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    Speed Guide by Chzn8r

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/06/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Complete Speed Guide for Super Metroid
    Version 1.0
    Copyright © 2003 Aaron Ringgenberg
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    To ask for permission to use this guide, to give a suggestion, or
    if you have any comments in general, email me at chzn8r@hotmail.com.
    -My brother Jon for introducing me to Super Metroid at least 5
    years ago, and showing me many tricks.
    -Han of Metroid Speed Runs. His site helped me find everything I
    never knew about.
    -The people of the GameFAQs forum for helping me make this the
    way it needed to be done.
    -Nintendo for creating such a great game!
    Table of Contents
       I. About
      II. Intro
     III. Crateria
      IV. Brinstar
       V. Kraid (Brinstar cont.)
      VI. Norfair (pre-Crocmire)
     VII. Norfair (Crocmire+)
    VIII. Going to Wrecked Ship
      IX. Wrecked Ship
       X. Scavenger Hunt
      XI. Maridia, part 1
     XII. Maridia, Part 2
    XIII. Ridley's Norfair (pre-Ridley)
     XIV. Norfair (Ridley+)
      XV. Back to the Ship
     XVI. To Tourian
    XVII. Tourian and Ending
    XVIII. Weapons & Items
      IXX. Moves (Tricks)
       XX. Bosses
      XXI. Version History
     I. About
    In this guide, you will learn how to beat Super Metroid in under 1.5 hours,
    how to collect every item in the game, and how to defeat all enemies and
    bosses you will encounter. The small reward, though not a very good one,
    is seeing a 16-bit Samus in a 1 piece bikini when you beat the game. I
    don't think that makes it worth it. Beating Super Metroid this quickly
    is just for fun and pride.
    Also, in order to follow this guide, you will need to be able to wall
    jump and super jump (in any direction). Practice those moves. Also,
    during this guide, you'll be tempted to sidetrack and explore. If you
    already know the game, that should not be necessary. If you are worried
    about being too weak because something was skipped early on that you
    could've gotten, don't sweat. A few missle packs won't make much of
    a difference. They will be gotten when the time is ripe, so very few
    trips have to be made to any specific area.
     II. Intro
    After Samus speaks about what she's done up to this point, you are taken
    to a space station. It is very small, consisting of only 6 rooms. Make
    your way to the last. There is a canister with a metroid inside. Ridley
    will appear, but you cannot harm him. He will only go away if you get
    damaged down to 30 or less health. Try to get hit by his tail a lot, it
    does the most damage. Once he leaves, you're given a minute to get back
    out of the station. Hurry out and get back to your ship. You should make
    it back in about 30 seconds.
     III. Crateria
    Your ship will come down on the surface of the planet Zebes. It is dark,
    wet, and lonely. Head left and into the next room. Continue left until
    you can go down. Go all the way down, and through the long vertical
    shaft afterwards. Continue to your right, and take the elevator down. If
    you have ever played Metroid on the NES, you will notice that this is the
    place where you started in that game. Anyways, go to the left and collect
    the MORPH BALL. This allows Samus to crunch down into a tiny, mobile
    Go to your right and into the next room. Shoot the floor beneath you and
    go downward. and collect the MISSLE package in the next room. Do not go
    to your right when you come back out. Head back to the elevator and make
    your way back towards your ship. There will be enemies in your way, now.
    When you are almost back to your ship, don't go out into the large open
    area. Roll into a ball and go underneath the platform shortly before
    there. Head down, and to the right. Use missles to open the door, and
    go in for BOMBS. Once you have them, the door locks. You must fight the
    STATUE you took them from. It should not take you longer that about 15
    seconds. Just stand in the middle of the room as often as you can, and
    shoot aiming diagonally up.
    After beating it, go up and too the left. Use bombs to open a hole in
    the wall, and go left. Continue left and get the energy tank. Go left
    and down, then left again, until you reach an elevator. Hopefully you
    still have 5 missles, and if not, full health.
     IV. Brinstar
    Once the elevator get's down, drop to the bottom of this corridor. Use
    your 5 missles and open the door to the right. Make your way through the
    horizontal tunnel and out into a large room. Go up as far as you can and
    go to the right. You should end up in a boss room. You're going to fight
    the SPORE SPAWN. While it waves around, wait in ball form on the very left
    or right. When it opens it's mouth, shoot missles in there (usually 1 but
    try for 2). If you need refills, shoot the spores that fall down. After
    a few hits his movement quickens. Just keep this up until he dies.
    Continue up and go through the door. Go right and drop down through the
    fake floor. Grab the SUPER MISSLES, and go left. Continue left. Once you
    get to the room with the tunnel in the wall, use a super missle to open
    a hole and crawl through to the other side. Go downwards and grab the
    MISSLES on the left wall. Then, before going through the squeeze to
    leave the room at the bottom, bomb the odd blocks and go down to get
    CHARGE BEAM. Now, go right into the long green room. The 3rd pipe you
    see will be fake. Wall jump up and crawl through it for some MISSLES.
    Continue right and into a room with a long path above the floor. Shoot
    the poofy spikey thing to help refill your super missles. Then, get
    up on the path and dash across so you don't fall through. Shoot another
    poofy thing before leaving the room.
    Go downward a bit, then shoot the floor when you see an orange door. Go
    farther downward and to the right. Keep going until a room with pincers
    under water and a poofy thing on a platform. Shoot the ceiling above
    the door and walljump up. Go through the tunnel to SPAZER BEAM. Get
    back down and go right until you get to an elevator. Don't go down it.
    Use super missles on the wall to the right so that you can cleanly run
    through it. Walk back towards the door, then hold dash and jump to the
    right to get to the door in the big mouth.
