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Putting next-gen RPGs to shame for over a decade. 04/03/06 Combat Crustacean
Mario takes a step into the RPG world and is victorious. 09/02/08 Storm101
Square + Nintendo = Nothing short of Miraculous 01/26/03 Aganar
A Great Game that Holds Up 05/31/17 buruburu1
Super Mario Fantasy 10/11/16 JRPGSensei
Take Mario, put him in a RPG, and you get an overrated game 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
Decent Mario-themed RPG with plenty of highs and lows 10/14/08 Angelo Heartilly
Why don't industry heavyweights work together more often? 10/26/10 Blue Blob
This Time, Mario Role-Plays a Role-Playing Game Character. 04/07/10 BlueSunrise
I know this is a lame tagline, but I just wanna inform you, this is one of the best games for the SNES! 03/31/03 Centurion
A Very Charming Game 08/10/04 cvxfreak
Greatest RPG of all time? No doubt. Greatest GAME of all time? I wouldn't be suprised. 01/26/05 davidstebbins
Super Mario + RPG = Deliciously Entertaining! 01/27/06 eolsen
Oh, I'm never gonna put this game down. It's just too... AWESOME! 08/10/09 EvilBirdo
Square before Enix except not after Nintendo and some other grammar joke that I'm too lazy to think of. 01/02/07 GaeMFreeK
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a legend that almost earns seven stars! 06/26/09 gamer_boy997
An entertaining, although short and easy RPG experience 09/22/09 Gendo_Rokubungi
Clearly one of the best games of all time. 11/28/05 geno_16
Lightweight, but as fun as you'd expect a Mario game to be. 08/08/06 Idiotechie
Aims for the moon, lands among the stars. 03/04/14 Iyamtebist
A review I feel honored writing for such a great game. 07/26/06 kirkinout
A decent game that deserves its own genre 07/11/01 Leetdude
Legend of the Unsequald Gem 11/17/15 Lord-Spencer
It's a me, Mario! 01/09/06 Mighty Oracle
Super Mario RPG - A Unique Tale with a Classic Character 03/31/01 Mike8787
This is why I play video games. 01/19/10 MisterMarioMan
Before there was paper and even a brother, there where these seven stars. 07/10/19 MTLH
A bold risk by Square and Nintendo pays off big time. 08/13/14 nastynate3118
If only Nintendo and Square could be so successful all the time... 01/06/05 neothe0ne
Straddling the borders 12/22/02 NT220
For my 100th review is shall be for THE reason why Nintendo & Square SHOULD work together again. 03/13/04 Pokejedservo
They don't make 'em like they used to. 10/06/08 Raistlyn
Best Mario game ever. 'Nuff said. 03/21/04 Rango
It's hip to be square 03/31/04 Retro
A Fine Introductory RPG from Square and Nintendo 06/23/06 saranczuk
Rough Around the Edges, But Still a Groundbreaking Game for Mario 07/14/17 SavageWizzrobe
Old-sk00l Mario meets the world of RPGs. A true classic! 11/30/06 Shaneth21
One of my favorite games of all time! 12/12/05 shiningstone
I'm surprised it's taken me so long to play through this game, but I'm glad I have! 10/19/09 SneakTheSnake
Mario takes a step into the RPG world and is victorious. 06/24/08 Storm101
This game is one of the best Mario games ever. 01/19/06 Super Slash
This is how you make a casual/beginner's RPG 08/17/12 TKDBoy1889
Remember back when Square could do no wrong even if they tried? 08/27/14 UltimaterializerX
WileECoyote3838's Reviews #01: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 05/01/19 WileECoyote383
Super Mario RPG will appeal to many gamers from all skill levels, and will attract those that aren't fans of either Mario or RPG 04/18/04 ZaleIsBackAgain
Wow an RPG with Mario and it's made by Squaresoft.... 06/30/09 Zylo the wolf

