then, all goes quiet...you return to the spiked 
    wall, and it is ripped down as the skeleton of the monster runs at you 
    in a last attempt to kill you, but then collapses. Sweetness...
    And so goes section three...
    ************     SECTION 4: TO THE GRAVITY SUIT     ********************
    After defeating Crocomire, head left and through the door. Fall to the 
    floor before, and through the door in the floor. Fall down the long 
    shaft, and head into the red door. Carefully make your way through the 
    rising acid, and find yourself some MISSILES <M:55>. Return to the 
    tunnel, and fall all the way down, and through the door. Lay a power 
    bomb to clear all of the blocks, and destroy all the enemies. Power up 
    your speed booster, and press DOWN on the digital pad when you start 
    getting echoes. Get out in the acid, and press the jump button to 
    perform an ultra jump straight up, and receive some more MISSILES 
    .........................                       Legend:
                        *    .                 ... = Wall or floor
                    ^  .......                 ___ = Acid pool
                    ^    .                    < <  = Direction you run
                    ^   D  ............         X  = part where you must 
                    ^  ..  < < < < < <               leap (a few feet
    _____._______.__X__. ..............              from the ramp)
    ....................                         ^ = Part where you leap up
                                                 D = press down to charge
                                                 * = Missile pak
    Then, drop back down and begin another super dash, and as you reach the 
    edge of the ramp, jump and you will do an INCREDIBLE spinning jump, 
    sending you hundreds of feet in the air, and to the other side of the 
    massive chamber. Open the door, and receive the humble GRAPPLING BEAM 
    from the chozo statue. 
    Use it to grapple onto the "X" blocks, and swing to the other side of 
    the large water pools. After several rooms of testing it out, and 
    opening a green lit gate, you find yourself back at the top of the 
    vertical shaft. Go through the door in the ceiling, and then jump onto 
    the yellow platform. When it lifts you up, shoot the flying turtle 
    creature with the grappling beam, and use it to reach the red door in 
    the upper left-hand side of the room. Inside, a pak of POWER BOMBS will 
    be yours <PB:10>. Return to the Crocomire area, and use the grappling 
    beam on the blocks to transverse the huge lava lake, and get another 
    ENERGY TANK <ET:4>. Shoot the door in the ceiling, and go up. Keep going 
    upwards, shoot the cactus, ignore the door, and go through the last 
    door, on the left-hand side of the room. Keep going north, shoot the 
    geruta, use the grappling beam to go across the lava, and collect some 
    MISSILES <M:65>. Shoot the green gate with a super missile, go through 
    the door, and hey, you're back in the elevator shaft that leads to 
    Once you arrive back inside the elevator shaft, take the door on the 
    bottom (across from where you got the hi-jump boots). Save your game if 
    you wish (reset the system -- surprisingly, only 28 to 30 minutes should 
    have elapsed by now in your file. If so, you are on track for 1:35 or 
    less game time). When you return to the bubble room, go up the path 
    above and set off a power bomb so you can enter the main chamber. Use 
    your ice beam to freeze one of the flying creatures, and then jump to 
    the green door. Shoot it with a super missile, enter, kill the geruta, 
    and collect the MISSILES <M:70>. Set off another power bomb, and a 
    secret passage will open, and a large column will raise, allowing you to 
    get to the passage with ease. At the end is a door, go through it. Use 
    your ice beam to freeze the ever-so annoying dragons, and use them as 
    steps to go to the left. Blow open the ball to receive a RESERVE TANK 
    <R:1>, then shoot the block in the lava (a creature is circling it) to 
    receive another stock of MISSILES <M:75>. Exit all the way back to the 
    bubble room.
    Act as if you were going to collect the first batch of power bombs again 
    (where you freeze the enemies, use them as platforms, and keep going 
    up...). Along the way, you spot a yellow door -- it is time to blow that 
    sucker open! Set a power bomb, let is explosion open it up, and go 
    inside. The room you see is very long, filled with spikes, and several 
    fire fleas. To prevent any light lose, be sure to freeze the fleas with 
    your ice beam and go on. Then, use your grappling beam and swing like 
    Tarzan, avoiding yapping maws that just barely miss you with their 
    deadly claws, flying enemies, and razor sharp spikes. At the far side of 
    the corridor is a red door -- inside, you will find the beloved X-RAY 
    SCOPE! With this, you can see any and all secret passages, and even what 
    it takes to destroy different blocks. Using this newfound tool, locate 
    the exit, and bomb through it. Exit back to the main tunnel. 
    Keep going up, and when you FINALLY reach the elevator that goes up to 
    Crateria, blow away the green door, go inside, and destroy each of the 
    giant sidehoppers using your powerful new wave beam. Now, get on the 
    left-most side of the room, and situate yourself over the man eating 
    flower. Set a power bomb, and its powerful explosion will rip apart the 
    metal girder, and you will fall into the flower...but instead of getting 
    chewed, you fall into a secret pit, and receive some POWER BOMBS 
    <PB:15>! Now go back to the elevator, and use it...
    Wow! We haven't been here in a LONG time, huh? Blow up the door using a 
    power bomb, and leap into it. Keep jumping up, and shoot the floor. Now, 
    go left, through the door, blast through the wall, and TADA!!!! You're 
    back where you started the entire game, next to your ship. Get on top of 
    it, tap down, and it will restore EVERY single energy unit (including 
    reserve), every item (missile, super missile, power bomb), and then give 
    you the chance to save. Do so, and then re-set your game, and look at 
    the file: if less than 40 minutes ("00:40") have elapsed, you're in 
    great shape! You should also have four energy tanks, 75 missiles, five 
    super missiles, and 15 power bombs, the grappling beam, and the x-ray 
    scope. Yeah, baby...
    *clears throat* Now, we need to reach the wrecked ship, eh? Backtrack to 
    where you surfaced from the elevator area, except go to the right this 
    time. Blow open the yellow door using a power bomb, and go right on 
    inside. Use your grappling beam to collect some easy MISSILES <M:80>, 
    and continue, stage right, into the wrecked ship area, with new music 
    and everything.
    Keep running to the right, and fall directly into the water. Your 
    movements will now slow down drastically, but no matter. Keep going, 
    until you hit the first metallic girder. Fall off the edge, and then go 
    to the left. Shoot the wall to open a tunnel, and jump up and form into 
    a ball in mid-air (because your movements have been slowed, you can do 
    this in much less space then normally), and keep going left to find 
    another cache of MISSILES <M:85>. Now, get onto the banks of the river, 
    and use your grappling beam to fly over the water, and you will 
    eventually reach the entrance to the wrecked ship: a green door. A 
    single super missile is all it takes...
    Wrecked Ship:
    Description: This desolate derelict has been embedded into the planet's 
                 surface for untold millennia, its owners totally gone, and 
                 the only thing remaining inside are work robots and the 
                 ghosts of whomever controlled it. Although it is the 
                 smallest area in the game, it has one of the most important 
                 items -- the Gravity Suit. However, the ship may be 
                 wrecked, but its power cells are still functioning, yet all 
                 the electricity is being soaked up somewhere...and that 
                 somewhere, is Phantoom...
    Whoohoo! Listen to that creepy music! Nothing in the entire ship works -
    - not the map terminal, save units, or even its defense mechanisms. For 
    now, all you need to worry about are the Koben -- twisted, grotesque 
    skulls fused to each other that appear at random locations and attempt 
    to hurt you. At the entrance, run all the way to the right, over the now 
    useless conveyor belts. When you enter the main part of the ship, keep 
    going down, and you will be able to bomb through a secret passage near 
    the wall (use the X-Ray scope to find it). Don't worry about stepping 
    over the spikes -- they don't hurt you now. At the end is a MISSILE 
    <M:90>! Backtrack, and go to the very bottom, and use a power bomb to 
    clear out the wreckage, enabling you to find a green door. Then, at the 
    very, very bottom of the ship, go to the right and bomb the wall. Shoot 
    missiles at the eye door, and enter the boss room. After an impressive 
    introduction, you get to fight...
    Boss: PHANTOOM
    Sweetness! A huge, flying octopus, with a gigantic mouth full of pointy, 
    sharp teeth -- and at the back of this dangerous mouth, a delicate 
    eyeball. What a nice boss design...
