Im having issues with time beam?

  1. Every time i use it one of the following happens
    1.When i go thru the door my game frezzes
    2.I fall thru the floor when i shoot the beam
    3.When i go thru the door zebes wants to explode.

    I have read the faqs and boards,q&a but that did not help. i just want to get the items i missed without hassle and kick boss butt again but i cant seem to pulloff the glitch. Im using a snes9x euphoria emulator by the way.

    And lastly i want to know if it resets playtime.

    User Info: glitcher225

    glitcher225 - 9 years ago
  2. I need more information to help you out. Where are you using the time beam and at what point in the game are you using the glitch?

    User Info: bjx2

    bjx2 - 9 years ago
  3. Location,you know that place where there are a bunch of green space pirats are on the walls in that tall room next to the room where m.b. (mother brain) originaly was well im using the time beam in the room after the door in hidden morph ball tunnel. Time,already beat the game with all suit upgrades although i put save before i entered tourian.

    User Info: glitcher225

    glitcher225 - 9 years ago

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  1. From what you say, it sounds like the ZSNES emulator I used, and I read online that SNES9X can't activate Zebes explosion with reset glitch beam. I guess you can, with some types of 9x.
    So, I did lots of experimenting too, with the exact same effects you have. According to my results, using the shaft in crateria just outside of Tourian will lead to a game crash...IF YOU EXIT THE DOOR NORMALLY. But try this instead, in the shaft.

    Activate beam. (Not Wave, or game crashes. Just use Spazer, Plasma, and Ice and Charge.) Shoot the beam, but HOLD X so the game does NOT slow down. (Make sure the door to the left is already open.) Now, without letting go X, morph ball and turn the charge into a bunch of bombs. They blow up, and the game slows down and then returns to normal speed. THEN exit the door...and you've triggered the Zebes explosion very smoothly! Otherwise, you would have just frozen, with a big green line along the top of the screen.

    Here is your solution: using the method I described above (hold X, morph ball, bombs, slow down then speed up) just do it in this location: Right outside wrecked ship. From the spaceship in Crateria, go right until you enter the wrecked ship screen. The blue door is to your left. To your right is water, and a bunch of broken wooden planks and stands that lead to the wrecked ship. Open this blue door on your left, and do that method here. When you exit the blue door, the top of the screen turns green, and reset is activated! (You can tell instantly, because the missile pack in this water room here will have reappeared.) Or, if you do the beam normally in this location, you will activate Zebes exploding and the missile pack will not reappear (hence you have not REALLY activated reset, just the zebes ending). Also you cannot see the zebes exploding yet because you are in an area that should not be reachable during the explosion; when you return to the samus ship screen zebes will begin exploding then. But you have no time limit so you can stay on zebes for as long as you want to.

    Hope this helps, and leads you to some even more interesting fun effects! It should work exactly the same as I described, if your emulator is similar enough to the one I used.

    Another thing: when using the reset glitch and going through the door which finishes activating the glitch and speeds the game back up, on my SNES9X glitch, Samus went through the doors like completely normal. But on ZSNES (, the screen did not fade to black when she went through the door during the glitch; just the background became black, then flickered and warped a little, which I found cool.

    User Info: VARidley

    VARidley - 7 years ago 2   0


  1. The Space/Time Beam can only be used properly in certain rooms. This is mainly due to how the game handles the data in RAM and the effects the beam has on the game's RAM.

    Generally, the following rules apply:

    1. You can only fire this beam to the left.
    2. The room must have at least a certain number of blocks in it.
    3. You cannot fire a charged shot on this beam.
    4. You cannot have wave equipped when you fire this beam.

    If you fail 1, 3, or 4, you will crash the game. If you fail 2, you will fall through the floor.

    Falling through the floor is still possible to generate the reset glitch, but it's very difficult. Generally, it ends up triggering the escape sequence at the end of the game rather than triggering the intended reset.

    If you want to perform the glitch properly follow the following:

    1. Go to the old escape shaft.
    2. Enter the hidden morph ball tunnel and go through the door.
    3. Turn to face the door.
    4. Stand right up against the door.
    5. Fire your beam to open the door.
    6. Press start.
    7. Go to equipment menu.
    8. Turn on Charge, Ice, and Spazer (do NOT turn on Wave).
    9. Highlight Hi-Jump Boots.
    10. Press left and the select buttons at the same time. If done correctly, you should see both Spazer and Plasma activated and the word "var" next to Plasma.
    11. Exit the menu.
    12. Fire the Space/Time Beam. If you did it correctly, the top of your screen should mess up and become a bunch of orange blocks. The frame rate should also drop dramatically.
    13. Go through the open door. You'll now notice that the mist from the start of the game has reappeared (and your framerate will go back to normal).
    14. Find a save room and save.
    15. Reset.
    16. Load up your game. You'll now see the intro again and you'll be in the Ceres Station with all of your gear (except missiles -- the lack of missiles is because the game gives you missiles during the little flashback sequence during the intro and then takes them away; it is not possible to keep missiles through the Reset Glitch).

    There you go.

    A video of it being performed correctly can be found here:

    User Info: Roxinos

    Roxinos - 7 years ago 1   0

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