Where can I find Space Jump?

  1. Where can I find Space Jump? I used the map to see where it is, but I can't get to the place.

    User Info: nesplayer

    nesplayer - 10 years ago

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  1. To get the Space Jump, head to Lower Brinstar to a room with a tube. Use a power bomb to break the tube to allow exploration of Maridia. Head to the door on top. Now, you need the Gravity Suit (located in Wrecked Ship) and Grappling Beam (located in Norfair after the boss battle with Crocomire) to continue. Traverse to the top of this large room and enter a door at the top. Use the Grappling Beam to get to the opposite side of this room. Enter the door. Now, shoot the ground to break beam blocks and go through to a green door. In the next room, lay a power bomb to continue. Grapple or wall-jump your way to the top. Shoot the Mochtroids in this room and Speed Boost your way to the other side. Get ready to fight Botwoon. Use Missiles, Super Missiles, or charged shots on Botwoon's head. When you beat him, go to the next room and Speed Boost your way to the other side. For an Energy tank, use your X-Ray Scope to help you get through the Morph-Ball tunnel. In the next room, grapple or wall-jump your way to the top right. Now, this room requires the Grappling Beam and LOTS OF PATIENCE. Traverse your way to the other side. Save and recharge your energy if you want (I recommend you do so), and enter the green door. In this room, ignore the spikes, because they're fake. Go to the other side for a Missile Tank, and go back to the first batch of spikes and fall through. Take out the eye door, and get ready to fight Draygon, the Maridia boss.

    To beat him, shoot Missiles/Super Missiles or charged shots into his stomach. To beat Dragon easily, take out the cannons on the walls when you enter with Missiles. Let Dragon grab you, and equip Grappling Beam so that the G. B. attaches to a destroyed cannon. Electricity will channel through Samus's suit to Dragon, killing him in seconds. This also drains a few E-Tanks as well. After the battle, go into the flashing door to claim the Space Jump, which lets you continuasly spin jump. Use your new toy to exit the battle room and exit Maridia.

    Hope this helps :)
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    User Info: ShadowRaquaza39

    ShadowRaquaza39 - 10 years ago 7   4


  1. There are a few things you'll need before you can get to the Maridia boss (known as Draygon) who guards the Space Jump:

    1. Power Bombs, so you can bomb the tube in lower Brinstar. You have to go through this way, you can't enter from the Wrecked Ship since all the doors leading to Draygon are either grayed out or inaccessible at this point.
    2. Gravity Suit, so you can travel underwater at normal speeds. Much of Maridia requires that you travel upward through water, and this is very difficult to do without the Gravity Suit. If you completed the Wrecked Ship, you should have it.
    3. Grappling Beam, you'll need this to traverse the rooms before Draygon, unless you're a master at wall-jumping.

    User Info: LeviathanMist

    LeviathanMist - 10 years ago 6   5

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