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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kodos86

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/07/03

Super Metroid FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.1
by Kodos86, copyright 2002- 2003, all rights reserved
Platform: Super NES


                      0. T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


0. Table of Contents
1. Updates
2. Story
3. Controls
   - Basic moves
   - Special Moves
   - Opening Doors
4. Weapons & Items
5. Walkthrough
6. Speed Guide (coming soon)
   - Tips
   - Speed Walkthrough
7. Enemies
8. Credits
9. Legal Information/ Contacting Me


                           1. U P D A T E S


Version 1.1: Fixed a typo in the legal section.
Version 1.0: Initial Update


                            2. S T O R Y


Metroids were discovered by the Galatic Federation, and were unlike any
creature ever seen. The space pirates found out about the Metroids and
attempted to create an army of Metrids, until Samus Aran was called in to raid
the Planet Zebes, and defeat the pirates. Because of the threat the Metroids
presented, a task force was sent to the Metroid homeworld, SR388, to destroy
the Metroids. They failed, and Samus was sent into SR388. The last Metroid
larva was saved by Samus, and was brought to a Space Academy. The scientists
believed that the Metroids could be used for the benefit of humanity. Shortly
after leaving the station, Samus recieved a distress signal from the academy.


                       3. C O N T R O L S


                        Basic Moves

The following is the reccomended control setting, not the default one.

B: Jump
A: Dash
Y: Shot
X: Item Cancel
R: Angle Up
L: Angle Down
Select: Item Select
Start: Pause

                           Special Moves

Turn on this option, and you can move backwards while the beam is charged or
while firing.

Wall Jump
This move can be frustrating to learn and use. You must do all rolling jump,
and land against the wall. Press the control pad in the opposite direction, and
jump. Keep repeating this to move up large walls.

Turbo Bomb
By going into the morphing ball and then laying several bombs, you can move up

Charge Beam Moves
If you charge up the beam, and then go into the morphing ball, you will drop 5
bombs at once. Jumping while charged up produces a move similar to the Screw

Super Jump
Use the speed dash to the point that you are flashing blue, and then press
DOWN. You will begin flashing yellow. Press and hold the jump button for a
super jump. Keep in mind that you will recieve damage from this move.

Charge Beam Attacks
Equip the charge beam and ONE other beam. Select the power bomb item, and
charge up the beam for a special attack.

Crystal Flash
This move can only work in certain conditions, and will refill your health. You
must have 29 or less energy units, 10+ missiles, 10+ Super Missles, and 11+
Power Bombs. Select the power bombs, go into morphing ball mode, and hold: L,
R, Y, and Down. The resulting blast will absorbed by Samus and refill her

                          Opening Doors

The doors in the game are opened in different ways.

Blue Doors: Opened with a single shot.

Red Doors: Must be opened with 5 missiles or 1 Super Missile.

Green Doors: Require 1 Super Missile.

Orange Doors: Opened by 1 power bomb.

Metal Doors: These open only while flashing. To do so, kill all the enemies in
the room. Some metal doors are opened after defeating the area boss.

Gates: These each have a color, and are opened the same way as their
corresponding door colors.


                         4. W E A P O N S  &  I T E M S


Icon Items
Missiles: There are 230 of these in the game, and are more powerful then the
reglar beam.

Super Missiles: These are equal to 5 missiles. You can collect up to 50.

Power Bomb: A power bomb releases a deadly blast that will damage any enemy on
the screen. There are 50 of them.

Grappling Beam: This lets you latch onto blocks that have a + in the center,
and allows you to move across gaps. It can also be used to grab power ups and
damage enemies.

X-Ray Scope: This shows you where hidden passages are, and is not needed to
complete the game.

Energy Itemd
Energy Tanks: Each one of these gives you an extra 99 units of health. There is
a total of 14.

Reserve Tanks: These are an emergency energy source, and kick in when your
energy is eliminated. There are 4 of them, and they are empty when you first
get them.

Beam Items
Charge Beam: This lets you charge up the beam for a more powerful blast.

Ice Beam: This freezes enemies and allows you to use them as platforms.

Wave Beam: The Wave Beam fires the beam in a wavy pattern, allowing you to hit
more targets.

Spazer: This fires 3 shots at once, doing more damage. It cannot be combined
with the Plasma beam.

Plasma Beam: This does a large amount of damage, and cannot be combined with
the Spazer beam.

Hyper Beam: The most powerful beam, you get this from the giant Metroid at the
end. It cannot be combined with any other beam.

Suit Items
Varia Suit: This protects you from extreme heat, and cuts damage in 1/2.

Gravity Suit: This reduces damage by 3/4 and lets you move normally in water.
It also protects you from lava.

Boot Items
Hi-Jump Boots: These let you jump higher.

Space Jump: This lets you jump continuosly in the air.

Speed Booster: This makes you run faster. When at high speed, you can destroy
enemies and special blocks.