    First off, you only have five super missiles, because we skipped so many 
    side areas in sacrifice of saving time, so this boss is going to be much 
    more difficult than it should be (whether this is good or bad, depends 
    on your skill). To start, you can only hurt Phantoom when its evil eye 
    is revealed, and when it does this, a huge shower of blue fireballs will 
    rain from the sky. When this happens, take aim and fire a super missile 
    directly into its eye! Then, it gets REALLY pissed off, and sends wave 
    after wave of unavoidable blue fire. To not take damage, charge up your 
    laser beam, and then do a spinning jump. It will mimic the screw attack, 
    and allow you cut through the balls. Do this over and over, and you will 
    go unscathed. Rinse and repeat...until you run out of super missiles. 
    Then switch over to regular missiles. Thankfully, it won't get as mad 
    when you use them. After tons of shots to the eye, it will violently 
    explode. With an electric whir, everything on the ship will come to 
    Now that the power is back on, every door in the ship can be opened, the 
    save unit and map terminals work, strange, bio-hazardous creatures have 
    been released from their glass prisons, and all the work-robots have 
    begun work after centuries of being dormant.
    Return to the main area of the ship, and enter the flashing door, and 
    collect the easy -- but desperately needed -- SUPER MISSILES <SM:10>. 
    When you get back to the main shaft, use your X-Ray scope and you'll 
    find that the wall opposite you is bombable; so do so. Here, kill the 
    green balls by charging up your laser and blasting them. On the very 
    right-hand side of the corridor, you'll find a wall -- blast it open 
    using a power bomb, and then go through the small tunnel to find some 
    more SUPER MISSILES <SM:15>. 
    Return to the main area of the ship, and continue upwards, skillfully 
    maneuvering around the floating balls. When you get to the very top, and 
    it seems to be a dead end, shoot the ceiling to reveal another path, and 
    another door. As you reach the top floor of the derelict, you will come 
    upon a huge family of KiHunters, ones that are much more powerful than 
    the green ones you faced in Brinstar. Charge up your wave beam and blast 
    them, avoiding their swooping attacks, and the clots of acid they spit. 
    When every creature in the area is defeated, both gray doors will become 
    open-able. Go through the one on the far RIGHT side, shoot the work 
    robots so they fall into the spiked pits, and grab the MISSILES at the 
    end <M:96>. Return to the KiHunters, and this time go through the door 
    on the LEFT.
    Back outside, continue to the left, using the grass covered platforms as 
    steps, until you find another of the flying jets. Jump on, and ride 
    around until you find a large mass of land above your head. When the 
    craft is going towards the right, and the land above you suddenly goes 
    vertical, shoot straight up, jump, and grab the tricky MISSILES up there 
    <M:100>. Mmmm...triple digits. 
    Fall down the floor below, and go all the way to the left. Use your X-
    Ray scope, and you will find a super missile block. Shoot it, and 
    collect the MISSILES below <M:105>, then get out, back into the ground. 
    Go through the entrance a few yards to the right, go through the tight 
    tunnels, and keep going right, avoiding several enemies, and back into 
    the ship.
    Wrecked Ship:
    Use your grappling beam to carefully go over the dangerous, sharp spikes 
    below. Because of your low energy supply, avoiding these is a MUST! When 
    you get all the way to the end, you see a Chozo statue standing up, with 
    its hands open. Get in its hands, and morph into a ball. With a flash, 
    it springs to life and begins to carry you back to the entrance, over 
    the spikes. Eventually, the floor collapses, and it stops in a passage 
    below, then releases its grip on you and returns to its eternal sleep. 
    As you fall, ignore the door and bomb the floor, and go through the 
    secret tunnel to the right. Use a power bomb to destroy ALL of the 
    blocks, get up to the hall, and shoot the work robots to keep going, and 
    grab the MISSILES from the bird statue <M:110>. Lay a power bomb, and 
    everything -- including the chozo statue -- will vanish, showing you a 
    conveyor belt. Use your speed booster, hold down at the end, and do an 
    ultra jump up the vertical corridor. Now all you have to do is go 
    collect the RESERVE TANK <RT:2>! Just be careful of the invisible pit 
    before it...
    With these items collected, return to the door I told you to ignore, and 
    go inside. Shoot the ball, and blissfully receive the GRAVITY SUIT! With 
    this item, all attacks done to you will be cu by 75%, you may now do 
    anything you wish underwater and not be slowed, and you have a nice, 
    purple overtone all over your suit. Oh yeah, baby...
    ***********     SECTION 5: THE GREAT COLLECT-A-THON     ****************
    Now that we have the Gravity Suit -- along with a myriad of other tools 
    -- we may now go back to Crateria and Brinstar to collect TONS of stuff, 
    advancing our strength even further. I think this section was 
    appropriately named...
    Wrecked Ship:
    With the gravity suit equipped, return to Crateria for a few moments, 
    then back through the main entrance to the wrecked ship. Go down the 
    hall, to the main area, and down to the final, flashing room, that 
    contains a small lake and a green ball. Now that you can move normally 
    in water, you can finally jump out of the liquid to the above door. Open 
    it, and go inside. Skillfully leap across the falling platforms, 
    avoiding every single spike in the room. In the next room, use your 
    lasers to blast through the wreckage and false sections, moving upwards. 
    Ignore the blue door and continue upwards, and shoot the red door and go 
    inside. Use your grappling beam to move across the water, and use the 
    yellow blocks as steps. At the end is a chozo statue, an ENERGY TANK in 
    its hands <ET:5>. Now, backtrack alllllllllll the way back to your ship, 
    on the surface of...
    Save your game in the ship, then reset the system and look at your file: 
    if you have roughly 50 minutes ("00:50") elapsed, you're doing swell.
    In the ship area, there is a small hill in the ground to the left of 
    your vessel. Do a speed booster, then press down when you are on top of 
    this hill. Hold "R" and tap the jump button, and you will do a mighty, 
    diagonal ultra jump and end up hundreds of feet in the air, landing on a 
    piece of land above. Use a power bomb to open the door, and go inside. 
    Avoid the rising acid and green dragons, and collect the POWER BOMBS at 
    the end <PB:20>. Return to the ship.
    Now, from the door, start a speed boosting run, and at the very tip of 
    the piece of land, jump, and you will do an incredible spinning jump, 
    landing on the other side of the region. Jump in the air, morph into a 
    ball, and set a power bomb to blow away a huge section of the wall (the 
    same one that Samus blows away in the movie clips if you sit at the 
    title screen too long). Go through the door, and use power bombs to 
    clear the blocks, all the while avoiding the snakes, wavers, and boiling 
    acid that rises and lowers every few seconds. Keep going left, and find 
    an ENERGY TANK <T:6>. Use another power bomb, and continue to the left. 
    Keep going...blowing away passages...until you clear the "hot" areas, 
    and find yourself in a purple block room. Shoot the walls to clear them 
    away, and jump in the middle, revealing two columns of collapsing floor. 
    Maneuver yourself so you cause both columns to collapse on the way down, 
    and shoot the rocks around the approaching missiles. If done correctly, 
    you can get the first MISSILES <M:115> and the second MISSILES <M:120> 
    at the same time. If you screw up, restart the save file, as coming all 
    the way back from the ship will eat up too much time. As you fall, use a 
    power bomb, and you will be returned to the main path. Make your way to 
    the elevator room, and go down into...
    Ah, re-united to that intoxicating music...
    As you go down the vertical shaft, go through the first, red door on 
    your right-hand side. Inside, use your speed booster to rush past the 
    closing gates, and open the red door at the end. Inside, collect the 
    RESERVE TANK <RT:3>. At the bottom of the statue is a "pipe", and there 
    is no cap on it, so morph into a ball and follow it to a secret room 
    with MISSILES <M:125>. Bomb the walls behind it to find ANOTHER batch of 
    MISSILES <M:130>. As you return to the room with the gates, you find 
    yourself trapped, so blow a hole in the ceiling and kill the dozens of 
    monsters that rush at you. At the end is a much needed SUPER MISSILE 
    <SM:20>. Finally, stand on its platform, and it will collapse, sending 
    you to the entrance of the room. Go back to the closing gates, and 
    collect the missiles below the fragile flooring <M:135>. Sheesh! We made 
    out like a bandit here! :p Return to the main shaft...
    Fall ALL THE WAY to the bottom, and set off a power bomb to clear out 
    the flooring, revealing a huge secret area below. Eventually you find a 
    hallway with a lot of blue blocks...be careful! There is an invisible 
    pit in front of the energy tank. You'll have to do a running jump to 
    collect the ENERGY TANK <ET:7>. Shoot the green door, and collect the 
    SUPER MISSILES inside <SM:25>. Fall through the invisible hole now, 
    morph into a ball, and slide through the spiked tunnel. Now, you must 
    shoot all of the parasitic creatures with super missiles while avoiding 
    the flying insects and spikes! At the end, you find the three Etecoons, 
    which will "teach" you the wall jump. Do as they do, and leap all the 
    way to the top of the corridor. At the very top, run full speed towards 
    the small tunnel, jump in mid-air, form into a ball, and squeeze in, 
    collecting the POWER BOMBS <PB:25>. The next room will put you back into 
    the elevator room, so go through the door, as if you were going to see 
    the Spore Spawn...