     V. Kraid (Brinstar cont.)
    This is Kraid's area. Enter.
    Go down, right, and up, into a room with flying ugly things. Shoot them
    down, then shoot a spot in the middle of the floor where it looks weak.
    Go down through that and keep going right, right, right, until you get
    to a room where boss music starts. You're about to fight KRAID. He takes
    4 super missles to kill. Shoot his head with regularly shots and then
    hit him with a super missle in the head when he roars. It's the same
    process after he makes the room grow. This shouldn't take long, and
    if you're having trouble, shoot the floating claws to get refills.
    When you're done, go to the right and get the VARIA SUIT. Head back out
    the way you came, but before leaving Kraid's area, go in the door below
    the entrance. Shoot the ceiling for an ENERGy TANK. Go back out to the
    elevator and go down.
     VI. Norfair (Pre-Crocmire)
    Drop to the bottom of this vertical hallway and take the door to the
    left. Go in, grab the energy tank, and try to kill the enemy before it
    gets out of reach of the top. Then open the door you came through so you
    won't have to kill the enemy again when you come back in. Anyways, drop
    down and go left, get the HIGH JUMP BOOTS, and come back out. Go up and get the
    MISSLES and get out. In the first room, take the top door on the right.
    Go through the first room. In the second, in the third pit in the room,
    get the MISSLES submerged in lava. Roll into a ball and get it, then
    continue right. Get through the room where the lava rises, and you'll
    into a cavern composed of mostly green bubbles. Go up and save in the
    room to the left.
    **FIRST SAVE- GOAL TIME: 0:15**
    Missles: 25
    Super Missles: 5
    Energy Tanks: 3
    As you are coming back out, jump off the ledge outside to the door and
    go as far right as you can, and wall jump up and over the puffy spike-
    shooting thing. Go through the green door, shoot the ceiling, and enter
    the room up and to the right. You have to dash through this tunnel because
    the floor will break beneath you. Before going through the door at the
    end, shoot the ceiling, and you should see some MISSLES. Get it, go
    in the door, and get the Speed Booster. Now, lava starts to rise.
    Dash all the way back up to the far left of the corridor before it comes
    up and boils you. Go back out to the bubble room and go down to the door
    below the one you just came through. Go down and into the first door on
    the right that you see. Hop across the robot platforms, open the gate,
    and get the MISSLES. Run-jump off that platform and wall jump up off the
    far wall and go into the room with WAVE BEAM. Go back out and drop into
    the middle of the spike pit. Leave the room and make your way back to
    the bubble room.
    Go to the lower-right corner and collect the MISSLES
    down there. Then go to the center of the room and shoot the floor
    between two small pillars, and go through a few little tunnels until
    you see a door to your left and beneath you. Go left, then go down
    and left through the gate in the next room. Go down some more, and left
    some more. You will wind up in a room with a green door in the floor.
    If you feel you need to save, there is a room above you to the right.
    If not, go down and prepare for CROCOMIRE.
     VII. Norfair (Crocmire+)
    Crocmire is one of the simpler of the space pirates you have to fight.
    He does not take visible damage, but is not very aggressive either. To
    take care of him, shoot him in the head with something (preferably Charge
    Beam) when his mouth is open. He will keep moving backwards. Eventually
    you knock him back into boiling lava. Fun :). As he burns, use your time
    wisely and jump through the lava to get the ENERGY TANK at the other side.
    Come back and go to the spiked wall at the left. Wait until the boss
    music comes on again, and you will see the wall fly at you and Crocmire's
    skeleton will come crashing down on you. Weird. Anyways, open the door to
    your left. Charge up for a super jump on the long walkway and do one
    through the door to the left. You'll hit a red door in the next room. In
    here is your first pack of POWER BOMBS. Now go through the door in the
    floor of the large room and drop down to the bottom of the pipe you enter.
    Go through the door downwards. Use a Power Bomb when you come in. Go to
    your right, and run back left and hold you charge before you jump left.
    Spin jump a tad into the air to the left and jump up for some MISSLES.
    Come back down, and this time do a long spin jump to the left to get
    the GRAPPLING BEAM. Come back the way you came and get back into the pipe.
    Take the only door on the right. Charge up as you go along the wavy floor
    and stop your charge before the crawl space. Roll through and do a super
    jump right. Collect the MISSLES. Charge for another super jump as you head
    back into the pipe. Jump straight up off the ledge outside the door and
    hold left after you drop from the ceiling above. Get back to Crocmire's
    room, go up, up some more (optional save spot), and left. Grapple along the
    ceiling for some MISSLES at your left and continue to the main corridor
    of Norfair. Go through the green door at the top left. Charge for a super
    jump as you go under the gates, and speed jump left through the door.
    Go through the crawl space in the wall to the right and get ICE BEAM. Go
    up, right, back down, and back right and exit Norfair. Work yourself back
    to the brown/orange vertical corridor in Brinstar with the floating enemies.
    Use Ice Beam to turn them into platforms. Go all the way up until you can
    take a door to your right. Continue right and then go down through the
    floor in the next vertical room. Get the POWER BOMBS, and then power bomb
    the wall for some missles behind the statue. Come back out, and go up to
    the Save Point.
    **SECOND SAVE- GOAL TIME: 0:25**
    Missles: 60
    Super Missles: 5
    Power Bombs: 10
    Energy Tanks: 4
     VIII. Going to the Wrecked Ship
    Go a bit up and into the door to the left. Right away, roll into a ball
    and draw all 3 enemies all the way to the left of the room. Lay a power
    bomb, and that will not only kill them, but it will also open up a hole
    in the floor. Get the POWER BOMBS and go out and up the elevator. When
    you are in the small room with the 2 flying things, kill them both. Use
    a super bomb on the door on the right. Go back to the left, and then run
    right to charge for a super jump. Hop up by the door and super jump right.