Special Items
Morphing Ball: Press down to roll into a ball and move through tight spaces.

Bomb: Roll into a ball and press the fire button to drop a bomb which can
destroy some surfaces. You have a limitless supply of bombs.

Spring Ball: This item allows you to jump while rolled up in a ball.

Screw Attack: While jumping, you can jump into enemies and destroy them.


                    5. W A L K T H R O U G H


NOTE: There are many different ways to play through Super Metroid. This
walkthrough does not cover how to get every item, merely how to get through the
game with enough items to make it fairly easy. I did not cover how to get every
item, because it is uneccesary for beating the game. Remember that at times it
can be hard to give directions for this kind of game, so you trying to find a
player's guide or set of maps may help.

                      Ceres Space Colony

After recieving a distress call, Samus returns to Ceres to find it in dissaray,
with several dead bodies on the ground. Head in the only available direction,
and you will reach a room with the Metroid larva. Wait a few seconds and Ridley
will appear. Fight him if you want, but there is no way to win this battle.
After you health gets low enough, Ridley will leave and start a self destruct,
giving you 1 minute to get out. Make your way back to the beginning, and hop
onto the elevator to leave. It then cuts to a cinema where Samus leaves the
exploding station and heads to Zebes.

                        To Torizo and Brinstar

When you arrive on the planet, no one seems to be around, and the place seems
deserted. Head to the left and drop down the center. Head through the door at
the bottom, and drop down another series of platforms. At the bottom, head
right to the next room. Head right, past Mother Brain's old containment room,
and towards the elevator, and take the elevator down to Brinstar.

From the elevator, head left and jump over to the Morphing Ball, which is on a
pedestal. Grab it, and a sensor will go off, making an alarm noise. That can't
be good. Head to the left, and through the door. Shoot through the platforms,
and through a lower door to a room with missiles. Head back up, and open the
red door. Head through there all the way to the right, and grab some missiles.
Head back to the elevator, and back to Crateria.

Now that you've set off the alarm, the planet's forces are all out, ready to
attack you. Kill the Space Pirates, and make your way to the next room, and up
the long shaft. Head all the way up, and to the right. Morph, and head through
the small opening down to another section. Head through the door, and to the
right, and into a room with a Chozo statue. Grab the bombs, and the door will
turn grey.

The statue will come to life, and you will be attacked by the first boss,
Torizo. Fire your missiles and then your beam at his chest. If you trys to
corner you and hit you with his arms, morph to avoid them. If he shoots balls
at you, shoot them to get power ups. Eventually, his head will blow up, but he
keeps fighting. Keep shooting him until he's dead.

Head back to the left, and bomb through the rocks. Go through the door below
the save point, and bomb through the blocks to get to some more missiles. Head
back to the room where Mother Brain originally was, and bomb through the
containment thing to get some more missiles. Then, head back all the way up and
to the left. Head through a long room, and grab your first energy tank and the
end of the room. Head past the Space Pirates, which must be killed with
missiles, and blast through the door at the lower left. Go through another
room, and to the elevator to Brinstar.


You'll emerge in a jungle area, with several enemies crawling around. Go
through the first door on the right to get some more missiles. Then use the
save point through the second door on the left. Drop down to the bottom, and
use the door on the right to reach a pink colored area. Head right, and go
through the next door. Head all the way up, and through the red door on the
right. There are several Kihunter's in this room, which should be killed with
missiles. Go through the metal door to Spore Spawn.

Spore Spawn
Spore Spawn will wave around and drop out little spores which be shot for
power-ups. Go into ball form to dodge the spores. When Spore Spawn stops and
opens up, fire a few missiles into it. Then it will close up, and repat the
pattern. As he gets weaker he will begin to move faster. After killing him,
jump ontop of him and head upwards and to the next room.

Jump onto the second pipe, which will dissappear, and drop you through a long
shaft. Get the Super Missle from the statue, and head to the left. From here,
head all the way down and grab the missles. Then, bomb through the blocks down
to a lower section where you can grab the Charge Beam. Head back up, and to the

Head all the way down this room, and to the gate. Shoot it, and head past the
Sidehoppers, and into the next room. In here, jump onto the higher platform,
and dash across to the other side, and through the door to the red tunnel.

Drop all the way to the bottom, bomb through the floor, and farther down. Go
through the door on the right. Go through the next room, into a room with
several Yapping Maws. Shoot straight up to break several blocks, and wall jumo
to the top. Use the charge beam to blow out 2 blocks, morph, and head right to
another room with the Spazer. Head back down, and keep going right until you
reach the elevator to Norfair.

For now, there are only a few rooms in Norfair that aren't warm enough to cause
damage. Drop to the bottom, and go through the door on the left. Grab the
energy tank, break through the blocks, morph, and head right to the next room.
In here, blow through the top of the barrier and jump down to grab the Hi-Jump
Boots. Head back to the previous room, kill the enemy in there, head up, grab
the missiles, and bomb through to the exit. Head back to the elevator, and use
a Super Missile to shoot through the lower block on the right. Morph, and head
through to a blue room. Jump up, and walk through the face into the next room.