    After avoiding the metallic creatures that attempt to skewer you, go 
    through the door, and follow the path straight ahead, and use your 
    grappling beam on the special blocks to collect some MISSILES <M:140>. 
    Set a power bomb, and go through the wall, behind the block that just 
    disappeared. Inside the secret room, destroy the giant sidehoppers, and 
    shoot a super missile on the funny looking part of the floor (use the X-
    Ray scope if necessary). There, collect the POWER BOMBS <PB:30>, then 
    exit by shooting/bombing the various columns.
    When you reappear, go back up, to the yellow door, and open it with a 
    power bomb. Inside, destroy all the sidehoppers. At the top of the room 
    is a gate, but the side you have to shoot is on the other side. 
    Solution? Use the wave beam! When it's open, use the wall jump to get up 
    there (I think the grappling block takes too long), and collect another 
    ENERGY TANK <ET:8>. Exit the room.
    Go back to where the charge beam is located, and set a power bomb -- the 
    explosion will blow the cap off of the pipe, so morph into a ball and go 
    through. Shoot the red door, and enter this water filled hall. Shoot the 
    enemies, then start a speed boosting run, and blast through all of the 
    walls, finally collecting ANOTHER ENERGY TANK <ET:9>. Return to the 
    charge beam room, and continue to the pipe room. 
    Inside of the green pipe room, jump up near the beginning to find a 
    yellow door. Open it with a power bomb, go inside, and rush to the end, 
    avoiding the giant sidehoppers. Blast the wall at the end, and collect 
    the POWER BOMBS <PB:35>. Place a power bomb to blow away the next wall, 
    and this next area should look very, very familiar (it's where you got 
    the morphing ball at the very start of the game. Ignore the elevator for 
    now, and head into the next room. Avoid the geemers, and open the red 
    door. Inside, destroy all the enemies.
    Now, shoot the ceiling to reveal an ENERGY TANK <ET:10>. Then collect 
    the MISSILES at the end of the room <M:145>. Lay a power bomb to blow 
    away the huge piece of rock, and you should be able to make out a 
    tunnel. Do a speed boost run, and perform an ultra jump, leaping all the 
    way to the top. Go through the door, and into the water filled room. Use 
    your X-Ray scope to spy an invisible bridge, and run across as boulders 
    crash from above. In the dead-end room, collect the MISSILES <M:150>, 
    then lay a power bomb to reveal even more MISSILES <M:155>. Exit back to 
    the elevator, and use it go back up into the lower parts of...
    You remember these space pirates, right? Well, blast them all, and when 
    you get to the door that leads to the huge vertical chamber, set off a 
    power bomb, and go through the remnants of Motherbrain's old life 
    support system to collect even more MISSILES <M:160>. Inside the huge 
    vertical corridor, keep going up, and go to the first step that is 
    CONNECTED TO THE RIGHT HAND SIDE WALL. Set off a bomb there, and go 
    through the yellow door that's inside the secret passage. Inside, equip 
    your ice beam and freeze the tiny enemies for steps (hold "L" and jump 
    repeatedly to do it really fast), then perform a speed boosting jump 
    over them, and then do an ultra jump at the end, leaping hundreds of 
    feet into the air, allowing you to easily collect some SUPER MISSILES 
    Use the grappling blocks to exit over the spikes. You are now at the top 
    of the vertical tunnel, so go through the door at the very top, and into 
    the first door on the left-hand side of the grass filled region. Inside, 
    bomb the blocks, and collect the easy missiles from the chozo statue 
    <M:165>. Actually, you could have gotten these at the start of the game 
    immediately following your encounter with the Torizo, but I wanted to 
    save time :)
    Now, return allll the way back to the pipe room in...
    Inside the pipe room, continue to the right, until you reach the red 
    region. Keep going down, past the flying turtles, through the water 
    filled rooms with snapping maws, and go towards the Norfair 
    elevator...WAIT! You pass through a fragile glass tube...lay a power 
    bomb, and with a shatter, the glass breaks into a million pieces, 
    sucking you into a world full of water. With your gravity suit on, it 
    seems as if the water isn't even there! If you wish to save (and I do 
    suggest doing so, after collecting all of the crap), then there is a 
    save room through the red door at the bottom. Reset the system, and 
    check your file: you should be only a few minutes over the one hour mark 
    ("01:05" and below is good). Progress up, and you will soon hit...
    **************     SECTION 6: WELCOME TO MARIDIA     *******************
    Description: Maridia...an aquatic world deep within Zebes, its sand
                 filled floors and tricky puzzles will easily confuse any
                 explorers, and some of the most awesome items in the game
                 await to be collected, such as the Space Jump, Spring Ball,
                 and Plasma Beam. However, its gigantic boss, Draygon, may 
                 have something to say about that...the most bizarre alien 
                 creatures in the game can also be found here, things that 
                 simply defy creation. 
                 Enjoy the creepy music...
    As you start off in this underwater realm, shoot the red door and go 
    inside. Shoot the door as you enter, and kill ALL the crab monsters that 
    scuttle along the floors and wall. Shoot the green gate. Finally, get on 
    the opposite side of the room from the entrance, and do a super boost, 
    and then press down to charge yourself just before you fly through the 
    entrance. Back in the black-background room, quickly move yourself 
    towards the largest plant on the ground, and position yourself so its 
    leaves are on either side of your legs, then perform the most insane 
    ultra jump in the game, which will send you hundreds of feet into the 
    air, just BARELY missing dozens of tiny platforms, and slamming into a 
    stockade of MISSILES <M:170>. If you mess up, try again. If you screw up 
    more than three times, start from your last save (which was only a few 
    seconds ago, so it's no big deal really).
    Continue up, avoiding the strange creatures that pass by you, and go 
    into the next room, which is lined with purple metal and grappling 
    blocks. Morph into a ball, and slide down the purple stairs at the 
    start, and fall off the green hill, and down the vertical wall. When you 
    see a crab, hold left, and you will go into a secret tunnel, and collect 
    the SUPER MISSILES <SM:35> that you could only see before. Now, when you 
    come out of the hole (no, you perverts...not that kind of hole) you will 
    fall onto a blue door. Blast this, and fall into a small chamber filled 
    with purple fish and red space pirates that can not even be killed with 
    super missiles. Find the secret passage next to the left-most pirate in 
    the area (use the X-ray scope if need be -- remember, it's on the very 
    ground level) and blast open the red door. Inside, jump onto the alien 
    turtle's back, and let it carry you up. When you see the grappling 
    block, use your grappling beam and swing yourself around until you can 
    connect your body to the ENERGY TANK sitting above <ET:11>. Now, still 
    dangling from the block, swing yourself to the RIGHT side of the room, 
    and you will be able to stand on a small space. Set off a power bomb, 
    curl into a ball, fall along the wall, and collect the small set of 
    MISSILES sitting there <M:175>. How could anyone could know those were 
    there without looking in a strategy guide is beyond me...
    Back inside the red pirate room, go all the way to the right (using wall 
    jumps if need be), and go through the blue door at the top, allowing 
    yourself back inside the room with purple metal and lots of grappling 
    blocks. Now...this part is a *REAL* bitch, and very frustrating. You 
    have to use your grappling beam with the special blocks and make your 
    way across the entire room, and if you make one mistake, you pretty much 
    have to start over. Except, at the very end, there is a large green 
    outcropping of land, and if you fall on that, you can take a running 
    spin jump and be able to hook into the last block in the room, so don't 
    .......D..........                D = Door
    D  ``    ` ` `   D                . = Part of wall
    .  `   ` `       .                S = secret hole that leads to a
    .             *...                    super missile
    S                .                # = All those doors and little tunnels
    . #############  .                    at the bottom
    ..................                ` = Damned grappling blocks...