    You will shoulder-tackle some MISSLES. Go through the door, and using
    the grappling hook and very careful jumping, go all the way right and into
    the Wrecked Ship. Immediately go down. On the bottom left of the largest
    wall you see, bomb the floor. Go in and collect some MISSLES. Come back
    out and go down to the grey door. Shoot the floor and continue down, use
    a super missle on the green door in the floor. Bomb the floor on your
    right and head into the boss room where PHANTOON awaits.
     IX. Wrecked Ship
    Phantoon is one of the harder bosses in this game, just because you don't
    have many tanks when you are fighting him, and anything that hits you
    in this room does 20 damage. I think the best way to beat him is using
    the charge beam. Wait around and shoot blue things until he becomes solid.
    Shoot him with a charge shot, and he will fly around. You should hit him
    2-3 times every time he's flying around solid. His pattern will repeat,
    all you have to do is stay alive. There is another way to beat him, using
    super missles. It takes about 5, but you only get to hit on rare occasions,
    and he spends a lot of time doing a really annoying attack.
    After victory, get back out into the main area. Go to the spot where you
    shot the floor by a grey door. Enter it, and get some SUPER MISSLES. On
    the other side of the hall, bomb the floor and go in for another pack
    of SUPER MISSLES in a secret room on the right.
    Continue up the vertical corridor and take the newly open door on the right.
    After 2 rooms, the second with perilous spikes and much water, you come
    to a vertical room. Shoot ceilings and get to the door at the upper left.
    Use a combination of the grappling beam and some jumping skills to get
    the ENERGY TANK at left. Make your way back to the main area of the ship
    and save at the newly powered save point right by the entrance.
    **THIRD SAVE- GOAL TIME: 0:30**
    Missles: 70
    Super Missles: 15
    Power Bombs: 15
    Energy Tanks: 5
    Get up to the room at the top, and kill all the enemies. Open the door
    at the left but don't go through. Go in the door to the right, get the
    MISSLES, and come back left. When you're outside, speed up on the ground
    for a super jump. Use it to the immediate right of the 3rd platform from
    the left. When you hit the ceiling, hold left and shoot. You should grab
    the MISSLES stuck in the rock. Come down and shoot a super missle
    between the two patches of grass near the left wall. Get the MISSLES, and
    come back out exactly how you came in; otherwise, you'll fall down and
    have to go through the ship again.
    Now, shoot the floor and the point
    where you see the crawl space farthest right. Roll in there, go through
    the small room and across the bridge, and into a room of spikes with
    grapple holds on the ceiling. Grapple right and sit in the statues hand
    in ball form. He will carry you down. Before going left, bomb the floor.
    Crawl right and then shoot away some stuff, and you'll find some robots.
    Move them out of the way, and get the MISSLES. Power bomb the statue and
    dash to the right, and speed jump by the right wall. Get the RESERVE TANK
    and make your way to the door at the left. Get the GRAVITY SUIT, and go
    left again. You pop out of the Wrecked Ship. Go into the water and at
    the very left, shoot the wall near the floor. Roll through for some MISSLES.
    Get out of the water, and make your way left, left, left, and left some
    more until you can save and recharge at your ship.
    **FOURTH SAVE- GOAL TIME: 0:35**
    Missles: 95
    Super Missles: 15
    Power Bombs: 15
    Energy Tanks: 5
    Reserve Tanks: 1
     X. Scavenger Hunt
    Make your way to the farthest left elevator of to Brinstar. Once you
    go down it, take the first door to the right. Jump up on the walkway
    and dash across. Go through the door, get the RESERVE TANK, and roll
    under the statue for some MISSLES, and some more buried in the right
    Exit the room, shoot the ceiling, and go up. Get the SUPER MISSLES, come
    back down, and get the MISSLES under the walkway. Get out and down to
    the bottom of the main corridor. Power bomb the floor and take the door
    at the bottom left. When you in a small grey tunnel, there is an energy
    tank to get, but watch out. There's a 1 way pit you can fall through,
    which is 3 squares wide and lies just 2 squares from the ENERGY TANK.
    The best way to get over it is to just run, jump, and clear it, so you
    won't have the danger of inching over the edge. Now, get the tank and
    the SUPER MISSLES in the next room, then go down the pit. Make your way
    right until you're in a vertical tunnel with funny creatures (eticoons).
    Wall jump up to the top and get the POWER BOMBS through the hole in the
    wall. Go left to get back out, and make your way to the very large cavern.
    In here, go to the right and take the first door down on your right.
    It should be orange. Go in, shoot the enemies, go through the gate above,
    and then through the door for an ENERGY TANK. Come back out, go up a bit,
    and grapple to the right for some MISSLES. Lay a power bomb, and go
    through the fake left wall. Shoot a super missle at the odd spot in the
    floor and collect the POWER BOMBS. Get out of this room and go down into
    the room where you got charge beam. Power bomb the floor, go down, and
    dash through the watery room to get another ENERGY TANK. Get up and back
    out. Now, make a long trek right/down to just past the room where you
    got spazer beam. Roll into a ball in the glass tube/tunnel, lay a power
    bomb, and watch the glass shatter. Drop down and save in the room below.
