• Charge Hyper Beam

    Using this glitch, you can effectively charge and fire a Hyper Beam shot. To execute it, simply hold down the fire button during the final Zebes countdown and make sure the first shot that is fired opens a blue door. Now, before the next shot is fired, head through the door. The charging sound will play and once you exit the door you will fire a large beam shot.

    Contributed By: Zeldaman03.

    12    8

  • Green Gate Glitch

    This is a glitch that exploits an error in the detection of valid hits in the various green gates scattered across Zebes.

    Make sure the gate's tab faces to the left, and you are on its right. Stand some distance, maybe 5-6 tiles or more, from the gate. Hold the run button and right before you reach the gate tap the jump button while simultaneously aiming up and to the left and firing a super missile. With patience and skill you will open the gate from the ''wrong'' side.

    Exploit this glitch to obtain the Screw Attack without facing Golden Torizo, or to obtain the Grapple Beam by an alternate path, or even beat the game without shattering the Maridian tube.

    Contributed By: MathOnNapkins.

    10    6

  • Higher Jump

    In Super Metroid, when you get the Gravity Suit, you can move underwater freely. However, there is a trick that you can use to jump higher underwater. First, find a location that is fully submerged in water. Try a room in Maridia or the room before Lower Norfair (the ones with filled with Lava) Next, hold the jump button. Immediatly after you press it, press pause. Go to the inventory menu and switch off the gravity suit. Hold the jump button and unpause the game. You will jump higher than normal. Use this trick to get the screw attack before the space jump.

    Contributed By: J of Today.

    14    7

  • Machball

    Retain running speed while in morphball.

    While running, spin-jump and press down once at the apex of your jump while holding the jump button, press down a second time when you make contact with the ground to go into morphball. Do not let go of the direction you want to move in or turn the other direction once you go into morphball.
    If done correctly, you won't have any bouncing animation when landing and will retain your running speed. This can be used to get Super Missiles early in Brinstar, allowing you to skip Spore Spawn, as well as Ice Beam early before obtaining Speed Booster.

    Contributed By: RoboJezeus.

    7    4

  • Murder Beam

    By equiping all five beams at the game time you can kill Motherbrain pretty easyly.

    To equip all five beams at the same time go into the equipment screen in the Sub-Menu. You will notice that the Spazar Beam in unequiped because the Plazma Beam cancels out the Spazar. Equip the Spazar Beam (thus unequiping the Plazma Beam) then move the curser over to one of the Boot Upgrades. Hit Left and the A Button at the same time to equip the Plazma Beam. If you did it right then the letters Var should appear next to the Plazma Beam.

    To complete the glitch you must first charge your beam before equiping all five beams. After your beam is charged all the way , equip all five beam the way I decirbed above the fire it at say Motherbrains head (when it's laying on the ground). If you did it right then an orange orb should stay behind and contanly hit Motherbrain. Equip your beams reqularly.

    NOTE: This beam can crash your game if not done correctly.

    Contributed By: Magic Mario.

    9    7

  • Samus clones

    First, you need the speed boots and X ray visor. This is fairly easy to pull off.

    Switch to the weapon that is before the Visor. Start holding the boost button while running until you see those silhouettes of Samus. Now, still holding the boost button, switch to the X ray visor. You will stop, and you will see those silhouttes in full color, mimicing your every move.

    Once you let go of the button, the sillhouttes will disapear.

    Contributed By: plank 2x4.

    9    4

  • Standing Up To Mother Brain

    When you fight Mother Brain, there's a scripted sequence in which she blasts you with a rainbow beam and depletes your health, and then the Baby Metroid rescues you. Though Samus is supposed to be stuck kneeling on the floor throughout this scene, it's possible to glitch the game into keeping Samus playable. Before Mother Brain hits you with the rainbow, have just over 700 Energy Tank health left, Reserve Tank not included. Unequip the Varia Suit and let the rainbow beam hit you. After Samus collapses on the floor, mash the up button to have her stand up, and then run directly into Mother Brain's legs. The goal is to reduce your health to less than 100 - as in, Samus's bare minimum health with no Energy Tanks - as quickly as possible. If you retain too much health, Mother Brain will hit you with a second rainbow beam. If done correctly, the scene will continue as normal, but with Samus able to move around and shoot.