                                      * = wedge of land where if you fall,
                                          you can still reach the final 
                                          block and don't have to start over
    In the next room -- which consists entirely of purple metal and pipes -- 
    take the upper passage, which leads to a sandy area. Go all the way to 
    the right, ignoring the fact you walk through several false walls, and 
    collect the MISSILES <M:180>. Return to the entrance door, and jump up, 
    and free yourself from the water. Take the door on the left-hand side, 
    and keep going left, avoiding the pesky enemies that fly at you almost 
    immediately, and the shelled creatures that burrow themselves in the 
    sand. When you reach what seems like a dead-end, go through, and jump up 
    to the high platform, through the door, fall to the very bottom of the 
    corridor, shoot the enemy, fall through another secret hole, and collect 
    the MISSILES <M:185> and the SUPER MISSILES beside it <SM:40>. Return to 
    the purple room...
    Set a power bomb to open the way forward, and through the green door we 
    go. Set another power bomb, and fall through the passageway, to another, 
    more odd purple room, crawling with snail like creatures that bounce 
    around when you run into them. Do a speed boosting run all the way to 
    the right-hand side of the room (still on the bottom level), and when 
    you get to the last vertical shaft above your head, do a vertical ultra 
    jump, sending you blowing through several speed blocks, arriving in a 
    secret chamber with MISSILES <M:190> and SUPER MISSILES <SM:45>. Fall 
    through the collapsing hole (which is before the super missiles -- heh, 
    watch out for them before collect 'em). Now, perform another speed 
    boosting run to the left-hand side of the room this time, and stop in 
    the area before the red door and before the passage you fell from to 
    enter the area. You will spot a blue door -- enter it.
    This entire corridor is full of pipes and bizarre creatures called 
    Motchroids -- similar to Metroids, but not nearly as powerful. They can 
    be easily killed with a few laser shoots, or a single grappling beam 
    blast. Keep shooting the pipes, revealing false floorings and such, 
    until you've found the blue door. To get to it, perform a speed boost to 
    break through the final pipe. Into the door...
    Boss: BOTWOON
    This eel is just begging to be blown into oblivion. Simply walk up to 
    his face, hold "R", and shoot super missiles directly into his head. 
    After he gets deep red and begins to move REALLY fast, shoot missiles 
    instead, and he'll die very quickly.
    Hmmmm...with being roughly 80% through the game, you'd expect a more 
    spectacular boss...oh well...that's just around the corner. 
    In the sand filled room, shoot the worms. Then, do a running spinning 
    jump, morph into a ball in mid-air, and squeeze into the tight alcove 
    holding the ENERGY TANK <ET:12>. You CAN NOT, I repeat, CAN NOT get it 
    anyway else, so don't try. Also, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT FALL INTO THE 
    SAND! OK, now use the speed booster to blast through the blocks, and go 
    into the door. Use your grappling beam on the blocks to get to the top 
    of the room, and into the final obstacle course that separates you from 
    Draygon. This place is FILLED to the brink with Motchroids and evil 
    grappling blocks, so exercise extreme patience here. At the end, blast 
    the green door (ignore the blue one -- unless you may think you will die 
    at Draygon -- there's a save inside ya know). This purple room has many 
    spikes, but they are fake and won't hurt you. The first batch you should 
    avoid, the second batch you should stand it, and use your X-Ray scope to 
    find the hidden MISSILES in the wall <M:195>. Return to the first 
    spikes, fall in, and shoot the Eye Door, and go inside...
    Boss: DRAYGON
    Draygon is a twisted, grotesque monstrosity that makes everything else 
    in Maridia seem normal by comparison. He swims in rapidly and will grab 
    you, then slam his spined tail against your suit, causing massive 
    There are two ways to defeat this beast: (1) Shoot him in the delicate 
    belly with super missiles and missiles until he dies. This is extremely 
    difficult and time consuming, so I suggest you try...(2) Shoot out all 
    of the laser cannons in the room. Then, allow Draygon's gooey spit wads 
    to hit you. When he picks you up, select your grappling beam, and shoot 
    it into the sparking remains of the cannons. Although you will lose a 
    lot of energy, Draygon will be fried almost instantly, the electrical 
    currents arcing through you both. 
    The massive creature falls to the floor as explosions surround his body, 
    and the triumphant boss music...fades...as his minions carry his corpse 
    In the next room, the glorious chozo statue holds the oft-used SPACE 
    JUMP! With this incredibly useful (and original) item, you can jump 
    again and again in mid-air, essentially flying if you time it right. Use 
    this to escape Draygon's room, back through the grappling room (as of 
    now, the grappling beam is completely useless -- just use your space 
    jump) and return to the vertical room with the three Motchroids. 
    Although the metal door is flashing DO NOT GO INSIDE OF IT YET! Instead, 
    go through the door at the bottom. Plow through the blocks...remember 
    when I told you not to go in the sand? Well, go in the sand now. You 
    will go through a small, sandy pool with green spheres that try to kill 
    you, then appear in another region. Keep going left, and you find a door 
    -- go through, and BOOM! You are back in the huge purple room that 
    preceded Bowtwoon's fight (the one with the snails). Go to the very 
    bottom level, all the way to the right-hand side, and shoot out the 
    floor. Go left, and SINK INTO THE FIRST SAND PIT YOU SEE. 
    After some crazy green spheres, you end up in a room completely made of 
    sand, with some more sinking sand near the bottom. Use your space jump 
    to collect the MISSILES <M:200> and the POWER BOMBS <PB:40>. Sink in the 
    sand at the bottom...and you end up in a long, horizontal hallway filled 
    with sand (the kind that sucks you down, but not into another room) and 
    strange, very bizarre creatures that shoot bullets at you (they look 
    like mini-Draygons). Go to the RIGHT, through the door, and STOP. Look 
    up. See that cracked grappling block? Use your grappling beam on it, and 
    a few seconds later it will disintegrate, revealing a passage above. Use 
    your space jump to get up there, and keep going up, until you find a 
    huge swarm of flying enemies. Continue on the other side, falling down 
    the collapsing floors, until you reach a door. Go in. Immediately set a 
    power bomb to clear the pipe, and do not hurt or be afraid of the huge 
    metallic, spider like creature before you, as he will help you by 
    digging a path through the sand. After forever, you finally reach the 
    door. Inside, you can retrieve the incredibly useful SPRING BALL, which 
    allows you to jump while morphed in a ball. 
    Now, backtrack to the room with the mini-Draygons (called Evirs), and go 
    left this time. Ignore the blue door, and lay a power bomb to blow away 
    the girder, go up, and into the green door. After an INCREDIBLY long 
    door animation (hey, it's a long tube :p) you will be in a sandy area. 
    Use your space jump to go up into the vertical tunnel, and circle 
    around, and use your space jump to reach the small ledge with the 
    flashing door (because you killed Draygon -- otherwise it would be 
    metallic). Inside, keep going up, until you reach a door. Inside, a 
    small sac of eggs sit. It takes many shots to kill it with your wave 
    beam...so ignore it and go into the final room, which contains several 
    red space pirates, and a chozo statue that holds...oh, yeah baby...the 
    PLASMA BEAM! With this, you can finally kill those dirty red pirates, 
    and that egg sac you saw earlier will be killed in a single shot. The 
    best part of the plasma beam, besides it's obvious power, is the fact it 
    can shoot through several creatures at once. Now, backtrack to the sandy 
    There are to blue doors: the one above the water level leads to a room 
    filled with yapping maws (snake creatures that pull you down), and the 
    other, the one on the bottom of the sea floor, leads to a flashing door. 
    Go through the bottom one, and into the flashing door, with leads to the 
    cactus area. Basically, you use your space jump while killing the cacti, 
    and each one will give you a super missile power-up! Sweet deal if you 
    ask me. At the end, you return to the room before Draygon, the one with 
    the metal door I told you to ignore ages ago. Now, fall to the bottom of 
    the room, go through the blue door, and fall into the sand, sink, go 
    left through the blue door, and into the purple room with snails 
    preceding the fight with Botwoon. Fall to the bottom level, go all the 
    way to the right, and shoot out the floor. Go inside, and start going 
    SECOND ONE. You will find a totally new sand room, where you will need 
    to use your spring jump if you wish to have even the slightest chance of 
    collecting the RESERVE TANK <RT:4>, which is the last of the game, and 
    the MISSILES <M:205>. 
    Then, you fall into another Evir room as before, except a bit different. 
    Instead of going right, go left this time, and follow the path until you 
    find a cracked glass like thing that looks like the pipe we blew away 
    awhile ago to get into Maridia in the first place. Use your X-Ray scope 
    to discover the hole in the ground, and go down there. Ignore the red 
    door, but go through the blue one. Keep going left...shoot the green 
    gate...and fall back into...