Bomb through the floor, head down, bomb through the wall and head to the right.
Head to a room with several KiHunters. If you want to, you can reach a save by
bombing through the wall on the right. Then, bomb through the middle of the
room, and drop down, and head through another door into a green room.

Now you'll start hearing the ominous music that precedes one of the bosses.
Blast the space pirates, and head right past the spikes that are being shot at
you. At the end of the room is mini-Kraid, the source of the spikes. Dispatch
the little twerp with a Super Missile. In the next room, jump over the pipe and
the spikes, where you'll see the body of someone who obviously didn't fare as
well as you. At the end of the room, is a large eyeball over the door. Fire 3
Missiles into it's eye to turn it into a door. Head through to the next room.

Wait a few seconds, and Kraid will come out of the ground. Once he opens his
mouth, fire several missiles into it. Kraid will raise up and destroy part of
the upper platform. Jump up, and continue the battle. Kraid will shoot small
spinning claws and fire platforms from his belly. To make him open his mouth,
shoot his eyes with a missle. Three Super Missiles to the mouth will kill the
lizard. You can also use missiles and the charged beam. Once he's dead, head to
the right, and get the Varia Suit from the next room.

On the way back to Norfair, be sure to head through the now-flashing door.
Inside are several Beetoms. Use missiles to kill them at a distance. If they
latch onto you, use your Super Missles. Then, shoot into the ceiling to reveal
an Energy tank. Then, head the rest of the way to Norfair.


Since you have the Varia Suit, you can move through the rest of Norfair without
baking from the heat. Go through the first door on the right, and bomb through
the ground. Head right, and through the red door. In the next room, head over
to the third gap, and drop down. Fire into the right corner of the lava to
reveal a missle. Provided you have somewhat good health, go into the morphing
ball and retreive the missle. Then head back up and head to the next room.
There, the lava will rise up to meet the platforms, after which Dragons will
surface in the lava. Head across, being sure to avoid the Dragons.

You will then emerge in a bubble covered room. Head through the upper door and
save, and then head all the way to the right. Bomb through the floor, and grab
the missles. Then head back up, and bomb through the middle of the floor, which
leads to a set of tunnels. Follow through them, and go through the bottom door.
Drop down through the next room, and take the door to the bottom right. In this
room you'll have to avoid the Magdollites as best as you can, since you don't
have the freeze beam yet. Continue through here and through the next room.

Once you get into here, you'll start hearing the rumbling sound of lava slowly
rising up. That would be your cue to move your ass out of here fast, and into
the next room. Then, jump on the moving platforms to get across the lava to the
next room. Equip your missiles in here, as at each platform a Dragon will pop
out, which you should dispose of with a well placed missile. Head towards the
top of this room, and take the the door at the top left out.

Head up, to the right, and open the green door. Go through into another
green-bubble room. Kill the Skrees, and then shoot through the ceiling, and
jump through the passage. Head through the door to the left. In this room, dash
across the blocks to the other side. Shoot through the ceiling at the end of
the room, and grab the missiles. Head through the red door and grab the Speed

After grabbing the Booster, you will start the hear lava raising up- that's
bad. Exit the room, and speed dash back to the left, and head back to the
bubble room. Drop down, go through the pipes, and go through the door to the
left. Go through this room to the next, and speed dash through several blocks
and enemies. Head through the door on the right to a save point, and continue
right back to the first part of Norfair.

Jump up to the top, and go through the green door on the left. Speed dash
across this room and past the gates. In the next room, travel past the lava on
the moving platforms, and into the next room. Head up through this room, and go
to the right. Morph, go onto the ledge all the way to the right, and blow it
away with a bomb. You need to manuever into the next section while still
morphed. Drop off the block you land on, and then (still morphed) tap right to
land on the lower block. Repeat this twice, and head right to the Ice Beam. Go
back to the previous room, and head back up and through the door on the right.

In here, freeze the little blobby things that jump out of the lava, and use
them as platforms. Continue right, into the next room, drop through the hidden
passages, and right through the tunnel and back to the first part of Norfair.
Go back up the elevator to Brinstar.


Head back through the red tunnel, to the point where the Rippers were. Freeze
them and use them as platforms to head back up the tunnel. After the Rippers,
jump back up to where the door to the rest of Brinstar was. Head up further,
and freeze another group of Rippers for platforms. Shoot the ceiling, and head
through the door on the right.

This room is filled with plants that will try to suck up your energy. If you
fall into one, aim down and fire into it until it lets you go. Continue right
into another room, and bomb through a few hidden passages. Go through the left
green door at the bottom. Head across the platforms, and grab the Power Bombs
from the Chozo Statue. Detonate a bomb to blow away the wall and reveal some
missiles. Then, head back to Norfair the way you came.

