How to use the Murder Beam?

  1. I know I must equip all 5 beams, and I know how to do this, but after this, what I do? Just shot? Can I use it anywhere? The cheats section says "This beam can crash your game if not done correctly.", is there a risk of rendering my Super Nintendo useless?

    User Info: CaioNV

    CaioNV - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The Murder Beam can only be shot to the left. If you shoot to the right, you will crash the game.

    You can only fire a charged version of Murder Beam. If you fire an uncharged shot, you will crash the game.

    You must turn on all beams. In order to turn on Spazer and Plasma at the same time, highlight Hi-Jump Boots, press to the left and A at the same time. If done correctly, you will see them both turn on and the word "Var" appear next to Plasma.

    Since you must fire a charged shot, you must charged your regular beam first, then press start while holding the charge. When you're in the start menu, you activate the Murder Beam, then hold charge again and get out of the menu. You'll now be holding a been of an odd greenish color.

    The beam is really only useful against Ridley and Mother Brain. Primarily only useful against Mother Brain, though.

    To use it against Mother Brain, simply do the above instructions after you have defeated her first stage (brain in a vat). When her head is resting on the floor but before it gets up, stand as close to it as you can get, and fire the Murder Beam. Then deactivate the Spazer in your menu.

    User Info: Roxinos

    Roxinos - 10 years ago 0   0

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