    **FIFTH SAVE- GOAL TIME: 0:45**
    Missles: 115
    Super Missles: 25
    Power Bombs: 25
    Energy Tanks: 8
    Reserve Tanks: 2
     XI. Maridia, part 1
    Go up through the door, and then immediately right. Open the gate, and
    kill all the enemies in the room (grapple beam is most effective). Open
    the door you came through, run to right and then dash back left, charging
    for a super jump. Make sure to stop your charge right before leaving the
    room or be pressing down as you're going through the door. Walk over to
    the patch of grass on the floor a bit to the right of the orange enemy,
    and jump. You'll fly up to some MISSLES. Make your way to a door on
    the right side of this room in about the middle. In this room, wall
    jump over the first wall, and go through an invisible path at the bottom
    of the pit you're in. Go into the large room with the turtle. Wake it
    up, and ride on its back. Jump off when its at its peak, and grapple
    onto the block with the ENERGY TANK on it. Swing yourself up and get it.
    Then go over and shoot the funny spot about the middle of the right wall
    and get the MISSLES. Get back out of this room, and go through the
    left door in the ceiling. Along the left wall as you enter, you'll see
    an orange enemy crawling along, then it'll go through an invisible tunnel
    in the wall. Roll into a ball and also go through this to receive some
    SUPER MISSLES. Roll back out, and stand on top of the door in the floor.
    Dash right, and do a diagonal up-right super jump to get to the upper
    right door in this room. Run towards the right through a fake wall and
    collect a pack of MISSLES. Make your way up and then left, and go through
    the fake wall in the next room. Go up, left, and then door through the
    secret floor in the next room for some SUPER MISSLES and MISSLES. Get
    out of the brown room and this time go downwards in the pink room, and
    go right through the green door. Power bomb the floor when you get in,
    and then dash to the right. Use a super jump upwards at the farthest
    right path up, and grab the MISSLES. Be careful as you go right for some
    more SUPER MISSLES. Now, get the top-left door in this room.
    After you get past the room with all the weak walls where little metroid
    resembling things float around, you will enter a mini-boss room. This
    sea-serpent is known as BOWTOON, but that's not important. Just turn on
    your super missles and shoot his head as often as possible. That was easy.
     XII. Maridia, part 2
    Continue to your right, and speed dash through the next room. Hold your
    charge and walk out the door. Super jump up to the door on the right.
    In this room, you'll have to use the grappling beam and wall jumping a
    lot. Make it to the right side, go through the top door and refill.
    **SIXTH SAVE- GOAL TIME: 0:50**
    Missles: 140
    Super Missles: 40
    Power Bombs: 25
    Energy Tanks: 9
    Reserve Tanks: 2
    Drop down and go in the lower door. Go over to the right wall and get
    the MISSLES. Then go back by the door and drop through the floor.
    Enter the boss room.
    Shoot down all the wall guns. Then, wait for the boss to come swooping
    in. Let him grab you, and equip your grapple beam. As he carries you
    closer and closer to the wall, try to hook your beam into one of the
    broken guns. If you get it, hold it and wait a few seconds. You lose
    about 200 health, but DRAYGON dies super fast. Get SPACE JUMP and
    head back towards where you fought Botwoon but not quite there. Get
    the ENERGY TANK in the long room, and then drop down through the sand.
    Go left and into the familiar room with the pipe in the background. Go
    down to the right side of the floor and shoot the weak spot. Go under
    the floor and drop down through the first sand pit. Grab the MISSLES
    and POWER BOMBS in this room, and drop through the sand. When you get
    down, go right. Grapple the weak block in the ceiling, and it will
    disappear. Jump up through and all the way to the top. Come back down
    on the other side and go through the door at right. Use a power bomb
    in this next room to clear the pink wall, and don't kill the enemy.
    Let him destroy the rock. When it's all cleared, get SPRING BALL in
    the next room, and get back out to the room where you dropped into
    from the sand. Go left and into a small hall. Super bomb the room
    and holes will appear in the ceiling. Go up and through the pipe. It
    will take you up to the top part of Maridia. Go up and around, into
    the flashing door, up, right, and into a big room with a bunch of
    pink space pirates. At the bottom right is PLASMA BEAM. Get it and
    kill every enemy in the room. Get back out to the large room at the
    top of the pipe. Go to the very bottom of this room and through the
    door to the right.
    Continue right for a ways and you end up back near where Draygon was.
    Again, go down into the room where the energy tank was, and drop through
    the sand. Get down under the floor of the room with the pipe in the
    background, and this time go through the second sand pit (on the left).
    Get the RESERVE TANK and MISSLES, drop through the sand, go left, down,
    left, and down again, and you're out of Maridia!
     XIII. Ridley's Norfair (pre-Ridley)
    Head right but don't go down the elevator to Norfair.
    Quickly head into Kraid's lair, and go to the room with the ugly
    flying things. Power bomb the right wall and spring ball in for some
    MISSLES. Now get back out and go down the elevator into Nofair.
    Take the room to the left, but don't go towards Ice Beam. Power bomb
    the floor towards the left and go down and right. Get the MISSLES
    hidden in the top left wall of the red vertical corridor. Drop down
    and go right. Super dash all the way until you've broken through all
    the rock. Hold your charge. Open the door at right, and super jump
    through it. Go right through the grappling room with no floor, then
    drop down in the vertical corridor. Power bomb the door, and go under
    the lava in the next room. Enter through the statue of Ridley's head.
    Missles: 165
    Super Missles: 40
    Power Bombs: 30
    Energy Tanks: 10
    Reserve Tanks: 3
    Go down the elevator. Go left through the door. Use a power bomb to
    reveal the Chozo statue on the other side. Roll into his hand. When
    the lava goes down, drop through the hole in the floor and use a
    power bomb. Go right. Be careful getting the next MISSLES you see,
    because the floor will break. Use spring ball to get them safely.