           Norfair- Crocomire and the Grappling Beam

After going through the elevator, enter the first door on the left. Speed dash
across the room, and you will break several blocks and reveal some Power Bomb
blocks. Set a Power Bomb, and drop through the opening it makes, and head left.
Drop down the next room, and head through the door to the right. Speed dash
across the room, breaking through several blocks and enemies. Head towards the
middle door in this room if you want to save. Then, head through the bottom
door to Crocomire.

Crocomire's hide is impervious to damage, so you'll have to shoot him in the
mouth. First use Super Missles, and the charged shots. With every shot, he will
move backwards a bit. At points he will open his mouth and shoot out rocks at
you, which can be destroyed to get power-ups. Eventually, Crocomire will back
into the lava, causing his skin to melt off. Head left towards the spiked wall,
and wait a few seconds. Crocomire's skeleton will come and hurl the wall at
you, and then he collapses and dies.

Head left into the next room. Go through the bottom door and head down a large
drop. Hold right to land next to a red door; enter it. Move past the lava,
which will raise and lower, to get to some more missiles. Exit the room, and
complete the drop. Head through the bottom door, and use a power bomb the
destroy the blocks on the bottom. Then do a speed dash, and jump right before
you would hit the lava. You will go flying through the air towards another
door. Head through the door to get the Grappling Beam.

Jump up using the blocks, and then use the Grappling Beam to swing towards the
door. The next few rooms consist mainly of swinging across with the Grappling
Beam, and will be able to make your way back to the room that Crocomire was in.
Head right, and use the Grappling Beam to reach the Energy Tank. Then, head
back up through the door, and go through the door to the right. Head right
through this room, and up to the next. In here, you will have to dispatch
several red Space Pirates; use the charge beam. Head upwards, and through the
door. You'll emerge near the beginning of Norfair. Shoot the gate, and head up
and to the right. Dash through the enemies and blocks to the save point. Head
to the left, and back to the elevator. Go up to Brinstar, and then head up the
red tunnel to the area where the Power Bombs were. Head through the top to an
elevator to Crateria.

                         Wrecked Ship

Head up, and shoot through the floor. Then, head left back to your ship. Save,
and head back to here. Head right, past the Kihunters, and into another room.
Use the Grapple to swing across, being sure to grab the missles in the middle.
Note that the cracked blocks will disappear if you hang onto them long enough.
In the next part, take the high ground, and use the beam to swing across the
water (at point you will have to latch onto a Ripper). At the end of the path
is the door to the Wrecked ship.

The power in the Wrecked Ship is gone, as something is sucking it up. The only
enemies are Covens, skull-like ghosts that aren't that dangerous. Head down
past 2 doors, and then bomb the wall to the left. Head through there to grab
some missiles. Exit the room, and head the rest of the way down. Move right,
and then morph to get through part of the passage. Kill the thing on the door
with 3 missiles, and then head through the door.

Phantoon, the thing that has been sucking up the power, will appear. Blue fire
drops will pop out of the air for a while; evade them by morphing. Then
Phantoon appears and fires a ring of drops. A little bit later, and Phantoon
will reappear- at this point he is vulnerable. Whatever you do, DO NOT use a
Super Missle. If you do, Phantoon will get pissed, and begin firing out tons of
blue drops that CANNOT be dodged, and the battle will then be hard as hell.
Simply use Missles, and he'll be dead after 20 of them.

With Phantoon dead, the power returns, and the ghosts are replaced with Worker
Robots and little things that float around the room. Head up, and go through
the door on the left to get more Super Missles. Then, bomb through the wall
opposite the door, and head through there. Bomb through another part of the
wall to get some missiles. Exit the room, and head up. Use the save point, and
then head all the way up, into a room with KiHunters and floating enemies. Kill
them, and then shoot all 3 of the metal doors. Then, head through the one on
the right to get some missiles. Head back to the left, through the other metal

Head right, and you should reach a flat area of ground. Bomb it, and drop down.
Head right right, into another room. Use the Grappling Beam to get across the
spikes, and you'll reach a Chozo statue. Jump into it's hand, and morph; the
Chozo will come to life and take you through the spikes to a lower level.
There, go left into the room, and get the Varia Suit. Head back right, and bomb
through the wall. Head up and grab some Missles, and blow up the statue they
were on with a Power Bomb. Use a dash to clear away the rest of the blocks.
Then dash to the right, and press DOWN once you turn blue. Jump up at the end
of the path to shoot up into the ceiling. Drop down and shoot the rock to get a
Reserve Tank. Then head back to the Varia Suit room, and head left, where you
will dropped outside the Wrecked Ship.