    ***********     SECTION 7: THE END OF NORFAIR, ANYONE?     *************
    Whoo! Finally, we're back! Er...this will be short-lived, as we return 
    Kraid's Lair:
    Go into the room with the half-a-dozen or so KiHunters, all the way to 
    the right-hand side, and lay a power bomb to reveal a MISSILE PAK. Use 
    your spring ball to get to it, and boom, more MISSILES <M:110>. Return 
    Hmmm...seems that the gravity suit can also stand up to intense heat...
    Go to the very bottom of the elevator shaft, through the door on the 
    right, and save your game. Re-set the SNES, and look back at your file. 
    If your file is around or less than one hour and 16 minutes ("01:16") 
    you are fine, as we have 19 minutes to get a time of "01:35" with 100%. 
    Continue, and do a super boost to rip through the blocks, and end up in 
    the bubble room. Shoot the door in the floor, fall through the vertical 
    shaft, and go to the room with the living magma creatures. Finally, you 
    end up in the room with blue balls that float around. Go down, set a 
    power bomb, and through the yellow door we go!
    In the infamous Ridly room, you must fall into the boiling acid (the 
    gravity suit will protect you) and perform many space jumps, ending up 
    outside the huge stone statue of Ridly's grotesque face. Run inside, and 
    down the elevator...
    Ridly's Hideout:
    Description: Whoa, this music is ****ing awesome!! Gotta love Nintendo. 
                 Anyway, Ridly's Hideout is near the very center of the 
                 entire planet, and the heat is so intense that not even the 
                 gravity suit can protect you from the magma here, and  
                 each room's very air is set ablaze, moving rapidly. This 
                 place is much, much larger than Kraid's Lair...
    From the entrance, go to your left and fly over the boiling lava, 
    erupting columns of fire, and dragons that spit acid at you. In the next 
    room, glide over the lake of magma, and set off a power bomb at the 
    other end, revealing a chozo statue. Morph into a ball, and jump into 
    its hands. In similar fashion to Metroid II: Return of Samus, the magma 
    lake will disappear, allowing you to go deeper into this world. 
    Eventually, you come upon a "beeping" room. Here, spin jump to get the 
    MISSILES <M:115>. If you mess up, and fall through the collapsing floor 
    before getting them, restart from your last save, because going back to 
    get them takes up WAY too much time. Finally, you get to fight...
    Missiles do not come into contact with him, he can catch super missiles 
    with his bare hands, and power bombs do next to nothing. Solution? 
    Charge up your plasma/wave beam, and kick his bird behind easily! 
    Because you have on the gravity suit, his huge array of complicated 
    attacks will barely phase you! Hahaha!
    Inside the next room, shoot the chozo statue. Oh, pinch me...I must be 
    dreaming...it's the SCREW ATTACK! Yeah, baby, with this you can pretty 
    much become totally invincible while in a space jump, and you can tear 
    through blocks, rocks, and practically every enemy there is, regardless 
    of size or power. Before proceeding, return to the golden torizo room, 
    and spin jump up to where he fell from, and you can find the last SUPER 
    MISSILES of the entire game <SM:50>. The next few areas are rather 
    linear, and allow you to test the immense power of the screw attack. 
    After the room with rising lava and snakes, you will come upon a large 
    vertical shaft with yellow space pirates. At the very top, where the 
    exit is, shoot the ceiling, and a secret passage is revealed. In the 
    side room, use your X-Ray scope to see where the collapsible floors are, 
    otherwise you will fall into a previous room, and waste a lot of time 
    getting back. Regardless, a secret batch of MISSILES can be found 
    <M:220>. Return to the main path.
    This mammoth sized chamber is the largest of the game, and will quickly 
    fill with boiling acid. Briskly fly out with your space jump, skewing 
    through the dozens of space pirates that try to block your way. In the 
    next room, shoot the floor to reveal a side path. Keep going down, 
    ripping the red KiHunters apart with your screw attack (and these are 
    the most powerful of the game!). Ignore the blue door, and keep going 
    down. At the bottom, it seems like a dead-end, but use a power bomb to 
    see why that is false. Keep going, and down, through the yellow door.
    Here, lay another power bomb to reveal the path to the lower-left. Go 
    through the tunnel, and blast through the MONSTROUS sized beasts that 
    roam these corridors using your screw attack. At the end, lay yet 
    another power bomb to blow away the statue. Before going down, however, 
    go to the left and get the POWER BOMBS <PB:45>. Use the platforms to go 
    through the spiked shafts, and you end up with...
    Metal Clad Space Pirates! I was contemplating giving them a boss 
    section, but since there is no special music, I decided against it. Use 
    the Screw Attack to waste time above them and when one of them stops 
    shooting stuff at you fall down to the ground and take aim, they will 
    jump at you and turn gold, fire off as many super missiles as possible. 
    It will only take a few for each one. They are only vulnerable when they 
    turn gold for a few short seconds, so it takes a bit of patience.
    When they are gone, it is relatively smooth sailing all the way to the 
    eye door. Shoot it with a super missile, and go on inside...
    Boss: RIDLY
    Fire your entire complement of super missiles at this prehistoric 
    monstrosity and he will barely turn red. Jump up and fire them, avoid 
    his fireballs by spinning with the Screw Attack. While on the ground be 
    careful of his tail, it has a long range. If he catches you push all the 
    buttons you can and he'll let go. Continue to pound him with your 
    missiles until he finally grabs your suit, and then violently explodes, 
    sending various body parts spiraling through the air. You are now left 
    with barely any weaponry at all, so be careful from now on...
    Go through the flashing door, and all you see is the smashed glass 
    container that once held the precious baby metroid. Quite a twist, isn't 
    it? We came all this way to rescue the metroid, and he's not even 
    Using your X-Ray scope, quickly find the ENERGY TANK in this room as 
    well <ET:13>. Return to the vertical hall filled with red KiHunters, and 
    up through the secret passage, returning to the main path. Go through 
    the door on the right. Set a power bomb to destroy the skull creature 
    that shoots fire at you, and go through the passage behind him, 
    collecting the final ENERGY TANK of the game <ET:14>. Go back to the 
    main path and go up, flying past the boulders and fire balls. At the 
    top, ignore the door and go through the wall on the left (curiously, the 
    X-Ray scope can not see through this wall). Shoot through THIS door, go 
    to the left, up, ignore that door, and go right, past the dragon 
    creature that pops up. Collect the MISSILES <M:125>, set off a power 
    bomb, and go through the large amount of tunnels, then through the blue 
    door to collect the final POWER BOMBS of the game <PB:50>. Return to the 
    blue door I told you to ignore earlier, and fly through these corridors, 
    and you will find several more red KiHunters. Below the first one is a 
    platform -- set off a bomb here to find the last MISSILES of the game 
    <M:130>. After much blasting, you will be back in the bubble room of 
    Norfair. We've done this twice already, so I'll spare you on how to 
    return to...
    There are two ways to get back to our ship on Crateria: (1) Through the 
    corridors filled with flying turtles (2) Through Maridia. I don't know 
    which is faster, but I always go through Maridia (go up to the room with 
    the grappling blocks, ad through the door in the ceiling, through the 
    secret path, shoot the green gate, and you're in the second elevator 
    room of Brinstar!). 
    Inside of your ship, you will have all of your items filled to capacity, 
    all energy and reserve tanks filled, and ready to go (M:130, SM:50, 
    PB:50, ET:14, RT:4). After saving your game, re-set the system and check 
    your time. If you have more than one hour and 25 minutes ("01:25"), I'm 
    afraid you have failed, and will not -- or, more realistically, can not 
    -- earn a time of 1:35. Don't feel bad, however, because the first time 
    I tried this strategy I didn't get anything close to it. Regardless, let 
    us continue.
    From the ship, go left, through the door, past the green creatures 
    hanging on the ceiling, rip through the weak wall, super boost down the 
    hill, bursting through dozens of enemies, into the hallway with green 
    space pirates. Kill them in one shot, and go down to the red door. Shoot 
    it with a super missile, run through the empty hall, and into the next 
    room. Here, we see a beautiful conglomeration of golden statues, all of 
    which are the major boss characters: Kraid, Phantoom, Draygon, and of 
    course, Ridly. With all of them destroyed, the statues weaken, and after 
    a grand cinema, the entire structure sinks, allowing us to reach the 
    elevator that takes us to the final stage of the game...
    *****************     SECTION 8: THE LAST HURRAH     *******************
    Description: Filled with acid and metallic walls, Tourian is the nerve 
                 center of the space pirate operation, and home to their 
                 master -- Motherbrain. Who knows what terrible surprises 
                 lie in wait here...
