Where is gravity suit?

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  1. After you beat phantoon search the ship and you will find the Gravity Suit

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  2. To get the Gravity Suit, you'll need to have passed the following requirements in order to further search an area known as the Wrecked Ship that has the Gravity Suit.
    1. Phantoon, the boss of the Wrecked Ship must be defeated to restore power to the ship.
    2. Grappling Beam, so that you can grapple across a room to a Chozo Statue that'll show you a hidden passage to the G. S. room.

    When you have met these requirements, head to the map room of the Wrecked Ship to get the map data if you need to. Head to the top of the Wrecked Ship to a large room where you must defeat the enemies to make the gray doors turn blue. Head to the left door back to Crateria. Go to the bottom of this room while making sure not to fall to the lower part of this room. You'll know you're going the right way if you end up in a tunnel with respawning bugs. Continue until you end up in a big room with spikes and grapple blocks. Grapple across to a Chozo Statue and morph in its hand. The Chozo will come alive and walk across the spikes down to a secret passage and will let go of you. Head to the door on the left to claim your Gravity Suit.

    Hope this helps:)

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  3. The garvity suit is in the brocken down ship you get it shortly after beating the boss phantoon.

    User Info: Thecovenant117

    Thecovenant117 - 11 years ago 2   3

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