Reenter the ship, and head through the door below the one that led to the save
point. Head right, through 2 rooms with water. Head up, and shoot through parts
of the ceiling, to reach the red door; head through it. Use the Grappling Beam
and the platforms to reach the Energy Tank. Head back to the right, and go
through the middle door, which puts you in Crateria, and on the road to

Head right, into another room, down, into another room, and drop down. In this
room, head left. Once you've gotten about as far as you can, bomb into the
hidden passage, and continue to the door, which leads to the elevator which
will take you into Maridia.


Use the save point to the lower right, and then head left through this and the
next 2 rooms. Then, head left, and up to the green door. Go through the green
door, which will take you toa purplish room. Bomb through the ground, and head
left through 2 more rooms. You'll get to a cracked pipe. Morph, and go through
the ground underneath. Head left, and avoid the monsters that pop out of the
holes. Go past the green gate, and jump into the 2nd last depression to fall to
a lower level. Head left, into the green tube. Set a power bomb, and the glass
will shatter. Head up to another room, and continue going upwards. Then, head
right into the next room. Go to the ledge, morph, head down, and hold left.
You'll drop into a passage that leads to Super Missles. Go through the door at
the bottom, and jump over to the next depression. Drop down, and dash through
the wall. Go through the red door.

Jump on the large Tatori, and wait for it to jump up. Latch onto the block with
the Grappling Beam, and swing to grab the Energy Tank. Head back to the left,
and then go back through the wall, and head up to the right. Go through the
door at the top. Now, use either the speed dash or the wall jump to get to the
higher ledge. Do a running jump to be able to reach a grapple block, and swing
to the next door. Through the door, bomb through the floor, drop down, and head
right into the next room. Use a power bomb to break away the floor, and save.
Then, at the far right, do a dash jump to get to the Missles and Super Missles.
Then, use the Beam to head up the blocks in the middle of the room, and then
swing over to the next room.

Some of the pipes in here will crumble when you jump on them. Get as far as you
can in here, and then use a speed dash to break the rest of the pipes and free
a path to the door, which leads to Botwoon.

This is a really easy battle. Botwoon the snake will swim around, and from time
to time, disappear into a hole, pop out and shoot out blasts. Keep shooting him
in the head to kill him. Then head to the next room.

Do a speed dash to break though the brick wall, and then jump up on the ledge,
and use the morphing ball to reach another Energy tank. Then, head to the right
into the next room. Kill the Mochtroids (cheap Metroid imitations) and head up
to the door, using the Grapple, and head right. Continue right through the next
room, using the Grapple Beam when neccesary. At the end, go through the upper
door to save. Then, go through the lower door. Head right across the fake
spikes, and shoot the wall at the far right to reveal some missiles. Go back to
the first strectch of fake spikes, and drop down through the hidden path. Kill
the eye at the bottom, and head left.

This thing is pretty damn hard if you don't know what you're doing. IMMEDIATELY
shoot the 3 cannons with a super missile each. Then Draygon will appear a few
seconds later. Dodge him by morphing. Eventually he will spray sticky goo at
you. Get hit by it, and he will grab you. Draygon will repeatedly hit you with
his tail, but don't worry. As soon as you are in range, fire your Grapple Beam
into one of the places where the cannons were, and hold the Beam in there. The
current will flow you (you'll take some damage) and kill Draygon after a few
seconds. Head through the door to the left and grab the Space Jump. Head back,
through the Draygon room, and 2 more rooms. Then, go through the flashing metal
door. Use the Space Jump to maneuver past the spikes and into the next room.
Head to the left, and up. Use the Space Jump to move up and through another
flashing metal door.

Head up and into the next room. Kill the weird thing in the middle of the room,
and head through the door. Drop to the bottom of the room, and grab the Plasma
Beam from the Chozo Statue. Kill the Space Pirates to reopen the exit door.
Then make your way back to Norfair.

                        Back to Norfair

Head past the save point, and dash through the blocks and through another room.
Go through the bottom door, and through the next 2 rooms. Drop all the way
down, and use a Power Bomb to open the door. In the next room, jump into the
lava (the Varia Suit protects you from regular lava). Head across, and space
jump up to the Ridley face. Head through, and take the elevator down.

Man, this music is friggin awesome. You are now in the deepest parts of
Norfair, home to Ridley. Head to the left, over the lava (some of the platforms
shoot out fire), and to the next room. Space jump over the lava, and use a
power bomb to reveal a golden Chozo. Hop into the Chozo's hand, and morph. The
Chozo will spring to life and lower the lava. Head down, and bomb through the
blocks in the floor. Head right, and into the next room. Space jump over to the
Missles, detonate a Power Bomb, and then drop through the floor.

Golden Torizo
Head over to the right, and a Torizo will drop down and come to life. Space
Jump up, and grab the Super Missles. Then return to the fight. If you fire a
Super Missle he will grab it to throw at you; while he is holding it you can
shoot him with more Super Missles. Don't waste your Missles; he can dodge them.
After you use up your Super Missles, use the charged beam. Use the Space Jump
to dodge his blasts. Once he gets closer to being defeated, he'll start
shooting rocks and little monsters at you. Keep it up until he's dead.