    Make sure that you're airborne when the Baby Metroid first appears onscreen and when it detaches from Mother Brain; the game will try to force you back into kneeling position. If that happens, using the X-Ray Scope should free you. Wait until Mother Brain's sprite turns gray, and then start shooting. You can get in several free shots while Mother Brain is frozen in place. This also works as the Baby Metroid is restoring Samus, but you need to charge up shots and make short hops next to Mother Brain's head to make the attacks connect. If you jump too high with the Baby Metroid still attached to Samus, Mother Brain may not be able to kill it and result with the game soft locking. When the Baby Metroid dies and you obtain the Hyper Beam, don't shoot immediately; doing so will freeze the game. Instead, wait for the room in the background to go back to normal. If all is done correctly, it will only take a few more shots to finish the fight. Thanks to this glitch, you'll be able to damage Mother Brain while she's completely helpless and kill her very quickly.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    5    1

  • Zebetite Skip

    Bypass the first Zebetite barrier causing the other Zebetites to not spawn.

    Make sure Screw Attack is turned off before attempting this.
    When first entering the chamber Mother Brain is in immediately fall and run to the left-most wall. Freeze the first Rinka that spawns diagonally upward from Samus then quickly spin-jump onto the little platform above you near the frozen Rinka while pressing into the Zebetite; when you land you'll take a small amount of damage, while Samus is blinking in her invulnerable-state quickly do a tiny spin-jump in place and after landing from that tiny jump do a standing-jump into the Zebetite.

    If done correctly and fast enough, you'll completely pass through the first Zebetite barrier. Due to the first Zebetite not being destroyed, the other Zebetites in the room will not spawn.
    Doing this helps save ammunition for the fight against Mother Brain.

    Contributed By: RoboJezeus.

    6    1


  • Fourth Idle Demo

    Three demos of Super Metroid play after idling on the title screen for a while.
    A fourth demo showing off hidden game mechanics can be seen once a play file has been beaten once.

    Contributed By: RoboJezeus.

    10    2

  • Viewing the Endings

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    2nd Best EndingBeat the game within 3:01-10:00
    Best EndingBeat the game in under 3 hours
    Easiest endingBeat the game making sure your file has more than 10 hours on it.

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

    13    5

Easter Eggs

  • Save the Zebes Critters

    When you are escaping during the countdown at the very end of the game, don't go straight to your ship from Crateria's caves. Instead, go to the room where you first acquired the morph ball bombs. Inside should be the critters that helped you escape certain rooms earlier in the game. Once they leave the room, you can exit too from where you entered. Saving them will affect the ending.

    Contributed By: Lock and Chain.

    20    3


  • Crystal Flash

    This allows you to refill your Energy Tanks.
    1. You must have 49 or less energy units.
    2. You must have 10 or more missiles, 10 or more Super Missles, and 11 or more Power Bombs.
    3. Choose the Power Bomb icon, and morph.
    4. Press and hold the L,R, and shot buttons and hold DOWN on the control pad.
    You will absorb the blast and refill your energy.

    Contributed By: Kodos86.

    23    1

  • Diagonal Shinesparks

    While it's never demonstrated or required in-game, it's possible to Shinespark diagonally. To perform it, charge up a Shinespark, then aim Samus's arm cannon at an upward diagonal angle, using either the shoulder button or the directional pad, and press the jump button. This technique also works in midair; charge up, do a spin jump, press the button to aim at an upward diagonal angle, and press the jump button. This trick allows you to reach certain parts of Crateria and Maridia without needing items like the Space Jump or Grapple Beam, and can also be used to quickly escape from Brinstar during the ending.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    3    0

  • Golden Torizo Room debug code

    In lower Norfair, before you enter the room with the golden Torizo boss, open the door then roll into a ball and hold the four main face buttons (A, B, X, and Y). Enter the door in this state and you will instantly have 700 Energy, 300 Reserve Energy, 100 Missiles, 20 Super Missiles, 20 Power Bombs, and all items except the Screw Attack. This can be done from either entrance.

    Contributed By: duggie2.