    Go down and prepare to fight the GOLDEN TORIZO STATUE. Just keep
    using charged plasma shots, nothing else. When he is defeated, get
    Screw Attack from the next room. Come back in, and go up for some
    SUPER MISSLES. Go back right, up, right through the room with the
    gate, right some more, right through a rising lava room, up past
    a bunch of heads and pirates, and then shoot the ceiling and take
    the door in the upper left. Shoot the floor, then go all the way
    to the left wall and bomb the floor. Go immediately left for some
    Roll back out and make sure not to roll past the second
    block. Get up and out and then take the door to the right in the
    next room. Get to the door in the upper right of this huge rising
    lava room, using space jump most likely. Shoot the floor and go
    down, saving at a save spot on your right (optional). Continue
    down, bomb the floor, crawl a bit, bomb the door, go through and
    then left. At the very left of this hall, lay a power bomb.
    Go to the secret at left and get a pack of POWER BOMBS, then go
    through the hole where you blue up a statue. Go down and through
    the green door. You'll have to fight some strong pirates (mantises),
    but they aren't too hard. Just wait for them to turn yellow and
    blast away with regular shots. When done, go left through 2 rooms
    to the boss room where you will fight RIDLEY.
     XIV: Norfair (Ridley+)
    Immediately when you get in, lay a power bomb. Even as you see
    Ridley appear, lay 2 more. This helps weaken her. Use up your
    super missles on her first, and if those run out, switch to
    regular missles. You will either kill her by shooting her, or
    rarely, she will grab you and self-destruct. Either way, it
    feels good with her dead. Get the ENERGY TANK under the door
    in the next room, and then backtrack all the way to the save
    point a little ways back.
    **EIGHTH SAVE- GOAL TIME: 1:05-1:10**
    Missles: 175
    Super Missles: 45
    Power Bombs: 35
    Energy Tanks: 13
    Reserve Tanks: 3
    Go up and take the door to the right. Shoot the first head
    you see with a super missle, and go through him. Collect the
    ENERGY TANK below, then get up and to the top of this room
    where you see a door on the right. Go left through the fake
    wall and take that door. Go left, up, and right to some
    MISSLES. Bomb the wall by the ceiling and go through, then
    ball jump up to the ceiling again and keep hold right and
    jump. Go down through the door to some POWER BOMBS.
    Head left again, this time going up and left. Go under the
    crawl space in the next room, and bomb the spot 3 squares
    from the right on the first platform you see. Collect the
    MISSLES and get out, go up through the ceiling, and left through
    a room with no enemies. You will pop out in plain old Norfair
    in a familiar place. Go left to the bubble room and through
    the only green door (top left). Get the MISSLES, then shoot
    the upper wall and go through to another door. Get the
    RESERVE TANK in this room, and also the MISSLES hidden in
    the farthest-left rock. Get back out to the bubble room
    and save.
    **NINTH SAVE- GOAL TIME: 1:10- 1:12**
     XV. Back to the Ship
    Outside the save room, drop down and use a power bomb. Go
    through the floor, left, left, left, past a save room and
    into the Norfair entrance hall. Go back into Brinstar and
    get to where there's an orange door that you've passed by
    about 3 times now (in the middle of the brown vertical
    shaft). Go through in and space jump across to the room
    with the X-RAY SCOPE. Come back out, and take the door
    up and to the left. When you are near the top/left of the
    room, turn back right and go through the orange door. Bomb
    the floor at the first wall you see and get some POWER BOMBS.
    Power bomb the second wall you see, and you're all of the
    sudden by where morph ball was. Continue right and through
    the red door you didn't take at the beginning of the game.
    Get the ENERGY TANK stuck in the ceiling, and grab the
    MISSLES at the far right. Power bomb the big fat chunk of
    rock. Run back left, then dash to the right and super jump
    up through the middle of the spot you just bombed.
    Take the door to the left, go across the invisible platform,
    and get two sets of MISSLES in the next room. Now leave
    and get to the elevator up to Crateria. In the first
    room left, power bomb near the left door. Go down for
    some more MISSLES. In the adjacent tunnel, bomb the wall right
    by the first platform down on the right side. Go in, freeze
    the enemies in the floor, dash across them, and super jump
    up to your last Super Missles. Grapple or jump left and get
    out of the pipe. Take the first door you see to the left,
    and go in for some MISSLES. Come back out and save at the
    **TENTH SAVE- GOAL TIME: 1:15**
    Missles: 220
    Super Missles: 50
    Power Bombs: 45
    Energy Tanks: 13
    Reserve Tanks: 4
     XVI. To Tourian
    Dash a bit to the left of the ship, then charge up and speed
    jump diagonal up-right. Open the door with a power bomb, then
    walk to the edge of the ledge. Run towards the door and press
    down as you're going through. This should hold your charge.
    Speed jump to the right and shoulder tackle some POWER BOMS.
    Then, go back outside, charge, and dash off the ledge. Roll into
    a ball while soaring through the air. If done right, you will be
    a flying blue ball, and you'll crash through the wall at the
    left. Open the door, then space jump back to the door at right.
    Charge up again for a jump, but this time hold it at the edge
    of the platform. Drop down to the platform right below, and
    speed jump left. This will take you through the left door and
    all through the next room to another door. Get the ENERGY TANK
    and lay a power bomb. Crawl under and through. Go all the way
    left to a door. Go through and shoot away the blocks.
    Use ball jumping to test where the middle of the hole is, so you
    can destroy both sides of the disappearing blocks at the same
    time. Before going all the way down, get the MISSLES to the left
    and right, being very careful. Continue down and take the door
    to the right. At the end of this hall is the door to Tourian.
    Wait for the statues to go gray, then go down the elevator. Save
    in the room to the right.
