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God awful game right here, folks... 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
Such A Weird Game... 10/22/13 Allidoisreview
Super Yoshi World would be a more accurate title. 08/13/12 AnyGenGamer1
For Elvis (The King’s) sake!!!, even better than Super Mario World!!! 01/20/04 Braben
A very colorful classic that you will play ten years from now. 03/02/06 DaemonscharmII
Here's Egg in Your Face 11/25/13 DandyQuackShot
Fun cartoonish fun, although I wonder how Yoshi can use digested food to produce eggs 06/24/04 Derek Zoolander
A gem, but not the best Mario game 01/26/06 eolsen
This game looks like a teddy bear, yet it fights like a grizzly. 02/20/04 IMAP
The Best Game Ever 08/03/07 Jimmy52905
Why am I on a dinosaur? 03/22/10 KeyBlade999
Not your typical Mario title, but a phenomenal game 05/31/11 King_Meteor
An island paradise. 11/03/14 Malorkus
This game means a lot to me, and changed how I would view video games to this day! 03/02/10 Numan_lord
Who needs Mario? 07/22/10 Ofisil
The origin of strife between plumbers and turtles. 07/30/13 RageBot
The Best Mario Game Around 08/09/06 RockyStarPro
More like Super Yoshi World 08/14/06 Shivan Reincarnated
The Finest 2D Sidescrolling Prequel of the 16-bit Era 07/05/04 SmockJoc
Take a relaxing trip to Yoshi's Isle... 12/01/05 SneakTheSnake
An amazing looking adventure without those annoying Yoshi voices! 03/02/00 Spektre
This doesn't deserve to have Super Mario World in its title. 03/06/06 Squid Vicious
Yoshi's first adventure is an amazing one! 12/20/04 UltimaterializerX

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I don't give games a 10 too often. 07/10/02 Blind Guardian
The best sequel of all time to the best game of all time 03/27/00 Brak
A definite classic. 10/07/01 Dane Martin
Considering Super Mario Bros. 2, I guess we had to expect this... 02/14/08 DarkMark42
Innovative, graphically sublime, the sequel to one of the best games ever delivers 04/25/05 Dave_Gahan_Jnr
This could be the best game ever made. 03/14/01 Doctrine Dark
The best 2-d platformer ever. EVER! 02/28/00 EPoetker
DK2 may be good but this one brings home the bacon!!!! 06/07/00 Funk Punk
Simply the Best of any Mario Game... EVER! 11/01/99 Gizmo
Another strange Super Mario game 12/13/17 horror_spooky
A true classic. One of the last great Super Nintendo games. 03/26/01 Leetdude
Nintendo's most original platformer? 11/09/02 LegendaryFrog
A very cool little game 09/06/01 MI4 REAL
This game proves that there are no boundries in Nintendo's way of making video games. 01/19/10 Retroreviewer Productions
I swear if I hear that baby cry one more time I'm gonna go insane. 01/24/05 Rodi
Difficult and lengthy 2D platformer featuring Yoshi as the main character 01/11/04 THayes
Not only is this the best Mario game, it's the best 2d platformer of all time. 08/08/05 will0957
A wonderful 2D platformer 05/29/01 Writer
Perfect for everyone! 07/15/03 X Slayer007 X
Maybe it should be called "Yoshi's Island", minus the "Super Mario World"... 11/29/11 xXhakuhyouXx
Sometimes, I like to sit in a large bubble and cry until I'm rescued by a green dinosaur. 01/05/06 YoshiRiRu

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