    To no one's surprise, Tourian is crawling with metroids, all the 
    offspring of the baby metroid we are trying to rescue. The first 1/2 of 
    Tourian consists of killing these grotesque creatures, and here's how: 
    freeze them with the ice beam, and shoot a super missile into their 
    frozen body. That's it. If they latch onto you, lay a bunch of power 
    bombs. In the acid sections, don't bother with the platforms, just run 
    right through the boiling liquid. With your gravity suit and 14 energy 
    tanks, the harm you will be dealt is meaningless. Eventually, you reach 
    a room with two large, blue sidehoppers. Ignore them, and go into the 
    next room. Ah! Wha~? It appears that a torizo has turned to sand...in 
    the next corridor, the bodies of creatures litter the floor and 
    ceilings, all turned to sand.
    Soon, we see a sidehopper appear. Out of nowhere, a titanic-sized 
    metroid swoops in, snatches the creature, and begins to feed on it 
    viciously! After its final death cry, the sidehopper is completely 
    turned to sand, and suddenly disintegrates. Then, the monstrous metroid 
    turns to you! Though you may run, resistance is futile, as the colossal 
    beast sucks your energy down at an insane rate. Seconds before death, 
    the metroid chortles, and then lifts off of you. The sound it's 
    making...do you recognize it? It's the baby metroid! It has grown to 
    nearly 10 times its original size! Talk about a growth spurt...
    Continue on, and you will have to shoot through a very strange barnacle 
    like substance, resembling a spider web. Refill your energy with the 
    energy terminal, and continue to the eye door. Shoot it with a super 
    missile. In the next room, fall to the bottom, and shoot the red door 
    with a super missile. Here, you must shoot through the red barriers to 
    continue. Because we are pressed for time, use super missiles -- it only 
    takes four, opposed to 20 missiles. 
    At the end, you confirm your prediction...it is the Motherbrain that has 
    been behind this entire fiasco. 
    Some games have great end bosses, some have awesome end bosses -- and 
    others, like Super Metroid, have SPECTACULAR end bosses.
    Motherbrain first appears in her glass casing, just like in Metroid I. 
    Shoot the casing with missiles, and when it shatters, use super missiles 
    to pulverize the gray matter. Soon, all of her life support equipment 
    will blow away, leaving her on the floor. Then, with a shudder, a 
    monstrous body rises from the floor, connects to the head, and her 
    single eye opens. With a deafening shriek, the battle of the galaxy is 
    She now has three attacks: shooting three blue rings, an eye pellet, and 
    bombs. To avoid the rings, jump up in the air. However, be aware that 
    she will often shoot you in mid-air again with the lasers. As soon as 
    she lays a bomb, wait a few seconds, then jump into the air, as fire 
    will spread across the entire floor. After wasting all of your super 
    missiles into her, start with your full supply of missiles. Soon, she 
    gets a new attack: a concentrated blast of fire will rip from her hands. 
    If you get hit, three (!) energy tanks will be taken off of your life 
    Keep blasting away, and before you run out of missiles, Motherbrain will 
    start to gain energy in her head. With another shudder, a monstrous beam 
    will fly from her face and slam your body against the wall, making you 
    totally helpless. Within seconds, half-a-dozen (!!!) of your energy 
    tanks will be gone, and Motherbrain will begin to charge this insanely-
    powerful attack again. When you are on the verge of death, the baby 
    metroid will once again come out of no where, latch onto Motherbrain, 
    and suck her energy out like an oil-well, severely weakening her. Within 
    seconds, the Motherbrain's body becomes twisted, and turns into what 
    looks like a chozo statue stance. Then, the metroid turns to you, and 
    begins to refill your energy to the top. However, the Motherbrain is far 
    from dead. With a drooling cry, she begins to slam attack after attack 
    into the metroid. The metroid tries one last time to destroy the 
    Motherbrain, but she is too quick, and the metroid violently explodes 
    and turns to dust -- this dust, in turn, falls on you. As you stand up, 
    you flash, and yes, 'tis true, you have the HYPER BEAM!!! With this, you 
    will turn the Motherbrain into ashes very quickly.
    The Great Escape:
    Don't break out the champagne yet, as the entire planet is going to 
    explode within three minutes (3:00)! Though you are probably on track 
    for 1:35, I will tell you great tips on how to escape from the planet 
    with at least 1:58 remaining on the time bomb clock! In each room, the 
    time I give should be the time that is on the clock as you ENTER it.
    First room -- 3:00
    Shoot the columns with your newly acquired hyper laser and run through, 
    and into the door.
    Second room -- 2:57
    Fall down the right-hand side, and shoot a laser beam down. Not only 
    will this open the door, it will kill a pesky space pirate.
    Third room -- 2:55
    Ignore the path with the space pirates, and take the very bottom path. 
    Speed boost all the way to the right, and then do an ultra jump straight 
    up, bursting through the floor beneath the exit door. Next...
    Fourth room -- 2:48
    This one is tricky, although there are no shortcuts. Jump up and shoot 
    all the space pirates out of your way in one motion; just keep running 
    and running, and then acid will start to fill the chamber. Space jump to 
    the top. Shoot the exit, and RUN into the next room...
    Fifth Room -- 2:24
    We are now back in the long vertical shaft that is part of Crateria. As 
    we run in here, you will have a speed boost & their echoes by the time 
    you reach the shaft. It is very possible to do a very impressive ultra 
    jump and leap ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP of the shaft, cutting off nearly a 
    full minute of work.
        .^ '  .              + = The door from Tourian
        .^  ' .              . = walls/floors
        .^ ' '.              ' = regular ol'e platforms
        .-    .              D = Metal door
        .^ ' '.              X = The area you perform the ultra jump
    +....^ '  .              ^ = The path you take
    +....X....D              - = Curiously, there is a small platform here, 
                                 but you seem to burst through it perfectly
                                 when you do the ultra jump. If you were to 
                                 bomb it, you would no speed booster blocks 
                                 in it. Strange...
    With this huge trick, you can shave off nearly a full minute of hard 
    work. If you can pull this monstrously impressive maneuver off, don't 
    accidentally cream your pants -- both girls and guys. I know it's hard 
    to resist, and I almost did as well the first time I did it, but try and 
    hold back, OK? ;) The rest of the escape should be easy enough. It is 
    possible to get to the surface of Zebes with 2:00 left on the clock!!
    What We Missed of Super Metroid:
    Because this is a Speed Guide, we missed many areas (although they 
    contain no useful items). The largest areas are listed below, where you 
    can find them, and a small description of them.
    # 1 - Areas to the right of Crocomire's area:
    When you do the huge speed boosting section, and end up at the door to 
    his area, there are two doors to the right. One leads to an awesome 
    grappling area where you go over a lake of acid, spikes, AND yapping 
    maws. The other is a cool little area with red space pirates and geemer 
    like creatures, along with more dragons.
    # 2 - Crateria to the right of the Wrecked Ship:
    When you got the energy tank in the Wrecked Ship after obtaining the 
    gravity suit, go through the blue door, and you will find a huge area of 
    Crateria that we skipped over. It has lots of water, some more of those 
    bee hive enemies, and a small maze that leads down to...
    # 3 - Parts of Maridia from the above Crateria Area:
    This is my favorite of them all, and coming here brings a huge rush of 
    nostalgia to my body. Years ago, when I first got the game, I was 
    puzzled on how to get into Maridia, and when I finally found this area, 
    I was really excited, especially because of the new, strange creatures 
    and creepy music (gotta love the Maridia music). However, coming here is 
    more of a dead-end, as you can not get to Draygon from here. However, 
    you can get the Spring Ball rather easily...
    I received the following e-mail message from one of my readers...
    "I'll have to agree with you that it's one of the greatest games I've 
    ever played.. and that's a wonderful FAQ you wrote, too! Just one thing 
    that I've found out: Well, first, the hyper-boost jump (the one where 
    you plow through things and eat up massive amounts of energy) is really 
    cool, because you can go in any of 5 directions... just after you jump, 
    if you do it from a standstill, you'll hang in the air for a split 
    second... if you do nothing you'll go straight up, but pressing R will 
    make you go diagonally, and pressing sideways will send you in that 
    direction. You don't have to do it from a stop, though... you can dash, 
    duck, and while you're powered do a spinning jump, then when you let go 
    of the directional keys you can then press up or R to go in one of the 
    upward directions." 