    **FINAL SAVE- GOAL TIME: 1:20**
    Missles: 230
    Super Missles: 50
    Power Bombs: 50
    Energy Tanks: 14
    Reserve Tanks: 4
     XVII. Tourian and Ending
    In the next 4 rooms you will fight metroids. Just freeze them and
    hit them with 5 missles or a super missle. If they catch you, use
    bombs or power bombs to get them off. 3 power bombs will kill them.
    Once you're past all the metroids you get to a couple tannish/brown
    rooms. In the 3rd one you go into, a little enemy appears, and then
    A GIANT METROID! AHHH! He sucks the life out of the enemy, and now
    it's your turn. But, he'll leave you with one health when he
    realizes that you're the person who rescued him on SR388.
    Go left and down to the energy/missle recharge at left. Head right
    and down. Save if you want, but you can't go back if you save here.
    Go left and into a room with lots of guns, flying cheerios, and lava.
    Destroy the barriers with missles. Then, start blasting MOTHER BRAIN
    with more missles. Once you hit enough, the brain falls down. Then
    her full body comes up. Uh-Oh! Well not really. Just start pumping
    super missles to the head. When those run out, use missles. Once she
    is damaged enough, she starts using a rainbow beam on you which does
    300 damage. If you want the battle over quicker, make sure to get
    hit by all of the blue lasers and red blasts she shoots out.
    That way she'll spend less time with the rainbow beam. When she is
    about to finish you off, the big Metroid comes in and sucks her brains
    out and restores your energy. Then Mother Brain kills it, and you
    get your own rainbow beam. You can't loose this battle now unless
    you're someone's parent **haha**. When she's dead, you have 3 whole
    minutes to escape off of Zebes. It actually only takes a minute to
    a minute and a half to do.
    You start off going left, down, and right. In your first large room,
    take the path that's the first one up off the ground. You'll go
    around a bit and end up at a door right. In the next room, which is
    very large, you start by going all the way up to the top. As you're
    running along the top, shoot aiming down to pre-open the door at the
    right. Then drop down to your left and come back up on the other
    side. When you are close to the door start dashing. Blast through
    any pirates in the way. You will get to a familiar corridor in
    Crateria. Hold your charge, and super jump right up the left wall.
    Hurry now and get back to your ship!
    Now you'll get away from the planet. It should give you your time.
    Hopefully you got 1:30, which was the target for this guide. After
    the credits roll, you should get a 100% message if you did it right.
    Congratulations! See you next mission!
     XVIII. Weapons & Items
     Morph Ball:
    This is a basic and essential tool for Samus. It allows her to roll
    into a ball one block long and wide, easily fitting here into small
    crawl spaces. It is found left of the bottom of the elevator that
    connects blue Brinstar with metallic Crateria.
    These weapons are another basic, necessary item for Samus. They allow
    her to destroy certain enemies, break open red doors, and are used
    often against bosses. There are 46 packs of 5 scattered throughout
    Zebes. The first pack is in a room in blue Brinstar.
    The bombs are another returning feature at Samus's disposal. Once you
    obtain this item, you can use unlimited bombs while rolled into a
    ball. It is helpful for breaking open many cracked walls/floors, and
    can be used against certain enemies. They are found in the room in
    Brinstar where you fight the Torizo Statue.
     Energy Tanks:
    If you plan on serviving more than a few hits in this game, you are
    going to need energy tanks. They increase your maximum HP by 100 each.
    Try to collect every energy tank possible. When you first obtain one,
    it refills all of your health, so getting these right after bosses is
    always smart. There are 14 scattered throughout Zebes. You find your
    first in a long slanted room in Brinstar.
     Super Missles:
    This item was a nice addition to Samus's tools in Super Metroid from
    previous games. With these weapons that are 5 times the strength of
    missles you can open green doors, beat many bosses more easily, and
    open special passaes that are marked as green on their entrance.
    There are 10 packs of 5 scattered throughout Zebes, and your first
    is found after defeating Spore Spawn.
     Charge Beam:
    With this add-on, Samus is able to charge up her weapon for a stronger
    blast by holding fire a little bit before shooting. This is a very
    efficient way to beat certain bosses, like Phantoon or Golden Torizo
    Statue, because you can save your (Super)Missles for other things,
    and charging with Plasma Beam is more powerful than Super Missles.
    Also, with this you can do a few other special tricks. The Charge
    Beam is located at the bottom of Brinstar's largest connecting room
    in a hole in the floor.
     Spazer Beam:
    This is your first upgrade to Samus's weapon strength. It not only
    makes it more powerful, but it also makes 3 shots instead of 1. It
    is located above the room to the left of the glass tube. You access
    through a hole in the ceiling 1 screen further left.
     Varia Suit:
    This special armor turns Samus a bit darker, and beefs up her looks.
    It reduces damage taken by half of normal, and allows her to be in
    lava longer and also remain in hot areas (like in Norfair). This is
    your prize when you fell Kraid in far east Brinstar.
     Speed Booster:
    With this, Samus can, after holding dash, start moving extremely fast
    and start flashing blue. While doing this, Samus will blow through
    obstacles like cracked blocks and enemies, and she can jump much
    higher/farther. There are also many special tricks to do with this.
    Find it in north-east Norfair.
     Wave Beam:
    This is the second upgrade for Samus's gun. It makes your shots go
    up and down as they move, and lets them pass through walls (very
    useful). Find it in eastern Norfair.
     Power Bombs:
    Power bombs are another great and powerful item for Samus to use.
    They do what a bomb does and more. They are limited, coming in packs
    of 5 like (super)missles, and rightfully so. They explode and the
    radius of the explosion spans the whole screen plus. These can open
    orange doors, and get to many place bombs couldn't reach. These are
    good for revealing secrets before you get the X-Ray scope. The first
    pack is just past Crocmire in lower Norfair, and many more are hidden
    throughout Zebes.
