Wii Game Save File (North America)

  1. From sfog (01/19/2010; 93KB) JCBE - First save point in the game with Mario at level 30
  2. From consummate gamer (09/05/2008; 93KB) JCBE--end of game with maxed levels and all side quests complete. The first file is saved at the end of the Factory. All other files are saved in Monstro Town before fighting Culex.
  3. From consummate gamer (11/25/2008; 93KB) JCBE--low-level game. Mario is LV 3, Mallow is LV 4, Geno is LV 6, Bowser is LV 8, and Toadstool is LV 9. 3rd slot is saved before fighting Culex, and the 4th slot is saved before fighting Smithy.

Wii VC Game Save File (Europe)

  1. From Ben_j38 (09/18/2011; 93KB) JCBM - First file saved after beating Culex, second file saved before beating culex near end boss, third file saved at somewhat mid-game

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