Review by Dane Martin

Reviewed: 10/07/01 | Updated: 10/07/01

A definite classic.

This is a bit more unique than the previous Mario games. This much-needed breather is, although simple, a nice story, and certainly is better than the typical ''save the princess'' story line. You play as Yoshi, who must maneuver a baby Mario through rather perilous areas. 8/10

The gameplay in the sequel to the Super NES classic is, indeed, incredibly innovative. Playing as eight different-colored Yoshi characters, you must deliver Mario, as a baby, through the many levels in your path. As you overcome the many puzzles and whatnot, you must make sure that you are not touched by an enemy, obstacle, etc., as baby Mario is taken away from you, thus you lose a life. Also, you can heave eggs at people and things, adding to the game's originality. Although the concept seems simple (and it is), it's a lot of fun. The gameplay concept of this game is a great break from the standard Mario concept, and proves to be just as addicting as previous Mario titles. The game is incredibly long, and at times, challenging... typical Mario formula. 9/10

Ah, yes! The graphics in Super Mario World 2 are pretty extraordinary. The backgrounds have more ''depth'' to them than the first game, and prove to be very eye-catching. The entire games look as if it has been scribbled in by a toddler, giving it a rather original feel. Although this platformer doesn't have graphics as well-done as, say, Donkey Kong Country, the graphics have an original, eye-catching feel. They definitely work. However, sometimes the layers get annoying, when an object appears in front of you, blocking your view of the character on-screen. A small gripe, though, considering the graphics are decent, nonetheless. 9/10

The game's sound is cheerful, catchy, and fits the mood of the game. Good stuff, indeed. Although the sound effects can be a bit annoying, the smooth, rich sound more than makes up for it. Nothing truly original, but definitely not your average game music. 8/10

I expected the control to be a bit loose, considering the Yoshi control in the first title was a bit odd. However, the control is very, very responsive. I haven't seen control this good in ages... 10/10

If you can find this (which should be fairly easy to do, considering its popularity), definitely pick it up. It doesn't stick to the original Mario formula, but it definitely works, and is a lot of fun, to boot. 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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