    "Anyway, the cool thing is this: in the ship screen, after you have done 
    the diagonal jump up, gone and gotten the power bombs, and come back 
    out, if you dash along the hill, instead of doing a spinning jump, you 
    can instead duck right on the end, powering yourself up. Drop to the 
    ledge below and immediately do a power jump to the left; you'll break 
    through all the blocks that you could have power bombed, and crash into 
    the door. Open the door, drop back to your ship, and repeat (but don't 
    leave the ship's room). You'll power jump /through/ the door and simply 
    bust through the entire first screen of blocks. Eats up LOTS of energy, 
    but it's cool and it saves time (I think), and your ship's right there, 
    after all... I checked just now and to do the two diagonal jumps and the 
    two horizontal jumps takes about 5 energy tanks off. If you thought the 
    power jump up through the last vertical tunnel was cool... "
    "I just tested it out in the sequence, and here's a good way to do it: 
    After you save, do the R jump to get to the top ledge of the screen. Use 
    a power bomb to open the door, but do not enter. Instead, go back to the 
    tip of the ledge and dash towards the door, pressing down the instant 
    before you enter it. You should finish your duck in the next room. Jump 
    and immediately press right, and you will dash through all the jumping 
    dragons and crash into the right wall; jump out of the acid and get the 
    power bombs. Return to the previous screen, try not to get hit by the 
    acid. This time, dash out to the left and duck when you reach the tip. 
    While you're flashing, walk off the ledge to the left, and when you land 
    below, jump and immediately press left, crashing across the screen and 
    into a door. Open it, but do not enter. Go to the right and drop back 
    down to the ship, and do the R jump again to get to the top ledge. 
    Again, dash from the door to the tip of the ledge, power up, drop off, 
    and power jump to the left. You will go through the door and crash 
    through the next screen, making it to the energy tank with about 60 
    units of energy to spare. "
    - Daniel Church <dchurch@vchurch.erols.com>
    I received the following letter from a fellow FAQ author...
    "Hey Marshmallow, you've got an extremely kickass walkthrough. You've 
    put in so much effort man, you rock! You do have the best text-based 
    walkthrough on the net. And personally, your previous walkthrough wasn't 
    bad at all. Look at mine then....
    Also being a fellow Super Metroid walkthrough writer (you can find it at 
    GameFAQs), I've got a tip for you. When you've got the Varia Suit and 
    going into that green bubble maze [marsh's note: on your way to the 
    speed booster], you can get the Wave Beam without the Grappling Beam and 
    therefore save some more time. Get to that Wave Beam room (the long 
    shaft which goes upwards, I'm sure you'd know where it is), jump across 
    to get the missiles, and then jump as far as you can to the right. Yes, 
    you'll take some damage, but it's worth it. Use the Wall Jump to get up 
    to the ledge, and the Wave Beam is yours! Pretty early in the game, huh? 
    And to exit easily, fall into the middle of the spike row, it should 
    break and let you through.
    Hope that was a good tip! And keep up the great work."
    - Magus (shinra9@yahoo.com)
    That should DEFINITELY cut off some major time...
    I received the following e-mail from one of my readers...
    "For some reason no one else seems to have found this strategy except 
    me. It saves a TON of time (it eliminates the detour into Norfair just 
    to get the high-jump boots). 
    Try this: The first time you get to that looong vertical shaft in 
    Brinstar (the one with the Rippers above you guarding the passage to the 
    first cache of power bombs), use super missiles to completely destroy 
    the Rippers (you will probably need to Triangle Jump to get to the last 
    one) and then use the Triangle Jump to ascend the shaft to the Power 
    Bombs. It'll take at least two trips, one to destroy the ceiling (after 
    which you fall) and another to get up to the top and through before it 
    regenerates. It's not easy (I practiced my Triangle Jumping long and 
    hard before I could do it consistently), but it's very possible and if 
    you pull it off, you now have access to the first power bombs WAY WAY 
    before you're 'supposed' to get them--before you fight Kraid and before 
    you even get the high-jump boots! 
    I'm sure you can understand how much backtracking this eliminates and 
    time it saves. Initially you will waste more time than you save until 
    you know the process well enough to do it without falling, but since 
    you're already tearing through the game in record time I imagine you'll 
    learn it quickly. Please try it out and let me know how it works for 
    you. I think you'll want to add it to the walkthrough." 
    Dave Connoy
    Special Beam Attacks: There are four secret weapons in the game. Here's 
                          how to activate them. Make sure the power bomb 
                          icon is highlighted and that you have at least one 
                          of them. Equip the charge beam and ONE other beam. 
                          Charge the charge beam and the special attack will 
                          occur. Here's what you can get.
    Ice: You are protected by an ice shield, anything that touches it will 
         be damaged.
    Plasma: Four balls of plasma circle you and then blow away.
    Spazer: Large beams fire away from you like shrapnel.
    Wave: Four balls circle you and then blow away.
    Turbo Bomb Technique: If you have the morphing ball and some bombs try 
                          this out! Morph and then set bombs, when they blow 
                          up you will bounce a few feet up. If you time it 
                          just right you can make yourself go several 
                          hundred feet up. Using this technique you can get 
                          many items earlier than you're supposed to (the 
                          Power Bomb, for example).
    Five Bombs at Once: Charge up the charge beam and then morph into a 
                  ball, you will lay five bombs at once, spread out. This is 
                  useful for taking out lots of blocks at once. It would be 
                  cool if you could do this with power bombs :)
    Charge Attack: Charge up the charge beam and then do a spin jump, you 
                   will become a weapon. It's kinda like the Screw Attack, 
                   just not as powerful. Strong enemies can still hurt you, 
                   but weaker ones will be sliced to bits. Useful against 
    Grappling Energy: If you need some energy and weapons get in front of 
                      those pipe creatures and let them come out at you, 
                      grapple them with the grappling beam and they will be 
                      killed. You can also pick up the stuff they leave 
                      behind! Cool, huh?
    Ultra Jump: Power up the speed booster so you're running at full speed, 
                push down and then jump. You will rocket into the air until 
                you hit something! Although this uses energy, the longer air 
                time means more energy taken away. You can also jump 
                diagonally using R and L. This move is critical if you want 
                to finish the mission...or at least get 100% items. 
    Crystal Ball Flash: This is top secret! It will refill all of your 
                        energy tanks by meeting certain conditions. You MUST 
                        have 29 or fewer units of energy remaining, 10 or 
                        more missiles, 10 or more super missiles, and 11 or 
                        more power bombs. Select the power bomb, turn into a 
                        ball, and hold the L, R, and shot buttons down while 
                        press down on the pad. Useful if you can't find any 
                        energy stations.
    Better Endings: Finish the game in better time and you will see more and 
                    more of Samus...kinda like strip poker. Seriously 
                    though, it is. The best ending (under 3 hours I believe) 
                    lets you see Samus Aran in a bikini...whoohoo! 
    Better Endings II: It's pretty stupid, and it really doesn't give you a 
                       better ending, it's just a neat thing to do. When 
                       you're escaping from Zebes go to where you picked up 
                       the Bomb item, you'll find your buddies: The Etecoons 
                       and the Dachola. Shoot out the right wall and they 
                       can escape. If you haven't noticed, when the planet 
                       explodes in all of its mighty glory, you can just 
                       make out their ship escaping to the right of the 
                       screen. Not very much, but still.
    Bunch of kick ass glitches:
    Go to http://www.classicgaming.com/mdb/met3faq.htm#terms
    It's at the Metroid Database, the best metroid site on the net! 
    Description: Porcupine like creature
    Found in: Crateria/Norfair
    Notes: The basic creature, it walks around floors, walls, and ceilings. 
    KiHunter (pronounced KEY hunter)
    Description: Flying mantises
    Found in: All areas
    Notes: They will charge at you, shoot them a few times and they will 
    lose their wings. In this mode they will spit acid at you, try to 
    destroy them before they have time to take aim.
    Space Pirate
    Description: Humanoid Aliens with claws
    Found in: All Areas
    Notes: There are some many variations, it can not be described. Some 
    shoot lasers, others breathe fire. 
    Side Hopper
    Description: Huge monstrosities that hop side to side
    Found in: Brinstar/Tourain
    Notes: Their unpredictable movements make them dangerous prey, take 
    cover and shoot your most powerful weapons.
    Small Side Hopper
    Description: smaller version of the above
    Found in: Brinstar
    Notes: Just shoot
    Description: Moth like creatures that swoop down 
    Found in: Crateria/Brinstar
    Notes: Slowly move the screen until you see a small portion of their 
    body and then shoot!
    Description: Fly like creatures, only a few pixels wide
    Found in: Crateria
    Notes: Just dash by them, very easy to avoid but a pain if you get 
    Waver: Bird like monsters that bounce off walls and get in your face
    Found in: Crateria/Brinstar/Norfair
    Notes: They are hard to shoot because of their erratic patterns.