In the next room, grab thr Screw Attack from the Chozo Statue, and use the
attack to break through ceiling. Head up and through the door. Head right,
using the Screw Attack to kill the swarms of Rippers, and go past the gate. Go
through the door and past the next room. Screw attack through the columns to
the next room. Go through the ceiling and kill the gold Space Pirates and head
to the next room, where lava begins rising rapidly. Move your ass up to the top
of the room (using the Space Jump) and through the door.

Break through the blocks, and drop down to the lower level. Screw Attack
through the red KiHunters, save, and continue to the bottom. Bomb through some
more blocks, and head to the next room. Shoot at the left spike to make a
pltform come up. Then morph and bomb through the wall. Use the Screw Attack to
kill the monsters here, as they are VERY strong. Use a power bomb to blow up
the bird statue, and head down and through the green door.

Silver Space Pirates
There are 2 of them, and must be killed to continue. Keep using the Screw
Attack and get them to seperate; it'll be easier to beat them. Use the Screw
Attack, and one of them will dive at you, and turn gold for a bit. While the
space pirate is gold, shoot it with Missiles or Super Missles. Continue to the
right once they're dead.

You are now at the final stretch before Ridley. In here, kill the creatures
that come out of the pipes to replenish your supplies, and head to the next
room. Kill the eyeball with 3 missiles, and head to Ridley.

This is ****ing hard. Ridley is by far the hardest boss in the game, and
requires a lot of skill. Wait a few seconds, and Ridley will appear, and lava
will cover the bottom of the ground. Ridley breathes fire and will attack you
with his tail, which can harm you even if you use the Screw Attack. You always
want to bring the battle to the air when possible. Space Jump into the air and
avoid his tail. Then, plug him with super missiles or missiles. If he starts
bouncing around on the ground, use the morphing ball and jumps to avoid him. If
you are grabbed by Ridley, rapidly shake LEFT and RIGHT on the controller to
make him drop you. Once out of missiles, use the charged beam. Keep it up, and
Ridley will finally die.

After your glorious battle with Ridley, head into the next room, where you can
see the captive Metroid's shattered containment case. Bomb the right corner of
the room to reveal an Energy tank. Then, make your way back to the save point.

From there, head back up, and to the right into another room. Coming out of the
wall is the statue of some monster. Kill the Nahime in it's mouth, and head
down to grab an Energy Tank. Go back up the room, and through the wall to the
left (this passage is invisible even to the X-Ray Scope. Continue through, and
jump up. Head up, and to the right to get some Missiles, and then back to the
left and through the door. Head past the lava, and up through the door. In the
next room, use the Screw Attack to get through the barriers, and you'll
eventually end up near the bubble room in Norfair. From here, head back to the
elevator, through the red tunnel, and through the path to Crateria.

                         To Tourian

Stop at the ship, and then head back through Crateria, along the path to where
you had to kill several Space Pirates with missiles. Go past them, and follow
the path from the door on the right to the Golden Boss Statue. The Statue
comprises of statues of Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon, and Ridley. One by one, the
statues will turn gray, and the statue will sink into the water, clearing the
path to Tourian.

Tourian is relatively small and straight-forward. Use the save point to the
right, and then head left. The rooms contain Metroids, which to kill, you must
freeze and then shoot them with Missiles or Super Missiles. Continue onward,
killing the Metroids to open the metal doors. Continue onward, and I'll skip
ahead to the room with the blue sidehoppers.

After getting past the last metroids, you will emerge in a more organic-looking
room with large Blue Sidehoppers. You could kill them, but it'd be a waste of
time. Go through the door. In the next room is a Torizo, but when you touch
him, he crumbles apart. In the next room are several more similar enemies. Odd.
In the next room, a Blue Sidehopper will appear. Wait a few seconds and a Giant
Metroid will swoop in and kill the Sidehopper, turning it to dust. The Metroid
will latch onto you; there is nothing you can do to stop it. Once you're down
to 1 energy unit, it recognizes and spares you, as it is the Metroid hatchling.
Continue right and blast through the barnacle-like material. Drop down, and
enter the room to the left where you can refill your energy and missles. Then
head to the right, and through the next room. Kill the eye on the door and
continue. I

In here you will have the last chance to save, but DO NOT. If you do, you will
be stuck here. Head through the bottom door to Mother Brain.

Mother Brain
There are several barriers seperating you from Mother Brain; use Super Missiles
to destroy them. You cannot stop between shots or the barriers wil regenerate.
Eventually you'll reach Mother Brain's casing. Fire Missles or Super Missles at
it to break the glass, and then target the brain itself. After enough shots the
life systems will crumble away and the brain will turn gray.