     Grappling Beam:
    With this special piece of equipment, Samus can hook onto holed blocks
    in the celings and walls in various place in Zebes, and can thus traverse
    many new places with it. It loses its usefullness when you get space jump,
    but while you have it it is quite fun to use. Find it a few rooms south
    and west of Crocmire in lower Norfair.
     Ice Beam:
    With this enhancement to Samus's gun, you freeze enemies you shoot, turning
    them into harmless platforms temporarily. This is only good in a few places,
    other times it is just annoying. Located in north-west Norfair, fairly
    close to the elevator.
     X-Ray Scope:
    Using this, you are able to view everything that is hidden in a room. VERY
    useful for finding new secrets or figuring out how to do something in a
    thin or winding hidden passage. Go through the orange door in the middle
    of the longest vertical shaft in Brinstar.
     Gravity Suit:
    With this suit that turns Samus a pinkish hue, you are able to move freely
    underwater. It also allows you to go in a certain kind of lava and come out
    unscathed. You will grab this on your way out of the Wrecked Ship on the
    left side.
     Reserve Tank:
    For each reserve tank Samus has, she has basically an emergincy back-up of
    100 more health that kicks in when her main tanks are empty. These are filled
    only at energy fill stations or when you collect energy and you are at full
    health. There are 4 in Zebes, the first is in the Wrecked Ship, right near
    the Gravity Suit.
     Space Jump Boots:
    When Samus gets these, she can jump in midair, as many times as you want her
    to. This completely replaces the need for the Grappling Beam, and makes
    getting across enemy infested ground much quicker. This is your reward for
    slaying Draygon in eastern Maridia.
     Spring Ball:
    Some people don't get this because they never find it. It is not a necessity,
    just a luxury. It allows you to jump as high as you normally could while
    morphed into a ball. Many players don't realize how much faster you can do
    things with this power and they skip getting it.
     Plasma Beam:
    This is Samus's most powerful gun upgrade, making her beams very strong,
    able to kill most enemies you encountered previously in one hit. It replaces
    Spazer Beam. Located in north-east Maridia.
     Screw Attack:
    With this final upgrade to Samus's outfit, she becomes no longer vulnerable
    while jumping. You see bits of electricity around her, and she destroys most
    all of the things she flies through. This is your reward for taking down the
    Golden Torizo Statue in Ridley's Norfair.
     IXX. Moves (Tricks)
     "Screw attack" with Charge Beam:
    Hold the fire button down with charge beam equipped until you flash. If you
    do a spin jump in the air, anything you hit will get damaged or destroyed,
    depending on how strong it is. This is useful while facing Phantoon.
     Ball Climbing with Bombs:
    In order to climb high lengths while in ball form, do this: lay a bomb, then
    as it starts to flash quickly (right before it explodes) lay another, and the
    first wll bounce you up. As you come down again, lay another bomb right before
    you hit your second, and you'll bounce up. repeat this pattern. It takes
    fairly good timing to pull off. Some say you should follow the rhythm of the
    background music if you're having trouble.
     Wall Jumps:
    To wall jump, do a spin jump towards a wall, then when you hit it (time this
    just right) push the opposite direction and press jump at the same time. You
    should bounce of the wall and be higher than before. To do this repeatedly,
    when you bounce of, aim yourself back towards the wall and repeat the original
    process. This move helps get many items early.
     Beam Shields:
    Equip Charge and ONE other beam, any beam, and select power bombs. While
    standing, hold down your fire button to charge. Hold until beam things start
    going around you, which look and act different for different beams. Ice Beam
    makes 4 crystals that float around you in a circle, Spazer sends beams that
    quickly bounce up on bounce on your left and right, Wave makes little red balls
    that hover around you in crazy directions, and Plasma makes 4 large orbs spin
    out around you for a short time.
     Super Jumping:
    With this move, you fly up, left, right, or diagonally in a straight line,
    until you hit something. Your health is slowly and minimally drained while
    doing so. To do this, run with the Speed Booster until you are flashing, then
    crouch and get back up to be able to move around for a bit while flashing white.
    Before you stop flashing, press jump and then immediately up, left, right, or
    angle-up +right or +left. This move is great for cutting off time by transversing
    long distances quickly.
     Speed Balling:
    This is a very fun move. To do this, run with the Speed Booster until you are
    flashing, do a spinning long jump, and then while holding dash, tap down and
    ROLL your control pad from left or right to down, and make sure to keep holding
    the direction you're going. If you do it right, you should turn into a flashing,
    flying, ball that will smash through any enemies or breakable walls in your
    path. When you hit the ground, you will bounce until something stops your
    forward movemnet (which could be you).
     XX. Bosses
    Torizo Statue:
    Fireball: 8HP
    Laser Orbs: 10HP
    Laser Shield: 10HP
    Contact: 8HP
    You must deafeat this boss in order to take your life along with the bombs
    you just grabbed. After the door locks, kneel down a few paces away from
    the statue, pointing your gun up-right. When he comes alive, just fire away.
    Regular shots will do, but if you have missles you can kill him in 15
    seconds or less, and time is of the essence.
    Spore Spawn:
    Spores: 4HP
    Contact: 12HP
    You face this boss in Brinstar in order to get your first Super Missle. You
    can defeat it and come out unscathed. At the start of the battle, roll into
    a ball on the upper step next to either wall. Doing this, you will avoid
    getting hit by anything. While the Spore Spawn is moving slowly, he will
    rock back-forth 3 times, then open up. If you are using missles, try to land
    2 in then. If you are using charge beam, anicipate his pattern and ready a
    charge. After he starts moving fast, he will swing back-forth 6 times before
    Rock Shot: 2HP
    Ramming Claw: 20HP
    Spike Plants: 16HP
    Boomerang Claw: 10HP
    Abdominal Spike: 10HP
    Contact: 20HP
    To defeat Kraid and obtain the Varia Suit, simply come prepared with all your
    5 super missles, and your regular missles should also be plentiful, but they
    aren't necessary. Kraid is vulnerable in the face when his mouth is open.