    16    3

  • Kill Draygon in one hit

    As soon as the boss fight with Draygon begins, note the four turrets firing electricity from the walls - two on either side. Before Draygon even shows up, blast away all four turrets with charge shots. See how the turrets spew out electricity after being killed? Equip the Grapple Beam and get ready to use this to your advantage.

    Instead of fighting Draygon the normal way, allow him to grab you. While he's swinging you about the room, use the Grapple Beam to latch on to one of the panels on the wall that was once occupied by a turret. The electricity will go through the Grapple Beam, through your suit, and to Draygon himself. Samus will stay locked on until Draygon dies.

    Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

    25    1

  • Morph Ball Bomb Spread

    When you have the Charge Beam, fully charge up a shot and change into the Morph Ball. Samus will automatically release five bombs.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    3    2

  • Secret Attacks

    First, Equip the Charge Beam and ONE other beam ability e.g. ice or wide
    (NOT two)
    Select the power Bombs but do not enter morph ball mode.
    Charge your beam up and you should use one of the following secret attacks
    Ice- A shield will form around you damaging enemies you touch
    Wave-Energy Balls circle you then Fire away from you in various directions
    Plasma-Same as wave but with Plasma effect
    Spazer- Large beams fire away from you like shrapnel
    This will use up one of your Power Bombs
    (It may not work if you've just finished charging, give it another second)

    Contributed By: wisp385.

    18    3

Enemy/Boss Tips

  • Crocomire Quick Kill

    If you acquire the Plasma Beam early via sequence breaking, save it for the Crocomire boss fight. A single charged Plasma Beam shot will register as multiple hits, and will cause Crocomire to automatically crawl backwards and fall into the acid.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    3    1

  • Defeating Draygon Easily

    It's possible to defeat Draygon with a well-timed combination of a charged Plasma Beam shot and the X-Ray Scope. When the fight starts, charge your shot and aim it at the spot where Draygon first materializes. As soon as your shot connects and Draygon flashes, turn the X-Ray Scope on and off repeatedly. Doing so resets the Plasma Beam's hit counter, which causes it to inflict additional damage each time the X-Ray Scope is activated. Alternatively, you can run back and forth across the floor to charge up the Speed Booster, and then use horizontal Shinesparks to damage its body. Either way, Draygon will go down in seconds.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    10    4

  • Kraid Quick Kill

    This requires 2 regular Missiles and 3 Super Missiles. As Kraid's boss fight starts, make sure that Samus is standing on the block nearest the spikes and equip the Missiles. As soon as the fight begins, fire two Missiles at Kraid: One going into his eyes, and the other into his mouth. If timed correctly, it will cause Kraid's sprite to become frozen with his mouth partly open and his claws down. Quickly switch to the Super Missiles and fire all three into his mouth. Doing this will kill Kraid before he's even able to stand up.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    3    1

  • Metal Space Pirates Quick Kill

    Before you fight Ridley, you have to kill a pair of Metal Space Pirates to open the room. Normally, you have to wait until they attack and drop their guards. However, you can bypass their defenses by using diagonal Shinesparks. Run past the pirates to charge up enough speed, turn around, aim diagonally upwards, and trigger the Shinespark. Samus will crash into the ceiling, and her afterimage will collide with one of the pirates and kill it with a single shot. Do it a second time, and these stubborn enemies will be dead in seconds.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    3    1

Area/Level Hints

  • Early Wrecked Ship

    It's possible to sequence break and access the Wrecked Ship without needing the Grapple Beam, Speed Booster, or Space Jump. The room next to the Wrecked Ship area is a large moat with a single column in the middle of it. Go to the room directly before the moat and stand as close as possible to it. If you already have the High Jump Boots, unequip them. Open the door, then press and hold the run button and right on the directional pad, and do not let go of them. Samus will enter the moat room. When she reaches the very tip of the ledge, press the jump button. If done correctly, Samus will jump far enough to go over the top of the column in the middle of the moat. Don't land on top of the column, though. You have to perform a wall jump from the far side of column that's above the the water line. If you time the wall jump too slowly, you'll just fall into the water. If timed properly, you'll land on the ledge on the far side of the moat.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    2    0

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