That isn't it though. Mother Brain will then attach herself to a large body.
The truth is, this battle is pretty easy, though you will take damage. Your
target is still the brain/head. Fire Super Missiles, Missiles, and the charged
beam into it. Dodge the blue rings she shoots from her head. She will alsio
drop bombs onto to the floor with explode across the ground. After she takes
enough damage, she will begin firing red energy bursts which do lots of damage.
After more damage, Mother Brain will begin charging up something. Note that at
this point you MUST have more then 3 energy tanks left. Mother Brain will hit
you with a laser that cannot be missed. The laser drains most of your energy,
leaving you unable to stand. Depending on how high your energy is, she either
use more lasers or regular attacks to weaken you. Once you are almost dead, she
begins charging up another laser, when the Giant Metroid swoops in and attacks
and kills her. The Metroid then begins to refill your energy. Like any Nintendo
boss, Mother Brain comes back to life and begins shooting at the metroid. The
Metroid then tries another attack, but is killed by Mother Brain. The dying
Metroid then gives you the Hyper Beam attack. Just shoot full auto at Mother
Brain, ignoring her attacks, and she will soon be dead.

After Mother Brain crumbles to dust, a time bomb is set off, giving you 3
minutes before the planet explodes. Head left and shoot away the gates and
continue on. There are some space pirates, but are mere inconveniences; use the
hyper beam or screw attack on them if you wish. Continue onwards and you will
reach a room where lava begins rising up; make your way up, and through the
next door. Soon, you should reach the ventrical shaft in Crateria, where lava
begins rising. From here on it's all familiar ground; just get to your ship.

                              The End

The end cinema will show your ship flying away, as the planet Zebes goes nova
and is destroyed in a spectacular explosion. After this come the credits.

After the credits, you get one of three endings, depending on your time:

          Third Best Ending: 10:01 or more- Samus gives you a thumbs up.

          Second Best Ending: 3:01- 10:00- Samus takes off her helmet.

          Best Ending: 3:00 or less- You get to see Samus without her armor.

This is then followed by your item percentage, which does not effect anything.


                   6. S P E E D  G U I D E


*Coming Soon*


                     7. E N E M I E S


This section contains information on the various enemies; full strategies and
information for bossess and mini-bosses are found within the walkthrough

Desrciption: A spiny insect like creature.
Location: Crateria, Norfair
These crawl around surfaces and are fairly weak.

Description: A large bipedal insect with wings.
Location: All areas
These are strong; use missles or charge shots.

Space Pirate
Description: A bipedal, insect-like creature.
Location: All areas
These are found throughout the game. Some move around on walls.

Side Hopper
Descripton: A big, 2-legged bug.
Location: Brinstar, Tourian
They are strong and move erratically. Avoid them, if possible.

Description: A big moth-like creature.
Location: Crateria, Brinstar
They fly in diagonal patterns, and are fairly weak.

Description: Little bugs.
Location: Crateria
These are small and die from one shot.

Description: A flying bug with a shell on each side.
Location: Crateria, Brinstar, Norfair
This flies in a spinning pattern.

Description: A big imobile hive.
Location: Crateria, Norfair
Shoot them to make little bugs come out.

Yapping Maw
Description: A centipede-like creature that stays in a fixed spot.
Location: Crateria, Brinstar, Norfair, Maridia
They will reach out and try to grab you.

Description: Yellow things that jump up and down.
Location: Crateria, Brinstar, Norfair, Maridia
They can be used as platforms when frozen.

Description: A bat-like creature with silver wings.
Location: Brinstar, Norfair
They dive bomb into the ground at you.

Description: 3 friendly little green people.
Location: Brinstar
They are friendly and will teach you the wall jump.

Description: Small bees.
Location: Brinstar, Maridia
Kill them to get power-ups.

Description: Insects with glowing red bottoms.
Location: Brinstar, Norfair
The room you are in will become darker if you kill them.

Ripper II
Description: A shelled animal with jet exhaust coming out of it's butt.
Location: Brinstar, Norfair
These are like regular Rippers, but faster.

Description: Walking cactuses.
Location: Brinstar, Norfair, maridia
They shoot out sharp spikes in all directions.

Description: A caterpillar.
Location: Brinstar, Norfair, Maridia
They move very slow and pose little or no threat.

Description: Little moving rubber bands.
Location: Norfair, Maridia, Wrecked Ship
They move around erratically; shoot them.

Description: A small fireball.
Location: Norfair
These attack in small swarms.

Description: A shelled creature that flies around in a straight motion.
Location: Crateria, Brinstar
They are impervious to most weapons and can be frozen as platforms.

Description: A green moving platform.
Location: Crateria, Norfair
You can stand on them and use them as platforms.

Description: Bat-like creatures that hang from the ceiling.
Location: Crateria, Brinstar, Norfair
If shot, they will break into 4 pieces.

Description: Bipedal dragons.
Location: Norfair, Crateria
They jump out of the ground and spew fireballs.

Description: Slow, crab-like creatures.
Location: Crateria, Maridia

Descriptions: Flat things that jump up and down.
Location: Crateria, Maridia
Choots jump up, and then float down to the ground.