    Sometimes he opens it on free will, any other time you must shoot his belly
    to get it to open. 4 Super missles to his face, 4 fully charged Spazer shots,
    or a buttload of missles will kill him. Now, this isn't all just so easily
    accomplish. He moves back and forth in his large chamber, and his abdominal
    spikes can knock you off course. If you get too low on HP, avoid him by staying
    at the far left by the door and shooting the boomerange claws for energy.
    Triple Claw: 20HP
    Fireball: 10HP
    Conact: 20HP
    Crocmire is a lot simpler than he looks. Just wait for him to open his mouth,
    fire in a charge shot, repreat. Don't miss though, because if he is not shot
    at, instead of moving backwards towards the lava like you want him to, he will
    advance on you, and if he comes to close you become trapped between him and
    a spike wall. That doesn't happen to most people though. Just keep him going
    back. When he falls in, run back to your left to the spike wall. It will come
    crashing down, and his skeleton will fall on you. Don't worry. This is when
    you get replenished with missles/health.
    Blue Flame: 20HP
    Contact: 20HP
    This boss has different patterns, but the easiest one to beat would be the
    one he is in when you shoot him with charged shots. When there are blue flames
    around, avoid them / shoot them for refills. When you see Phantoon become
    solid, shoot a charge shot at him. He will fly around, and go off the screen
    a few times. Try to get in some more charge shots here. After he quits flying
    he will repeat the pattern he began with. Once you are used to this pattern
    he is not hard at all. When he is defeated, the Wrecked Ship will regain power.
    Acid Spit: 20HP
    Contact: 20HP
    This is a mini-boss you must fight to continue your passage through Maridia
    to reach Draygon. To beat Botwoon, just whack him with a charge beam or super
    missle when his head pops out, and when he moves around. He isn't hard at all.
    Grey Slime: No damage
    Tail Swipe: 40HP
    Contact: 40HP
    Draygon can be really easy or really hard. Let's make him easy. Instead of going
    all out, trying to whoop him up, let him grab onto you. and if you blew up those
    wall shooter thingies, then here's what to do: let him carry you around, and you
    must just equip your grapling beam, attach to one of those wall shooters (and
    HOLD IT), and with him attached, you will both get damaged, but only he will
    die. You lose about 100-200HP, much less than you would doing it the mad-style
    way, which also takes much longer (it takes like 40 super missles to beat him
    Golden Torizo Statue:
    Fireball: 20HP
    Flare Shots: 2HP
    Laser Shield: 30HP
    Torizo Spawn: 25HP
    Super Missle: 50HP
    Contact: 40HP
    Hmmmm here's a hint: DON'T FIGHT THIS GUY WITH SUPER MISSLES! Why? A: Save them
    for Ridley. B: He can throw them back at you, causing 50 DMG. Not good. We're
    clear on that now. Ok, so you will use charge beam. Do so, firing straight at
    him. If you find it THAT hard to shoot him and avoid projectiles, get counseling,
    and/or shoot some yellow balls to get refills. His head pops off eventually,
    then he dies a bit after. Congrats, go pick up Screw Attack.
    Heatseeking Fireballs: 5HP
    Fireball Blast: 15HP
    Vertical Tail Spike: 30HP
    Claw Hold: 20HP
    Swooping Tail Swipe: 30HP
    Contact: 40HP
    I would say Ridley is your hardest fight, and also the hardest to give a strategy
    for, since she doesn't have a pattern. She flies around, does a horde of attacks,
    and is very unpredictable. A few tips, though. A: At the start of the battle,
    lay 3 super bombs. It weakens her alot. After those few just shoot her with as
    many super missles as you can. B: Screw attack will protect you from every part
    of her except the tail. Make sure to avoid it. C: Don't go too crazy shooting
    your missles. Try to aim. It saves a lot of good ammo. Occasionally, before you
    destroy her, she will grab you in her claws and self-destruct for no reason. I
    like it when that happens; it saves some good time.
    Mother Brain:
    Bomb: 40HP
    Bomb Explosion: 20HP
    Eye Laser: 30HP
    Heat-seeking Blue Laser Rings: 40HP
    Fire Laser: 200HP
    Unavoidable Rainbow Beam: 300HP
    Contact: 30HP
    You'd think, of all things, the end boss would be frightenly hard right? WRONG!
    After you have busted open Mother Brain's brain-shield, and fired enough missles
    at it, she turns into a huge beast. Oh no. This will be so hard! (COUGH COUGH).
    Just switch on Super Missles, and fire away at her head. When she does her
    Rainbow Beam, just sit back and relax. You won't die. Your pal from earlier
    who nearly sucked the life out of you (the huge metroid who you found as a
    baby in Metroid 2 on Gameboy) will attach to Mother Brain's head and absorb
    all the energy of the blast, then give it to you. Your health will fill to
    the max, and Mother Brain will hurt and kill your friend :(. So, beat the
    crap out of that panzy with your new Hyper Beam! This is friggin fun! Now comes
    the hard part... escape Zebes in 3:00!!!
     XXI. Version History
      January 9th, 2003: Guide started, progress tracked on Classic Gaming
                         Entertainment (my site at the time).
     January 17th, 2003: Version 1.0, with all parts together, completed. Guide
                         sent to GameFAQs.
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