    Description: Green bee hives
    Found in: Crateria/Norfair
    Notes: Shoot them and then the stuff that comes out, takes a few sots, 
    Great way to get some ammo.
    Yapping Maw
    Description: Worms with big mouths
    Found in: Crateria/Brinstar/Norfair/Maridia
    Notes: If they get a hold of you they will suck your energy, freeze them 
    and move by.
    Description: Floating yellow balls
    Found in: Crateria/Brinstar/Norfair/Maridia
    Notes: Freeze them for steps
    Description: Bat like aliens with big red eyes, hang out on ceilings
    Found in: Crateria/Brinstar/Norfair
    Notes: Get close and they will dive bomb into the ground, shoot 
    diagonally and don't ask questions.
    Description: Skrees with metal plating
    Found in: Brinstar/Norfair
    Notes: These guys are too tough for normal beams, run past them.
    Description: Bees that come out of pipes
    Found in: Brinstar/Maridia
    Notes: Shoot them for lots of power ups
    Fire Flea
    Description: Hovering little lightbulbs
    Found in: Brinstar/Norfair
    Notes: If you shoot them the room will get darker, but if you let them 
    be they might hurt you. Freeze them and everything will be O.K.
    Description: Flying turtles, basically
    Found in: Crateria/Brinstar
    Notes: They fly back and fourth, back and fourth...freeze them for steps 
    in narrow shafts.
    Red Rocket Ripper
    Description: Ripper with rockets!
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Take them out with the screw attack
    Description: Walking cacti
    Found in: Brinstar/Maridia/Norfair
    Notes: Every few seconds they will shoot out a stream of spines.
    Description: Worms that cling to walls, resemble slugs
    Found in: Brinstar
    Notes: Who made this creature? They suck! Too easy.
    Description: Thin worms that bounce
    Found in: Norfair/Maridia/Wrecked Ship
    Notes: A pain if you're low on energy, shoot from afar.
    Description: Flying fire balls
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Norfair's version of the mella
    Description: Exotic looking dragons that hop out of the ground
    Found in: Crateria/Norfair
    Notes: Shoot the second you see them, they shoot well aimed fireballs
    Description: Basically a crab
    Found in: Crateria/Maridia
    Notes: They're slow, shouldn't be a problem.
    Description: Very thin creatures that sway back and fourth
    Found in: Crateria/Maridia
    Notes: Not much to say except stand back and blast
    Description: Squids with a single green eye
    Found in: Crateria/Brinstar
    Notes: A pain in the neck, among other places. They appear when least 
    expected, they can jump several yards and will suck your energy before 
    you even know what's happening. Shoot them as quick as possible!
    Description: Little green bugs that crawl on ceilings and walls
    Found in: Brinstar
    Notes: Brinstar's version of the Geemer
    Description: Bugs with wings
    Found in: Brinstar
    Notes: They come out of their pipes and attack, good for replenishing 
    energy and weaponry.
    Description: Large bettles that fly
    Found in: Brinstar
    Notes: Read above
    Description: Huge red insects
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Read above
    Description: Guess!
    Found in: Brinstar, right before Kraid
    Notes: He may be smaller and weaker than the real Kraid, but his 
    projectiles have more range. Charge with missiles 'a blazin. 
    Description: Balls that bounce off walls
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Not much to say except watch out
    Description: Monsters with pincers that fly in circular patterns
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Be careful, they have a tendency to charge
    Description: Horse fish shaped dragons, live in Magma
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: They will surface and shoot three fireballs
    Description:  Magma with green eyes
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: They will launch themselves at you according to where you are, 
    Description: Blue Multiviola, they are like Geemers
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Like I said, like Geemers. According to Nintendo, they are larva 
    of Multiviolas.
    Descriptions: Skulls in the wall
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: They spit fast blue fireballs, find a way past them.
    Descriptions: Mouths that come out of the wall
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: See above
    Descriptions: Norfair's version of the Sidehopper
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Very powerful, shoot lots 'o missiles or use the Screw Attack
    Descriptions: Certainly not what it name implies, a green ball with 
    holes in it
    Found in: Wrecked Ship/Maridia
    Notes: Charges without warning, shoot a lot
    Description: Purple fish
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: They swim back and fourth, back and fourth...zzzz.
    Description: Small animals with a single eye
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: They are like Mellows, small. They will charge in swarms and will 
    knock you off platforms, very annoying.
    Description: Large balloon type enemies 
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: Use them for grapple blocks.
    Description: A huge turtle like baddie.
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: It tries to slam into you, only one exists
    Tatori, Jr.
    Description: Really small Tatoris
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: They are just for decoration, really.
    Descriptions: Snails
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: They make up for their size in stealth, they will come out of no 
    where and charge. They also like to drop in from high places.
    Description: Purple...things, they hover. 
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: They are one of the most powerful creatures in the game, too bad 
    they aren't very dangerous.
    Description: They hop out of the magma
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Ignore 
    Description: Red fireball enemies that cling to walls and ceilings
    Found in: Norfair
    Notes: Basically Norfair's version of the Geemer.
    Description: Skull ghosts that disappear and reappear
    Found in: Wrecked Ship
    Notes: Move around so they don't appear on top of you. They are the 
    ghosts of the lost crewmembers.
    Work Robot
    Description: Robots silly!
    Found in: Wrecked Ship
    Notes: Until power is restored they are motionless, when turned on they 
    will slowly walk. Some even fire lasers when given the chance.
    Description: Purple things that rise from their nests
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: Like all of those other pipe creatures
    Description: They remind me of Spiny Guys in Mario 3 and Super Mario 
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: They pop out of the sand to interrupt your path
    Description: Large shrimp like balls, very interesting to just look at
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: They block your path, be careful, get too close and they will 
    Description: Large spiny creatures, similar to Draygon 
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: They will sink into the mud while firing shots at you, can be a 
    pain while trying to get across a room.
    Description: Look like small Metroids.
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: The Space Pirates first attempt at cloning Metroids. A good first 
    attempt, but needs improving. Kinda weak.
    Description: Red rings of fire 
    Found in: Tourain
    Notes: Freeze one and they will stop coming out to get you until it's 
    Description: Jellyfish like creatures, cool looking
    Found in: Tourain
    Notes: The only way to kill them is to freeze them and then blast them 
    with five missiles or one super missile. Another way is to lay a lot of 
    power bombs, that's what you should do if they get on you, too. 
    Description: A huge metal, undulating machine. Similar to a Sidehopper.
    Found in: Maridia
    Notes: It won't hurt you, it'll dig a path in the sand for you.
    Description: Little furry green rabbits
    Found in: Brinstar
    Notes: The trio will teach you the wall jump
    Description: Ostrich bird, green too
    Found in: Brinstar
    Notes: The friendly bird will teach you the ultra jump.
    Eye Door
    Description: Where the door should be is a giant eyeball.
    Found in: All areas, except Crateria
    Notes: This is the door right before a boss, shoot three missiles into 
    the eye for it to open. It shoots energy balls at you, hard to avoid.
    Nintendo: Not only did they make the game, they made the official 
    player's guide. A friend gave it to me a few years ago and I'm using it 
    for this guide as well, just the info though.
    Dave Connoy <connoy@mailcity.com>: Sent in the massive time saving 
    strategy found at the start of chapter seven. Thanks a lot!
    Magus <shinra9@yahoo.com>: Sent in the massive time saving (number II) 
    strategy found at the start of chapter seven. It explains how to collect 
    the Wave Beam before the Speed Booster or Grappling Beams, effectively 
    shaving off a few minutes. How I missed it...I don't know :)
    Daniel Church <dchurch@vchurch.erols.com>: For yet ANOTHER massive time 
    saving trick. 
    Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
    any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
    condemnation, or death threats at: marshmallow@nintendomail.com. I still 
    accept mail sent to m_mallow@hotmail.com, but I don't check it as 
    regularly as my primary, Nintendonext account.
    Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
    daily basis. 
    I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
    immediately. Who knows...you may get an answer hours after sending it, 
    or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
    questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
    <prepare for a shocker> do have a real life outside the Internet. 
    School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
    the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  
    If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
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    Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
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    comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
    question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
    support. As for your problem..." 
    I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
    that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
    acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
    they're always good for laughs.
    Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
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    finally, I will *not* make out with you!  
    I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
    questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for a T rated 
    game with copious amounts of blood and violence, I assume you will not 
    be offended by a little sexual innuendo. 
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