Description: Weird grasshopper-like creatures.
Location: Crateria, Brinstar
They will try to latch onto you and suck up your energy.

Description: A flightless bird.
Location: Brinstar
He is friendly, and will teach you the Super Jump.

Description: A crab with eyestalks.
Location: Brinstar
A slow moving crab.

Geega, Zeb, Gamet
Description: Little enemies that pop out of pipes.
Location: Brinstar, Norfair
They are great for getting powerups.

Small Side Hopper
Description: A smaller, weaker version of the Side Hopper.
Location: Brinstar
They hop erratically; try to avoid them.

Description: Red circles.
Location: Norfair
These bounce around the rooms, and some move around specific areas.

Description: A weird flying creature.
Location: Norfair
They fly in diagonal patterns and aren't too hard to dodge.

Description: A fire breathing sea-horse.
Location: Norfair
They pop out of lava and spit fireballs at you.

Description: Living columns of lava.
Location: Norfair
These pop out of lava to shoot blasts at you. Freeze them, or use a Super

Description: A small, blue ball.
Location: Norfair
They are similar to Multiviolas, except that they move around on specific

Nahime & Fune
Description: Golden heads attached to walls.
Location: Norfair
They are attached to walls and spew fireballs; freeze them.

Description: A two legged insect.
Location: Norfair
These are EXTREMELY strong. Just use the Screw Attack.

Description: A green ball with stuff sticking out of it.
Location: Wrecked Ship, Maridia
Shoot them with Super Missles.

Description: A bony fish.
Location: Mardia
They swim back and forth in a specific area.

Description: A small flying creature with single eye.
Location: Mardia
They are weak, small, and annoying.

Description: Small octopuses.
Location: Maridia
You can latch onto them with the Grappling Beam.

Description: A big turtle.
Location: Maridia
He is invincible and can be used to get an energy tank.

Description: A gray thing with 2 long arms.
Location: Mardia
There is only 1 in the entire game. Use it to reach the Spring Ball.

Description: A snail-like creature.
Location: Mardia
If you shoot them they will just bounce around; you need to use a bomb.

Description: A purple thing with 2 blades on either side.
Location: Norfair
They swoop at you in a diagonal motion.

Description: A red thing with 2 pincers on it's top.
Location: Norfair
They jump up and down in the lava.

Description: A scurrying creature with red spikes ontop.
Location: Norfair
Similar to Geemers, they move slightly faster.

Small Desgeega
Description: A smaller form of Desgeega.
Location: Norfair
They hop around and are fairly strong.

Description: 3 skulls.
Location: Wrecked Ship
These teleport around while the ship's power is off.

Work Robot
Description: A cylindrical robot.
Location: Wrecked Ship
They are invincible, and start moving once Phantoon is defeated.

Description: A small fish.
Location: Maridia
These fish are weak and will pop out of sand.

Description: A spelled shell.
Location: Mardia
They pop out of the ground for a few seconds.

Tatori, Jr.
Description: A small turtle shell with 1 eye sticking out.
Location: Mardia
Invincible, they don't do anything.

Description: A green nautilis.
Location: Maridia
They are invincible and will bounce around if shot.

Description: A small Draygon.
Location: Maridia
They come out the sand and shoot spikes at you.

Description: A small jellyfish-like creature.
Location: Maridia
Cheap Metroid imitations, they pose little threat.

Description: Small, orange circles.
Location: Tourian
They will come out of turrets. Freeze them to make the turrets inactive.

Description: Circular creatures with a red thing in the center and 4 fangs.
Location: Tourian
They will try to latch onto you and drain your enery. Freeze them and use
Missles or Super Missles. If they latch onto you, use Power Bombs.

Description: A bipedal bird statue that comes to life.
Location: Crateria, Norfair
Shoot it in the chest.

Spore Spawn
Description: A large plant that hangs from the ceiling.
Location: Brinstar
Fire missiles at it once it opens up it's shell.

Description: A HUGE lizard.
Location: Brinstar
Shoot missles into it's mouth.

Description: A big, red crocodile like-creature.
Location: Norfair
Fire missles into it's mouth.

Description: A big, ghostly octopus.
Location: Wrecked Ship
Shoot it with missiles once it fully materializes.

Description: A big snake.
Location: Mardia
Fire missiles at it's head.

Description: A green fish with a strong shell.
Location: Mardia
Shoot missiles into the chest or fry it.

Description: A big pterodactyl that breathes fire.
Location: Ceres, Norfair
Fire missiles at it's body.

Big Metroid
Description: A very big Metroid.
Location: Tourian
It is invincible and will save you from Mother Brain.

Mother Brain
Description: A big brain.
Location: Tourian
Use missiles to destroy it's protective glass and then shoot it with more

Mother Brain Transformed
Description: Mother planted on a bipedal body.
Location: Tourian
Fire missiles at it's head.


                        8. C R E D I T S


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