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
A lighthearted, fun and well made RPG 11/26/00 Blackjack4x
Good? Yes. Great? To some. Legendary? Um... 02/17/09 BlackSabor
Its Mario!, it’s rpg!, it’s INCREDIBLE 02/27/04 Braben
The father of Nintendo's current Mario RPG franchises 05/20/13 brutusmuktuk
Is Mario RPG really legendary, or just seven stars out of ten? 02/04/08 comebackking1
Role Playing Games go mainstream with a little help from Mario and Square. 02/23/00 fduboo
Mario's greatest adventure to date! 02/19/03 Gammaknight
A Decent Game, but You'll Probably Only Play Once 05/08/18 GavLuvsGA
A wonderful game from the masterminds at Square and Nintendo! 12/07/03 Katon
And on the 8th day God created SMRPG. 06/02/04 Mack12
Stargazing. 03/02/18 Malorkus
The Mario RPG that can not be beat even with a million Paper Marios 05/09/04 PLAYS MANY GAMES
One of my favorite SNES game of all time is now the best RPG of all time. 11/12/09 redmario217
Nothing short of a masterpiece! 09/13/10 ShadowACS
Mario's first and best RPG 01/03/05 Shivan Reincarnated
Square Enix + Mario = Greatness 04/25/11 SoraLink2649
Lets stick with platformers 07/11/06 Sportsman
Nintendo and Square’s Final Project together = Mario at his best. . . 01/27/02 SSJ4 Link
A fresh and innovative take on the RPG genre 02/08/16 videogamer1030
Is there a reason to not download this? 09/05/08 wtfnoob
Super Mario RPG was my first RPG, and it still ranks as one of the best I've played. 05/11/03 XCommander
It's me a Mario, the master of a jumping... and a making games! 04/18/03 yoshiking

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
Mario bucket list styles 11/08/18 2001mark
Mario tries out the RPG format....and is sucessful once again! 02/22/01 Behreandto
One of the best RPGs ever made. 09/03/08 BlueKnight07
Not worth the $55+ that it's been going for... 02/13/12 Bop_Louie
How does Mario fare in the RPG Genre? 08/13/08 Calamity
Superb Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 stars. 02/22/01 CLS
A stunning game that will keep you coming back for more. 01/11/01 Dark33
Square's last SNES RPG, and it's a classic! 02/23/00 Duke Nukem
One of the best games on Super Nintendo 02/22/01 Failure
"Miyamoto is a mastermind- this game is proof." 02/22/01 FunkyLizard
Super Mario RPG: the race for stars where baddies walk and go nowhere 03/12/00 GScotty
Unbelieveable, after two weeks this hits the VC! Here it is, Super Mario RPG! 09/05/08 InsanityZero
Multiply Mario Seven times and you get the Best RPG with Mario 11/03/08 JagDogger2525
A Simple Masterpiece 12/23/08 jaimelatarte
What genre hasn't the Mario franchise covered? 04/19/01 Joe the Destroyer
After 12 Years, It's still one of the best RPG's in history! 09/15/08 joshfromWID
Sqaure leaves Nintendo with a bang. (Or a boing, in Mario's case...) 11/09/02 LegendaryFrog
Unbelievable...For an RPG that sounded silly, look how it turned out! 02/22/01 MasterReviewer
So good, it should be called Superb Mario RPG 02/22/01 Mewtwo
Proof that plumbers got game. Role-playing game 02/14/03 Neo_
The Greatest Mario Game. 11/20/08 ozzyisking
The best Mario Game yet could was the one that came form Square 08/27/00 PContaminator
A game that can fit the Square to the round... pun intended. 06/22/12 RageBot
A great rpg funny too! 11/27/99 RubixNik
When I play the game I get lost in a phase... 08/14/09 SAVE_USL2P
I'm speechless!!!!!!!!! 02/07/00 SCCAN85
Remember when Square and Nintendo were together? Miracles like this ocurred. 02/22/01 Sephirstein
Better than the Paper Mario series! 09/03/08 shinyslash
Super Mario RPG is one of the most amazing SNES games to ever come to existance. 06/30/08 Siberianhusky89
Maybe not as good as the Paper Mario series, but still a very enjoyable game, especially for 800 Wii points! 09/04/08 Skolar_Star
Mario's first leap into the RPG genre. 10/04/12 superstarluigi
Mario's first 3D platforming adventure... is an RPG? 06/08/09 Tarmogoyf_Sal
This game's gotta be the best! 12/17/07 TCGamerboy2005
Great for beginners, but still has elements of a good RPG 09/18/01 Todd910
A bit easy, but still a great game! 04/26/01 Tybalt
This game has it all. All tens! 08/26/00 TYNAN2000
THE best game ever made 06/20/01 Vincento
One game you have to see to believe 02/22/01 XNiteWingz

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Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars: Why the Hype? - SNESdrunk
Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars: Why the Hype? - SNESdrunk from SNES drunk

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